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Timeline of my involvement - Red Bluff Cop killing
Self | 11/26/02 | Neil E. Wright

Posted on 11/26/2002 12:38:40 PM PST by Neil E. Wright

What follows is a timeline of events of my involvement in the Red Bluff, CA police officer slaying.

The original story was posted on Free Republic HERE.

My first update to the story and request for assistance was posted HERE.

BTW .... my thanks to everyone who copied the RBPD composit and posted it in stores and gas stations. Please go back now and take them down.

On Friday evening, I received the following email (I have redacted the domains of the receipents as there is NO evidence to suggest any involvement by them in this crime):

Return-Path: < >
        Received: (qmail 20637 invoked from network); 23 Nov 2002 00:35:41
        Received:  from unknown (HELO
                 ([]) (envelope-sender
                 < >) by
                 (qmail-ldap-1.03) with SMTP for ; 23
                 Nov 2002 00:35:41 -0000
      Message-ID:  < >
        Received:  from [] by via HTTP;
                 Fri, 22 Nov 2002 16:35:39 PST
            Date:  Fri, 22 Nov 2002 16:35:39 -0800 (PST)
            From:  mitch stevens < >
                 Motives behind violent political action in Red Bluff, CA.
                 sage@(redacted).org, Law@(redacted).com,
                 advertizing@(redacted).com, reachus@(redacted).com,
                 webmin@(redacted).net, hpnfdn@(redacted).org,
                 correspondence@(redacted).org, justin.podur@(redacted).ca,
                 Rmartinez@(redacted).org, publish@(redacted)).com, tcrp@(redacted).org,
   MIME-Version: 1.0
           Status: RO
     Content-Type: multipart/mixed;
  X-Mozilla-Status:  9003
 X-Mozilla-Status2:  00000000

Read the attached document to learn why we took violent political action. 

The following document was included in the email as an attachment (BTW, I'll buy a beer for the person who can spot the MOST PC buzzwords and phrases in this skreed):

We apologize to the family and friends of the Police Officer that we killed in Red Bluff, California.

The Declaration of a Renewed American Independence

Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Whether yes or no, the question itself becomes meaningless when the 'chains and slavery' we use to protect our lives begin to kill and brutalize us. Throughout the course of human history, governments have established unjust laws, pressing them upon its citizens with the force of a brutal police system. These police systems, in turn, quickly come to abuse their position of authority over the people. Such has been the patient suffering of the present day American. The Intelligent Independence of all American Individuals, although necessary for strong and free-minded communities, is rapidly being encroached upon and destroyed by the foot soldiers of our Law Enforcement Agencies.

There is a 'War on Crime' being fought in our country today, and while a portion of this war is fought to protect us, in many forms, including the 'War on Drugs,' it is also used as an excuse to unbearably disrupt the lives of inoffensive Americans. By attacking individuals and activities we hold dear, this 'War on Crime' has, in effect, been declared on all of us. We therefore must hold the Police as we hold the rest of mankind, Enemies in War, in Peace, Friends. We are eager to end the destructive aspects of this War and resume friendship with those Police who simply desire to protect their fellow citizens. But both police brutality and unjust laws exist, and we are not content to simply obey them. Honor, justice, and humanity forbid us from tamely surrendering that freedom which we received from our gallant ancestors, which our innocent children have a right to receive from us. We cannot endure the infamy and guilt of delivering future generations to that wretchedness which would inevitably await them, if they were to inherit from us a National Police State.

We, the Freedom-Loving People of America, hereby solemnly publish and declare- -That any adult consensual act, whether declared illegal by legislature or not, is, in the truth of human existence, not a crime, but a Non-Crime. -That people in America 'guilty' of Non-Crimes are, and by right ought to be, Independent Individuals working together in community, Free From Interference by any Law Enforcement Agency. -That they are absolved from allegiance to any harmful laws. -That as Independent Individuals they have the right to be free from racial profiling, to physically defend themselves from unjust arrest, to do drugs, to have any type of adult consensual sex, and to do all other acts and things that free people may by right do.

We further demand that our Police Force cease both brutalizing us and in any way abusing their authority over us. To prove the existence of this police oppression, let facts be submitted to a candid world-

The Law Enforcement Agencies of America: the FBI, DEA, BATF, INS, US Marshals Service, the Secret Service, along with state and local agencies, have defiled our liberties in the following ways-

They have killed over 2,000 people nationwide, without just cause, within the last year. They have attempted to cover up the circumstances of these murders, painting their victims poorly in the media in ways that have nothing to do with the circumstances of their deaths. They have used their desire for excitement to escalate situations that could have been resolved peacefully. They have operated raids in the place of investigations, prioritizing military tactics over social skills, in cases where force was not necessary. They have justified searches off anonymous tips, used 'secret evidence' in court, and detained people without charge. They have used scare tactics to gain compliance, hovering the threat of violence over us. They have allowed 'resisting arrest' charges to turn unlawful arrests into 'lawful' ones. They have arrested people without reading them their rights. They have interrogated suspects while denying them the right to a lawyer present.

They have attacked our spiritual and physical liberties by waging a War against Drugs that are so widely used and enjoyed that this enforcement becomes an insult to both American intelligence and freedom itself. They have extended the War on Drugs to justify all areas of police abuse of power, using it intensively as a harassment and punishment tool for racist purposes.

