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US: Missouri (News/Activism)

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  • Man arrested on suspicion of abusing Hickman student

    11/29/2015 10:42:48 AM PST · by Impala64ssa · 40 replies
    Columbia police on Wednesday arrested a 53-year-old man who allegedly pulled a teenage family member out of Hickman High School by her hair and slapped her. Police re-sponded at 3 p.m. Tuesday to the school, 1104 N. Providence Road, for a child abuse call, Officer Latisha Stroer said in an email. Youssif Z. Omar was at the school and noticed a 14-year-old female family member was not wearing a hijab, a traditional headscarf that some Muslim women wear. Omar became irate, Stroer said, grabbed the girl “very violently by the hair” and pulled her outside and down a flight of...
  • Univ. of Missouri prof arrested for dragging hijab-less teenage girl by the hair

    11/29/2015 10:20:33 AM PST · by Rusty0604 · 83 replies
    The College Fix ^ | 11/29/2015 | College Fix Staff
    Youssif Zaghwani Omar, an assistant professor at the University of Missouri, was arrested on suspicion of child abuse this past week for “allegedly grabbing a 14-year-old female relative by the hair and dragging her into a car after he noticed she wasn’t wearing a hijab.” Omar was at a local high school when he saw the girl without the Muslim headscarf. The Daily Mail reports: Officer Latisha Stroer told the Columbia Tribune in an email that Omar grabbed the girl ‘very violently by the hair’. He then allegedly slapped her across the face, and pulled her by the hair down...
  • U of Michigan imposes mandatory White Privilege class for business students

    11/23/2015 4:02:10 PM PST · by dead · 86 replies
    frontpagemag.com ^ | Daniel Greenfield
    This is a big part of what the University of Missouri and copycat racist crybully protests were about. Making racist indoctrination mandatory on campus not only provides jobs and entitlements for the crybullies, but perpetuates the cycle. They got their way at the University of Michigan. The University of Michigan has added a three-year diversity requirement to its Ross School of Business undergraduate curriculum that, among other things, will teach their students how race, gender and sexual orientation "connect to larger systems of power, privilege and oppression." The classes, which include "Identity 101" and "Entering into, Engaging with and Exiting...
  • Woodrow Wilson, Progressive Bogeyman

    11/20/2015 3:36:07 PM PST · by ProgressingAmerica · 37 replies
    National Review ^ | November 20th, 2015 | John Fund
    The racially charged protests that have roiled 23 universities from Yale to the University of Missouri in recent weeks reached Princeton on Wednesday. Members of the Black Justice League left their classes and occupied historic Nassau Hall, which houses the Princeton administration's offices. They demanded that officials acknowledge the racist legacy of Woodrow Wilson - who was president of Princeton before becoming president of the United States and expunge his name from anything named after him. They further demanded "cultural competency training" for anyone teaching at Princeton, courses on the "history of marginalized people," and a designated public space for...
  • The Ululations of Radical College Crybabies

    11/20/2015 5:06:54 AM PST · by Kaslin · 6 replies
    Townhall.com ^ | November 20, 2015 | Michelle Malkin
    Deray McKesson, the professional agitator whose racial rabble-rousing began at tax-subsidized Teach for America, proudly unveiled his new enterprise on the Internet Thursday: A website chronicling "THE DEMANDS" of his radical brothers and sisters on college campuses across Northern America. "We recently launched http://thedemands.org which compiles the college demands from across the country," he tweeted. "Check it out." I did. Man, oh, man, are the kids "DEMAND"-y these days! Whoops, kids, did I offend you with "Man, oh, man?" I plead guilty to "cisheteropatriarchy." Also: ageism! Prosecute me for serial microaggressions and throw me in the safe-space violators' slammer. But...
  • Missouri Student Protesters Tweet Outrage that Paris Attacks took Spotlight away from their ....

