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  • Hundreds protest police pool-party bust

    06/09/2015 9:03:00 AM PDT · 44 of 54
    CanuckYank to Steely Tom

    Your comment brought me back out of the lurking woodwork because you have NO idea just HOW expert they are at that entire technology/social manipulation. I don’t know if it is happening countrywide, but here in SoCal, they are laying the foundation to ensure their ability to mobilize the 47% for whatever purpose is needed at the time, be it a flash mob or voter turnout to stuff ballot boxes.

    ALL future elections are already in the bag for them because by 2016 they will have this capability honed to a fine razor’s edge after using it between now and then to generate unrest.

    The vehicle for controlling/manipulating the mindless 47%?

    Free Obamaphones.

    For the last several months, in my daily travels, I’ve noted dozens on pop-up shade tents, operating under a variety of “company” names, furnished with a folding table, a few folding chairs and located on whatever 20 or 30 sq-ft of area they can glom onto for a day or two. (Locations such as the corner of a strip parking or gas station lot seem very popular for this activity.)

    There has NEVER been less than four or five potential OBphone recipients and as many as a couple of dozen standing in line at all hours of the day and evening waiting to sign up so they can stay in touch with their network and their feeders.

    Print this post/prediction out and put it in sealed envelope so you can take it out after the coming disaster and read how they managed the final stage of the takeover by tying all the 47%ers together with the instantaneous OBphone communication/propaganda channel.

  • Glenn Beck plans to break damaging political news within a day (??)

    06/13/2013 10:29:52 AM PDT · 173 of 208
    CanuckYank to Thane_Banquo

    Glenn PT Bernum II

    “There’s a sucker born every minute” was used to describe PT Barnum and is just as aptly applied to GB, RL, SH and all
    the rest of the talking heads who dance all around today’s problems without EVER atually getting their hands dirty while raking in obscene amounts of $$$$.


  • Essential Liberty: They Came for Your Guns

    06/13/2013 10:23:28 AM PDT · 32 of 42
    CanuckYank to CottShop

    My predicition for the future:

    (1) They are fully aware that The People will NOT go “gently into the night”.

    (2) They already are willing to write off 30 or so MILLION of The People as unmanageble.

    (3) They know that they CANNOT possibly confiscate ALL the weapons in private hands.

    (4) The simple solution is to dry up the supply of ammunition so that AFTER the 30 million have been dealt with, there is no ammo left or available for the remaining Sheeple. There is NO way for any rmeaining resistance to “manufacture at home” enough ammo to mount any serious resistance.


    PS Once again I remid y’all that my parents, of the “Greatest Generation”, after finding out about the commie/world domination threat up close andpersonlly, predicited much of what is going down today as the water the frogs are swimming is is slowly coming to a boil.

    The predictions from over 50 years ago included one, which according to an AP report recently filed by Katharine Zaleski, will FINAllY be accomplished by 2042 - namely that White people will no longer constitue the majority of Americans ..... The goal is one homogeneous, malleable, totally lacking individuality and/or nationality and/or racial differentitaion population of sheeple, toiling away for their lords and masters, without question or resistance.

  • Why I Don't Care About Edward Snowden

    06/12/2013 9:40:22 AM PDT · 10 of 23
    CanuckYank to cuban leaf
    Here's the ULTIMATE evidence of the RAMPANT HIPOCRISY of BOTH the Left and the Media, including almost ALL the talking heads:

    They went rabid over the Fox News Reporter being monitored by the gubmint, yet they majority are siding with the VERY SAME gubmint on this issue. Are they REALLY that stupid and assume THEY are all EXCLUDED from these NSA programs or are they all revealed once and for all for the disgusting hypocrites that they all are??????

  • Cell Phones Big Brother is Listening (even if off)

    06/11/2013 10:00:43 AM PDT · 42 of 42
    CanuckYank to Blueflag
    Wasn't trying to cast anything negative onto your employer, but I guess you haven't been reading ANY news lately.

    Your repeated use of the “BY LAW” phrase is hysterically funny, considering the recent revelations about activities by Verizon, Google, Yahoo, NSA, FBI, CIA and all the rest of them.

    Getting invited to Bilderberger conferences and WH meetings is enough to pervert any technogeek running an IT related company, apparently.

    AND, besides all THAT, you are terminally naive if you think there is NO possibility to having back doors inserted into devices at gubmint insistence/coercion that went on under YOUR personal radar.

    What brand are your rose colored glasses?????????

  • Main Core: A List Of Millions Of Americans That Will Be Subject To Detention During Martial Law

    06/11/2013 9:53:17 AM PDT · 64 of 311
    CanuckYank to Buckeye McFrog; All

    What do you call 8 million identified and profiled conservatives?

    A good start towards identifying & tracking that 25 - 35 Million or so that will be “unconvertible” who were described by the commie bustards years ago when discussing their new vision for trhe USA.

    It’s happening now folks ... a couple of recent news stories:

    .... bill proposed to make it a felony to look sideways at a cop and ... warantless confiscation of cellphones ....

