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  • Dear Debaters: A word about excessive practice from a "Pro"

    09/26/2016 10:47:31 AM PDT · by Scooter100 · 1 replies
    Traveling by train to the 1937 National Open Championship in Denver, Ben Hogan decided that he would keep his hands in shape during the train ride by special exercise and so he bought a hard rubber ball for the trip. All the way to Colorado he kept working the ball, squeezing it and then relaxing his grip. He repeated the process over and over again all the way to Colorado. But when the morning of the first round of the tournament arrived he couldn't control a single shot. He had lost all sense of "feel" in his hands, which is...
  • Central High School integrated

    09/25/2016 3:49:17 PM PDT · by Kid Shelleen · 23 replies
    Under escort from the U.S. Army’s 101st Airborne Division, nine black students enter all-white Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas. Three weeks earlier, Arkansas Governor Orval Faubus had surrounded the school with National Guard troops to prevent its federal court-ordered racial integration. After a tense standoff, President Dwight D. Eisenhower federalized the Arkansas National Guard and sent 1,000 army paratroopers to Little Rock to enforce the court order.
  • "Over A Year Before 9/11, Trump Wrote Of Terror Threat With Remarkable Clarity"

    09/25/2016 2:26:32 PM PDT · by TakebackGOP · 20 replies
    BuzzFeed ^ | October 19, 2015 | Andrew Kaczynski
    "In 2000, 19 months before Sept. 11, 2001, Donald Trump wrote extensively of the terrorism threat the United States was facing. Trump, who at the time was considering a presidential bid on the Reform Party ticket, went so far as to say that an attack on a major U.S. city was not just a probability, but an inevitability. “I really am convinced we’re in danger of the sort of terrorist attacks that will make the bombing of the Trade Center look like kids playing with firecrackers,” wrote Trump in his 2000 book, The America We Deserve. “No sensible analyst rejects...
  • 120 Years Ago: GLADSTONE SHOWS THE WAY- How England Could Act Alone Against Turkey

    09/25/2016 2:26:00 PM PDT · by NRx · 1 replies
    Library of Congress ^ | Friday Sept 25, 1896 | New York Tribune
    A (mostly) daily posting for those interested in history and the day to day news, politics and culture of a bygone world; the full edition of the New York Tribune from today's date in 1896 (digitized).
  • CBS Evening News July 31 1968

    09/25/2016 9:11:50 AM PDT · by NRx · 24 replies
    YouTube ^ | 07-31-1968 | CBS News
    Wow. I remember almost every news story covered in here. Original adverts for added period flavor.
  • Laughing of Rape

    09/25/2016 8:24:37 AM PDT · by keving · 11 replies
    Daily Mail ^ | 10:06 EST 09 Aug 2016, updated 13:08 EST | Alana Goodman
    Clinton accused the 12-year-old of 'seek[ing] out older men' and 'engag[ing] in fantasizing' in court affidavits, and later laughed while discussing aspects of the case in a recently-unearthed audiotape from the 1980s.
  • Great Souls: Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn [Video via You Tube 56:43 minutes]

    09/25/2016 1:35:53 AM PDT · by beaversmom · 8 replies
    Solzhenitsyn Center via You Tube ^ | Jan 13, 2012 | Solzhenitsyn Center
    Video Link
  • Chinese Jews of Ancient Lineage Huddle Under Pressure

    09/24/2016 5:04:52 PM PDT · by Theoria · 15 replies
    The New York Times ^ | 24 September 2016 | Chris Buckley
    The rooms where ruddy-faced Chinese men and women once assembled to pray in Hebrew and Mandarin are silent. Signs and exhibits that celebrated centuries of Jewish life have disappeared. An ancient well, believed to be the last visible remnant of a long-demolished synagogue, was recently buried under concrete and a pile of earth.. After locking down Buddhist monasteries in Tibet and tearing down church crosses in eastern China, President Xi Jinping’s campaign against unapproved religion and foreign influence has turned to an unlikely adversary: a small group of Jews whose ancestors settled in this now faded imperial city near the...
  • 120 Years Ago; FOR AN ANTI-TURKISH LEAGUE- France Said to be Courting England and Russia

