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  • Governor says he wouldn't take Harris' place vs. Sen. Nelson [Jeb: "No, hell, no." ]

    04/07/2006 10:32:21 PM PDT · by summer · 22 replies · 837+ views
    AP ^ | April 8, 2006 | Brent Kallestad
    TALLAHASSEE — Gov. Jeb Bush made it clear Friday that he will not seek the Republican nomination for the U.S. Senate seat now held by Sen. Bill Nelson, regardless of who asks him to run. "No, hell no," Bush said when asked whether he would consider replacing U.S. Rep. Katherine Harris as the Republican candidate if she ends her faltering campaign to challenge the Democratic incumbent. He said he often is asked about getting into the contest. What if his brother, President Bush, called? "No. (Not even if) Pope Benedict calls," Bush responded. "I'm not doing it, trust me. I...
  • Harris Needs Image Change to Win Seat

    09/17/2005 5:02:45 PM PDT · by My2Cents · 89 replies · 1,962+ views
    Yahoo/Associated Press ^ | 9/17/05 | Brendan Farrington
    Harris Needs Image Change to Win Seat By BRENDAN FARRINGTON, Associated Press Writer Sat Sep 17, 2005 TALLAHASSEE, Fla. - If Katherine Harris has any hope of beating U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson (news, bio, voting record), she may need an extreme makeover. The Republican congresswoman's poll numbers are poor; her appearance is a distracting issue; and many non-Republican voters see her as a flirty, vacant, beauty-queen wannabe who used her role in the 2000 presidential recount to get to Capitol Hill. Most political observers think that she can make the race competitive, though, as long as she can shed that...
  • Filibuster battle altering '08 presidential landscape

    05/29/2005 2:33:50 PM PDT · by strategofr · 110 replies · 1,773+ views
    THE WASHINGTON TIMES ^ | May 29, 2005 | By Ralph Z. Hallow
    Last week's Senate compromise that averted a showdown over filibustered judicial nominees was actually the opening salvo of the 2008 presidential campaign, several veteran political observers say. The unexpected consequence of the filibuster compromise is to give a boost to the presidential prospects of Sen. George Allen, Virginia Republican. "Allen was very vocal in support of changing the rules to eliminate the filibuster of judicial nominees and took the right position in condemning the compromise," said Free Congress Foundation President Paul M. Weyrich. Conservatives have strongly condemned the compromise as a politically motivated gambit by Arizona Sen. John McCain, key...
  • Dear GOP, No Deal. There will be a political price. (Vanity Rant)

    05/20/2005 10:27:10 AM PDT · by JesseJane · 70 replies · 1,615+ views
    Red Blooded Rule of Law American | 5/18/2005 | Self
    Dear GOP, No Deal. There will be a political price. Re: Judges There is nothing more that need to be added to this, other than, BORDERS. CLOSE THE FRIGGIN BORDERS. THERE WILL BE A POLITICAL PRICE TO PAY IN 2006 IF YOU DO NOT DEAL HARSHLY WITH THE ALIEN FLOOD. One thing else to understand. There will be massive voter fraud by aliens in 2006.. Don't think they'll be voting for you.. I hope you've learned that pandering to racial groups, does NOT pay off at election time. We don't have 40 years to figure this out this time, we...
  • ACU Files Ethics Complaint Against Harry Reid

    05/19/2005 3:51:22 PM PDT · by SwinneySwitch · 17 replies · 897+ views
    ACU News ^ | May 19, 2005
    Advocacy Group Says Minority Leader Guilty of Gross Violation: Leahy and Levin Also Named ALEXANDRIA, VA - The American Conservative Union, the nations oldest and largest conservative grassroots organization, yesterday filed an ethics complaint against Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV). The complaint comes in response to Sen. Reid's May 12th reference to judicial nominee Henry Saad's confidential FBI file on the floor of the United States Senate. "Henry Saad would have been filibustered anyway…," said Reid on the floor of the Senate. "All you need to do is have a member go upstairs and look at his confidential report...
  • Napolitano & Low Security Standards for Arizona

