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  • Clinton Campaign Made Payments to Hard Drive and Document Destruction Company

    05/03/2016 1:46:36 PM PDT · by BubbaBasher · 60 replies
    The Washington Free Beacon ^ | 5/3/2016 | Joe Schoffstall
    The Hillary Clinton campaign made multiple payments to a company that specializes in hard drive and document destruction, campaign finance records show. The payments, which were recorded in February and March of 2016, went to the Nevada-based American Document Destruction, Inc., which claims expertise in destroying hard drives or "anything else that a hard drive can come from." "Our hard drive destruction procedures take place either at your site or at our secure facility in Sparks, NV," the company’s website states. “This decision is yours to decide based on cost and convenience to you. In either situation, the hard drive...
  • Startling number of kids diagnosed with psychological disorders

    03/19/2016 9:07:41 AM PDT · by PROCON · 71 replies
    CBSNEWS ^ | March 18, 2016 | STEVEN REINBERG
    One in seven American children aged 2 to 8 suffers from a mental, behavioral or developmental problem, federal health officials report. Researchers analyzed data supplied by parents in the 2011-2012 National Survey of Children's Health, looking for reported speech and language problems, learning disabilities, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), autism spectrum disorder, anxiety and more. "Based on the number of kids affected, this is something we need to pay attention to," said lead researcher Jennifer Kaminski, team leader for child development studies at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The researchers found that young children with mental, behavioral or...
  • A Manufactured Epidemic - The overdiagnosis of ADHD is "national disaster of dangerous..."

    12/17/2013 12:08:46 PM PST · by neverdem · 39 replies
    National Review Online ^ | December 17, 2013 | Rich Lowry
    The overdiagnosis of ADHD is "national disaster of dangerous proportions," says one M.D.If at any time while reading this article your attention wanders, you may have ADHD. If you pause to check your e-mail sometime during the next three paragraphs, you should consult a doctor. If you fail to read this article all the way to the end, you should get on Adderall, Ritalin, or some other drug to treat your condition as soon as possible. This isn’t quite the standard for diagnosing attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, but it’s close. The New York Times ran a long exposé on how the...
  • Boyhood Is Not a Mental Illness

    10/18/2013 4:11:28 AM PDT · by Cincinatus' Wife · 39 replies
    American Spectator ^ | October 18, 2013 | Marta H. Mossburg
    All the employees of school districts on a witch hunt to expel and otherwise permanently punish young boys for shooting toy guns or forming their fists into the shape of a gun need to read Back to Normal. The purpose of psychologist Enrico Gnaulati’s 2013 book is to argue how ordinary childhood behavior is often misdiagnosed as ADD, ADHD, depression and autism — frequently with life-long, disturbing consequences. But along the way he raises the taboo question of whether we “label boys as mentally unstable, behaviorally unmanageable, academically underachieving, in need of special-education services, or displaying behavior warranting school suspension...
  • Diagnosing the Wrong Deficit

    04/28/2013 2:35:57 PM PDT · by neverdem · 35 replies
    NY Times ^ | April 27, 2013 | VATSAL G. THAKKAR
    IN the spring of 2010, a new patient came to see me to find out if he had attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder. He had all the classic symptoms: procrastination, forgetfulness, a propensity to lose things and, of course, the inability to pay attention consistently. But one thing was unusual. His symptoms had started only two years earlier, when he was 31. Though I treat a lot of adults for attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, the presentation of this case was a violation of an important diagnostic criterion: symptoms must date back to childhood. It turned out he first started having these problems the...
  • Can You Make Yourself Smarter?

    04/22/2012 10:39:10 PM PDT · by neverdem · 16 replies
    NY Times ^ | April 18, 2012 | DAN HURLEY
    Early on a drab afternoon in January, a dozen third graders from the working-class suburb of Chicago Heights, Ill., burst into the Mac Lab on the ground floor of Washington-McKinley School in a blur of blue pants, blue vests and white shirts. Minutes later, they were hunkered down in front of the Apple computers lining the room’s perimeter, hoping to do what was, until recently, considered impossible: increase their intelligence through training. “Can somebody raise their hand,” asked Kate Wulfson, the instructor, “and explain to me how you get points?” On each of the children’s monitors, there was a cartoon...
  • How America made its children crazy