    09/24/2016 2:05:37 PM PDT · by NRx · 2 replies
    Library of Congress ^ | Thursday September 24, 1896 | New York Tribune
    A (mostly) daily posting for those interested in history and the day to day news, politics and culture of a bygone world; the full edition of the New York Tribune from today's date in 1896 (digitized).
  • Obama: African-American museum tells 'story of all of us'

    09/24/2016 5:54:43 AM PDT · by Olog-hai · 25 replies
    Associated Press ^ | Sep 23, 2016 10:46 PM EDT | Darlene Stuporville
    President Barack Obama on Friday celebrated the pending opening of the Smithsonian’s new African-American museum and said the institution, decades in the making, is a powerful place because it tells “the story of all of us,” not just the famous. Obama also said he hoped the museum would help people bridge divides that were re-exposed by the latest fatal, police-involved shootings of black men. […] “What makes the museum so powerful and so visceral is that it’s the story of all of us, the folks whose names you never heard of, but whose contributions, day after day, decade after decade,...

    09/23/2016 8:30:47 PM PDT · by OneVike · 62 replies
    Setting The Record Straight ^ | 3/16/15 | Ronald Dwyer
    They came as slaves: human cargo transported on British ships bound for the Americas. They were shipped by the hundreds of thousands and included men, women, and even the youngest of children. Whenever they rebelled or even disobeyed an order, they were punished in the harshest ways. Slave owners would hang their human property by their hands and set their hands or feet on fire as one form of punishment. Some were burned alive and had their heads placed on pikes in the marketplace as a warning to other captives. We don’t really need to go through all of...
  • The last Flying Tigers of World War II

    09/23/2016 7:59:35 PM PDT · by Leaning Right · 25 replies
    CNN ^ | September 23, 2016 | Thom Patterson
    Frank Losonsky was just another 20-year-old soldier from Detroit, Michigan, but his life took a historic turn when a recruiter offered him the adventure of a lifetime. Would Losonsky be willing to board a ship headed to Asia and join a group of volunteers helping China fight off Japanese invaders? Losonsky said yes.
  • Did John Adams agree with Jefferson that Slavery belongs at the feet of the King?

    09/23/2016 5:57:03 PM PDT · by ProgressingAmerica · 10 replies
    In the first draft of the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson wrote the following: he has waged cruel war against human nature itself, violating it's most sacred rights of life and liberty in the persons of a distant people who never offended him, captivating and carrying them into slavery in another hemispere, or to incure miserable death in their transportation hither. this piratical warfare, the opprobium of infidel powers, is the warfare of the Christian king of Great Britain. [determined to keep open a market where MEN should be bought and sold,] he has prostituted his negative for suppressing every...
  • Rep. Tom McClintock trolls Obama's climate adviser (Video: put her to shame)

    09/23/2016 4:52:17 PM PDT · by Beave Meister · 12 replies
    Video Credit: YouTube California Republican Rep. Tom McClintock started a Congressional hearing by reading a Washington Post article detailing the impacts of global warming on the Arctic ecosystem. He read: “The Arctic Ocean is warming up, icebergs are growing scarcer and some place the seals are finding the water too hot.” He then asked Obama's top climate adviser Christy Goldfuss, "Is this the crisis you're referring to?", referring to new guidance her council issued on accounting for global warming impacts. Goldfuss said, "It's a crisis we're trying to address...I'm not familiar with that report." Then McClintock nailed her saying, "Perhaps...
  • Chicago 8 trial opens in Chicago

