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  • Trump: A Lot of Jewish Friends Say, ‘Will Never Be Able to Make Deal’ Between Israel, Palestinians

    05/03/2016 4:02:54 AM PDT · by SJackson · 37 replies
    Algemeiner ^ | MAY 2, 2016 | Ruthie Blum
    Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump told a rally in Indiana on Sunday that “a lot of [his] Jewish friends” tell him he “will never be able” to broker peace between Israel and the Palestinians, the Jewish Insider reported. During a speech to more than 2,000 supporters at the Indiana Theater in Terre Haute ahead of Tuesday’s primary race, Trump first attacked the United Nations for not “going in and making [such] a deal,” which he called “probably the all-time hard deal to make,” and then criticized the Palestinians: You know, they grow up as young children hating, hating, hating Israel....
  • Trump's foreign policy adviser on nukes, NATO and China

    04/01/2016 7:26:22 AM PDT · by jennychase · 13 replies
    Youtube ^ | 3/31/2016 | PBS
    How does Donald Trump see the world? And how would he approach foreign policy as president? Walid Phares, foreign policy adviser to the Trump campaign, joins Judy Woodruff to discuss the candidate’s stance on using nuclear weapons, reviewing the future of NATO, fighting ISIS and confronting China.
  • Donald Trump reveals foreign policy team in meeting with The Washington Post

    03/21/2016 11:20:02 AM PDT · by jennychase · 52 replies
    Washington Post ^ | 3/21/2016 | Philip Rucker and Robert Costa
    Donald Trump revealed part of his foreign policy advisory team and outlined an unabashedly non-interventionist approach to world affairs during a wide-ranging meeting Monday with The Washington Post's editorial board.
  • Walid Phares Explains Obama's Strategy (Why Obama is so pro Syrian refugee)

    11/19/2015 8:04:43 PM PST · by GilGil · 46 replies ^ | 11/16/2015 | Rush Linbugh
    PHARES: ...the president has a different strategy. He's getting a lot of pressure by the Iranians. Otherwise he should have long time ago allied himself, partnered with Arab moderate forces such as Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, UAE, they are fighting terrorism very much and very well in Yemen, in Sinai, in Libya, elsewhere, but the reason that he's not going to these moderate Arab forces and asking them on the ground to be boots on the ground is because the Iranians are pressuring him because the Syrian Regime is pressuring him. They don't want those areas, those Sunni areas to...
  • Alliance with Iran, Hezbollah a 'Serious Mistake'

    09/22/2014 6:19:24 AM PDT · by huldah1776 · 12 replies
    CBN News online ^ | Sept. 22, 2014 | Gary Lane
    As the White House and Congress consider a shifting of U.S. alliances in the war against ISIS, a prominent Lebanese analyst warns Washington against establishing a partnership with Iran, Syria, and Hezbollah, saying it would be a "very serious mistake." Walid Phares, PhD., who briefed members of Congress this week, said instead pressure should be placed on Hezbollah to abide by terms of U.N. resolution 1701 requiring the group to disarm. The resolution was approved by the world body follow ing Lebanon's 2006 war with Israel and it has yet to be honored by Hezbollah. Phares reminds U.S. government leaders...
  • Top Romney Adviser Tied to Militia That Massacred

    11/08/2011 10:52:35 AM PST · by sevinufnine · 21 replies
    Mother Jones ^ | Oct. 27, 2011 | Adam Serwer
    Walid Phares, the recently announced co-chair of GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney's Middle East advisory group, has a long résumé. College professor. Author. Political pundit. Counterterrorism expert. But there's one chapter of his life that you won't find on his CV: He was a high ranking political official in a sectarian religious militia responsible for massacres during Lebanon's brutal, 15-year civil war. During the 1980s, Phares, a Maronite Christian, trained Lebanese militants in ideological beliefs justifying the war against Lebanon's Muslim and Druze factions, according to former colleagues. Phares, they say, advocated the hard-line view that Lebanon's Christians should work...
  • Expert on Middle East predicted current instability in Egypt

