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  • Judge Andrew Napolitano: Did Attorney General William Barr deceive Congress?

    05/09/2019 12:02:34 PM PDT · by yoe · 63 replies
    Fox News ^ | May 9, 2019 | Judge Andrew P. Napolitano
    (William Barr, the attorney general of the United States), now faces a likely contempt citation for failing to comply with a congressional subpoena and for misleading Congress. This is about the (Mueller investigation of Russian interference) in the 2016 presidential election. Isn't the investigation now complete? How did the attorney general's veracity become an issue and thereby extend the life of the investigation?
  • The Chief Justice Takes On the President

    11/29/2018 3:37:26 PM PST · by Kaslin · 86 replies ^ | November 29, 2018 | Judge Andrew Napolitano
    When Donald Trump became president, he swore an oath to uphold the Constitution and enforce federal laws "faithfully." James Madison, who was the scrivener at the Constitutional Convention, insisted on using the word "faithfully" in the presidential oath and including the oath in the body of the Constitution because he knew that presidents would face the temptation to disregard laws they dislike. The employment of the word "faithfully" in the presidential oath is an unambiguous reminder to presidents that they must enforce federal laws as they are written, not as presidents may wish them to be. Earlier this month, Trump...
  • Alan Dershowitz: CNN Chose Avenatti Over Me for Russia Probe Analysis

    04/22/2019 9:57:58 AM PDT · by PJ-Comix · 23 replies
    Newsbusters ^ | April 22, 2019 | P.J. Gladnick
    Compare the legal backgrounds of Harvard's Alan Dershowitz versus sleazy porn lawyer Michael Avenatti. Who has the more distinguished career? Yet CNN chose Avenatti over Dershowitz for the go-to person for legal analysis of the Trump-Russia collusion probe. Why? Well, despite Avenatti falling way short in legal background compared to Dershowitz what qualified him to be an almost daily guest on CNN for a long period last year was that he promised the imminent demise of the presidency of Donald Trump. Alan Dershowitz described to Howard Kurtz on Fox News' MediaBuzz on Sunday how CNN which characterizes itself as the...
  • Dershowitz: This Is a ‘Very, Very Bad Day for CNN’ — ‘They Should Be Hanging Their Head in Shame’

    03/24/2019 6:00:26 PM PDT · by malach · 66 replies
    Breitbart ^ | 03.24.19 | Jeff Poor
    Sunday on Fox News Channel following the release of a letter from Attorney General William Barr to Congress about the findings of Department of Justice special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe into alleged Russian involvement in the 2016 presidential election, Harvard Law professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz offered his reaction. Dershowitz criticized Mueller for not making a definitive statement on the obstruction of justice claim. However, he also condemned CNN for its handling of the news coverage of the entire Russian-collusion saga. “This is a good day for the president,” Dershowitz said. “It’s a very, very bad day for CNN. I have...
  • Dershowitz: Comey committed fraud on FISA court

    03/22/2019 8:16:18 PM PDT · by budj · 57 replies
    World Net Daily ^ | 22 March, 2019 | Art Moore
    In light of new revelations, former FBI Director James Comey and the others who signed off on FISA warrants to spy on the 2016 Trump campaign should be held in contempt, contends Harvard emeritus law professor Alan Dershowitz.
  • Alan Dershowitz Reacts to the College Admissions Scam

    03/13/2019 1:36:28 PM PDT · by Steely Tom · 54 replies
    Alan Dershowitz ^ | 13 March 2019 | Alan Dershowitz
    Only Professor Dershowitz's words here: Nobody can diminish the importance of this, involving as it does, some of the major, major universities in the country. Look every individual who's charged should be presumed innocent. We have to wait and hear the evidence, but this involves the most elite universities, coaches, the SAT, the ACT, this is really one of the great scandals of the twenty-first century. Having said that, I think it's just the tip of the iceberg. Remember, this doesn't involve the super- super-rich. The super-super-rich buy buildings for the university. They donate hundreds and hundreds of millions of...
  • Cal U fraudulent college admissions scandal (Obama, Napolitano united in conservative hatred)

    03/17/2019 1:07:44 PM PDT · by Liz · 34 replies ^ | 3/16/19 | LELAND WONG
    Earlier this week, news broke of an investigation into wealthy families (including actresses Lori Laughlin and Felicity Huffman) bribing test administrators and college athletics coaches to grant admission to their underqualified children; Stanfurd, UC L.A., and USC were among the schools involved. The media circus has now roped in UC Berkeley. Initially, the story was just that David Sidoo (“a Canadian businessman, philanthropist, and former professional football player”) had paid $200,000 for someone to impersonate his two sons during the SATs, with his younger son ultimately ending up at Cal. At this point, there was no reason to hold Cal...
  • Judge Andrew Napolitano Officially Endorses Convention of States.

