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  • vanity - Is the current photo of Christine Blasey Ford Current?

    09/18/2018 4:54:26 PM PDT · by JLAGRAYFOX · 75 replies
    Folks, is that photo we see posted of Christine Blasey Ford current or not so current. Thus far, I have only witnessed two photos of Ms. Ford, one, when she a young teenage lady and one taken when it appears she was a bit older. The other day, when I googled her Facebook page to see what she looked like, asking to see images of her, a sight flashed up on screen and then immediately disappeared. I tried a few times to re-enter my inquiry with no luck. For some reason, IMHO, I am beginning to believe that forces out...
  • vanity Cuomo slaughters Cynthia Nixon in NY Governor primary election

    09/13/2018 6:09:50 PM PDT · by JLAGRAYFOX · 92 replies
    Insane lunatic, NY Governor, Cuomo, politically slaughters supreme Nutcase Cynthia. You do not want to know the's hilarious!!!
  • Romney Nomination in doubt – Brokered Convention likely

    04/27/2012 4:35:16 AM PDT · by IbJensen · 38 replies
    White Out Press ^ | 4/24/2012 | Staff
    April 24, 2012. Des Moines. Two networks yesterday, CNBC and MSNBC, broadcast a little known fact – Ron Paul appears to be winning the Republican nomination for President. When the popular Texas Congressman repeatedly assured supporters that the race was about delegates, not beauty contests, he apparently knew what he was talking about. Now, after three more states locked in delegates to the GOP nominating convention – CO, MN and IA – indicators point to a brokered convention with a possible, even probable, Ron Paul victory. Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) appears to be piling up enough delegates to force a...
  • Romney Nomination in doubt – Brokered Convention likely

    04/24/2012 8:32:25 PM PDT · by Huskrrrr · 42 replies
    Whiteout Press ^ | Richard Winger
    April 24, 2012. Des Moines. Two networks yesterday, CNBC and MSNBC, broadcast a little known fact – Ron Paul appears to be winning the Republican nomination for President. When the popular Texas Congressman repeatedly assured supporters that the race was about delegates, not beauty contests, he apparently knew what he was talking about. Now, after three more states locked in delegates to the GOP nominating convention – CO, MN and IA – indicators point to a brokered convention with a possible, even probable, Ron Paul victory.
  • TV ad asking Sarah Palin to 'reconsider' on tap in Sioux City

    11/25/2011 5:09:03 PM PST · by 2ndDivisionVet · 105 replies
    The Des Moines Register | November 25, 2011 | Jason Noble
    Link only due to copyright issues:
  • Who Will Sarah Palin Endorse?

    11/25/2011 11:24:58 AM PST · by presidio9 · 118 replies
    Yahoo! News ^ | Nov 23, 2011 | Mark Whittington
    The most sought-after endorsement of this political cycle will be from a woman who holds no political office and is not currently seeking one. That is why each of the Republican candidates have done the equivalent of kissing Sarah Palin's ring. RealClearPolitics believes that former House Speaker Newt Gingrich has the inside track for getting the Palin endorsement. Of course, reports about what Palin will or will not do is largely conjecture, even if it is sourced from people said to be within the Palin inner circle. Only Palin will know who she intends to endorse and when. Any definitive...
  • Sarah Palin (She plays chess while everyone else plays checkers)

    08/28/2011 8:17:34 AM PDT · by techno · 97 replies
    August 28, 2011 | techno
    There is a familiar aphorism among Palinistas and right-wing blogs that Sarah Palin plays chess while everyone else plays checkers. I agree. What I would like to do is illustrate how Sarah Palin is playing chess so deftly, what moves she plans to make once she enters the presidential race (the political lay of the land) and at the same time explain the deficiencies in the chess game prowess and execution of Mitt Romney and how these deficiencies may lead to his eventual downfall in the GOP primaries. In interest of full disclosure I am one of the worst chess...
  • All I need to know about Sarah Palin

    08/27/2011 8:11:09 PM PDT · by Mach9 · 88 replies
    Lipstick 2012--Diary of an Election Cycle ^ | July 2009 | Jeanette Pryor
    On July 3rd, 2009, Sarah Palin resigned as Governor of Alaska, figuratively nailing the following sign to her door: “Men Wanted For Hazardous Journey. Small wages. Bitter cold. Long months of complete darkness. Constant danger. Safe return doubtful. Honor and recognition in case of success.” This most famous newspaper advertisement ever penned placed its original author, Sir Ernest Shackleton, in the position of selecting his Antarctic expeditionary crew from among 5,000 applicants. Comparing Sarah Palin to Shackleton might appear to stretch the limits of metaphorical license, even for an Irishwoman given to hyperbole. I contend that it pales when compared...
  • Is Sarah Palin the Second Coming of Ronald Reagan?

    10/09/2010 2:18:25 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 248 replies · 1+ views
    Associated Content ^ | October 9, 2010 | Mark R. Whittington
    At a reception and dinner attended by fifty conservative movers and shakers, Sarah Palin implicitly compared herself to President Ronald Reagan. At the same time she suggested that she is mulling a Presidential run in 2012. According to Politico: "Speaking to a group of well-connected Republicans at a private dinner in Florida this week, Sarah Palin implicitly addressed questions about her own electability by noting that critics also said Ronald Reagan couldn't win in 1980, three attendees told POLITICO. "Palin, at an event organized by the conservative magazine Newsmax, told the right-wing crowd that those who don't have the same...
  • What my plan was when I created the ZOT

