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  • I Remember IANA

    09/30/2016 8:46:49 AM PDT · by old-ager · 4 replies
    The Internet Protocol Journal - Volume 1, No. 3 -- published at ^ | October 17, 1998 | Vint Cerf (Internet pioneer)
    A long time ago, in a network, far far away, a great adventure took place! Out of the chaos of new ideas for communication, the experiments, the tentative designs, and crucible of testing, there emerged a cornucopia of networks. Beginning with the ARPANET, an endless stream of networks evolved, and ultimately were interlinked to become the Internet. Someone had to keep track of all the protocols, the identifiers, networks and addresses and ultimately the names of all the things in the networked universe. And someone had to keep track of all the information that erupted with volcanic force from the...
  • [ICANN] Congress Makes Weak Assurance . [internet giveaway -- aw!m vanity]

    09/20/2016 4:40:16 AM PDT · by Arthur Wildfire! March · 15 replies
    Congress has been assuring everyone, "Don't worry, we can defund the 'transition'." They already did defund the transition, and the defunding FAILED. Back in mid-August the Obama Administration proudly confessed to breaking federal law by announcing that ICANN's contract will indeed expire on September 30. The preparation to make that decision took what? Government resources. So now what does congress tell us? They'll defund the transition again. [more info / links coming up]
  • Obama Already Broke the Law reg. Internet Giveaway [aw!m vanity]

    09/20/2016 4:01:09 AM PDT · by Arthur Wildfire! March · 12 replies
    Government resources were needed to fast-track the internet giveaway. And that was a criminal act by Obama's administration. Here are a couple lines of the wonky specifics: The federal government had prohibited any use of taxpayer funds be used to transition out of the current the IANA functions contract. In other words: Congress told the President, "You can't use one dime's worth of government resources to plan the 'internet giveaway. Do it and you're breaking federal law." But he did anyway. He used your tax money to make sure that the contract would expire on September 30. That was a...
  • Coalition Urges Congress to Sue Obama Before He Gives Away Control of Internet

    08/15/2016 9:43:39 PM PDT · by upchuck · 11 replies
    Daily Signal ^ | Aug 15, 2016 | Phillip Wegmann
    Arguing that internet freedom and the constitutional power of the purse are at risk, a coalition of more than two dozen civil society groups and activists are calling on Congress to lawyer up and sue the Obama administration. The Commerce Department has violated federal law, the coalition of groups argued in an Aug. 10 letter to lawmakers, by finalizing plans to relinquish U.S. control of the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority.Though led by digital specific interest group TechFreedom, the coalition includes a number of different organizations like Heritage Action for America and Americans for Tax Reform. And they all argue that...
  • On the trail of an 'enemy combatant'~Details emerge on Marri's alleged role in 2nd wave...

    07/21/2007 12:43:11 PM PDT · by ZacandPook · 9 replies · 999+ views
    Washington Post ^ | July 19, 2007 | Susan Schmidt
    Excerpt: Use of poisons U.S. intelligence officials believe that Marri trained for two years in Afghanistan, among other things receiving instruction in the use of poisons and toxins at the Derunta camp near Jalalabad, sources said. He is believed to have trained under Abu Khabab al-Masri, an Egyptian specialist in chemical and biological weapons who was killed ... *** U.S. authorities allege that Marri had gone to the United Arab Emirates in August 2001 to get more than $13,000 in cash from Mustafa Ahmed al-Hawsawi, the alleged paymaster for the Sept. 11 plotters. *** The Islamic Assembly of North America,...
  • Swiss court approves giving account details to United States in [Idaho-based Saudi] terror case

    10/15/2004 12:18:35 PM PDT · by OXENinFLA · 5 replies · 386+ views
    AP via Findlaw ^ | 10-15-04 | ALEXANDER G. HIGGINS
    GENEVA (AP) - Switzerland approved on Friday the handover of bank documents to the United States on the source of a donation to a U.S.-based Islamic charity suspected of money laundering and recruiting terrorists over the Internet. The supreme court's decision allows Swiss authorities to override banking secrecy and provide documents, including those for a $300,000 transfer made May 14, 1998, from a Geneva bank to the Michigan-based Islamic Assembly of North America. The decision was in response to a February 2003 U.S. government request for judicial assistance in its investigation of the assembly and its Idaho-based Saudi computer expert...
  • NY Doctor Found Guilty of Sending Funds to Iraq

