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Keyword: iraqinukes

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  • U.S. Helps Remove Uranium From Iraq [Article from 2008]

    06/20/2014 8:45:04 AM PDT · by caligatrux · 23 replies
    The New York Times ^ | July 7, 2008 | Alissa J. Rubin, Campbell Robertson
    BAGHDAD — American and Iraqi officials have completed nearly the last chapter in dismantling Saddam Hussein’s nuclear program with the removal of hundreds of tons of natural uranium from the country’s main nuclear site. The uranium, which was removed several weeks ago, arrived in Canada over the weekend, according to officials. The removal was first reported by The Associated Press. [snip] American military personnel helped move about 600 tons of uranium in the form called yellowcake. It had been stored at Tuwaitha, an installation 12 miles south of Baghdad, which had been the site of Iraq’s nuclear program. [snip] This...
  • Post-Saddam Iraq demands right to nuclear power

    11/17/2009 12:01:28 AM PST · by ErnstStavroBlofeld · 10 replies · 648+ views
    Space War ^ | 11/16/2009 | Staff Writers for Space War
    Vilified as a nuclear bomb-seeking threat to world peace before the 2003 invasion that toppled Saddam Hussein's regime, Iraq now wants access to civilian nuclear power for its economic and energy needs. Science and Technology Minister Raed Fahmi, in an interview with AFP, called for the international community to lift the Saddam-era UN resolutions which still stand in its path. "Our nuclear strategy is for civilian application of atomic energy and we believe we have the right and that certain obstacles contained in Resolution 707 should be lifted," he said. "We have a clear and transparent political strategy in close...
  • Last of Saddam's WMD ( that which wasn't moved to Syria before the war) secreted to Canada.

    07/01/2009 8:05:27 PM PDT · by cycle of discernment · 16 replies · 1,715+ views
    ( The media and the democrats knew all along Saddam had WMD...we sent an engraved invite we were coming three months in advance, of course he moved his WMD to Syria----but the bloodthirsty "Bush Lied" chorus was allowed to perpetuate to destroy Bush) Secret U.S. mission hauls uranium from Iraq Last major stockpile from Saddam's nuclear efforts arrives in Canada updated 6:57 p.m. ET, Sat., July 5, 2008 The last major remnant of Saddam Hussein's nuclear program — a huge stockpile of concentrated natural uranium — reached a Canadian port Saturday to complete a secret U.S. operation that included a...
  • Israel/UN's Nuke Watchdog Have Public Public Feud

    06/18/2009 11:04:01 AM PDT · by Shellybenoit · 1 replies · 217+ views
    BBC/The Lid ^ | 6/18/09 | The Lid
    The United Nations Nuke Watchdog, IAEA director Dr. Mohammed El-Baradei has a history of appeasing terrorist powers looking to become nuclear, for example: For over three years, the quarterly IAEA reports on Iran contained the details of violations, obstruction of inspector's visits, important inconsistencies between official claims and the results of tests from samples taken from various facilities, and other forms of non-compliance. But the final assessment in each report, signed by the director-general, absurdly concluded that this evidence did not demonstrate that Iran was seeking nuclear weapons.....This process delayed the imposition of sanctions that might have dissuaded Iran from...
  • Saddam Has Tested Nuclear Weapons and is ready to use them!

    12/20/2001 5:26:56 PM PST · by vannrox · 34 replies · 786+ views
    Atour: The State of Assyria ^ | 1Q 2001 | Editorial Staff
    International News Saddam Has Tested Nuclear Weaponby Gwynne Robers, London Sunday Times - 02/25/2001Posted: Tuesday, February 27, 2001 11:07 am CST On a visit to northern Iraq, Gwynne Roberts stumbled on a trail of compelling evidence that the 'Butcher of Baghdad' has successfully tested a nuclear bomb. Could he really have hoodwinked the West? Was this Saddam's bomb? The mysterious visitor emerged from the shadows outside my hotel in Kurdish controlled northern Iraq, just as a crisis between Washington and Baghdad was reaching a climax in January 1998. His appearance set alarm bells ringing. Several westerners had recently been ...
  • Yellowcake journalism

