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  • Zogby on Oreilly NOW.. "FLA moving toward Bush, CO toward Kerry"

    11/02/2004 10:47:44 AM PST · by dictatorMA · 107 replies · 629+ views
    John Zogby just stated that its very close in FL but there seems to be movement TO Bush... he also says that CO is moving to Kerry.. He also says PA is even. Zogby doesnt sound too pleased...When pressed for a prediction Zog said "I dont want to make any predictions BUT something in my gut tells me Kerry CAN STILL win this.. but that is my gut and not my brain"
  • The Shadow Party: FrontPage Interviews Co-Author Richard Poe

    08/29/2006 3:12:51 PM PDT · by Richard Poe · 189 replies · 4,379+ views ^ | August 29, 2006 | Jamie Glazov
    A new book by David Horowitz and Richard Poe has enraged the Left and alarmed many conservatives. It exposes the machinations of a radical clique working at the highest levels of government and finance to undermine American power. That book is The Shadow Party: How George Soros, Hillary Clinton and Sixties Radicals Seized Control of the Democratic Party. It hit the New York Times bestseller list in its first week in print. Here to tell us about The Shadow Partyis co-author Richard Poe, our esteemed colleague at the David Horowitz Freedom Center, where he serves as director of research. Mr....
  • Did Republicans Steal the 2004 Election?

    06/01/2006 8:28:44 PM PDT · by Torie · 53 replies · 913+ views
    Taegan Political Wire ^ | June 1, 2006 | Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. via Taegan
    Did Republicans Steal the 2004 Election? Robert F. Kennedy Jr. writes in Rolling Stone: "After carefully examining the evidence, I've become convinced that the president's party mounted a massive, coordinated campaign to subvert the will of the people in 2004. Across the country, Republican election officials and party stalwarts employed a wide range of illegal and unethical tactics to fix the election." "A review of the available data reveals that in Ohio alone, at least 357,000 voters, the overwhelming majority of them Democratic, were prevented from casting ballots or did not have their votes counted in 2004 -- more than...
  • Sorry Liberals: Being Arrogant Does Not Make You Right - (HA! ... yes siree!)

    06/12/2005 5:42:02 PM PDT · by CHARLITE · 20 replies · 1,208+ views
    Back during the Presidential Election, Kerry enthusiasts were constantly gushing over the perceived intelligence of John Kerry. If it was not praises toward his “nuanced” approaches of how to creatively surrender to the United Nations and international terrorists then it was how all of his aides had to run around carrying dictionaries just so they could understand his “big words.” Well, the truth is out. Eight months after everyone quit caring about John Kerry’s records, he has finally released them to “The Boston Globe.” Chance of chances, these records show that Senator Kerry was a “C” student with a virtually...
  • Why Did Most Jewish Voters Reject President Bush in the 2004 Election?

    05/17/2005 5:36:30 AM PDT · by ComtedeMaistre · 55 replies · 1,494+ views
    May 17, 2004 | ComtedeMaistre
    When he took office in the year 2001, President Bush began to make every effort to convince Jews that he was on their side. He did everything he could possibly do, to get Jews to vote Republican. Bush is the most pro-Israel President in American history. Indeed, 2004 was anticipated as the year when Jewish voters would vote majority Republican, for the first time since World War Two. But, once again, Jewish voters rejected the outstretched hand of a Republican Presidential candidate. Kerry is the man who once called Yasser Arafat a statesman. And in 2004, Kerry worked in close...
  • In honesty, John Edwards meets unexpected DeLay

    04/21/2005 5:37:57 PM PDT · by CHARLITE · 10 replies · 234+ views
    WITH JOHN EDWARDS giving interviews again, one is almost brought to nostalgic tears over memories of the 2004 election. Sure it was bloodcurdling — but in the best ways possible. It was a story of great literary dimension, complete with villains, both of the French and trial-lawyer variety, and heroes, mainly in the form of valiant incumbents and brave war vets. A good time was had by all. Things were especially lovely after Sen. Edwards, that rich nobody from North Carolina, came on board. (Edwards update: various members of his family may have been employed as, or at least hoped...
  • EIB Sounding Board: Democrats Read From Kook Sites (Rush Rips Dems A New Clymer In 2005 Alert)