    01/30/2012 8:26:15 PM PST · by Theoria · 26 replies
    Asia Times Online ^ | 31 Jan 2012 | Spengler
    Now we know that computers don't help children learn and that drugs don't help them concentrate, because the establishment mandarins who sold us the computers and drugs have conceded failure. In the January 29 New York Times, [1] a prominent professor of child development shows that attention-deficit-disorder drugs only harm the three million children who take them. One out of 10 American children have been diagnosed with so-called Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder and most of them have been medicated. [2] Some months ago, the Times reported that test scores lagged in school districts that invested massively in digital education. [3] It...
  • Ritalin Gone Wrong

    01/29/2012 9:01:54 PM PST · by nickcarraway · 57 replies · 2+ views
    New York Times ^ | January 28, 2012 | L. ALAN SROUFE
    THREE million children in this country take drugs for problems in focusing. Toward the end of last year, many of their parents were deeply alarmed because there was a shortage of drugs like Ritalin and Adderall that they considered absolutely essential to their children’s functioning. But are these drugs really helping children? Should we really keep expanding the number of prescriptions filled? In 30 years there has been a twentyfold increase in the consumption of drugs for attention-deficit disorder. As a psychologist who has been studying the development of troubled children for more than 40 years, I believe we should...
  • Adderall Drug Shortage Will Continue in 2012, Government Officials Say

    01/04/2012 9:09:45 AM PST · by Tolerance Sucks Rocks · 10 replies · 1+ views
    ABC News ^ | January 3, 2012 | Mikaela Conley
    A contentious relationship between drug manufacturers and the Drug Enforcement Agency may cause a continuing shortage of the attention deficit medication Adderall, which the FDA just added to its official drug shortages list, the New York Times reported. As of 2007, about 9.5 percent, or 5.4 million, of school-aged children were diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyper Disorder, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Adderall prescriptions went up 13.4 percent from 2009 to 2010, and more than 18 million prescriptions were written for the drug, Reuters reported. As demand for the drug grows, more and more patients have...
  • Just Say No To Concentration

    12/28/2011 1:40:25 AM PST · by Tolerance Sucks Rocks · 23 replies
    Advice Goddess Blog ^ | December 28, 2011 | Amy Alkon
    Yesterday, my entire afternoon got eaten by my panic over shortages of Adderall, the drug that changed my writing life from daily torture that I slogged through because I'm a hard worker to sometimes-hard work I love. Instead of writing, I wasted my time on the phone to a bunch of local pharmacies, and emailing my very good-natured doctor multiple times ("Can you prescribe in Mexico?"), and searching for Canadian pharmacies -- maybe one in Windsor where maybe I could get Gregg to pick me up 10 or 20 or maybe even 30 all the spare time he has....
  • Connecting the Dots (A Liberal Mind!) My first week on Ritalin

    11/23/2011 5:58:30 PM PST · by narses · 18 replies
    The Inlander ^ | Tuesday, November 22, 2011 | Luke Baumgarten
    Day 1, Dose 1: I told myself the first thing I needed to do today was take the little freckled seafoam pill as soon as I got to work. I set an alarm for myself. When I got to my desk, I set the pills in front of my computer screen, so that I would remember to take them. This was at 9:50 am. As near as I can reconstruct, though, I got distracted by the computer screen while reaching for my cup. My email was open, so I checked it. Then I checked my news feeds. Then I checked...
  • Unemployment Offices To Add Armed Guards (Indiana)

    11/01/2010 5:19:20 PM PDT · by Nachum · 13 replies
    INDIANAPOLIS -- Armed security guards will be on hand at 36 unemployment offices around Indiana in what state officials said is a step to improve safety and make branch security more consistent. No specific incidents prompted the action, Department of Workforce Development spokesman Marc Lotter told 6News' Norman Cox. Lotter said the agency is merely being cautious with the approach of an early-December deadline when thousands of Indiana residents could see their unemployment benefits end after exhausting the maximum 99 weeks provided through multiple federal extension periods. "Given the upcoming expiration of the federal extensions and the increased stress on...
  • Add Boeing employees to the ObamaCare victims list, but just the nonunion ones

    10/19/2010 9:48:21 AM PDT · by Nachum · 11 replies
    Associated Press and liberty pundits Blog ^ | 10/19/10 | Clyde Middleton
    Deductibles, the share of medical costs that employees pay annually before their plan kicks in, will go up to $300 for individuals, an increase of $100. For families, the new deductible will be $900, an increase of $300. In addition, Boeing is instituting a copayment of 10 percent after the deductible has been met. The copayment will rise to 20 percent in 2012. But the most telling portion of the article is this snippet: In a letter mailed to employees late last week, the company cited the overhaul as part of the reason it is asking some 90,000 nonunion workers...
  • 'Scud reports add to tensions'