    11/18/2015 2:49:03 PM PST · by Cecily · 24 replies
    Daily Mail (U.K.) ^ | November 18, 2015 | Ashley Collman
    More news about the losers at Loser U.
  • Editorial: Your right to free speech does not preclude anyone else’s

    11/18/2015 11:26:48 AM PST · by Steely Tom · 20 replies
    The Dallas Morning News ^ | 17 Nov 2015 | Unsigned
    But recognizing absurdity when we see it is no less troubling, especially when such hypocrisy tarnishes essential institutions of higher learning and threatens to turn out young people woefully unprepared for life in a democratic society.
  • Mizzou/Black Lives Protesters Say Paris Attacks Took Spotlight

    11/18/2015 9:18:38 AM PST · by sevinufnine · 65 replies
    Fox News ^ | 11/18/15 | (specific author not indicated)
    After 129 were killed in coordinated attacks Friday in Paris, several protesters took to Twitter to express anger at "losing the spotlight" in the media. "Racist white people kill me, you want everyone to have sympathy for YOUR tragedy, but you have none for ours," wrote user Melanin Monroe under the Twitter handle @NeonElectricity in a post that has since been removed.
  • Speech Codes, 'Civility' and the Decline of Academe

    11/17/2015 9:14:16 AM PST · by Kaslin · 14 replies
    Townhall.com ^ | November 17, 2015 | Paul Greenberg
    Now that the adults have cleared out of their prestigious presidencies and chancellorships at the University of Missouri, the Thought Police are coming out everywhere on campus in full array, complete with fancy titles, academic regalia and the usual meaningless catchphrases of the day. For example, Mizzou is getting its first vice chancellor for inclusion, diversity and equity, whatever those words now mean. This much is clear: They don't mean what they ostensibly say. Nor for anyone of a conservative bent who hasn't yet learned to keep his mouth shut and go along with exclusion, conformity and anything but a...
  • Black Lives Matter Activists Continue to Appall

    11/17/2015 2:23:01 AM PST · by markomalley · 17 replies
    PJ Tattler ^ | 11/17/15 | Debra Heine
    Black Lives Matter activists are very upset about recent events in Paris, and have been taking to Twitter to voice their displeasure.They’re upset because the Islamic State succeeded in stealing the spotlight from their important movement — just as it was gaining traction.Breitbart’s Milo Yiannopoulos captured some of the tweets, notinv that they “fell broadly into two categories of stupid” Friday night: Paris and Mizzou are equivalent: both represent “terrorism.” (This is the message from Black Lives Matter.)White people are “erasing black lives” by focusing on Paris. (This is the language of the racial grievance-fuelled campus social justice movement.) There are more tweets...
  • ‘Toughen Up, Spoiled Children': Breitbart’s Ben Shapiro Invades Mizzou Thursday Night

    11/16/2015 3:54:25 PM PST · by markomalley · 9 replies
    Big Journalism ^ | 11/16/15
    As the University of Missouri continues to simmer with racial unrest and students continue to crack down on free speech in the name of stopping “white privilege” and “microaggression,” Breitbart News Senior Editor-at-Large Ben Shapiro is heading to campus to challenge the students.Shapiro will lecture on the topic, “Truth Is A Microaggression,” at an event sponsored by Young America’s Foundation, Thursday night, November 19, at 6 PM CT in Ellis Auditorium.Student leaders at Mizzou’s conservative club rushed to organize the event with YAF after hearing Shapiro speak at the Fall Conference at the Reagan Ranch in California.“As an organization that works with...
  • Mizzou protestors create VILE hashtag campaign after Paris attacks

    11/16/2015 6:30:53 AM PST · by Hoodat · 22 replies
    Allen B West .com ^ | 15 NOV 2015 | Michele Hickford
    Yesterday, the thoughtful, clear-thinking individuals behind the Mizzou protests and #BlackLivesMatter issued tweets of indignation that the bloody calamity in Paris was detracting from their REAL struggle against terror on the leafy campus colleges across the fruited plain.Well that wasn’t enough apparently. Now they’ve created what has to be one of the sickest hashtag campaigns ever to express their disgust over the unfair attention 129 dead bodies are getting over their fake poop swastikas and flag-burning: #f**kparis. Here’s a selection of the hate-filled messages.