    01/06/2005 5:31:21 PM PST · by goldstategop · 34 replies · 1,756+ views ^ | 01/06/05 | Rush Limbaugh
    RUSH: Here's Barbara Boxer. Now, this is not Barbara Boxer from the floor of the Senate. This is a Capitol Hill press conference earlier today but this is essentially the same litany that she went through on the floor of the Senate just about 20 minutes ago. BOXER: For most of us in the Senate and the House, we have spent our lives fighting for things we believe in, always fighting to make our nation better. We have fought for social justice. We have fought for economic justice. We have fought for environment justice. We have fought for criminal justice....
  • Report accuses state Democratic Party (Oklahoma)

    01/04/2005 8:32:17 AM PST · by MizSterious · 8 replies · 869+ views
    NEWS9 ^ | 1/03/2005 | Kirsten McIntyre
    Report accuses state Democratic Party By Kirsten McIntyreNEWS 9 The following is a script from a NEWS 9 broadcast Now to our top story tonight -- after a five-month investigation, the state Labor Department is leveling serious allegations against the Oklahoma Democratic Party and its chairman. Kirsten McIntyre is following this investigation and joins us now live with more. NEWS 9 report The investigation began in July after a fatal car accident involving two teenage girls. The probe has resulted in this: a final report, hundreds of pages long. In it, Labor Commissioner Brenda Reneau accuses the party of breaking...

    11/12/2004 8:18:27 AM PST · by RayChuang88 · 12 replies · 1,138+ views
    UExpress Syndication (via ^ | November 11, 2004 | Ann Coulter
    On Fox News' "Special Report," Brit Hume raised the nut conspiracy theories circulating on the Web about Republicans stealing the presidential election. The liberals on the panel responded by quickly pointing out that no national Democrats -- not even Terry McAuliffe! -- had suggested that there had been any systematic vote theft. Hume admitted the rumors of vote fraud were limited to nutcases on the Web. Like most Americans, apparently no one at Fox is watching MSNBC!
  • Smelling the Coffee

    11/06/2004 3:14:54 PM PST · by yonif · 24 replies · 859+ views
    College Voice via my website ^ | November 6, 2004 | Yoni Freeman
    “Whoso diggeth a pit shall fall therein; and he that rolleth a stone, it shall return upon him.” Proverbs, 26:27 Hours before the American presidential election a few days ago was held, there were supporters of President Bush’s reelection bid who said they believed Senator Kerry was going to come out on top in the end. Indeed, I had such partial thoughts as well. But, thankfully, we were wrong and the elections resulted with President Bush being given a mandate by the American people for four more years, though for some hours it would seem it was a Florida all...

    11/06/2004 2:13:49 PM PST · by CHARLITE · 147 replies · 10,990+ views
    Private Email | NOVEMBER 6, 2004 | ADMIRAL DICK VAN ORDEN
    From a retired US Navy Admiral PARDON ME WHILE I GLOAT by Dick Van Orden I am not normally a cheerful loser or a gracious winner. Whether its tiddly-winks or war at sea, I want to win, win, win! In fact, I hate to lose and when I win I sometimes want to rub the loser's nose in his defeat. After a sleepless night I feel just rotten enough that the past six months of lies and innuendos from the Kerry camp have it all come home to make me more vindictive than usual. As a result, I want to...
  • Political mayhem results in 4 arrests; election results bring out fight in partisans

    11/06/2004 2:40:15 AM PST · by j. earl carter · 19 replies · 1,051+ views
    Athens (Ohio) Messenger ^ | Friday, Nov. 5, 2004 | Angela Mitro, Messenger Staff
    Political mayhem results in 4 arrests Election results bring out the fight in some political partisans The 2004 election has come to a close, but political tensions remain high as four area individuals were arrested Wednesday night and early Thursday morning on charges stemming from disputes involving rival political groups. The Athens Police Department responded to four disputes involving rival political groups. Police said a group of students celebrating President Bush's re-election was confronted by a group of people who were unhappy with the election results. According to the department, the first incident occurred at 10 p.m. Wednesday and resulted...
  • Representative-elect's son arrested in tire slashings