    07/02/2010 4:21:15 PM PDT · by Nachum · 3 replies ^ | 7/2/10 | staff
    UN report says it found no proof of allegations of Hizbullah Scuds. Israeli accusations that Syria provided Scud missiles to Hizbullah has increased tension in the region, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon stated in a report on Friday quoted by Reuters. "Such tensions once again illustrate the importance of control by Lebanon over its borders and of the respect by all member states for the prohibition against transferring arms [in violation of Security Council resolution 1701]," said the report. Ban also wrote that the UN did not find any evidence that could verify the transfer of Scud missiles to Hizbullah.
  • Study Links Kids And Candy To Violent Behavior

    04/13/2010 6:29:53 PM PDT · by Extremely Extreme Extremist · 31 replies · 419+ views
    CBS 2 CHICAGO ^ | 13 APRIL 2010 | CBS 2 CHICAGO
    Researchers Say Precise Link Between Sweets And Violence Unclear We know candy is bad for your children's teeth. But could it also cause bad behavior later in life? CBS 2's Jim Williams looks at a new study linking kids and sugar to violent crimes. Laura Budill had her hands full with her sons, Nathan, 3 and Tyler, 2, at a Lincoln Park playground Tuesday. They were active enough without sweets; but with sugar? "Every child is different," said Budill. "For my children, I know that it causes them to act out in hyperactivity." So Laura only allows them to have...
  • Adults can have ADHD

    03/06/2010 7:17:22 AM PST · by LouAvul · 76 replies · 1,240+ views
    When Len was diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), it explained a lot. Why he had made poor grades in school even though he was smart. Why he was always losing things. Why he felt so restless. The diagnosis was a surprise, though: Len was 38. He didn't think adults were supposed to have ADHD. But after his 8-year-old son was diagnosed, the therapist suggested that Len be evaluated. "I grew up thinking I must be dumb or lazy," Len said. "It's hard for me to keep my mind on things that don't interest me. Finding out it's due...
  • Another Extraordinary Ordinary Patriot of the Tea Party Movement

    08/02/2009 9:15:49 AM PDT · by Lloyd Marcus · 2 replies · 375+ views ^ | 08-02-09 | Lloyd Marcus
    I met Warren Kaul when I performed at the O Town Tea Party in Orlando, Florida. He was manning the Fair Tax booth. On stage, Warren expressed his displeasure with Obama's stimulus “nightmare” and his plans to transform America. Warren was born into extreme poverty and grew up in a two room shack in the hollows of Charleston, West Virginia. Encouraged by his mother, Warren was the first in his family to graduate high school. This was a major achievement for the Kaul family. Warren took it further and graduated college. Warren's success inspired his two sisters to graduated...
  • Foster kids get mood-altering drugs without orders or consent, DCF finds (7 yo commits suicide)

    05/29/2009 4:34:50 AM PDT · by Sam's Army · 11 replies · 571+ views
    Orlando Sentinel ^ | May 29, 2009 | Jon Burstein and Kate Santich
    Almost one of every six foster children on mood-altering drugs in Florida is being medicated without the court order or parental consent required by law, according to a study released Thursday by the state Department of Children and Families. DCF Secretary George Sheldon acknowledged there was "no rational basis" for 433 foster children in Florida being given psychotropic drugs without the required documentation. He vowed that by next week, the agency would ensure that the children have parental consent to take the drugs or that their cases are scheduled to go before a judge. The study is more fallout from...
  • Research Suggests Children Can Recover from Autism

    05/08/2009 5:41:08 PM PDT · by BlessedBeGod · 16 replies · 1,150+ views
    Associated Press ^ | May 8, 2009 | Lindsey Tanner
    Leo Lytel was diagnosed with autism as a toddler. But by age 9 he had overcome the disorder. His progress is part of a growing body of research that suggests at least 10 percent of children with autism can "recover" from it — most of them after undergoing years of intensive behavioral therapy. Skeptics question the phenomenon, but University of Connecticut psychology professor Deborah Fein is among those convinced it's real. She presented research this week at an autism conference in Chicago that included 20 children who, according to rigorous analysis, got a correct diagnosis but years later were no...
  • Time-out room on time out