    11/15/2015 6:22:15 AM PST · by Impala64ssa · 20 replies
    Breitbart ^ | 11/14/15 | MILO YIANNOPOULOS
    <p>Campus activists in America showed their true faces during an international tragedy last night: they are the selfish, spoiled children we always knew they were.</p> <p>Black Lives Matter and Mizzou protesters responded to the murder of scores of people in Paris at the hands of Islamic extremists by complaining about losing the spotlight and saying their “struggles” were being “erased.” Their struggles, remember, consist of a poop swastika of unknown provenance and unsubstantiated claims of racially-charged remarks somewhere near Missouri’s campus.</p>
  • My Rant on the University of Missouri

    11/14/2015 2:34:05 PM PST · by Kaslin · 24 replies
    Townhall.com ^ | November 14, 2015 | Steve Deace
    Dear University of Missouri: That's a nice Tower of Babel you have there. A black student body president lying about the presence of the KKK on campus. A swastika drawn on a bathroom wall with human excrement. A journalism professor threatening journalism students for the crime of upholding the First Amendment. A police department that stands ready to arrest those guilty of hurting somebody's feelings. A self-imposed apartheid of black-only "healing spaces."And the profile in courage that started it all a college president who resigned and let the inmates run the asylum rather than attempt to hold the line on...
  • Mob Rule in Missouri

    11/14/2015 2:14:04 PM PST · by Kaslin · 20 replies
    Townhall.com ^ | November 14, 2015 | Jeff Crouere
    It seems that Missouri is the state for mob rule. Last year, America witnessed a breakdown of order in Ferguson following the death of African American teenager Michael Brown. Even though the Justice Department exonerated Darren Wilson, the white police officer involved in the shooting of Brown, protesters still maintained the fiction that Brown was ruthlessly killed in a racist manner. They repeated the false mantra, "hands up, don't shoot," even though witnesses say that Brown never uttered those words. Instead, he attacked Wilson shortly after the officer asked Brown to move out of the middle of the street. Protesters...
  • Mizzou Campus Activists and Black Lives Matter Complain About Paris Stealing the Spotlight

    11/14/2015 1:39:05 PM PST · by Red Badger · 28 replies
    www.breitbart.com ^ | 11/14/2015 | by Milo Yiannopoulos
    Campus activists in America showed their true faces during an international tragedy last night: they are the selfish, spoiled children we always knew they were. Black Lives Matter and Mizzou protesters responded to the murder of scores of people in Paris at the hands of Islamic extremists by complaining about losing the spotlight and saying their “struggles” were being “erased.” Their struggles, remember, consist of a poop swastika of unknown provenance and unsubstantiated claims of racially-charged remarks somewhere near Missouri’s campus. So debased has the language on American campuses become that these incidents, which many observers believe to be hoaxes,...
  • Madness in Missouri

    11/14/2015 10:49:59 AM PST · by Kaslin · 23 replies
    Townhall.com ^ | November 14, 2015 | Linda Chavez
    Racial unrest on college campuses has spread from coast to coast in the past several days, but it began at the University of Missouri, where a graduate student went on a hunger strike to force the resignation of the college president. A group known as Concerned Student 1950, named for the year in which the first black student was admitted to the University of Missouri, demanded not only that University of Missouri System President Tim Wolfe step down but also that he acknowledge his "white privilege." Black football players piled on, saying they would refuse to play as long as...
  • Eighth-graders allegedly stab woman to death at car wash, prop her body up for a joyride

    11/14/2015 7:26:20 AM PST · by Kid Shelleen · 33 replies
    NY Daily News ^ | 11/02/2015 | NICOLE BITETTE
    Two Missouri teenagers fatally stabbed a woman while she was vacuuming her car and then went on a gruesome joyride with her dead body propped up in the front seat, according to reports. The two boys, 13 and 14, allegedly stabbed 43-year-old Tanya Chamberlain in the face, neck, chest and hands on Nov. 1 as she visited a local car wash and vacuumed her vehicle, according to documents obtained by KCTV5.
  • Campus Leftists on the March

    11/13/2015 3:07:54 PM PST · by Kaslin · 4 replies
    Rush Limbaugh.com ^ | November 13, 2015 | Rush Limbaugh
    BEGIN TRANSCRIPT RUSH: We're still learning things about what happened at University of Missouri that add to all of the hoax theories. This new president, they've got a new interim president out there at the University of Missouri, and what have I always been saying? Well, that's an unfair question. Let me remind you, one of the things I've been pointing out is the university has been teaching this anti-American claptrap for I don't know how long and here it is coming home to roost. But more importantly as leftists, typified by Obama, you name it, they all have chips...
  • C(olorado)U President Raises Mental Health “Awareness” in Defiance of Mental Health Facts