    11/05/2004 11:13:28 PM PST · by alydar · 142 replies · 5,388+ views
    Milwaukee Journal ^ | 11/5 | JOHN DIEDRICH
    The 25-year-old son of newly elected congresswoman Gwen Moore was arrested Friday by Milwaukee police and later released in connection with the election day slashing of tires on 20 vans and cars rented by the Republican Party, according to police records. Sowande Ajumoke Omokunde, also known as Supreme Solar Allah, arrived at the Milwaukee police administration building Friday morning with his attorney, was arrested at 9 a.m. and held in the police holding facility for several hours before being released, according to records. Omokunde is one of three suspects who had been arrested as of late Friday. Opel E. Simmons...
  • Ashland the hold-out

    11/03/2004 12:43:48 AM PST · by Lord Nelson · 3 replies · 201+ views Appears that this is the county left to count.
  • NRO - Kerry Spot - OHIO GOP SAYS IT'S OVER [11/03 10:37 AM]

    11/03/2004 7:42:03 AM PST · by bushsupporter30 · 23 replies · 265+ views
    Ohio Republicans now saying Bush is ahead by more votes than there are provisional ballots, including overseas absentee ballots. The absentee ballots yet to be included include those from military personnel overseas. It seems safe to assume President Bush may have won a vote or two among these votes.
  • The Vietnam War Was Re-Fought Last Night . . . And This Time The Anti-War Protest Crowd Lost

    11/03/2004 6:14:15 AM PST · by stayout · 26 replies · 372+ views
    vanity | 11/03/2004 | stayout
    For your consideration and reflection . . .
  • Kerry Not Doing Well With African-American Voters

    10/29/2004 1:00:01 PM PDT · by moose2004 · 27 replies · 1,827+ views
    New York Post Column Bad News For Kerry
  • Early Voting

    10/26/2004 2:27:09 PM PDT · by Oorang · 5 replies · 220+ views
    Question for Floridian freepers. What has changed that allows people to vote, at the polls, prior to election day? I understand absentee mail in ballots but I cannot find any information regarding the change (and why) to allow voting prior to election day at the polls. Thanks.
  • Chris Matthews On Imus In The Morning

    10/22/2004 5:27:52 AM PDT · by moose2004 · 51 replies · 2,261+ views
    Imus In The Morning ^ | 10/22/04 | moose2004
    Matthews Says Bush "Has Edge" in Race.
  • South Dakota Suspicions

    10/21/2004 9:17:05 PM PDT · by txradioguy · 38 replies · 2,113+ views
    National Review ^ | 07 Nov. 2002 (original publication date) | Byron York
    The very last precincts to be counted killed the hopes of GOP Senate candidate John Thune. Was something funny going on? oday a team of Republican election experts is in South Dakota, looking into the circumstances of Democratic Sen. Tim Johnson's extraordinarily narrow, last-minute victory over Republican candidate John Thune. While it is certainly possible that there were no significant irregularities involved in the voting, some Republicans are puzzled by the way the vote-counting unfolded. Early Wednesday morning, with 99.65 percent of South Dakota's precincts reporting, Thune held a narrow lead over Johnson. It was only when the last three...

    10/20/2004 9:44:10 PM PDT · by CHARLITE · 16 replies · 434+ views
    ALL IN THE NAME OF ENFRANCHISEMENT By now most Americans have heard that John Kerry plans to undertake a "preemptive" legal strike against Republicans during this election cycle. His justification for flooding every key battleground state in the union with thousands of lawyers, is to say that Democrats need to stop the Bush political machine before it can disenfranchise people, like it did in Florida four years ago. Kerry is DEEPLY concerned that many liberals, and black liberals in particular, may not have their votes counted due to the shenanigans of all those despicable conservatives out there, who...
  • Kerry's Strategy Set for Nov. 3

    10/20/2004 4:26:02 PM PDT · by txradioguy · 53 replies · 1,565+ views
    WXIA Atlanta Channel 11 ^ | 20 Oct. 2004 | Staff Writer
    WASHINGTON (AP) -- Sen. John Kerry, bracing for a potential fight over election results, will not hesitate to declare victory Nov. 2 and defend it, advisers say. He also will be prepared to name a national security team before knowing whether he's secured the presidency. In short, the Democratic presidential candidate has a simple strategy for Nov. 3 and beyond: Do not repeat Al Gore's mistakes. The Democratic vice president prematurely conceded the 2000 race to George W. Bush, then had to retract his concession after aides said Florida wasn't lost. He never declared victory, an omission Kerry's advisers --...
  • Who are the 'brainwashers'?

