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Suit filed over grazing impact on threatened trout in Nevada: Jarbidge
Associated Press ^ | 11/26/2002 04:55 pm | ??

Posted on 11/26/2002 9:24:49 PM PST by B4Ranch

Edited on 05/07/2004 7:36:11 PM PDT by Jim Robinson. [history]

Environmentalists are accusing federal land managers in Nevada and Idaho of violating the Endangered Species Act by allowing livestock grazing and water diversions harmful to the threatened bull trout in the Jarbidge River.

The Western Watersheds Project and Committee for the High Desert filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management on Monday that charges the agencies with not doing enough to protect the fish that federal biologists say is vulnerable to extinction.

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

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To: farmfriend; Grampa Dave; Carry_Okie
RangeNet, PMB # 251, 2850 SW Cedar Hills Blvd., Beaverton, OR 97005

Wow, good work FF...I had no idea that the wildlands project was to the point of being proposed federal legislation. These guys at Range Net are bad news...hey Dave, isn't Beaverton up there by Eugene? Isn't that the college town where the anarchists and the ELF nut cases are based?

21 posted on 11/26/2002 11:40:04 PM PST by forester
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To: forester
Beaverton is just outside of Portland on the SWW side of Portland.

Eugene and Portland are infested with the enviral maggots from Alf/elf to the Club Sierra. Then they are all around the Portland Suburbs. Being an enviral whacko is big time for those with instant unemployment degrees. They don't have the education or skill to work at a real job, so they become enviral whackos and split the money they get from law suits.
22 posted on 11/26/2002 11:46:28 PM PST by Grampa Dave
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To: Carry_Okie
It's also time to start sueing these groups back. Too bad we can't get funding from Exxon or Chevron, eh?
23 posted on 11/27/2002 4:01:25 AM PST by snopercod
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To: farmfriend
At this size each of the named areas will be large enough to provide wild lands for the preservation of secure breeding populations of most species of wildlife and plants that live in that area now or formerly lived there and to provide very large wild lands for the enjoyment of the American public.

I can't wait to see mastadons again; the're so cute!
The grizz will have a frenzy in this area. It'll be like the lions in the collisium...
24 posted on 11/27/2002 6:11:26 AM PST by sasquatch
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To: B4Ranch
Starve the humans and the cattle, but save the fish gods!

"Thou shall not make for yourself an idol. Or any likeness of what is in the heaven above or on the earth beneath. Or IN THE WATER under the earth. You shall not worship them or serve them...."
"Be fruitful, and SUBDUE the earth."

Gosh, is that considered "hate speach"?

The Bible warns us of demonic environmentalists.

25 posted on 11/27/2002 7:04:05 AM PST by concerned about politics
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To: B4Ranch
Because I brought up the Bible....What would Jesus drive?

He was a carpenter, so he'd probably own a logging business today. He'd drive a huge logger truck!

For his personal vehicle, a huge van or SUV. He had 12 grown men to haul around with him, not to mention a few followers now and then.

Enviro-wacos ask really dumb questions.

26 posted on 11/27/2002 7:10:04 AM PST by concerned about politics
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To: B4Ranch
And liberals use the dead fish to make their perfume.
27 posted on 11/27/2002 7:11:31 AM PST by concerned about politics
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To: concerned about politics
What would Jesus drive?
28 posted on 11/27/2002 8:49:08 AM PST by sasquatch
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To: B4Ranch
Oh, my, these people just NEVER let up, do they?? I recall a sign I saw on my way into Jarbidge...."Humbolt-Toiybe National Forest- Land of MANY uses"....NOT if these fools can help it! And then another sign with pictures on the river telling anglers to just throw back the "bull trout" they catch. This is all a bunch of balderdash!
29 posted on 11/27/2002 9:23:50 AM PST by AuntB
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To: B4Ranch
I never saw one cow anywhere withing miles of that stupid little river....this entire thing really ticks me off.
30 posted on 11/27/2002 9:25:11 AM PST by AuntB
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To: concerned about politics
"and liberals use the dead fish to make their perfumes"....LOL!! I love it! Here's a Jarbidge story:


Source: Eye Witness

Published: July 5, 2000 Posted on 07/05/2000 20:46:41 PDT by AuntB

I recall in studies of Native Americans and the ensuing "Indian wars" many battles, massacres and land takeovers were referred to as "incidents". That's a polite term for a lot more sinister act. Absolute power, no matter what color, creed, religion it may be will take what it wants, whenever it is allowed. The indigenous tribes of this country had something the power wanted and it took it. The same strain of evil power in that part of our history has again reared it's ugly head. On July 3 and 4, 2000 some of the current indigenous tribes gathered in Jarbidge, Nevada and said ENOUGH.

You will be told by the so-called environmentalists, who only showed up at the last minute, that damage was done when some good Americans repaired a road destroyed at taxpayer expense by Bill Clinton and Bruce Babbitt's Federal Government. It's a lie. Many of us camped for days on the Jarbidge River to observe as citizen reporters. We studied for months the motives of the Elko Shovel Brigade. We studied documents. We talked to law enforcement, national, regional and local reporters, and citizens of Jarbidge. We experienced Jarbidge.

