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It's going to get interesting at FR if Romney is nominated, innit??
Vanity | 23 March 2012 | Notary Sojac

Posted on 03/23/2012 8:05:11 AM PDT by Notary Sojac

I've put some heavy wear and tear on my keyboard making the point here that it's OK to loathe Romney, but to underestimate him is the act of a fool.

Those of us who have been on the "no Romney, no how!!" bandwagon here for the last year have had the luxury of believing that someone else would be able to keep Romney from the nomination.

That now appears increasingly unlikely, as we all are forced to face the fact that Freepers (and those out there who think like Freepers) are not a decisive majority in the Republican electorate. Not even close.

There are millions of long-time Republicans who are voting for Romney because he's a dignified, executive-looking gentleman who speaks in soothing patriotic platitudes. You don't have to like this, but it's true. (And no, they are not being operated by mind control rays from Karl Rove!)

So where does this leave us? Frankly I dunno. I would hope that those who advocate holding noses and voting for Romney don't get banned from FR. At the same time, I think it's very unlikely that I will vote for him. (I voted third party in 2008 in preference to McQueeg).

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To: CAconservitive
Not voting for Mitt IS voting for Obama.

Voting for a liberal socialist hack under the party of (R) only perpetuates the problem and eventually the GOP will be no more.

The GOP elites need a good b!tchslap and a shot across the bow otherwise their own petty personal gain will overpower their will to do what is right for conservatism.

This has been obvious since the slow tide to the left has left conservatives out to dry.

Why vote Romney when his guns are pointed the same direction as 0bama's, at conservative values and the Constitution?

If I stand alone, so be it however I have voted my last vote for an individual who I know will do damage to our republic.

If Romney had been a democrat all along, he very well could have been POTUS by now however up to this point a majority have seen through his lies as a faux conservative and that has kept his liberal *** out of the Oval Office.

121 posted on 03/23/2012 10:21:28 AM PDT by EGPWS (Trust in God, question everyone else)
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To: Colofornian
But people seriously would consider voting for him?

...yep...if it turns out that he is the nominee...what the hell is the alternative? Zer0 another term? me this is beyond nuts. Zer0 another term is a guarantee of the destruction of the US as we know it...there is no way to know what Romney will do as POTUS. cannot know for sure that Romney will absolutely repudiate EVERYTHING that he has said in this campaign....all you can do is speculate..

ALL: B.O. Plenty's conclusion: "Well, you're a bit disappointing. You're not much of a candidate -- one I'd hope we'd have, let alone a candidate with an (R) attached, but I'll endorse you...even if you are to the left of John F. Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson!"

...again, given the circumstances, what in the hell do you want me to do?? I am not going to pout, pick up my toys and go home just because I didn't get my way.

You can withdraw, and let Zer0 take us down, that is your for me, I am going with the Republican nominee, whoever he is...I am at least not going to be a party to the destruction of my country as I have always known giving up and letting Zer0 have his way for another 4 years.

122 posted on 03/23/2012 10:23:27 AM PDT by B.O. Plenty (Elections have consequences....)
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To: Notary Sojac

I think we are a decisive majority in the party, but when only half the pie is getting sliced into several pieces, the other half wins. I’ve stayed out of it for the past month or more, because the outcome was starting to look pretty obvious, and I would be happy with Newt or Rick. I guess it’s just politics these days. Everyone wants to be president, regardless of how inexperienced they are, or what kind of garbage they are dragging along. Why not? Look at Obozo.

123 posted on 03/23/2012 10:27:47 AM PDT by pallis
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To: Notary Sojac
There are millions of long-time Republicans who are voting for Romney because he's a dignified, executive-looking gentleman who speaks in soothing patriotic platitudes.

the guys a doofus

speaks in soothing patriotic platitudes.

124 posted on 03/23/2012 10:48:35 AM PDT by Donald Rumsfeld Fan ( I am Breitbart)
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To: MayflowerMadam

no, mcromney would be fubo’s second term... santorum is just another “compassionate conservative” with the big government mindset, just like bushie 1 and 2....

125 posted on 03/23/2012 10:56:11 AM PDT by joe fonebone (Project Gunwalker, this will make watergate look like the warm up band......)
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To: Notary Sojac

It’s going to be interesting alright. IMHO, we need to fight like banshees to continue the 2010 tea party congressional sweeps no matter who gets the presidential nomination. And, whether Romney, Santorum, Gingrich or Obama wins the election, we’re going to need strong tea party majorities in both houses of congress to hold their feet to the fire and to roll back government. Personally, I cannot and will not vote for abortionist big government Romney if he’s the one, but damn sure will turn out on election day to vote for any conservative Republicans down ticket.

126 posted on 03/23/2012 11:41:08 AM PDT by Jim Robinson (Rebellion is not just brewing, rebellion is here!!)
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To: Aglooka

I won’t be voting for Mitt. There is no indication whatsoever that he knows any more about the Constitution or respects it any more than Zero. Zero will likely take us even faster into the hell of the fascist totalitarian state, but there is not much difference.

The slight difference is this. With a socialist as zealous as Obama will be in his second term, there is some possibility the frogs will recognize the water is getting hot and jump out. Mitt will simply continue to raise the fascist heat slowly. Wow! I think you guys have helped me talk myself into voting for Obama!

127 posted on 03/23/2012 11:43:16 AM PDT by Cincinnatus.45-70 (What do DemocRats enjoy more than a truckload of dead babies? Unloading them with a pitchfork!)
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To: central_va
Romney is being crammed down the throats of Republicans, again.

In what way? How, exactly, are conservative Republicans being forced to vote for Romney?

No one will be holding a gun to my head when my primary comes around and I vote for Gingrich, Santorum, or Paul.