    11/13/2015 12:32:32 PM PST · by imardmd1 · 9 replies
    Mad in America ^ | November 10, 2015 | Corinna West
    Yesterday the president of the University of Missouri resigned because student pressure and a hunger striker and some faculty in the football team all asked for the president's resignation. The University of Missouri has a long-standing history of racism. Over five years ago one of the students from UM held an open mic in Columbia, Missouri that our organization hosted. Her poem was about racism. Similarly, in our community, the University of Colorado has a long history of discrimination against people with lived experience of recovery from mental health labels. One Colorado advocate has made attempts for over 20 years...
  • Gary Pinkel Will Resign Due to Lymphoma: Details, Reaction

    11/13/2015 2:42:24 PM PST · by PAR35 · 14 replies
    Bleacher Report ^ | Nov 13, 2015 | Adam Wells
    Missouri head football coach Gary Pinkel is resigning after the season as he continues treatment for lymphoma.
  • Vanderbilt students move to oust professor who suggested radical Islam might be a problem

    11/13/2015 7:50:32 AM PST · by markomalley · 31 replies
    Hot Air ^ | 11/13/15 | Jazz Shaw
    At this point we could probably use a second blog to do nothing but stories about college campuses and the activities of the special snowflakes who are going to create safe space homes for themselves there. The story coming out of Vanderbilt this week might have been shocking in years past, but by now it’s just a footnote to the daily rap sheet. The students at this esteemed university, having seen the “success” of their fellow seekers of knowledge at Mizzou, are looking to give the boot to one of their professors. Her crime? Penning an editorial many months ago...
  • Mizzou Team store not selling MU "Whiteout" shirts for BYU game

    11/13/2015 11:26:11 AM PST · by PROCON · 50 replies
    abc17news.com ^ | Nov. 11, 2015 | ABC 17 News Staff
    COLUMBIA, Mo. - The Mizzou Team Store was not selling Mizzou Tigers "whiteout" shirts for the upcoming game against BYU at its store or on its website Wednesday.The shirts were listed on the store's website as the official 2015 whiteout shirt for Saturday's game against the BYU Cougars the weekend prior to the game. The attached picture is a screen shot of the shirt listed on the store's website for sale still on November 7th. On Wednesday the link to find that shirt on the store's website no longer worked.
  • University of Missouri names retired black professor as interim president

    11/13/2015 9:28:53 AM PST · by SeekAndFind · 43 replies
    New York Daily News ^ | 11/13/2015 | BY MEG WAGNER, LEONARD GREENE
    The University of Missouri took a major step toward healing Thursday, naming a retired black law professor and chancellor emeritus as the school’s new interim president. Michael Middleton, who earned his bachelor's and law degrees from the school, inherits a campus beset by racial strife. He takes over just days after a student hunger strike and a boycott by black members of the football team forced the resignation of then-president Tim Wolfe. "We all must heighten our focus, improve our culture and share the responsibility to see our university advance in healthy ways built upon respect for others," Middleton said....
  • Brutal Don Lemon Reality Check Tells Students Where They Can Have Their ‘Safe Space’

    11/13/2015 8:13:38 AM PST · by Impala64ssa · 40 replies
    IJ Review ^ | 11/12/15 | MALLORY SHELBOURNE
    Since the University of Missouri’s president resigned over race relations earlier this week, students have continued holding protests on campus. The protests lead to controversy over a professor’s attempts to stifle press in a public campus space. Today, CNN host Don Lemon spoke on the Tom Moyner Morning Show (per Mediaite), expressing his issue with how the university has handled the First Amendment: “…The only issue, the only issue I have with what happened at the University of Missouri is their vigorous effort to squash freedom of speech and freedom of the press. And as a journalist that really bothers...
  • Racism at University of Missouri is real, whether you believe it or not

    11/13/2015 5:10:59 AM PST · by madprof98 · 73 replies
    Kansas City Star ^ | 11/12/15 | Jeneé Osterheldt
    For months, I have been reading about racism there. I didn't want to write about it. I was exhausted from the never-ending flood of injustice I see as I write about women's rights, #blacklivesmatter, marriage equality and more. It hurt to dive into the dynamics at the University of Missouri, where two students scattered cotton balls outside the campus Black Culture Center a couple of years ago.
  • Crying Wolfe Exposes Real Problem