    02/10/2005 3:34:51 PM PST · by TexKat · 11 replies · 664+ views
    Reuters ^ | 2/10/05
    NEW YORK (Reuters) - An upstate New York doctor was found guilty on Thursday of illegally sending millions of dollars to Iraq, in violation of U.S. sanctions, authorities said. Rafil Dhafir was convicted of 59 out of 60 charges ranging from conspiracy to money laundering to Medicare fraud after a 15-week federal trial in Syracuse, N.Y., prosecutors said. Dhafir, an oncologist, used an unregistered charity named "Help the Needy" to solicit some $4 million in contributions in the United States and then launder much of it to Iraq through bank accounts in Jordan, prosecutors said. Prosecutors said he began sending...
  • Former CAIR/Egyptian prez candidate vows to “complete the implementation of Islamic law in Egypt”

    03/12/2012 3:55:55 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 2 replies
    PJ Tatler ^ | March 12, 2012 | Patrick Poole
    From the Middle East Media Research Institute comes a recent video of Egyptian presidential candidate Bassem Khafagi on Al-Nas TV promising to “complete the implementation of Islamic law in Egypt” (HT: Zip). From the MEMRI transcript: (VIDEO AT LINK) Bassem Khafaji: Let me tell you, in all honesty, that as a Muslim Egyptian, I am convinced of [the need to] complete the implementation of Islamic law in Egypt. I do not hide this truth in any way, because it is in keeping with the inclination of the Egyptian people. We Egyptians – both Muslims and non-Muslims – refer to the...
  • Anthrax: Source of Fishy, Shaggy Dog Stories Pleads Fifth

    12/20/2007 4:52:43 AM PST · by TrebleRebel · 68 replies · 316+ views
    Blogger News ^ | 12/20/07 | Ross getman
    Anthrax: Source of Fishy, Shaggy Dog Stories Pleads Fifth December 20th, 2007 by Ross E. Getman In October 2007, the former Criminal Chief of the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia, Daniel Seikaly, was deposed in the civil rights action by Steve Hatfill about whether he was the source of leaks relating to Steve Hatfill in connection with Newsweek and Washington Post stories about the use of bloodhounds and the draining of ponds in Frederick, Maryland. Attorney Seikaly pled the Fifth Amendment against self-incrimination in connection with most substantive questions. Attorney Seikaly has had a very distinguished career....
  • Ali Al-Timimi, al-Qaeda and Anthrax

    10/29/2007 2:22:32 PM PDT · by Ernest_at_the_Beach · 105 replies · 768+ views
    JAWA Report ^ | October 29, 2007 03:48 PM | Howie
    Ali al-Timimi will be serving life for sedition. Specifically he was recruiting for al-Qaeda from the US. Scary enough, but read the whole article. It appears al-Qaeda had infiltrated US biodefense and has supporters/agents with access to the Ames strain of anthrax and the know how to make dried concentrated forms of the spores.Via colleague of famed Russian bioweaponeer Ken Alibek and former USAMRIID head Charles Bailey, a prolific Ames strain researcher, has been convicted of sedition and sentenced to life in prison. He worked in a program co-sponsored by the American Type Culture Collection and had access to...
  • It's time to click "cancel" on ceding ICANN authority - it really is a big deal

    04/23/2014 7:41:35 AM PDT · by lifeofgrace · 1 replies
    The Thanks Project ^ | 4/23/2014 | Steve Berman
    There's been a few headlines decrying the Obama Commerce Department's decision to cede control of ICANN to "the world". Most people react to these with some mild foreboding or irritation. It really is a big deal though. If the US really does transfer ICANN control to some international body, it could permanently and irretrievably destroy trust in the entire Internet. In fact, it probably will.
  • Startling implications of a Jihadi letter

