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Muhammad-inspired persecution of Christians, Jews and all non-Muslims continues... ^

Posted on 12/03/2003 10:53:19 PM PST by miltonim

The purpose of this thread is to post links to articles on FreeRepublic on the topic of Muhammad-inspired persecution of Christians, Jews and all other non-Muslims

For example:

Muslim Rioters Destroy 13 Churches
November 21, 2003
Posted on 11/30/2003 1:49 PM EST by miltonim

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Terrorists Continue to Assassinate and Provoke Christians in Poso
Joko Harmono,
Poso, Indonesia
Nov 27 2003
Posted on 12/03/2003 2:26 AM EST by miltonim

European Jews fear 'new' anti-Semitism - ...European prejudices, militant Islam
Toronto Star
Dec 2, 2003 AP
Posted on 12/03/2003 9:14 PM EST by miltonim

Sudan enters a new era
The Washington Times
November 27, 2003
By Charles Jacobs and John Eibner
Posted on 12/03/2003 4:12 AM EST by miltonim

Is Poso On The Verge Of Erupting? Please Pray
Poso, Indonesia
Posted on 12/03/2003 3:46 AM EST by miltonim

Poso on Code Red Alert
Joko Harmono
Poso, Indonesia
November 29, 2003
Posted on 12/03/2003 3:16 AM EST by miltonim

Christian Captured and Threatened with Death after Trying to Leave Country
Barnabas Fund
02 December 2003
Posted on 12/03/2003 1:01 AM EST by miltonim

KOSOVO: Renewed attacks on Serbian Orthodox
Serbia and Montenegro
1 December 2003
By Branko Bjelajac Balkans Correspondent, Forum 18 News Service
Posted on 12/02/2003 2:18 PM EST by miltonim

Bombs found in Christian Schools. Pupils Warned to become Muslims or Die.
20 November 2003

11 Christians Killed over Two Days of Slaughter in Early October
October 20, 2003
Posted on 11/30/2003 2:07 PM EST by miltonim

Four Christians Killed as Muslims Protest Against Arrests
November 18, 2003

Al-Qa‘ida Targets Lebanese Christians
Saudi Arabia
28 November 2003
Posted on 11/30/2003 1:29 PM EST by miltonim

Police Arrest 22 Christians in New Crackdown
24th October 2003
Posted on 11/30/2003 1:21 PM EST by miltonim

Friday November 14, 2003

Compass Direct
Friday November 14, 2003
Posted on 11/29/2003 2:29 AM EST by miltonim

Mohammed, The Mad Poet Quoted....
The Koran
Posted on 10/18/2003 2:58 AM EDT by PsyOp

1 posted on 12/03/2003 10:53:19 PM PST by miltonim
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To: Salvation
2 posted on 12/03/2003 11:50:31 PM PST by miltonim (The Sinner's Guide)
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To: All
DANIEL PIPES: What little Basmallah 'knows'-Jew-hatred are emblematic of Muslim thinking
Jerusalem Post
Posted on 10/29/2003 8:38 AM EST by SJackson
...a June 2002 interview with a three-year-old girl named Basmallah on Saudi television, made available by the Middle East Media and Research Institute. Anchor: Basmallah, are you familiar with the Jews? Basmallah: Yes. Anchor: Do you like them? Basmallah: No. Anchor: Why don't you like them? Basmallah: Because... Anchor: Because they are what? Basmallah: They're apes and pigs. Anchor: Because they are apes and pigs. Who said they are so? Basmallah: Our God. Anchor: Where did he say this? Basmallah: In the Koran.

3 posted on 12/04/2003 1:34:16 AM PST by miltonim
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To: All
Author of Saudi Curriculums Advocates Slavery ("Slavery is a part of Islam," prominent scholar says)
Saudi Information Agency
Nov. 7, 2003
Ali Al-Ahmed
Posted on 11/09/2003 1:36:09 PM EST by Alouette
Leading government cleric Sheikh Saleh Al-Fawzan is the author of the religious books currently used to teach 5 million Saudi students, both within the and in Saudi schools aboard – including those in the Washington, D.C. metro area. “Slavery is a part of Islam,” he says in the tape, adding: “Slavery is part of jihad, and jihad will remain as long there is Islam.”