    02/03/2011 8:17:00 AM PST · by Crush · 6 replies
    The US Report ^ | 2 Feb 2011 | Kay Day
    Dr. Walid Phares, an expert on the Middle East and on terrorism, currently has a media alert scrolling across his website—projections from his latest book The Coming Revolution are “materializing in Sudan, Tunisia, Lebanon and now Egypt.” Phares suggested there could be “enormous” implications—not just for Egypt but for the world. He told Dow Jones Newswires, "It all boils down to who controls what. When you have a broken-down situation like this, the Suez Canal will not be completely protected by Egyptian armed forces…" DJN also said according to Dr. Phares, "Extremist elements of the opposition 'would drag [the region]...
  • Dr. Walid Phares on "The World Over" (EWTN interview)

    01/09/2011 11:13:19 AM PST · by nuconvert · 2 replies
    Professor Walid Phares on Catholic TV EWTN on the Jihadi attacks against the Copts in Alexandria and the Assyro-Chaldeans in Baghdad as well as on his new book, The Coming Revolution: Struggle for Freedom in the Middle East. (about 20mins)
  • PHARES: The Ashburn jihadist signals a greater danger

    11/09/2010 9:27:36 PM PST · by george76 · 8 replies
    Washington Times ^ | November 5, 2010 | Walid Phares
    The FBI's arrest of Farooque Ahmed of Ashburn, Va., for allegedly assisting al Qaeda in planning multiple bombings around the nation's capital paints a sobering picture of the threat we still face from jihadists. The FBI charged the 34-year-old computer engineer, husband, father of one and naturalized U.S. citizen with "providing material support to terrorists and collecting information for a terrorist attack." Emphasizing the gravity of the case, U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia Neil H. MacBride remarked that Mr. Ahmed was "accused of casing rail stations with the goal of killing as many Metro riders as possible...
  • The Terrorists Are In Charge

    01/05/2010 7:35:06 PM PST · by Jet Jaguar · 7 replies · 532+ views ^ | January 5, 2010 | By Walid Phares
    Even President Obama has admitted that we're falling down on the job when it comes to fighting the war on terror. In 2002, one would-be shoe bomber forced millions of travelers to take off their shoes. In 1996, terrorists planned to bring down aircraft on transatlantic flights by smuggling liquid explosives onto plane. They were thwarted but they succeeded in preventing passengers from bringing liquids into airline terminals. Lesson number one: In this terror war, the jihadists have the upper hand. THEY are in charge. THEY are the ones who choose to use a new weapon and they are also...
  • U.S. Must Address Homegrown Terror Threat

    08/01/2009 6:30:29 PM PDT · by Iam1ru1-2 · 35 replies · 2,139+ views ^ | Walid Phares
    .......... Stealth analysis “Saifullah” of North Carolina spent his 20s and 30s (or so we know) in his rural home. His neighbors saw him walking the dog and never heard him threatening anyone, per the media reports. By popular American standards he would be a regular guy. But by jihadi doctrine he was performing taqiyya. Combatants “in the path of Allah,” as instructed by ideologues to “fake” normalcy, and lie if needed, about their real beliefs so that the deception of the enemy is full. The question is how many other American “Saifullahs” are practicing taqiyya and since when? Are...
  • 15 Hard Questions about the Cairo Speech

    06/05/2009 11:04:32 PM PDT · by neverdem · 23 replies · 1,247+ views
    American Thinker ^ | June 06, 2009 | Walid Phares
    Perhaps the most challenging task for analysts and commentators to accomplish after having listen to President Obama's speech in Cairo (addressed to the "Muslim World") is to know how to read it, understand the links between the points he made, capture the arguments inserted by his speech writers and thus analyze the text as a major policy change since 9/11. In short, I would recommend for readers to establish a "map of the speech" before venturing to its various exotic suggestions and hints. Evidently, each political constituency in America, the region and the international community has its priorities and will jump to the part it...
  • WALID PHARES: First Jihadi Cell of 2009 Busted In the U.S. — What Does It Mean?

    05/22/2009 11:03:18 PM PDT · by nickcarraway · 6 replies · 594+ views
    Fox News ^ | May 21st, 2009 | Walid Phares
    A successful counter-terrorism operation led by the FBI and the New York City Police Department ended with the arrest of four New York City men in connection with plots to bomb Jewish synagogues and gun down military planes in upstate areas. ———— Today’s announcement of the foiled terror plot is a stark reminder that we are still under attack — eight years after the September 11 massacres. And if we are under attack, it means that we are still at war, a real one, not a “man-made disaster.” ————- According to Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly the suspects, identified as James...
  • WALID PHARES: The Taliban’s “AfPak” Strategy: A Jihadi Preemptive War