    11/09/2007 11:03:03 AM PST · by neverdem · 21 replies · 379+ views
    American Thinker ^ | November 09, 2007 | Ray Robison
    New light is being shed on the 2001 anthrax attacks in a fascinating open letter to Ayman al Zawahiri of al Qaeda, written by a jihadi living in London. Numan Bin Uthman, a former leader of an armed Islamic group in Libya, provides yet more evidence that the global Islamic jihad movement is losing its resolve.  But the letter contains a startling admission. Uthman tells us of a conversation he had with al Qaeda leaders before the 9/11 attacks in which he urged them not to use WMD. From AKI News: Uthman also said that he had taken part in...
  • American Islamist Groups Shape Arab Revolutions

    07/31/2012 8:55:16 AM PDT · by bayouranger · 12 replies ^ | 31JUL12 | David J. Rusin
    Illustrating that the jihadist enterprise transcends all borders, American Islamist groups typically preoccupied with remaking the U.S. have been leaving their fingerprints on the campaign to exchange secular authoritarianism for religious authoritarianism in the Middle East. As these organizations labor stateside to nudge the governing class to embrace Arab Islamists at the expense of liberals — prompting Egyptian intellectual Essam Abdallah to lament that "the most dramatic oppression of the region's civil societies and the Arab Spring … is led by the powerful Islamist lobbies in Washington" — several of the groups' past and current officials have emerged as key...
  • Mueller on anthrax,

    07/19/2008 3:41:59 PM PDT · by ZACKandPOOK · 10 replies · 232+ views
    ABCNews ^ | July 19, 2008
    I never give time frames, because you never know where you'll have sufficient evidence to go public with a prosecution, " Mueller said.
  • Appeals court rules against Ashcroft in 9/11 case

    09/04/2009 2:47:23 PM PDT · by NormsRevenge · 36 replies · 1,784+ views
    AP on Yahoo ^ | 9/4/09 | Rebecca Boone - ap
    BOISE, Idaho – A federal appeals court delivered a stinging rebuke Friday to the Bush administration's post-Sept. 11 detention policies, ruling that former Attorney General John Ashcroft can be held liable for people who were wrongfully detained as material witnesses after 9/11. A three-judge panel of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said the government's improper use of material witnesses after Sept. 11 was "repugnant to the Constitution and a painful reminder of some of the most ignominious chapters of our national history." The court found that a man who was detained as a witness in a federal terrorism...
  • Last of the IPv4 Addresses Allocated

    02/01/2011 9:40:20 AM PST · by ShadowAce · 22 replies
    Enterprise Networking Planet ^ | 1 February 2011 | Sean Michael Kerner
    Early this morning, the Asia Pacific Network Information Centre (APNIC) announced that it had been allocated two /8 address blocks from the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA ). Those two blocks, 39/8 and 106/8, were the last unallocated blocks in the IANA free pool of IPv4 address available to Regional Internet Registries (RIR). With the allocation, the final days of IPv4 have moved closer as the number of available addresses that can be allocated will dwindle. "Please be aware, this will be the final allocation made by IANA under the current framework and will trigger the final distribution of five...
  • Obama Surrendering Internet to Foreign Powers

    02/01/2010 10:41:04 PM PST · by BellStar · 51 replies · 1,952+ views
    NEWSMAX ^ | 31 Jan 2010 | By: Bradley A. Blakeman
    Without the ingenuity of America’s brightest minds and the investment of U.S. taxpayer dollars, there would be no Internet, as we now know it today. Now, the Obama administration has moved quietly to cede control of the Web from the United States to foreign powers. Some background: The Internet came into being because of the genius work of Americans Dr.Robert E. Kahn and Dr. Vinton G. Cerf. These men, while working for the Department of Defense in the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency in the early 1970s, conceived, designed, and implemented the idea of "open-architecture networking."
  • Al-Hussayen's wife shared terrorist views, FBI claims

    10/30/2003 10:26:29 AM PST · by BullDog108 · 10 replies · 167+ views
    Spokesman-Review (Spokane, WA) ^ | 10/30/03 | Bill Morlin
    Al-Hussayen's wife shared terrorist views, FBI claims She faces deportation hearing Nov. 7; ex-UI student's trial slated for January Bill MorlinStaff writer Agents are investigating whether money for terrorist activities was funneled through nonprofit, pro-Islamic charities set up in the United States. Sami Al-Hussayen, seeking his doctorate in computer science at UI, is accused of managing Web sites used by the charities and radical sheiks to further terrorism. Al-Hussayen's attorneys say he is far removed from terrorism, claiming he's a peace-loving family man who deplored the violence of Sept. 11, 2001. The declassified FBI documents say Maha Al-Hussayen "made statements...
  • Check it out! Pics of the "Nativity Scene" set up by the University Of Texas Young Conservatives.