    09/23/2016 1:31:25 PM PDT · by Kid Shelleen
    --SNIP-- The group was charged with conspiracy to cross state lines with intent to incite a riot. All but Seale were represented by attorneys William Kunstler and Leonard Weinglass. The trial, presided over by Judge Julius Hoffman, turned into a circus as the defendants and their attorneys used the court as a platform to attack Nixon, the war, racisim, and oppression. Their tactics were so disruptive that at one point, Judge Hoffman ordered Seale gagged and strapped to his chair. When the trial ended in February 1970, Hoffman found the defendants and their attorneys guilty of 175 counts of contempt...
  • 120 Years Ago: CLUBS AND THE RAINES LAW; Commissioner Lyman Holds They Must Be Licensed

    09/23/2016 12:29:33 PM PDT · by NRx · 1 replies
    Library of Congress ^ | Wednesday Sept 23, 1896 | New York Tribune
    A (mostly) daily posting for those interested in history and the day to day news, politics and culture of a bygone world; the full edition of the New York Tribune from today's date in 1896 (digitized).
  • Vanity - Is anyone tracking the Trump March to winning the POTUS for history?

    09/23/2016 8:47:29 AM PDT · by JLAGRAYFOX · 3 replies
    Is anyone out there in American history documentary land tracking and taping the Trump march to victory of being elected POTUS over Hillary Clinton. This magnificent event in history in the making as Donald Trump not only marches into the history books of all time, in not only defeating Hilllary Clinton, but destroying the legacy of failed POTUS, Barack Hussein Obama, and wiping out both the Republican & Democrat Establishment political parties in these United States of America. A sea change is afoot across this great land.....African-Americans, and, all minority Americans, if they are wise will support DJT and, henceforth...
  • A meeting of two ancient empires: How did two Chinese skeletons find their way into a Roman [tr]

    09/23/2016 6:22:55 AM PDT · by C19fan · 28 replies
    UK Daily Mail ^ | September 23, 2016 | Richard Gray
    They were two powerful, ancient empires separated by more than 5,000 miles of imposing mountain ranges, barren desert and exposed steppe grasslands. Yet a collection of seemingly unremarkable bones discovered in a Roman cemetery in London has provided new insights into the links between the Roman Empire and Imperial China. Analysis has revealed that two skeletons dating from between the 2nd and 4th Century AD unearthed at the site in the city's Southwark area may have been Chinese.
  • April/May 1902 - Visual Tour of Ireland

    09/22/2016 4:32:05 PM PDT · by NRx · 7 replies
    YouTube ^ | 1902 | Mitchell and Kenyon
    A fascinating look at street scenes and ordinary life in Ireland at the turn of the last century. Most of the film was shot in the city of Cork (then Queenstown), a major port in southern Ireland. The last few minutes were shot in Wexford. Length: Appx 17 minutes
  • 120 Years Ago: CAUSE OF ENGLAND'S APATHY- Why She Will Not Stop Turkish Massacre of Christians

    09/22/2016 3:50:39 PM PDT · by NRx · 14 replies
    Library of Congress ^ | Tuesday Sept 22, 1896 | New York Tribune
    A (mostly) daily posting for those interested in history and the day to day news, politics and culture of a bygone world; the full edition of the New York Tribune from today's date in 1896 (digitized).

    09/22/2016 1:31:05 PM PDT · by Einherjar · 30 replies
    You’ve heard of ancient Egyptian cats. But Viking cats? Scientists studying cat DNA say that they found cat remains at a Viking site dating to between the eighth and eleventh century A.D. in northern Germany.
  • Replica of U.S.S. Arizona to join in Pearl Harbor event

    09/22/2016 12:01:27 PM PDT · by Bubba Gump Shrimp · 19 replies
    Yuma Sun ^ | Sep 13, 2016 | James Gilbert
    Thanks to the generosity of many residents and businesses in Yuma, the 36-foot-long replica of the U.S.S. Arizona has been restored in time to be shipped to Hawaii for the National Park Service's commemoration ceremony marking the 75th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor. As a way of showing its appreciation, the Navy League of the United States (NLUS), took the recently refurbished model of the iconic battleship on a photo tour around Yuma Tuesday morning so residents could take pictures of it, making 15-minute stops at Yuma City Hall, the Yuma Quartermaster Depot, the Yuma Chamber of Commerce...
  • Historic pictures reveal reality of visiting a beach in Victorian Britain [tr]

