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  • Space mystery: NASA baffled after India moon lander disappears without trace

    10/24/2019 8:25:53 AM PDT · by oh8eleven · 64 replies
    Express ^ | 24 Oct 2019 | Sean Martin
    Things took a disastrous turn when India’s Chandrayaan-2 spacecraft attempted to land on the Moon on September 6. As it approached the Moon’s south pole, where it had planned to land in order to confirm the presence of water ice, the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) lost contact with the machine. It was presumed the machine crashed into lunar surface but after more than a month of searching, there has been no evidence of Chandrayaan-2 found
  • NASA Announces All-Female Remake Of Staged Moon Landings (SATIRE)

    10/18/2019 5:22:20 PM PDT · by bitt · 11 replies ^ | july 18, 2019 | admin
    As a tribute to the 50th anniversary of its fake moon landing, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration has announced a reboot of the staged event that fooled billions worldwide, only this time featuring an all-female crew. NASA officials confirm they will release a shot-for-shot remake of the meticulously concocted phony moon landing, originally filmed at an undisclosed soundstage 50 years ago this week. The rejuvenated hoax will follow in the footsteps of other recent all-female reboots like Ghostbusters and Ocean’s 8. “Those were some great buddy films,” a NASA spokesperson told reporters, “but we made the ultimate buddy movie...
  • Indian authorities left red-faced after ‘Moonwalk’ VIDEO goes viral

    10/15/2019 7:57:40 AM PDT · by LesbianThespianGymnasticMidget · 12 replies
    RT ^ | 2 Sep, 2019
    As India’s space agency prepares to make history by landing on the Moon later this week, many of the country’s citizens have been left in stitches after footage of an apparent moonwalk went viral. Just days before India’s lunar mission Chandrayaan-2 touches down on the Moon’s south pole on September 7, Baadal Nanjundaswamy, a famous Indian street artist, stole all the headlines with a wry takedown of the city council in Bengaluru. Nanjundaswamy enlisted the help of theater actor and film star, Poornachandra Mysore, who helped stage a tongue-in-cheek ‘moonwalk’ to highlight the pockmarked pavement plaguing the city’s streets. At...
  • Nobody knows what made the gargantuan crater on the dark side of the Moon

    09/26/2019 9:46:29 AM PDT · by BenLurkin · 58 replies
    fox news ^ | 09/26/2019 | By Brandon Specktor - Senior Writer | LiveScience
    Billions of years ago, something slammed into the dark side of the moon and carved out a very, very large hole. Stretching 1,550 miles (2,500 kilometers) wide and 8 miles (13 km) deep, the South Pole-Aitken basin... For decades, researchers have suspected that the gargantuan basin was created by a head-on collision with a very large, very fast meteor. Such an impact would have ripped the moon's crust apart and scattered chunks of lunar mantle across the crater's surface, providing a rare glimpse at what the moon is really made of. ... Now, however... After analyzing the minerals in six...
  • India says it has found its Moon lander, but it still cannot communicate with it

    09/09/2019 12:41:46 PM PDT · by Red Badger · 69 replies ^ | By Loren Grush@lorengrush Sep 9, 2019, 9:41am EDT
    Can the little bot still function? India claims to have spotted the country’s Vikram lunar lander on the surface of the Moon days after the spacecraft presumably crashed during a landing attempt. India still has not made contact with the lander, which went silent moments before its scheduled touchdown, but Indian officials are hopeful that the lander might still function. “We are trying to establish contact,” Kailasavadivoo Sivan, the chairperson of the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) which oversees the lander, told Asian News International (ANI). “It will be communicated soon.” The Vikram lander is a key part of India’s...
  • ...a method to connect the Earth and the moon with a cable

    09/17/2019 8:26:32 PM PDT · by DUMBGRUNT · 121 replies
    Business Insider ^ | 17 Sept 2019 | Ruqayyah Moynihan
    Scientists have proposed a method to connect the Earth and the moon with a cable that will allow us to travel between them, but the European Space Agency isn't convinced Two astronomers from the University of Cambridge and the University of Columbia have proposed a plan for a kind of elevator between the moon and the Earth. Have you ever thought about what it would be like if we could just hop in an elevator, press a button, and head up to the moon? According to the scientists' calculations, it would be possible to construct such a structure using existing...
  • Europe Wants Ideas for Cave-Spelunking Moon Robots. Here's How You Can Help!