    12/05/2006 9:51:35 AM PST · by redstates4ever · 57 replies · 2,605+ views
    Yahoo! News Photos ^ | 12/04/06 | staff
    "Tony McDonald, a member of the University of Texas Young Conservatives, sets up a protest anti- American Civil Liberties Union nativity scene, dubbed a 'solstice barn,' on the university's campus in Austin December 4, 2006. The display features a 'Nancy Pelosi' angel, a 'suicide bomber' shepherd, and Marx, Lenin and Stalin as the Three Wise Men." "Josh Perry, a member of the University of Texas Young Conservatives, spreads hay as he sets up a protest anti-American Civil Liberties Union nativity scene, dubbed a 'solstice barn,' on the university's campus in Austin, Texas December 4, 2006. The display features a...
  • Doubts Grow over Muslim Lawmaker's Loyalty

    12/06/2006 3:14:19 AM PST · by T.L.Sink · 30 replies · 1,099+ views
    This article will alarm you. Keith Ellison (Hakim-Mohammed), a black convert to orthodox sunni Islam is exposed by his own words, his nefarious associates, and his personal life as scofflaw. Do we now have a jihadist in Congress? Think that's hype? Read the story!
  • Imams Gone Wild-The untold story of the holy sheikh who attacked a Delta flight attendant.

    11/30/2006 5:43:04 AM PST · by SJackson · 48 replies · 2,629+ views ^ | November 30, 2006 | Paul Sperry
    The Council on American-Islamic Relations is demanding Congress investigate US Airway's removal last week of six imams from one of its flights. The Muslim-rights group claims the imams, who were behaving suspiciously, posed no threat. It's "very, very inappropriate to treat religious leaders that way," a spokesman fumed. According to CAIR, imams are as harmless as Buddhist monks and deserve no less respect. Tell that to flight attendant Kimberly Banducci. According to police reports I've obtained, the Delta Air Lines veteran was assaulted by a Muslim cleric in a bizarre attack aboard a flight from Miami International Airport three years...
  • Other group helping in Iraq not prosecuted (leftist activists, Voices in the Wilderness, skate)

    03/09/2003 11:36:44 PM PST · by Stultis · 2 replies · 419+ views
    Syracuse Post-Standard ^ | 7 March 2003 | Renee K. Gadoua
    Other group helping in Iraq not prosecuted Friday, March 07, 2003By Renee K. Gadoua The same federal act used to indict three Central New Yorkers accused of illegally sending money to Iraq has not been enforced against at least a dozen local residents who openly violated U.S. law by traveling there. The International Emergency Economic Powers Act authorizes U.S. sanctions against Iraq. Four Muslims, including three Onondaga County residents, were indicted Feb. 26 on charges that include violating the act by using the Syracuse-based charity Help the Needy to send money to Iraq without a license. About 600 people have...
  • WoT ALERT: Terror U.

    01/22/2005 7:24:00 AM PST · by indcons · 7 replies · 943+ views ^ | January 21, 2005 | Joe Kaufman
    One year ago, I wrote a piece exposing radical Islam within Florida Atlantic University (FAU). My goal was twofold: [1] to bring awareness concerning a growing problem within FAU [2] to push the university to take action so that this problem ceases to exist. Unfortunately, only the first part of my goal was accomplished, as FAU is continuing to allow radicals on its campus, the latest being this Saturday'S (Jan.22, 2005) return engagement of potential co-conspirator to the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center, Siraj Wahhaj. The Enemy Thrives at FAU In recent times, a fairly large list of...
  • A terrorism case that went awry