    11/13/2015 4:24:44 AM PST · by LRoggy · 3 replies
    Fox Sports ^ | 11/11/15 | Jason Whitlock
    Chicago buried nine-year-old Tyshawn Lee on Tuesday. Police allege gang members lured the boy into an alley and executed him in a revenge killing aimed at his father. Father Michael Pfleger, a white minister in a predominantly black Chicago community, eulogized Lee and castigated our society, blaming the boy’s death on our “lost conscience.” How can we argue? The execution of an innocent black boy draws the attention of a handful of local dignitaries while the death of a black teenager foolish enough to wrestle a cop for control of a gun helps foment unrest on a nearby college campus...

    11/12/2015 6:15:49 PM PST · by digger48 · 43 replies
    Breitbart ^ | 12 Nov 2015 | Lee Stranahan
    Mike Middleton, the man just named as the interim president of the University of Missouri, worked as a political activist with the protestors who forced out his predecessor. As NBC reports: "The University of Missouri's governing board on Thursday appointed a recently retired administrator to be the university systems interim president. The Board of Curators announced that Michael Middleton, 68, will lead the four-campus system until it finds a permanent replacement for Tim Wolfe, who resigned Monday under pressure from students who criticized his administrations response to a series of racial incidents." Middleton retired in August after teaching at the...
  • University of Missouri Names Interim President Amid Racial Tension

    11/12/2015 3:19:30 PM PST · by DoodleDawg · 41 replies
    Wall Street Journal. ^ | 11/12/15 | Melissa Korn
    The University of Missouri named Michael Middleton as its interim president Thursday, tapping the recently retired deputy chancellor emeritus and civil rights lawyer to take the helm of a system rocked by racial tension. Mr. Middleton, who is African-American, has worked as a trial attorney in the U.S. Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division and associate general counsel at the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. He received both his undergraduate and law degrees at the university’s Columbia, Mo., campus.
  • Trump: Mizzou situation “disgusting … their demands are crazy”

    11/12/2015 3:07:41 PM PST · by SeekAndFind · 10 replies
    Hotair ^ | 11/12/2015 | Ed Morrissey
    And that’s just the warm-up. Donald Trump understands the dynamics of power, and absolutely nails the problems at the University of Missouri and Yale this week. Calling the spectacle at Mizzou “disgusting,” Trump laid the blame for it at the feet of Tim Wolfe for resigning under pressure, saying that Mizzou should have hired Trump as chancellor:CLICK ABOVE LINK FOR THE VIDEO “I think the two people that resigned are weak, ineffective people,” he said. “I think that when they resigned, they set something in motion that’s going to be a disaster for the next long period of time....
  • Mizzou Releases Photos Of Poop Swastika, Discloses Details Of Previously Unreported Racial Slurs

    11/12/2015 2:42:05 PM PST · by outpostinmass2 · 103 replies
    In response to a public records request filed earlier this week by The Federalist, the University of Missouri’s custodian of records released pictures today of the vandalism incident, reports of which shocked the campus and sparked protests that eventually led to the resignations of the university’s two top administrators. The pictures released by the university show a swastika drawn on the wall of a unisex bathroom stall on the third floor of Gateway Hall, a university dormitory. According to an accompanying incident report which was also provided pursuant to a public records request, photos were taken by dormitory advisors and...
  • ‘Grow up,’ tweets former Mizzou football star to students who slammed ‘hero’ professor

    11/12/2015 12:18:06 PM PST · by simpson96 · 31 replies
    Washington Post ^ | 11/12/2015 | Michael E Miller
    Dale Brigham thought he was doing the right thing.As anonymous death threats against minorities swirled on social media Tuesday night, setting the college town of Columbia, Mo., on edge, the bespectacled Mizzou professor began receiving e-mails from terrified students."Good Evening Professor Brigham," wrote an African American student in Brigham's Nutritional Science 1034 class. "There are online threats at our school warning the minorities to not step on campus tomorrow. I am scared for my life therefore, I will not be attending class tomorrow. When can I makeup the exam?"Brigham, a popular professor and fitness buff who volunteered with many Mizzou...
  • Donald Trump blasts 'disgraceful' Mizzou protests: 'Trump should have been the chancellor'

