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  • A great day!

    03/25/2016 4:12:44 PM PDT · by Seruzawa · 5 replies
    Me ^ | 25 mar 2016 | Me
    Well, I think it's just great that today the NYT and CNN and the WashCompost and all these other liberal commentators are so solicitous to conservatives! Look how they are unanimously warning us that it would be disastrous to run Trump. But never fear they assure us that we will win if we run Kasich. Or Cruz! But not Trump of course. Oh no. We would lose! They want us to win! Lol!
  • House of Cards

    03/12/2016 9:29:04 AM PST · by Seruzawa · 25 replies
    I'm sick of talking about politics today. I was wondering if anyone has been watching House of Cards and noticed that it looks like the show is jumping the shark. The original Brit version was only 12 one hour episodes and was nice and succinct. The new one is 4 seasons of 13 episodes now. I was hoping they would end it this season but apparently the show has fallen into the "milk it for all it's worth" mode. From the blurb on the last episode it's obvious that they are going to do yet another season. Well, this year...
  • Armed Men Ransack Chris Brown's Home

    07/15/2015 11:31:48 AM PDT · by Seruzawa · 6 replies ^ | 15 July 15 | unsigned
    Three armed men in masks forced their way into a Los Angeles home owned by Chris Brown, locked the R&B singer's aunt in a closet and then ransacked the place for valuables, police said.
  • Gun Magazine Rant

    01/15/2015 9:39:03 AM PST · by Seruzawa · 19 replies
    me | today | me
    After years of being a sucker and buying magazines off of the tables at gun shows, I'm done. I'm looking at my mags and I have about a dozen gun show mags and only maybe two or three are reliable and quiet. Most jam or don't activate the slide stop when empty or just plain rattle when loaded. I've spent an average of $15 each. For the same $ I could have bought 6 factory mags and have 6 good mags instead of 2 or 3. As an experiment I loaded a factory 7rd Ruger .45 mag with 7 rds...
  • Old Nam Photos

    12/23/2013 10:09:33 AM PST · by Seruzawa · 81 replies
    me | none
    I've been scanning old slides and thought some freepers might find a few interesting. #1 WWII era wooden gunboat we used. Twin 6-71 diesel engines.(Thank God. At least the Navy had the sense to stay away from gasoline power.) 18 Knot max speed. Unless it had a forward-throw mortar and then maybe it had a 14knot top speed. The mortar wasn't worth the trouble. One twin .50 mount armament, plus an M-79 (my favorite) and some M-16s and a shotgun. Nothing but the best for our boys! The .50s aren't installed because this particular shot was taken after a refit....
  • Huntsman's hunters: Mr Nice Guy's girls shoot down Republican rival Romney on Twitter

    10/12/2011 10:59:28 AM PDT · by Seruzawa · 69 replies
    Daily Mail UK ^ | whenever
    Huntsman's a jerk, but any attack on MItt is welcome. Maybe they'll chew each other up.
  • Rogen stunned by Lucas' 2012 theory

    01/20/2011 5:33:57 AM PST · by Seruzawa · 37 replies
    Toronto Sun ^ | January 19 |
    LINK only from these clowns at the Toronto Sun.
  • Most Effective President?

    09/12/2010 9:37:14 AM PDT · by Seruzawa · 20 replies
    none | Self/Vanity
    I Don't often post vanities. However it's been almost a couple of years since BushII left the White House and I think it's time for me to give the devil his due. I never cared much for BushII. Like his Dad he was a big social spender. One of his first acts was to double the funding for the Dept of Education, for example. I thought that going into the Middle East with ground troops to be a boneheaded move, mainly from a historical perspective in that every foreign occupier in that area got savaged endlessly. On the plus he...
  • New Automotive Product

    03/25/2010 8:44:47 AM PDT · by Seruzawa · 21 replies · 1,474+ views
    Comcast ^ | Unk
    Several years ago, Rockwell International decided to get into the heavy duty transmission business. They were getting ready to tape a first introduction video, and as a warm up, the professional narrator began what has become a legend within the trucking industry. This man should have won an academy award for his stellar performance. Now remember this is strictly off the cuff, nothing is written down, this became the biggest talk in the industry, vs the new product which they were introducing. Click here:
  • The SUV Info Link