    03/14/2009 5:45:10 AM PDT · by Loyalist · 18 replies · 775+ views
    Halifax Chronicle-Herald ^ | March 14, 2009 | Ian Fairclough
    A controversial time-out room at Windsor Elementary School is no longer in use, says the superintendent of the Annapolis Valley regional school board. "At this point, the room is not part of any student’s individual program plan," Margo Tait said. Citing confidentiality laws, Ms. Tait couldn’t say if that was the result of any decisions made with respect to eight-year-old Dylan Gale, a Grade 2 student whose family complained after he was placed in the room, which was a storage closet with gym mats taped to the walls for safety. Dylan has been diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive disorder and oppositional defiant...
  • Obama's Tired of Being in the White House

    02/05/2009 4:24:42 PM PST · by yankeedame · 42 replies · 1,810+ views
    LGF ^ | Feb 3, 2009
    Obama's Tired of Being in the White House Tue, Feb 3, 2009 He’s only been there for two weeks, but already Barack Obama is “tired of being in the White House.”Probably the first President in history to utter those words. WASHINGTON (AP) - On the rockiest day of his young administration, President Barack Obama did what surely made him happy for a while. He left. With little notice, the president and first lady Michelle Obama bolted the gated compound of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. in their tank of a limousine on Tuesday. They ended up at a Washington public school, greeted...
  • Michael Savage almost right about Autism

    07/23/2008 11:24:54 AM PDT · by mainestategop · 77 replies · 588+ views
    MainestateGOP Blog ^ | 7/23/08 | MainestateGOP
    Shock Jock Michael Savage is in hot water again this time for a stating his belief that 99% of Autism cases are fake. He has taken a beating from parents of autistic children and those who lobby for them. However, let us play devil's advocate for a moment... Are Savage's comments mean spirited or could there be some truth to it? Are children who are diagnosed with autism and Asperger's syndrome (Considered a high functioning form of Autism) being over diagnosed? Are the diagnostic criteria for Autism and Asperger's really too broad and too flawed that otherwise ordinary playful children...
  • Weighing Nondrug Options for A.D.H.D.

    06/17/2008 12:20:07 AM PDT · by neverdem · 26 replies · 1,071+ views
    NY Times ^ | June 17, 2008 | TARA PARKER-POPE
    About 2.5 million children in the United States take stimulant drugs for attention and hyperactivity problems. But concerns about side effects have prompted many parents to look elsewhere: as many as two-thirds of children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or A.D.H.D., have used some form of alternative treatment. The most common strategy involves diet changes, like giving up processed foods, sugars and food additives. About 20 percent of children with the disorder have been given some form of herbal therapy; others have tried supplements like vitamins and fish oil or have used biofeedback, massage and yoga. While some studies of...
  • Study: Anti-psychotic drug use soars among U.S. and U.K. kids

    05/07/2008 12:12:27 AM PDT · by BlackVeil · 5 replies · 86+ views
    CNN ^ | 6 May 2008 | Anon
    CHICAGO (AP) -- American children take anti-psychotic medicines at about six times the rate of children in the United Kingdom, according to a comparison based on a new U.K. study. Side effects including weight gain and heart trouble have been reported in children using anti-psychotic drugs. Does it mean U.S. kids are being over-treated? Or that U.K. children are being under-treated? Experts say that's almost beside the point, because use is rising on both sides of the Atlantic. And with scant long-term safety data, it's likely the drugs are being over-prescribed for both U.S. and U.K. children, research suggests. Among...
  • Heart exam, EKG recommended before children get ADHD drugs

    04/22/2008 3:33:58 PM PDT · by neverdem · 6 replies · 431+ views
    San Luis Obispo Tribune ^ | Apr. 21, 2008 | STEPHANIE NANO
    Associated Press Children should be screened for heart problems with an electrocardiogram before getting drugs like Ritalin to treat hyperactivity and attention-deficit disorder, the American Heart Association recommended Monday. Stimulant drugs can increase blood pressure and heart rate. For most children, that isn't a problem. But in those with heart conditions, it could make them more vulnerable to sudden cardiac arrest - an erratic heartbeat that causes the heart to stop pumping blood through the body - and other heart problems. About 2.5 million American children and 1.5 million adults take medication for attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD, according to...
  • Ritalin poses child crime risk

    03/02/2008 7:56:16 PM PST · by Coleus · 66 replies · 144+ views
    Daily Telegraph ^ | July 26, 2007 | Kate Sikora
    CHILDREN who use Ritalin for a long period of time could be more at risk of delinquency and substance abuse, a study has found. Doctors are suggesting children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) should take a break from medication after three years of use. An American study - published in the Medical Observer _ has found that while drugs such as Ritalin can initially help sufferers, the benefit of prolonged use is in doubt. Some children stay on medication until they reach 18, but researchers believe it may not protect them from all the symptoms. Has your child been...
  • Plea to webmaster: Let Us Rate Posts and Comments

