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  • Iraqis use guerrilla tactics to slow advance

    03/25/2003 7:05:14 AM PST · 38 of 38
    KirkandBurke to John H K
    When the Brits came here in 1775, we didn't play by the rules either. They marched in lines in open fileds, we attacked by ambush, using guerilla tactics.

    COMPLETELY, totally, absolutely, 100% false.

    100% false, except for Lexington & Concord, and the campaigns of Francis Marion (The Swamp Fox), Andrew Pickens, Thomas Sumter and Nathaniel Greene. In fact, it was Greene's use of guerilla tactics that drove Cornwallis back to Yorktown, leading to Cornwallis's defeat.

    True enough, most of the major battles were fought European style. Washington was not a big fan of guerilla tactics, but those tactics were a significant part winning the war.

    So, "100% false" is really 100% false.

  • Iraqis use guerrilla tactics to slow advance

    03/23/2003 2:14:57 PM PST · 22 of 38
    KirkandBurke to Blennos; kattracks
    Is this really anti-american spin? Maybe we just got sucker-punched. No use wasting time on being indignant over the Iraqis not "playing by the rules." This is war. All bets are off and they used a bit of trickery to get the better of us. When the Brits came here in 1775, we didn't play by the rules either. They marched in lines in open fileds, we attacked by ambush, using guerilla tactics. We just need to get on a quick learning curve over there and not let the Iraqis slide on this. Our troops are smart enough to adapt. We just have to play by a new standard: Everyone is a combatant until proven otherwise. Take nothing for granted. They're not friendly if they're not part of the coalition.

    I think we were a little too complacent going into this. We're in deep now. Too far inside the country. All of the non-resistance could very well be part of their strategy. Time to sharpen our focus and watch our six. Probably more treachery ahead.
  • Israel believes Saddam spoke live in morning TV broadcast

    03/20/2003 1:16:56 PM PST · 129 of 134
    KirkandBurke to Grampa Dave
    Tomorrow's headline, Saddam is alive.
  • Police Department May Confiscate College Dorm Because Students Used Drugs

    03/17/2003 1:13:29 PM PST · 113 of 194
    KirkandBurke to Mr Crontab
    Hey, so if we catch a cop doing something illegal can we confiscate the police station?! I want first dibs on the guns! And a car with a siren!
  • Halliburton wins contract on Iraq oil firefighting

    03/08/2003 5:15:24 PM PST · 5 of 6
    KirkandBurke to billorites
    I was hoping someone from Stephen's Inc, Tyson or Wal-Mart might get the contract.

    Oh, they're waiting for the "nation-building" phase of the operation. I can't wait for the grand-opening of Bagdad's first Wal-Mart and Tyson's announcement of their first Iraqi chicken plant. It won't be long before Ronald McDonald lands in Iraq. Esciting times.

  • Halliburton wins contract on Iraq oil firefighting

    03/08/2003 4:18:06 PM PST · 1 of 6
    Oh goodness, gracious, me oh my!? I'm so surprised! ;^)
  • President Bush (A liberal In A Conservative Suit ?)

    07/17/2002 5:43:15 PM PDT · 76 of 81
    KirkandBurke to Fearless Flyers
    You're not wrong, but Bush-bots & RNC bootlickers can't tell the difference. Especially after they changed their political viewpoint:


  • Under Fire, US Modifies Objections to Global Court

    07/15/2002 7:23:48 AM PDT · 59 of 59
    KirkandBurke to lowbridge
    It was just a matter of time before George "One Worlder" Bush signed onto the World Court Scam. He had to make a show of objection to please the home crowd, but only a fool would have believed that he would've refused it forever.

    "Eine Leute, Eine Welt, Ein Govenment Über Allen."

  • Bin Laden plans fresh terror for September

    07/06/2002 7:08:52 PM PDT · 50 of 134
    KirkandBurke to Pokey78
    Absolute BS. Justice, State and the Oval Orifice are playing "Keep the threat alive." They don't know squat. They just want to play like they know what they're doing. It gives them a platform for the next reduction in constitutional liberties and for the next excesses in police activity.
  • What if It's All Been a Big Fat Lie?