    And Oh BTW, King Bohener has proclaimed Snowden a “traitor” for blowing the whistle on their latest unconstitutional activities ..............

    Slow boiling of the frogs ........

    Anyone know yet when the Second Coming is coming??????????

  • Cell Phones Big Brother is Listening (even if off)

    06/06/2013 9:54:34 AM PDT · 34 of 42
    CanuckYank to Blueflag

    Sorry, but the TRUTH is that “OFF” has not REALLY been OFF for some time now.

    For many years, the OFF button simply places the device into “DEEP SLEEP” mode wherein most of the obvious functions are unavailable.

    The button we call “ON/OFF” is really nothing more than another keyboard button that sends a logic level signal to the device’s cpu, thereby waking it up. It does NOT cut the power off to anything directly. THINK BAOUT IT FOR JUST ONE SECOND - does your phone “turn off” instantly when you press the ON/OFF button like the table lamp of yore?

    Turning off my LG Revolution “smartphone” requires a two step process. (A simple quick single press just puts it into “doze” mode wherein a second quick press wakes it back up to wherever it had been before going into doze mode.)

    Powering off the phone requires:

    STEP 1 Press AND HOLD the ON/OFF button until an option screen including “Airplane Mode” and “Power Off” appears.

    STEP 2 Tap an option and the device performs the selected operation.

    After a power OFF mode, the phone is woken up from deep sleep by pressing and holding the ON/OFF button until a short vibration is felt, which is the cpu acknowledgeing the request to wake up.

    Your phone may be different, but the overall concept is the same with them ALL. This includes phones, computers, tv set top boxes and just about anything with any processing ability built in.

    That deep sleep mode can be WHATEVER the cpu designers & programmers want it to be and, if they want the mic and/or cammera to remain active, it will be done. Recorded material can be uploaded to the “cloud” in burst mode in the middle of the night.

    Real time monitoring would require a more acitve deep sleep mode, but it’s just a matter of programming and they sure as hell don’t care about the battery life in YOUR device do they?????

    WELCME TO 1984 my FRiends...............

  • Sarah Murnaghan to be added to transplant list (Sebelius slapped)

    06/05/2013 5:55:20 PM PDT · 46 of 67
    CanuckYank to Steely Tom

    And where you post comments .................

  • Marco Rubio: Corrupted by Washington in Only Two Years

    05/24/2013 12:48:33 PM PDT · 116 of 117
    CanuckYank to Pelham

    Or a vehicle for some other purpose (eg The Roman Catholic Church as a breeding gorund for pedophilia).

  • Gay Boy Scouts? Ask the Canadians how it worked out for them, eh?

    05/24/2013 12:43:31 PM PDT · 52 of 70
    CanuckYank to USS Alaska
    THX, just couldn't resist, (although I tried REALLY REALLY hard not) to adding my $0.02 worth.

    What I have said all along about this subject is very simple, although, unfortunately, like so many subjects today, people make them way more complicated than they need to be in order to justify their efforts (aka compensation). The list is endless, and includes gobull warming, diversity, affirmative action, environmental protection, ad nausea.

    Homosexuality (male or female) is ABnormal. That is an Undeniable FACT. If a given percentage of mankind (caclulatable by someone smarter than me) simply became sterile over a short enough period, and stopped reproducing, the entire species would die off. Similarly, if that same percentage were homosexual, the same thing would occur, artificial means notwithstanding.

    Naturally occurring (if you accept the “they are born that way” premise), does NOT equate to NORMAL.

    While anyone that is “defective”, either physically or mentally should not be discriminated against for BASIC rights, they should NOT either, be promoted for functions and activities for which they are not suited.

    It still boggles my mind that the City of Fullerton, CA actually hired a one-eyed cop with 50% of the peripheral vision that any other cop is expected to have.

    Would ANYONE think that a person born blind or deaf should be able to demand employment as a commerical aircraft pilot?

    The absolute level of stupidity that this country and a large percentage of the world has fallen to is simply inexplicable unless we all admit to the fallibility of mankind, and the ultimate result of all this foolishness and chicanery.

    I've not been particularly religious for most of my life, but my final conclusion is that the ONLY way this is ever going to be “cured” is via The Second Coming.

    Despite our heartfelt desires that the current bugs scurrying out from under the rocks in Washington are all summarily squashed and that the Bugs-R-Us guys fumigate the premises, it's not likely to happen and the five spiral crash we're in will continue to the inevitable conclusion.

  • Marco Rubio: Corrupted by Washington in Only Two Years

    04/28/2013 9:40:28 AM PDT · 55 of 117
    CanuckYank to izzatzo

    A typical example of my contention that all the “conservative” talking heads have evolved into just money grubbing dissatisfactionongers and are in reality no better than the Revs Jackson and Sharpton.

  • The Good Guys Are Not Coming To Save Us

    04/28/2013 8:53:29 AM PDT · 14 of 19
    CanuckYank to rusty schucklefurd
    Unfortunately, from watching current events unfold, there have already been instances of EVERY single one of your “it will only be justified when the government ..... (insert transgression here)”.