    09/22/2016 7:35:52 AM PDT · by C19fan · 8 replies
    UK Daily Mail ^ | September 22, 2016 | Jenny Awford
    From fashionable ladies flashing their ankles as they paddle in the shallows, to hard-working fish wives helping sort the catch of the day, these historic photographs reveal the reality of visiting a beach in Victorian Britain. The snapshots of the past, taken between 1895 and 1902, show the stark contrast between decadence and deprivation on the Yorkshire coast as the straight-laced Victorian era made way to elegant Edwardianism. While two expensively-dressed young children were seen riding donkeys along a road - led by a boy in ragged clothes - other, much more impoverished street urchins, were seen scavenging for shellfish...
  • Indigenous Australians most ancient civilisation on Earth, extensive DNA study confirms

    09/21/2016 9:26:38 PM PDT · by Theoria · 21 replies
    The Telegraph ^ | 22 September 2016 | Chiara Palazzo
    The first extensive study of Indigenous Australians' DNA dates their origin to more than 50,000 years ago, backing the claim that they are the most ancient continuous civilisation on Earth. Scientists used the genetic traces of the mysterious early humans that are left in the DNA of modern populations in Papua New Guinea and Australia to recontruct their journey from Africa around 72,000 years ago.Experts disagree on whether present-day non-African people are descended from explorers who left Africa in a single exodus or a series of distinct waves of travelling migrants.The new study supports the single migration hypothesis. It indicates that Australian...
  • En-Gedi: Ancient scrolls 'virtually' deciphered to reveal earliest Old Testament scripture

    09/21/2016 9:20:32 PM PDT · by BlackVeil · 21 replies
    An extremely fragile, ancient Hebrew scroll has been digitally unwrapped for the first time, revealing the earliest copy ever found of an Old Testament Bible scripture. Known as the En-Gedi scroll ...
  • Designated Survivor (Cabinet Member Becomes President)

    09/21/2016 8:28:35 PM PDT · by goldstategop · 63 replies
    Designated Survivor - a new series based on the concept of a Cabinet member becoming President. Kiefer Sutherland is outstanding as new President Tim Kirland after the Capitol and top-level US leadership is wiped out in a bomb blast.
  • 120 Years Ago: FIGURING McKINLEY'S VICTORY- General Grosvenor Gives Him 278 Electoral Votes

    09/21/2016 1:29:20 PM PDT · by NRx · 3 replies
    Library of Congress ^ | Monday Sept 21, 1896 | New York Tribune
    A (mostly) daily posting for those interested in history and the day to day news, politics and culture of a bygone world; the full edition of the New York Tribune from today's date in 1896 (digitized).
  • The Worst Fighter Aircraft of All Time

    09/21/2016 8:36:24 AM PDT · by C19fan · 68 replies
    War is Boring ^ | September 21, 2016 | Robert Farley
    Over the last century of military aviation, several fighters have earned the nickname “flying coffin.” Military aviation inherently pushes up against the limits of technology and human endurance, particularly where fighter and pursuit aviation are concerned. Flying a fighter is remarkably dangerous, even when no one is trying to shoot you down. Engineering a capable fighter plane is also a struggle. Relatively small changes in engine, armament and airframe design can transform a clunker into an elite fighting machine. Many of the best fighters in history were initially viewed askance by their pilots.
  • Google Trends Predicting Trump Win

    09/20/2016 6:24:29 PM PDT · by KavMan · 28 replies
    Google Trends Predicting Trump Win https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=svpKWATgOG4
  • A prayer for our nation - please read!

