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  • DUmmie FUnnies 12-05-14 (KOmmie Rage at Rolling Stone Over Debunked Rape Story)

    12/05/2014 1:52:49 PM PST · by PJ-Comix · 45 replies
    DUmmie FUnnies ^ | December 5, 2014 | KOmmies and PJ-Comix
    <p>The Left, along with the KOmmies, DUmmies, and Nancy Grace figured that at long last they could finally blame white jocks for sexual abuse. Unfortunately for them, the DUke LaCrosse case completely backfired on them bigtime. However, now they figured they had a slam DUnk case against a bunch of white frat boys. After all this time the rape accusations were written up in detail in Rolling Stone. Well, that story did hold up for a couple of weeks, enough time for the idiotic president of the University of Virginia to suspend frat activities without even doing an investigation when this case also blew up in their faces as you can see in this big BACKTRACK from Rolling Stone today. In addition, the Washington Post did the FACT CHECKING that the so-called writer of the Rolling Stoned story should have done and found it came up way short in terms of veracity starting with the fact that the alleged perp wasn't even a member of the frat in question.</p>
  • DUmmie FUnnies 07-10-14 (DUmmies and KOmmies Enjoy Obama Laughing At Border Crises Meeting)

    07/10/2014 8:50:32 AM PDT · by PJ-Comix · 31 replies
    DUmmie FUnnies ^ | July 10, 2014 | DUmmies, KOmmies, and PJ-Comix
    Call it Blind Optics. The DUmmies and KOmmies are so desperate to make Texas Governor Rick Perry look bad that they overlook the fact that Obama looks horrible in the photos above and below. These photos were taken by Reuters during the B order Crises meeting yesterday. Normally the Regime would have prohibited these pics of Obama not taking the border crises seriously but apparently they have the same narrow mindset as the DUmmies and KOmmies because they focused in on Perry looking upset and thought that was a "win" for them. Actually it is turning into a bigtime...
  • DUmmie FUnnies 04-26-14 (Fauxcahontis vs Hillary)

    04/26/2014 4:41:20 PM PDT · by PJ-Comix · 28 replies
    DUmmie FUnnies ^ | April 26, 2014 | KOmmies and PJ-Comix
    In the next few months we will be reading yet more details how Fauxcahontas aka Elizabeth Warren Affirmative Actioned her way up the academia by pretending she was an Indian. How do I know this? Simple. It now appears as if Warren WILL be running for president and the Hillary Clinton War Room will be working overtime to discredit her. I am looking forward to the entertainment of this upcoming catfight which would resemble Alien vs Predator but without the niceties. Remember, this is supposed to be Hillary's last Hoorah and she must DESTROY any who come in her...
  • DUmmie FUnnies 04-10-14 (KOmmies Show Their Love For FBI Snitch Al Sharpton)

    04/10/2014 6:04:29 PM PDT · by PJ-Comix · 22 replies
    DUmmie FUnnies ^ | April 10, 2014 | Kommies and PJ-Comix
    Is anybody out there really surprised that "Reverend" Al Sharpton was an FBI snitch who was forcibly turned because he was caught on tape dealing coke? Most normal folks already had "Reverend" Al pegged as a dirtbag from way back but for the KOmmies it was an astounding revelation. And the FUnniest thing is that for most KOmmies, it makes no difference. They will continue to show their love for the MSNBC host as you can see in this KOmmie THREAD, "Smoking Gun: Facts Derail Lying Al Sharpton's Informant Tale." So let us now watch the KOmmies prove in...
  • DUmmie FUnnies 11-22-13 (KOmmies Cheer ObamaCare "Success")

    11/22/2013 6:28:07 PM PST · by PJ-Comix · 36 replies
    DUmmie FUnnies ^ | November 22, 2013 | KOmmies and PJ-Comix
    This DUFU edition is sure to cause you to slap your foreheads in amazement at the incredible gullibility of the KOmmies in their desperation to look for some, ANY, success in the ObamaCare flop. Yes, it is well known that the ObamaCare website is INSECURE so what do the KOmmies do? They unthinkingly provide their personal information to that site. They might as well send an email with that information to hackers and Nigerian email scammers. So will the first KOmmie to suffer from identity theft apply to the government for a subsidy due to their identity being stolen?...
  • DUmmie FUnnies 10-25-13 (KOmmies Pray to Blue Fairy to Fix ObamaCare Website)

    10/25/2013 12:35:11 PM PDT · by PJ-Comix · 53 replies
    DUmmie FUnnies ^ | October 25, 2013 | KOmmies and PJ-Comix
    Please Blue Fairy. I beg of you to fix the ObamaCare website by the end of November or we will all look like complete fools. Please Blue Fairy. Those EVIL Rightwingers will laugh at us now and forever unto the end of time if the ObamaCare website is not fixed. Blue Fairy, wave your magic wand and make it all better for us. Blue Fairy, wave your magic wand and stop the ObamaCare Death Spiral. Blue Fairy, wave your magic wand and let me just wake up and find out this whole ObamaCare fiasco is just a silly nightmare....
  • DUmmie FUnnies 07-26-13 (KOmmies Beat Weiner)

    07/26/2013 8:32:17 AM PDT · by PJ-Comix · 27 replies
    DUmmie FUnnies ^ | July 26, 2013 | KOmmies and PJ-Comix
    Not too long ago I posted some FUnnie remarks about Weiner (not hard to do) on a Facebook thread populated primarily by liberals. They were irked that I didn't consider his "progressive" agenda that they claimed outweighed whatever personal foibles he had. Well, now even "progressives" are abandoning Weiner in droves on the heels of the latest revelation that Weiner continued sexting for over a year after he publicly apologized and resigned from Congress in 2011. And just a few minutes ago, I heard Weiner declare that there might be another six...or possibly ten women he has been sexting...
  • DUmmie FUnnies 01-31-12 (KOmmies Suddenly Discover That ObamaCare STINKS!!!)