4 posted on 12/04/2003 7:03:23 PM PST by miltonim
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To: All
Worshippers slain by Islamic Terrorists during Church Service
Poso, Central Sulawesi, Indonesia
International Christian Concern
Posted on 12/04/2003 10:40:27 PM EST by miltonim
The Christians had been in a prayer service...when the terrorists broke in and started firing. Two men, Ruslam (32) and Arifin (28) died on the spot. They were shot several times each, in front of the congregation and their families, leaving their young wives and children in shock. Another man, Moda (37) was shot in the face and and back is fighting for his life. Two others were wounded and survived, Sandra Tengker, the pastor’s wife and Yulmin (23)
Another attack occurred.... “Kilo Trans was 20 well-armed and well-trained gunmen shooting wildly into the houses,” ... Two men died, two others were wounded.

5 posted on 12/04/2003 7:54:44 PM PST by miltonim
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To: All
Town Hall
November 10, 2003
Diana West
Posted on 11/10/2003 8:16:41 AM EST by JesseHousman
wherever Islam has imposed itself by conquest -- in what is now Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Turkey, and in the regions of historic Mesopotamia and Palestine -- "Christianity, which had been extraordinarily vigorous and rooted for centuries, practically disappeared." ...

"Obedience to the precept of 'holy war' explains why the history of Islam is one of unending warfare for the conquest of infidel lands." This same "obedience" has led to recent anti-Christian violence in Algeria, Pakistan, Nigeria, Java, East Timor, the Moluccas and, most dramatically, Sudan. Little wonder, ...that ...between roughly one-quarter and one-third of the estimated Christian population of the Middle East has emigrated over the past decade to the free world.

6 posted on 12/04/2003 8:40:38 PM PST by miltonim
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To: All
Papua (Irian Jaya)
Dec 5,2003
By Elizabeth Kendal
Posted on 12/05/2003 12:15:53 AM EST by miltonim

Sources report that the Indonesian military are actively trying to provoke an incident so they can justify a full-scale military assault, with militia and Laskar Jihad support. Papuan Church leaders fear if that happens, Papua might be closed off to the outside world and an ethnic cleansing and jihad unleashed. This could result in literally the genocide of a Christian people.

7 posted on 12/04/2003 9:20:14 PM PST by miltonim
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To: All
Symposium: The Muslim Persecution of Christians [in the Middle East]. Should America be concerned?
October 10, 2003
Jamie Glazov, Bat Ye'or, Walid Phares, Habib Malik and Paul Marshall.
Posted on 10/10/2003 8:06:52 AM EDT by SJackson

In Nigeria some 11,000 people have been killed in the last three years over the introduction of Islamic sharia law.

for centuries Muslims were filling their harems, their troops, and their civil administration with Islamized Christian children abducted in the Balkans, particularly Serbia, and the Caucasian region.

It appears that wherever Islam meets non-Islam there is blood being spilled: Kashmir, Mindanao, Chechnya, the Balkans, Sudan, Nigeria, Israel/Palestine, Lebanon, and many other places of contact.

The groups who carried out the Bali bombings had already bombed dozens of churches at Christmas eve 2000 (with many bombs wrapped as Christmas present so that children would pick them up).

if persecution continues to drive out Christians from the Middle East (where they were a quarter of the population a century ago) then conflict will be largely Israeli/Jew vs Arab/Muslim with no intermediates.

And that is wrong. Singling out the persecution of Christians as the only category that will be allowed to suffer endlessly under Islamic regimes is not just. Another reason is Terrorism. If the US doesn't help to stop that persecution it would sending a message to the Jihad Terrorists to escalate their ethnic cleansing of Christians worldwide, which has been happening increasingly in the 1990s. The logical next step would be to strike at what the Jihadists perceive as Judeo-Christian societies and hence conduct Terror attacks in the West. We've seen this happening on September 11.

8 posted on 12/04/2003 9:56:17 PM PST by miltonim
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To: All
Why Arabs come to America: Joseph Farah on data showing nearly 80 percent are not Muslim
Friday, December 5, 2003
Joseph Farah
Posted on 12/04/2003 11:56:27 PM PST by JohnHuang2

I know why most Arabs come to this country. They come to escape Islamic persecution in the Arab world. ... I know from personal, anecdotal members...statistics offered by the Census Bureau...While Islam is the overwhelmingly dominant religion of the Arab world, only 23 percent of the Arabs in this country are Muslim...Even after the latest wave of emigration from the Arab world, 77 percent of Arab-Americans are non-Muslims – mostly Christians.