    10/20/2004 4:00:56 PM PDT · by txradioguy · 11 replies · 932+ views ^ | 20 Oct. 2004 | Brent Bozell
    The decision of Sinclair Broadcasting to air an anti-Kerry documentary in late October is a nightmarish recipe of "creeping fascism, state propaganda, Big Brother and brainwashing." So says the unhinged Molly Ivins, giving voice to the outrage felt by her colleagues in the news media. Liberals are positively panicked at the idea that somewhere, on some station, at some late date, someone will say something negative about John Kerry without a moment for balance on the other side. Let's be blunt: Welcome to our world, liberals. You're all for propaganda and brainwashing when it's Dan, Peter, Tom & Co. spinning...
  • AP: Bush Faults Kerry for Scare Tactics

    10/18/2004 10:18:29 AM PDT · by IndianPrincessOK · 7 replies · 621+ views
    AP: Bush Faults Kerry for Scare Tactics 19 minutes ago By TERENCE HUNT, AP White House Correspondent ABOARD AIR FORCE ONE - President Bush (news - web sites) on Monday accused Democratic rival Sen. John Kerry (news - web sites) of "shameless scare tactics" by suggesting that the president would jeopardize Social Security (news - web sites) for older Americans and bring back the military draft for young people.
  • Fox News Embraces ABC Memo Story Over Cameron’s Pleas

    10/14/2004 9:07:42 AM PDT · by txradioguy · 20 replies · 2,518+ views
    The New York Observer ^ | 14 Oct 2004 | Joe Hagan
    Fifteen minutes before the second televised Presidential debate, on the night of Friday, Oct. 8, the stoic voice of anchor Brit Hume came over the Fox News Channel’s control-room intercom. "Do you know about this Mark Halperin memo?" he asked the room full of producers, who were hunched over the dials and standing before a tall bank of flickering TV screens. "Can we talk about it on the air? It’s on Drudge. It’s all over Drudge." In a leaked memo, Mr. Halperin, the ABC News political director, had suggested that the network should be more critical of President Bush than...

    10/13/2004 2:39:57 PM PDT · by CHARLITE · 8 replies · 752+ views
    JB WILLIAMS.COM ^ | OCTOBER 13, 2004 | JB WILLIAMS Written by: JB Williams ©2004-10-12 Let’s pretend for a moment that Good and Evil both exist on earth. That issues aren’t only a matter of one’s perspective, but that real facts exist and they don’t have a side. That “gray area’s” are just mind bending attempts to justify the unjustifiable. That America is not divided along socio-economic lines, but rather by opposing forces with very different agenda’s. Let’s pretend that we no longer have the luxury of walking the tightrope of indecision, or sitting on a politically correct non-committal fence, void of moral or ethical conviction. Let’s pretend that...
  • Senator, You're no Reagan

    10/11/2004 7:23:41 PM PDT · by txradioguy · 23 replies · 1,173+ views ^ | 11 Oct. 2004 | Rich Lowery
    Listening to John Kerry in the debates, one could be forgiven for thinking that his running mate is Ronald Reagan. He has invoked Reagan's name more often than that of John Edwards. And he has mostly done it in the context of foreign policy, suggesting that his approach to the world will be Reaganesque. This is a grotesque example of political body-snatching, as dishonest in its way as, say, David Duke invoking Martin Luther King Jr. to bolster his civil rights credentials. "I'm going to run a foreign policy that actually does what President Reagan did, President Eisenhower did, and...
  • Liberal Democrat Clooney faces felony charge. 2

    10/03/2004 4:56:35 PM PDT · by urbanrepublican · 2 replies · 731+ views
    NLPC Press Release ^ | September 22, 2004 | NLPC
    In a letter to U.S. Attorney Gregory Van Tatenhove today, the National Legal and Policy Center, a national ethics watchdog organization, called for an investigation into a promise made by Congressional candidate (KY-4) Nick Clooney to retain the staff of Rep. Ken Lucas if Clooney was elected. The letter documented that the Clooney campaign subsequently procured political and financial support from the Lucas staff.
  • Kerry's Vietnam