    01/31/2013 4:08:34 PM PST · by PJ-Comix · 54 replies
    DUmmie FUnnies ^ | January 31, 2013 | KOmmies & PJ-Comix
    “But we have to pass the [health care] bill so that you can find out what’s in it....” So promised Nancy Pelousi and now that the KOmmies have had a chance to finally see what is in ObamaCare, they are in a state of shock since they have FINALLY discovered that ObamaCare STINKS bigtime as you can see in this THREAD, "Obama and Dems may have jost lost their most stalwart supporter with this Obamacare ruling." Gee! And you are only just NOW finding out how horrible ObamaCare is? Don't worry, I'm sure you can find a way to...
  • DUmmie FUnnies 01-05-13 (DUmmies, KOmmies Mostly Fine With Al Gorezeera Hypocrisy)

    01/05/2013 8:08:14 AM PST · by PJ-Comix · 33 replies
    DUmmie FUnnies ^ | January 5, 2013 | DUmmies, KOmmies, & PJ-Comix
    Al Gore is a man of high character...He never sells out his public principles EXCEPT for money. So now that Al Gore has sold his no-rated Current TV to Al Jazeera which is owned by the oil sheikdom of Qatar do the DUmmies view their erstwhile hero as a hypocrite? Even worse, Al Gorezeera tried to pull off the sale before Jan. 1 when the Bush tax cuts expired in order to keep a bigger chunk of the half billion dollar sale for himself. Guess what? The DUmmies and KOmmies are mostly okay with the Gore hypocrisy as you...
  • DUmmie FUnnies 11-05-12 (The Thumb That Saved Florida!)

    11/05/2012 11:08:07 AM PST · by Charles Henrickson · 25 replies
    DUmmie FUnnies ^ | November 5, 2012 | KOmmie Kwik, KOmmies, and Charles Henrickson
    Last time we heard how Mayor Gloomberg's COMPLETELY UNEXPECTED endorsement is going to tip the balance and deliver the Northeast for President Obama. But what about the swing states? What about Redneck Nation, Pickup Truck America? Will THEY come through for Our President? Well, don't worry, progs! All those states are IN THE BAG for Obama, thanks to this secret weapon: The Thumb That Saved Florida. The KOmmies are excited about The Thumb That Saved Florida, as we see in this THREAD, "White Woman in Pickup Truck Gave Obama Supporters Clandestine Thumbs Up Her Husband Couldn't See." So now...
  • DUmmie FUnnies 10-16-12 (KOmmies Depressed by Own Poll)

    10/16/2012 2:37:15 PM PDT · by PJ-Comix · 35 replies
    DUmmie FUnnies ^ | October 16, 2012 | KOmmies & PJ-Comix
    Well, the reactions to the polls in DUmmieland are happening EXACTLY as predicted. Weeks ago the DUmmies were doing victory dances in the end zone over the early poll results showing Obama as the clear winner. Of course, those polls bore NO relation to reality and it was predicted that as we get closer to the election, the poll numbers will be forced to more accurately reflect reality. Now the tone in DUmmieland is much different: ANGER at the polls and the DUmmies now questioning their accuracy. However, there is one BIG problem. A KOmmie poll released today shows...
  • DUmmie FUnnies 08-20-12 (DUmmies & Kommies Go Berserk Over Obama Newsweek Cover)

    08/20/2012 4:40:23 PM PDT · by PJ-Comix · 47 replies
    DUmmie FUnnies ^ | August 20, 2012 | DUmmies, KOmmies, & PJ-Comix
    Remember when Frodo Baggins tossed the ring of power into the flames of Mt. Doom? That is what Niall Ferguson did when he wrote the Newsweek cover story, "Hit The Road, Barack." The hysterical reaction of the DUmmies and KOmmies to that Newsweek cover reminds me of the Eye of Sauron as it began tumpling down. The Armies of Sauron still haven't been destroyed. For that we have to wait until November but in the meantime it is FUn to observe the disorientation of the tumbling DUmmies and KOmmies. So upset were the DUmmies by that Newsweek cover that...
  • DUmmie FUnnies 06-11-12 (NUtroots Nation 2012: The progs are dense in Providence)