I missed meeting the man who spoke to national televised media as an "environmentalist" and praised this out-of-control government for destroying this little dirt road. You just had to be there. Maybe that's what Mr. Babbitt is counting on....that NO ONE will bother to show up to tell the rest of the country about these remote, meaningless little bergs that they seek to destroy. But, oh yes, it's only a crummy little dirt road, messing with the bull trout. The BULL part is correct. I wonder where the enviro-man would like to send the handful of residents of Jarbidge as he extols this governments corrupt actions. Perhaps the remnanats of some former tribe will share a reservation. Then Mr. Babbitt could mess with their funds as well. This is not about a "road". This is about people's lives. Their homes. And something that the power wants.

The Western States have little representation or electoral votes, so their concerns are not taken seriously by the politicians. In fact, they have no intention of letting us have a part of planning our lives, our homes, our futures.

Jarbidge is a half mile stretch with tiny stores, businesses, and homes along one road. Dirt road...the only way in and the only way out is many miles of dirt, rock, towering mountains and bottomless canyons. No pavement, not a black, sticky drop. This is not the area for the faint hearted. Gives new meaning to the word "remote". You really want to be there to bother ever getting there. 3 miles down the road are campgrounds that we stayed in at the road closure. Our camp was right on the river. The road closure was farther away from the river and the so called "endangered" fish. IF the enviro's and the administrations reason for closing is true then they MUST close off the entire road and close off Jarbidge. The entire community is on that river. That cute little white haired, 90 year old life-time resident is just gonna have to relocate! No big deal. Frankly, I doubt if 99.99% of the country would ever want to go there, let alone LIVE there. Well, I suppose, that's a mute point testified to by the 25 year-round residents of Jarbidge.

Like I said, you had to be there. Where do you suppose Enviro-man and the ol' enviro-broads live? How about, ummmm......San Diego! Percentage wise they should be willingly let go of Disneyland. Bulldoze it! Call in the Forest Service. If they don't trash it, they'll burn it. Do you have any idea how much natural habitat is being destroyed by Disney?!!That used to be Orange groves! Oranges, after all, are getting harder to get! Then bill Orange County a few billion for messing it up! So the San Diegans loose 10% of their's for the greater good.

Go home, Enviro-man! Go back to your corrupt resort city on the rim of Grand Canyon, Mr. Babbitt. Let these people live like they've lived for decades in a place they love and treat like it is loved. More than YOU will ever dream of loving a piece of land. It's THEIR road. They NEVER harmed their river. They're not tellin you how to live, or where..... Where you may travel and on what road. Some things never change, like evil power. Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce said it best:


THE WEST LIVES. The "INCIDENT" that is trying to happen to Jarbidge has been exposed. GO home, where ever that may be and leave these people alone to care for THER HOME.


31 posted on 11/27/2002 9:36:15 AM PST by AuntB
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To: B4Ranch
I wish these environmentalist wackos were an endangered species.
32 posted on 11/27/2002 9:58:50 AM PST by ohioman
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To: B4Ranch
Time to just go throw dynamite in every water hole on the creek - end of endangered species problem! Next question?
33 posted on 11/27/2002 3:50:26 PM PST by Issaquahking
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To: ohioman; concerned about politics; AuntB; farmfriend; forester; Jeff Head; Carry_Okie; ...
34 posted on 11/27/2002 4:05:14 PM PST by Issaquahking
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To: Issaquahking
Just a half stick will do the trick.
35 posted on 11/27/2002 4:23:57 PM PST by B4Ranch
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To: forester
Yes John Marvel started up in Sun Valley bidding against ranchers for grazing allotments. He is wealthy and got a bunch of these allotments and made a name for himself.

In the press I have started calling these and other eco-idiots the Eco-Tally-BAN because they want to tally up as many bans as the can. They don't like the moniker much.

I have also signed up for eco-activist e-mail so I can respond to their to their plans in a more timely maner.

Daryl Hunter - Upper Valley Free Press

36 posted on 11/28/2002 6:54:26 AM PST by Daryl L.Hunter
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To: Daryl L.Hunter
Did you click on the Range Net homepage posted in Farmfriends post? These people are getting pretty bold with this stuff IMHO.

I clicked on your homepage, but the sidebar wasn't working. Saw enough of the web page to recognize where you live. I spent the summer of 1986 working as a contract timber cruiser on the Targhee National Forest. Seeing it was before the fires, we inventoried acres and acres of dead lodgepole pine around Island Park, West Yellowstone and on the mountains east of Ashton. Beautiful country, and great people....too bad jerks like John Marvel are trying to destroy it.

37 posted on 11/28/2002 10:45:55 PM PST by forester
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To: farmfriend
They will never quit will they? Well I will tell you one thing - neither will we!!! Whatever it takes. Has anybody e-mailed Rush or O'Reilly on this? When they bring back the dinasours maybe they will be happy - then the humans will be endangered and they can start the reversal of it all. Thanks for all the good info. I will definitely be following this one.
38 posted on 11/29/2002 11:44:07 AM PST by isasis
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To: forester
Well Forester, they pretty much shut down the logging here around 92. LP closed their mill in Ashton and if you do get some little timber sale you have to send the logs to Montana for milling.

If the side bar on my site didn't work your flash plugin may not be working, it is a flash file. click on link below it will take you straignt to the eco-tally-ban page.


Daryl Hunter - Citizens For A Freer America

39 posted on 11/29/2002 2:48:11 PM PST by Daryl L.Hunter
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To: Carry_Okie
Note to self: Time to start building databases of the boards of directors of these groups.

We've been doing that for some time, as well as identifying the sources of much of their funding. Accordingly, you may find much of the info at this link to be of interest.


40 posted on 11/30/2002 12:22:48 PM PST by archy
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