    09/20/2016 11:44:54 AM PDT · by MeneMeneTekelUpharsin · 10 replies
    A friend | 20 September 2016 | Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin
    ONE MINUTE EACH NIGHT Do you believe we can take God at His word? Call upon His name, then stand back and watch His wonders unfold. This scripture gives us, as Christians, ownership of this land and the ability to call upon God to heal it. I challenge you to do that. We have never been more desperate than now for God to heal our land. This election is the scariest I remember in my lifetime. 2 Chronicles 7:14. "If my people, which are called by my name shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face and turn from...
  • 120 Years Ago: TEMPEST IN NEW ENGLAND- Hurricanes Lightning and Deluges of Rain

    09/20/2016 9:46:10 AM PDT · by NRx · 11 replies
    Library of Congress ^ | Sunday Sept 20, 1896 | New York Tribune
    A (mostly) daily posting for those interested in history and the day to day news, politics and culture of a bygone world; the full edition of the New York Tribune from today's date in 1896 (digitized). Sunday edition- 36 pages.
  • Human skeleton discovered at Antikythera shipwreck after more than 2,000

    09/20/2016 3:08:48 AM PDT · by Islander7 · 16 replies
    Daily Mail ^ | Sept 19, 2016 | By Associated Press and Cheyenne Macdonald
    Full title: Human skeleton discovered at Antikythera shipwreck after more than 2,000 years at the bottom of the sea Buried beneath sand and the fragments of ancient pottery, researchers have discovered the 2,000-year-old remains of a sailor who died upon the ill-fated 'Antikythera ship.' Archaeologists have investigated the famous shipwreck off a tiny Greek island for which it's named for over a century, revealing a trove of remarkable artefacts – including the mysterious 'Antikythera Mechanism,' thought to be a 'guide to the galaxy.'
  • Human skeleton found on famed Antikythera shipwreck

    09/19/2016 5:44:00 PM PDT · by BenLurkin · 21 replies
    nature ^ | 19 September 2016 | Jo Marchant
    Foley and the archaeologists, meanwhile, are elated by the chance to learn more about the people on board the first-century bc ship, which carried luxury items from the eastern Mediterranean, probably intended for wealthy buyers in Rome. The skeleton discovery is a rare find, agrees Mark Dunkley, an underwater archaeologist from the London-based heritage organization Historic England. Unless covered by sediment or otherwise protected, the bodies of shipwreck victims are usually swept away and decay, or are eaten by fish. Complete skeletons have been recovered from younger ships, such as the sixteenth-century English warship the Mary Rose and the seventeenth-century...
  • 120 Years Ago: SEAMEN'S TALE OF CRUELTY- British Sailors Allege Savage Brutality From Officers

    09/19/2016 12:13:30 PM PDT · by NRx · 22 replies
    Library of Congress ^ | Saturday Sept 19, 1896 | New York Tribune
    A (mostly) daily posting for those interested in history and the day to day news, politics and culture of a bygone world; the full edition of the New York Tribune from today's date in 1896 (digitized).
  • Was This Masterpiece Painted With Ground Mummy?

    09/19/2016 11:07:43 AM PDT · by BenLurkin · 43 replies
    Eugene Delacroix's most famous painting, "Liberty Leading the People," hangs in a revered spot in Paris' Louvre Museum. Inspired by the 1830 Paris Uprising, it has been held up as an embodiment of the French national ethos, and most recently as a justification for the country's controversial burkini ban. But "Liberty Leading the People" may also have been literally painted with people. From at least the 16th century until as late as the early 1900s, a pigment made from mummified human remains appeared on the palettes of European artists, including Delacroix. Painters prized "mummy brown" for its rich, transparent shade....
  • The final missing ship from the Battle of Jutland is found on the sea bed more [tr]