    11/12/2015 11:44:33 AM PST · by SoFloFreeper · 31 replies
    yahoo ^ | 11/12/15 | Colin Campbell
    ....Donald Trump blasted the recent University of Missouri protests, which he called "disgraceful," during a Thursday-morning interview on Fox Business Network. "I think it's disgusting. I think it's disgusting," the Republican presidential candidate began when asked about the university.... "....the two people that resigned are weak, ineffective people," he said. "I think that when they resigned, they set something in motion that's going to be a disaster for the next long period of time. They were weak, ineffective people." Trump added: "Trump should have been the chancellor of that university. Believe me, there would have been no resignations."
  • Limbaugh:"Entirely Possible"Mizzou Race Protest "Manufactured" By Dem Party (Shortened)

    11/12/2015 11:07:18 AM PST · by Biggirl · 41 replies
    Breitbart.com ^ | November 12, 2015 | Jeff Poor
    Thursday on his nationally syndicated radio show, conservative talker Rush Limbaugh offer a possible theory as to why a number of protests inspired by alleged racial incidents have sprung up in recent months all over the country.
  • Donald Trump blasts 'disgraceful' Mizzou protests: 'Trump should have been the chancellor'

    11/12/2015 10:41:05 AM PST · by SaveFerris · 11 replies
    finance.yahoo.com ^ | 4 hours ago | By Colin Campbell
    Real-estate mogul Donald Trump blasted the recent University of Missouri protests, which he called "disgraceful," during a Thursday-morning interview on Fox Business Network. "I think it's disgusting. I think it's disgusting," the Republican presidential candidate began when asked about the university. Weeks of protests over racial tensions have rocked the campus, leading University of Missouri president Tim Wolfe to announce his resignation on Monday. Chancellor R. Bowen Loftin also said he would step down at the end of the year. But Trump argued that it was a "weak" move for the two leaders to step aside. "I think the two...
  • More Fallout at University of Missouri: Student Files Assault Complaint v. Faculty

    11/12/2015 10:49:34 AM PST · by simpson96 · 48 replies
    PJ Media ^ | 11/12/2015 | Staff
    Who doesn't love watching the Left crack up?One of the MU employees seen physically forcing a freelance photographer to move at a Concerned Student 1950 camp Monday has been placed on administrative leave, effective immediately. Mark Lucas, director of the Department of Student Life, sent the following statement late Wednesday afternoon: "Effective Nov. 11, 2015, Janna Basler has been placed on administrative leave and relieved of her duties as Director of Greek Life while we conduct an investigation regarding her recent actions."In a video by MU student Mark Schierbecker, which has been widely circulated, Basler is seen with her arms...
  • Center for American Progress reveals Palestinians were advising demonstrators in Ferguson

    11/12/2015 7:45:43 AM PST · by SeekAndFind · 9 replies
    American Thinker ^ | 11/12/2015 | Thomas Lifson
    Oops! As a byproduct of an internal dispute at the far left think tank, the Center for American Progress (CAP), it has been revealed that Palestinian advisers were brought into the Ferguson, Missouri demonstrations to advise the rioters. Exactly who paid for them to apparently fly halfway around the world (or otherwise build "strong relationships") and stick their noses into an American political dispute is unclear, though it has been bandied about that George Soros has played a major role in funding the #BlackLivesMatter movement that is ginning up black anger, and presumably 2016 election turnout for Hillary. The...
  • Meet The Mizzou Student Responsible For Hyping The Poop Swastika

    11/12/2015 7:44:41 AM PST · by Sopater · 56 replies
    The Federalist ^ | 11/11/15 | Sean Davis
    On October 28, Mizzou student dorm association president Billy Donley dropped a bomb on his fellow students: somebody at the University of Missouri drew a swastika in one of the school’s dorms. Donley’s claim, which was later expanded to include allegations that the swastika was drawn with human feces, ignited a racial firestorm that eventually led to the resignations of Mizzou’s top two university administrators.Unfortunately, there’s no publicly available evidence that this incident ever occurred.By all accounts, Donley, a class of 2018 undergraduate student who serves as the president of the Mizzou Residence Halls Association (RHA), was the first person...
  • Mizzou Finally Releases Poop Swastika Police Report