    09/15/2019 3:42:31 PM PDT · by BenLurkin · 15 replies ^ | 2019-09-15 | Elizabeth Howell
    As NASA makes a big push to land humans on the moon's surface by 2024, the European Space Agency (ESA) wants to learn more about the lunar caves that lie beneath. "Exploring and mapping these tubes could provide new information about the moon's geology, but they could also be an interesting option as long-term shelter for future human visitors to the moon," Franceso Sauro, director of ESA's Pangaea planetary geology astronaut training, said in a statement. "They would shield astronauts from cosmic radiation and micrometeorites and possibly provide access to icy water and other resources trapped underground." The missions have...
  • Live -- India Moon Landing (2:40 pm EST)

    09/06/2019 9:53:34 AM PDT · by libh8er · 89 replies
    ISRO ^ | 09.06.2019
    A landing attempt for the first time on Moon's south pole. Previous landings (US, Russia, China) have all been near the equator. Live streaming will start 2:40 pm EST (1:10 AM India time)
  • China’s Chang’e 4 lander finds gel-like substance on the far side of the moon

    08/31/2019 1:16:22 PM PDT · by Innovative · 80 replies
    Digital Trends ^ | Aug. 31, 2018 | Georgina Torbet
    China’s Chang’e 4 mission is currently exploring one of the lesser-known areas of the moon — the far side, which faces away from Earth. Previously it found minerals which may have come from deep beneath the lunar surface, and now it has found something even stranger: An oddly-colored “gel-like” substance of unknown origin. The mission consists of not only the Chang’e 4 lander, but also a smaller rover called Yutu-2. It was Yutu-2 which stumbled across the unexpected blobby mystery, as reported by The discovery occurred on lunar day 8, or July 25 here on Earth, and it was...
  • 'Indestructible' tardigrades may be alive on the Moon

    08/22/2019 12:22:31 AM PDT · by Windflier · 32 replies
    France 24 ^ | 8 July 2019 | Staff
    There may be life on the Moon after all: virtually indestructible beings that can withstand extreme radiation, sizzling heat, the coldest temperatures of the universe, and decades without food. These terrifying-sounding creatures aren't aliens but in fact microscopic Earthlings known as tardigrades, who likely survived a crash landing on the lunar surface by Israel's Beresheet probe in April, the organization responsible for their trip said Tuesday. Based on an analysis of the spacecraft's trajectory and the composition of the device the micro-animals were stored in, "we believe the chances of survival for the tardigrades...are extremely high," Nova Spivack, founder...
  • India's Chandrayaan-2 moon mission enters lunar orbit

    08/20/2019 7:16:54 AM PDT · by BenLurkin · 7 replies
    CNN ^ | August 20, 2019 | Ivana Kottasová and Swati Gupta
    India's Chandrayaan-2 spacecraft entered lunar orbit on Tuesday in a small but important step on its journey towards the moon. Chandrayaan-2, which means "moon vehicle" in Sanskrit, entered the orbit around midnight Eastern Time in a complicated insertion maneuver that took 29 minutes. "Our hearts almost stopped today till it completed its job," Kailasavadivoo Sivan, chairman of the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), told reporters at a news conference. "But still the landing is the terrifying moment... because that is a phase that we are doing for the first time," he added. If the spacecraft lands successfully, India will become...
  • Thousands of Tardigrades Stranded on the Moon After Lunar Lander Crash

    08/06/2019 4:35:57 PM PDT · by BenLurkin · 26 replies
    Live Science ^ | August 6, 2019 11:13am ET | Mindy Weisberger,
    Beresheet was a robotic lander. Though it didn't transport astronauts, it carried human DNA samples, along with the aforementioned tardigrades and 30 million very small digitized pages of information about human society and culture. However, it's unknown if the archive — and the water bears — survived the explosive impact when Beresheet crashed The tardigrades and the human DNA were late additions to the mission, added just a few weeks before Beresheet launched on Feb. 21. Much like Cretaceous fossils locked in amber, the DNA samples and tardigrades were sealed in a resin layer protecting the DVD-size lunar library, while...
  • Praying on the Moon - "One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind,"

    08/01/2019 7:01:43 PM PDT · by Perseverando · 9 replies
    American Minute ^ | July 20, 2019 | Bill Federer
    "One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind," stated Astronaut Neil Armstrong, JULY 20, 1969, as he became the f irst man to walk on the moon, almost 238,900 miles away from the Earth. The second man on the moon was Colonel Buzz Aldrin. Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin spent a total of 21 hours and 37 minutes on the moon's surface before redocking their lunar module Eagle with the command ship Columbia, which was orbiting 57 miles above the Moon's surface. Buzz Aldrin earned a Ph.D. from M.I.T. and helped develop the technology necessary for the...
  • A black moon is coming tonight; here’s what that means