    It's a masterful plan of “creeping implementation” and “slow boiling of the frog”.

    99% of this nation's voters have NO clue that they are in the hot water. Yikes 99% of the elected gubmint officials, when they are occasionally confronted with factual evidence UNIVERSALLY respond with “I had no idea that .....”, because they are insulated by their staffs and live in a fantasy land, like all the celeblibtards.

  • Beck, Obama, & Saudi Connections

    04/28/2013 8:48:22 AM PDT · 113 of 130
    CanuckYank to chris37

    Your right ... they do provide a useful service in keeping the issues in front of at least a small percentage of the population.

    OTOH, they make a TONof money themsleves while they don’t actually solve ANYthing, and Rush and Levin in particular dissappointments me EVERY time that someone asks either one for some specific advice.

  • Beck, Obama, & Saudi Connections

    04/27/2013 9:32:33 AM PDT · 48 of 130
    CanuckYank to chris37

    “.... what does that make the other radio hosts, journalist and news broadcasters in this country?”

    For some time now, I’ve held that opinion that they are ONE and ALL, first and foremost money grubbing dissatisfactionmongers not much more useful than The Revs Jackson and Sharpton, et al.

    I’d love to hear one recent example of any one of these so called “Conservative Journalists” acutally doing ANYthing concrete to help reign in the out of control madmen running this nation. (All I hear is the crickets so far ........)

  • The Good Guys Are Not Coming To Save Us

    04/27/2013 9:14:37 AM PDT · 23 of 102
    CanuckYank to LuvFreeRepublic
    I beg to differ a tad .... it is NOT We the People who are buying the never ending river of BS ...

    it is We the:

    Possessed of a Guilty Conscience,
    Dumbed Down,
    Illegal Aliens,
    “Down Trodden” Minorities
    Red Diaper Doper Babies grown to “Adult”hood
    and Those wearing Rose Colored Glasses 7 x 24

    subgroup who keep buying the never ending river of BS, despite incontrovertible facts that their views have not, are not and never will be justified in the real world, so long as any significant portion of the people retain ANY individuality and freedom to pursue life, liberty and happiness; or to better their personal condition beyond that of the average.

  • Benghazi investigators demand cable signed by Clinton; White House balks

    04/25/2013 10:38:07 AM PDT · 36 of 51
    CanuckYank to MHGinTN

    Uhmmmmmmmmmm, here’s a thought:

    Why do you think their next big push is going to be immigration “REFORM”?

    They need to get it passed in time to get all those additional Demotard voters registered.

    Lots of people think the 2014 eelction is going to be the turning point for this country’s future. ie Will we continue down the path of insane socialist policies or return to some common sense to the governing of this once great nation.

    ACTUALLY, the decision will be made when the immigration “REFORM” law is voted on by the congresscritters. If it passes, we’re done, over and served on a silver platter to the lib/demotards forevermore.

    The election of 2014 and all subsequent ones will become nothing more than American Political Theater (if they even bother to spend the money on any).

    After all, the bazillion or so “wasted” on national elections could SURELY be better spent on one deseriving social program or another right?????

  • Black Box Recorders: Groundbreaking Safety Devices Or The End Of Privacy? (In all cars by 2015)

    04/19/2013 2:16:33 PM PDT · 27 of 33
    CanuckYank to IronJack

    Can’t you guys spell “solid sate memory”????????

    Sold at you local 7-eleven as “Flash Memory Stick”, or some such. 16GBytes at least is now dirt cheap, and you can BANK on (much) bigger ones coming tomorrow ..............

  • This article was a follow up to the Foxnews Black Conservative Townhall

    04/11/2013 9:41:00 AM PDT · 13 of 15
    CanuckYank to oh8eleven

    Guess you haven’t yet figured out that all these talking heads have no more interest in TRULY solving OUR problemms than the likes of Jesse, Al and the rest of the race mongers have in solving THAT problem.

    WAKE up y’all - if the problem gets solved, how will all those charlatains maintain their obscene income streams????????????????

  • Innocent Victims of Gun Control: The veteran’s pregnant wife

    04/09/2013 10:11:37 AM PDT · 10 of 11
    CanuckYank to wita

    These incidents in NY are getting tiresome.

    Why don’t these people, other than those who are committing planned civil disobedience, prior to exiting via DHS controlled airports, just ship their unloaded weapons back home via unmarked, undeclared, anonymous overnight carrier BEFORE entering the forbidden zone?

    Or, are there already laws in place making that too a reason to deprive one of liberty? Is shipping one’s own firearm to oneself a crime? Probably.

  • Liberals Still on Fire Over Our 13-Year-Old Caller Who Debunked the Global Warming Hoax

    04/09/2013 10:03:33 AM PDT · 13 of 16
    CanuckYank to Rusty0604

    Somewhere, I read that the IDOIOTS reporting that incident could not even swear that what they saw on the ice floe WAS a polar bear.