    05/17/2005 12:39:13 PM PDT · by hsmomx3 · 6 replies · 544+ views
    AZ Conservative ^ | Sen. Dean Martin
    Why Does Governor Napolitano Think Arizona Should have the Lowest Security Standards in the Nation? Governor Janet Napolitano made a big show of sending a “bill” to the federal government for the costs of illegal immigration, complete with tough talk and finger-pointing. However, by vetoing meaningful reform in her own backyard, she is turning a blind eye to fraud, identity theft and other crimes committed in Arizona by illegal immigrants. I sponsored Senate Bill 1511 -- “secure and verifiable identification” -- to establish a standard for identification used by state and local government as recommended by FBI testimony. The FBI...
  • A Different Perspective (George Allen Statement On Illegal Immigration)

    05/18/2005 8:55:47 AM PDT · by GOPGuide · 10 replies · 1,036+ views
    Cantor For Congress ^ | April 27, 2005 | Steven Sisson
    As part of the Iraq supplemental appropriations bill, Congress voted to support legislation for the use of federal troops on the Mexican-American borders. The National Border Control Council and the Fraternal Order of Police endorsed the legislation mandating the stationing of U.S. troops on the Mexican-American border to support the U.S. Border Patrol. [SNIP] On a more personal note, Virginia Sen. George Allen said, "Legal immigration has been and is the lifeblood of our nation. My own mother followed the process and emigrated to the U.S. from Tunisia after World War II. I have the greatest respect for the ingenuity,...
  • Mexicans go to Ariz. for medical help [at our expense]

    05/18/2005 7:44:20 AM PDT · by Brilliant · 17 replies · 820+ views
    USA TODAY ^ | May 18, 2005 | Dennis Wagner
    This is a dynamite article, but unfortunately can't give you anything but the link under the FR rules because it's USA Today.
  • Feinstein targets agricultural workers (Asa chimes in)

    05/18/2005 7:12:59 AM PDT · by LNewman · 59 replies · 1,064+ views
    Orange County Register ^ | May 18, 2005 | DENA BUNIS, OC Register
    Feinstein targets agricultural workers. Senator plans to introduce an industry-specific bill, rather than a sweeping measure on immigration. Sen. Dianne Feinstein said Tuesday that she ... plans to introduce her own measure to provide a path toward legalization only for longtime undocumented agriculture workers. Feinstein, D-Calif., said any new guest-worker program – even one requiring employees to eventually return to their home country – would be a "magnet for illegal immigration" and something she could not support. SNIP Under Feinstein's idea, which hasn't yet been finalized, longtime undocumented agricultural workers would get a "blue card," allowing them to continue to...
  • Time to Secure our Border Mr. President - (Bush: "Call Vicente and set him straight!")

    05/17/2005 1:29:41 PM PDT · by CHARLITE · 42 replies · 975+ views
    Take a moment to consider all of the pressing issues facing America today. There is a war we are waging, and rightfully so, to rid the threat of Islamo-Fascist terror. That might rightfully, be placed right at the very top of our national concerns. After all tax-cuts, spending, education, and Social Security reform will take a back seat very quickly if terrorists were to strike here in America. So let us agree, for the purpose of this column, to assume the war on terror is the pre-eminent issue facing America. Now let us examine how the Bush administration has handled...
  • View from the Left: Immigration Should be a Liberal Issue

    05/16/2005 5:47:01 AM PDT · by SJackson · 31 replies · 767+ views
    Hillary gets it. Hillary Clinton says she's against illegal immigration. And she would fine employers who hire illegal aliens. Pundits say the New York Democrat is using this hot-button issue to position herself for the 2008 presidential election. It's a way to hit Republicans from the right. Polls show huge majorities of both Republicans and Democrats oppose illegal immigration -- and are frustrated that President Bush won't do a thing to stop it. But this issue does not belong to the right. Or it shouldn't. Illegal immigration hurts most liberal causes. It depresses wages, crushes unions and kills all hope...
  • Mexico to Send Protest Letter to U.S. (about extention of wall at California-Mexico border)