    06/11/2012 12:07:24 PM PDT · by Charles Henrickson · 62 replies
    DUmmie FUnnies ^ | June 11, 2012 | KOmmies and Charles Henrickson
    Where have all the progressives gone? You say you haven't seen hide nor hair of them over the past four or five days? You're wondering where they all are? Did they commit mass hara-kiri after the Wipeout in Wisconsin? Have they all moved to France (where they don't wear underpants)? Have they retreated into OMB (Occupy Mom's Basement)? No, the reason you haven't seen the progressives around much lately is this: The progs were dense in Providence. A dense concentration of them, I mean. In Providence, Rhode Island. They were all there for "Netroots Nation 2012," the seventh annual...
  • DUmmie FUnnies 02-27-12 (KOmmie Mental Meltdown In Republican Rage Rant)

    02/27/2012 7:25:32 AM PST · by PJ-Comix · 40 replies · 1+ views
    DUmmie FUnnies ^ | February 27, 2012 | KOmmies and PJ-Comix
    Remember that hypocritical RANT by WILLIAM RIVERS PITT last year about conservatives supposedly engaged in hate rhetoric in the wake of the Gabby Giffords shooting? It has the height of hypocrisy not only because it was completely wrong but because it turned out that Pitt himself had been banned for threatening extreme violence upon a homeless woman, Bobo the Hobo. Well, take a look at this sanity-challenged KOmmie THREAD with the krazed title of "Murdering, Lying, Thieving, Rat-F*** Republican Pieces of Sub-Amphibian Sh**..." And believe me, as you shall see, the rabid frothing of the text is definitely in...
  • DUmmie FUnnies 12-05-11 (DUmmies Unable to Process DOJ "Fast & Furious" Lie Letter)

    12/05/2011 7:47:37 AM PST · by PJ-Comix · 31 replies
    DUmmie FUnnies ^ | December 5, 2011 | KOmmies and PJ-Comix
    Remember that scene from "Forbidden Planet" when the Monster from the ID was coming after Leslie Neilsen, Anne Francis, and Morbius? Neilsen screamed at Robbie the Robot to kill the Monster. Well, Robbie was programmed to always obey an order but was also programmed never to kill a person. Since the Monster was from the Id of Morbius, Robbie's circuits went haywire, rendering him useless. The same sort of thing has happened at DUmmieland when confronted with information that the DOJ LIED in their February letter to Congress about their "Fast & Furious" program that allowed a couple of...
  • DUmmie FUnnies 07-09-11 (KOmmie laurustina parallel constructs her free-floating angst)

    07/09/2011 1:38:38 PM PDT · by Charles Henrickson · 87 replies · 1+ views
    DUmmie FUnnies ^ | July 9, 2011 | KOmmie laurustina, KOmmies, and Charles Henrickson
    One of the favorite writing styles of the DUmmies and the KOmmies is the use of parallel construction. By this I mean that they style their sentences to begin the same way and then they vary the second part. The DUmmies and the KOmmies think this is good writing. The DUmmies and the KOmmies think this is effective writing. The DUmmies and the KOmmies think this is writing with style and great earnestness. The DUmmies and the KOmmies do this parallel-construction bit over and over and over again, ad nauseam, ad infinitum. The DUmmies and the KOmmies do parallel...
  • DUmmie FUnnies 06-23-11 (Alan Grayson posts "Green Lantern" rant for KOmmies)

    06/22/2011 11:51:00 PM PDT · by Charles Henrickson · 45 replies
    DUmmie FUnnies ^ | June 23, 2011 | Alan Grayson, KOmmies, and Charles Henrickson
    Fatter than a pile of bullsh*t . . . More powerful than a loco moonbat . . . Able to heap all bad things in a single Bush . . . Look! Up on the screen! It's a blog! It's a prog! No, it's . . . GRAY RANTER! Yes, GRAY RANTER, strange visitor to the Daily KOs, who comes to KOmmieland with powers of insanity far beyond those of moron man, and who, disguised as Alan "Dick" Grayson, ill-mannered one-term representative from Outlandish, Florida, fights a never-ending battle for speaking TRUTH to POWER in an EMBARRASSING WAY! That's...
  • DUmmie FUnnies 06-20-11 (NUtroots Nation KOmmies not so wild about Barry)

    06/20/2011 10:50:06 AM PDT · by Charles Henrickson · 61 replies · 1+ views
    DUmmie FUnnies ^ | June 20, 2011 | KOmmies and Charles Henrickson
    So the KOmmies of Daily Kos just held their annual NUtroots Nation convention this past weekend. This one was held in Minneapolis. Just think: Five years ago, NUtroots Nation was held in Las Vegas, where potential presidential candidates hosted fancy soirées for the KOmmies, complete with chocolate fountains and impressive ice sculptures. Now this year, the KOmmies are in Minneapolis, they're stuck with Obama, and no one is lining up to buy their votes. How the mighty have fallen! From chocolate fountains to lutefisk. From ice sculptures to ice fishing. And worst of all, from Obamassiah to Bush Lite....
  • DUmmie FUnnies 06-06-11 (A. Weiner Splatters Egg on DUmmie and KOmmie Faces)

    06/06/2011 5:06:05 PM PDT · by PJ-Comix · 97 replies
    DUmmie FUnnies ^ | June 6, 2011 | DUmmies, KOmmies, and PJ-Comix
    Freudenschade, baby!I saw this coming from the very moment when we first learned about the Weiner scandal a little over a week ago. Back then the DUmmies were puffing their chests in defense of the Weiner as you can HERE and HERE. Meanwhile the KOmmies were spinning elaborate conspiracy theories involving charts about how Weiner was framed by Brietbart as you can see HERE. Well, today Weiner left the DUmmies and KOmmies with egg on their faces while eating large portions of crow. Most painful to them was that he APOLOGIZED to Andrew Breitbart. That HAD to hurt! First...
  • DUmmie FUnnies 06-01-11 (Weiner Starts to Shrink Before KOmmie Eyes)