  • Falcons give Brian Banks a chance (spent 5 years in prison on false rape charge)

    04/04/2013 9:47:53 AM PDT · 28 of 33
    CanuckYank to ConservativeMind

    Go to your local library and check out “The Innocent Man” by John Grisham (non-fiction), read that tale of specious behavior by LE personel, review the Duke case and a few others then go ahead and post your comment a second time because your statement is so axiomatic.

    Ever heard of Barry Sheck and the “Innocence Project”?????

    Comments like yours give all of us Conservatives a bad name. (or are you a troll?)

  • Furious.

    03/22/2013 2:59:44 PM PDT · 81 of 127
    CanuckYank to Twinkie

    Without recommending that you actually try this, someone mentioned the following home remedy for high BP the other day, so you might find it interesting to google the following search phrase as shown:

    “blood pressure” vinegar honey ginger

  • Something Wonderful: "You can do anything when you're wearing sunglasses."...(Take Five music video)

    03/20/2013 5:31:40 PM PDT · 7 of 9
    CanuckYank to Blue Collar Christian; All

    I too find most “jazz” to be overwhelming, but once in a while something really great does come along. Take 5 is one and another one, unknown for all intents and ruposes is a GREAT arrangmentof Blowing in the Wind by Stan Getz.

    Regardless of your view of the lyrics, or the songwriter or all the other versions floating aorund out there, I urge y’all to just go find a copy and give it a listen after listening to any other versions of the same song. MASTERPIECE of re-interpretation.

    The backstory on this arrangement of Blowing in the Wind by Getz is that it was released as the B-side for Astrud Gilberto’s 1964 hit single “The Girl From Ipanema”.

    It was later included in the Getz album “Refelections”, which is wher I came across it by accident.

    Music with video background filler at:

    Or partial audio only at:

    Cheers ...

  • Fox News Declares Ted Cruz Ineligible To Be POTUS Due To Birth In Canada [American Mother]

    03/09/2013 8:53:12 AM PST · 85 of 1,579
    CanuckYank to Old Retired Army Guy

    You too are either a troll or guilty of the same myopia as yldstrk.

    It’s not an issue of US Citizenship - it’s NATURAL BORN CITIZENSHIP, which was DISTINCTLY referenced in the US Constitution for ONE and ONLY ONE issue - Qualification of ANYone to be POTUS.

    No one is saying a baby born abroad to a US Citizen is not a US Citizen. BUT, if they’re not born on REAL (ie the 50 states or territories) US Soil or Virtual US Soil (ie military base or diplomatic premises), then they ARE NOT a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN and hence are NOT qualified to be POTUS.

  • Fox News Declares Ted Cruz Ineligible To Be POTUS Due To Birth In Canada [American Mother]

    03/09/2013 8:47:02 AM PST · 72 of 1,579
    CanuckYank to Cowboy Bob

    I think perhaps, FOX has used a sly back door method to shine the light of day on the issue by criticzing “one of their own”. IF the rats take the bait, then it can finally be turned against their messiah......

  • John McCain is attacking conservatives again....

    03/08/2013 9:59:02 AM PST · 22 of 35
    CanuckYank to Hoodat; All
    Has ANYONE seen the results of a poll question to the effect of “How much did the presence of Sarah Palin on the ticket influence you to vote FOR McCain, versus a third party candidate, write-in or abstention?”

    Personally, McLame was SUCH a disappointment after the Bore-Kemp ticket that I would have gone third party but for Palin’s presence on the McLame ticket.

  • If Gov't Can Make Bullets Disappear From Stores, Why Can't It Make Food And Medicine?

    03/04/2013 11:59:31 AM PST · 23 of 33
    CanuckYank to a fool in paradise

    Could you POSSIBLY be alluding to the upcoming “blitzkreig” world wide hacking event that they’re forecasting all over tv today?????

  • Cypress HS students suspended for disarming gunman

    03/02/2013 9:19:04 AM PST · 52 of 82
    CanuckYank to null and void

    RIGHT THERE in a nutshell is shown the BIGGST single problem with the US Schools System today. That group of lamebrian administrators represents about $500,000 to $1,000,000 of wages and benefits per year for that ONE SINGLE school.

    And, what do the parents get for that money???

    STUPID, MORONIC decisions like the one in questions, along with American kids being forced to recitre the pledge of aliegence for a FOREIGN NATON.

    The inmates are DEFINTITELY in control ............

  • Would New Gun Laws Spark Widespread Civil Disobedience?

    02/17/2013 8:31:09 AM PST · 43 of 150
    CanuckYank to qwerty1234

    Well said. The roast is done - actually pretty crispy. The only question now is how many people will refuse to eat it???

    People like Sol Veritas, (not necessarily Sol per se), are the ones cokmprising that 1 out of 3 group that defy rational explanation of their beliefs and activities.