    07/06/2002 7:03:40 PM PDT · 268 of 422
    KirkandBurke to Senator Pardek
    The real way to control your weight, is to find out how your body works. Metabolisms vary per individual. Seek your own equilibrium. It take work, but it's worth it.

    BTW, moderate excercise is for the geriatric. Work up to it, but exercise vigorously. Push yourself to your limits. LIVE. Moderates have no soul.

  • Cuts of meat in the South?

    07/06/2002 6:43:54 PM PDT · 7 of 19
    KirkandBurke to The Other Harry
    BTW, Western Style Ribs are similar Baby Back Ribs (also known as Texas Ribs) Remember that the cut of beef does not necessarily relate to the grade of beef. Prime cut has alot of marbling, Choice, less marbling, Select, even less. You probably won't find to much in the way of Prime Ribs. Choice and select will be more abundant, but ribs may not necessrily be graded as conciously as other meats. Rule of thumb: good tasting ribs will be meaty looking and well marbled with white lines on fat. Ignore the names and labels: use your eyes. Slow cook over mesquite wood or hickory. They can be served dry (without sauce), Rendevous style, or subsequently immersed in your favorite bbq sauce and simmered until the meat falls off the bone. If you want the flavor to be full, cook them over the wood first, then submerge them in the sauce. Enjoy. (p.s. Memphis style is my personal favorite. If you get the chance, go the the world bbq championship in Memphis, 3rd weekend in May. Lots of good ribs and great Blues music. BB King's on Beale Street.)
  • Cuts of meat in the South?

    07/06/2002 6:11:50 PM PDT · 6 of 19
    KirkandBurke to The Other Harry
    Cuts of meat differ in true meaning from region to region. When I moved to the Midwest from the Northeast, I found that a roast looked alot like a thick cut steak. I was use to New England roasts, which usually went from 5 to 8 pounds and were bound by butcher's string, but Midwewst roasts are about 3 to 5 pounds and look like big steaks. Go figure? And try to find a good size corned beef in the Midwest?!
  • Is Free Republic a Failure?

    07/06/2002 4:31:17 PM PDT · 103 of 300
    KirkandBurke to ex-snook
    Co-opt, then eliminate. Old and effective.
  • Is Free Republic a Failure?

    07/06/2002 3:22:36 PM PDT · 43 of 300
    KirkandBurke to B. A. Conservative
    FreeRepublic is not a failure by any stretch, but it needs to extract its cranium from the RNC's anus. The current Republican Party is a mere shadow of what it once was. It has now been infested with Trotskyite, Frankfurt School Neocons, whose Big Government objectives do not jibe with true conservative values. They're little more than avaricious, internationalist Democrats who claim they go to church and have traditional values. Woodrow Wilson would be proud. Let FR return to its original purpose online gathering place for independent, grass-roots conservatism on the web. We're working to roll back decades of governmental largesse, to root out political fraud and corruption, and to champion causes which further conservatism in America.
  • "ONE NATION UNDER GOD!!" mailing campaign!!!

    07/06/2002 2:32:40 PM PDT · 252 of 272
    KirkandBurke to Jeff Head

          I believe in God and I believe the the nation our founders envisioned, but this is all a distraction and diversion from what is happening. "The system" is gaining more power and control every day, and is using 9-11 as a vehicle for usurping power not granted by The Constitution. The populace is being played on their emotions and the current patriotism is little more than reactionary me-too-ism that gives eveyone as false sense of unity. The Feds love this, because it gives them a wedge in the door; a wave of emotional fervor to play off of to gain more control. One Natoin Under God? Sure. As long as no one confuses our current state as the nation our forefathers built and no one confuses G.W.Bush with God.

