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  • Arianna Huffington: President's bin Laden ad "despicable"

    04/30/2012 7:13:03 AM PDT · by South40 · 23 replies
    CBSNews ^ | 4/30/2012
    (CBS News) Arianna Huffington, founder and editor-in-chief of the The Huffington Post, called the Obama campaign's decision to tout the assassination of Osama bin Laden in a campaign advertisement "despicable." The ad questions whether presidential candidate Mitt Romney would have ordered the raid that killed Osama bin Laden. "I don't think there should be an ad about that," Huffington said Monday on "CBS This Morning." "I think it's one thing to celebrate the fact that they did such a great job (with television specials). All that is perfectly legitimate. But to turn it into a campaign ad is one of...
  • Arianna Huffington: Nobody believes Obama’s jobs rhetoric anymore

    04/20/2012 4:11:12 PM PDT · by Nachum · 19 replies
    The Right Scoop ^ | 4/20/12 | The Right Scoop
    The reality of a bad economic situation is beginning to set in on the left and some of the more honest lefties are now admitting that there isn’t a hopeful outlook for Obama’s re-election. I’ve included the entire interview of Arianna Huffington with LarryO because of not only the way she trashes Obama and his renewed focus on jobs, but also the way that she talks about how disenfranchised people on the left feel with this debt deal. She even goes as far as saying that Obama needs ‘intense therapy’ so that he can explain to himself why he agreed...
  • AOL-HuffPost Stock Bleeds Again Today (Lost almost 9% today after losing 25% yesterday)

    08/10/2011 3:55:58 PM PDT · by Siena Dreaming · 15 replies ^ | August 10, 2011 | Vanity
    The selling continues today on high volume. AOL bought HuffPost a few months back for $300M. I bet they regret it now.
  • Arianna Huffington Flat Out Lies About Investment Firm's Economic Opinion of Debt Ceiling Deal

    08/07/2011 10:20:29 AM PDT · by Nachum · 7 replies
    Newsbusters ^ | 8/7/11 | Noel Sheppard
    Joining our growing list of media members willing to flat out lie on national television to advance their political agendas is Arianna Huffington who falsely claimed this week that securities firm JPMorgan warned its clients the debt ceiling agreement "is going to reduce our growth by a point-and-a-half." Such was dishonestly said during a segment of CNN's "Fareed Zakaria GPS" aired Sunday (video follows with transcript and commentary): FAREED ZAKARIA, HOST: Now, you look at this and you say - I heard you somewhere say, if Obama thought he was playing for independence by being the grown-up in the middle,...
  • Arianna Huffington To New York Times Mag: What In HuffPost Did You Consider ‘Lefty’?

    04/01/2011 11:19:41 AM PDT · by Nachum · 7 replies
    Mediaite ^ | 4/1/11 | Alex Alvarez
    Arianna Huffington sat down with The New York Times Magazine (you will recall, of course, the the NYT’s executive editor, Bill Keller, has made it quite clear that he’s none to happy with the Huffington Post’s method of aggregating content) to discuss pleasant topics like how her father, a former newspaperman, would feel about accusations that her site is responsible for that whole death of print thing we keep reading about in newspapers. The magazine broached another contentious and persistent criticism the Huffington Post has been contending with since it’s inception, and especially
  • AOL's new master

    03/02/2011 9:26:01 PM PST · by kathsua · 8 replies
    Hutchinson News ^ | 2/28/11 | GREGORY H. BONTRAGER
    Once the flagship of Internet services, AOL now occupies the corner booth in the Internet flea market. In an attempt to revive its fall from the stars, AOL has purchased the Huffington Post and anointed Arianna Huffington, co-founder of the Huffington Post, president and editor-in-chief of the new and improved AOL. What's that, you say? "Forgive them, for they know not what they do." Aha, but there is silver to be made by joining the "dark side" and it doesn't get any darker then the loony-left Huffington Post. "Hmm, do I smell George Soros lurking somewhere behind this?" It would...
  • Arianna for President

    02/13/2011 6:48:32 AM PST · by the Real fifi · 16 replies
    American Thinker ^ | 2/13/11 | Clarice Feldman
    see that Donald Trump (with how many wives and bankruptcies in his past?) appeared at the CPAC conference, hinting that he might run for President on the Republican ticket. With all due regard, I suggest he's the wrong person: We need Arianna Huffington, a woman whose fiscal wizardry and drive we will need after the almost-hero of Altgeld Gardens is voted out of office. I know, I know, many of you are saying that this is a crazy idea, that there are so many better possibilities but hear me out. This week
  • Arianna Huffington's ideological transformation