    10/02/2004 9:37:41 PM PDT · by txradioguy · 8 replies · 709+ views ^ | 01 Oct. 2004 | Charles Krauthammer
    WASHINGTON -- It was a mistake for John Kerry to spend four days at the Democratic convention establishing his connection to Vietnam. But it was oddly appropriate. More than any other politician of our time -- including John McCain, who spent five and a half years in a Vietnam prison camp rather than four and a half months on a Swift boat -- Kerry has been haunted and shaped by Vietnam. Kerry in turn has been one of the most important shapers of the meaning of Vietnam for the rest of the country. Over the course of his three decades...
  • New Movie Trailer - Powerful

    09/24/2004 5:35:05 PM PDT · by HalfAMind · 7 replies · 326+ views
    Just clicked on this upcoming film advertised on Drudge:
  • Sides Ready For Nader's Ballot Battle

    09/17/2004 3:01:54 PM PDT · by Former Military Chick · 1 replies · 185+ views
    Tam[aTrib ^ | Sep 17, 2004 | JEROME R. STOCKFISCH
    TALLAHASSEE - As they did in the presidential election four years ago, Florida courts are likely to have a role in the outcome of this fall's contest. Unlike 2000, when the legal action erupted after ballots were counted, this time courtrooms are filling long before voters head for the polls. Today, legal heavyweights with lengthy partisan pedigrees converge on the state Supreme Court in a fight over Ralph Nader's ballot status. The issue is ``preserving ballot integrity,'' says The Ballot Project, which wants Nader erased. That step could ``muzzle the voice of independent voters,'' counters the Reform Party of Florida....
  • 543,895 - Pass Out # of Flyers Equal to Gore's Popular Vote in 2000 (Including All Fraud votes)

    08/25/2004 9:23:39 AM PDT · by · 10 replies · 673+ views
    Are there any freepers up to the challenge of getting 543,895 flyers distributed over the next 70 days? That's only about 8000 per day. We can take pledges right here on this thread. How many flyers do you pledge to pass out over the next 70 days? Can We Count You In? - This might make the difference in several states as well as the overall popular total. Download and Distribute - it's that easy. You can either print them on your own or take them elsewhere to be copied or printed. If you aren't able to do this -...
  • Voters rush past Keyes, favor Obama

    08/21/2004 8:50:32 AM PDT · by LandOfLincolnGOP · 69 replies · 1,275+ views
    Chicago Tribune ^ | August 21, 2004 | Bob Secter
    Voters rush past Keyes, favor Obama Democrat even finds fans among conservativesBy Bob Secter August 21, 2004 Alan Keyes said it would be an uphill climb when he agreed this month to be the emergency candidate for Illinois Republicans in the U.S. Senate race, but he may not have realized just how steep the ascent will have to be. The nation's first Senate contest featuring two major party African-American candidates is beginning in lopsided fashion, with nearly two-thirds of voters indicating support for Democrat Barack Obama and less than one-quarter backing Keyes, according to a new Tribune/WGN-TV poll. The poll...
  • Marvin Scott: Black GOP Senate candidate in Indiana"Scott brings Senate campaign to Terre Haute"

    08/17/2004 10:40:41 PM PDT · by bamaroots04 · 1 replies · 214+ views
    Tribune Star ^ | August 12th, 2004 | Howard Greninger
    Limiting jury awards in lawsuits is one way to lower insurance costs nationwide, both in health care professions and for small businesses, said Marvin Scott, a Republican candidate seeking to defeat incumbent U.S. Sen. Evan Bayh, D-Ind. in November. "I want to make sure that we have tort reform. What happens too often is that we don't have enough limits on what people can sue for. Indiana does and so does four other states, but when costs are averaged out nationwide, it makes insurance costs higher," Scott said Wednesday in Terre Haute. While in Terre Haute, Scott toured Doughmakers, a...
  • O'Reilly Debunks Springsteen's 'Nonpartisan' Claim

    08/06/2004 7:50:35 AM PDT · by stockpirate · 83 replies · 1,775+ views ^ | August 6, 2004 | Carl Limbacher
    O'Reilly Debunks Springsteen's 'Nonpartisan' Claim "Blue collar" multi-millionaire rock n'roller Bruce Springsteen is organizing a concert tour dedicated to defeating George Bush in November. But in an op-ed piece in Thursday's New York Times, "the Boss" tries to paint the move as a break with his apolitical past, claiming, "Personally, I have always stayed one step away from partisan politics." Not so, says Fox News Channel host Bill O'Reilly, who treated his audience last night to a laundry list of Springsteen's anti-GOP activities. • "The Boss" has "consistently pushed left wing defamation books at his concert and associated with radical...
  • For Bush, every penny counts [Senate goes Dem, Bush re-elected?]