    06/01/2011 6:29:48 PM PDT · by PJ-Comix · 48 replies
    DUmmie FUnnies ^ | June 1, 2011 | KOmmies and PJ-Comix
    Weiner is shrinking! That is the opinion that is beginning to creep in among the KOmmies. A couple of days ago they were absolutely certain that Weiner would notify the authorities about being hacked and sue Breitbart for defamation. Then came yesterday's disastrous press conference in which Anthony Weiner was unable to give straight answers to all questions. Of course, the DUmmies are still supporting Weiner but they are in an entirely alternate universe beyond space and time and reason. However, you can see the KOmmie doubt creep into this THREAD, "BREAKING BAD: Weiner can't say for certain weiner...
  • DUmmie FUnnies 05-30-11 (KOmmies Perform MicroAnalysis of Weiner Bulge)

    05/30/2011 3:28:37 PM PDT · by PJ-Comix · 19 replies · 1+ views
    DUmmie FUnnies ^ | May 30, 2011 | PJ-Comix
    I won't be posting the KOmmie rants from their THREAD, "Breitbart's Weiner hoax: New photos surface! Analysis, and Surprise!" because the hilarity isn't so much in what they said but in how they presented it. You have to actually see their thread to fully appreciate the unintentional humor in the highly detailed closeup analysis of several Weiner bulge photos plus the accompanying charts. They are so desperate to pin Weinergate on Andrew Breitbart that I won't be a bit surprised if they present spectral analysis graphs of the Weiner bulge as well as subject the pics to a CAT...
  • DUmmie FUnnies 01-12-11 ("Simply Hypocritical": Head KOmmie Kos and KOmmie BoyBlue swell the ranks)

    01/12/2011 10:11:47 AM PST · by Charles Henrickson · 37 replies
    DUmmie FUnnies ^ | January 12, 2011 | Head KOmmie Kos, KOmmie BoyBlue, and Charles Henrickson
    "What? Me, guilty of the very hate speech I condemn? But, but, I am the Great and Powerful Kos!!" Last time, we documented the DUbble Standard of DUmmieland, where William Pitt the Hypocrite, in typical high DUdgeon, has denounced the rhetoric of the Right, but who himself has engaged in violent rhetoric against (at least) George W. Bush, George H. W. Bush, and Sarah Palin, and threatened actual physical violence against a homeless woman, DUmmie bobbolink. Today we travel next door to KOmmieland, where Head KOmmie Kos and KOmmie BoyBlue swell the ranks of the hypocrites on the Left. Of...
  • DUmmie FUnnies 12-30-10 (Attack of the LOUSY FREEPER TROLLS!!! Part I: The KOmmies)

    12/30/2010 2:46:17 PM PST · by Charles Henrickson · 34 replies · 118+ views
    DUmmie FUnnies ^ | December 30, 2010 | KOmmies and Charles Henrickson
    Paranoia strikes deep Into your board they will freep . . . Unlike the DUmmies, the KOmmies aren't concerned so much about infiltrators on their message board as they are about supposed corporate manipulation of the media, done by paid right-wing trolls. That's the subject of this KOmmieland THREAD, "EXPOSED: Astroturfed Teabaggers PAID TO TROLL liberals online to enforce corporate propaganda." Attack of the LOUSY FREEPER TROLLS!!! Today, Part I: The Kommies. Tomorrow, Part II: The DUmmies. Today's KOmmie Komments are in Bolshevik Red, while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, Charles Henrickson, promised $15 by Karl Rove to...
  • DUmmie FUnnies 12-29-10 ("No Labels" brings Left and Right together: We all hate it!)

    12/29/2010 4:37:59 PM PST · by Charles Henrickson · 36 replies · 5+ views
    DUmmie FUnnies ^ | December 29, 2010 | KOmmies and Charles Henrickson
    So there's this thing called "No Labels," an astroturf "movement" that has as its theme, "Not Left. Not Right. Forward." They just had their No Labels Founders Meeting a couple weeks ago, and get a load of some of the people involved: Michael Bloomberg, David Brooks, David Gergen, Joe Lieberman, Evan Bayh, Charlie Crist, Michael Castle. . . . What a collection of warmed-over milquetoast! Moderate liberals from both parties, united against what they call "hyper-partisanship." (BTW, this "No Labels" thing may be just a front for a Bloomberg presidential run.) These folks have even got a "No Labels...
  • DUmmie FUnnies 09-21-10 (KOmmies krushed that Feingold's losing!)