They have treated people of color as criminals by default, enforcing a violent systematic racism against them. They have behaved as soldiers in an occupied territory, never developing an understanding of the actual social problems and needs of the communities they police. They have enhanced violent crimes between citizens by inciting nearly every major U.S. riot since 1964 with police oppression. They have harassed immigrants of color, and U.S. citizens of color for the possibility that they might not be citizens, even going so far as to gather them all together, write numbers on their arms for organization, and herd them into cattle trucks until their identities have been proven. They have forced illegal aliens into cheap labor by using selective enforcement of immigration laws to control factory workers who demand equal rights. They have established checkpoints within our borders to determine driver's nationalities, using the Trojan horse of 'Order' to set the firm foundations of a racist police state.

They have assisted in the encroachment upon our privacy by probing our identities, activities, and belongings without cause. They have enforced an errant 'lowered expectation of privacy' in our vehicles pulling us over for whimsical reasons and intimidating us into searches. They have concocted transgressions and arrested us when we refuse their assaults on our privacy. They have placed video cameras on our street corners and highways to catalog victimless Non-Crimes, and extort money from inoffensive citizens.

They have hypocritically demanded that we not be armed during our interactions with them, for 'officer safety.' They have enforced gun registration laws, establishing a fundamental step on the way to complete gun confiscation. They have confiscated guns and knives for trivial reasons, severely damaging the American right to revolution, forcing us into channels of change that the authorities themselves control.

They have subverted our personal human interactions by requiring government permission for public gatherings. They have wrenched our public property away from us by closing parks at night, preventing loitering, and harassing skateboarders. They have waged a war on poverty- -outlawing panhandling, public sleeping, and hitchhiking. -allowing our justice system to be controlled by wealth, imprisoning small criminals, but allowing great criminals to go free.

They have harassed our children and stolen away the freedom of their youth by enforcing local curfews and underage drinking laws. They have contributed to an unhealthy social sexuality, declaring the human body 'indecent' by enforcing public 'indecency' laws. They have been the hand of censorship against 'obscenity.'

They have kept us from using fast, though safe, speeds that we know we can handle, becoming the willing tools in using us as a source of revenue. They have sped faster than we do to stop us from speeding.

They have undermined adult consent by waging a war on prostitution. They have wreaked havoc on prostitute's lives by surrounding their profession with danger and criminality.

And throughout all this, they have avoided citizen accountability by- -refusing to give their names and badge numbers. -interfering with documentation of their activities. -seizing private property to fund their departments, under the pretext of the 'War on Drugs.'

The enumeration in this declaration of certain grievances shall not be construed to deny other grievances retained by the people.

In every stage of these oppressions we have petitioned for redress of grievances both in our courts and on our streets. Our repeated petitions have been answered by repeated injury and the foot soldiers of our oppressions have been protected by mock trials. "If you make peaceful revolution impossible, you make violent revolution inevitable." -John F. Kennedy

We now restate our grievances with the force of violence behind them. We fully expect the authorities to denounce our use of violence and declare us 'terrorists,' citing their definition of 'people who use violence to further their own political objective.' But we hold to light the facts- -that these same authorities use violence to further their own political objectives, both domestically with police, and internationally with war. -that the objectives of these authorities are authoritarian and driven by greed for money, whereas our objectives are community-oriented and driven by a passion for human freedoms. -that the self-sanctioned violence of these authorities always produces innocent casualties, whereas our violence has not.

Our violence has delivered neither burned babies nor shattered adolescents. These authorities will, but we will not, club the opposition for nonviolently protesting against us.

We recognize that a policing force is necessary for the safety and happiness of human life. We don't dare say that all police desire to be destructive of our Freedoms. We recognize the Peace Officer. The Peace Officer protects us from thoughtless violence and from organized corruption. The Peace Officer is dedicated to serving and protecting us. They genuinely care for our well being. They will bend the rules for us when they see the situation where a bureaucratic system will do us more harm than good. We respect the Peace Officer and beg them for patience with our action of violence. But any law enforcement system where, as in ours, the enforcers are encouraged not to use their own political judgment, is the basis for Fascism, Nazism, and any form of a Police State Government. Through police department politics, even our peace officers are pressured to support their less honorable colleagues through silence and active participation. The old excuse, "I'm just doing my job," is not good enough to avoid the responsibility of our grievances.

Law Enforcement Officers, we encourage you to think less of the ways that you are tied to your supporting career and more of the better world that your family will inherit if you help us to create it. Think of what our friendship could be worth to you.

If we all truly desire to eradicate the victimization that is caused by crime, we must only police unsolicited violence, coercion and corruption. To eliminate these things, while violence will sometimes be necessary, it is a more worthy and efficient tactic to focus on prevention. We must focus on providing quality education, good jobs, housing and health care. For this to happen all of our police officers must become Peace Officers.

The past can be forgiven. What is important is the future. The only way this country will get better is if we all work together. Help us, Law Enforcement Officers. Please. Help us take back our freedoms. We can't do it without you.