    07/31/2019 2:53:40 PM PDT · by BenLurkin · 36 replies
    WBTW ^ | Jul 31, 2019 / 10:18 AM EDT | no byline
    A black moon is basically the second new moon of the month, something that rarely occurs. It works similarly to a Leap Year. A lunar cycle typically takes about 29 days to complete, but our months are slightly longer. So sometimes, about every 32 months, we happen to get two full moons or two new moons. The second full moon in a month is called a blue moon, and the second new moon is called a black moon. But a black moon also refers to a month where there are no new moons — which is only possible in February...
  • Bill Whittle on the Apollo 11: What We Saw (Four episodes)

    07/27/2019 6:39:30 PM PDT · by rlmorel · 30 replies ^ | July 13, 2019 - July 20, 2019 | Bill Whittle
    Bill Whittle, one of the most eloquent of conservative voices to be found, is also a pilot and an aviation enthusiast. On the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, Bill Whittle has hosted a four part series on the Apollo program titled "What We Saw". There are four hour-long episodes: Apollo 11: What We Saw: Part 1 - We Choose to Go to the Moon Apollo 11: What We Saw: Part 2 - The Clock is Running and We're Underway! What We Saw: Apollo 11: Part 3: In the Beginning... Apollo 11: What We Saw - Part 4:...
  • Study suggests much more water on the moon than thought

    07/23/2019 1:15:39 PM PDT · by Red Badger · 24 replies ^ | July 23, 2019 | by Bob Yirka
    A trio of researchers at the University of California has found evidence that suggests there is far more ice on the surface of the moon than has been thought. In their paper published in the journal Nature Geoscience, Lior Rubanenko, Jaahnavee Venkatraman and David Paige describe their study of similarities between ice on Mercury and shadowed regions on the moon and what they found. Prior researchers using data from the Arecibo Observatory and also NASA's MESSENGER spacecraft found that there are cratered areas on Mercury's poles that appear shadowed from Earth. Data from the LRO probe that was intentionally crashed...
  • Chandrayaan-2: Success in India's second attempt at launching Moon mission

    07/22/2019 12:26:46 PM PDT · by BenLurkin · 25 replies
    CNN ^ | Helen Regan and Manveena Suri,
    The country's latest lunar mission, Chandrayaan-2, which means "moon vehicle" in Sanskrit, took off from the Satish Dhawan Space Center at Sriharikota in Andhra Pradesh state at 2:43 p.m., Monday local time (5:13 am ET). The launch was originally scheduled for July 15, but was abruptly called off just 56 minutes before lift-off due to a "technical snag." India is now on the way to becoming the fourth country -- in addition to United States, China and the former Soviet Union -- to make a soft-landing on the lunar surface. The Chandrayaan-2, which weighs 3.8 tons and carries 13 payloads,...
  • Why Didn't the Soviets Ever Make It to the Moon?

    07/22/2019 8:22:49 AM PDT · by C19fan · 39 replies
    Popular Mechaincs ^ | July 22, 2019 | Anatoly Zak
    On July 3, 1969, just 17 days before Neil Armstrong and Ed Aldrin walked on the lunar surface, the USSR made its second attempt to test-fire its own moon rocket, known as N1. No official announcement about the secret mission had ever been made, but in subsequent passes over the Soviet test range in Tyuratam, Kazakhstan, U.S. spy satellites glimpsed utter devastation at one of the two launch pads known to host the moon rocket. The Soviet Union didn't know it at the time, but its hopes for reaching the moon also ended on that charred launch pad in 1969.
  • Washington Monument is transformed into a stunning tribute to Apollo 11 moon landing [tr]

    07/21/2019 5:03:31 AM PDT · by C19fan · 44 replies
    UK Daily Mail ^ | July 21, 2019 | Keith Griffith
    The Washington Monument has been transformed into a stunning tribute to the first moon landing through a dazzling series of projections. Crowds packed the National Mall to watch the 17-minute show, which was projected three times each on Friday and Saturday, marking the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission. Cheers rose from the crowd as the Saturn V rocket was seen lifting off. The show also included various scenes of the stages separating, the moon landing, and splash-down as the hero astronauts returned to Earth.
  • When India Was Obsessed With Another Moon Landing

    07/20/2019 5:12:02 PM PDT · by Republic_Venom · 5 replies
    NDTV ^ | mukul kesavan
    For a 12-year-old schoolboy, Armstrong's moonwalk couldn't have been worse timed. The summer vacation had given over in the middle of July and for desis, the Eagle landed- given the time difference - on a Monday. That wouldn't have been so bad if Armstrong hadn't taken hours - bloody hours - to undo the hatch and climb down the ladder. The Lunar Module (it was capitalized in our heads) landed at a quarter to two in the morning. That wasn't so bad because in my brother's head and mine, that wasn't the main event and we could sleep through it....