    11/12/2015 7:39:22 AM PST · by Sopater · 49 replies
    The Federalist ^ | 11/12/15 | Sean Davis
    The University of Missouri released a police report Wednesday night that was prepared following a complaint that a swastika made of poop was found in a dormitory bathroom at the university in late October. The police report was obtained by the Daily Caller’s Chuck Ross. Many questions remain about a swastika scrawled in feces in a bathroom at a residence hall on the University of Missouri last month. But a police report obtained by The Daily Caller on Wednesday does show that a university police officer did observe the scrawling. The so-called poop swastika has been the subject of intense...
  • Missouri Lt. Gov Kinder Blames Left,Calls Missouri Events "Appalling"

    11/12/2015 7:38:57 AM PST · by Biggirl · 30 replies
    Breitbart.com ^ | November 12, 2015 | Dan Riehl
    Missouri Lt. Governor Peter Kinder says we’re seeing the “fruits of decades of Leftist control” play out at the University of Missouri this week.
  • MU professor apologizes for bullying student journalist (Melissa Click)

    11/12/2015 6:29:56 AM PST · by simpson96 · 48 replies
    St. Louis Post-Dispatch ^ | 11/11/2015 | Alex Stuckey,
    COLUMBIA, MO. - Melissa Click shut herself in her university office on Tuesday afternoon, and sobbing could be heard through the door.A day earlier, the assistant communications professor at the University of Missouri had helped lead a multitude of activists forming a circle encompassing hundreds of yards to block reporters from an encampment on Mizzou’s Carnahan Quadrangle, following the resignation of University of Missouri System President Timothy M. Wolfe.A video that went viral Monday evening showed Click calling out for "muscle" to help remove a student journalist from the area. The video sparked a national wave of criticism against Click...
  • Progressives, A Safe Space And Adult Diapers

    11/12/2015 5:04:16 AM PST · by Kaslin · 29 replies
    Townhall.com ^ | November 12, 2015 | Derek Hunter
    I can't even bring myself to pretend anymore; progressives are simply wastes of human flesh. They're spoiled rotten scum, and I mean that with all due respect. And by all due respect I mean none, since they are worthy of none. The bed-wetters currently drum-circling and camping in the quad at the University of Missouri should be expelled. The football players who threatened not to play their game this weekend should have their scholarships revoked. The coaches who supported them should be fired. The faculty who aided these mutants should be unemployable for the rest of their lives. This childish...
  • Univ. of Missouri student: ‘Several of us are afraid to disagree with other students’

    11/12/2015 3:44:31 AM PST · by Timber Rattler · 40 replies
    The College Fix ^ | November 11, 2015 | Ian Paris
    An innocent man lost his job. Racial tensions are at an all time high. Faculty members refuse to acknowledge students' First Amendment rights. Campus authorities are policing speech. This is my reality as a student at the University of Missouri. I believe in liberty for all people, but the current climate on campus runs counter to that. Some friends tell me they are afraid to voice their opinions lest they come under fire from the administration or peers - or the police. The University of Missouri police department sent an email urging students to report offensive or hurtful speech -...
  • Missouri Student VP: I'm Tired Of Hearing People Use First Amendment Rights...

    11/11/2015 11:34:27 PM PST · by Impala64ssa · 43 replies
    To Create "Hostile" Atmosphere Brenda Smith-Lezama, vice president of the Missouri Students Association, appeared on MSNBC Tuesday afternoon to express her disdain at people using their First Amendment rights to create a "hostile" and "unsafe" learning environment. Smith-Lezama advocated for a safe space for "healing" rather than "experiencing a lot of hate." MSNBC host Thomas Roberts asked Smith-Lezama to respond to a professor who "complained" universities are becoming intolerant of opposing views. "One professor complained universities are becoming places of prohibition," Roberts said. "What's your feeling? Do you believe that's a place we are heading for American campuses now? "...
  • Mizzou student body president admits to spreading false rumor KKK was on campus