    07/19/2008 10:55:05 AM PDT · by Graybeard58 · 49 replies · 864+ views
    Waterbury Republican-American ^ | July 19, 2008 | Editorial
    Remember Joe Wilson? He's the diplomat who went to Niger to investigate Bush administration claims that Saddam Hussein had tried to buy yellowcake uranium, a raw material used in building nuclear bombs, from Africa. He wrote in a July 6, 2003, New York Times op-ed that he had spent the previous February in Niger, "drinking sweet mint tea and meeting with dozens of people ... associated with the country's uranium business. It did not take long to conclude that it was highly doubtful that any such transaction had ever taken place." A story that has to be the most underplayed...
  • President Bush was Right, As Evidenced by This Month’s Sale of Saddam’s Uranium and More

    07/12/2008 7:22:49 PM PDT · by Yomin Postelnik · 39 replies · 252+ views
    Canada Free Press ^ | 07/12/2008 | Yomin Postelnik
    If anyone doubts the need to have ousted Saddam, a news release in the past few days should put such doubts to rest. The report is that the US has sold 550 tons of yellowcake uranium that had been found in Iraq to Cameco, a Canadian company. The uranium will now be used as fuel and poses no severe risk if properly stored and sealed. While the report contains no new information per se, it brings to the forefront pertinent facts that, while widely available, were also widely ignored. But when analyzing military and security matters, we can ill afford...
  • U.S. State Department Memo Confirms: Saddam Hussein 'Was' Developing Nuclear Bomb

    04/25/2008 4:34:45 PM PDT · by Moseley · 49 replies · 451+ views
    Associated Press (Court Exhibits from Scooter Libbey Trial) ^ | April 25, 2008 | Christian Citizens of America
    MEDIA ADVISORY, April 25 /Christian Newswire/ -- The trial of Scooter Libbey proved one thing: Bush and Cheney were right -- along with Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, John Kerry, and every other Democrat and responsible world leader. Saddam Hussein WAS indeed actively working to develop and build a nuclear bomb, and posed a threat of a nuclear holocaust against American famlies. An internal memo from the U.S. State Department was declassified at the insistence of Scooter Libbey's defense attorneys (against Foggy Bottom's wishes). The memo has been posted by the ASSOCIATED PRESS at -- And the memo is fully...

    04/11/2008 2:47:24 PM PDT · by Moseley · 51 replies · 2,310+ views
    U.S. State Department DeClassified Memo ^ | April 4, 2008 | Conservative Events
    The Prime Minister of Niger reported to the U.S. State Department in early 2002 that Iraq tried to buy uranium "yellow cake" (ore) -- a June 2003 Memo reveals. A declassified court exhibit introduced in the 2007 trial of Scooter Libbey proved that Saddam Hussein tried to get uranium ore from Niger -- covertly and under the table. This is clear evidence that Saddam Hussein was actively developing nuclear weapons. Iraq already had stockpiles of uranium "yellow cake" that it was not using -- but that uranium was being watched by UN inspectors. Iraq could have no reason for wanting...
  • 2001 Iraqi Document: Saddam Approved the Re-Use of Nuclear Equipments (Important Translation).