We further encourage all of our neighbors and citizens- We must all support one another's rights. The Homosexuals must support the Christian Creationists. The Gun Rights Advocates must support the Nonviolent Protesters. The Skateboarders must support the Prostitutes. And vice versa. And vice versa. We must all support each other's individual beliefs and rights or we will never again have rights as individuals.

Don't Tread on Us.


The American People

Upon receipt of this email, I did a search on FR and found the original article. Upon learning that a Police Officer had in fact been murdered in Red Bluff, CA, I called information and got the phone number for the Red Bluff PD. I called RBPD and talked to an investigator, and advised him of the email. He asked me to forward it to him, and to print out a copy to be faxed. I have him the phone number for the Mohave County Sheriff's Department substation, so he could call them and have deputies pick up the printout to fax to him.

About 20 minutes after I talked to the RBPD Command Center investigator, deputies arrived to pick up the printout.

On Saturday afternoon, while talking to Jim, we did an ARIN whois on the originating IP address of the email, and determined it's point of origin as being a CyberCafe in Seattle, WA. I called the Command Center again with this additional information.

Within hours of receipt of this information, the FBI went to the CyberCafe Saturday evening and copied off EVERY HardDisk from EVERY computer in the place for analysis.

On Sunday, I spent the day checking out the domains of the other receipients of the email. I did a WHOIS at Network Solution, and visited the domain website. Analysis of this information revealed the following:
2 of the receipents domain addresses were website design and hosting companies.
1 domain belongs to a trial lawyer.
1 domain is not a registered domain.
1 domain was a University in Canada.
1 domain was a site with links to other sites for web research on just about anything imaginable.
The other 7 sites that I looked at are left of center, socialist or flatout marxist sites.

I wrote up my observations, printed out the WHOIS information, and talked to the Command Center again Sunday Evening.

Monday evening, as I reported in post #73 of the Update I posted, I was called by the FBI at the Command Center, and a deputy picked up the WHOIS information and faxed it to Red Bluff.

(While the deputy was at my residence to pick up the information, he asked me what was going on, so I showed him the original email and explained what was happening. He damn near s**t his britches when he read the email.)

The FBI asked me to refrain from posting this timeline and email until after this morning's briefing. I agreed to do so. When I went to bed this morning, I had determined that I was gonna post it regardless of the FBI's wishes, if they said not to post.

When I woke up this morning, I find out that they have arrested the suspect in a motel in NH.

So, there is how I spent my weekend. The dirtbag who sent me the email obviously expected me to agree with him and get involved in his little "revolution". Well, I did get involved, although not in the way he was expecting ..... :)

I did call the command center this morning, and the investigation is continuing. The vehicle described as being associated with the suspect is still outstanding. I am waiting for more information from the investigators. When I called the Command Center, the officer answering the phone advised me that it would be a while before anyone could get back to me as they were all at the Memorial Service for Officer Mobilio. As soon as I get any more information, I will post it to this thread.

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KEYWORDS: americanresistance; mitchstevens; murder; policeofficer; redbluff
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To: Neil E. Wright
SAC - SACRAMENTO BEE: "SLAIN RED BLUFF OFFICER IS MOURNED" (ARTICLE NOTE: The suspect is identified as Andrew Hampton McCrae (aka's: Andy, Andrew Mickel, Grant McCrae). (November 27, 2002)

My heartfelt sympathy and prayers to the Mobilio family and the friends and co-workers of Officer David Mobilio. This is a very sad story --- a senseless tragedy.
151 posted on 11/27/2002 9:27:43 PM PST by Cindy
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To: FL_engineer
You asked me earlier if I would supply you with the unredacted email addresses of the other receipents of the email. I have receved similar requests from other FReepers and from the media.

At the request of Det. Ron Spurgeon of the Red Bluff PD, I cannot supply the unredacted email addresses for a couple of reasons.

FIRST, there is NO evidence that any of the other addressees had anything to do with this crime.

SECOND, if the list of receipents was made public, the fact that it went to certain receipents could inflame some people, and cause serious repercussions.

I wish I could comply with your request for the information, and I'm sure that you would keep it private, however, in my opinion, and in the opinion of Det. Spurgeon, releasing that information to anyone would serve no purpose, and could be detrimental. I hope you'll understand.


152 posted on 11/27/2002 9:39:54 PM PST by Neil E. Wright
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To: Neil E. Wright
Passersby left an American flag, flowers and other items at the gas pump at Warners Card Lock Fueling station at 2155 North Main memory of slain Red Bluff Police Officer David Mobilio.
153 posted on 11/27/2002 9:56:39 PM PST by jdontom
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To: jdontom; Grampa Dave; FL_engineer; archy; Militiaman7; Jim Robinson; dcwusmc; Eastbound; ...
Here's a little red meat for the masses before I go to bed .... :)

I was told this Wednesday afternoon while I was talking to the Command Center, and forgot to post it then.

If you look at the pic of ol' Andy, posted earlier on this thread, it appears that he is wearing a headband. I have been advised that it is NOT a headband, but in fact is a bandage.

Here's hoping he "tripped and fell" as he was being taken into custody.

And on this note, I'm gonna go crash and burn. Stay safe everyone! Particularly to our local guardians, our peace officers who patrol the dark streets while we rest.


154 posted on 11/28/2002 2:01:45 AM PST by Neil E. Wright
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To: Neil E. Wright; FL_engineer
You guys have done brilliant work!