9 posted on 12/05/2003 5:44:04 AM PST by miltonim
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To: All
Fallout from Iraq War - Christians Targeted in Bangladesh
Dhaka, Bangladesh
September 30, 2003
Christian Freedom International
Posted on 12/05/2003 9:26:06 AM EST by miltonim

earlier this year in the village of Fhainjana, a mob of 200 fundamentalists pillaged 10 Christian houses, and assaulted many women and children. Christians were seriously beaten and others molested after refusing to give money to militants in the village of Kamalapur, Jacobson is urging the United States to accept asylum seekers from Bangladesh. "Currently it is almost impossible for persecuted Christians in Bangladesh to gain asylum in the United States...

10 posted on 12/05/2003 6:30:38 AM PST by miltonim
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To: All

...killing non-muslims is encouraged, unless they are "people of the Book" (Jews and Christians), in which case their lives are to be spared IF they pay a weekly bribe (called a "djidjia")to the muslim authorities (in my wife's native Morocco, this was done every Thursday).

11 posted on 12/05/2003 10:05:21 AM PST by miltonim
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To: All
Jihad Against Lebanese Christians

November 20, 2003
Dr. Walid Phares
Posted on 11/20/2003 8:13:03 AM EST by SJackson

among the injured from the attacks about 90 victims were Lebanese. Five Lebanese nationals were burned to death, including two children, Jad and Raya Mezher. A newly married woman, Nina Joubran, was also massacred. A pregnant woman, Houry Haytaya, and her husband, Dany Ibrahim, were also killed. Another family, the Haidars, were murdered, as well. The fact is certified: The massacre of the Muhayya compound was directed at the Lebanese Christian community living in Saudi Arabia

Osama's audio message, played on al-Jazeera in October, called for the cleansing of Arabia from all people of the Book. There are no Jews left in the Peninsula. Most of the Americans are either gone or in well-protected communities. The next on the Jihadists hit-list are the Lebanese Christians.

Decades before 9/11, al-Qaida's predecessors have slaughtered Lebanese monks in Deir Ashashe in 1975; massacred thousands of Christians in Damour in 1976; and raped, maimed and razed villages in East Sidon in the mid-1980s. Even after the so-called end of the War in Lebanon, bin Laden's men were still rampaging in Christian areas of Lebanon into the new Millennium In January 2000, al-Qaida terrorists murdered a number of civilians in Kfar Habou in Northern Lebanon, slicing the body of a pregnant woman and torturing a nun to death in a Beirut suburb. Lebanese Christian blood was spilled by the organization responsible for September 11 throughout the 1990s.

From Beirut, to Riyadh, passing by Haifa, the region is to be made Lebanese-Christian free. Al-Qaida wants to sign and enjoy its horrors. According to Pierre Atallah, the Lebanese journalist in exile in Paris, who lost his nephew and niece, "the terrorists were machine gunning the victims for more than twenty minutes. Killing has proceeded before the blasts." The bombing in Riyadh was not set by Jihadists against other Muslims; it was a slaughter of Christians.

Al-Hijazi added it was known "that a large group of Lebanese Christians were living there." He openly declared, "After consultation, we decided it was appropriate to attack this place and destroy it, including the people who lived there, because it housed Americans and a large majority of Christians holding Lebanese citizenship."

12 posted on 12/08/2003 2:18:35 PM PST by miltonim
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To: All
Schoolgirls face court over rabbi insult [France; told him "die, dirty Jew"]
Posted on 12/07/2003 10:21:41 PM EST by yonif

The girls, aged 14 and 15, allegedly said "die, dirty Jew" on Tuesday when they passed him, the rabbi, Elie Dahan, who is the Jewish religious leader for the northern city of Lille, said
"They refused to apologise to me. Given the seriousness of what happened, I decided to start legal action," he said.

13 posted on 12/08/2003 4:06:43 PM PST by miltonim
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To: All
Muslims Throwing Stones War to Mobilize Democracy
December 5, 2003
Diana Appelbaum
Posted on 12/06/2003 8:38:49 PM EST by stevejackson

'If a Jew goes into an Arab Muslim neighborhood (in France,)'...'you have to carry an umbrella to protect yourself from the stones that fly.' exchange for ...protections they were expected to acknowledge their inferiority to Muslims. ...The legal and spiritual inferiority of Jews and Christians was expressed in laws prohibiting ...engaging in certain occupations, riding on horseback, carrying weapons, and defending themselves when assaulted by a Muslim. It was never common for ordinary Muslims to pick up rock and throw it at a random Christian or Jew, was common for Muslim boys to throw stones at Jews and Christians passing in the street... Stones in Islam are the instrument by which ...Muslims declare their superiority over the infidel.