    05/14/2005 10:21:08 PM PDT · by FairOpinion · 41 replies · 1,202+ views
    AP ^ | May 13, 2005 | TRACI CARL
    MEXICO CITY - Mexico will send a diplomatic letter to the United States protesting the extension of a wall along the U.S.-California border, officials said Friday. Ruben Aguilar, a spokesman for President Vicente Fox, said the president would also continue to pressure the U.S. government to approve a migration accord that would allow more migrants to work legally north of the border. President Bush proposed a temporary work program last year, but it has stalled amid opposition in Congress. Mexican Foreign Secretary Luis Ernesto Derbez said Thursday that Fox had instructed him to send the diplomatic letter with the message...
  • 7 GOP Senators Key in Filibuster Fight

    05/14/2005 1:57:34 PM PDT · by FairOpinion · 111 replies · 2,593+ views
    WASHINGTON - Seven Republican senators will determine the outcome of a showdown this week between the president and Congress — and a minority within it — over who is going to shape the federal courts. Barring any unforeseen developments, these are the lawmakers in the make-or-break position when it comes to deciding whether to allow a Senate minority to block a president's nominees for the federal bench. The senators are Susan Collins of Maine, Chuck Hagel of Nebraska, Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania, John Warner of Virginia, Mike DeWine of Ohio, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and John Sununu of New Hampshire....
  • CA: Ballot watch

    05/14/2005 4:43:33 PM PDT · by calcowgirl · 3 replies · 300+ views
    Sacramento Bee ^ | May 14, 2005 | Alan LaGuardia
    WHAT HAPPENED THIS WEEK? As the secretary of state's unofficial deadline passed, business supporters of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's "reform" agenda and an opposing coalition of Democrats and labor unions submitted millions of signatures to qualify proposed ballot initiatives. In all, registrars are verifying signatures for eight possible measures: Redistricting - The Schwarzenegger-backed measure would shift the task of redrawing legislative and congressional district boundaries from the Legislature to a panel of judges. Budget - Centerpiece of the governor's plan, the measure would enact state spending controls and let the governor unilaterally cut programs. Tenure - A third Schwarzenegger proposal would...
  • Border Control Key to National Security

    05/13/2005 8:59:03 PM PDT · by Founding Father · 17 replies · 614+ views
    The National Ledger ^ | May 13, 2005 | Paul Wyrich
    Border Control Key to National Security By Paul Weyrich May 13, 2005 We must control our country’s borders. Former Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security Admiral James M. Loy appeared before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence in February to counsel the Committee about improving immigration control at our nation’s borders. He delivered a message that was not given wide media coverage but one that many Americans already knew. Admiral Loy said: Recent information from ongoing investigations, detentions, and emerging threat streams strongly suggests that al-Qaeda has considered using the Southwest Border to infiltrate the United States. Several al-Qaeda leaders believe...
  • Stopping Hillary: Nixon son-in-law Ed Cox gearing up to challenge Clinton in '06 Senate race.

    05/13/2005 6:54:35 PM PDT · by CHARLITE · 29 replies · 1,086+ views
    HILLARY CLINTON'S reelection campaign for the United States Senate in 2006 may be tougher than expected. On Monday, May 2, the New York Observer reported that Clinton might face a challenge from Richard Nixon's son-in-law Ed Cox. Cox, who has declined to make a statement on his intentions, has made steps toward running for Clinton's New York Senate seat, including launching an exploratory committee. Associates to Cox believe that he will win the endorsement of New York Governor George Pataki. By the time Hillary Rodham married future president Bill Clinton in 1975, Ed Cox had been married to the daughter...
  • Lott "I don't have to work with them (GOP) anymore, they threw me overboard!" (202) 224-6253