    11/22/2004 11:07:43 AM PST · by JohnathanRGalt · 35 replies · 2,167+ views
    Seattle Times ^ | Nov. 22, 2004 | Maureen O'Hagan
    A terrorism case that went awry By Maureen O'HaganSeattle Times staff reporter, Monday, November 22, 2004 Sami al-Hussayen, a Saudi Arabian, faced terrorism charges in Idaho. John Ashcroft called Sami al-Hussayen part of "a terrorist threat to Americans that is fanatical, and it is fierce." Idaho Gov. Dirk Kempthorne said al-Hussayen is proof that terrorists are hiding in the heartland. Yet al-Hussayen, a 34-year-old doctoral candidate at the University of Idaho, didn't exactly fit the profile when he was arrested in February 2003 and likened in court documents to Osama bin Laden. Instead, al-Hussayen's alleged crimes occurred at his...
  • The Muslim Student Association: Coming In Peace?

    02/09/2004 3:26:54 PM PST · by yonif · 19 replies · 1,149+ views
    Accuracy in Academia ^ | February 6, 2004 | Malcolm A. Kline
    February 6, 2004 - If you have seen signs for the Muslim Student Association on college campuses and wondered who they are, where they came from and whether they exist on student fees alone, you are not alone. Federal investigators are curious too. The Senate Finance Committee is investigating non-profit groups to determine whether those organizations might be a source of funding for terrorist activities. Among the groups that the Committee wants Internal Revenue Service records on: the Muslim Student Association (MSA), active on campuses throughout the United States. "Many of these groups not only enjoy tax-exempt status, but their...
  • CAIR's Mr. Randall Royer Pleads Guilty [More muslim terrorism at terrorist organization CAIR].

    01/25/2004 6:44:24 PM PST · by tubavil · 6 replies · 576+ views
    Anti-CAIR Press Release 003/04 ^ | January 25, 2004 | Andrew Whitehead
    In Defense of the Constitution Anti-CAIR Press Release 003/04 January 25, 2004 - CAIR?s Mr. Randall Royer Pleads Guilty - The Islamic Development Bank & CAIR - Answers to Frequently Asked Questions CAIR?s Mr. Randall Royer Pleads Guilty On January 16th, 2004, Mr. Randall Royer pleaded guilty to charges of using and discharging a firearm during, and in relation to, a crime of violence; and with carrying an explosive during commission of a felony. Mr. Royer faces a mandatory minimum sentence of 20 years in prison. (Mr. Royer also uses the first name of ?Ismail?) At the time Mr. Royer...
  • Charges laid over jihad web site Was based in Montreal

    01/13/2004 6:58:13 PM PST · by Calpernia · 13 replies · 815+ views
    National Post ^ | Tuesday, January 13, 2004 | Stewart Bell
    U.S. authorities filed criminal charges yesterday against a Saudi student who ran a Montreal-based Internet site that was allegedly used to recruit and raise money for Islamic terrorists. Charges of providing material support to terrorism were filed in U.S. District Court in Boise against Sami Omar Al-Hussayen, 34, a computer student at the University of Idaho. The indictment alleges he ''knew and intended that his computer services and expertise would be used to recruit and to raise funds for violent holy war, or jihad, in Israel, Chechnya and elsewhere.'' Aside from soliciting money for Hamas, Mr. Al-Hussayen operated an e-mail...
  • FBI says Idaho graduate student tried gaining access to lab with radioactive material

    12/07/2003 7:51:57 PM PST · by witnesstothefall · 52 replies · 1,109+ views
    AP ^ | Dec 07, 2003
    COEUR D'ALENE, Idaho -- A University of Idaho graduate student who is under investigation for suspected terrorism ties obtained unauthorized access to a campus lab containing radioactive material, court documents allege. Sami Omar Al-Hussayen, a Saudi national working on his computer science doctoral degree, quietly moved his student office from the Computer Science Department into the school's engineering isotope lab, apparently without his adviser's knowledge, according to the documents. "The investigation of Sami Al-Hussayen has, from its outset, been focused on suspected material support to terrorism, particularly to Osama bin Laden's Al-Qaeda network," FBI agent Michael Gnecknow said in the...
  • Prosecutors take issue with lawyer for Al-Hussayen (terrorist/saudi gov link)