    09/06/2007 8:49:54 PM PDT · by fred4prez · 238 replies · 3,144+ views
    I spend a few minutes each day staying in touch with pop culture and news; Digg, Youtube, and Freerepublic are my mainstays. I have discovered, as I'm sure most readers have, that the comments and discussion of an article or post is as, if not more, interesting, funny, and informative as the original article. The problem is wading thru all the mediocre comments (often 100's) for the real gems among the bunch. I would like to suggest a rating system similar to other sites that allow other readers to rate comments which will allow other users to sort the comments...
  • 9% of U.S. Kids Have ADHD

    09/04/2007 8:16:26 AM PDT · by mombyprofession · 105 replies · 1,501+ views
    Yahoo News ^ | 9-3-07 | By Steven Reinberg
    MONDAY, Sept. 3 (HealthDay News) -- Nearly 9 percent of American children have attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), but only 32 percent of them are getting the medication they need. That's the sobering conclusion of a landmark new study, the first of its kind based on what doctors consider the "gold standard" of diagnostic criteria -- the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for Mental Disorders, Fourth Edition. "There is a perception that ADHD is overdiagnosed and overtreated," said lead researcher Dr. Tanya E. Froehlich, a developmental-behavioral pediatrician at Cincinnati Children's Medical Center. "But our study shows that for those who meet the criteria...
  • The great ADHD myth (Psychiatrist who identified ADD admits many may not be ill)

    03/10/2007 11:28:14 AM PST · by Stoat · 141 replies · 3,723+ views
    The Daily Mail (U.K.) ^ | March 9, 2007 | Jenny Hope
    The great ADHD mythBy JENNY HOPE - More by this author » Last updated at 22:34pm on 9th March 2007  Have hyperactive kids been misdiagnosed with ADD? The psychiatrist who identified attention deficit disorder - the condition blamed for the bad behaviour of hundreds of thousands of children - has admitted that many may not really be ill. Dr Robert Spitzer said that up to 30 per cent of youngsters classified as suffering from disruptive and hyperactive conditions could have been misdiagnosed. They may simply be showing perfectly normal signs of being happy or sad, he said. 'Many of...
  • FDA Highlights ADHD Drug Warnings

    02/21/2007 6:37:03 PM PST · by xcamel · 4 replies · 435+ views
    WebMd ^ | Feb. 21, 2007 | Miranda Hitti
    The FDA today ordered all ADHD drug makers to print patient medication guides warning of possible heart and psychiatric risks associated with the drugs. Those possible risks are already noted in the warning labels of all drugs approved by the FDA to treat ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder). The planned medication guides are "just written in language that is more understandable for patients and their families," the FDA's Tom Laughren, MD, told reporters in a news conference. Laughren directs the division of psychiatric products at the FDA's Center for Drug Evaluation and Research. The FDA's action isn't meant to scare...
  • Many of the 'ADD generation' say no to meds

    12/18/2006 6:44:16 AM PST · by shrinkermd · 323 replies · 4,313+ views
    LA Times ^ | 18 December 2006 | Melissa Healy, Times Staff Writer
    Newly minted grown-ups are carrying out a massive natural experiment by choosing to do without the drugs that profoundly affected their experience of childhood. ...American society remains deeply ambivalent about the diagnosis of ADD, a catch-all term used more commonly in the past that includes today's more well-known attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder. (Children diagnosed with ADD typically have difficulty focusing and paying attention. Those with ADHD are physically frenetic as well.) Almost three decades after the psychiatric profession first detailed the condition in its diagnostic manual, nagging questions remain: Does medicating a child with ADD help that child's well-being in the...
  • Suit accuses Starbucks of discrimination

    09/18/2006 1:20:03 PM PDT · by Cagey · 67 replies · 1,851+ views
    Seatlle P-I ^ | 9-15-2006 | CRAIG HARRIS
    When Christine Drake worked as a Starbucks barista, the Seattle woman with psychiatric disabilities said it was the first time in her life that she "felt a sense of accomplishment." But after two years on the job, a new manager at the Starbucks store at 425 Queen Anne Ave. N. in Seattle allegedly discriminated against Drake, decreased her hours and berated her in front of customers, according to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Lisa Cox, an EEOC lawyer, said the world's largest coffee retailer ignored Drake's requests for help and violated the Americans with Disabilities Act by not accommodating...
  • Go outside and play