    05/10/2005 9:13:36 AM PDT · by watsonfellow · 184 replies · 5,260+ views
    Tony Snow show
    Tony Snow just finished an interview with Trent Lott. Senator Lott wanted to respond to an article in Roll Call to the effect that he had crafted a deal to dump certain judges to guarantee others an up-or-down vote on the Senate floor. According to an account (I didn't hear the interview), Lott called the report "exaggerated," adding that he has worked with Ben Nelson "from time to time" on a deal, but that the proposed deal "isn't much of a deal at all." Lott also stated that he won't accept criticism from Republicans for working with Democratic senators because...
  • (DNC Chair) Howard Dean endorses (Socialist) Bernie Sanders' run for U.S. Senate

    05/10/2005 7:57:33 AM PDT · by ForOurFuture · 65 replies · 1,367+ views
    The Bennington Banner ^ | 5/10 | EVAN LEHMANN,
    Breaking party lines, former Gov. Howard Dean said Monday he supports Rep. Bernard Sanders' bid for the U.S. Senate, saying the Independent makes a "strong candidate." "A victory for Bernie Sanders is a win for Democrats," Dean said in a telephone interview Monday. Sen. James Jeffords, I-Vt., announced last month he would not seek re-election, clearing the way for what's expected to be a crowded race in fall 2006. But Dean, chairman of the Democratic National Committee, added that his support is not unconditional. "We've got a few things to work out with Bernie," he said, adding, "Bernie's not a...
  • The Answer is in the Works

    05/10/2005 7:34:34 AM PDT · by watsonfellow · 23 replies · 719+ views
    the national review ^ | 10 May 2005 | Byron York
    The Answer Is in the Works The real negotiations haven’t taken place yet. Today begins the fifth year of waiting for confirmation for some of President Bush's nominees to the federal courts of appeals. With the Senate reconvening on Capitol Hill, and Majority Leader Bill Frist preparing to use the "nuclear option" — or the "constitutional option" or "Byrd option," as it is also known — to end the standoff over Democratic filibusters, the outlines of a possible compromise solution are beginning to take shape. It's not the quick-and-dirty fix, recently floated in the press, in which both sides would...
  • Senate Democrats back down, maybe.

    05/10/2005 7:16:35 AM PDT · by thebiggestdog · 5 replies · 179+ views ^ | 5-10-05 |
    Maybe the fight over Bush's judicial nominees in the Senate is over, and then again maybe Harry Reid is just trying to buy some time. In a statement, the top liberal said, "Let's take a step away from the precipice. Let's try cooperation, rather than confrontation, which seems to be the hallmark of what we've been doing here lately." A step away from the precipice? Maybe somebody should remind Harry that he, and his party put themselves on the precipice.
  • Mexican Gang Members Using Arizona as Corridor

    05/09/2005 9:30:05 PM PDT · by Travis McGee · 49 replies · 27,852+ views
    PHOENIX, Ariz. Federal authorities say members of a violent Mexican gang are using the Arizona border as a corridor to the country. In the past year, Border Patrol agents have arrested about ten members of Mara Salvatrucha -- a notorious international street gang in Mexico. Yet according to federal and local law enforcement officials, the gang members don't appear to stay in the state. The gang is commonly known as M-S-13 and has been linked to murders from Honduras to Los Angeles to Virginia. Original Mara Salvatrucha members were guerrilla fighters who fled the Salvadoran civil war in the 1980s....
  • President Bush and the Illegal Alien Crisis