    02/04/2002 9:30:49 AM PST · by Seruzawa · 7 replies · 163+ views
    If so, then you have a lot of decisions to make! The SUV Info Link is here to give you more information, so that you can decide what type of vehicle matches your needs. The vehicles we drive today will greatly influence the safety of our roads and the quality of our environment. Purchasing an SUV can be expensive -- adding thousands of dollars in gas bills and operating costs over the life of the vehicle. For these reasons, Friends of the Earth wants you to get the facts about sport utility vehicles...... It starts here
  • La Verkin amends U.N. law

    07/27/2001 7:13:22 AM PDT · by Seruzawa · 26+ views
    Deseret News ^ | 26 July 01 | Nancy Perkins
    La Verkin amends U.N. law Watered-down measure not much better, critics say By Nancy Perkins Deseret News correspondent LA VERKIN, Washington County — "What's next? That's the scary part," LaVerkin resident Ann Blackburn said after the City Council amended its anti-U.N. ordinance Wednesday. "I am tired of people putting their opinion out as if all of us in this community feel that way," Blackburn said. Once again in a 3-2 vote, council members approved an anti-U.N. ordinance, this one a neutered version of its predecessor. The amended ordinance is stripped of much of the language Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff ...
  • Court Slams Liquor-Ad Ban

    07/25/2001 6:55:42 AM PDT · by Seruzawa · 16+ views
    Salt Lake Tribune ^ | 25 July 2001 | Jacob Santini
    Court Slams Liquor-Ad Ban Appellate judges say Utah's distinguishing between types of alcohol is 'irrational' Wednesday, July 25, 2001 BY JACOB SANTINI THE SALT LAKE TRIBUNE A portion of Utah's staunch anti-alcohol law, reaching back to 1933 and the Prohibition, was nullified Tuesday when the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled wine and liquor advertisements are protected speech. An order issued by a three-judge panel in Denver cancels Utah's longtime law prohibiting advertisements for liquor in newspapers, on billboards and outside restaurants and clubs. For the moment, the ruling also relieves the ban on the mere mention of the existence ...
  • EPA Insiders Endorse Cabinet-Level Status

    07/25/2001 6:49:41 AM PDT · by Seruzawa · 19+ views
    Salt Lake Tribune ^ | 25 July 2001 | JOHN HEILPRIN of the AP (so it's gotta be true)
    EPA Insiders Endorse Cabinet-Level Status, But some worry politics, not science, would rule Wednesday, July 25, 2001 BY JOHN HEILPRIN THE ASSOCIATED PRESS WASHINGTON -- Lawmakers' demands for more scientific accountability at the Environmental Protection Agency are the major stumbling block to making the agency a full Cabinet-level department, a Senate panel was told Tuesday. EPA Administrator Christie Whitman and two predecessors, Carol Browner and William Reilly, urged the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee not to let a bill elevating the agency's status get bogged down with well-intentioned efforts to also improve its science. "It is starting down a road of ...
  • Public Employee Growth Swells

    07/25/2001 6:42:30 AM PDT · by Seruzawa · 21+ views
    Salt Lake Tribune ^ | 25 July 2001 | Paul Foy of the AP (so it's gotta be true)
    Public Employee Growth Swells, Census: Numbers outpace Utah's gain in population Wednesday, July 25, 2001 BY PAUL FOY THE ASSOCIATED PRESS The number of government employees and teachers in Utah has grown faster than the state's population in the past decade, according to census figures released Tuesday. Utah has 59,863 full- and part-time employees of state government, a category that includes the staffs of public schools and colleges and universities as well as state liquor stores, according to a census snapshot taken in April 2000. That works out to an equivalent of 49,331 full-time state government jobs, up 32.7 percent ...
  • Albanians look to Utah