    10/25/2018 2:25:15 PM PDT · by Jacquerie · 56 replies
    Convention of States ^ | October 23rd 2018 | Garrett Humbertson
    Full Title: Judge Andrew Napolitano Officially Endorses Convention of States to Chain Down the Federal Government. The Convention of States Project announces an endorsement from Judge Andrew Napolitano, Senior Judicial Analyst, Fox News Channel and author of nine books on the U.S. Constitution. Judge Andrew Napolitano says, “For generations, long before the Convention of States Project, I have joined many of my ideological and political friends in recognizing the need to call an Article V Convention. American history and human nature teach that Washington, D.C., will never actually restrain itself and restore the foundations of personal liberty that the Constitution...
  • Trump shares call for Fox News to take ‘unacceptable’ Andrew Napolitano off the air

    05/05/2019 12:32:52 PM PDT · by Kevin in California · 71 replies
    Business & Politics ^ | Tom Tillison
    President Donald Trump appeared to lend his voice to calls for Fox News to removed legal analyst Andrew Napolitano from the air. While not directly commenting on the issue, the president re-tweeted a post critical of Napolotano, demanding that Fox News “take him off the air.”

    03/08/2019 11:42:49 AM PST · by BurgessKoch · 75 replies
    The Washington Times ^ | March 8, 2019 | Judge Napolitano
    In an ideal world, the president of the United States would succeed in negotiating a nuclear arms treaty with a foreign government — and do so with full congressional support; his lawyer would respect the attorney-client privilege and not reveal confidences publicly; Congress would abide the old adage that politics ends where the water’s edge begins and lie low when the president is overseas on a delicate mission; the president would not engage in a grievous constitutional over-reach that provokes a congressional negation; no one in his administration would have a top-secret security clearance who failed to be truthful to...
  • Napolitano says if NYT report is accurate, Trump may be implicated in attempted obstruction

    02/20/2019 4:16:08 AM PST · by knighthawk · 67 replies
    Fox News ^ | February 20 2019 | Louis Casiano
    Fox News judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano on Tuesday considered a New York Times report that claimed President Trump tried to interfere in an investigation into his former personal attorney Michael Cohen, and the analyst said if the report is accurate Trump could be implicated in attempted obstruction. The New York Times report claims that Trump called Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker last year to ask if Geoffrey S. Berman, the United States attorney for the Southern District of New York and a Trump ally, could be put in charge of the investigation into Cohen. Berman, who was appointed by...
  • Fox News Judge Napolitano Continues to Trash Trump with Inaccurate ‘Analysis’

    12/13/2018 10:23:31 PM PST · by BlackFemaleArmyColonel · 72 replies
    Breitbart ^ | 13 Dec 2018 | John Nolte
    Appearing with Shepard Smith on Wednesday, Fox News’s Judge Andrew Napolitano continued his winning streak of being the worst and most dishonest legal analyst on television not named Jeffrey Toobin. Spewing all kinds of mindless gloom and doom (you can watch the full segment here), while ignoring the all-important mitigating context that proves just how stupid his gloom and doom is, Napolitano painted a dire picture of President Trump as a felon. After Trump’s former attorney Michael Cohen was sentenced to three years in prison, Smith teed up Napolitano with this: “Prosecutors have told us through these filings that they...
  • Levin on Judge Napolitano: one of the most asinine & misleading “legal” diatribes ever