When the Middle East connections to the OKC bombing were first coming out, the main reason I remained sceptical was the unlikelihood of terrorists or spies finding someone like Tim McVeigh. If there is a population of people as nutty as this guy out there, I guess it isn't so far-fetched.

155 posted on 11/28/2002 5:17:02 AM PST by eno_
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To: Neil E. Wright
It appeared to be a big medical wrap around his skull to me when I saw it. He, also, had the look of someone in shock after part of his body came into contact with something harder than his body. Look at his eyes.

Maybe he tried some of his Ranger skills he bragged about and found out without a gun he is just a petty POS!
156 posted on 11/28/2002 6:46:09 AM PST by Grampa Dave
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To: eno_
We have a lot of home grown hate America kooks of all colors and all political spectrums.

Yesterday in one of the linked articles, an expert on these kooks and their violence noted that there were some strange alliances with these kooks on both sides of the political spectrum. Their common basis was a hatred of America and most Americans.
157 posted on 11/28/2002 6:50:56 AM PST by Grampa Dave
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To: Cindy
The senseless slaughter/murder of office Mobilio is right out of the terrorist action play book that the Islamkazis have been using in Israel and other countries for about 2 decades.
158 posted on 11/28/2002 6:53:47 AM PST by Grampa Dave
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To: Grampa Dave
So please refrain from conflating these nutbags with mainstream Republicans like me that want to REFORM policing. As it is, these nutbags are the mote compared with the great plank of corruption, waste, and abuse in policing today. If we didn't get so many examples of dangerously (often deadly) bad policing, out-of-control budgets, unconstitutional search and siezure, scams like DARE, etc., everyone would be a lot more sympathetic to the police. To me and a lot of other people, policing is heading in the same direction as public schools: less and less effective and higher and higher costs. Look at the trends in crime solution and reporting rates. They SUCK! Look at the trends in the militarization of policing. Look at Chief Moose and his Cracker Jack box Ph.D. But, like I said, I'm a long-time law-and-order Republican, so convince me: is there any trend within policing that is improving? I'd support it in an instant! Who are the insider reformers? I don't know of any.
159 posted on 11/28/2002 7:22:29 AM PST by eno_
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To: eno_
No one was on PC Moose's case any more than me re his mishandling of the DC sniper murders.

However, this murder will have a real cleansing effect.

Neil is not the only retired cop who is investigating this murder re who has tie ins with this murderer. There will be some revealing stuff as these guys and gals link the tie ins to this cop killer.

Getting rid of PC in all of our police departments is a goal that all of us should work on.

Also, blanket condemnation of our police officers is wrong.
160 posted on 11/28/2002 7:35:01 AM PST by Grampa Dave
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To: Grampa Dave
Also, blanket condemnation of our police officers is wrong.

Absolutely. For that matter, both the police and public schools in my town work pretty well (though both cost a lot more than they should).

But it is hard to find police that are willing to criticize even Chief Moose. Unless police are ready to reform themselves, it won't happen.

161 posted on 11/28/2002 7:54:33 AM PST by eno_
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To: Grampa Dave
Neil Wright given credit for breaking case of cop killer...

Click Here

162 posted on 11/28/2002 9:25:10 AM PST by jdontom
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To: jdontom
Thanks for posting this link!
163 posted on 11/28/2002 11:17:58 AM PST by Grampa Dave
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To: Neil E. Wright
Congratulations. My prayers to the family of the deceased officer this Thanksgiving day.
164 posted on 11/28/2002 2:13:55 PM PST by FreeTheHostages
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To: Neil E. Wright
165 posted on 11/28/2002 11:59:08 PM PST by The Real Deal
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To: Neil E. Wright
Neil-I hope you dont mind but you damn well should get the honor of a hero.I submitted the Red Bluff Cop Killing Case to America's Most Wanted Tip line as a story for this saturday.Congrats on a job well done.Let Joe Blue Collar decide who the whackos are.
166 posted on 11/29/2002 7:13:03 AM PST by X918
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To: Neil E. Wright; FL_engineer; FR_addict
This is so cool. Not only did Neil solve the case, but FL_engineer and other Freepers are continuing to connect the dots in this case.

I think you are on to something big here. I'm going to go through the information on this thread more thoroughly later.

167 posted on 12/01/2002 8:30:32 AM PST by FR_addict
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To: Neil E. Wright; All
A reporter becomes part of the story

Monitor staff

The voice was young, its tone matter of fact. He introduced himself as Andy, and when I asked for his story, he started to talk.

"I killed a police officer in Red Bluff, California, in an effort to draw attention to police brutality," he said.

He explained why the killing made sense, talking in long, almost academic sentences, as if we were discussing economics, not an officer dead at a gas pump. Shot three times, once in the back of the head at close range. Execution-style, the prosecutor would call it later that afternoon.

This was not a normal interview. I was in the State Room at the Holiday Inn, surrounded by FBI agents and talking to Andrew Hampton McCrae, the 23-year-old who has claimed responsibility for killing a police officer last week.

McCrae asked to talk to a Monitor reporter, and after more than two hours of negotiating, the FBI agreed that McCrae could talk to me. In return, McCrae promised to leave his fourth-floor hotel room peacefully. This is the way negotiations work: You never give the suspect anything without getting something in return.