    07/25/2001 6:34:01 AM PDT · by Seruzawa · 123+ views
    Deseret News ^ | 24 July 2001 | Dave Anderton
    Contingency visits S.L. to promote cause of free trade By Dave Anderton Deseret News business writer As protests against globalization raged in Genoa, Italy over the weekend, a small contingency of Albanians arrived in Salt Lake hoping to further the cause of free trade. Albania, located along the Adriatic coast, is one of Europe's smallest and poorest countries. On average, people earn less than $600 a year. However, you won't hear these Albanians speaking against global markets. In fact, Albania would like to become a trading partner with Utah. Franz Kolb, deputy director of the state's International Business Development Office, ...
  • Democrats Press For Immediate Boost In Challenge To Bush Defense Plan

    02/15/2001 7:29:04 AM PST · by Seruzawa · 23+ views
    Stars and Stripes Omnimedia ^ | 14 Feb 2001 | Ed Offley
    Democrats Press For Immediate Boost In Challenge To Bush Defense Plan By Ed Offley, Stars and Stripes Editor in Chief (Stars and Stripes Omnimedia is a privately owned news source and is in no way affiliated with the U.S. government.) A group of pro-defense Democrats in the House of Representatives did not wait long to challenge President Bush on the contentious issue of an immediate defense budget hike. Seven hours, to be precise. In his speech to military personnel and their families in Norfolk, Va., on Tuesday morning, Bush said that he intends to wait for an internal review of ...
  • Military Has High Hopes For Bush

    02/15/2001 7:01:06 AM PST · by Seruzawa · 25+ views
    Military Has High Hopes For Bush By Mike Allen, Washington Post Staff Writer CHARLESTON, W.Va., Feb. 14 -- For the third straight day, President Bush was showered with gleeful grunts of "Hoo-ah!" today as he completed his maiden tour as commander in chief with a pledge to deploy American troops more sparingly than the previous administration. From a damp parade ground in Georgia to a high-tech command center in Norfolk to the flag-festooned hangar here, troops said they appreciate Bush's promises to bolster their pay, fighting equipment and living conditions. And as he snapped his salutes and gave manly pats ...
  • Military Has High Hopes For Bush

    02/15/2001 7:00:35 AM PST · by Seruzawa · 18+ views
    Military Has High Hopes For Bush By Mike Allen, Washington Post Staff Writer CHARLESTON, W.Va., Feb. 14 -- For the third straight day, President Bush was showered with gleeful grunts of "Hoo-ah!" today as he completed his maiden tour as commander in chief with a pledge to deploy American troops more sparingly than the previous administration. From a damp parade ground in Georgia to a high-tech command center in Norfolk to the flag-festooned hangar here, troops said they appreciate Bush's promises to bolster their pay, fighting equipment and living conditions. And as he snapped his salutes and gave manly pats ...
  • Bush Tours A Military Mired In A Cold War Mind-Set

    02/14/2001 11:38:48 AM PST · by Seruzawa · 139+ views
    USA Today/Earlybird ^ | 14 Feb 2001 | N/A
    Bush Tours A Military Mired In A Cold War Mind-Set As President Bush showers military personnel with pay raises and pep talks, his harsher message is left unsaid: no more new funds until the administration addresses the fact that the military spends too much time and money preparing for yesterday's wars. That overdue pronouncement was delivered last week so Bush could concentrate on the more popular aspect of his program during this week's tour of military bases. But it is the component that will matter most for the nation's defense. The services spend too little of the $310 billion defense ...
  • Homosexual Training for Kalifornia Kindergarteners, Opt Out.

    12/31/2000 8:52:06 AM PST · by Seruzawa · 238+ views
    email from friend ^ | 28 Dec 2000 | Pacific Justice Institute
    Subject: [heterodox] Kindergarten Curriculum in Calif. Date: Fri, Dec 29, 2000, 2:54 PM PACIFIC JUSTICE INSTITUTE PRESS RELEASE For Immediate Release December 28, 2000 Contact: Attorney Brad Dacus (916) 857-6900 "Homosexuality in Schools" Bill to Become Law in Four Days Pacific Justice Institute Counters with Opt Out Program Sacramento, CA - Beginning January 1, 2001, two bills will go into effect as California law. AB1785 requires pro-homosexual tolerance education at all public schools and all grade levels, including Kindergarten. A similar bill going into effect, AB1931 will provide taxpayer funded grants to take children on field trips to teach them ...
  • Movies

    12/26/2000 5:59:50 AM PST · by Seruzawa · 22+ views
    various ^ | n/a | various
    Al Gore's Big-Time, All Nude Election Dance Party Bill's Bedtime Confessions
  • They are going!