    09/19/2016 5:30:17 AM PDT · by C19fan · 9 replies
    UK Daily Mail ^ | September 19, 2016 | Joseph Curtis
    The last missing ship from the Battle of Jutland has been found in the North Sea 100 years after it was sunk in combat with Germany. HMS Warrior was recently discovered 90 yards under the sea a century after it was abandoned due to the heavy damage it took from enemy shelling. The Battle of Jutland is regarded as the only major naval battle of the First World War and involved 100,000 men and 250 ships, with almost 9,000 sailors killed on both sides during the 36-hour conflict.
  • 120 Years Ago: SEWALL A REAL GOLD BUG- He Will Not Accept Silver Money

    09/18/2016 2:34:51 PM PDT · by NRx · 5 replies
    Library of Congress ^ | Friday Sept 18, 1896 | New York Tribune
    A (mostly) daily posting for those interested in history and the day to day news, politics and culture of a bygone world; the full edition of the New York Tribune from today's date in 1896 (digitized).
  • The Revolt Against the Masses: How Liberalism Has Undermined the Middle Class

    09/18/2016 1:45:51 PM PDT · by Lorianne · 11 replies
    John Batchelor show ^ | 17 September 2016 | John Batchelor interviews author Fred Siegel
    Podcast interview 39:40 The Revolt Against the Masses: How Liberalism Has Undermined the Middle Class by Fred Siegel. "What we think of as liberalism today—the top and bottom coalition we associate with President Obama—began not with Progressivism or the new deal, but rather in the wake of the post-WWI disillusionment with American society. The Revolt Against the Masses explores the inner life of American liberalism over the past 90 years, beginning with liberalism’s foundational writers and thinkers—such as Herbert Croly, Randolph Bourne, H.G. Wells, Sinclair Lewis, and H.L. Mencken—who despised the new worlds of mass production, mass politics, mass culture....
  • The Lyon College Scots get their first win since 1951

    09/17/2016 7:30:56 PM PDT · by fella · 13 replies
    The Lyon College Scots get their first win since 1951 as they defeat Morthland College tonight by a final of 63-26!
  • Tight security as annual Oktoberfest opens in Munich

    09/17/2016 5:09:41 PM PDT · by Extremely Extreme Extremist · 10 replies
    ABC 7 CHICAGO ^ | 17 SEPTEMBER 2016 | AP
    MUNICH -- Heavy rain and stricter security did little to dampen the spirits of beer lovers at the start of this year's Oktoberfest, which opened Saturday in the Bavarian city of Munich. Mayor Dieter Reiter tapped the first keg at noon with a respectable two strikes, to the approval of thousands of thirsty visitors gathered in one of 14 vast tents on Munich's Theresienwiese fairground. Responding to a series of attacks in recent months, authorities decided to erect a metal fence, ban large bags, install more surveillance cameras and make visitors go through security checks to enter the festival grounds...
  • The Reagans’ Private Collection Set for September Auction

    09/17/2016 4:48:51 PM PDT · by Daffynition · 55 replies
    realclearlife ^ | sept 16, 2016 | staff reporter
    [snip] This landmark collection is slated for sale at Christie’s New York on September 21 and 22, with live and online components, to coincide with Christie’s Americana Week auctions. Estimates on individual items will range from $1,000 up to $50,000, and the auctions are expected to realize in excess of $2 million total. The complete sale catalogue will be available in late summer 2016.
  • 120 Years Ago: THE TEXAS RUNS AGROUND- Battleship Stuck in the Mud in Newport Harbor

    09/17/2016 3:28:50 PM PDT · by NRx · 15 replies
    Library of Congress ^ | Thursday Sept 17, 1896 | New York Tribune
    A (mostly) daily posting for those interested in history and the day to day news, politics and culture of a bygone world; the full edition of the New York Tribune from today's date in 1896 (digitized).
  • KEEP YOUR GUNS - In the beginning Hitler was like an American politician