14 posted on 12/08/2003 4:17:34 PM PST by miltonim
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To: All
U.S. gives Saudis a pass on religious persecution
March 3, 2003
Art Moore
Posted on 03/03/2003 11:52:04 PM EST by joesnuffy

Islam is the official religion, and the law requires that all citizens be Muslims."
"The government prohibits the public practice of non-Muslim religions,"
In Saudi Arabia, the commission said, numerous foreign Christian workers have been "detained, arrested, tortured, and subsequently deported.
the Saudi religious police raided the homes of foreign Christian workers and threw them into overcrowded prisons with squalid conditions
...last year, three Ethiopian Christians detained without charge were severely beaten and tormented under the authority of a Saudi prison official in Jeddah..."Being suspended with chains, each of us were flogged 80 times with a flexible metal cable and also severely kicked and beaten with anything that came into their hands," said a letter from the Ethiopians. The Christians were among 14 foreigners arrested after reports of their participation in gatherings that included Saudi converts to Christianity. Saudi law applies the death penalty to citizens who choose to abandon Islam.
In 1997, two Filipino Catholics involved in Bible studies and prayers in a Saudi prison were beheaded by sword. The men had been accused of "forced armed robbery," but defenders claim they were incarcerated on false charges.

15 posted on 12/08/2003 4:31:39 PM PST by miltonim
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To: All
Victor Davis Hanson: A Real War, Fighting the worst fascists since Hitler.
National Review Online
December 05, 2003
Victor Davis Hanson
Posted on 12/05/2003 9:34:15 AM EST by Tolik

Jews at places of worship are systematically being blown up from Turkey to Morocco — along with British consular officials murdered in Istanbul, American diplomats murdered in Jordan, and Western tourists, Christians, and local residents murdered by Muslims in Bali, Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan. The new rule is that the more likely you are to help, give to, or worship in the Middle East, the more likely you are to be shot or blown up.

Remember, even apart from all the killing in Israel and Iraq, all of the deadly terrorism since 9/11 — the synagogue in Tunisia, French naval personnel in Pakistan, Americans in Karachi, Yemeni attacks on a French ship, the Bali bombing, the Kenyan attack on Israelis, the several deadly attacks on Russians in both Moscow and Chechnya, the assault on housing compounds in Saudi Arabia, the suicide car bombings in Morocco, the Marriott bombing in Indonesia, the mass murdering in Bombay, and the Turkish killing — has been perpetrated exclusively by Muslim fascists and directed at Westerners, Christians, Hindus, and Jews.

16 posted on 12/08/2003 9:13:34 PM PST by miltonim
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To: All
By Tom Barrett
Posted on 12/08/2003 10:06:15 PM EST by webber

But the fact is that even the nice Muslims support terrorism. They support terrorism by giving hundreds of millions of dollars to Muslim "charities" (all of it tax-deductible) that PAY HOMICIDE BOMBERS to murder Jews and Christians.

More important, they support terrorism by allowing their Mullahs & Imams (their version of preachers) to preach death and hate toward all infidels (that*s you and me, in case you didn*t know).

You don*t think their "holy men" would do such things - What planet do you live on? Such preaching of violence is so widespread that even the liberal press has been shamed into reporting it. In Pakistan and Afghanistan and Iran and dozens of other Muslim countries, even people who don?t go to religious services can*t escape the hated spewed by their "ministers." LOUDSPEAKERS mounted outside their mosques blare forth calls for "holy war" and "jihad" against all infidels (that*s you and me, folks), compliments of the Muslim clergy.

The worst part is that the same stuff is going on right here in the good old US of A. Oh, they*re more subtle here. They don*t use outdoor loudspeakers. But if you were willing to risk your life going into many mosques here in America wearing a wire, you could come out with tapes of calls to violence and murder that would scare most Americans into action.

Today, Muslim religious leaders lead ceremonies in which various body parts are removed for minor infractions. They still condone beheading for more serious things, like a woman showing her face in public. You don*t believe that? What short memories we have. Less than two years ago the Mullahs chopped of the heads of several dozen women in the national soccer stadium in Afghanistan. Peaceful religion, indeed.

