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Why a Palin Run is Imminent or at Least Ineluctable
Tweets and Retweets from RAMansour/SarahPAC | Vanity

Posted on 04/18/2011 10:45:15 AM PDT by Anamnesis

As many of you know, Palin for the most part--other than the occasional foreign trip or Facebook post countering the Obama agenda-- has gone dark these past few months, up until her speech in Madison this weekend.

Pundits have claimed that she isn't running because she hasn't kissed the rings of GOP insiders from New Hampshire or Iowa, despite reports that her people have been talking to local tea party groups.

I will now make the argument, that Palin's 2012 campaign is soon to begin or is at least is all but confirmed. I will briefly begin with some of the obvious hints, but I will later go into some recent hints that I think most people have missed.

First piece of evidence:

She shored up her foreign policy credentials with her trip to India and Israel. That was one of the primary arguments against a Palin Presidency. (That oddly enough the media doesn't seem to bring up for potential canidates like Tim Pawlenty or Mitch Daniels) Why would she overcome this criticism if she wasn't planning a run?

Second piece of evidence:

Her latest facebook posts for the most part have ended with teasing line about 2012.

Commander in Chief’s Appalling Action with Our Troops: "2008 seems like such a long time ago, but 2012 is just around the corner. There is a leadership vacuum in the White House right now, but that’s nothing that another good old-fashioned election can’t fix."

FLASHBACK: What We Were Saying One Year Ago About Obama’s Failed Energy Policy: "I have always been in favor of an “all-of-the-above” approach to energy independence, but "all-of-the-above" means conventional resource development too. It means a coherent, practical, and forward-looking energy policy. I wish the President would understand this. The good news is there is nothing wrong with America’s energy policy that another good old-fashion election can’t solve. 2012 is just around the corner."

Do you honestly see Sarah Palin sitting back and hoping that the GOP canidate will take charge on energy issues? Out of all policy domains, this is her personal policy baby. If you watched her speech in India, you would know that would be one of the central planks of her platform.

Third piece of evidence, SarahPAC:

The SarahPAC website has been recently updated (today I think). SarahPAC has also been making a big push for fundraising as it sent letters out in the span of less than two weeks. Check out this "hint" on the envelope from her latest letter:

It should also be noted that this letter was the first time in AGES that she used her title of Governor on the letterhead.

Evidence Four: The Madison Speech

In case you missed it:

Let's look at the end of this speech:

And Madison, you defended the 2010 electoral mandate. You are heroes, you are patriots, and when the history of this Tea Party Movement is written, what you accomplished here will not be forgotten.

Your historic stand brought down the curtain on the last election. And the 2012 election begins here.

We will take the courage and the integrity that you showed all of America. We will take it and we will win back our country!

God has shed His grace on thee, America. We will not squander what we have.

We will fight for America! And it starts here in Madison, Wisconsin!

It starts here! It starts now! What better place than the state that hosts the Super Bowl champs to call out the liberal left and let them know: Mr. President, game on!

This was a direct challenge to the President. This was not the speech someone sitting on the sidelines would give.

What also needs to be noted is that attendance to this speech was pushed by Rebecca Mansour (Palin aide and original founder of C4P). She left messages on C4P to not miss the event.

Evidence Five: Speaking of Rebecca Mansour, she had also gone dark with Palin. Her tweets have lessend in the past few months and have ramped up since the eve of the speech.

What NEEDS TO BE NOTED is what she has been tweeting and retweeting recently:

First she's been retweeting tweets about Palin as President or as a 2012 canidate

From chipster1999 RT by RAMansour @SarahPalinUSA THIS IS WHAT A PRESIDENT LOOKS LIKE #madison

From JimPethokoukis RT by RAMansour Talked to someone other day who knows Palin. Said he didn't know if she'd run. Sounded like a candidate today #madison #palin

From JedediahBila RT by RAMansour For the "@SarahPalinUSA can't win in 2012" folks:Today was a sample of why she can. And there's a lot more where that came from. #mamagrizzly

From rebeccafeldman RT by RAMansour Palin boldly & directly challenges Obama to a duel in 2012. What is the rest of the field doing? And more importantly, who cares? #gameon

From Rusty1026 RT by RAMansour Just finished listening to Sarah Palin's speech. The woman is amazing! Run, Sarah, run!