    12/13/2000 6:37:53 AM PST · by Seruzawa · 34+ views
    what's left of my mind | I wish | me
    IT IS TIME FOR THEM TO GO! THEY ARE GOING!! GOODBYE!!! Happy days are here again The skies above are clear again Let us sing a song of cheer again WE'LL BE XLINTON FREE AGAIN!! HEY ALGORE! TWO WORDS! RYDER RENTS!!
  • They are Going

    12/09/2000 12:11:32 PM PST · by Seruzawa · 21+ views
    My sleep starved firing-on-only-7-cylinders mind. | today, whatever that day is, what day is it, anyhow? | me
    IT IS TIME FOR THEM TO GO! THEY ARE GOING!! GOODBYE!!! Happy days are here again The skies above are clear again Let us sing a song of cheer again WE'LL BE XLINTON FREE AGAIN!! GET OUT OF CHENEY'S HOUSE!!
  • Their Toadies Support Them

    11/26/2000 8:38:33 AM PST · by Seruzawa · 105+ views
    My cluttered mind | I wish | me
    We stand at a crossroads in this nation. What are we to do? We see the Democrat Party's criminal operatives waltz into Florida to engage in obvious election fraud. We see their sycophants on the tube, the Tim Russerts, the Cokie Roberts, the Jim Lehrers, all pretending to be evenhanded when, even to the most obtuse, they are partisan misinformation outlets for the ever more fascistic Democrats. Their toadies in the press support them. Their cowardly hired hitmen, the Begalas, the Carlsons, the Carvilles, the Stephanopolises, all spew forth their insults calling us rednecks, Nazis, bigots and murderers while in ...
  • Castro discusses issues, sings ballad with Chavez on call-in radio talk show.

    10/31/2000 5:24:41 AM PST · by Seruzawa · 14+ views
    Salt Lake Tribune ^ | 30 Oct 2000 | N/A
    VALENCIA -- Fidel Castro appeared on President Hugo Chavez's radio talk show Sunday, praising Chavez's efforts to change Venezuelan society and joining his host in a sing-along to a popular ballad. Decidedly off-key, the two leaders sang the chorus of "Venezuela" at the end of a four-hour program that was at turns jocular and studious, mournful and combative. It was a demonstrative show of the close friendship between the 74-year-old Cuban president and the 46-year-old Chavez. Castro has been on a visit to Venezuela since Friday. He and Chavez were to sign an oil assistance pact today before he ...
  • Despite Evidence, We Want to Think the Best of North Korea's Uncle Kim

    10/31/2000 5:07:29 AM PST · by Seruzawa · 29+ views
    UPS ^ | 31 Oct 2000 | Georgia Anne Geyer
    Despite Evidence, We Want to Think the Best of North Korea's Uncle Kim GEORGIE ANNE GEYER UNIVERSAL PRESS SYNDICATE WASHINGTON -- What an unspeakable relief it is to know that, overnight, he is no longer the "unpredictable madman" of the Korean Peninsula. How much better we can sleep now, knowing that the man likes to make jokes, toss down a glass of wine, and chat about the Internet and globalization (just like everybody else). Madeleine Albright found North Korean leader Kim Jong Il to be "very decisive and practical and serious," as she reviewed 100,000 of his subjects dancing and ...
  • Clinton to visit Vietnam site being searched for MIA pilot

    10/30/2000 5:09:38 AM PST · by Seruzawa · 277+ views
    NY Daily News ^ | 29 Oct 2000 | N/A
    Clinton to visit Vietnam site being searched for MIA pilot New York Daily News WASHINGTON — President Clinton has agreed to visit a site in Vietnam being searched for the remains of a U.S. pilot who crashed during the war the president avoided. At the request of the Pentagon, Clinton will go to an excavation site outside Hanoi next month, when he will make the first trip to Vietnam by a president since the communist takeover in 1975. Clinton "is planning to go to a (search) site, absolutely," said retired Air Force Col. P.J. Crowley, the White House national security ...
  • US Election 2000Labour activists go to work for Hillary