Their stated goal is the same as Hitler*s was. (Perhaps that is why Germany and Iraq had such a cozy relationship while Saddam was in power.) They believe that Islam is destined to rule the world. They do not want to peacefully coexist with us. They want to rule us. Want proof? Just look at all the attempts Israel has made over the last fifty years to peacefully coexist with its Muslim neighbors. The answer has always been the same. "Death to all Jews."

"We will push you into the sea." "No Jew filth will be left to pollute our holy land." Yet Bush insists that "Islam means peace"!

17 posted on 12/08/2003 9:45:17 PM PST by miltonim
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To: All
Onward Christian soldiers (Janissaries. Christian boys were forced to fight for Islam)
world net daily
Anthony C. LoBaido
Posted on 08/02/2003 6:06:26 PM EDT by dennisw

Yes, it is the Muslims – not the white Europeans who were the first and greatest slave traders – and it was the Janissaries, Christian boys sold into Islamic slavery, who forged the expansion of the Islamic Empire in the 14th century,"

It was in Kosovo that the Serbs made their last stand. But an Ottoman victory was inevitable. The sultan ordered a tax to be paid by every Christian family: a son. The sons that would go on to form the elite unit known as the Janissaries.

18 posted on 12/08/2003 9:55:25 PM PST by miltonim
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To: All
Jordanian Christian Killed in Lebanon Attack
May 7, 2003
Barbara G. Baker
Compass Direct
Posted on 05/08/2003 4:26:46 PM EDT by miltonim

An Arab convert to Christianity was killed in a bomb blast last night outside his Tripoli apartment, adjacent to the home of a European missionary family thought to have been targeted in the attack. Jamil Ahmed al-Rifai, 28, died instantly...

19 posted on 12/08/2003 10:06:00 PM PST by miltonim
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To: All
Indonesia Sends in Troops After Christian Killings( ROP Srikes Again. )
Reuters via Yahoo News.
Poso, Indonesia
Mon Oct 13, 3:14 AM ET
Dan Eaton
Posted on 10/13/2003 2:30:56 PM EDT by Leisler

Separately, Sugianto Kaimudin, an official at Poso District Hospital said: "Up to today, the total number of victims received by Poso Hospital from the Saturday incident is 14 injured, and eight people dead." Officials said they were all Christians. Several had been shot, while others were hacked to death with machetes. Chief Social Welfare Minister Yusuf Kalla told reporters that as many as 8,000 reinforcements had been sent to the areas of the attacks.

20 posted on 12/08/2003 10:12:12 PM PST by miltonim
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To: All
Muslim jailed for "honour killing" his daughter (she was dating a Christian)
Posted on 09/29/2003 10:43:24 AM EDT by veronica

A Muslim immigrant has been jailed for life by a court for slitting his daughter's throat in an "honour killing" after she embraced Western culture and began dating a Christian. A judge at London's Old Bailey court heard how Abdullah Yones, an Iraqi Kurd who has lived in Britain for 10 years, stabbed his 16-year-old daughter Heshu repeatedly in a furious row at their flat in west London in October

21 posted on 12/08/2003 10:17:24 PM PST by miltonim
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To: All
Muslim Rebels Kill Filipino Christians Ahead Of Peace Talks
March 27, 2003
Patrick Goodenough
Posted on 03/27/2003 4:15:07 PM EST by Tailgunner Joe

Early Wednesday, gunmen of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) attacked a mainly Christian town called M'Lang in the North Cotabato district, killing five people, including a six-year-old child.
One day earlier, Ando said, dozens of MILF rebels stopped a food truck nearby, tied up the Christian driver and his helper, and then shot and killed them before making off with the food.
Last week, in the same area, Christian passengers on a bus stopped by MILF gunmen were singled out for their inability to speak the local Muslim dialect. Six were shot and killed, police said.
In another incident, a bomb exploded near a cathedral in Cotabato City.

22 posted on 12/08/2003 10:27:27 PM PST by miltonim
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To: All
The Hamas Incites to Kill Jews, solely for their being Jews
Israel Defense Force
November 24th, 2002
IDF Spokesperson Unit
Posted on 11/24/2002 2:59:36 PM EST by yonif

The bulletin quotes Akal: "We will knock on the doors of Heaven with the skulls of the Jews". An axe shattering the word "Al-Yahud" (Jews) and splattering the skulls of Jews, is depicted in the bulletin. The words Al-Qassam appear on the axe.