    02/09/2011 9:42:50 AM PST · by Oratam · 30 replies
    The Washinton Post ^ | February 9, 2011 | Dana Milbank
    Did Arianna Huffington just sell out her fellow progressives? In the literal sense, she undoubtedly has: The sale of Huffington Post to AOL for $315 million (including a large pile of cash going to Huffington herself) means this powerful liberal voice is formally joining the "corporate media" its writers have long disparaged
  • AOL ‘Lost its Mind’ With $315 Million HuffPo Purchase, Says Media Watchdog President

    02/08/2011 8:48:49 AM PST · by Jack Hydrazine · 46 replies
    CNS ^ | 7FEB2011 | Peter Winn - The announcement early Monday morning that America Online (AOL) is buying Arianna Huffington’s liberal Web site, The Huffington Post, for $315 million -- $300 million in cash -- left at least one conservative outraged. “This proves AOL News has lost its mind,” said L. Brent Bozell III, president of the Media Research Center. “They must be in such dire straits that they’ve been blinded by the millions and think an acquisition of The Huffington Post is worth sacrificing credibility and objectivity,” Bozell said. "AOL News is fooling only itself in thinking there is no journalistic conflict in merging...
  • Hey HuffPo Bloggers - Was It Fun Working For Free To Make Arianna Richer?

    02/08/2011 7:51:03 AM PST · by La Lydia · 32 replies · 1+ views
    Legal Insurrection ^ | February 8, 2011 | Professor William Jacobson
    First, let me congratulate Arianna Huffington on selling The Huffington Post to AOL for a reported $315 million. Isn't America a great place? Arianna came up with a great business model. Create a place where liberals could tell each other how smart they were, where they could write blog posts without being paid, and where they could create a community of commenters who routinely attacked the evil Republicans...and then sell out for mucho dinero. It always amazed me that HuffPo bloggers (not the handful of well paid staffers, but the great unwashed) thought they were so special by being allowed...
  • Arianna Huffington: Don’tCall Me ‘Left-Wing’

    12/26/2010 8:52:08 AM PST · by Nachum · 45 replies · 2+ views
    The Daily Caller ^ | 12/26/10 | Jeff Poor
    The show is called “Left, Right & Center,” although a more appropriate title would probably be “Far Left, Right, Progressive & Democrat” with its current cast of Robert Scheer, Tony Blankley, Arianna Huffington and Matt Miller. But despite the title of the program, don’t use those partisan labels around Huffington. On the Dec. 24 broadcast of KCRW’s “Left, Right & Center,” Huffington complained that the use of the political terms “left,” “right” or “left-wing” is preventing policymakers from solving “problems” because of the connotation tied to each of them. “Well, I actually feel that it would make a huge difference...
  • Epiphany? Arianna Huffington Bashes Obama for Saying One Thing and Doing Another

    12/13/2010 1:39:32 PM PST · by Nachum · 5 replies
    The Blaze ^ | 12/13/10 | Jonathon M. Seidl
    For a small moment on this morning’s “Morning Joe,” Huffington Post founder Arianna Huffington echoed a common conservative prediction over the last two years: President Obama says, or promises, one thing and does another. That prediction was especially true when, after the 2008 election, many conservatives predicted all the “change” promised by Obama would be hard to deliver. It seems liberals are now understanding that’s the case. Huffington aired her grievances today, saying that Obama has fallen into a “pattern” of saying one thing and doing another. “He proposed and accepted something he’s been opposing for years,” she said:
  • Arianna Huffington to the middle class: Obama's not your guy

    10/01/2010 4:48:58 AM PDT · by tlb · 18 replies
    msnbc ^ | Sep 30, 2010 | Rachel Maddow
    Arianna Huffington stopped by last night to talk about her new book, Third World America, and what the heck's going on in this country, anyway. When did we forget that what's good for everybody is good for everybody? Ms. Huffington: It's like a country without a middle class. It's a third world America country. You know, it's not good for anybody. It's not even good for the very rich. We're going to be behind Gates protecting their kids from kidnapping with armed guards. It's not good for anyone. And this, which the Huffington Post excerpts and which seemed to divide...
  • Arianna Huffington Comes Out in Favor of Flat Tax -- for Greece

    06/14/2010 12:51:59 PM PDT · by Nachum · 8 replies · 309+ views
    newsbusters ^ | 6/14/10 | Jeff Poor
    Sometimes even the seemingly most unreasonable characters as far public policy goes can be reasoned with if the circumstances are right. Just sometimes it takes someone like Steve Forbes to pull it off. On the June 14 broadcast of MSNBC's "Morning Joe," Forbes explained that a flat tax might be the medicine that Greece, a country on the fiscal brink needs.
  • 9/11 Truther Van Jones Was Arianna Huffington’s Political Director