    10/24/2006 12:55:08 PM PDT · by jveritas · 77 replies · 8,688+ views
    In what is so far the most important evidence of Saddam personal involvement in re-building Iraq nuclear program , document CMPC-2003-012331.pdf dated January 2001 indicates that during a meeting between Saddam and the Staff of the Iraqi Atomic Energy Organization Saddam was asked by the Organization Staff to give his permission for re-using the infamous “ Degussa Vacuum furnaces ” that were used in the previous and prohibited Iraq nuclear program. These furnaces can be used to melt uranium and other nuclear related activities.The Degussa Vacuum furnaces were supplied to Iraq in the 1980’s by a German firm (Degussa AG...
  • 2001, 2002 Iraqi Memos: SECRET NUCLEAR PROJECT (Translation)

    04/23/2006 6:36:32 PM PDT · by jveritas · 56 replies · 7,140+ views
    This document CMPC-2004-000167 talks about a project that started in early 2001 by the Iraqi Atomic Energy Commission (IAEC) to use components from the previously destroyed TAMUZ (also known as OZIRAQ) Nuclear Reactor to build a Nuclear Simulator Reactor. The TAMUZ Nuclear Reactor was destroyed by an Israeli air attack in 1981. In September 2002, after almost a year and a half since the start of this Nuclear Project and when it became very clear to the Iraqi Regime that the UN inspectors were coming back to Iraq, a decision was made to stop this Nuclear Activity project. What is...
  • Saudi ambassador salutes 1981 strike on Iraqi nuclear reactor

    04/04/2006 3:59:39 PM PDT · by SJackson · 13 replies · 389+ views
    IMRA ^ | 4-4-06
    Saudi ambassador salutes 1981 strike on Iraqi nuclear reactor Saudi ambassador salutes Israeli 1981 strike on Iraqi nuclear reactor,7340,L-3236054,00.html Turki al-Faisal, speaking in San Francisco, says Israel's 1981 strike on Iraqi nuclear reactor was 'certainly a positive move' Itamar Eichner YNET 4 April 2006 Saudi Arabia's ambassador to the United States Turki al-Faisal expressed support for Israel's strike on the Iraqi Osirak nuclear facility in 1981. Al-Faisal said that the destruction of the Iraqi nuclear reactor by Israel was certainly a positive step, during a speech on foreign relations in San Francisco. The prince said that a region clear...
  • Saddam Regime Document: SADDAM MET WITH HIS NUCLEAR GROUP IN 2002 (Translation)

    04/04/2006 8:45:07 AM PDT · by jveritas · 138 replies · 9,480+ views
    <p>Pages 186 and 193 of document BIAP 2003 00090 carry one of the most important information revealed so far regarding Saddam Nuclear Program. In these two pages which document a summary of meetings held by members of The Military Office of the Iraqi Baath Party and dated May/12/2002 and June/9/2002 they have a section that discuss Saddam Hussein meeting with the Chairman of the Atomic Energy and an elite of researchers.</p>
  • Bill Tierney on Fox & Friends to review Iraqi Nuclear Plasma Program(Saddam Tapes)

    02/19/2006 2:54:35 PM PST · by Alex Marko · 18 replies · 909+ views
    Bill Tierney will appear on Fox & Friends Monday Feb. 20 at 7:15 am with taped recordings of Saddam convesations along with english text related to Iraq's Nuclear Plasma Program linked to their Atomic programs. In a clear confession, Saddam along with 2 previously unknown scientist's discuss Iraq's ongoing Plasma Program.
  • New Book Reveals Secret War Operations (NYT&James Risen's Bunk of the Month entry)

    01/02/2006 3:45:53 PM PST · by NormsRevenge · 66 replies · 1,442+ views
    AP on Yahoo ^ | 1/2/06 | AP - Washington
    WASHINGTON - A new book on the government's secret anti-terrorism operations describes how the CIA recruited an Iraqi-American anesthesiologist in 2002 to obtain information from her brother, who was a figure in Saddam Hussein's nuclear program. Dr. Sawsan Alhaddad of Cleveland made the dangerous trip to Iraq on the CIA's behalf. The book said her brother was stunned by her questions about the nuclear program because — he said — it had been dead for a decade. New York Times reporter James Risen uses the anecdote to illustrate how the CIA ignored information that Iraq no longer had weapons of...
  • Experts: Saddam's Uranium Enough for One Nuke