  • AK-74 Vs AR-15 (Vanity)

    02/14/2013 8:25:38 AM PST · 106 of 107
    CanuckYank to Thane_Banquo

    I saw a stat just recently that more 2A stuff has been purchased in the last four years than in ALL EIGHT of Bush’s Presidency.

    What REALLY worries me is the indescribable amount of stuff DHS and all the other “previously passive” agencies are stockpiling. Who would have thought, back in the 30s, that the SSA would be developing SWAT teams with unlimited equipment and ammo??????

    I think that sort of thing more obviosuly underscores that the gubmit rats believe the pot is going to boil over soon and are laying in THEIR protective supplies.

    I was so naive a few years ago that I was impressed by the motto on LAPD balck&whites “To protect and serve”.

    Little did I know back then that they left off WHO they were dedicated to protecting and serving and it was NEVER us as INDIVIDUALS. It was “To protect and serve” the government/community.

    Yeah, I know, it SHOULD have been obvious to me that the entire concept of “keeping the peace” has less to do with INDIVIDUALS than it does with the community as a whole.

    Still, I’m not sure that I’ll be able to support maintaining the particular community/society that begins to expend some of those billion rounds on its own citizens that DHS has been stockpiling.

    I DID realize MANY years ago, when I was in some gubmint office located in one of the local counties, that THEY were well set up to protect their own butts if the SHTF.

    Somehow I had wound up in the basement and when I stepped out of the elevator, I was ASTOUNDED to find that I had walked through a bank vault type door that was swung open against the wall, with the business end (ie the combo dial and operating spoked wheel) facing AWAY FROM the elevator door. When closed, all anyone attempting to enter that sacred area of gubmint operations would see upon the elevators doors opening is a blank wall of steel a couple of feet thick.

    Isolating the gubmint rats from the public would only require one of those privileged few in the basement to swing that door shut, spin the bolt actuating wheel and PRESTO!, instant protection from the dirty, unwashed, maurading, ignorant, bible thumping, gun hoarding, freedom obsessed public.

  • Police in Christopher Dorner standoff launched incendiary tear gas into cabin

    02/14/2013 7:56:50 AM PST · 103 of 672
    CanuckYank to rarestia


    By the time they come a-knocking, calling your solicitor/barrister/attorney/lawyer/shyster/press/ACLU/NRA will be an excercise in futility.

    Can’t beieve how naive some people are ............

    If it wasn’t so sad, I would be ROTFLMAO at comments like Keylargo’s and some of the others on here.

    I only wish that EVERY high school civics class in this country had to take a few field trips to TRULY let them see how this is going to end if they permit it to continue on the present course (note - the trips MUST run consecutively and WITHOUT any significant financial aid from home):

    (1) a visit to the German death camps
    (2) a month long stay with a blue collar family in a communist controlled country
    (3) ditto for an islamic family in a non-petroleum funded contry
    (4) ditto for an islamic family in a petro funded country
    (5) ditto for an aveage family in a dictatorship somewhere in Africa
    (6) ditto for an average family in a European Socialist country

    They would devleop a much more rational view of life on this plant if every high school graduate had to endure my six month “Studies in Freedom Abroad” program.

  • AK-74 Vs AR-15 (Vanity)

    02/12/2013 9:39:29 AM PST · 40 of 107
    CanuckYank to demshateGod

    Personally, I don’t think you need to worry about availability of ammo & replacement parts ten years out from today.

    Either things will have improved a WHOLE bunch, and your concern will be fairly academic;


    The greta conflict of teh 21st century will be over and your concern will be fairly academic.

    I don’t think this situation is going to become another Afghanistan or Viet Nam. When THIS pot boils over, it’s going to boil dry real quickly one way or the other.

  • Advice Needed on TV Audio Solutions for a Hearing Impaired Person

    02/09/2013 10:39:53 PM PST · 51 of 59
    CanuckYank to Colorado Doug

    Actually, in our new place, the TV Area and kitchen ARE one BIG room, so I guess IF might work, using a three-wall-bank/scatter shot.

    She still couldn’t wander around into other rooms doing “stuff” while the ads are running if the phones were IF.

  • Advice Needed on TV Audio Solutions for a Hearing Impaired Person

    02/09/2013 8:36:13 PM PST · 43 of 59
    CanuckYank to randita
    I sympathize with you, since my wife's high end hearing went away several years ago. Her symptoms include:

    (1) Not hearing the “beep” when the microwave oven is done
    (2) Not hearing the top five or six notes on a piano
    (3) Missing about 20 - 30% of the audio track for TV programming

    So, here are our well tested solutions:

    (1) If you have cable, DISH or Direct TV, they ALL offer some sort of closed captioning. We find it to be a bit distracting to follow the text while trying to watch the video, (especially action filled programming) but is IS one solution. We use it mostly during programs spoken with a Brit or other accents.

    (2) Wireless headphones - and there are several variations
    W/L Headphone Type #1 uses infrared beams to transmit the signal. NOT RECOMMENDED because they require pretty much line of sight and certainly won't allow walking into the kitchen for a fridge raid while listening to the soundtrack.