    09/07/2009 7:18:29 PM PDT · by fightinJAG · 20 replies · 803+ views
    CFP ^ | Sep 4, 2009 | Matthew Vadum
    Arianna Huffington’s liberal gossip site the Huffington Post has been vigorously defending green jobs czar and 9/11 “truther” Van Jones. It turns out that Jones was Huffington’s grassroots political director when she ran for governor in the 2003 recall election. In fact, Jones, a self-described “communist,” thought Huffington was so wonderful he was part of the effort to draft her to run for office. A San Francisco Chronicle article from Sept. 5, 2003 described Jones as Huffington’s “grassroots director.” A Miami Herald article from Aug. 3, 2003, described Jones as a ”Bay Area activist” and “director of the Ella Baker...
  • 9/11 Truther Van Jones Was Arianna Huffington’s Political Director

    09/07/2009 6:49:45 PM PDT · by Earthdweller · 23 replies · 1,082+ views
    CanadaFreePress ^ | September 05, 2009 | Matthew Vadum
    Arianna Huffington’s liberal gossip site the Huffington Post has been vigorously defending green jobs czar and 9/11 “truther” Van Jones. It turns out that Jones was Huffington’s grassroots political director when she ran for governor in the 2003 recall election. In fact, Jones, a self-described “communist,” thought Huffington was so wonderful he was part of the effort to draft her to run for office.
  • 9/11 Truther Van Jones Was Arianna Huffington’s Political Director

    09/05/2009 12:49:10 PM PDT · by Sammy67 · 42 replies · 2,314+ views
    CanadaFreePress ^ | 9/4/09 | Matthew Vadum
    Arianna Huffington’s liberal gossip site the Huffington Post has been vigorously defending green jobs czar and 9/11 “truther” Van Jones. It turns out that Jones was Huffington’s grassroots political director when she ran for governor in the 2003 recall election. In fact, Jones, a self-described “communist,” thought Huffington was so wonderful he was part of the effort to draft her to run for office.
  • Who's the Real Morning Joe? (CNBC's mind now 'right' - Arianna Huffington co-hosts)

    03/31/2009 8:51:59 AM PDT · by abb · 8 replies · 917+ views
    TV Newser ^ | March 31, 2009 | Staff
    Here's a look behind the scenes during Arianna Huffington's stint co-hosting CNBC's Squawk Box alongside Carl Quintanilla, Becky Quick and Joe Kernen. At the end of the 3-hour show, the conversation turned to the media and Huffington's site with Quintanilla saying, "The knock against the aggregators is that they don't help pay for journalism and journalism is expensive to produce." Huffington told them what she told us yesterday, that 30% of Huffington Post content is original, meaning 70% is from somewhere else. She then changed the subject to blogging and tried to get the Squawkers to work for her site,...
  • McCain Disputes Accounts, Says He Voted for Bush

    05/10/2008 8:23:34 AM PDT · by FocusNexus · 111 replies · 229+ views
    Washington Post ^ | May 10, 2008 | Juliet Eilperin
    Two Hollywood actors who dined with Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) in early 2001 at actress Candice Bergen's home confirmed reports that he told the assembled group he did not vote for George W. Bush in the 2000 election, but McCain denied the claim at a news conference. In separate phone interviews, Bradley Whitford and Richard Schiff -- both of whom starred in television's "The West Wing" -- said late Thursday night that the senator made the remarks after he spoke at length about his reservations about Bush becoming president. Liberal blogger Arianna Huffington first wrote about the incident Monday, asserting...
  • The Huffington-McCain Grudge Match

    05/07/2008 6:39:32 PM PDT · by presidio9 · 22 replies · 161+ views
    U.S. News 7 World Report ^ | 5/7/8 | Lucia Graves
    Arianna Huffington's statement that John McCain did not vote for Bush in 2000 has kicked up a fuss, with McCain putting out a statement denying her account. "It's not true," McCain spokesperson Tucker Bounds, told the Washington Post, adding, "I ask you to consider the source." Huffington replied, "By all means!" Huffington is standing by her story, which she says she kept confidential for nearly eight years. At a reading and book-signing event Monday night at Washington's Politics & Prose Bookstore, Huffington told her audience that Senator McCain and his wife, Cindy, "divulged" their voting decision to her at a...
  • Puffington Pi**ed - Arianna Claims NBC Banned Her Because Of New Book (my head)