From jjmnolte RT by RAMansour CORRECTION: Last night on the great @HeyTammyBruce's podcast I suggested Palin wait till Winter to announce. No. ASAP.

From jjmnolte RT by RAMansour GREAT photo of the next President of the United States -- #Palin

From RAMansour *must resist commenting* RT @whitneypitcher I also had a T-Paw fan tell me Palin shouldn't be president because she's too honest. What!?!

Second, she has been pushing Organize4Palin:

From Valerie RT by RAMansour I'm READY! RT@O4Palin: Spring Training begins with Organize4Palin! #gameon Put me in, Coach Palin! Sign up here:

From RAMansour Thanks @O4Palin for all you do! You guys are the best! Folks, this is a great grassroots group to join. Visit

Why would Palin's aide be rewteeting tweets about her Presidential prospects and encourage us to join for O4P? What should not go unnoticed is that RAMansour had not been doing this until VERY recently.

I don't know how soon Palin is going to announce; however, I think the evidence shows that a run is seriously being considered. I suspect she is still getting her ducks in a row; however, she has been giving us a "secret" "Go Light" to get her grassroots organizing underway.

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1 posted on 04/18/2011 10:45:23 AM PDT by Anamnesis
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To: Anamnesis; onyx; Virginia Ridgerunner

Sarah Palin PING! I made a vanity post, making a summary of the hints Palin has been giving for a 2012 run.

2 posted on 04/18/2011 10:49:55 AM PDT by Anamnesis
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To: Anamnesis

Any chance she runs as a Third Party candidate representing the Tea Party?

I noticed in her speech on Saturday, she took on the GOP establishment.

3 posted on 04/18/2011 10:50:42 AM PDT by Rational Thought
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To: Anamnesis

Game on!

And this time it’s her game.

4 posted on 04/18/2011 10:50:56 AM PDT by AFreeBird
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To: Anamnesis
good post. Palin is expanding the beachhead she won on Sat.
5 posted on 04/18/2011 10:51:05 AM PDT by unseen1
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To: Anamnesis

6 posted on 04/18/2011 10:52:57 AM PDT by E. Pluribus Unum (When and why did Steve Dunham change his name to Barack Hussein Obama? When he converted to Islam?)
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To: Anamnesis; 1_Rain_Drop; 4woodenboats; 6323cd; Abbeville Conservative; abigail2; ...

One more time: She is running!

Fight Like A Girl

Sarah Palin's Ping List!

7 posted on 04/18/2011 10:55:08 AM PDT by onyx (If you truly support Sarah Palin and want to be on her busy ping list, let me know!)
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To: Anamnesis
8 posted on 04/18/2011 10:55:12 AM PDT by FrankR (The Evil Are Powerless If The Good Are Unafraid! - R. Reagan)
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To: Rational Thought
Any chance she runs as a Third Party candidate representing the Tea Party?

I sure hope not...what a mess that would be - likely ending with the idi0t back in office.

9 posted on 04/18/2011 10:56:03 AM PDT by FightforFreedomCA (It starts here! It starts now! Mr. President, game on!)
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To: Rational Thought

That is not a Rational Thought, Rational Thought.

10 posted on 04/18/2011 10:57:23 AM PDT by Syncro (Sarah Palin, the unofficial Tea Party candidate for president--Virtual Jerusalem)
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To: Anamnesis

Email to contact your local coordinator. (e.g.,

If your state does not have a coordinator email to volunteer, along with some information about yourself.

Link to sign up for email newsletter:

April 17:
April 9:
March 19:

Link to donate to Organize4Palin: To opt-in for text reminders and alerts: Text 4PALIN to 74679

11 posted on 04/18/2011 10:58:43 AM PDT by Anamnesis
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To: FightforFreedomCA

Imagine a FOUR-WAY race though...not entirely implausible:

-Hillary resigns as SoS and challenges Obama from the center
-Romney gets GOP nod (increasingly LESS likely but work with me here)
-Trump or Palin (or both as a team) challenges Romney from the right

The chances of that are small but boy would it be fun.