    07/31/2004 3:28:22 PM PDT · by NYS_Eric · 17 replies · 911+ views
    Town Hall ^ | 7/30/2004 | Larry Kudlow
    For Bush, every penny countsLarry Kudlow Bush and Kerry are in a virtual dead heat according to the Iowa Electronic Market -- a winner-take-all futures market with a great track record of picking the victors in November. At midweek, Bush was trading at 50.5 cents and Kerry at 49.9 cents. Kerry had taken a small lead going into the Democratic National Convention, his first lead of the year in the Iowa market. But Bush pulled ahead by the convention's halfway point. Looks like the Boston con game -- "We're not really left liberals who believe in soaking the rich, high taxes,...
  • Soldier Says Moore Film Hurting Military Morale

    07/28/2004 7:22:54 PM PDT · by DIM1 · 21 replies · 604+ views
    GOPUSA ^ | July 27th 2004 | Jeff Gannon/Army Spc. Joe Roche,
    (See article from Talon News Service after commentary below) This is very disturbing. If this article is truly representative, it indicates that some real work needs to be undertaken in order to counteract the effects of Moore’s 9/11, and other Left-wing propaganda on our service personnel. The Left did the same during VN, and succeeded then in finally undermining the spirit of our forces, and our nation as a whole. One idea might be to make links exposing Moore as the lying, treasonous, buffoon that he is widely available to service personnel on the internet. This might include the new...
  • I'm drawing a line in the sand

    07/24/2004 9:13:52 AM PDT · by jongaltsr · 157 replies · 2,118+ views
    This business with National Security Adviser Sandy Berger has made me come to the conclusion that my vote is worth nothing if nothing comes from this secret document stealing. If the Bush administration and the GOP are not willing to peruse this issue to its conclusion in an aggressive manner then my vote will not be cast. There is no need to continue fooling myself that my vote counts if the people at the top let thing slide for the "In crowd" while enforcing the laws on the flunkies in our society (flunkies = citizens). I have had my fill...
  • Gore mentally unstable

    05/28/2004 10:09:48 AM PDT · by txradioguy · 87 replies · 288+ views ^ | 28 May 2004 | Joseph Farah
    Wow! Thank God for the electoral college. Those founding fathers really knew what they were doing. Had the Constitution called for direct election of the president of the United States, a clearly mentally unstable man would be sitting in the Oval Office right now. That's my conclusion after watching, listening to and reading Al Gore's speech to the York University crowd this week. The man is unhinged. He's deranged. He's unbalanced. He had better get out of New York as quickly as he can because, as Ralph Kramden would say, "Bellevue is calling." Here are some of the descriptives...
  • Economy Firing on All Cylinders

    05/21/2004 8:31:20 AM PDT · by hippyleftist · 65 replies · 226+ views
    Today, the Department of Labor released its latest report on state-by-state employment data for April 2004. Highlights: --Over the past year, the unemployment rate has fallen in 47 states. --Non-farm payroll employment increased in 45 states in April. --Over the past year, employment has increased in 44 states. The latest state-by-state data are consistent with recent job growth nationwide. In the past 8 months, over 1.1 million new payroll jobs have been created. Over 800,000 new jobs have been created in 2004 alone. If the current pace of job growth for 2004 continues, over 2.6 million jobs will be created...
  • 2004 ELECTION OVERVIEW: Top Overall Donors