    11/06/2003 8:34:02 AM PST · by knak · 10 replies · 375+ views
    <p>Federal prosecutors say the lawyer for a University of Idaho student accused of having links to international terrorists might have a conflict of interest because he is being paid by the Saudi Arabian government. According to a motion filed Oct. 30 in federal court, prosecutors say attorney David Nevin could possibly discourage student Sami Al-Hussayen from taking actions contrary to a third party´s interest — in this case the government of Saudi Arabia.</p>
  • Former Head of Islamic Charity Sentenced (another CAIR terrorist)

    11/16/2003 10:18:11 PM PST · by tubavil · 4 replies · 199+ views
    AP via Yahoo ^ | 11/14/2003 | Staff
    Former Head of Islamic Charity Sentenced Fri Nov 14, 1:09 AM ET DETROIT - The former head of an Islamic charity suspected of having ties to terrorism was sentenced Thursday after pleading guilty to bank and visa fraud. U.S. District Judge Lawrence Zatkoff sentenced Bassem Khafagi, formerly of Ann Arbor, to 10 months of time already served in prison. Khafagi, 41, pleaded guilty Sept. 9. Khafagi admitted that he passed bad checks at two banks for thousands of dollars in 2001, and that he made false statements on his nonimmigrant visa application in 2000, U.S. Attorney Jeffrey Collins said in...
  • FBI investigates spread of radical Islam in U.S.

    10/04/2003 5:41:22 AM PDT · by Fzob · 27 replies · 1,303+ views
    AZ CENTRAL ^ | 10/03/03 | Susan Schmidt
    <p>WASHINGTON - On Aug. 20, 2001, Saleh Ibn Abdul Rahman Hussayen, a man who would soon be named a minister of the Saudi government and put in charge of its two holy mosques, arrived in the United States to meet with some of this country's most influential fundamentalist Sunni Muslim leaders.</p>
  • FBI investigates spread of radical Islam in U.S.

    10/03/2003 6:16:38 PM PDT · by Brian S · 22 replies · 303+ views
    Oct. 3, 2003 12:30 PM WASHINGTON - On Aug. 20, 2001, Saleh Ibn Abdul Rahman Hussayen, a man who would soon be named a minister of the Saudi government and put in charge of its two holy mosques, arrived in the United States to meet with some of this country's most influential fundamentalist Sunni Muslim leaders. His journey here was to include meetings and contacts with officials of several Saudi-sponsored charities that have since been accused of links to terrorist groups, including the Illinois-based Global Relief Foundation, which U.S. authorities shut down last year. He met with the creators of...
  • Hijackers In Same Hotel As Saudi Minister (9-10-2001)

    10/02/2003 7:37:13 PM PDT · by blam · 66 replies · 3,785+ views
    The Telegraph (UK) ^ | 10-3-2003 | David Rennie
    Hijackers in same hotel as Saudi minister By David Rennie in Washington (Filed: 03/10/2003) A senior Saudi Arabian official, now minister for the holy places, stayed at the same hotel as three September 11 hijackers the night before the suicide attacks. American investigators are trying to make sense of the disclosure that Saleh Ibn Abdul Rahman al-Hussayen, who returned to Saudi Arabia shortly after the attacks, stayed at the Marriott Residence Inn in Herndon, Virginia. Three of the attackers stayed at the hotel that night and crashed a plane into the Pentagon the following day. His nephew's American lawyer, David...
  • A Bad Day for CAIR

    09/24/2003 12:36:53 AM PDT · by kattracks · 23 replies · 554+ views ^ | 9/24/03 | Evan McCormick
    September 10th, 2003 will forever be remembered as a grim day for the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR). On that day, the eve of the second anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, CAIR faced up to its own terrorist connections. It ran away from testifying before an influential Senate panel that heard a barrage of incriminating evidence about the group and its connections. It saw one of its former officials plead guilty to terrorist-related crimes in Federal Court. And, it was stood up by two Department of Justice officials at an immigration symposium in Florida. CAIR should find it hard...
  • Suspects linked to bin Laden, Iraq: Arrests of Arabs in Idaho, New York target terror financing