    10/21/2000 9:04:39 AM PDT · by Seruzawa · 33+ views
    Times of London ^ | 20 Oct 2000 | James Bone
    THE TIMES OF LONDON FRIDAY OCTOBER 20 2000 US Election 2000Labour activists go to work for Hillary FROM JAMES BONE IN NEW YORK THE Labour Party fought off charges that it was interfering in the American election yesterday after it emerged that a contingent of party workers had crossed the Atlantic to campaign for Hillary Clinton. About eight staff, most of them in their twenties, who normally work as researchers for Labour MPs took time off to join Mrs Clinton's campaign for a Senate seat in New York and stayed in spartan conditions in a South Bronx convent for more ...
  • Guns Remain in Homes of Depressed Teens

    10/21/2000 8:29:07 AM PDT · by Seruzawa · 23+ views
    Reuters ^ | 19 Oct 2000 | N/A
    Guns Remain in Homes of Depressed Teens NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Even after being told by a health professional that keeping a gun at home may increase the likelihood that a depressed child will attempt suicide, most parents of depressed teens do not remove firearms from their homes, according to a new study. ``The high proportion of families who, after receiving information, continued to keep a gun in the house is concerning, given the apparent risk for suicide conveyed by a gun in the home and the 30-fold increased risk for suicide conveyed by adolescent depression,'' Dr. David ...

    10/21/2000 8:21:22 AM PDT · by Seruzawa · 27+ views
    CALIFORNIA¹S PREDATOR-PROTECTION BILLS AB 1785 LABELED ³HATE CRIMES² & ³SEXUAL ORIENTATION² A Work in Progress By Judith A. Reisman, Ph.D. President, The Institute for Media Education and Author, Kinsey, Crimes & Consequences Research Advisor, California Protective Parents Association, Sacramento, California Action Item: Repeal all ³sexual orientation² and ³hate crime² bills as predator protection legislation. Under California¹s AB 1785, et al., children who commit ³hate² by resisting sexual orientations such as sadism, masochism, homosexuality, voyeurism, etc., may be retrained by State sex authorities. Investigate credentialed State sex trainers for fraudulent credentials and for proselytizing schoolchildren via an anti-Judeo-Christian, pansexual religious cult, ...
  • Depressed Kids May Have Atypical Symptom

    10/21/2000 8:04:10 AM PDT · by Seruzawa · 18+ views
    reuters ^ | 19 Oct 2000 | Reuters
    Depressed Kids May Have Atypical Symptoms NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - About 16% of depressed children and teens have symptoms that do not fit the typical definition of depression, according to new study findings. So-called atypical depression is known to occur in some depressed adults, but the study is one of the first to evaluate the condition in children. To be diagnosed with atypical depression, a person must first display mood reactivity, meaning that his or her spirits can be lifted in reaction to some external situation, according to the study's lead author, Dr. Douglas E. Williamson, of the ...
  • Ohio law bans filming under female attire

    10/12/2000 5:37:19 AM PDT · by Seruzawa · 21+ views
    AP (so it's gotta be true) ^ | 9 Oct 2000 | N/A
    Ohio law bans filming under female attire Associated Press COLUMBUS, Ohio — Gina Bell was waiting for a carnival ride at a church festival with her baby daughter when she became spooked by the man behind her. When she shifted in line, he would move with her. "As I crouched down to put the baby in my stroller, I saw a video camera sticking out of his bag, taping up my dress," the 34-year-old former kindergarten teacher recalled Monday. "It rocked my whole sense of security." Beginning Tuesday, Ohio law increases the penalties for secretly taking pictures up a woman's ...
  • Spanish youth's robbery alibi: I was busy picking pockets