    05/01/2008 10:04:03 AM PDT · by MindBender26 · 1 replies · 64+ views
    NYP ^ | 30APR08 | Keith Kelly
    <p>Arianna Huffington claims that she was banished from NBC News shows because her new book, "Right is Wrong," blasted "Meet the Press" anchor Tim Russert.</p> <p>Aside from being the anchor, Russert is also the managing editor of the show, the Washington Bureau Chief of NBC News and a senior vice president of NBC News.</p>
  • Arianna Huffington on the Conservative 'Lunatic Fringe,'

    04/26/2008 4:23:13 PM PDT · by Westlander · 29 replies · 118+ views
    ABC News ^ | 4-25-2008 | JOHN STOSSEL and ANDREW SULLIVAN
    For decades, Huffington has been a political gadfly and a perennial pundit on news shows. Now she's editor in chief of the popular news and opinion Web site The Huffington Post. Huffington's politics lean left, but that wasn't the case in the mid-'90s when she was a friend to Newt Gingrich and a card-carrying member of the Republican Party.
  • Sleeping with the enemy

    04/24/2008 11:05:04 AM PDT · by The_Republican · 47 replies · 86+ views
    LA Times ^ | April 24th, 2008 | Arianna Huffington
    Over the last seven years, the lunatic fringe in control of the Republican Party -- the people who believe in torture but don't believe in evolution -- have hijacked our democracy, aided and abetted by the news media. The heart of the problem is not the bias of Fox News or the blowhards on AM talk radio but a mainstream media that has completely internalized how the right frames all political debate. The right-wing message has become a part of the news media's DNA. The latest confirmation came with this week's announcement that Tony Snow, formerly a host at Fox...
  • The Latest Proof that the Karl Rove Playbook Has Become the MSM's Bible

    04/22/2008 1:49:18 PM PDT · by The_Republican · 49 replies · 98+ views
    Real Clear Politics ^ | April 22nd, 2008 | Arianna Huffington
    One of the main themes of my new book, Right Is Wrong, is the role the media have played in allowing the lunatic fringe now in control of the Republican Party -- the people who believe in torture but don't believe in evolution -- to hijack our democracy. I document how the real problem comes not from Fox News or the likes of Limbaugh and O'Reilly, but from a mainstream media that has so internalized the Right's framing and messages they have now become a part of its DNA. And the media seem intent on confirming this point again and...
  • Huckabee ... The GOP's Cynical Use of Religion Has Come Home to Roost

    12/20/2007 9:28:38 AM PST · by Between the Lines · 80 replies · 285+ views
    History News Network ^ | 12-18-07 | Arianna Huffington
    With Mike Huckabee's continuing surge, the Republican Party now has an Iowa front-runner whose religious beliefs are virtually identical to those of George Bush. He's anti-choice, born-again, against gay-marriage, and gets political advice directly from God. So why is the Republican establishment suddenly in a state of near-apoplexy about Mike Huckabee? Shouldn't they be happy? They've been cultivating evangelicals and fundamentalists for 30 years. Now they finally have a candidate who's truly part of the movement. So what's the problem? Actually, that is the problem. The evangelical crowd was fine when it was just a resource to be cynically exploited...
  • Iraqi Kurds SPANK Arianna Huffington (After Disparaging Remarks About Kurds Under Saddam Hussein)

    09/14/2006 5:24:40 PM PDT · by Impeach98 · 83 replies · 6,191+ views
    Kurdistan Development Corporation | 09/14/2006 | Bayan Rahman
    BLOG ALERTCommentator Arianna Huffington Makes Disparaging Remarks About Plight of Iraqi Kurds Under Saddam Hussein* Chairman of Kurdistan Development Corporation Invites Ms. Huffington to Visit Iraqi Kurdistan to Gain a Better Understanding for Herself In an appearance last night on the O'Reilly Factor, commentator Arianna Huffington, who runs the blog website, dismissed the plight of the Kurds under dictator Saddam Hussein. Huffington also attacked a television ad campaign by the Kurds to thank Americans for helping liberate them from Hussein's reign of tyranny. Huffington inaccurately stated that, "I think the Kurds were free before we invaded Iraq. But how...
  • A Guest Blogger, and an Unwritten Law [How Arianna angered people by posing as George Clooney]