    06/28/2010 12:43:57 PM PDT · by DagonofAlbion · 3,391 replies · 23+ views
    (and how I ended up) ^ | June 28, 2010 | Lord Dagon
    I deposit the Risk into the account of a dummy finance company for management, called the republican party. Then, I deposit the damage into the account of a dummy corporation for control, called the democratic party. I leave all the bible belt religions as spoilers, or third parties; putting them down as department store chains. To stave off the profit into the mints money burning facility, to insure that the money is worthless in terms of pragmatic value, and is only practical believed values. And the Black market is pimped as bad but, even losing even your kindeys in a...
  • Lets get something straight, Sarah Palin did NOT "quit"

    06/08/2010 5:34:13 PM PDT · by se_ohio_young_conservative · 579 replies · 815+ views
    She was FORCED out for financial reasons. If anyone tells you she quit let them know otherwise. Her legal fee had accumulated higher than 500K. Her personal income was JUST OVER 100K a year. Financially her family was going under quickly. And they were filing another ethics complaint everytime she left the state. She was afraid to give interviews in the governors office. She was afraid to allow anyone other than staff in the Governors office after the TaserGate ordeal. They were destroying her. So, what were her options ? She tried to set up a legal defense fund. At...
  • Tommy Hicks (American Evangelist 1961) end time vision(the sleeping giant) Is this America?

    03/22/2010 6:19:57 PM PDT · by freemike · 5 replies · 1,037+ views
    libertas ^ | 3/22/10 | freemike
    The following vision originally appeared in a book entitled PERTINENT PROPHECIES I by John N. and Dorothea M. Gardner, and was given by Tommy Hicks, a noted evangelist, in 1961.
  • The Kingdom of Heaven Is At Hand! (In light of today's current events)

    03/21/2010 1:22:52 PM PDT · by The Ignorant Fisherman · 13 replies · 465+ views
    The Ignorant Fishermen Blog ^ | 3/20/10 | DJP I.F.
    (In light of the acceleration of the Leftist agenda here in America.) The phrase, “The Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand,” is the signoff slogan and repetitive theme of the Ignorant Fishermen Blog. Those Americans who follow the game of politics generally miss - especially in the light of today’s global setting - that all things are working to this end. If the leaders of the American political spectrum - Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Michael Savage, President Obama, Harry Reid, Chris Dodd, Barney Frank, Bill and Hillary Clinton, John McCain, Scott Brown, Nancy Pelosi, Katie Couric, Dick Cheney, Chris Matthews,...
  • WORK TRUCKS, a modest proposal

    12/09/2008 7:38:11 AM PST · by kendwell · 17 replies · 596+ views
    here, (pending) | today | kendwell
    WORK TRUCKS, helping the bailout, plus other benefits in homeland security, export markets
  • My Prediction if the Fairtax is passed

    09/22/2007 7:18:53 PM PDT · by netvictory · 171 replies · 1,060+ views
    Conservative Movement Rush Limbaugh accuracy rating is lowered to 10% because he totally missed the biggest political paradigm change in history, which destroyed liberalism in America.  Democrat party fails to elect anyone to Congress because they opposed the Fairtax and kept trying to change it. Union membership drops to less than 1% because Union leadership runs the Democrat Party.Joe Morecraft III and Walter Williams start a movement to replace the Fairtax with the head tax. No one listens or cares about the head tax, except for Rush Limbaugh who jumps on board. Rush's accuracy rating is lowered another 5 points....
  • Crazy Old Hippies and Their Idiot Anarchist Proteges Conduct Pathetic, Hyper-Dramatic Protest

    11/20/2006 1:42:44 PM PST · by GodfearingTexan · 55 replies · 1,708+ views
    Columbus Ledger-Enquirer ^ | today | unknown
    Click on the link entitled "MULTIMEDIA | Complete multimedia coverage of the SOA Watch protest"
  • What do Freepers do?

    03/06/2006 11:08:42 AM PST · by laney · 193 replies · 1,843+ views
    Vanity | March 6th, 2006 | Laney
    What do you do to relax, chill-out un-wind and de-stress besides chatting with other freepers? Helpful tips thread...
  • Destination detox

    03/02/2006 11:33:12 AM PST · by laney · 71 replies · 1,678+ views
    Religion News ^ | Feb 25th, 2006 | Caroline Wyatt
    There is nothing, it seems, that European women would rather spend a great deal of money on than getting away from it all at a spa or health farm and as correspondent Caroline Wyatt discovers, the bill is often as painful as the rather intrusive treatments. The brochure had a photo of a luxurious hotel, and all the buzzwords: revitalising, rejuvenating. A detox. Well, I was not sure about a de tox. I like to tox, and I think my liver and kidneys do an admirable job, considering the challenges. Apparently, the Maharishi Ayurveda spa offered daily full-body massages, with...
  • Trolling Free Republic for Cindy is GREAT. Till you get the ZOT by evil Mods!

    08/13/2005 5:09:49 AM PDT · by Trajan999 · 270 replies · 4,603+ views
    <p>I think Cindy is a GREAT American. bush caused 9-11 just to take us into a war with IRAk!! bush lied!!!!!!! Cindy is right! We should pull out of Irak now!!!!!! The JIHAD IS winning! and American troops are a bunch of losers! Just like bush! and all his supportors!</p>
  • Terrorist New Plan in Action.

    03/29/2005 12:51:02 PM PST · by QueenTigress · 47 replies · 910+ views
    Terrorist Plan in Action: First off, let's kill the helpless - they boost the moral of the citizens and give them someone to live and die for and they have hope of someday becoming someone great - Oops American's are already starving their own to death :) Ok... so lets kill babies because they are the rebirth of the American Nation, and they will grow stronger and larger. Oh dang, nevermind, American's already do - Abortions :)Oh let's kill old people because they are wise and form strategies against us- wait - American's already do - assisted murder :) Alright...