    11/11/2015 10:22:35 PM PST · by Impala64ssa · 40 replies
    Twitter via BizPac Review ^ | 11/11/15 | Tom Tillison
    Much like the lie known as “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot,” rumors and unsubstantiated allegations continue to flow freely on the University of Missouri campus, with some of the worst of it coming from student body president Payton Head. Head, who had previously claimed he was called the “n-word” from a passing pickup truck — one of the actions that led to the school’s president, Tim Wolfe, resigning on Monday — was at it again on Tuesday. This time, he took to social media to warn students about the KKK being on campus, according to Twitchy.com: There’s only one small problem...
  • Mizzou Demonstrators Segregate White Allies to Form ‘Black Only Healing Space’

    11/11/2015 6:22:14 PM PST · by lowbridge · 105 replies
    theblaze.com ^ | november 11, 2015 | oliver darcy
    Student protesters at the University of Missouri asked white supporters to leave Wednesday night in order to create a "black only healing space." Steve Schmidt, an activist who was at the protest, tweeted that Concerned Student 1950 group were "asking white allies to leave." -snip Prominent Black Lives Matter activist Johnetta Elzie seemingly confirmed those with Caucasian skin were asked to leave the area, tweeting that the group had created a "black only healing space for the students to share, decompress, be vulnerable & real." -snip Mark Kim, another reporter for KOMU who was at the scene, told TheBlaze that...
  • UPDATE: MU faculty member resigns courtesy appointment, apologizes..... (Melissa Click, adios)

    11/11/2015 11:41:39 AM PST · by doug from upland · 36 replies
    COLUMBIA-- MU faculty member Melissa Click and MU staff member Janna Basler have apologized. And Tuesday night, Click resigned her courtesy appointment with the Missouri School of Journalism. Click was caught up in an incident Monday between a freelance photographer and protesters near the Concerned Student 1950 camp on Mel Carnahan Quadrangle. "Yesterday was an historic day at MU -- full of emotion and confusion. I have reviewed and reflected upon the video of me that is circulating, and have written this statement to offer both apology and context for my actions," Click, an assistant professor in the Department of...
  • ACLU: Missouri needs to protect students' free speech rights

    11/11/2015 5:15:25 PM PST · by Olog-hai · 8 replies
    Associated Press ^ | Nov 11, 2015 4:36 PM EST | Summer Ballentine and Alan Scher Zagier
    Free speech advocates are expressing concern that instructions from University of Missouri police on how students should report "hateful and/or hurtful" speech could stifle legitimate differences of opinion. [...] The university's student conduct code prohibits harassment, which it defines as "unwelcome verbal or physical conduct" against "actual or perceived membership in a protected class ... that creates a hostile environment." The conduct code also forbids bullying, retaliation and threatening or intimidating behaviors. The American Civil Liberties Union of Missouri responded with a statement calling for the university to not compromise the right to free expression in its efforts to fight...
  • Mizzou prof. resigns, refusing to cancel exam due to reports of threats against black students

    11/11/2015 4:39:24 PM PST · by SeekAndFind · 17 replies
    Hotair ^ | 11/11/2015 | AllahPundit
    Via Campus Reform, Melissa Click somehow remains a faculty member in good standing while Dale Brigham is packing his bags.Which makes sense, come to think of it. Who’s more in tune with the zeitgeist at Mizzou, Click or this guy? Dr. Dale Brigham, considered one of the most beloved professors at the University of Missouri, has been forced to resign after initially refusing to cancel an exam for students who claimed to feel “unsafe.”"If you don't feel safe coming to class, then don’t come to class," Dr. Brigham told his students. "I will be there, and there will be...
  • The Missouri Poop Swastika Is the Moment Social Justice Jumped the Shark

    11/11/2015 3:55:01 PM PST · by markomalley · 56 replies
    Breitbart Tech ^ | 11/11/15 | Milo Yiannopoulos
    No evidence has yet surfaced that a Nazi symbol made of human feces was left on campus at Missouri, less still that it was a racially-charged statement.It seems more likely that the swastika is a hoax, just as – whisper it – so many other high-profile black victims on American campuses celebrated endlessly by progressive journalists turn out to be mendacious frauds.But “facts” haven’t stopped students, and even some idiotic professors, from hurling themselves into grievance-fuelled hysteria on campuses all over the country, even at Yale. Such are the levels of hysteria following this fecal fabrication that Mizzou students hallucinated the KKK into existence yesterday.Missouri’s poop swastika...