    03/21/2006 4:20:01 AM PST · by summer · 36 replies · 739+ views
    NYT Business Section ^ | March 20, 2006 | Tom Zeller, Jr
    ONE could almost imagine George Clooney, robed and slippered, taking to the veranda of his Italian lakeside villa and hunkering over a laptop for his maiden voyage into the blogosphere, which appeared in the form of a passionate left-wing call to arms at last week. ..."You gotta be a grown-up and take your hits," Mr. Clooney concluded. "I am a liberal. Fire away." But just as the great digital chinwag was taking note of the newcomer ... Mr. Clooney dropped a bomb, asserting that although the sentiments in the post were his, they were cobbled together from past interviews...
  • Huffington Post "ghostwrites" bloggers

    03/15/2006 11:12:35 AM PST · by reallygone · 12 replies · 547+ views
    The Envelope ^ | 3-15-2006 | reallygone
    Oscar-winner George Clooney may make politically provocative films like "Syriana." But he doesn't write politically provocative blogs. So imagine his ire when Arianna Huffington used some of his recent answers to political questions in a way that makes it look as if he wrote one for her Huffington Post blog site.
  • LaRouche Sympathizer Drobny Featured At Liberal Blog - ARIANNA'S BIG TENT

    12/11/2005 5:06:20 PM PST · by chuckpez · 2 replies · 302+ views
    The Radio Equalizer- Brian Maloney ^ | December 11th, 2005 | Brian Maloney
    While making room for a few dissenting voices in addition to a long list of lefty contributors, one has to wonder: just how big is the Huffington Post's tent? Did founder Arianna Huffington intend to include a writer who espouses the viewpoints of fringe extremist Lyndon LaRouche? Or did Air America Radio co-founder Sheldon Drobny somehow sneak in the back door? However he did it, Sheldon's now able to use the HuffPo to "mainstream" himself, since his previous associations make Arianna's site appear nearly conservative by comparison. And the site even includes the latest version of his everchanging biography. Someday,...
  • 2005 SPOTLIGHT AWARDS GALA (big time FReep opportunity against Arianna Huffington in New York)

    10/02/2005 5:20:47 PM PDT · by doug from upland · 12 replies · 956+ views
    NEW YORK FREEPERS - do not miss this opportunity to FReep Arianna Huffington. On Nov. 10 she is receiving the Christopher Reeve First Amendment Award. Handing out photos in front of the event of Arianna in the Chevy Suburban might be mildly entertaining. Perhaps a Suburban could be in front with some graphics showing that it is Arianna's ride. Use your imagination and have some fun. ======================================================================= ======================================================================= Thursday, November 10, 2005 7:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. Esquire Downtown at Astor Place 445 Lafayette Street New York City Master of Ceremonies: Mario Cantone Honorees: 2005 Christopher Reeve First Amendment Award...
  • Queen Arianna: Support Our Troops, Dump That SUV (mega-barf)

    11/16/2001 1:23:49 PM PST · by Pokey78 · 69 replies · 446+ views ^ | 11/14/2001 | Arianna Huffington
    On the way to my daughter's school this morning, I encountered the usual L.A. rush-hour road rally of elephantine sports utility vehicles, many flying American flags. Taking the cake was a massive SUV proudly sporting half a dozen -- one on each window and two on the bumper. My first thought was, how patriotic! My second was, how much more patriotic it would be to trade in the gas-guzzling leviathan for something that sips, rather than chugs, at the gas pump. Which, thinking globally and acting locally, is precisely what I've decided to do with mine. Though I don't consider ...
  • SHE TAKES HER CHEVY TO THE LEVY (Arianna SUV expose' spreads to Mark Steyn's site from Malkin's)

    09/22/2005 8:42:06 AM PDT · by The Spirit Of Allegiance · 29 replies · 1,824+ views
    SteynOnline - Mark's Mailbox ^ | 9/21/2005 | Mark Steyn (reply)
    SHE TAKES HER CHEVY TO THE LEVY A fellow Freeper with the handle, Doug From Upland, has stumbled upon Arianna Huffington being driven to a “green car” event in a BIG, HONKING, CHEVY SUBURBAN. Apparently, Michelle Malkin has picked this up. But obviously the final word has yet to be written, Mr Global Content. Or as we conservatives say about you, think and act globally. C Buskuhl CT Freedom's Coast Watcher MARK REPLIES: Of course. One of the principal characteristics of the elite left – Arianna, Barbra Streisand, John Kerry - is that they need the private jets and big...
  • DFU SONG: Money for Nothing (Arianna - I want my SUV)