    09/21/2010 7:06:26 PM PDT · by Charles Henrickson · 50 replies
    DUmmie FUnnies ^ | September 21, 2010 | KOmmies and Charles Henrickson
    One of the true-blue heroes of the Looney Left is Sen. Russ Feingold of Wisconsin. He is ADORED in DUmmieland, KOmmieland, and HUffieland, for being no sell-out to those evil DLC "centrists." No, not our Russ! Truly, Feingold has inherited the mantle of "Pugnacious Prog from the Northwoods," once worn by the sainted Paul Wellstone. Well, guess what? Feingold is LOSING! Yes, you heard me! Our Favorite Russkie is trailing in the polls, even in a poll commissioned by the KOssacks themselves! What's going on here?? Has Wisconsin gone MAD?? Is it a nefarious plot? The KOmmies are BESIDE...
  • DUmmie FUnnies 07-27-10 (Nutroots Nation: KOmmies rock Las Vegas!)

    07/27/2010 5:01:18 PM PDT · by Charles Henrickson · 90 replies · 21+ views
    DUmmie FUnnies ^ | July 27, 2010 | KOmmie Adam B and Charles Henrickson
    The KOmmies of Daily Kos are DUmmies with better press. They may be slightly more upscale--some of them even have jobs--but they are just as Looney Left. Under Head KOmmie Markos Moulitsas, DKos has cultivated the image of the cool, cutting-edge place in the blogosphere for progressive movers and shakers. And for the past few years, they have held a "Yearly Kos" KOmmie KOnvention during the summer. They call it "Netroots Nation," but really it's more like "NUtroots Nation." All the hip, with-it KOmmies assemble at some hotel, and they bring in lots of their favorite nutcase politicians (Reid,...
  • DUmmie FUnnies 06-16-10 (DUmmies and KOmmies Judge Obama Speech an Epic Failure)

    06/16/2010 1:36:06 PM PDT · by PJ-Comix · 70 replies · 1,158+ views
    DUmmie FUnnies ^ | June 16, 2010 | DUmmies, KOmmies, and PJ-Comix
    So how bad was Obama's speech last night about the Gulf oil crises? So bad that the DUmmies AND the KOmmies AND Chris Matthews AND Keith Olbermann judged it to be an EPIC FAILURE. The DUmmies found Obama to be extremely wanting in this THREAD, "Well... That Was Dissappointing..." and this THREAD, "Why Obamas Words Are Empty." Meanwhile the attitude of the KOmmies can be summed up in the very title of this THREAD, "sigh, he did not say anything." So let us now watch extreme DUmmie and KOmmie disappointment in The One in Bolshevik Red while the commentary...
  • DUmmie FUnnies 03-11-10 ("Nancy Pelosi says she has the votes to pass HCR!")

    03/11/2010 6:16:17 AM PST · by PJ-Comix · 45 replies · 1,244+ views
    DUmmie FUnnies ^ | March 11, 2010 | DUmmies, KOmmies, and PJ-Comix
    WOO! HOO! The DUmmies and KOmmies are celebrating the passage of ObamaCare before it actually happens. Why? Because Nancy Pelosi has SAID she has the votes to pass ObamaCare. Of course, one has to wonder why, if she has the votes, she doesn't immediately call for a vote in the House. A skeptic might suggest that she does NOT have the votes and is just blowing smoke. No matter. There is great jubilation in DUmmieland and KOmmieland as you can see in this DUmmie THREAD, "Nancy Pelosi says she has the votes to pass HCR!" and this KOmmie THREAD,...
  • DUmmie FUnnies 02-18-09 (KOmmies Build Public Option Field of Dreams)

    02/18/2010 7:07:39 PM PST · by PJ-Comix · 35 replies · 790+ views
    DUmmie FUnnies ^ | February 18, 2010 | KOmmies and PJ-Comix
    Build it and they will come ---"Field of Dreams."The KOmmies just can't give up on their beloved ObamaCare which is now DOA despite next week's meeting with the Republicans in the Blair House. However, the KOmmies and much of the left just can't accept this fact. Instead they have gone into deep fantasy mode and are now speculating that public option ObamaCare could easily happen via reconciliation. And it is that very speculation about a highly unlikely event that keeps their hopes alive...for now as you can see in this KOmmie THREAD, "Updated: Public Option Through Reconciliation Scoreboard: 18...
  • DUmmie FUnnies 02-12-10 (KOmmies BEG For ObamaCare)

    02/12/2010 3:22:19 PM PST · by PJ-Comix · 35 replies · 915+ views
    DUmmie FUnnies ^ | February 12, 2010 | KOmmies and PJ-Comix
    Hear our plea, oh Mighty Gaia!!! We BEG you to enable the passage of ObamaCare! It makes no difference how lousy it is, we just need a win under our belt. Please, oh PRETTY PLEASE, make this possible. We were so near on Christmas Eve when the Senate finally passed it and now we are soooooo far. Please, for the sake of our mental health, see that it is finally enacted into law even though it seems to be hopelessly mired somewhere between the House and the Senate and the incredible political ineptness of The One. Such is the...
  • Kossacks Display Hate by Rejoicing in Rush Limbaugh Hospitalization

    12/31/2009 8:44:03 AM PST · by PJ-Comix · 25 replies · 1,292+ views
    NewsBusters ^ | December 31, 2009 | P.J. Gladnick
    For some strange reason, the Daily Kos has gained the reputation in the mainstream media for somehow being composed of "reasonable progressives" in stark contrast to their Democratic Underground cousins whom even many in the MSM will admit are flat out loons. However, certain events prove that the Kossacks are every bit as crazed and full of hate as the DUers. And one such event that has proved this to be true is the reaction of the two sites to the news that Rush Limbaugh has been hospitalized in Hawaii. Of course there was a DU thread full of hate...
  • DUmmie FUnnies 12-19-09 (KOmmies Now Hate ObamaCare)