    03/31/2004 10:31:05 AM PST · by ConservativeStLouisGuy · 39 replies · 968+ views
    Open Secrets ^ | March 1, 2004 | Open Secrets
    2004 ELECTION OVERVIEW Top Overall Donors Rank..............Contributor............Total Contributions..To Dems..To Repubs..Contributions Tilt 1....Goldman Sachs...........................$2,656,413.........51%.......49%.....On the fence 2....National Assn of Realtors..............$1,464,806.........51%.......49%.....On the fence 3....Wal-Mart Stores.........................$1,372,840.........16%.......84%.....Strongly Republican 4....Lehman Brothers.........................$1,272,063.........45%.......55%.....On the fence 5....Citigroup Inc..............................$1,262,072.........46%.......54%.....On the fence 6....Time Warner..............................$1,100,781.........71%.......29%.....Strongly Democratic 7....SBC Communications......................$1,093,935.........32%.......68%.....Strongly Republican 8....Assn of Trial Lawyers of America........$1,047,499.........91%........9%.....Solidly Democratic 9....Morgan Stanley..............................$1,039,883.........37%.......63%.....Leans Republican 10...National Assn of Home Builders..........$1,034,500.........38%.......61%.....Leans Republican 11...United Parcel Service...................$1,024,271.........28%.......72%.....Strongly Republican 12...Merrill Lynch...........................$1,016,789.........20%.......80%......Strongly Republican 13...Laborers Union............................$997,880.........82%.......18%......Strongly Democratic 14...Intl Brotherhood of Electrical Workers....$979,330.........96%........4%......Solidly Democratic 15...Carpenters & Joiners Union................$970,000.........63%.......37%......Leans Democratic 16...Machinists/Aerospace Workers Union........$942,011.........98%........1%......Solidly Democratic 17...National Auto Dealers Assn................$936,300.........30%.......70%......Strongly Republican 18...PriceWaterhouseCoopers ...................$925,108.........14%.......86%......Strongly Republican 19...Microsoft Corp............................$914,882.........56%.......44%......Leans Democratic 20...UBS Americas..............................$912,738.........28%.......71%......Strongly Republican 21...National Beer Wholesalers Assn............$888,618.........26%.......74%......Strongly Republican 22...MBNA Corp.................................$875,647.........23%.......77%......Strongly...
  • Kerry Says "Elvis" Factor Not An Issue Against Bush

    02/29/2004 6:00:27 PM PST · by ServesURight · 21 replies · 202+ views
    Reuters ^ | 02/29/2004 | Patricia Wilson
    Kerry Says 'Elvis' Factor Not an Issue Against Bush Sun Feb 29, 2004 08:25 PM ET By Patricia Wilson BUFFALO, N.Y. (Reuters) - John Kerry strode on to the stage on Sunday to music from "The Natural," a mystical 1984 movie about an exceptionally gifted baseball player filmed partly in Buffalo. As a metaphor, it may have been a bit of a stretch for the Massachusetts senator who is seeking the political equivalent of baseball's World Series -- the presidency of the United States. In the race for the Democratic nomination, it is southerner John Edwards, Kerry's charismatic, silver-tongued...
  • To Greet G.O.P., Protests of Varying Volume

    02/23/2004 2:35:59 PM PST · by Paleo Conservative · 8 replies · 127+ views
    The New York Times via Drudge Report ^ | February 23, 2004 | MICHAEL SLACKMAN
    When the Republican National Convention comes to town, the Rev. Peter Laarman hopes to greet it with a quiet, reserved defiance. He wants religious leaders to hold discussion groups on concerns about politicizing Sept. 11. He wants to have seminars to discuss lost jobs. And he wants to bring experts to New York to discuss national security. What he does not want to do is take to the streets with huge protests. Instead, through a campaign he calls the Accountability Project, he hopes to offer a thoughtful counterpoint when the Republicans stage their nominating convention in New York, scheduled for...
  • Gay marriages bring big bucks to San Francisco business

    02/20/2004 5:57:23 PM PST · by Paleo Conservative · 27 replies · 468+ views
    Agence France Presse via Yahoo News ^ | Thu Feb 19, 3:07 AM ET | Agence France Presse
    SAN FRANCISCO (AFP) - San Francisco's torrent of same-sex marriages may be making political waves across the United States, but they are also proving to be a major business boon for the city's jewelers, florists and champagne sellers. AFP Photo Reuters Photo Slideshow: Same-Sex Marriage Issues Since the city began issuing marriage licenses to gay and lesbian couples last Thursday, wedding bands, bouquets and pricey bottles of bubbly have rapidly disappeared from the counters of shops around the city for wedding celebrations. With no advance notice that the city would undertake the controversial step to legalize their marriages, few of...
  • Michael Anthony Peroutka to Announce Constitution Party Presidential Candidacy this Saturday...