    10/05/2000 6:05:05 AM PDT · by Seruzawa · 23+ views
    AP (so it's gotta be true) ^ | 4 OCT 2000 | N/A
    Spanish youth's robbery alibi: I was busy picking pockets Associated Press MADRID, Spain (AP) — A Spanish youth on trial Tuesday for allegedly robbing a Madrid taxi driver said he has a solid alibi: On the night in question he was at a Seville street fair picking pockets. The youth, whose name and age were not released, is accused with three friends of beating a cabbie and robbing him at knifepoint in April 1998. The prosecutor in the case is seeking a 10-year jail term, the newspaper El Mundo said Wednesday.
  • We Shall Sodomize Your Sons

    09/30/2000 5:19:38 PM PDT · by Seruzawa · 13+ views
    We shall sodomize your sons, emblems of your feeble masculinity, of your shallow dreams and vulgar lies. We shall seduce them in your schools [Project 10], in your dormitories [forced homosexual roommates], in your gymnasiums, in your locker rooms, in your sports arenas, in your seminaries, in your youth groups [Wandervogel , Boy Scouts], in your movie theater bathrooms, in your army bunkhouses ["gays in the military"], in your truck stops, in your all-male clubs, in your houses of Congress, wherever men are with men together. Your sons will become our minions and do our bidding. They will be recast ...
  • Further study urged on Accutane, mental effects

    09/27/2000 5:27:00 PM PDT · by Seruzawa · 8+ views
    Dr. Ann Tracy ^ | 19 Sep 2000 (rec'd 27 Sep 2000) | Lisa Richwine
    From: To: Subject: [drugawareness] Further study on Accutane's mental effects Date: Wed, Sep 27, 2000, 12:19 PM Once again we ask how many children are being prescribed antidepressants due to the effects of their acne medication? __________________________________________ Further study urged on Accutane, mental effects Updated 9:07 PM ET September 19, 2000By Lisa Richwine GAITHERSBURG, Md. (Reuters) - A federal advisory panel Tuesday recommended further study to shed light on whether some psychiatric problems may be linked to Roche Holding Ltd.'s prescription acne drug Accutane. Patients and physicians also could benefit from new efforts to boost awareness that Accutane ...
  • Clinton is seeking $1.6 billion for wildfire prevention

    09/11/2000 8:40:02 AM PDT · by Seruzawa · 6+ views
    Reuters ^ | 10 Sep 2000 | n/a
    Clinton is seeking $1.6 billion for wildfire prevention Reuters News Service NEW YORK — As wildfires rage in nine states, President Clinton said Saturday he will ask Congress for $1.6 billion to pay for getting rid of forest underbrush to reduce the risk of fires. To deal with the current crisis, Clinton said in his weekly radio address that the U.S. government was setting up one-stop centers in fire-ravaged states Idaho and Montana to give people faster access to unemployment aid and small business loans. "We want to make sure the help gets to those who need it right away," ...
  • Buchanan trailing Nader in Utah (my title)

    09/11/2000 6:20:29 AM PDT · by Seruzawa · 9+ views
    Deseret News ^ | 11 Sep 2000 | Deseret News unscientific poll.
    LINK to poll. Pat is trailing Nader, even in Utah. Considering that Ross Perot got more votes than Xlinton in Utah in 1992 and that web polls tend to be more conservative, this can't be good for Pat. (Of course, it's frightening to know that that many people would vote for Nader, even in Utah. What is the intermountain west coming to?)
  • You may be winner — in Clearinghouse suit

    08/24/2000 7:15:20 AM PDT · by Seruzawa · 13+ views
    Deseret News ^ | 23 Aug 2000 | Dennis Romboy
    You may be winner — in Clearinghouse suit Utahns who spent $2,500+ in contest qualify for refund By Dennis Romboy Deseret News staff writer Some Utahns may be winners in the Publishers Clearing House lawsuit settled Tuesday. Sort of. The New York-based company has agreed to pay $18 million to 24 states and the District of Columbia to settle allegations that it used deceptive sweepstakes promotions to get consumers to buy magazines. Utah's share of the settlement totals about $250,000 paid in three installments, with the first $100,000 coming in the next few weeks, said Tracey Tabet, spokeswoman for the ...
  • Serbian History and Background Links