    11/12/2005 7:48:27 AM PST · by Carl/NewsMax · 71 replies · 1,783+ views ^ | Nov. 12, 2005 | Carl Limbacher
    Though President Bush didn't mention it in his speech yesterday rebutting critics of his administration's use of intelligence on Iraq's weapons of mass destruction, experts say that Saddam Hussein had stockpiled enough partially enriched uranium to produce at least one full-fledged nuclear bomb. Commenting on Saddam's enriched uranium stash after the U.S. Energy Department removed it to Oak Ridge, Tenn., in June 2004, top physicist Ivan Oelrich told the Associated Press: "[Saddam's] 1.95 tons of low-enriched uranium could be used to produce enough highly enriched uranium to make a single nuclear bomb." Oelrich, a leading member of the Federation of...
  • Carl Levin: Saddam Had Nukes

    11/09/2005 9:27:35 AM PST · by InvisibleChurch · 66 replies · 3,044+ views ^ | Wednesday, Nov. 9, 2005 10:36 a.m. EST
    Iraq war critic, Sen. Carl Levin made a startling admission Monday night - confessing that he believed the Bush administration was not wrong when they claimed Saddam Hussein posed a nuclear threat. "Look, there was plenty of evidence that Saddam had nuclear weapons," Levin told MSNBC's "Hardball." "That is not in dispute. There is plenty of evidence of that." Unfortunately, the White House's nuclear claims are in dispute - and by none other than Sen. Levin himself. "When they said that the aluminum tubes that Saddam Hussein was seeking could only be used to make nuclear material, that was not...
  • Saddam's Nukes? Does Carl Levin know something the rest of us don't?

    11/09/2005 6:36:49 AM PST · by conservativecorner · 23 replies · 1,299+ views
    Weekly Standard ^ | Nov. 8, 2005 | Steven Hayes
    DOES SENATOR CARL LEVIN believe that Saddam Hussein had nukes? Levin, the second ranking Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee, is leading the charge against the White House for manipulating intelligence on Iraq and its weapons of mass destruction and connections to al Qaeda. He has been dogged and ruthless, focusing his criticism on two areas of the Bush administration's case for war in Iraq: the connection between Iraq and al Qaeda and Saddam Hussein's nuclear weapons program. Levin claims that the Bush administration manipulated intelligence in both areas to frighten the American public into supporting a war of choice....
  • Syria seeking to oust Iraqi nuclear scientists

    09/26/2004 1:25:01 PM PDT · by anotherview · 40 replies · 2,952+ views
    The Jerusalem Post ^ | 26 September 2004 | DOUGLAS DAVIS
    Sep. 26, 2004 21:39 Syria seeking to oust Iraqi nuclear scientists By DOUGLAS DAVIS Syria is making desperate efforts to persuade Iran to accept a group of 12 Iraqi nuclear scientists and their families who had sought refuge in Damascus before the US-led coalition toppled Saddam Hussein. Quoting Western intelligence officials, the London-based Sunday Telegraph reported that Syrian President Bashar Assad fears that the US will use the presence of the Iraqi scientists as a pretext to target Syria and he is desperate to find a new home for them. The possibility of moving the Iraqi scientists to Iran, a...
  • Islamabad received CIA report on Dr Qadeer in Oct -- (More details on AQ Khans network)

    02/08/2004 9:51:40 AM PST · by Dog · 15 replies · 154+ views
    Hi Pakistan ^ | Feb 8 2004 | NA
    ISLAMABAD: Pakistan was left with no option but to institute a swift and thorough investigation into the alleged connections between a few Pakistani nuclear scientists headed by Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan with the nuclear black market, when it was provided ‘mind boggling’ evidence by the top United States government officials, who arrived in Islamabad to meet top military leadership in the first week of October last year, informed officials said. The government machinery swung into full action when two weeks later the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) not only fully endorsed the US findings, but also in a two-page letter...