The lead negotiator, Liane McCarthy, warned me that his voice was without emotion. That worried her. He could be suicidal, she said.

McCrae told me that he wrote a manifesto called the Declaration of Renewed American Independence. In it, he said, he argues that a consensual adult act, whether illegal or not, is a non-crime. He said that everyone in America presumed guilty of a non-crime should be free from harassment by law enforcement.

He had a copy, and he wanted me to read it. I told him I wanted to read it.

"How am I going to give it to you?" he asked.

"You'll have to come out," I said.

"I'll come out and give it to you?" It was a question.

"Yes," I said, even though I did not know how I would get it. I was not in control, and we both knew that McCrae would walk into a hallway full of FBI agents and police officers.

I had arrived at the hotel 90 minutes earlier. I came straight from home. I didn't have time to shower or eat breakfast. My legs shook as I left the house, and I slipped down my front steps. I didn't know what to expect.

While I waited I talked to guests who had been evacuated from their rooms, the hotel manger and FBI agents. I took notes because it was calming. I tried to pretend that this was just another story.

As McCrae talked, McCarthy listened on another headset. A small black suitcase with multiple phone lines coming out of it sat on a table in front of us, allowing officers around the room to hear the conversation. Beside me, one FBI agent fooled with a tape recorder, checking batteries and flipping the tape. The rattling noises were distracting.

McCarthy sat on the other side, and she motioned to me several times. She wanted me to slow down, to not take notes. She did not want me to be a reporter. She wanted me to talk McCrae out of his hotel room. She told me not to question McCrae, not to get him excited. He is calm, she said. She wanted him to stay that way.

After I told McCrae to leave his room, McCarthy instructed me, on a legal pad, to end the conversation.

I told McCrae that I had his story. I needed to get back to the office to write, I said.

"You do?" He sounded disappointed, and McCarthy motioned for me to talk more.

Anything else? I asked. McCrae paused for a moment.

"Prior to killing the police officer, I incorporated a company, Proud and Insolent Youth, and I incorporated in New Hampshire," he said.

He said he chose New Hampshire because of the state constitution, which contains the right to revolution. We talked again about how I would get his declaration. I thanked him and said goodbye.

McCrae hung up, and I was escorted from the room. Within minutes, he surrendered. Officers patted me on the back, telling me good job. An FBI investigator questioned me about the conversation. He said I might be a witness.

Later, when I got back to the office, I listened to a message from McCrae, left on a newsroom voicemail at 7:26 a.m.

"Hi, my name is Andy McCrae, and I killed a police officer in Red Bluff, California, to stop the police-state tactics that are used throughout America," he said. "And I am at the Holiday Inn in Concord, New Hampshire, right now. And the FBI are right outside my door, and I just thought the Concord Monitor might be interested to be there."

". . . So, all right, I just thought you guys would be interested in that. So, that's it," McCrae said. "I'm at the Holiday Inn, room 420. And I'm about to come out to the FBI. So that's it."
168 posted on 12/01/2002 8:45:59 AM PST by mountaineer
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To: archy; Neil E. Wright; FR_addict; Grampa Dave; jdontom; eno_; Sacajaweau; browardchad; Shermy; ...
Although it is wise to consider if Andrew Mickel did the Tom Wales murder on October 11 2001, I have other ideas for these reasons:
Was Mickel seriously involved with police or US prosecutors in October 2001?
He had only just arrived at the ultra-liberal brainwashing school, Evergreen State College (just south of Tacoma) that fall.
Had he ever killed prior to this month?
His arrest on April 20 2002 during the "A20 in Seattle" antiwar demonstration was a peaceful protest - for blocking a sidewalk.

I actually believe Mickel had met John Muhammad.
Mickel was arrested carrying a [fake?] Washington driver's license with his picture and the name McCrae. Was it legit? [probably not], so who else in the area was an expert at manufacturing fake Washington State drivers licenses? - John Muhammad.
I suggest they met after April 20 2002. There is even an Evergreen State College BRANCH CAMPUS in the heart of Tacoma on Martin Luther King Dr.
And Muhammad was ranting and raving in this timeframe to anyone like-minded about killing policemen.

As for the Oct 11 2001 assassination, that was the NIGHT BEFORE Muhammad was ordered to appear in Tacoma to sign a restraining order. So I prefer to theorize: Muhammad-dunnit..., and have I listed this murder with the Muhammad/Malvo Timelines...

Here is a pertinent section of those timelines...

August 31 2001 - Bellingham WA - Muhammad was living here with his kids when they were yanked away from him by police.

September 04 2001 - Tacoma WA - Muhammad was required to appear for a hearing in which he lost his 3 children for good to his ex-wife. He was extremely bitter over this, enough-so to murder Isa Nichol's neice in February as payback for Isa's involvement. Many analysts today suggest this event is what made Muhammad snap.

September 2001 - Tacoma - Muhammad obtains a pro bono lawyer in Tacoma and visits him once a week for the next several months. [Note that Seattle is directly between Bellingham and Tacoma].

September 11 2001 - The WTC Attacks

~September 14 2001 - Bellingham - Muhammad is almost in a barfight with the fisherman Drew Sandilands at the Horseshoe Restaurant because Muhammad defended Al Queda and the WTC bombers.