    08/23/2000 12:01:26 PM PDT · by Seruzawa · 10+ views
    various ^ | N/A | N/A
    With articles on the current situation in the Balkans taking up much bandwidth here's a list of links to information on some of the history of the Balkans for those who would like to learn more. Yugoslavia The Serbs and Serbia, Vojvodina, and Montenegro INSIGHT: LEGACY OF MEDIEVAL SERBIA TWENTY-FIVE LECTURES ON MODERN BALKAN HISTORY (THE BALKANS IN THE AGE OF NATIONALISM) Serbia's Role in the Conflict in Vojvodina, 1848-49 SERBIAINFO Serbian Unity Congress LOADS OF LINKS
  • Schools Seek to Track Possibly Violent Pupils

    08/22/2000 1:26:17 PM PDT · by Seruzawa · 16+ views
    LA Times ^ | 21 Aug 2000 | Louis Sahagun
    Schools Seek to Track Possibly Violent Pupils By LOUIS SAHAGUN, Times Education Writer Sixteen months after the Columbine High School shootings, districts across the nation are quietly implementing a variety of ‘early warning systems‘ to identify students bent on violence. Some programs are modeled on law enforcement methods used to track dangerous criminals and analyze workplace dangers. Others are in-depth psychological surveys developed by school districts. Critics say violence prevention programs are ineffective and run the risk of unfairly stigmatizing children. But many educators say they feel a duty to prevent tragedies like Columbine on their campuses. Generally, the intervention ...
  • EDUCATION: Uncle Sam's Classroom

    08/22/2000 1:15:25 PM PDT · by Seruzawa · 7+ views
    Chronicles | Sept 2000 Chronicles | Beverly Eakman
    EDUCATION: Uncle Sam's Classroom ~ by B.K. Eakman Yolanda and Raul Salazar of Miami, Florida, naturalized citizens who escaped Castro's Cuba, are finding out the hard way that Uncle Sam's classrooms are not about proficiency at anything, or literacy, or basics. America's schools aren't extensions of the home, where families are held sacred and parents are valued. Instead, American education is about "mental hygiene," defined by psychologists as "preventive psychotherapy." Case in point: Daniel Salazar, age ten, who has been in the Dade County School system for eight years. The multitude of psychosocial, behavioral, intelligence, and personality tests that make ...
  • Russia Itself Is Trapped in a Deep Sea of Hopelessness and Despair

    08/22/2000 8:44:23 AM PDT · by Seruzawa · 83+ views
    UPS ^ | 22 Aug 2000 | Georgie Ann Geyer
    Russia Itself Is Trapped in a Deep Sea of Hopelessness and Despair Tuesday, August 22, 2000 BY GEORGIE ANN GEYER UNIVERSAL PRESS SYNDICATE WASHINGTON -- When the terrible accident with the Kursk occurred on Aug. 12, the first concern of the Russian government about the l4,000-ton submarine lost on the bottom of the Barents Sea was that the accident was "a military disaster and secondarily a human one." Five days later, when Russian President Vladimir Putin finally emerged from his vacation at the opulent Black Sea resort of Sochi to speak on the tragedy that was worsening by the hour, ...
  • United Religions Initiative

    08/17/2000 1:46:30 PM PDT · by Seruzawa · 161+ views
    URI Website ^ | N/A | URI
    United Religions Initiative SM Welcome to the United Religions Initiative, a growing global community dedicated to building cultures of peace and justice to serve a better future for the Earth Community. Since its beginning, the URI has been a vision and an invitation. The vision has been of unprecendented cooperation for global good among the people of the world's religions, spiritual expressions and indigenous traditions. The invitation has been to all people all over the world to act together to make this vision real. LINK
  • China quits hardware show over flag

    08/17/2000 6:49:44 AM PDT · by Seruzawa · 12+ views
    AP (so it's gotta be true!) ^ | 16 Aug 2000 | N/A
    China quits hardware show over flag Display of Taiwan banner irks some Asian exhibitors Associated Press CHICAGO — Exhibitors from about 300 Chinese hardware companies boycotted the National Hardware Show after organizers displayed the Taiwanese flag. Chinese representatives said their government ordered them to shut down late Monday — two days before the show was scheduled to end — to protest the display. "This erroneous action of the show organizers runs counter to the U.S. government's One China policy and offers the Taiwan authorities a stage to create two Chinas," read a typed statement hung in front of the Chinese ...
  • The Political Babble Genrator