23 posted on 12/08/2003 10:35:43 PM PST by miltonim
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To: All
Filing details 'Portland 7' plot (They wanted to kill Jews)
Posted on 11/20/2003 10:15:16 AM PST by dixiechick2000

The group that has come to be known as the Portland Seven -- for the seven people indicted in the case -- called itself "Katibat Al-Mawt," which federal prosecutors say loosely translates to "Squad of Death."

One Portland Seven member, Ahmed Ibrahim Bilal, had such disdain for Jews that he referred to them as "lampshades," the document states. Battle told the informant that he wanted a "blade" to cut off the heads of "kaffirs," or unbelievers.

24 posted on 12/09/2003 7:07:02 PM PST by miltonim (oppression and persecution)
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To: All
Web Site Advocating the Killing of Jews Has 24 Hours to Clean Up its Act
New Jersey
Oct. 31, 2003
Jeremy Reynalds
Posted on 10/31/2003 6:48:39 PM EST by JohnathanRGalt

Then he writes "Palestinian and Arab opinion polls, on Al for example, indicated in the past that support for the human bombs tactic runs upwards of ninety percent on the Arab street. Indeed, such human bombs are not only justified. Much more of them is needed."

25 posted on 12/09/2003 7:15:34 PM PST by miltonim (intimidation, oppression and persecution)
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To: All
First, the Saturday People (Kill the Jews First, Then the Christians)
Israel National News (Arutz 7)
Sept. 15, 2003
Jack Engelhard
Posted on 09/15/2003 8:20:43 PM EDT by Alouette

Much of Islam, with its billion plus adherents, and even many in the West — in countries like France and Germany – despise America, its freedoms, and particularly its success."
Ditto Israel, except that Israel comes first. As they say in their sermons – "First the Saturday people, then the Sunday people."

26 posted on 12/09/2003 7:40:53 PM PST by miltonim (intimidation, oppression and persecution)
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To: All
Michelle Malkin: Lee Malvo, Muslim Hatemonger
Town Hall
December 10, 2003
Michelle Malkin [Creators Syndicate]
Posted on 12/10/2003 12:46:04 AM EST by quidnunc

Malvo's violent drawings and anti-American and anti-Semitic rantings show him to be every bit as blood-thirsty, hatemongering and martyr-craving as any Sept. 11 hijacker or Palestinian suicide bomber. Among Malvo's jailhouse artwork, (online at )

27 posted on 12/09/2003 10:06:25 PM PST by miltonim (intimidation, oppression and persecution)
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To: All
Malvo Defense Enters Threatening Jailhouse Sketches (Bin Laden is labeled, "Servant of Allah." )
Posted by marshmallow On News/Activism
12/04/2003 2:04:43 PM EST with 151 comments

Several dozen jailhouse sketches by accused sniper Lee Boyd Malvo -- some depicting police in rifle crosshairs and others containing references to a holy war -- have been entered as evidence by defense attorneys, who say they are evidence of his indoctrination by an accomplice.

28 posted on 12/09/2003 11:41:51 PM PST by miltonim (intimidation, oppression and persecution)
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To: All
A Short Biography of Muhammad
Saudi Arabia
Posted on 10/22/2003 10:10:53 AM EDT by RussianConservative

The next day, at least 600 Jewish men were beheaded in public on the edge of trenches and their bodies thrown in. The women and children were sold. Muhammad took one of the women - Rayhana, newly widowed, as a concubine.

29 posted on 12/10/2003 12:04:50 AM PST by miltonim (intimidation, oppression and persecution)
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To: All
Muhammad ordered Muslims to kill Jews?
Palestinian Autohrity Television
Posted: July 15, 2003 1:00 a.m. Eastern | © 2003
Posted on 07/15/2003 4:39:32 AM EDT by Bobby777

The killing of Jews is a mandatory religious obligation established by Islam's founder Muhammad, according to a Muslim academic who spoke on Palestinian Authority television. "Muhammad said in his Hadith: "The Hour [Day of Resurrection] will not arrive until you fight the Jews, [until a Jew will hide behind a rock or tree] and the rock and the tree will say: 'Oh Muslim, servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him!'" said Hassan Khader, founder of the Al Quds Encyclopedia.