    12/19/2009 7:04:37 AM PST · by PJ-Comix · 65 replies · 1,658+ views
    DUmmie FUnnies ^ | December 19, 2009 | KOmmies and PJ-Comix
    You can now add the KOmmies to the ranks of those who HATE the Harry Reid version of ObamaCare. For some reason, the Democrats seem intent on committing electoral suicide in order to ensure that some bill, ANY bill, passes the Senate by Christmas. You can see the KOmmie angst over ObamaCare (ReidCare) in this THREAD, "Voters Revolt: Only 33% Support for New Senate Health Care Bill." The KOmmies object to ReidCare because it doesn't include their beloved option. Rational people oppose it because it does way more harm than good. In fact, Robert Byrd may be the first...
  • Daily Kos People vs. Democrat Underground People. What's the difference?

    12/17/2009 7:53:58 AM PST · by MNDude · 35 replies · 1,101+ views
    I was curious if anyone here knows how Daily Kos people differ Dirty Underground people? It seems like DU people are made fun of more here. Are they funnier? Does anyone know if one group is more elitist, more intelligent, or more vile than the other?
  • DUmmie FUnnies 11-30-09 (Enthusiasm Gap "Paints Ugly 2010 Picture")

    11/30/2009 10:28:28 AM PST · by Charles Henrickson · 62 replies · 1,580+ views
    DUmmie FUnnies ^ | November 30, 2009 | KOmmies and Charles Henrickson
    This picture of an audience listening to the Teleprompter-in-Chief captures the mood of Democrats these days. "Yawn! Grumble!" That's the sound of Democrat voters across the land, as we head toward the 2010 midterm elections. Apathy and discontent have spread like herpes at a coed dorm. And dormant Dems spell trouble for the party in power. A new poll casts a pall on next fall for the Democrat pol. You can read about it at this KOmmie THREAD, "Weekly Tracking Poll: New Feature Paints Ugly 2010 Picture." It seems Head KOmmie KOs has KOmmissioned a survey, so you would...
  • DUmmie FUnnies 11-22-09 (KOmmies and DUmmies Hate Hilarious SNL Skit)

    11/22/2009 4:22:47 PM PST · by PJ-Comix · 41 replies · 2,198+ views
    DUmmie FUnnies ^ | November 22, 2009 | DUmmies, KOmmies, and PJ-Comix
    Okay, I was planning on doing a special DUFU edition today about my recent trip to the island paradise of Culebra in the Caribbean. However, I will write that up in the near future because I have to SHARE with you one of the most HILARIOUS SNL episodes ever as you can see in this VIDEO.I can't get enough watching it. The skit portrays the press conference with Obama and Chinese President Hu (Hu's on first?). I must have seen it at least a dozen times today and still can't get enough of it. It is falling down laughing...
  • DUmmie FUnnies 11-17-09 (KOmmies Hail KSM Trial...As Weapon Against Bush/Cheney)

    11/17/2009 5:38:15 AM PST · by PJ-Comix · 39 replies · 1,200+ views
    DUmmie FUnnies ^ | November 17, 2009 | KOmmies and PJ-Comix
    Well, I'm back from the Caribbean paradise of Culebra. Perhaps the best kept vacation secret out there. Beautiful beaches, incredible coral reefs, crystal clear waters. And best of all, as I discovered, you can live like a king in a luxurious home during your stay there for a mere PITT-ance. In fact, I am already making plans for my return for a much longer stay there in a few months. I will write more about my Caribbean vacation later in a special DUFU edition but for now...on to the Krazy KOmmies...KOmmieland for some reason has the reputation in the...
  • DUmmie FUnnies 10-27-09 (KOmmies Go BERSERK Over Lieberman Promise To Filibuster)

    10/27/2009 6:39:51 PM PDT · by PJ-Comix · 72 replies · 2,007+ views
    DUmmie FUnnies ^ | October 27, 2009 | KOmmies and PJ-Comis
    Angry KOmmies are FUn to watch! And in this case the KOmmies have gone absolutely BERSERK over the promise by Senator Joe Lieberman to filibuster the ObamaCare bill. That promise alone is enough to KILL ObamaCare in the senate but add to that the very high possibility of Ben Nelson, Evan Bayh, and perhaps a couple of other Democrats refusing to vote for cloture and that bill is DOA. If the bill is later changed to DUmp public option, then the "progressives" will filibuster it. Heads We win, tails you lose. And the fringe benefit is watching the KOmmies...
  • DUmmie FUnnies 09-14-09 (DUmmies & KOmmies Frustrated By 9/12 DC Time Lapse Video)