    02/17/2004 11:03:49 AM PST · by jgrubbs · 29 replies · 319+ views
    U.S. Newswire ^ | 2/16/04 3:12:00 PM | John Lofton
    To: Assignment, National and State desks Contact: John Lofton, 301-873-4612 or 301-490-7266, for Michael Anthony Peroutka; News Advisory: This coming Saturday, Feb. 21, Michael Anthony Peroutka will officially announce that he is seeking the Presidential nomination of the Constitution Party. This event will take place from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. at Michael's Eighth Avenue banquet facility located at 7220 Grayburn Drive in Glen Burnie, Maryland. It is open to press coverage. Any press interested in attending, please contact John Lofton at the above phone numbers. The themes of the Peroutka campaign are "God-Family-Republic." He believes, as George Washington...
  • GOP Primary - U.S. House District TX-10 – Discussion Thread

    02/11/2004 5:56:47 PM PST · by PetroniDE · 121 replies · 547+ views
    11 February 2004 | PetroniDE
    <p>The Texas primaries are set for Tuesday, 9 March 2004. The U.S. Congressional districts in Texas have been significantly altered due to the re-districting battle last year. One heavily altered district is TX-10 which stretches from the western suburbs of Houston to Austin. Since the current office holder (Lloyd Doggett-D) is running in district TX-25, this is one district that many expect to switch from Democrat to Republican.</p>
  • Need Help On Research About Bush's Guard Service

    02/11/2004 7:05:38 AM PST · by The Mick · 3 replies · 157+ views
    Vanity | 02-11-2004 | The Mick
    I am trying to build my reference file on articles about the President's National Guard service. I know (and have read) articles from the 2000 election cycle that reviewed this topic and exonerated Pres. Bush of the exagerrated charges against him. As I remember there were good articles from the NY Times, Boston Globe and Fort Worth Star-Telegram, though there were probably others as well. Can anyone provide a link or links to any of these original articles? Thanks in advance!
  • How did the Kerry cookies crumble?

    01/31/2004 9:25:59 AM PST · by tvn · 14 replies · 233+ views
    The Hill ^ | 1-29-04 | Sam Deally
    To hear Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) tell it, his brief foray into the cookie business in the late 1970s gives him a leg up on the concerns of small-business owners. Earlier this month, the Democratic presidential candidate introduced his small-business program with vignettes from his own cookie-making experience. Yet all that experience kind of, well, crumbles, in the mind of David Liederman, another cookie entrepreneur. Liederman, the founder of the David’s Cookies chain, claims Kerry ripped off the idea from him. “The bottom line is he just stole it from me,” said Liederman, now a restaurateur and real estate developer...
  • With no primary challenger, Bush can court mainstream

    01/06/2004 11:51:23 AM PST · by jgrubbs · 85 replies · 301+ views
    THE WASHINGTON TIMES ^ | January 4, 2004 | Bill Sammon
    <p>The absence of Republican primary challengers is allowing President Bush to campaign for centrist swing voters with a freedom that he lacked in 2000, when he ran to the right of rival Sen. John McCain.</p> <p>"We haven't been forced to make a choice between activating our base and appealing to mainstream voters," said Bush campaign spokesman Terry Holt.</p>
  • Clark's 2004 Campaign Shakes Off Early Missteps

    01/05/2004 9:33:00 AM PST · by Solson · 44 replies · 197+ views
    Reuters - Yahoo News ^ | 1/4/04 | By John Whitesides, Political Correspondent
    By John Whitesides, Political Correspondent WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Retired four-star Gen. Wesley Clark (news - web sites) made a splashy but late entrance into the 2004 White House race, riding a gold-plated resume to the top tier of the Democratic pack before a series of early missteps sent him tumbling.   But Clark, a quick study as a Rhodes scholar and the top cadet in his class at West Point, has since found his voice on the campaign trail and says he is tailor-made for a race against President Bush (news - web sites) in which national security and foreign...