This conspiracy talk is something of which I am pretty sick and tired.

128 posted on 03/23/2012 12:42:12 PM PDT by Notary Sojac (Mi tio esta enfermo, pero la carretera es verde!)
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To: Colofornian

If the choice is between a known dictatorial communist prancing about in the guise of a democratic healer and a confused RINO I still know what I will do. The truth is we MUST elect as many conservatives to the House and Senate as possible.... This is MANDATORY and truly our only real hope. Mittens is no delight but I suspect he would veto less stuff than O. What we really need is a 60 person conservative senate and a 2/3 majorty in the house. Then it will not matter who the president is because it will be over ridden. I think this is less likely to happen though.

I know people are upset with this group of ‘nominee seekers’. Can’t say as I blame them. But I also know that standing in front of the tank trying to stop it is better than just saying ‘oh well. after all Hitler and Chamberlain are really identical”. The primaries are still on. I am working as hard as I can for the candidate of my choise (that is left to me at this point). But like Mark Levin, I will vote for a tin can rather than see O get re-elected

129 posted on 03/23/2012 12:46:16 PM PDT by Nifster
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To: Sirius Lee

That’s nice but it has NOTHING to do with the electoral college. All your write in votes (even if overwhelmingly for one person) would not elect one person to go and cast a vote at the college-—THAT is the difference. Our best chance is to flood the house and the senate with conservatives willing to stay true to first principles. Then we can effect some chance for the good

130 posted on 03/23/2012 12:50:22 PM PDT by Nifster
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To: samtheman

Sorry. Perry and his comments re: illegal immigration made sure I would never vote for him in a primary. I live in a state that treats illegals like they are special needs and have to be pampered. It costs us all jobs, resources, and liberty when this occurs. To call me heartless as Perry did because I do not want ANY ILLEGAL immigrant in my country shows his level of conservatism

131 posted on 03/23/2012 1:06:59 PM PDT by Nifster
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To: samtheman

Palin did not let US down. She is as hard working for conservative causes as ever. Perry would not defend the border (any more than W. did) and frankly he wasn’t any more conservative than old Georgie Porgie himself.

Perry was not the guy and was never going to be the guy. I am glad you supported him and still feel strongly but be realistic Perry is a RINO as much as Bush

132 posted on 03/23/2012 1:11:30 PM PDT by Nifster
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To: mnehring

Ok. Maybe I’ll do write-in for James Garfield. He won’t trash the Constitution while in office ;-) In any event, I won’t vote for Romney or Obamalini.

133 posted on 03/23/2012 1:11:45 PM PDT by achilles2000 ("I'll agree to save the whales as long as we can deport the liberals")
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To: Notary Sojac

It shouldn’t even be about the top job. We need to retake the senate and build in the house. If we do that, the Kenyan or the Masshole will follow. There is no leadership in the government. As much as I don’t think Sarah would have won, it would haveen nice to see someone keeping the message straight.

Oh my God. I just wrote that Sarah was better than these guys.....

134 posted on 03/23/2012 1:15:26 PM PDT by Vermont Lt (I just don't like anything about the President. And I don't think he's a nice guy.)
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To: Notary Sojac

I live in VA. Perry, Gingrich and Santorum all had over 10,000 signatures. In past elections they would have been on the ballot. Our Gov. played games to win favor with the Romney machine. Fact.

135 posted on 03/23/2012 2:05:35 PM PDT by central_va ( I won't be reconstructed and I do not give a damn.)
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To: USS Alaska
Not me, I'll be going on down the road.


136 posted on 03/23/2012 2:08:44 PM PDT by central_va ( I won't be reconstructed and I do not give a damn.)
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To: achilles2000
achilles2000 said: "I won’t vote for Mittens, ever."

If Obama is re-elected, we will get two or three more Sotomayors on the Supreme Court. If Romney is elected we MIGHT get two or three more Sotomayors on the Supreme Court.

Do what you think best, but don't count on Obama accidently nominating a conservative to the Court.

137 posted on 03/23/2012 2:16:01 PM PDT by William Tell
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To: Notary Sojac

Lol it’s just like every other presidential election.

Arguing, name calling and zots from above during the primary.

Then come threats to sit it out, accusations, more name calling and zots up until the election.

Then we complain about whatever who wins does and repeat it all again in four.

138 posted on 03/23/2012 2:34:11 PM PDT by Nickname
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To: tanknetter
I’m going to wait and see who Romney picks as his running mate, should he get the nomination. I’ll take that as a reasonable indication of how he’d pick the 2 or 3 SCOTUS appointments whoever wins in 2012 will probably get.

I think the very fact that conservatives have such a dislike for Romney has gotten the GOP establishment's attention. If his running mate IS NOT a conservative then they will be handing the election to Obama. Many conservatives will still throw a Romney tantrum no matter what. But I'm hoping most will come to their senses and vote Republican if the VP running mate is a conservative.

139 posted on 03/23/2012 2:36:24 PM PDT by demkicker (My passion for freedom is stronger than that of Democrats whose obsession is to enslave me.)
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To: surroundedbyblue
So you do not understand that there is NO ideological difference between Romney & Obama? None!!!

Utter, unabashed nonsense.

Romney is too big-government and too liberal for my taste, but your statement is ridiculous. Romney doesn't want to end capitalism and he doesn't hate his country. I dare you to tell me he does.

Refusing to vote for him if he's the nominee is childish and will do absolutely no good. It will not send a signal to the RNC, but it will certainly increase the odds of Obama's being re-elected.

140 posted on 03/23/2012 3:09:15 PM PDT by BfloGuy (The final outcome of the credit expansion is general impoverishment.)
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