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  • Democrats Pressure Washington Redskins to Change Name

    03/23/2013 6:43:30 AM PDT · by IbJensen · 64 replies
    GOP USA ^ | 3/21/2013 | Bobby Eberle
    Here we go again. Actually, it's an ongoing effect by those who embrace political correctness to the point way beyond stupidity. The Washington Redskins professional football team has been pressured by people and organizations for years who feel the use of the name "Redskins" is derogatory, offensive, insensitive, racist, and whatever other label you want to throw at it. Now, the Democrats are stepping up the attack as well. As reported in The Hill, Democrats in the House of Representatives have introduced a bill that would "prevent the term 'Redskins' from being trademarked." Why, you ask? It's simple. These Democrats...
  • N.J. schools will offer lessons in "tolerance" about 9/11 attacks

    07/13/2011 6:59:10 PM PDT · by combat_boots · 13 replies
    Atlas Shrugs ^ | 13 july 2011 | Pam Geller, et al
    TRENTON — Students in New Jersey, a state that lost about 700 residents in the Sept. 11 attacks, can soon get classroom lessons on the attacks, from the history of terrorism to the heroics of regular people.Acting state Education Commissioner Christopher Cerf is scheduled to join with a volunteer task force Thursday to unveil a curriculum revolving around Sept. 11.Implementing the curriculum, which features lessons for students from kindergarten through high school, will be voluntary and open to schools public and private, in New Jersey or elsewhere. Schools in France and Missouri have expressed interest, organizers say.Donna Gaffney, a co-founder...
  • Wounded Iraq Vet Gets Heckled During Columbia University Speech

    02/20/2011 1:15:58 PM PST · by Nachum · 29 replies
    fox ^ | 2/20/11 | New York Post
    Columbia University students heckled a war hero during a town-hall meeting on whether ROTC should be allowed back on campus. "Racist!" some students yelled at Anthony Maschek, a Columbia freshman and former Army staff sergeant awarded the Purple Heart after being shot 11 times in a firefight in northern Iraq in February 2008. Others hissed and booed the veteran.
  • WaPo Aids Leftist Anti-Bush Activist's Abuse of Walter Reed Wounded

    09/01/2007 7:44:57 PM PDT · by kristinn · 106 replies · 3,093+ views
    Saturday, September 1, 2007 | Kristinn
    In a frontpage article in the Outlook section of Sunday's Washington Post entitled "Drinking. Brawling. Hurting.", a leftist anti-Bush Yale anthropologist graduate, Sarah Stillman, paints a picture of wounded soldiers at Walter Reed Army Medical Center abusing alcohol at Washington, D.C. area nightclubs to indict the Bush administration and the war on terror.Readers would not know Stillman is a Bush-hating leftist by reading The Post's description of her: Sarah Stillman, a 2006 Yale graduate, is a Marshall Scholar writing a doctoral thesis on gender, violence and the media.However, her 2005 Huffington Post profile describers her thusly: Sarah Stillman is a...
  • Use of fiction by Ayn Rand

    10/02/2006 6:59:27 PM PDT · by Rob Larrikin · 94 replies · 1,934+ views
    National Review ^ | 1957 | Whittaker Chambers
    Lefties commonly say there is something wrong with Rand’s use of fiction as a vehicle for Objectivist beliefs. In a 1957 review of ‘Atlas Shrugged’, Whittaker Chambers, who had no idea how successful Atlas Shrugged would be, said, “The mischief here is that the author, dodging into fiction, nevertheless counts on your reading it as political reality.” Lefties have been using that same approach ever since. Using fiction is ‘mischief’ and ‘dodging’. Rand was trying to make an otherwise dull subject interesting, and she also wanted to show what might happen in a world where businessmen really did go on...
  • The world according to the NDP (Socialist Party policy resolutions - BARF ALERT!!!)