    05/09/2005 5:54:15 PM PDT · by 45Auto · 104 replies · 2,198+ views
    NewsMax ^ | 10 May 2005 | Wes Vernon
    President Bush may be heading for a catastrophic political crash over illegal aliens, and if he doesn't start paying attention to the problem, he could go down in history as another president whose stewardship ended in disaster. The ghosts of Presidents Johnson (both Andrew and Lyndon) and Nixon may soon haunt this White House. Story Continues Below More to the point, thousands or hundreds of thousands – perhaps millions – of Americans may die because the bipartisan chattering class "fiddles while Rome burns," to cite the old metaphor. At his April 28 news conference, not a single reporter – not...
  • Boycott planned to protest proposed state immigration laws

    05/09/2005 11:53:57 AM PDT · by Pikamax · 29 replies · 950+ views
    KVOA ^ | 05/09/05 | KVOA
    Boycott planned to protest proposed state immigration laws PHOENIX -- Organizers of an economic boycott are urging Hispanics to stay home from work and not spend money on Tuesday as a way to protest laws aimed at making life in Arizona more difficult for illegal immigrants. The boycott is the latest in a string of grass-roots protests since November's passage of Proposition 200, a ballot measure intended to ensure illegal migrants don't vote or receive certain public benefits. "We're trying to prove we are a vital part of the community, that our workers and our consumers deserve to be treated...
  • The Senate should go nuclear

    05/09/2005 7:13:14 AM PDT · by smoothsailing · 26 replies · 906+ views ^ | 05/09/05 | Star Parker
    The Senate should go nuclear Star Parker May 9, 2005 The use of the Senate filibuster to block floor votes on judicial nominees, as Democrats have been doing, is a distortion of good government in the United States. I fully endorse Senate Republican leader Bill Frist's pushing the "nuclear" button to change Senate rules so this can no longer be done. Even if you buy the argument that the filibuster is an important procedure to protect minority interests in the Senate, this still should not apply to judicial nominations. Why? >p>Because the nominating process is fundamentally different from the legislative...
  • Non-Mexican immigrants pour into Valley

    05/08/2005 4:18:15 AM PDT · by Boston Blackie · 30 replies · 891+ views
    The Brownsville Herald ^ | May 8, 2005 | SERGIO CHAPA
    May 8, 2005 — Brazilians, Central Americans and others are expected to overtake Mexican nationals as the largest group of undocumented immigrants entering the Rio Grande Valley. Although some federal authorities said the demographic shift has already happened, figures given to The Brownsville Herald this month show the number of OTM (Other Than Mexicans) immigrants detained in Deep South Texas has exploded in the last two years but remains slightly behind the number of Mexican nationals.
  • With Republicans Like These, Who Needs Democrats?

    05/07/2005 6:36:26 AM PDT · by worldclass · 46 replies · 897+ views
    The Covenant News ^ | 5/4/2005 | Chuck Baldwin
    Sad to say, even a cursory review of this record reveals the fact that the Republican Party in Washington, D.C., has become little more than a carbon copy of the Democratic Party. Phillips writes, "Sadly, the GOP's elected and appointed officials conform themselves almost without exception to that which Mr. Bush espouses, including:
  • The 1965 Immigration Act: Anatomy of a Disaster: When will we value our national interest?

    12/10/2002 5:08:57 AM PST · by SJackson · 66 replies · 3,483+ views ^ | 12-10-02 | Ben Johnson
    America's current mass immigration mess is the result of a change in the laws in 1965. Prior to 1965, despite some changes in the 50's, America was a low-immigration country basically living under immigration laws written in 1924. Thanks to low immigration, the swamp of cheap labor was largely drained during this period, America became a fundamentally middle-class society, and our many European ethnic groups were brought together into a common national culture. In some ways, this achievement was so complete that we started to take for granted what we had achieved and forgot why it happened. So in a...
  • Effort to let illegals drive in California gets boost - House votes to allow license-like document