    08/15/2000 7:25:16 AM PDT · by Seruzawa · 5+ views
    New speeches by Xlinton and Newt generated every few minutes. Incredibly lifelike! GO HERE
  • Most German teenagers ignorant of Holocaust

    08/13/2000 7:34:04 AM PDT · by Seruzawa · 4+ views
    Reuters ^ | 10Aug2000 | N/A
    Most German teenagers ignorant of Holocaust - poll Updated 8:42 AM ET August 10, 2000 BERLIN (Reuters) - About two thirds of German teenagers do not understand the word Holocaust although a majority know that Auschwitz, Dachau and Treblinka were sites of Nazi concentration camps, a poll showed Thursday. Pollsters from the Emnid research institute asked 350 German teenagers if they knew what the word Holocaust meant and more than 65 percent could not answer the question. The results of the poll were published in Die Zeit weekly Thursday. "The older and more educated the teenagers were the more likely ...
  • Former Zero ace makes peace

    08/11/2000 7:15:18 AM PDT · by Seruzawa · 3+ views
    AP (so it's gotta be true) ^ | 11 Aug 2000 | N/A
    Former Zero ace makes peace Friday, August 11, 2000 The Associated Press TOKYO -- Japan's top surviving World War II fighter pilot has made peace with his former enemies. But as the country prepares to mark the 55th anniversary of its surrender, Saburo Sakai has yet to come to terms with some of his countrymen. That's because the former navy flier, 84, is tired of hearing that the military alone was responsible for leading Japan into a devastating war that ended after the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki 55 years ago this week. "We were ordered to go die ...
  • Apaches flying on borrowed time?

    08/11/2000 7:03:42 AM PDT · by Seruzawa · 28+ views
    Deseret News ^ | 10Aug2000 | Lee Davidson
    Apaches flying on borrowed time? Investigators find 'deficiencies' were never fixed By Lee Davidson Deseret News Washington correspondent WASHINGTON — The Army knew as early as 1986 that its Apache AH64 helicopter has several "serious deficiencies." It even developed "get well plans." But it never followed through to fix them all. As a result, those deficiencies have contributed to more than 140 Apache accidents in the past 10 years, including two deaths. They also may have figured in another two deaths last year from the crash of Apaches sold to Israel. The problems also contributed to at least seven minor ...
  • Study Says Women Become Less Clever After Menopause

    08/10/2000 10:45:14 AM PDT · by Seruzawa · 233+ views
    The Independent ^ | 9Aug2000 | Cherry (heh heh) Norton
    Study Says Women Become Less Clever After Menopause Cherry Norton c.2000 The Independent, London WASHINGTON - Menopause reduces a woman's intelligence and ability to juggle work, friends and family, at the same time as turning her into a chatterbox, researchers told the American Psychological Association's annual conference Tuesday. A preliminary study of women aged 40 to 60 found that women who had been through menopause performed badly on problem-solving tests, had a poorer short-term memory and were slightly slower than their fertile peers. On the other hand they became more eloquent and scored more highly on verbal tests than pre-menopausal ...
  • Candidates' Character Takes a Back Seat to the Cult of Personality

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    UPS ^ | 9Aug2000 | Anna (cry me a river) Quindlen
    Candidates' Character Takes a Back Seat to the Cult of Personality Wednesday, August 9, 2000 BY ANNA QUINDLEN UNIVERSAL PRESS SYNDICATE Brokaw and Bush, two guys just standing around talking. Shirtsleeves. Sunshine. Fence posts. Cameras. You get the idea. The candidate was hunkered down at the ranch, going mano a mano for a couple of endless, empty minutes with the anchorman. The governor showed off his Yiddish- kibitzing, which was how he described what he was doing with his father, the former president, but the seminal moment was in fluent good-ol-boy. I know you are a pretty good fisherman, Bush ...