  • Serpico Decries Anti-Terror Measures

    07/06/2002 2:22:17 PM PDT · 3 of 33
    KirkandBurke to PJeffQ
    Frank knows. He's seen inside the belly of The Beast. Feed The Beast with more power and you herald your own destruction.
  • Historian: Civil War tales are pure bunk

    07/02/2002 1:12:20 PM PDT · 146 of 320
    KirkandBurke to billbears
    I'm sure glad I've been straightened out on the 'Civil War' by this Asswipephysicist and SPLC shill. If it weren't for him, I might've thought this southern black man was right:
    A more plausible source of North-South antagonism is suggested in an 1831 speech by South Carolina Sen. John C. Calhoun where he said, "Stripped of all its covering, the naked question is whether ours is a federal or consolidated government; a constitutional or absolute one; a government resting solidly on the basis of the sovereignty of the States, or on the unrestrained will of a majority; a form of government, as in all other unlimited ones, in which injustice, violence and force must ultimately prevail." A significant source of Southern discontent was tariffs Congress enacted to protect Northern manufacturing interests. Referring to those tariffs, Calhoun said, "The North has adopted a system of revenue and disbursements in which an undue proportion of the burden of taxation has been imposed on the South, and an undue proportion of its proceeds appropriated to the North." Among other Southern grievances were Northern actions similar to King George III's Navigation Acts, which drove our Founders to the 1776 War of Independence. Dr. Walter Williams, George Mason University

    Lincoln's intentions, as well as that of many northern politicians, were summarized by Stephen Douglas during the presidential debates. Douglas accused Lincoln of wanting to "impose on the nation a uniformity of local laws and institutions and a moral homogeneity dictated by the central government" that "place at defiance the intentions of the republic's founders." Douglas was right, and Lincoln's vision for our nation has now been accomplished beyond anything he could have possibly dreamed.

    A precursor for a War Between the States came in 1832, when South Carolina called a convention to nullify tariff acts of 1828 and 1832, referred to as the "Tariffs of Abominations." A compromise lowering the tariff was reached, averting secession and possibly war. The North favored protective tariffs for their manufacturing industry. The South, which exported agricultural products to and imported manufactured goods from Europe, favored free trade and was hurt by the tariffs. Plus, a northern-dominated Congress enacted laws similar to Britain's Navigation Acts to protect northern shipping interests. Dr. Walter Williams, George Mason University


    06/28/2002 7:22:01 AM PDT · 13 of 38
    KirkandBurke to Tomorrows_Dream
    Never. The real criminal enemy (the State) is really only held accountable in one way: revolution. All else is whitewash (congressional hearings, show trials, "firings", resignations, etc., even impeachment). As long as they occupy Foggy Bottom, we are an occupied people. The Founders tried everything with George III and his minions. Embassies to England, petitions, boycotts, etc. The strangle hold, the taxation and the corruption only got worse. When they ran out of patience, they at least had backbones.
  • Pastor Beaten After Blunt Eulogy - Reverend Calls Deceased 'Drunkard And A Fornicator'

    06/26/2002 9:10:20 AM PDT · 22 of 45
    KirkandBurke to chance33_98
    What a dumb-ass. He should've taken the opportunity to decline officiating the ceremony. Instead, he chose to be offensively confrontational. With his own relatives, no less. If he thought that the deceased's family and friends would just sit there passively while he bad-mouthed their "dearly-departed," he's too stupid to be a preacher.

    If the deceased isn't worthy of a "christian burial," you can either conduct a neutral ceremony or decline the job. This guy clearly demonstrated that he's got shit for brains and no social diplomacy. Toothless hick idiot. Should've hired bodyguards.

  • Jose Padilla as John Doe #2 theory gains as ties to Benevolence International are uncovered

    06/17/2002 7:11:28 AM PDT · 180 of 208
    KirkandBurke to Victor
    I've only seen one poorly shot college photo of Brescia, so I'll have to take others at their word. He would have been fairly young, maybe 24, possibly as young as 22. Did anyone's description give an approximate age range?