    02/28/2003 12:06:23 AM PST · by JohnHuang2 · 3 replies · 494+ views ^ | Friday, February 28, 2003 | By Art Moore
    The Saudi man arrested by the Joint Terrorism Task Force yesterday in Idaho has ties to close associates of terrorist mastermind Osama bin Laden and to four Arab men charged at the same time with channeling funds to Iraq. Sami Omar Al-Hussayen – a University of Idaho doctoral candidate supported by the Saudi government – was a terrorist bagman, according to a federal criminal justice source quoted by a Seattle newspaper. Saudi student Sami Omar al-Hussayen "He's in touch with people who could pick up the phone, call [bin Laden], and he would take the call," the source told the...
  • U.S. detains, kicks out two Canadian Muslims

    09/13/2003 4:18:51 PM PDT · by Pikamax · 21 replies · 355+ views
    GlobeandMail ^ | 09/13/03 | COLIN FREEZE
    U.S. detains, kicks out two Canadian Muslims By COLIN FREEZE From Saturday's Globe and Mail UPDATED AT 2:39 AM EDT Saturday, Sep. 13, 2003 Two moderate Islamic scholars were kicked out of the United States and sent back to Canada last night, after U.S. authorities detained them as suspected terrorists when they landed in Florida on the anniversary of the 2001 terrorist attacks. Ahmad Kutty, 59, and Abdool Hamid, 37, are Canadian citizens affiliated with the Islamic Centre of Canada in Mississauga, Ont. They were flying to Orlando to lead an Islamic prayer service, but were intercepted by immigration agents...
  • Portland Islamic leader connected to charity under investigation, records show

    03/18/2003 1:46:27 AM PST · by sarcasm · 19 replies · 518+ views
    AP ^ | March 18, 2003
    PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) -- The leader of Portland's biggest mosque sits on the board of an Islamic charity that's being investigated for terrorist links, federal tax records show. The Oregonian reported Tuesday that Alaa M. Abunijem has served on a three-person board in charge of the Michigan-based Islamic Assembly of North America since at least 1999, according to federal documents reviewed by the Portland newspaper. An FBI agent testified in an Idaho federal court last week that the bureau's evidence "clearly points" to the Islamic Assembly's role in promoting terrorism. Abunijem and other directors of the Islamic Assembly have not...
  • Terror arrest roils small town in Idaho: Muslim residents feel sudden chill

    03/12/2003 1:54:23 AM PST · by sarcasm · 14 replies · 1,690+ views
    Denver Post ^ | March 12, 2003 | Gwen Florio
    Wednesday, March 12, 2003 - MOSCOW, Idaho - This was supposed to be the safe place, the Idaho town that fought the state's stereotype as a haven for white- supremacist and anti-government groups. For sure, that's how Marwan Mossaad felt about Moscow, home to the University of Idaho, where the 25-year-old Egyptian national is majoring in economics and architecture. It's hard to imagine the disconnect between the chaotic streets of Cairo, a city of 16 million people, and Moscow, where the grain elevator at the south end of Main Street is the tallest building in town.Until now, said Mossaad, head...
  • Former Idaho football player arrested as material witness in Islamic charities probe

    03/18/2003 4:30:42 PM PST · by Oldeconomybuyer · 10 replies · 545+ views
    Associated Press ^ | 3-18-03 | NICHOLAS K. GERANIOS
    <p>SPOKANE, Wash. (AP) -- A former University of Idaho football player has been arrested as a material witness in an investigation of Islamic charities with possible links to terrorism, FBI agents said Tuesday.</p> <p>Abdullah Al-Kidd, 30, was arrested Sunday at Dulles International Airport near Washington, D.C., according to two FBI agents who separately spoke on condition of anonymity. He was carrying a one-way ticket to Saudi Arabia, court documents show.</p>
  • Al-Kidd: 'I'm not a terrorist'