    09/14/2009 7:12:59 AM PDT · by PJ-Comix · 68 replies · 2,395+ views
    DUmmie FUnnies ^ | September 14, 2009 | DUmmies, KOmmies, and PJ-Comix
    AIIIIIIEEEEEEE!!!! MY EYES! MY EYES!Yes, that is the sound of the DUmmies and KOmmies shriveling in pain in the face of the time lapse VIDEO that clearly shows that the 9/12 Tea Party in Washington, D.C. numbered in the HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS at the very least and more likely well over a million. The Daily Mail put the number at two million and the the time lapse video certainly shows it could well have hit that figure. And this is why the DUmmies and KOmmies are acting towards that time lapse video like vampires confronted by a cross. So...
  • DUmmie FUnnies 09-06-09 (DUmmies & KOmmies Shed Sweet Tears Over Van Jones)

    09/06/2009 9:33:39 AM PDT · by PJ-Comix · 118 replies · 2,691+ views
    DUmmie FUnnies ^ | September 6, 2009 | DUmmies, KOmmies, and PJ-Comix
    Yes! Yes! Oh let me taste your tears, DUmmies! Oh, the tears of unfathomable sadness! Mmm-yummy! Mmm-yummy!Yes, the sweet tears being shed by the DUmmies and KOmmies over the loss of Van Jones are quite tasty. In case you haven't heard, self-admitted former COMMUNIST Van Jones resigned overnight. And now the entire leftwing blogosphere is in a state of deep mourning over his loss. This is just the first big disappointment in store for them this week since in a few days, their beloved Barack is sure to toss their sacred Public Option under the van. You can see...
  • DUmmie FUnnies 09-02-09 ("Will Obama kick us to the curb?")

    09/02/2009 5:39:13 PM PDT · by PJ-Comix · 49 replies · 1,570+ views
    DUmmie FUnnies ^ | September 2, 2009 | KOmmies and PJ-Comix
    "Please, Barack! Hug me tight in your loving arms and whisper sweet assurances into my ear that you won't be dropping the public option from ObamaCare!" That is pretty much the theme of this KOmmie THREAD, "Will Obama kick us to the curb?" Right now the KOmmies fear, but don't want to believe, that they are about to be betrayed by The One. Their very insecurity is what makes this KOmmie thread so very very hilarious. So let us now watch the KOmmies worry about betrayal in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, watching Lucy once...
  • DUmmie FUnnies 09-02-09 (KOmmie Heads EXPLODE Over Public Option Drop)

    09/02/2009 6:08:56 AM PDT · by PJ-Comix · 77 replies · 1,868+ views
    DUmmie FUnnies ^ | September 2, 2009 | KOmmies and PJ-Comix
    KOmmie heads are EXPLODING! And DUmmie heads are sure to explode very soon except the DUmmies are a bit slow on the uptake over the news reported in the POLITICO that their very own Beloved Barack Obama has thrown the entire leftwing blogosphere under the bus by DUmping the public option in the ObamaCare bill. The KOmmie who posted this THREAD, "Reports out of WH - Public option is dead," also posted this Twitter TWIT by David Shuster which gives you a good idea of the firestorm of outrage about to hit from the Left: Every indication public option...
  • DUmmie FUnnies 08-24-09 (Holder Special CIA Prosecutor Inspires KOmmie Bloodlust)

    08/24/2009 7:43:38 PM PDT · by PJ-Comix · 78 replies · 1,915+ views
    NewsBusters ^ | August 24, 2009 | KOmmies and PJ-Comix
    Gee! What coincidental timing. ObamaCare is on the ropes and the Leftwing loons are growing angry with Obama. What to do? What to do? Simple. Try to make the loons forget their disappointment about public option ObamaCare fading away as well as punish those Wascally Republicans by unleashing the Attorney General Hound Eric Holder on the EVIL Bush administration by investigating laughable torture allegations. Does anybody think Obama would have given the thumbs up to Holder if ObamaCare were sailing along thanx in part to cooperative Republicans? Of course not. This is an entirely POLITICAL investigation. And if you...
  • DUmmie FUnnies 08-05-09 (KOmmies Hail Linda Douglass...But Admit Obama Wants Single Payer)

    08/05/2009 3:46:13 PM PDT · by PJ-Comix · 23 replies · 868+ views
    DUmmie FUnnies ^ | August 5, 2009 | KOmmies and PJ-Comix
    This has to be perhaps the most bizarre KOmmie THREAD I have ever DUFUed, "The White House Combats The Rightwing Crap." Yes, the KOmmies are jublilant that the White House is fighting back against the EVIL disinformation supposedly spread by the videos posted by the Drudge Report. After high fiving each other over the VIDEO response by Linda Douglass, they then let the dirty little not-so-secret out of the bag---That Barack Obama is really in favor of single payer just as the linked videos proved with his own words and that they support Obama because he favors single payer....
  • DUmmie FUnnies 08-03-09 (KOmmies Worried About Health Care Townhall Protests)

    08/03/2009 6:56:00 PM PDT · by PJ-Comix · 89 replies · 2,086+ views
    DUmmie FUnnies ^ | August 3, 2009 | KOmmies and PJ-Comix
    EEEK! The peasants are revolting! Specifically they are revolting at the Obamacare protests at townhall meetings held by Congress folks now that they are in recess as you can see in this KOmmie THREAD, "I don't like how this is going down, period." Yeah, they don't like how this is going down because of the MASSIVE protests at those townhall meetings. I love watching the videos of people showing up at what were previously tame and lightly attended townhall meetings and loudly protesting Obamacare. Usually the folks protesting know a lot more about Obamacare than the flustered legislators. So...
  • DUmmie FUnnies 07-21-09 (QAHCAA Panic Attack In KOmmieland)