    09/17/2016 7:24:00 AM PDT · by fella · 11 replies
    YouTube ^ | May 13, 2013 | Robert Exter
    KEEP YOUR GUNS - In the beginning Hitler was like an American politician Kitty Werthmann is a WW2 survivor. She is 87 years old and is President of the South Dakota Eagle Forum. Werthmann lived under Nazi rule through the war, and strongly feels the need to warn Americans about the horrors of socialism. Werthmann said that Adolf Hitler spoke just like an American politician. She says: When the people fear the government, that's tyranny, but when the government fears the people, that's Liberty! Sighting Switzerland's policy where citizens are required to own guns, Hitler did not attempt to invade...
  • Vanity: Our favorite performances from the Gong Show

    09/17/2016 5:56:32 AM PDT · by mainestategop · 24 replies
    We at Mainestategop.blogpsot.com and the new England Alliance for liberty and Free markets noticed that there have been a lot of uploads of episodes and sketches from The Gong Show. YES! Everyone's favorite reality show from 1978 and 1977 from before anyone heard of Simon Cowell, before American Idol, before there was America's got Talent, there was THE GONG SHOW! Here now is our favorite sketches. The best we saved for last! 1. Billy and the Billetes 2. RICK CUTLER (MAMA WONT LET ME ON THE GONG SHOW) 3. Michael foster Rivera (MAGICIAN WITH THE PET CHICKEN) 4. FRED TYSON...
  • THE D-DAY SALE COLLECTION NERRANT & FILS (D-Day militaria- trucks,gear, etc. cool!)

    09/16/2016 3:37:42 PM PDT · by dynachrome · 8 replies
    arcturial.com ^ | 9-16-16 | Arcturial
    SALE INFORMATION Sale: 3114 Location: Normandy Tank Museum, Catz Date: 18 Sep 2016 14:00 VIEWING INFORMATION 16-17 September, 11am-7pm 18 September, de 10am-2pm Normandy Tank Museum P.A. La Fourchette Avenue du Cotentin 50500 Catz
  • 120 Years Ago: REVOLUTION SEEMS NEAR- Fresh Attempts to Incite the Overthrow of the Sultan

    09/16/2016 2:46:14 PM PDT · by NRx · 6 replies
    Library of Congress ^ | Wednesday Sept 16, 1896 | New York Tribune
    A (mostly) daily posting for those interested in history and the day to day news, politics and culture of a bygone world; the full edition of the New York Tribune from today's date in 1896 (digitized).
  • Imagine Trump Playing Putin Like He Just Did CNN! #winning

    09/16/2016 11:23:45 AM PDT · by grayhog · 23 replies
    CNN | 9/16/16 | DJT
    This is what it feels like to win folks. In the words of Chris Mathews, #tingles
  • Op-Ed-It’s Time to Ditch the ICBM, America’s Thermonuclear Dinosaur

    09/16/2016 8:44:17 AM PDT · by C19fan · 54 replies
    War is Boring ^ | September 15, 2016 | Geoff Wilson and Noah Williams
    The Cold War has been over for 25 years now, but the United States still maintains a massive arsenal of nuclear weapons and delivery systems — and they don’t come cheap. For example, we still spend $2 billion a year just in operations and support costs for the U.S. ICBM force. And we are about to spend a whole lot more.
  • Rare gold coin with Nero's face found in Jerusalem

    09/16/2016 8:35:08 AM PDT · by NRx · 36 replies
    Christian Today ^ | 09-15-2016 | James Macintyre
    An exceptionally rare gold coin emblazoned with the face of the Roman Emperor Nero dating back to around A.D. 60 has been discovered by archaeologists working on excavations on Mount Zion in Jerusalem. The coin, which archaeologists say most likely came from a Jewish home, was found in the ruins of wealthy villas from the first century A.D. and according to the archaeologist Shimon Gibson "belonged to the priestly and aristocratic quarter located in the Upper City of Jerusalem". Gibson, who is an adjunct professor at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and part of the team carrying out...
  • Pat Paulsen For President 2016 America Outta Shut Up Tour

    09/16/2016 7:16:53 AM PDT · by Paul46360 · 12 replies
    20th Anniv. from the Smother's Brothers