    04/01/2003 2:18:41 AM PST · by miltonim · 23 replies · 532+ views ^ | Monday, March 31, 2003 | THE ASSOCIATED PRESS
    BELLEVUE -- A former University of Idaho football player said he is not tied to terrorists and is shocked at the way he's been treated by federal agents the past two weeks. Abdullah Al-Kidd was arrested as he prepared to board a jetliner at Dulles International Airport outside Washington, D.C. He is jailed in Boise, Idaho, as a material witness in an investigation of an alleged terrorist group with links to the university. "Basically, don't believe the hype," Al-Kidd told the King County Journal during a jailhouse interview on Sunday night. "I'm not a terrorist. I'm as American as apple...
  • Upstate charity tied to illegal Iraqi cash: Feds say N.Y. group laundered millions

    04/06/2003 6:43:35 AM PDT · by sarcasm · 10 replies · 623+ views
    New York Daily News ^ | April 6, 2003 | DOUGLAS FEIDEN
    Even as war rages in Iraq, federal agents have begun to unlock the secrets of an unlicensed, unregistered Islamic charity in upstate New York that allegedly pumped millions of dollars into Baghdad. Flouting U.S. economic sanctions, the group shipped cash out of Syracuse, laundered it in banks in Jordan and then illegally funneled it into Iraq, according to an unsealed federal indictment. Operating under the name Help the Needy, the organization described itself as a tax-exempt nonprofit that provided food and humanitarian assistance to the "starving children and suffering Muslims of Iraq." But it lacked charitable status, misrepresented itself in...
  • MSA Figure Seized By FBI

    05/29/2003 12:01:46 AM PDT · by JohnHuang2 · 4 replies · 659+ views ^ | Thursday, May 29, 2003 | By Paul Barrett
    <p>In the days after Sept. 11, 2001, Sami Omar al-Hussayen led fellow Muslims as they joined an emotion-charged candlelight march remembering the dead. The Saudi graduate student in computer science at the University of Idaho helped organize a blood drive for victims. He issued a press release on behalf of the Muslim Students Association, stating that the small town of Moscow's Muslims "condemn in the strongest terms possible what are apparently vicious acts of terrorism against innocent citizens."</p>
  • Second man with ties to University of Idaho arrested [Yet More CAIR Terrorism evident]

    03/14/2003 8:40:49 PM PST · by Abar · 40 replies · 1,138+ views
    Seattle Times ^ | March 14, 2003 | Nicholas K. Geranios
    A second man with ties to the University of Idaho has been arrested by federal agents in a widening investigation of a suspected terrorist-related web in the Moscow, Idaho-Pullman, Wash., area, an FBI source confirmed today. Former Idaho student Bassem K. Khafagi was arrested in January at the Marriott Hotel near New York City’s LaGuardia Airport and was returned to Michigan to face bank fraud charges, court documents show. A total of four men with ties to the Moscow-Pullman area and the Michigan-based Islamic Assembly of North America have been implicated in the investigation. They include current University of Idaho...
  • Terror Tools

    03/11/2003 8:01:12 AM PST · by JohnathanRGalt · 12 replies · 1,126+ views
    National Review ^ | Mar. 11, 2003 | Rita Katz and Josh Devon
    March 11, 2003, 9:20 a.m. Terror ToolsSaudi-funded front in Michigan.By Rita Katz and Josh Devon he Saudi-funded, al Qaeda propaganda machine is in full effect behind the Islamic Assembly of North America (IANA), an ostensibly mainstream organization that had five of its members arrested and indicted at the end of February. Four of the men were running an IANA spin-off charity, Help the Needy, and funneling money illegally through it to Iraq. The fifth, Samih Al-Hussayen, a student at the University Idaho, was arrested for knowingly neglecting to list his affiliation with IANA on his visa application when he...
  • Anti-terror forces arrest Idaho student

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    Seattle Post-Intelligencer ^ | February 27, 2003 | PAUL SHUKOVSKY
    MOSCOW, Idaho -- Agents with a federal anti-terrorism task force yesterday arrested a University of Idaho student who they say provides a window on how al-Qaida, the group responsible for the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, raises money.Sami Omar Al-Hussayen, a doctoral candidate studying computer security here, was a terrorist bagman, according to one federal criminal justice source. "He's in touch with people who could pick up the phone, call UBL (the law enforcement acronym for Osama bin Laden), and he would take the call."Few in this region's small Muslim community would talk about Al-Hussayen yesterday. Some praised him as a...