    05/06/2005 6:39:36 AM PDT · by calcowgirl · 26 replies · 648+ views
    San Diego Union-Tribune ^ | May 6, 2005 | Michael Gardner
    SACRAMENTO – In an ironic twist, a move by Congress to make it tougher for illegal immigrants to get driver licenses nationwide has given new life to legislation allowing them to drive legally in California. In Washington, the House voted yesterday to establish national standards for driver licenses to make it harder for terrorists to get documents that would effectively prohibit illegal immigrants from getting licenses. The Senate is expected to follow suit next week. But the congressional measure would allow a separate driving document that could not be used, as licenses are, for such things as boarding a plane,...
  • Congress set to impose ID card rules: States would need to verify papers

    05/05/2005 12:57:26 PM PDT · by Destro · 121 replies · 2,027+ views ^ | May 5, 2005 | Charlie Savage
    Congress set to impose ID card rules States would need to verify papers By Charlie Savage, Globe Staff | May 5, 2005 WASHINGTON -- Congressional negotiators have agreed on a sweeping new system that would nationalize standards for driver's licenses and state identification cards, requiring states to verify the authenticity of every document that people use to prove their identity and show their legal residency. If the House and Senate both pass the bill next week as expected, by May 2008 every state will be required to contact the issuers of birth certificates, mortgage statements, utility bills, Social Security cards,...
  • MVA taken to task for offending law breakers

    05/05/2005 11:14:08 AM PDT · by JZelle · 14 replies · 559+ views
    The Washington Times ^ | 5-5-05 | Tom Knott
    It is against the law to deny an illegal alien a driver's license, says the executive director of an immigration-rights advocacy group in Maryland, presumably with a straight face and without the help of a laugh track. The advocacy group obviously picks which laws to embrace. An illegal alien is an illegal alien, after all. Given the potential usefulness of this upside-down appeal, an advocacy group for pickpockets is perhaps an idea whose time is nearing. If so, in these enlightened times, the group undoubtedly would seek assault charges against anyone who might clamp down on the wrist of the...
  • Collateral Damage from the Nuclear Option

    05/05/2005 12:05:15 PM PDT · by MikeJ75 · 67 replies · 1,591+ views
    Cato Institute ^ | May 5, 2005 | David Boaz
    Republicans and conservatives are in high dudgeon over Senate Democrats' refusal to let the Senate vote on some of President Bush's judicial nominations. "This filibuster is nothing less than a formula for tyranny by the minority," says Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist. Frist speaks for many conservatives who want to change the rules of the Senate on a simple majority vote, to eliminate the filibuster for judicial nominations. Fifty-five Republicans, 55 votes to change the Senate's rules, case closed. But those conservatives are being ahistorical, short-sighted, and unconservative. Judicial nominations are important, but so are our basic constitutional and governmental...
  • Multiple ID voting bill wins preliminary OK (Texas)

    05/03/2005 7:31:41 AM PDT · by Dog Gone · 30 replies · 603+ views
    Houston Chronicle ^ | May 13, 2005 | R.G. RATCLIFFE
    House foes say additional proofs meant to keep some groups away from ballots AUSTIN - The Texas House in a highly partisan 83-63 vote Monday gave preliminary approval to a bill that would require voters to present as many as three forms of identification before casting a ballot.Republicans argued the legislation would reduce voter fraud in Texas, but Democrats said the bill is meant to deter minorities and elderly people from voting.The bill's sponsor, Elections Chair Mary Denny, R-Aubrey, said it is not too much to ask people to prove their identity before voting to preserve the integrity of the...
  • Congress finally thinks about drivers licenses.

    05/03/2005 7:08:51 AM PDT · by thebiggestdog · 4 replies · 212+ views ^ | 5-3-05 |
    As if to add insult to injury, it was reported after 9/11 that some of the hijackers had obtained state issued drivers licenses. When I first heard the news, I could hardly believe it. Not only did the terrorists kill hundreds of people, but they mocked our lax security to boot. The problem is not with the licenses themselves, but that they are considered a legal document in which to open a bank account, rent a car, and yes, get on an airplane and take it over. The same type of problem can be found with your Social Security number....