    09/15/2006 8:03:06 PM PDT · by fgoodwin · 2 replies · 364+ views
    Plain Dealer ^ | Friday, September 15, 2006 | Susan Glaser
    Go outside and play That's the advice nature educators have for increasingly reined-in kids and their very protective parents Friday, September 15, 2006 Susan Glaser Plain Dealer Reporter When Steve Cadwell was a kid, he had the North Chagrin Reservation in his back yard, and he used to disappear for hours. "My mom said, 'Go outside, and don't come back until the streetlights are on,' " said Cadwell, 47, now executive director of the Nature Center of Shaker Lakes. Rare is the mother who issues that directive these days. Thanks to everything from fears about stranger danger to video...
  • Seeking straight A's, parents push for pills

    09/08/2006 8:13:36 AM PDT · by fgoodwin · 18 replies · 520+ views
    MSNBC ^ | 10:16 a.m. CT Sept 7, 2006 | Victoria Clayton
    A 15-year-old girl and her parents recently came in for a chat with Dr. James Perrin, a Boston pediatrician, because they were concerned about the girl's grades. Previously an A student, she was slipping to B's, and the family was convinced attention deficit hyperactivity disorder was at fault — and that a prescription for Ritalin would boost her brainpower. After examining the girl, Perrin determined she didn't have ADHD. The parents, who had come in demanding a prescription, left empty-handed. Perrin, a professor of pediatrics at Harvard Medical School and spokesperson for the American Academy of Pediatrics, and other physicians...
  • Local Expert Says ADD and ADHD Are a Multmillion-Dollar Medical Myth-(imagine that)

    08/01/2006 8:32:42 PM PDT · by Flavius · 145 replies · 3,318+ views
    ap ^ | 8/1/06 | Jane Fendelman, MC
    PHOENIX, Aug. 1 /PRNewswire/ -- Family counselor Jane Fendelman, MC, has valuable information for parents with school-age children diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD). She has a track record of helping families with children who would be considered worst-case scenarios -- without the use of medications like Ritalin, Adderall and Concerta.. In her book "Raising Humane Beings" she writes in depth about what her clients call the "magic cure." In fact, within 3 to 5 sessions, with Fendelman's help, clients see issues resolved for good. "I call ADD and ADHD the multimillion dollar medical...
  • Summer Over but Kids Still Need Time Outdoors

    07/21/2006 9:07:44 AM PDT · by fgoodwin · 5 replies · 241+ views
    Newswise ^ | Wed 19-Jul-2006, 12:00 ET | ANON
    Summer Over but Kids Still Need Time Outdoors Source: National Wildlife Federation (NWF) Released: Wed 19-Jul-2006, 12:00 ET Newswise — Summertime often provides a reprieve for children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), but now that school is starting up, the usual parental concerns are at the forefront again. Can my child stay focused enough to keep up with his class work? Will he get the extra attention he needs in the classroom to keep him on task? There are now 2.5 million children using ADHD medications to reduce symptoms, but there may be a “greener” part of the solution....
  • Take a Hike, Kid

    07/20/2006 5:52:24 AM PDT · by fgoodwin · 7 replies · 316+ views
    Utne ^ | July 20, 2006 | Rachel Anderson
    Take a Hike, Kid Bears, sharks, and strangers -- oh my! How kids are taught to fear the outdoors By Rachel Anderson, July 20, 2006 Issue Kids say the darnedest things. "I like to play indoors better 'cause that's where all the electrical outlets are," one fifth-grader told Richard Louv, author of Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children From Nature-Deficit Disorder. Raise the age bracket and you might hear, as did one high school teacher querying his students on the environment: "If you go out [in nature], there has to be a parent because you can't protect...
  • Creationist lecturer posits Adam, Eve and dinosaurs (Kent Hovind alert)

    05/18/2006 11:15:07 AM PDT · by DaveLoneRanger · 325 replies · 5,025+ views
    Morgan County Citizen ^ | May 16, 2006 | BROOKE HATFIELD
    One of the nation’s most popular and controversial proponents of creation science is coming to Morgan County. Dr. Kent Hovind, a former high school science teacher and the founder of Creation Science Evangelism ministries, will address creationism’s religious and scientific origins. Hovind’s seminar is sponsored by the Morgan County Baptist Association, and Shiloh Baptist Church Youth Pastor Paul Miller said evolution’s origins are based on Satan, not science. "The very beginning of the Bible says in the beginning God created," said Paul Miller, youth pastor at Shiloh Baptist Church. "Throughout history, the devil has had a well-thought-out strategy to attack...
  • Blunder by Brave puts spotlight on ADD