    09/21/2005 1:27:11 PM PDT · by doug from upland · 2 replies · 410+ views
    DFU SONGS | 9-2005 | Lyrics, Doug from Upland
    MIDI - MONEY FOR NOTHING - 2nd version I want my...I want my SUV Just get one will ever see I want my...I want my SUV Just get one will ever see 2:05 I am an elitist, I know how to do it...I get to ride inside an SUV I'm not challenged, I know how to do leftist pals will give a pass to me I'm so clever, I know how to do it...little folks are really dumb I will tell them what to do, 'cause I have power I will show the neo-con scum Because...
  • SUV-hating agent drives odd bargain

    09/20/2005 7:00:37 AM PDT · by doug from upland · 14 replies · 812+ views
    NY DAILY NEWS ^ | 9-6-05 | Lloyd Grove
    (Too bad Lloyd Grove didn't write this about six days later. He could have had more to say about Arianna.) ================================================ SUV-hating agent drives odd bargain Hollywood superagent Ari Emanuel - the model for Jeremy Piven's character in the HBO hit "Entourage" - was a major player in the Detroit Project, the controversial media campaign that equated driving gas-guzzling sport utility vehicles with aiding and abetting terrorists. Emanuel was joined in the anti-SUV crusade by liberal pundit Arianna Huffington, "Kill Bill" producer Lawrence Bender and environmental activist Laurie - wife of Larry - David. But that was a couple of...
  • I held my breath eleven months to post this rubbish, and all I got was this lousy zot. (Arianna SUV)

    09/19/2005 10:48:15 AM PDT · by larry elders · 212 replies · 5,177+ views
    David Zero
    Doug From Upland's siting Arianna Huggington and Al Gore exiting large vehicles at a conference on the environment in San Francisco has set the blogs afire. But there are legitimate uses for large vehicles. Really there are. The I just don't think one person driving the LA freeways in one because the want to win a collision contest at the expense of the unfortunate person they might collide with isn't one. Neither is having bigger, always spinning wheels than your neighbor. Neither is because you get a tax writeoff for a vehicle you use only for commuting and driving to...
  • DFU SONG: Last Kiss (Arianna -- oh where oh where can my Prius be...they just sent me an SUV)

    09/19/2005 8:53:21 AM PDT · by doug from upland · 11 replies · 927+ views
    dfu songs | 9-2005 | Lyrics, Doug from Upland
    MIDI - LAST KISS (oh where oh where can my baby be....remember?) On her way to the Sierra will turn into quite a flub Miss Arianna really hates SUVs She talks the talk but will she also walk it...I guess we'll see There's her plane touching down, it's at SFO The keynote speaker's set to go They get her bags, where's her ride And on which limo did they decide There at the curb is a big black machine She knows it is not very green But she gets in the SUV Can we all say, HYPOCRISY? Oh...
  • DFU SONG: Y M C A (Arianna Huffington busted in SUV)

    09/18/2005 10:57:26 AM PDT · by doug from upland · 13 replies · 1,264+ views
    DFU SONGS | 9-2005 | Lyrics, Doug from Upland
    MIDI - Y M C A Liberals, you're so easy to mock I say, liberals, what you say is a crock Limo liberals, in your mouth stuff a sock Because we don't want to hear it Liberals, we have our eyes on you I say, liberals, we have watched what you do Phony liberals, all your hubris shines through From you we don't want to hear it Hey, Arianna, just S T F U It is about time you S T F U You have your stained blue dress, it's a big SUV Can you say it? HYPOCRISY! Yes,...
  • BWAHAHAHAHA - Sierra Club Summit in San Francisco: Gore in an Escalade, Arianna in a Suburban

    09/11/2005 11:56:58 PM PDT · by doug from upland · 88 replies · 10,988+ views
    DFU reporting from the scene | 9-11-05 | DFU
    SIERRA CLUB NATIONAL CONVENTION & EXPO Yes, on this 9/11 weekend, I went under deep cover at the Sierra Club Summit in San Francisco, California. Highlights --- - I the flight up to SF, I sat next to a dentist who came here from Canada...yes, he is a conservative...Canada, I guess, exports them because they cannot stand the stinking socialist tax-grabbing country - Algore speech on warming...everything is Bush's fault...he quoted Lincoln and Churchill...we can save the planet but must have an unprecedented response...we won two wars at the same time in Europe and the Pacific...we stopped communism...
  • (Michelle Malkin) Driving Miss Arianna (FreeRepublic mentioned!)