    09/04/2006 10:45:27 AM PDT · by Heartofsong83 · 3 replies · 318+ views
    his blog ^ | 08/29/06 | Stephen Taylor
    August 29, 2006 The world according to the NDP This fall, NDP delegates are set to descend upon the historic city of Quebec for their next policy convention. There, the Dippers will figure out what the NDP stands for and what policies will set them forward to fight in opposition, or as the most optimistic may dream, in government. As with most parties, policy comes from the grassroots. I remember that prior to the conservative convention in 2004, local conservative EDAs formed draft policy to submit to national party headquarters so that it may be assembled into a number of...
  • Mexico deputies stop Fox speech

    09/01/2006 8:22:41 PM PDT · by Flavius · 98 replies · 3,726+ views
    south asian media ^ | Saturday, September 02,2006 | south asian
    Left-wing deputies in Mexico have taken over the stage in Congress, forcing outgoing President Vicente Fox to abandon his final annual address. Before Mr Fox arrived, the legislators, who allege fraud in recent elections, marched onto the main podium where they shouted slogans and sang songs. Mr Fox will deliver his speech on television from his official residence. The deputies back Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, who says fraud denied him victory in July presidential elections. Thousands of his supporters have also been protesting outside Congress. They have been engaged in a tense stand-off with hundreds of riot police, although the...
  • The Nutroots' New Heartthrob (Mad Mahmoud Ahmadinejad)

    08/14/2006 7:11:05 AM PDT · by pissant · 43 replies · 1,387+ views ^ | 8/14/06 | Hugh Hewitt
    Move over, Ned Lamont! Charles Johnson of the obscure little website Little Green Footballs calls our attention to this Daily Kos thread discussing Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s appearance on “60 Minutes” last night. While I don’t feel it necessary to relay every piece of evidence of the far left’s pathologies that I unearth in my virtual expeditions to the dark side, this comment section is simply incredible. Based on his interview with Wallace, the far left seems to be developing a crush on Ahmadinejad. A few of the comments: "Even before the translation could be heard, I felt more assured of his...
  • Officer Injured At Hollywood Minuteman Rally (lots of pics and video)

    07/09/2006 7:35:53 AM PDT · by Ladycalif · 59 replies · 5,392+ views
    CBS ^ | 7/8/06
    n LAPD officer was injured and several demonstrators were arrested at an anti-illegal immigration protest Saturday evening in Hollywood. LAPD spokesperson Sandra Escalante says the female officer apparently hurt her ankle while clashing with protesters. Escalante said "several" arrests were made. The rally, attended by various anti-illegal immigration groups, took place at Hollywood Boulevard and Argyle Avenue. The crowd was estimated at about 200.
  • Nancy Pelosi, Super-Genius: The House minority leader answers the GOP's prayers.

    05/09/2006 7:43:43 AM PDT · by Mike Bates · 38 replies · 2,021+ views
    Slate ^ | 5/8/2006 | John Dickerson
    Elizabeth Dole sounded desperate last week. Trying to inspire dispirited Republicans, the head of the party's Senatorial Campaign Committee wrote a fund-raising letter urging the GOP faithful to rally, because if Democrats seize power they will "call for endless investigations, congressional censure and maybe even impeachment of President Bush." It's a sad truth of politics that if you can't inspire your voters with a positive vision, you scare them. But then along came House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi to say that, yes, Sen. Dole is exactly right. In a Washington Post interview, Pelosi outlined her plans if the Democrats take...
  • McCain/Lieberman 2008?

    01/02/2006 11:37:18 AM PST · by Mark Noonan · 96 replies · 2,132+ views
    GOP Bloggers ^ | January 2, 2006 | Mark Noonan
    No, this isn't speculation I've read elsewhere, nor have I heard any rumors of something like this coming to pass - but bear with me a minute while I lay out the why of it all. The United States has many problems facing it over the next ten yeas. In spite of assertions to the contrary in some quarters, we must reform Social Security and Medicare before they go bankrupt, or bankrupt the nation. We must get a handle on our energy shortages - both expansion of current sources and development of replacements demand our attention. We have to figure...
  • The Greatest Intellectual?