    05/15/2006 6:11:51 PM PDT · by pjsbro · 21 replies · 759+ views
    Associated Press ^ | 05/15/2006 | Associated Press
    ATLANTA-Adam LaRoche knows how it looks. He doesn’t seem to be trying hard. He comes across as inattentive, sluggish, a little too laid-back to be a professional athlete. When LaRoche was coming-up through the minors, countless coaches and instructors told him to show more emotion. “They would tell me, ‘When you’re playing, we know you want to win, but it doesn’t always look like it,”’ said LaRoche, the Atlanta-Braves’ first-baseman. “They would say, ‘You’ve got to fake it. You’ve got to fake some excitement. You’ve got show them you’re giving 100-percent.”’ LaRoche’s relaxed approach—and a disorder that makes it hard...
  • Corn, corn everywhere corn (vanity)

    05/04/2006 5:56:26 AM PDT · by polymuser · 36 replies · 666+ views
    5/4/6 | polymuser
    A Boston Legal episode had a case against a snack food manufacturer using high fructose corn syrup, claiming it caused obesity and diabetes in a client. OK, it's entertainment. But with a significant seed of truth in it. Corn seed. Corn products now saturate the American diet: as a dinner vegetable; as the primary ingredient in breakfast cereals and many snack foods; as the primary sweetener in beverages, candies, snacks and processed foods; as the bulk whitener/sugar/starch in coffee creamers and powdered infant formulas; as the oil in many foods and the oil many foods are cooked in; as a...
  • Prescribing Of Hyperactivity Drugs Is Out Of Control

    03/31/2006 7:07:06 PM PST · by blam · 60 replies · 841+ views
    New Scientist ^ | 3-31-2006 | Peter Aldhous
    Prescribing of hyperactivity drugs is out of control 31 March 2006 news service Peter Aldhous Rise in ADHA?THE figures are mind-boggling. Nearly 4 million Americans, most of them children and young adults, are being prescribed amphetamine-like stimulants to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Up to a million more may be taking the drugs illegally. Now, amid reports of rare but serious side effects, leading researchers and doctors are calling for a review of the way ADHD is dealt with. Many prescriptions are being written by family doctors with little expertise in diagnosing ADHD, raising doubts about how many...
  • Panel Advises Disclosure of Drugs' Psychotic Effects (Ritalin, Adderall, Concerta - stimulants)

    03/22/2006 11:22:40 PM PST · by neverdem · 21 replies · 2,892+ views
    NY Times ^ | March 23, 2006 | GARDINER HARRIS
    GAITHERSBURG, Md., March 22 — Stimulants like Ritalin lead a small number of children to suffer hallucinations that usually feature insects, snakes or worms, according to federal drug officials, and a panel of experts said on Wednesday that physicians and parents needed to be warned of the risk. The panel members said they hoped the warning would prevent physicians from prescribing a second drug to treat the hallucinations caused by the stimulants, which one expert estimated affect 2 to 5 of every 100 children taking them. Instead, they said, the right thing to do in such cases was to stop...
  • Diet breakthrough for ADHD

    03/19/2006 4:49:53 PM PST · by Coleus · 67 replies · 2,355+ views
    Yahoo 7 Australia ^ | August 17, 2005 | Glenn Connley
    Australian researchers have discovered that fish oil rich in omega 3 and 6 fatty acids may improve attention spans and even help children with ADHD. Children with behavioural problems can seem like little terrors. But according to doctors, they are not problem kids: they are sick kids.   Experts have long debated whether or not attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) even exists, let alone an effective treatment or cure. But a new study has claimed results. Researchers at the University of South Australia and CSIRO studied 145 children with ADHD, giving some capsules containing fish oil high in omega 3 and...
  • Most Americans not Fit to Join

    03/13/2006 8:19:55 AM PST · by bnelson44 · 63 replies · 1,807+ views
    Associated Press ^ | 3/13/06 | Associated Press
    WASHINGTON - Uncle Sam wants YOU, that famous Army recruiting poster says. But does he really? Not if you're a Ritalin-taking, overweight, Generation Y couch potato - or some combination of the above. As for that fashionable "body art" that the military still calls a tattoo, having one is grounds for rejection, too. With U.S. casualties rising in wars overseas and more opportunities in the civilian work force from an improved U.S. economy, many young people are shunning a career in the armed forces. But recruiting is still a two-way street - and the military, too, doesn't want most people...
  • Shias Add Fuel To Hatred With 'Gangsta-Rap' Incitement