    W/L Headset Type #2 - uses radio transmission and there are basically two transmission schemes. The CHEAPER type uses a low power FM BAND transmitter which will work pretty well if you are NOT in a large Metro Area like NY, LA or Chicago. In such areas, it's almost impossible to find an used frequency to use with this type of headset. The good news is that ONE transmitter can service multiple headsets, just like 88.5FM can be picked up by ANY FM receiver, including such headsets. The headsets are essentially FM Radios built into a pair of headsets, teamed with a very low power FM transmitter sending the audio from your TV to any FM Receiver within about 50 feet, just like Howard Stern or Rush Limbaugh.

    The BETTER type of W/L Headset uses the same technology as cordless phones. Since cordless phones for some years now have had automatic channel hopping/search capability, they seem to work just fine around the house even in densely populated areas. They have the widest selection of manufacturers and provide the best sounds quality.

    Of the first type, Harbor Freight Tool Outlets sell a kit for around $10 - $15 that you can use as a “proof of concept”. (google their website)

    The drawback to that particular set and many others out there - SO BEWARE - is that they have no internal charging system. That means every few hours you're swapping the batteries in and out of the headset, transmitter and charger. IT IS A ROYAL SUPER DOOPER PAIN, and for that reason, for the second TV, we recently went shopping again and replaced the Harbor Freight set with a kit from Acoustic Research.

    They work well, but another “comfort factor” has emerged. On some sets, the AR included, the ear cups do not swivel left to right (horizontally), so they don't conform to one’s head is if is tapered from front to back. It's not a deal killer for us, but something to watch for. We found that issue was REALLY UNACCEPTABLE for the “stethoscope” style similar to the old commercial airplane headsets - just too uncomfortable/unadjustable for anything over a few minutes use. They're so useless, I'm not spending any more time on them than this.

    We have had a wireless (cordless phone technology) set made by RCA for over five years and they still work fine in the den.

    Over the ear vs in the ear is a personal choice, but from a sanitary point of view we prefer the OTE style.

    Most newer TVs will have some sort of audio output that is not affected by the TV volume control and can be run into the headset transmitter, but there are kits out there fopr older TVs that use a small microphone placed near the TV speaker to pick up the sound. Volume Independence is lost with that sort of arrangement.

    Expect to pay between $50 & 80$ for a decent pair, WITH INTERNAL CHARGING ability. Anything cheaper will disappoint you and anything more expense is wasting your hard earned $$$$. Put the headset on the charger every night just before going to bed and it will last several lhours the next day.

    It makes life SO much more pleasant for all concerned.

    The only issue now is trying to communicate while watching TV. I think there's a product need out there to allow old foggie couples to communicate even if one or both are watching TV via headset - kind of like when on a motorcycle with the helmet-com link.

    As things stand, we have to pause the program if one of us wants to make a real time comment about something on screen.


    Oh well, nothing’s perfect. And, one last comment - IF you're going to have more than one TV in the house equipped with a wirleess headset kit, make SURE you buy a type that includes MORE THAN ONE CHANNEL for the radio link. Our RCA transmitter is FIXED while the RCA headset is adjustable (strange design) but we are able to run the two TVs independently because the NEW set from AR has THREE chanels built-in. Hope this helps ....

  • Team Arpaio: New Evidence Will Convince Greatest Skeptic Document Is 100% Forgery

    01/27/2013 9:50:34 AM PST · 47 of 224
    CanuckYank to BuckeyeTexan

    Think you’re looking at the issue through a mirror:

    One CANNOT prove authenticity via an elctronic copy, but one CAN ABSOLUTELY prove forgery by examining such a copy, if the forged components can stand alone. There are a multitude of such elements in Obamination’s docs.

  • Greater Media CEO: WTKK's ratings plunge prompted him to drop talk format

    01/17/2013 9:26:24 AM PST · 21 of 31
    CanuckYank to chris37

    Personally I have gotten VERY disillusioned by them ALL.

    Keep in mind that w/o the conflict, their revenue streams die.

    Like many things that have NEVER added up to me about this once great nation, since becoming an imitation American back when my parents dragged me to SoCal from Western Canada at the age of 16, the “inability” of the “conservative” talk show host community to ACTUALLY do something about the sad state of affairs just stinks to high heaven IMHO.

    LISTEN CAREFULLY to ANY of them - first of all, their screeners seldom let anyone through who presses the host for any sort of definitive action/suggestion/statement.

    The last time someone asked (**redacted**) for any sort of specific advice, he just blew them off with something to the effect of “I don’t have any answers to the problem, my friend.” And, I’ve heard “Let not your heart be troubled” enough times to last me a coupe of lifetimes.

    The whole bunch of them are nothing more than crafty users who are taking advantage of our frustration to live the very same high life on the backs of the middle class as the congresscritters they supposedly oppose.

  • Revolution? Line in the Sand Drawn

    01/11/2013 8:58:08 AM PST · 14 of 82
    CanuckYank to Lazamataz

    At the VERY least Laz. Smells like a troll to me .......