September 2001 - Bellingham/Seattle - Muhammad is seen travelling from Bellingham often; Sometimes by airline, and sometimes by bus. But in either case his travels took him first to Seattle and then on to other places.

September 18 2001 - The first of the Anthrax letters is mailed from Trenton NJ, just five miles from Sure Shot Auto Sales where the sniper-Caprice is later purchased.

October 10 2001 - The 3rd Anthrax victim hits the news in Florida. Even if Muhammad is NOT involved with anthrax, this is all over the news in early October, further embolding Muhammad.

October 11 2001 10:30pm - Seattle - Assistant U.S. attorney Tom Wales is assassinated in his home in the Queen Anne Hill neighborhood. Someone fired four quick shots thru a basement window with a handgun, hitting prosecutor Wales as he sat in front of his computer. Shell casings were found at the scene and neighbors saw a man leaving.

Wales had hundreds of powerful enemies. The case has never been solved despite a $1 Million reward. [Muhammad came into large amounts of unexplained cash about this time and often traveled by airline. Did he resume his forgery trade? or had he taken up as a paid assassin?]

October 12 2001 - Tacoma - Muhammad is required to appear and sign a restraining order that day promising to stay away from Mildred and his kids.

October 17 2001 or later - Bellingham - Malvo joins Muhammad. [I believe Malvo did not choose to leave his mother on his own, but Muhammad flew to Florida about October 16th, and returned with Malvo by airline]

November 2001 - Muhammad starts visiting gunsmiths trying to obtain silencers and to modify a rifle to collapse into a small case.

169 posted on 12/02/2002 2:22:43 AM PST by Future Useless Eater
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To: Neil E. Wright; archy; FR_addict; Grampa Dave
If you still have any pull with the R.B.P.D. could you please ask them a few questions:

(1) The Washington State driver's licence he was carrying when captured was in the name of Andrew McCrae. Was it legitimate? [I will bet not]. OR if it was fake, did it resemble the forgeries being created by John Muhammad?

(2) Can they find out who was registered to the OTHER car being sought in the sniper case on the evening of October 23rd? i.e. the white 1989 Chevrolet Celebrity with Maryland plates ZWE-517.

(3) What kind of white car was crashed during the unsolved shooting murder of Roderick Robertson in Prichard AL (near Mobile), at 2:14pm September 20?
[This sounds like M & M and it fits their timeline]

(4) Have police ever considered if it was Muhammad / Malvo who robbed the Krispy Kreme at 2:45am on September 26 in Mobile AL?
[Their descriptions fit, except the shorter black man looked about 30. I have seen one picture of Malvo where he appears to be about age 30]

(5) Have police ever considered if it was Muhammad / Malvo who did the drive-by murder of DeAngelo M. Knight at 10:22pm on September 29 in Mobile AL?
[Again, this sounds like M & M and it could fit their timeline. The only detail that doesn't fit is a maroon CADILLAC. BUT I have examples of early 80's Cadillacs that look just like a 1990 Caprice, AND the Caprice had been mistaken as being (maroon or burgandy) previously at night under artificial street lighting]

170 posted on 12/02/2002 2:32:03 AM PST by Future Useless Eater
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To: FL_engineer; isasis
Thanks for the ping. Bone chilling to know we have freaks like this running around loose. Big reason to take a stand on 2nd amendment rights, and make sure a few shots get fired throught the barrel a couple of times a month. A very worthy read and happy a freeper was a major player in removing this tras from our street in America!
171 posted on 12/02/2002 5:46:13 AM PST by Issaquahking
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To: FL_engineer; Shermy
Even if the Washington license was quote "legit" and not a fake, that doesn't rule out a conspiracy here.

One of the tools of the home grown terrorists are quote "legit" drivers's licenses that they buy from a friend at a state DMV. This has been rampant in several states, and a DMV worker in TN lost her life for selling or providing quote "legit" drivers's licenses to Islamokazis before 9/11.

So even if his license was "legit" and didn't come from Muhammad, that does not eliminate a conspiracy.

I have no doubt that in left wing Washington, Oregon and Kalifornia that there are a lot DMVers who would work their buns off to get a "legit" license to a cop hater and anti American kook, black, white or Middle Eastern to show their love of Diversity and political correctness and hatred of America!
172 posted on 12/02/2002 7:14:43 AM PST by Grampa Dave
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To: Neil E. Wright
Great job Neil...the moron who did this needs to be executed.
173 posted on 12/02/2002 7:49:56 AM PST by ItisaReligionofPeace
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To: FL_engineer
Absolutely brilliant! Even if he is not directly connected to other acts of terrorism, this timeline is a strong indication that Islamist terrorists (and probably Iraqi agents, since this is spy SOP) are cultivating relationships among the disaffected that are either already violent or that have strong potential for violence.

Among other things, it provides a template or pattern for seeing if McVeigh was involved in this kind of thing. The Philippines connection sure bears looking into!
174 posted on 12/02/2002 8:11:09 AM PST by eno_
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To: Neil E. Wright
Grampa Dave had asked me to brief everyone on Evergreen State College.