    09/17/2005 9:23:19 AM PDT · by doug from upland · 125 replies · 3,915+ views
    Michelle Malkin dot com ^ | 9-17-05 | Malkin
    DRIVING MISS ARIANNA By Michelle Malkin   ·   September 17, 2005 08:14 AM The HuffMobile Reader Doug, who posts at, sent this photo, which he took while covering the Sierra Club's national summit in San Francisco last weekend. The handsome, full-size sport utility vehicle pictured above is a Chevy Suburban. It was sent by the anti-SUV environmental puritans of the Sierra Club to pick up fellow, eco-zealot Arianna Huffington, who gave rousing, Bush-bashing, closing remarks at the eco-summit. Yes, Arianna "Why I Drive a Toyota Prius" Huffington. Yes, Arianna "SUV drivers enable terrorism" Huffington. I interviewed Sierra Club national spokesman...
  • AlGore/Arianna Huffington SUV-Gate HYPOCRISY expose' expands to major Talk Radio (FR exclusive)

    09/17/2005 8:39:43 AM PDT · by The Spirit Of Allegiance · 43 replies · 4,054+ views
    Mr. KABC website,, ^ | 9/16/05 | Mr. KABC, others
    Green pacifict geeks should do as hypocrite high-rollers AlGore and Arianna say, not as they do. Both were in San Franciso last weekend at a Green vehicle event pitching hybrid cars (gas/electric combination) yet both were chauffered in BIG GAS-GUZZLING, GLOBAL-WARMING SUVs. They really stepped in this one and DFU has documented it well--and got the word out to MANY talk shows in addition to Mr. KABC including Tony Snow, Mark Levin, Michael Graham, Melanie Morgan, Roger Hedgecock and Al Rantel. And, a major syndicated Conservative columnist has responded to DFU's email and is trying to get some answers from...
  • Automakers show hybrid vehicles to Sierra Club (bonus --photo and mocking of Arianna)

    09/16/2005 5:13:35 PM PDT · by doug from upland · 47 replies · 1,430+ views ^ | 9-10-05 | chea
    Automakers show hybrid vehicles to Sierra Club Conventioneers test gas-electrics September 10, 2005 BY TERENCE CHEA ASSOCIATED PRESS SAN FRANCISCO -- Three major automakers unveiled their latest hybrid cars and technology at an environmental conference Friday, promoting their most fuel-efficient vehicles as gasoline prices soar in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Ford Motor Co., Honda Motor Co. and Toyota Motor Corp. brought their hybrid vehicles, which run on a combination of gasoline and electricity, to the first national convention of the Sierra Club, the country's largest environmental organization. Environmentalists have criticized the auto industry for failing to produce more fuel-efficient...
  • (great piece) RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE (SUV wars, Hollywood phonies, energy using mansions)

    09/16/2005 1:03:22 PM PDT · by doug from upland · 7 replies · 753+ views
    fraser institute dot ca ^ | 2003 | Ken Green
    Rage Against the Machine Appeared on the Tech Central Station website at Author(s): Kenneth Green, Director, Risk and Environment Studies, The Fraser Institute Email: Release Date : February 18, 2003 The war on SUV owners has reached a fever pitch of late, with ad campaigns, columnists, and star-studded advertorials raging against the machines. Now, everyone is entitled to an opinion, and far be it from me to presume that celebrities are too empty-headed to actually understand complicated environmental issues like global warming. Let’s assume that actresses like Barbra Streisand, and columnists like Arianna Huffington have studied the theory...
  • (2003) SUV Owners of America Delivers 'Cease and Desist' Petition To Arianna Huffington

    09/16/2005 9:02:19 AM PDT · by doug from upland · 23 replies · 2,276+ views
    SUV Owners of America Delivers 'Cease and Desist' Petition To Arianna Huffington and Other Anti-SUV Zealots 6,000 plus SUV Owners and Supporters Urge Huffington, Others to Stop Encouraging Domestic Terrorists Like ELF WASHINGTON, Aug. 27 -- Five days after a shocking episode of anti-SUV domestic terrorism in southern California, the SUV Owners of America (SUVOA) is delivering a petition with 6,065 supporter names to activist Arianna Huffington and other anti-SUV zealots, urging they stop encouraging groups like the Earth Liberation Front (ELF), which torched the West Covina auto dealership and has committed other recent acts of violence against SUVs and...
  • DFU SONG: Comin' Around the Mountain (Arianna comin' in her Suburban at Sierra Club Summit)

    09/15/2005 8:40:39 PM PDT · by doug from upland · 18 replies · 696+ views
    DFU SONGS | 9-2005 | Lyrics, Doug from Upland
    She walked right by me. I ran to borrow a camera. From across the street, I caught Arianna Huffington in the Chevy Suburban that brought her to and from the airport. She was keynote speaker last Sunday at the Sierra Club Summit at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. It's a dark photo, but there is no doubt that it is her. It has been admitted by the editor of the Huffington Post. Arianna, of course, blames the Sierra Club for providing this ride for her. Gee, Arianna, if you were upset, you didn't have to get in the vehicle....
  • ARIANNA SUV-GATE LATEST: "Arianna doesn't feel like she has anything to add"