    04/23/2009 10:44:22 PM PDT · by nickcarraway · 2 replies · 407+ views
    Fox News ^ | April 23rd, 2009 | Walid Phares
    As the U.S. administration and its allies are devising a new strategy for the next steps in Afghanistan, the jihadists have already begun their next move — but this time it’s inside Pakistan. As I’ve written over the past few months, we need to look at Afghanistan, Pakistan and India as one regional battlefield where the “other side” is coordinating strategically, acting methodically and for sure beating the international coalition in speed. If Washington and its allies fail to see the big picture in the fight against the Taliban and Al Qaeda, which unfortunately may be the case now, the...
  • Al Jazeera's Presence on PBS Alarms Some

    04/09/2009 5:36:10 AM PDT · by metmom · 13 replies · 775+ views ^ | Wednesday, April 08, 2009 | Eric Shawn
    Al Jazeera television is known for airing Islamic extremist videos and even hosted an on-air birthday celebration for convicted Lebanese terrorist Samir Kuntar who murdered four Israelis in 1979. "It is a professional institution but it is a militant institution that wants to convey an ideological Jihadi message," said Walid Phares, a terrorism analyst for FOX News. Critics charge that the Jihadist message now is making its way to public broadcasting in America.
  • Why Tehran stokes violence in Gaza

    01/06/2009 12:29:57 PM PST · by Lorianne · 4 replies · 341+ views
    Washington Times ^ | January 5, 2009 | Walid Phares
    Israeli raids on Hamas' infrastructure, along with troop movements around Gaza and the shelling of Israel by that organization, are troubling but certainly not surprising. Sadly, it's not the first time we've seen these images. Tragically, seven years after September 11 they seem to connect with similar bloodshed in Mosul, Kabul and Mumbai. Even if both sides in the current Gaza conflict insist that their confrontation is at the center of the world, in reality it isn't. Car bombs and missiles in Beirut, Baghdad and Islamabad are all horrifying. There is no "top horror" anymore, even in the never-ending cycle...
  • Walid Phares: A Modern-day Islamist Inquisition?"

    12/09/2008 2:02:42 AM PST · by neverdem · 12 replies · 688+ views
    American Thinker ^ | December 09, 2008 | Walid Phares
    The Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC), an association of the world's Islamic states, is pushing the United Nations to outlaw "defamation" of religion in general, and of one religion in particular. My remarks that follow are based on 27 years of researching in the field of international relations and conflicts, and on a decade of teaching Religions and World Politics. Since I published my first book in Arabic in 1979, where I addressed the issue of relationships between civilizations and cultural blocs worldwide, I have had the opportunity to publish ten books and hundreds of articles focusing on the rise...
  • EMP: The Next Iranian Strategic Threat to the US?

    11/10/2008 6:30:44 AM PST · by The_Tick_01 · 40 replies · 469+ views
    The New Media Journal ^ | Dr. Walid Phares
    How will Obama deal with this threat? We have Carter II in the making.
  • South Ossetia: The perfect wrong war

    08/14/2008 7:31:30 AM PDT · by ckilmer · 37 replies · 75+ views
    American Thinker ^ | August 14, 2008 | walid phares
    South Ossetia: The perfect wrong war By Walid Phares By now, days after Georgian forces stormed the capital of south Ossetia and Russian units counter attacked across the breaking away province and beyond; a devastating war has spread across the Caucasus causing death, destruction and displacement of populations. All wars are terrible -- even the legitimate ones where country, freedom and survival at are at stake. But this war is particularly unnecessary, could have been avoided and above all is wrong; in fact I call it the perfect wrong war. Unfortunately, when battles are raging with tanks, artillery, bombs and...
  • The Winning Side of the Iraq Campaign

    04/03/2008 12:38:54 PM PDT · by K-oneTexas · 2 replies · 100+ views
    HumanEvents ^ | 04/03/2008 | Walid Phares
    The Winning Side of the Iraq Campaign by Walid Phares In his latest assessment of the state of the campaign in Iraq President Bush drew strategic assertions regarding the measurement of success and the risks of failure on that battlefield, in what we can coin as the next stage in the confrontation against the forces of terror in the region. The successful surge Practically the military surge has denied al-Qaeda and the Mahdi militia the realization of their current objectives. So far al-Qaeda wasn’t able to create an "Emirate" in the Sunni triangle, nor even to reconstitute a Fallujah-like enclave:...