    11/27/2005 4:10:49 PM PST · by Hunden · 41 replies · 1,865+ views
    The Guardian ^ | October 31, 2005 | Emma Brockes
    Despite his belief that most journalists are unwitting upholders of western imperialism, Noam Chomsky, the radical's radical, agrees to see me at his office in Boston. He works here as a professor of linguistics, a sort of Clark Kent alter ego to his activist Superman, in a nubbly old jumper, big white trainers and a grandad jacket with pockets designed to accomodate a Thermos. There is a half-finished packet of fig rolls on the desk. Such is the effect of an hour spent with Chomsky that, writing this, I wonder: is it wrong to mention the fig rolls when there is undocumented suffering going...
  • Badges of the Simpleminded

    10/23/2005 6:52:13 PM PDT · by Logic Times · 3 replies · 328+ views
    Logic Times ^ | 07/04/05 | Dan Hallagan
    While dangerous and morally reprehensible, one can at least admire the convoluted logic of the Left and the brashness with which it is waved under the noses of disbelieving Americans. But has anyone considered that many on the Left are just…not very bright?
  • DFU SONG: People (yes, stinking leftist people)

    06/28/2004 7:04:14 AM PDT · by doug from upland · 32 replies · 463+ views
    DFU SONG PARODIES | 6-2004 | Lyrics, Doug from Upland
    MIDI - PEOPLE People…stinking leftist people The most dangerous people in the world They’re airheads…hypocrites and airheads From inside their limousine They say to us "Go green" Wasting gas…their head is in their *** People…disgusting leftist people The most dangerous people in the world They want power…what they’re about is power For you, the rules they will make From them there is no escape You’re just supposed to take All the…B.S. from these leftist people Lying leftist people The most dangerous people in the world People…evil leftist people The most dangerous people in the world The Gipper…they hated The...
  • DFU SONG: Daniel (John Kerry sings to his pal Daniel Ortega)

    02/11/2004 10:48:30 AM PST · by doug from upland · 4 replies · 207+ views
    DFU SONG PARODIES | 2-2004 | Lyrics, Doug from Upland
    Shortly after taking office in 1985, Kerry and Senator Tom Harkin of Iowa went on a fact-finding trip to Nicaragua, where they met with Daniel Ortega (right) and other Sandinistas. The trip was criticized when the Sandinistas cemented ties with Moscow. MIDI - DANIEL Daniel Ortega, you're my kind of guy...I had known that right away when I had looked you in the eye And I like your style...I could use your help now in my campaign I can tell you, Daniel...we'll drive the whole right wing insane No kidding...Daniel, you're my brother...we are really in sync So...

    01/07/2004 6:39:16 PM PST · by doug from upland · 28 replies · 273+ views
    ask DFU series | 1-7-04 | dfu
    No. 1 No. 2 No. 3 No. 4 ======================================================== Dear Doug from Upland: My friend's mom, who lives down the street and has an SUV with an I HATE BUSH bumper sticker, has been trying to tell me that President Bush is just like a Nazi. She says that he is invading countries, killing people, and wants to take over the world. She also says that, like Hitler, Bush is using war to take our minds off the worst economy in 75 years. I think she might be right. Is Bush a Nazi? Cassandra, age 11, Madison, Wisconsin ===============================================...
  • DFU SONG: The Love Boat (Hate Bush night)

    12/02/2003 7:54:42 PM PST · by doug from upland · 22 replies · 187+ views
    DFU SONG PARODIES | 12-2003 | Lyrics, Doug from Upland
    MIDI - THE LOVE BOAT's all they have gotAt George Bush...they are really hot deep in their gutsLook at them...they are driven nuts Hate Bush night...Hollywood's finest show up to plan Hate Bush night...they show disdain for a decent man They are hurting our nation in every way that they can Hate...from tolerant folksSee their rage...there's no need to coax Irate...blind hate...irate...blind hate
  • Bill Marr is a Moron!