    07/21/2009 5:04:07 PM PDT · by PJ-Comix · 48 replies · 1,133+ views
    DUmmie FUnnies ^ | July 21, 2009 | KOmmies and PJ-Comix
    Interesting. Rush was a big reason why Health Care Scam I was derailed in 1994 and it looks like he will be repeating the performance (aided by the Internet this time) this year. The more people that learn about the Obama QAHCAA (Quality, Affordable Health Coverage for All Americans---official title) plan, the more the opposition grows. Therefore time is NOT on their side which is why the KOmmies are now in a state of panic as you can see in this THREAD, "This is THEIR the Class War." So let us now watch the KOmmies watch their plan...
  • DUmmie FUnnies 05-24-09 (KOmmies tortured with Cheney Insanity Addiction (CIA))

    05/24/2009 5:29:41 PM PDT · by Charles Henrickson · 51 replies · 1,315+ views
    DUmmie FUnnies ^ | May 24, 2009 | KOmmies and Charles Henrickson
    Darth Cheney, as we all know, was--is--the mastermind behind the Bush Family Evil Empire. Or was it Karl Rove? Oh well, tied for first. Lord Cheney himself personally tortured those poor widdle innocent abductees down at Club Gitmo. But perhaps the worst torture of all was that he saddled the Looney Left with permanent Cheney Insanity Addiction (CIA). "Why can't I quit you?" the moonbats cry out, whenever they see Cheney's sneering visage. And so last week when former Vice-President Cheney gave a thorough and well-reasoned speech (quite brilliant, really; you can read the transcript here), explaining and defending...
  • DUmmie FUnnies 05-21-09 (Outrage Over Senate Voting Against Gitmo Prisoner Release Into USA)

    05/21/2009 6:40:47 AM PDT · by PJ-Comix · 50 replies · 1,509+ views
    DUmmie FUnnies ^ | May 21, 2009 | Cenk Uygur, KOmmies, and PJ-Comix
    The KOmmies are all upset over the fact that the Senate overwhelmingly voted AGAINST funding the release of the Gitmo terrorists into the USA. They are angry at the Senate Democrats for "caving" in to the EVIL Republicans. Their cheerleader is Air America radio host, Cenk Uygur, who posted this KOmmieland THREAD, "World's Dumbest Talking Point Gets Traction." So let us now watch the KOmmies work themselves into a rage over the Senate Democrats not voting to bring the terrorists into the USA in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, remembering the problems caused by the...
  • DUmmie FUnnies 05-13-09 (Leftwing Blogosphere Goes NUts Over Obama Photo Release Reversal)

    05/13/2009 9:21:57 PM PDT · by PJ-Comix · 53 replies · 1,435+ views
    DUmmie FUnnies ^ | May 13, 2009 | DUmmies, KOmmies, and PJ-Comix
    It is a sight to behold. The entire leftwing blogosphere went absolutely BERSERK because Obama just announced that he WON'T be releasing the interrogation photos. Of course, he was a fool for announcing that release in the first place. And now The One is paying the price bigtime as you shall see in this DUmmie THREAD, "BREAKING NEWS: Obama will seek to block Gitmo interrogation photos, official tells NBC News," and this Daily Kos KOmmie THREAD, "Obama Makes Terrible Mistake by Not Releasing Pictures," written by leftwing radio host of the Young Turks show, Cenk Uygur. In fact, Cenk...
  • DUmmie FUnnies 04-30-09 (KOmmies Speculate About Air Force One Manhattan Flyover)

    04/30/2009 7:03:48 AM PDT · by PJ-Comix · 39 replies · 1,592+ views
    DUmmie FUnnies ^ | April 30, 2009 | KOmmies and PJ-Comix
    The Air Force One flyover story is not over, much as the Obama administration would love to shut it down. According to the official version put out by the White House, one Louis Caldera picked up the phone and set the whole thing in motion for the purpose of a highly expensive photo-op of Air Force One with Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty in the background. Meanwhile nobody else in the White House knew a thing about it. And if you believe that, I have a Brooklyn Bridge in the photo-op background that I want to sell you....
  • DUmmie FUnnies 03-14-09 (Olbermann Mum on Stewart vs Cramer: KOmmies Outraged)

    03/14/2009 4:44:21 PM PDT · by PJ-Comix · 32 replies · 1,012+ views
    DUmmie FUnnies ^ | March 14, 2009 | KOmmies, Keith Olbermann, and PJ-Comix
    According to TVNewser, MSNBC hosts were asked NOT to comment on the CONFRONTATION between Jon Stewart and Jim Cramer. After all, MSNBC and CNBC are both part of the NBC parent company and money is at stake here. Therefore, NBC wanted as little attention paid to Cramer's pathetic performance defending himself on the Daily Show as possible. This was a moment of truth for Keith Olbermann who endlessly brags about speaking "truth to power." So did Olbermann pass the test? Well, I'll let this Daily Kos KOmmie THREAD, "Moment of Truth for Keith and Rachel coming up tonight" answer...