  • Thank Goodness for Obamacare: Hidden Amendment Prevents Gun and Ammo Registry

    01/10/2013 9:46:16 AM PST · 26 of 32
    CanuckYank to apillar

    You mean those very same upstanding, moral and ethical guys who have blown off every single attempt by the citizens to shed some light on the stinking pile of effluent called Obama’s background and qualifications to even be on the POTUS ballot?

    THOSE “conservative” federal judges???????????????????

    Yer dreamin buddy.

  • Bill Clinton named 'Father of the Year'

    01/09/2013 2:56:43 PM PST · 31 of 45
    CanuckYank to Sub-Driver

    Missig “SUPER Barf Alert”

  • FHP trooper: Illegal police searches led to her fear for her safety

    12/29/2012 12:15:00 PM PST · 31 of 40
    CanuckYank to wizr

    They still do - it was NEVER to Protect and Serve YOU - it was ALWAYS to protect and serve The PEACE (aka The STATE).

  • Hazel Crest Cops Shoot, Kill Dog During Search For Fugitive

    12/27/2012 7:44:37 AM PST · 8 of 17
    CanuckYank to The Working Man
    You are unfortunately, like many, grossly misinformed as to the mission of all LE.

    Their purpose is NOT to protect YOU. (Research court cases regarding LE NOT being liable in cases of slow/poor/non-response to request for aid.)

    Their SOLE mission is to preserve the peace (hence ‘Peace Officer”). Preservation of your property, life and well being are only “collateral” benefits and are NEITHER the primary goal nor guaranteed.

    The occurrence of any such collateral benefits is incidental to their primary mission - preserving the peace and protecting the ongoing functionality of The State (and generating Revenue via Traffic Enforcement Extortion.).

    Welcome to 1984 and the Brave New World.

  • Marco Rubio and the Coming Conservative Revolt

    12/12/2012 9:34:25 AM PST · 135 of 177
    CanuckYank to Kansas58
    Let's see ............

    (1) I did not state that Vattel was any sort of “controlling” publication, I believe it was only one of many influences of the FFs.

    (2) I believe one thing about Ob, you believe another, so be it.

    (3) I made no mention of “conservatism” related to birtherism - you did.

    (5)WRT “us” “attempting to corrupt our legal system to support your views” how do you explain/justify the shenanigans taking place daily wrt Taitz’s attempts to shed the light of our “judicial” system om the issue. After all, what has Ob to fear from a public discourse on the matter, him being the head of the “most transparent administration to ever be in charge”????? Spend just one hour on her site and read about the “loss” of Fedex delivered docs, malfeasance by the clerks, irrational behavior of the judges, etc ad nauseum. I don't begrudge the establishment prevailing, IF they can do it HONESTLY and prevail in an open and fair arena. So far, they haven;t even come close.

    (4) I've lived under totalitarian rule - have you????

  • 3D-Printed Weapons & the Consequences

    12/12/2012 9:22:04 AM PST · 38 of 57
    CanuckYank to ClearCase_guy

    Coming soon to Kalifonia:

    Anyone found guilty of possession, use or sale of 3D printers, without an approved LICENSE, shall be guilty of a CLASS A FELONY. (life in prison)

    Wait and see ...............

    You’re all dreamin if you think they’re going to allow this to evolve to its natural conclusion.

    AND BTW, if you also think that possession of the presently unserialized parts won’t be criminalized, you’re also dreaming some more.

    Y’all just don’t get it yet and I shudder to think how far it has to go before all the frogs wake up and ask “When did the $%^*$& water get so hot?”

  • Marco Rubio and the Coming Conservative Revolt

    12/11/2012 8:07:29 AM PST · 93 of 177
    CanuckYank to itsahoot; Kansas58

    I get so tired of people making things WAY more complicated than they really are, in order to justify their efforts in “analyzing” and “investigating” issues to death.

    Using the Occam’s Razor approach to looking at this issue makes it VERY CLEAR and VERY SIMPLE:

    (a) the wording in Vattel’s book on the Law of Nations is simply: “The natives, or natural-born citizens, are those born in the country, of parents who are citizens. As the society cannot exist and perpetuate itself otherwise than by the children of the citizens, those children naturally follow the condition of their fathers, and succeed to all their rights.”

    (1) This phasing equates “NATIVES” and “NATURAL-BORN CITIZENS”.

    (2) It DOES NOT equate “NATIVE-BORN CITIZEN” (a term coined at a later time) with “NATURAL-BORN CITIZEN”.

    (3) It uses the plural for “parents” AND does NOT say “... of fathers ...” (or mothers for that matter) but RATHER “... of parents ...”.

    (4) It SPECIFICALLY, as was the societal custom of the times, confers the father’s GENERIC citizenship onto his children.

    (b) Rampant sexual irresponsibility was the exception rather than the rule in those times, and the assumption, fairly made, was that most children (particularly “respectable” ones) would be born of TWO parents, ONE MALE and ONE FEMALE.