    03/04/2006 6:11:31 PM PST · by blam · 9 replies · 465+ views
    The Telegraph (UK) ^ | 3-5-2006 | Aqeel Hussein - Colin Freeman
    Shias add fuel to hatred with 'gangsta-rap' incitement By Aqeel Hussein in Baghdad and Colin Freeman (Filed: 05/03/2006) Shia musicians in Iraq are raising sectarian tensions by producing "gangsta-rap" songs in which they call for Shias to kill Sunnis. The hate-filled lyrics of singers such as Riyadh al Wadi have proved a big hit in Shia areas after the tit-for-tat killings that have pushed the country to the brink of civil war in the past two weeks. In his songs, he urges fellow Shias to ignore the appeals of their most senior cleric not to retaliate against acts of provocation...
  • How do I add pictures to my profile?

    03/04/2006 8:37:37 AM PST · by Leatherneck_MT · 27 replies · 2,090+ views
    I've searched for this on the site and I'm coming up blank. Can anyone give me some idea on how this is done? Thanks in advance.
  • Report: Alarming number of kittens being diagnosed with ADD

    03/02/2006 5:14:54 AM PST · by Graybeard58 · 85 replies · 1,547+ views
    Recoil ^ | Dec. 2005 | Unattributed
    Los Angeles, Calif. -- Veterinarians across the country are reacting to Monday’s release of a UCLA study claiming that as many as 90 percent of all felines currently being born in the United States will develop Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) or Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) during their first month as a kitten. “Our research shows that an overwhelming majority of kittens begin displaying classic symptoms of ADD and ADHD within their first two to three weeks of life, symptoms such as uncontrollable, aggressive hyperactivity, constant squirming and being easily distracted by irrelevant sights, sounds and extraneous stimuli – a...
  • Facing what-ifs and if-onlys in the wake of suicide

    02/16/2006 5:38:25 AM PST · by FNU LNU · 62 replies · 961+ views
    Amarillo Globe-News ^ | 1/7/2006 | Patsy Rae Dawson
    Facing what-ifs and if-onlys in wake of suicide By Patsy Rae Dawson As a survivor - no, as an overcomer - of my 21-year-old son Westley's suicide, the biggest issue for myself and others is often facing the "what-ifs" and "if-onlys." What if I'd been a better parent? What if I'd tried harder to get him to talk about his problems? If only I'd realized how hard a time he was having. If only he'd called me that day. These natural regrets gain their own momentum, causing a suicide survivor to sink more deeply into depression. After struggling with this...
  • Democrats add a new C to corruption (RAT'S drumbeat isn’t Connecting with voters)

    02/13/2006 6:03:15 PM PST · by Libloather · 31 replies · 886+ views
    The Hill ^ | 2/13/06 | Josephine Hearn
    Democrats add a new C to corruption By Josephine Hearn As Democrats mull when and how to introduce an election-year agenda, some party leaders have already begun to broaden the now-familiar Democratic refrain of a “culture of corruption, cronyism, incompetence and cover-up” to add a new alliterative element: costs. The shift in language reflects some frustration among Democrats that their steady drumbeat on corruption isn’t connecting with voters as much as they’d like. The new phrase allows them to segue from ethical abuses to pocketbook issues such as prescriptions drugs, energy prices and tuition costs, where they contend that Republicans...
  • FDA report details 25 ADHD drug deaths

    02/08/2006 10:37:28 PM PST · by neverdem · 19 replies · 709+ views
    Seattle Post-Intelligencer ^ | February 8, 2006 | ANDREW BRIDGES
    ASSOCIATED PRESS WASHINGTON -- Twenty-five people died and 54 more suffered serious cardiovascular problems after taking drugs to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder between 1999 and 2003, the government says. Children accounted for 19 of the deaths and 26 of the cases of nonfatal cardiovascular problems, including heart attack, stroke, hypertension, palpitations and arrhythmia, according to a Food and Drug Administration report released Wednesday. The FDA report also includes data on another 26 deaths between 1969 and 2003 in ADHD drug patients. Those include death by suicide, intentional overdose, drowning, heat stroke and from underlying disease. The report's release came...