12 posted on 04/18/2011 10:59:26 AM PDT by RockinRight (I didn't see Swedish people knocking down the World Trade Center - The Donald)
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To: Anamnesis; onyx

After Saturday there’s no doubt in my mind she’s going to run.

Go Sarah!

13 posted on 04/18/2011 11:00:02 AM PDT by jazusamo (His [Obama's] political base---the young, the left and the thoughtless: Thomas Sowell)
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To: Anamnesis

“Sarah will never retweet, NEVER!”

Elmer Fudd

14 posted on 04/18/2011 11:05:22 AM PDT by HerrBlucher ("It is terrible to contemplate how few politicians are hanged." G.K. Chesterton)
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To: FightforFreedomCA
I really wonder if a Third Party would truly give Obama another term, as the conventional wisdom of the Republican and Democrat leadership tells us?

It seems to me that when Tea Party members demand representation from the Republican leadership versus being taken for granted, we had better be in a position of leaving the option open.

15 posted on 04/18/2011 11:12:13 AM PDT by Rational Thought
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To: Anamnesis; All

Trump has sped up all the potential GOP candidates in getting their campaigns together.

With Pawlenty and Romney already “in”....Palin has to act soon

16 posted on 04/18/2011 11:12:58 AM PDT by UCFRoadWarrior (Stand Up To Obama Supporters....Boycott Beck)
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To: jazusamo

There was a time I thought for certain Palin would run....but cannot say as much now. So until she claims she’s running, or any of them who have indicated but not proclaimed, it’s still an open field.

If Palin gets the nomination I will not have a problem voting for her. She’s smart enough to get a broad and top notch team around her to shore up any areas she’s weak in. We all know pretty much where she stands on issues and I’m fine with that as well.

However, I have not heard enough of other candidates....of course Romney is out of the question...Hucklebee is as well...and Pawletty needs to get some volume and spine to speak out...Gugliano has too much baggage and from the old boys club...and Trump? Well he’s Trump and a risk at best. So there simply isn’t anyone else who can topple Obama.

17 posted on 04/18/2011 11:15:59 AM PDT by caww
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To: Syncro

Disagree, as it’s more of a question than a thought, and I view very few questions as irrational.

Let me ask you this. If the Republican Party promotes and is successful in nominating Romney, what are our options?

18 posted on 04/18/2011 11:21:30 AM PDT by Rational Thought
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To: Anamnesis

I love Sarah Palin, but I don’t think she is electable (right now) for President. Here is my reason why...,

First, the incumbent almost always has the advantage in any election. I don’t know why, but it’s a matter of fact. Perhaps you can cherry pick some elections, but with most elections this is the case? Thus, if you are a polarizing candidate (meaning people either love you, hate you and there is no in between) then it’s a lot harder to get elected too. So if you have two polarizing candidates Incumbent (Obama) vs. Challenger (Palin), then the polarizing factor will zero out. The advantage will then lean towards the Incumbent’s favor.

Second, I don’t think Sarah is ready for the White House too. Seems like she cannot handle interviews with the Rats in the media and press. For instance, the interview with Katie Couric was disastrous. It’s not so important what the Rats say during the interview, but how Sarah responds. All they need is one bad answer (I know it’s B.S.) to just beat Sarah with it endlessly. For example, reading books or about Russia, etc...

Third, I believe Sarah can do something even more important than being President right now. Sarah would have no problem being elected the Republican Party Chairman. I want to see her clean house in the Republican Party like she did in Alaska. The Republican party is no longer the party of Ronald Reagan. I believe Sarah could be instrumental in turning the party back to it conservative roots. This would save the Republican party IMHO and the Tea Party would fade away. This is bigger than the President because the Chess pieces are already in place. The Republican party holds a lot of offices at the moment because of Obama. However, if they do what they did over the budget again, then it’s going to short lived and trigger the end of the party.

This is just my 2 cents about it, but I maybe wrong?

19 posted on 04/18/2011 11:29:23 AM PDT by Sprite518
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20 posted on 04/18/2011 11:32:17 AM PDT by TheOldLady
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