    04/30/2003 12:35:55 AM PDT · by FormerLib · 28 replies · 1,504+ views
    HBO | Today | Bill Marr
    That leftist suck-up, Bill Marr, has our lovely Ann Coulter sitting between some unknown loser named Hughley and meat-whistle-loving author Clive Barker as he bashes our President under a ton of nonsensical leftist lies!Thank you, HBO, for reminding me why I no longer have cable.And Marr, you piece of used Charmin, I don't care how loud you turned up the mic, you couldn't shut down the truth that Ann spoke.You loser!
  • Reuters TV forced to pull plug on CNN (Reuters Follows Iraqi Orders To Stay in Good with Saddam!!)

    04/03/2003 1:51:17 AM PST · by Timesink · 22 replies · 389+ views
    The Guardian ^ | March 30, 2003 | Chris Tryhorn
    Reuters TV forced to pull plug on CNNChris TryhornMonday March 31, 2003The Guardian CNN war report: broadcaster was expelled from Baghdad last week  Reuters has barred CNN from using its Baghdad video feed after the Iraqi authorities ordered the news agency not to supply the US network with pictures.Although CNN can use Reuters' audio material, pictures being sent around the world by the agency are marked "NO ACCESS CNN".The agency's reluctant decision to prevent CNN using its TV footage comes after the rolling news network was expelled from Baghdad.The Iraqis accused CNN of being a "propaganda tool" for the US...
  • Marxist Anti-Americans Have Shut Down Lakeshore Drive in Chicago(7pm central)

    03/20/2003 5:06:40 PM PST · by Diddle E. Squat · 142 replies · 655+ views
    msnbc | 3/20/03 | My Own 2 Eyes
    Sleazeball spoiled brats totally blocking the road.
  • BULLETIN: Over 6.2 Billion People Do Not Join Anti-War Protests

    02/15/2003 7:30:30 PM PST · by doug from upland · 39 replies · 451+ views
    dfu commentary | 2-15-03 | dfu
    In a totally unexpected development, while several million useful idiots around the globe participated in anti-war demonstrations against the United States, over 6.2 billion people around the world did not participate. Protest organizers in the U.S., Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, England, Australia, and other countries had no explanation for the pathetic turnout. Despite the anti-American sentiment, the United States will continue to give food, medical supplies, technical expertise, and billions of dollars of relief to people around the world. Americans will also continue to risk their lives, spill their blood, and fight evil so that the precious gift of freedom...
  • ENEMY PROFESSOR (No. 4) - Brian Dolinar

    02/02/2003 10:10:54 PM PST · by doug from upland · 5 replies · 1,162+ views
    No Indoctrination Dot Org ^ | 2-2003 | anonymous
    CLICK THROUGH TO WEBSITE Warning: Postings are only opinions. (See Terms of Service)Record for entry #168.   California State Polytechnic University, Pomona Feb. 1, 2003 CA     Course: HST 202: United States History   Course Catalog Description: History of the United States together with state and local materials from the Reconstruction (1865) to present. Emphasis on the political, social, cultural and economic trends and events which have molded and characterized America as a modern nation and world power. Meets the U.S. History and Institutions requirement for graduation.   Professor: Brian Dolinar   Required? Met a General Ed./diversity/other requirement with a few course...
  • ENEMY PROFESSOR (No. 3) - Richard Lowy

    01/31/2003 8:01:53 AM PST · by doug from upland · 5 replies · 959+ views
    CLICK THROUGH TO WEBSITE Warning: Postings are only opinions. (See Terms of Service)Record for entry #85.   University of California, Riverside (UCR) Dec. 4, 2002 CA     Course: ETST 001: Introduction to the Study of Race and Ethnicity   Course Catalog Description: Lecture, three hours; discussion, one hour. ETST 001 will introduce students to major concepts and controversial issues in the study of race and ethnicity and shall provide a general overview of topics to be covered in more specialized Ethnic Studies courses.   Professor: Dr. Richard Lowy   Required? Yes, for my major or minor   Lecture Bias: Excessive   Comments: In an...
  • Bill Maher Gets New Show On HBO (Breaking)