Evergreen is an alternative college, meaning that there are few traditional classes beyond the basics. Students there, develop their own curriculum and sign contracts with the school to complete their work, which often includes credit for "life experience". The campus looks like something from 1972, filled with flower children. This campus makes Bezerkley look moderate. Remember this is the school that invited Mumia to speak at graduation a few years ago.

Most, if not all of the colleges and universities in WA are far left (Western WA calls their school center, "Red Square,"), but Evergreen is the worst, by far. Look for some accomplices on campus, would be my advice.
175 posted on 12/02/2002 8:15:33 AM PST by Eva
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To: Eva
Thanks for your description of Evergreen State College.

It sounds like the perfect place to brainwash the unaborted sons and daughters of Rat into being Anti American Cop killers. For 3-4 decades these anti America/American hate colleges/universities have been spreading their vile messages of hate.

This rabid cop killer student is probably just the tip of the iceberg at Evergreen State College and most colleges and universities in America.
176 posted on 12/02/2002 8:34:44 AM PST by Grampa Dave
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To: FL_engineer

It seems Muhammad and Malvo have had a busy few months: authorities believe they may be responsible for a fatal robbery at a Montgomery, Alabama liquor store in September. Malvo?s fingerprints were picked up on a magazine found at the crime scene.

Malvo? just happend to pick up a Gun Magazine, there is a theory here that the Red Bluff cop killer may have sent some of the e-mails as a set up for the FBI to start looking for Right Wing Gun Clubs. I thank there could be a connection with Andrew Mickel and the snipers and Right Wing Gun Owners. *Tin foil hat Off*....

If someone has a PING list going could I be added...

177 posted on 12/02/2002 9:33:59 AM PST by jdontom
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To: Neil E. Wright
I was told this Wednesday afternoon while I was talkingh to the Command Center and forgot to post it then...

The next time you discuss the case with Det Spurgeon or other investigators, you might ask if by chance the weapon used to murder Officer Mobilio was a 9mm Makarov pistol of Soviet/Bulgarianm/East German/Chinese manufacture; the ammunition is quite distinctive [usual 95 grain bullet or thereabouts; .364" bullet diameter] and the ballistics testing results should be in by now....

If so, there's an FBI agent to who's private desk number he really needs to give a call, to which I'll happily refer him. If not, no worries.


178 posted on 12/02/2002 9:42:17 AM PST by archy
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To: archy
I just got off the phone with Det. Spurgeon at the Command Center. I forwarded this whole thread to him and he said he would turn it over to other investigators to follow-up on.


179 posted on 12/02/2002 10:12:09 AM PST by Neil E. Wright
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To: jdontom
there is a theory here that the Red Bluff cop killer may have sent some of the e-mails as a set up for the FBI to start looking for Right Wing Gun Clubs

That's a damn good theory. I think what we are paying are the wages of not having taken a good hard look at eco/leftist/pro-abortion violence in the Clinton years. Yes, neo-Nazis are bad, and they should be under surveillance, but so should Wahhabi mosques and the violent end of the anti-globalist traveling circus. And I bet you'll find foreign agents sniffing around all kinds of extremist gatherings.

180 posted on 12/02/2002 12:09:09 PM PST by eno_
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To: Neil E. Wright
I applaud you for putting the peices together and helping the police quickly capture this nut job. I'm reminded of two things at the moment. One is a conversation I had with a progressive who was at the Seattle World Bank protest, the one that ended up in a riot that smashed a Starbucks. What struck me about this guy was how he reacted when I mentioned the riot, as if it was something that was out of character for a bunch of passionate, Leftist who as a rule think with their emotions than with their brains. It didn't surprise me one bit. Another thing that comes to mind is a paper that was submitted by Noam Chomsky and Barbara Lee (and others) at the UN WCAR conference in Durban last year, just a few days before 9-11. I thought I found a link to it here on Freerepublic, but it may have been on This paper was a declaration that the United States was an evil "Police State." Maybe the truth sniffing press can go down that ideological trail. I hear Chomsky is one of the most popular university campus figures in America. That he's spreading ideas like this about the USA at an international conference makes me wonder that we haven't seem more wackos like this guy. I don't believe reason and emotionally driven liberalism can occupy the same brain at one time.
181 posted on 12/03/2002 12:00:43 AM PST by Sally II
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To: Neil E. Wright
Info regarding coordinated attacks on random local county police officers by West coast/East coast criminal gangs *here*, per officer safety bulletin issued by the Orange County, California District Attorney's office.

Possible connections to McCrae during his time in Panama?

*Additional info *here*.


182 posted on 12/03/2002 12:55:06 PM PST by archy
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To: Neil E. Wright
We must all support each other's individual beliefs and rights or we will never again have rights as individuals.

How about respecting a good man's right to live?!! I think we see the true manifestation of the peace movement right here. By the way, in the middle of this guys manifesto he bashes on the police for "systematic racism." Anyone want to bet me he had to search for a few days to find a white cop to make his murderous point? I keep hearing people blame the police for racism, but just about every other police man I see in person or on the news is black. I'd like to hear his kind explain how a pretty ethinically mixed police system can produce the systematic racism he's describing.

183 posted on 12/03/2002 1:26:07 PM PST by Sally II
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To: archy; Neil E. Wright
Gentlemen, is there any more data on the killer?

It is amazing how quite the media is on this?