30 posted on 12/10/2003 12:14:07 AM PST by miltonim (intimidation, oppression and persecution)
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To: All
“Moderate” Islam – But not for Converts to the Christian Faith
Sandro Magister & Dina Nascetti
Posted on 12/06/2003 1:18:12 AM EST by Land of the Irish

One’s memory turns back to the terrible events in October of 1998, when Egyptian security forces carried out rapes and crucifixions during incursions into the Coptic village of El-Kosheh, near Luxor. The crucifixions were carried out in groups of 50 persons, who were literally nailed or chained to doors, with each person’s legs joined to the next’s. There were victims beaten and tortured through the application of electric current to their genitals by the police, who accused them of being infidels. Romani Boctor, 11, was strung up with an electric cable in an attic.

31 posted on 12/10/2003 6:43:47 AM PST by miltonim (intimidation, oppression and persecution)
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To: All
Christians Tied Up And Killed In Karachi Office (Executed)
Independent (UK)
Phil Reeves
Posted on 09/25/2002 10:17:22 PM EDT by blam

Seven employees of a Christian charity were tied to their chairs, gagged and shot through the head in Karachi yesterday.
"The dead bodies were found lying on chairs," said Syed Kamal Shah, the local police chief. "It appeared that they were forced to sit there. Their hands were tied and their mouths were also taped."

32 posted on 12/10/2003 7:27:44 AM PST by miltonim (intimidation, oppression and persecution)
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To: All
Seven Killed in Pakistan Shooting (religion of peace kills Christians)
Wednesday, September 25, 2002
Posted on 09/25/2002 4:55:36 PM EDT by Michael2001

On Aug. 9, attackers hurled grenades at worshippers as they were leaving a church on the grounds of a Presbyterian hospital in Taxila, about 25 miles west of the capital, Islamabad. Four nurses were killed and 25 other people wounded.

Four days before the Taxila attack, assailants raided a Christian school 40 miles east of Islamabad, killing six Pakistanis including guards and non-teaching staff.

And on March 17, a grenade attack on a Protestant church in Islamabad's heavily guarded diplomatic quarter killed five people, including an American woman, her 17-year-old daughter and the lone assailant.

33 posted on 12/10/2003 7:37:59 AM PST by miltonim (intimidation, oppression and persecution)
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To: All
14 Christians Killed in Indonesia Associated Press
Michael Casey
Posted on 04/29/2002 8:30:28 AM EDT by Mom_Grandmother

Black-masked assailants armed with guns, grenades and daggers stormed a village in Indonesia's religiously divided Maluku province Sunday, killing 14 Christians.

The attackers went from house to house, shooting residents and setting fire to 30 homes and a Protestant church, witnesses said. They said six people were stabbed to death, including a 6-month-old child, six died in fires and two were believed to have been shot.

34 posted on 12/10/2003 7:43:58 AM PST by miltonim (intimidation, oppression and persecution)
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To: All
Youth Shot At, 2 Wounded-150 Meters From Police Station
International Christian Concern
Dec 6, 2003
Joko Harmono, (ICC Rep)
Posted on 12/11/2003 1:12:18 AM EST by miltonim

two armed men riding a motorcycle, carrying a military-style pistol shot at 6 youths playing a guitar and singing Christmas carols. Four of the bullets whizzed past in the dark narrowly missing four of the youths, while the other two of them were hit and wounded. “The Christians here fear for the safety of those who overnight in the Poso hospital,” said one Poso resident, adding that “there have been too many mysterious deaths of Christians in that hospital who only had minor wounds.”

35 posted on 12/10/2003 10:18:13 PM PST by miltonim (intimidation, oppression and persecution)
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To: All
The paper on sale in London that wants all Jews killed
The Telegraph
Alan Judd
Posted on 05/08/2002 8:27:24 PM EDT by Pokey78

The chairman of the Arab Psychiatrists Association, and head of psychiatry at a Cairo university, assures readers and viewers that "there are no Israeli civilians", that co-existence is impossible and that the only effective way of getting rid of Jewish Israelis is for "pure, noble Palestinian bodies" to blow themselves up.

He is almost persuasive: "When the martyr dies a martyr's death, he attains the height of bliss. As a professional psychiatrist, I can say that the height of bliss comes with the end of the countdown: ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. And then, you press the button to blow yourself up. When the martyr reaches 'one', and then 'boom', he explodes and senses himself flying . . . It is a transition to another, more beautiful world . . . within seconds, he will see the light of the Creator."