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    DFU/email from MR. KABC | 9-15-05 | dfu
    Previous posts in the continuing soap opera -- ARIANNA SUBURBAN STORY PROVEN TRUE For Arianna - DRIVING MISS DAISY For Algore - BEEP BEEP ORIGINAL REPORT ARIANNA FOLLOW UP PHOTO THREAD ALGORE DECIDED ON THE CADILLAC ESCALADE ================================================================== You know you are in trouble when someone on the left and someone on the right are tag teaming to bust your chops. Poor Arianna Huffington. If only a spy hadn't been at the Sierra Club Summit. The person on the left is Mr. KABC, who has a 9pm to midnight show in KABC in Los Angeles -- You know how...

    09/14/2005 10:09:39 PM PDT · by doug from upland · 52 replies · 4,210+ views
    DFU/Mr. KABC | 9-14-05 | DFU
    Oh, my. The story just keeps getting better and better. Here are the previous posts for background. I have some more photographs, but her face is really dark. One photo can be zoomed, however, to show a pretty good profile. Before I post it here, I am offering it to the National Enquirer. For Arianna - DRIVING MISS DAISY For Algore - BEEP BEEP ORIGINAL REPORT ARIANNA FOLLOW UP PHOTO THREAD ALGORE DECIDED ON THE CADILLAC ESCALADE Here is the latest. Kudos to KABC radio personality Mr. KABC for following up on our discussion last night. Last night when I...
  • DFU SONG: Driving Miss Daisy (driving Miss Arianna - in a gas guzzling planet-killing Suburban)

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    DFU SONGS | 9-2005 | Lyrics, Doug from Upland
    ORIGINAL REPORT PHOTO COMMENT THREAD Arianna's environmentally friendly ride parked across the street waiting for her. MIDI - DRIVING MISS DAISY We must save the planet, Arianna says She spoke to the Greenies and beat up the prez SUVs are awful, that is what she writes She will be conserving with all of her might She's green...Arianna's green She's green...the enviro queen San Franciscans got a big surprise They could not believe what they saw with their eyes A Suburban had whisked her away People never thought that they'd see that day Ha, ha...that hypocrite Hey, Arianna, you are...
  • FREE REPUBLIC EXCLUSIVE: Arianna Huffington's Gas Guzzling Suburban at Sierra Club Summit

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    DFU on the scene | 9-12-05 | dfu
    <p>FReepers, sometimes the other side just makes it so easy for us. My original report regarding the Sierra Club Summit is linked above.</p> <p>After giving a stirring speech on saving the planet, Arianna Huffington walked right past me outside. A friend was able to take this photo of her Chevrolet Suburban waiting for her across the street. She parked across the street rather than being dropped off next to the hyrbrid vehicles that were showcased in front of the Sierra Club Summit. She didn't dare get dropped off in front of her environmentalist pals at the Moscone Center building where she was speaking.</p>
  • Arianna Huffington: London: Bush’s “Flypaper Theory” is Blown to Pieces

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    Yahoo! News ^ | 7/8/05 | Arianna Huffington
    Arianna Huffington: London: Bush’s “Flypaper Theory” is Blown to Pieces Arianna HuffingtonFri Jul 8, 1:30 AM ET Well, there goes that theory... Odds are we probably won’t be hearing for a while the Bush mantra that the reason we're fighting them over in Iraq is so we don't have to fight them here at home. For the last few months, this ludicrous shibboleth has been the president’s go-to line -- his latest rationale for slogging on in Iraq. Here he was on July 4th: "We're taking the fight to the terrorists abroad so we do not have to face them...
  • The blog that ate real journalism - (what Huffington's crash-and-burn debut really means!)

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    TOWNHALL.COM ^ | MAY 11, 2005 | CAL THOMAS
    The Huffington Post, an Internet blog that debuted May 9 after a campaign that would have delighted P.T. Barnum, makes me nostalgic for the good old days of journalism. It isn't that its founder, Arianna Huffington (who named it for herself in true Hollywood "enough about me, not what do YOU think about me" fashion) doesn't have every right to join the increasingly clogged blog superhighway. Rather, this blog has an agenda and speaks mostly to people who already believe what most of its writers say. In The Huffington Post, the musical genius Quincy Jones explains that Michael Jackson's problem...