I would have thought that there would have been front page stories on how he learned to be a stone killer from our evil military by now.

One of my sons has several friends in the Redding/Chico California area, and he said this weekend that a "Cone of silence" has been lowered on this murderer.
184 posted on 12/09/2002 6:34:23 AM PST by Grampa Dave
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To: Grampa Dave
Okay, coffee please kick in. This should have been:

It is amazing how quiet the media is on this?

185 posted on 12/09/2002 6:35:49 AM PST by Grampa Dave
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To: Neil E. Wright - THE SACRAMENTO BEE: "SUSPECT WAS 'IN MY GRASP," DEPUTY SAYS" (December 11, 2002)
186 posted on 12/13/2002 1:02:09 AM PST by Cindy
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To: Neil E. Wright; Grampa Dave; sneakypete; archy; MistyCA; mountaineer; genefromjersey; jdontom; ...
Andrew H. Mickel/McCrae, the Seattle-area POS and admitted cop killer, appeared in court this week. Just a few reported tidbits stood out for me...

Judge admonishes suspect
He was extradited to Red Bluff last week.
McCrae, 23, had asked for more time to study the law in preparation for his arraignment and preliminary hearing.
"Your explanation is not very good," Scheuler replied. "It does not represent a significant - or for that matter - any grasp of the law. . . . Sir, I can't continue this for three years while you get a legal education. Do you understand that?"
McCrae's next court appearance is scheduled for [8:00 AM] Feb. 25.

Slaying Suspect Assigned Counsel:
A .40-caliber Sig Sauer semiautomatic pistol thought to be used in the killing has been recovered. The gun was purchased by McCrae on Oct. 30, 2002

McCrae admits to killing officer, and tells why
"I picked California specifically. I didn't want to do this someplace I lived in because it would just be viewed as a local act; what I'm fighting for is a national problem," he explained.
"I know what I did, and I would do it again," he said.
McCrae believes he has a message for the world that he developed while attending Evergreen. The school is known for its liberal policy of not having majors, but allowing students to develop their own courses of study.

187 posted on 02/08/2003 10:11:56 AM PST by Future Useless Eater
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To: FL_engineer
And your point is?
188 posted on 02/08/2003 10:27:56 AM PST by eno_
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To: eno_
Whoops! That was supposed be posted on another thread. Disregard that, please.
189 posted on 02/08/2003 10:29:18 AM PST by eno_
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To: Neil E. Wright
Neil, what you've seen is the " Old Comrades' Network " : originally set up ( in the 1930's and 1940's ) by Russian agents and American Communists in this country to facilitate the safe movement of spies , saboteurs, and network managers. In the 1960's, the "New Left" inherited this network, and updated it. It was used by the Black militant groups, the assorted bombers, and the most violent of the " anti-war protestors " : providing new identities, safe havens,employment, money, weapons, explosives, vehicles, and anything else needed. After the Viet Nam war ended, much of the "revolutionary cadre" went on to other things: careers in government,journalism,politics, teaching, the arts, or just plain old-fashioned Capitalist accumulation of wealth; but, being "true believers", they kept the old escape and evasion networks open and ready for the new revolutionaries they were trying to recruit, train, and encourage ; and they have no hesitation about accepting outright terrorists-environmental, Islamic,etc. Your tracking down of a few of those involved is a helluva good start; but, if we are to remain a (relatively) free people,we'll probably never be able to track down the vast majority of them - unless they show themselves publicly.
190 posted on 02/08/2003 12:56:41 PM PST by genefromjersey
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To: Neil E. Wright; Jim Robinson; backhoe; piasa; Godzilla; BurbankKarl; All

Hello Mr. Wright.
I have an update for you.


Sacramento Bee/Anne Chadwick Williams
"Death trap"
ARTICLE SNIPPET: "The killer who ambushed a north state police officer not only destroyed a young couple's dreams but left their friends aching to know why"
By Sam Stanton and Marjie Lundstrom -- Bee Staff Writers
Published 2:15 am PDT Sunday, July 31, 2005
Story appeared on Page A1 of The Bee

191 posted on 07/31/2005 2:20:30 PM PDT by Cindy
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To: All

stepping back in time...

Note: The following post is an exact quote:

Arizona FReeper breaks case of Cop Killing in Red Bluff
The Sac Francisco Chronicle ^ | 11/28/2002 | Jim Herron Zamora

Posted on 11/28/2002 9:15:00 AM PST by jdontom

An Arizona man who received a "strange and mysterious" e-mail apologizing for the slaying of a Red Bluff cop launched investigators on the trail of an ex-Army private who was arrested four days later in New Hampshire.

Neil Wright, 50, said he had received an e-mail from "Mitch Stephens" at at about 6 p.m. Friday on his home computer in Lake Havasu City and called police an hour later.

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

192 posted on 07/31/2005 2:22:42 PM PDT by Cindy
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To: Cindy

Thank you Cindy. Please post the URL for each segment as it becomes available. I too, have many, many questions regarding this case.


193 posted on 07/31/2005 3:56:08 PM PDT by Neil E. Wright (An oath is FOREVER)
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To: Neil E. Wright

You're welcome Neil.

194 posted on 07/31/2005 4:11:31 PM PDT by Cindy
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