    11/19/2002 9:52:03 PM PST · by My Favorite Headache · 33 replies · 439+ views
    Electronic Media Online ^ | 11-19-02 | my favorite headache
    Tuesday Nov. 19 Maher gets talker on HBO Bill Maher is returning to television in a new late-night one-hour HBO talk show. The show, debuting Feb. 21, has a 20-episode commitment. "Politically Incorrect," Mr. Maher's political talk show on ABC, was canceled after advertiser and affiliate defections that followed his post-9/11 remarks that were perceived as critical of U.S military tactics. Mr. Maher's supporters at the time pointed out that the show was meant to be provocative and decried what they said was censorship. The new series will be produced by HBO in association with Brad Grey Television. The executive...
  • Caption this: Mark Wellstone chants 'We will win' at the DNC funeral pep rally

    10/30/2002 10:54:21 AM PST · by weegee · 130 replies · 825+ views
    AP via Yahoo ^ | Tue Oct 29,11:46 PM ET | AP Photo/Jerry Holt, Pool
    Mark Wellstone chants 'We will win' during his speech about his late father during a public memorial service Tuesday, Oct. 29, 2002, in Minneapolis for U.S. Sen. Paul Wellstone, his wife Sheila, daughter Marcia and three staff members who died Oct. 25 in a plane crash in Eveleth, Minn. (AP Photo/Jerry Holt, Pool)
  • Rose: For the Women-A Vote For Republicans is a Vote for Death! (Desperate Dem Barf-o-rama!)

    10/25/2002 6:35:12 AM PDT · by wimpycat · 60 replies · 431+ views
    Low Country Now-Low Country Morning News on the Web ^ | October 25, 2002 | John David Rose
    Think About It John David Rose After Bush's successful War Resolution vote in Congress, this November's congressional election has become a matter of life or death. If Republicans win the Senate or gain seats in the House, the Bush administration will consider it a mandate to attack Iraq. If the Democrats retain control of the Senate and either stay even or gain strength in the House, the Bush administration will be forced to slow or stop its rush to send Americans into battle. There will be time to think things through. Thus, voting Republican means death. Not just the death...
  • DFU SONG: Day-O (Belafonte, choke on a banana) 10-9-02

    10/09/2002 11:10:05 PM PDT · by doug from upland · 7 replies · 282+ views
    DFU SONG PARODIES | 10-2002 | Lyrics, Doug from Upland
    MIDI - DAY-O So old…it has grown old All you leftists have really lost it Leahy and Daschle and Bonior, McDermott, McKinney and Ted Kennedy Belafonte, just go on home You scumbags hate our country, and so We will mock you till you are silenced We have had it…it's about time you go Drop your booze and just stagger home Hey, Belafonte, mon, choke on a banana Drop your booze and try to get sober Hey, Belafonte, you so love Havana Drop your booze and just stagger home Your stupid statements got us p*ssed Mon, you are a worthless...
  • DFU SONG: Last Kiss (oh where oh where did stupid liberal Brian Robin go) 8-8-02

    08/08/2002 10:07:02 PM PDT · by doug from upland · 7 replies · 259+ views
    DFU SONG PARODIES | 8-2002 | Lyrics, Doug from Upland
    MIDI - LAST KISS I think that I had seen his reports He covered kindergarten sports He had a job with that old rag, L.A. Times But now it looks like he won't be collecting another dime He's perusing bartcop…man, is that inane That is a site for those insane He attacked a…congressman He knew that he stepped in the Clinton Next thing he knew, his boss said to sit down He said "Son, you are quite a clown You have an hour to clear your desk" The KoolAid drinker's in a mess Oh where, oh where'd Brian Robin...