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"May 18,1971"--(Evil Exists)
Yippie!!!! John Kerry is running for President!!!!"----(READ...BEFORE you ZOT!)--
"The Bodybags of Iraq and Afghanistan" (Roger's Story)
"George Bush,John Kerry,Vietnam, a "Band-of-Brothers" and.........Cornbread?????"

"Ronald Reagan, D-Day.....and the War on Terror"

MEMORIAL DAY--Thread One--"Discussions With a One-Legged Man"--

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MEMORIAL DAY--Thread Three--"The Bodybags of Afghanistan and Iraq"--(Roger's Story)---

MEMORIAL DAY--Thread Four--"Welcome Home"--

MEMORIAL DAY--Thread Five--"The Luckiest Boy in the World"---

MEMORIAL DAY--Thread Six--"The Betrayal of the American Soldier"---

MEMORIAL DAY--Thread Seven--Final--"Fall's The Night"--- "

To Make the World Safe..for Little Girls to Play"-(An Open Letter to John Kerry's children) "

It's a Simple Story.......(A Child Was Born)"--

It's a Simple Story....A Child Was Born"---(The war on Christians)--

MEMORIAL DAY-Thread One--"Remember...what we owe.."--- "

An Eye for An Eye....Until the Whole World is Blind"---(The Cancer Among Us)--

"Islam's LAST Chance"--(Make up your minds)--

"America's Shame"-------(Hal's Story)---

Confessions of a"Bush-Basher"---"The Neccesity of Re-Electing the President"---

Confessions of a 'Bush-Basher':"FINISH IT..."---

"...THAT which we leave our children..." (Confessions of a 'Bush-Basher--Part 2)---

"The Cowardice of George W. Bush"--(Confessions of a 'Bush-Basher'-Pt 3)---

"Terry Schiavo MUST Die"---(Liberals,Liberals,Liberals) ---

"Vietnam Vets--WE HAVE WON!!!"---(Welcome Home!!!)---

"We Can Be Heroes.....Just For One Day"-----MEMORIAL DAY 2005--Thread#1

"Just Another Drunk Indian..."----MEMORIAL DAY--Thread # 2

"Chocolate Chip Cookies"---MEMORIAL DAY 2005--Thread# 3

"Hey...Do Ya Wanna Hear a Polish Joke???"----MEMORIAL DAY 2005--Thread#4

"Remember...What We Owe.."--MEMORIAL DAY 2005--Thread# 5

"The World's FASTEST Greaser"----MEMORIAL DAY 2005---Thread #6

"The Betrayal of the American Soldier"--MEMORIAL DAY 2005--Thread # 7

“Angel”---(My Gift to Free Republic for Christmas 2005)

"THAT which you believe"---"An open letter to Republicans"

"Will They Even Remember My Name??"---MEMORIAL DAY 2006--Thread#1

"Dear Mrs. Robinson"--(Let's cut the crap)