36 posted on 12/10/2003 10:46:16 PM PST by miltonim (intimidation, oppression, persecution)
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To: All
Christian Persecution On The Rise In Iraq
June 14, 2003
Posted on 06/14/2003 9:09:54 PM PDT by joesnuffy

"At least two Christian shop owners were shot dead by Shari'ah vigilantes" last month "and there are unconfirmed reports of another owner and a Christian bystander also being killed

"Christian girls in some parts of the city are now afraid to go to school in case they are kidnapped

37 posted on 12/11/2003 10:50:42 PM PST by miltonim (The Sinner's Guide - Venerable Louis of Granada)
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To: All
Moslems restricted Christian to pray twice a year at Jerusalem holy site
Posted on 08/07/2003 2:43:26 PM EDT by SJackson

She had felt that her end was near, so she had Holy Communion, she gave and received forgiveness from her son and she told everyone that her martyrdom was approaching. Twice before then, the "known-unknown" people had broken into the Church from the windows-On the 8th of July 1995 hooded men attempted to kill the Archimandrite. They injured him heavily but he managed to escape them.He ran to tell his mother what had happened but he found her dead. They had tied her arms, throat and mouth.

38 posted on 12/11/2003 11:45:22 PM PST by miltonim (intimidation, oppression, persecution)
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To: All
Middle East
Church & Israel Forum
Jim Gerrish
Posted on 07/25/2003 8:57:35 AM EDT by dennisw

Generally, polytheists were given the choice of conversion or death.

In each conquered land, the Jews and Christians were allowed to remain and cultivate the land in exchange for the payment of a tax to the local Muslim ruler. This tax was called the Kharaj.

The most degrading jobs, such as cleaning the public latrines, fell to the dhimmi. Yemenite Jews, until they immigrated to Israel in 1950, were still required to clean the public latrines and remove dead animals from the city streets.

In Saudi Arabia, the government bulldozed the last Christian church in the kingdom in 1987. It was a unique 12th century structure found near the Yemen border.

"The Dhimmi," by Bat Ye'or, Associated University Presses, Cranbury, N.J., English edition 1985.

39 posted on 12/12/2003 12:02:36 AM PST by miltonim (intimidation, oppression, persecution)
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To: All
Massacre & Destruction of Damour
Lebanon 1976

40 posted on 01/19/2004 5:12:52 PM PST by miltonim
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To: All
Police Arrest Bomber Suspect (muslim persecution, Pakistan)(follow up to 1/15 story)
41 posted on 01/19/2004 5:26:02 PM PST by miltonim (intimidation, persecution, oppression)
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To: All
14 Year Old Girl Kidnapped-Feared Raped- “I will make you Muslim and you will bear a Muslim child”.
Pakistan 2003

42 posted on 01/20/2004 8:47:58 PM PST by miltonim
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To: miltonim
Formerly Kidnapped Christian Teenager Goes Into Hiding for Safety (Pakistan, muslims)
Pakistan 1/24/2004

43 posted on 01/24/2004 10:51:46 AM PST by miltonim
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To: All
Jubilee Campaign Trip 2004, Part III (Pakistan, persecution, muslims)
44 posted on 01/24/2004 11:10:02 AM PST by miltonim (intimidation, persecution, oppression)
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To: All
Christmas in Bethlem

45 posted on 01/24/2004 1:39:19 PM PST by miltonim (intimidation, persecution, oppression)
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To: All
Muslims are now "encouraged to kill Christians" in Egypt (Feb. 2001)
46 posted on 01/25/2004 10:14:07 AM PST by miltonim (intimidation, oppression, persecution)
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To: All
Coptic Christians are deliberately and arbitrarily executed by al-Gama’a al Islamiya (Sep. 1998)

47 posted on 01/25/2004 10:34:43 AM PST by miltonim (intimidation, oppression, persecution)
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To: All
Egyptian Coptic Christians allege police torture (Sep. 1998)
48 posted on 01/25/2004 10:50:15 AM PST by miltonim (intimidation, oppression, persecution)
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To: All
Experts: Attacks on religious freedom intensifying worldwide

49 posted on 01/25/2004 7:15:55 PM PST by miltonim (intimidation, oppression, persecution)
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To: All
Russian Soldier Goes Through Chechen Captivity Hell

50 posted on 01/25/2004 9:20:08 PM PST by miltonim (intimidation, oppression, persecution)
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