    As to the impact of these points:
    (1) The phrase of qualification in the US Constitution is “No person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; ...”

    (2) The implication, using Occam’s Razor, is that if one was a citizen of the US at the time of the adoption, they qualified. NOBODY after that unique group was to be viewed as qualified unless they met the NBC parameter.

    (3) In ANY CASE, the father’s GENERIC citizenship (NOT any NBC status) passed to the child, which trumped any possibility of NBC status if the father was an alien at the time of birth (as in OB’s case).

    (4) If a child had two parents, the child was an NBC, IF and ONLY IF, BOTH parents were US Citizens at the time of birth. Since no single parent births were possible at the time (ie no artificial insemination was available), then the status of BOTH parents was ALWAYS the determining factor. Sorry, but in spite of any compassion for “it’s not the kid’s fault” position, back in those times, a child born out of wedlock with an unidentifiable father was hardly likely to be seriously considered for POTUS.

    Anyone whose mother AND father were not US Citizens (either NBC or Naturalized) at the time of one’s birth IS NOT an NBC. PERIOD.

    (Albeit, I can’t get my brain around the impact of test tube people with TRULY unidentified fathers ..... DNA testing, piercing sperm bank privacy, dead guys, multiple parteners, rape, yada, yada, yada ... it’s truly a mess, but we should at least adhere to what IS well and simply defined)

    Besides ALL of this, WHY is it so difficult to find competent candidates whose lineage cannot be called into question?????????????

    Could there be an ulterior motive to breaking down yet one more protection in the US Constitution that was included by overt, conscious action on the part of the FFs?????????????

  • Sound familiar?

    12/10/2012 8:42:17 AM PST · 12 of 13
    CanuckYank to BO Stinkss

    SORRY, goof = good

    Funny typo huh???

  • Sound familiar?

    12/10/2012 8:39:06 AM PST · 11 of 13
    CanuckYank to BO Stinkss

    This REAL CONCISE indictment of the “progressive” movement may provide a goof opportunity for showing Libs just who they are aligned with.

    Maybe take each of these points, create a “survey” type question of each one then have the Lib in question respond.

    After completing the survey, turn it over to show this poster to them and ask them if they TRULY believe in supporting the goals of that ideology.

    Going to mull this over for bit. Might be a good tool .....

  • AutoZone Employee (and Veteran) Fired After Using His Gun to Ward Off Armed Robber(VA)

    12/05/2012 9:30:43 AM PST · 17 of 17
    CanuckYank to chainsaw; buffaloguy

    My comment to the AZ site: (and BTW, hiding behind insurance issues just underscores my contention that hey are a bunch of cowards in the Exec Suite at AZ and not worthy of our patronage)

    To AZ Management:

    My rewards/loyalty card is going into the shredder as soon as I finish this comment about your firing Mr. McClean, the hero who intervened to prevent possible injury or loss of life in your Yorktown, Va store. The INCREDIBLE stupidity and bias of such action by AZ Management is beyond description.

    AZ has been my auto parts store of choice for many years, but I will forever more go out of my way to shop elsewhere.

    Your Management Staff are COWARDS and Politically Correct Dupes.

    How would any of you feel if one of your relatives had been in that store, with Mr. McClean standing idly by while they were slaughtered by a dereanged thief?????

    UNBELIEVABLE and PATHETIC behavior by supposed mature adults in charge of a major US company. No Wonder the US is in such horrible shape these days.

  • The Costas Anti-Gun Lecture Series

    12/05/2012 9:01:53 AM PST · 15 of 26
    CanuckYank to Noamie

    Liberalism TRULY is a mental (ie genetic) disorder.

    That they themselves realize this is a fact is shown by their hard work trying to “prove” (a la Globull Warming) that the opposite in fact is the “real” truth.

    There have been a spate of “research” results lately claiming to prove that the Conservative brain is somehow challenged when compared to the Liberal mind, when in fact just the opposite is true.

    Typical Alinsky/Marx/Nazi truth management techniques.

  • South Carolina Bill Would Nullify ‘Obamacare’

    12/04/2012 9:58:23 AM PST · 103 of 144
    CanuckYank to xzins

    Sadly, your comparison example really holds no water.

    They have already instituted “cellphone possession is a basic right”.

    Coming in January is “medical care is a basic right”.

    How far down the road do you think “vehicle possession is a basic right” is?

    Oh, I forgot they HATE the independence that vehicle possession represents, so they’ll classify “mass transit free pass is a basic right” instead, right after they take over the auto industry for good and restrict sales to only those in positions of power.

    (eg How many regular people had cars in the old USSR???)

  • 3-D Printed Gun Only Lasts 6 Shots

    12/03/2012 5:48:29 PM PST · 35 of 43
    CanuckYank to Ed Story

    Coming soon to Kalifonia:

    Anyone found guilty of possession, use or sale of 3d printers shall be guilty of a CLASS A FELONY. (life in prison)

    Wait and see ...............

    You’re all dreamin if you think they’re going to allow this to evolve to its natural conclusion.