    12/13/2018 5:56:48 PM PST · by conservative98 · 46 replies
    Mark Levin Twitter ^ | December 13, 2018 | Mark Levin
    Mediate is very excited about this, as it’s writers are about so much Trump hate out there. Of course, the problem is that this has to be one of the most asinine & misleading “legal” diatribes ever. Indeed, in every respect.— Mark R. Levin (@marklevinshow) December 13, 2018
  • Napolitano on Trump’s Cohen Defense: ‘No Rational Person’ Could Claim Exoneration

    12/13/2018 7:13:35 AM PST · by jmaroneps37 · 27 replies ^ | Dec 12, 2018 | Wayne Dupree
    The attacks on President Trump and us from Fox News never stop. Here's what Wayne Dupree has posted. "I cannot stand to listen to Napolitano. He only has something positive to say about Trump on the 5th Tuesday of every month ending in the letter “D”. It seems ever since Judge Andrew Napolitano got suspended from Fox News, he has been unhinged about President Trump. They must have something pretty bad hanging over him for him to be doing this day in and day out." Dupree quotes former (night session small New Jersey town traffic court" Judge Andrew Napolitano on...
  • Judge Napolitano: I Expect Donald Trump Jr. to Be Indicted

    12/05/2018 3:21:55 PM PST · by detective · 98 replies
    Breitbart ^ | 5 Dec 2018 | Pam Key
    Tuesday on SiriusXM’s “The Dan Abrams Show,” Fox News legal analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano said he thinks Donald Trump, Jr. will be indicted as a result of special counsel Robert Muller’s investigation. In discussing the sentencing document filed yesterday by Mueller’s office on Michael Flynn, Napolitano said, “The President himself should be extremely uncomfortable about this. Not for his son or son-in-law as much as for himself.” When Abrams asked if he thinks Trump’s “inner circle” will be indicted, Napolitano said, “Yes.”
  • 'Unlawful': Napolitano Agrees With Legal Challenge to Whitaker Appointment

    11/13/2018 10:24:38 AM PST · by BlackFemaleArmyColonel · 143 replies
    Fox News Insider ^ | 13 Nov 18 | Fox & Friends
    "Says 'can't have musical chairs' at top of DOJ." The state of Maryland is reportedly set to ask a federal judge for an injunction declaring the appointment of acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker illegal, and Judge Andrew Napolitano agrees that Whitaker is not "legally qualified" for the role. Maryland is likely to make the unprecedented move on Tuesday in a bid to block Whitaker from exercising the duties in the position, arguing that his appointment is not legitimate. The state will reportedly claim that deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein is the rightful acting attorney general. Whitaker’s appointment has been under...
  • Judge Napolitano says Trump's acting AG isn't qualified for role

    11/09/2018 3:16:02 AM PST · by BlackFemaleArmyColonel · 162 replies
    Twitter ^ | 8 Nov 18 | New York Post
    Judge Napolitano says Trump's acting AG isn't qualified for role.
  • Fox New's Napolitano: Rosenstein's alleged ethical violations are not ‘impeachable offenses’

    07/26/2018 8:26:37 AM PDT · by gattaca · 88 replies
    The Hill ^ | July 26, 2018 | Morgan Gstalter
    Fox News legal analyst Andrew Napolitano said Thursday that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein's alleged ethical violations are not “impeachable offenses.” “Improperly signing off on a [Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act] warrant, staying in a position of a conflict of interest — where you could be a witness in a case and you’re managing the case — those are good arguments for ethical violations but not impeachable offenses,” Napolitano said on Fox News's "Fox & Friends." The former judge discussed the articles of impeachment introduced by a group of conservative House lawmakers late Wednesday against Rosenstein, the top Justice Department official...
  • Judge Andrew Napolitano: Why I am so deeply disappointed by Trump's Supreme Court pick.

    07/12/2018 8:45:47 AM PDT · by nikos1121 · 111 replies
    Fox News ^ | 7/12/2018 | Judge Andrew Napolitano
    When Donald Trump started running for the Republican nomination for president in June 2015, he began by attacking the Republican establishment in Washington, and he began his attack by calling the establishment "the swamp." His real target was the permanent government and its enablers in the legal, financial, diplomatic and intelligence communities in Washington. These entities hover around power centers no matter which party is in power. Beneath the swamp, Trump argued, lies the deep state. This is a loose collection of career government officials who operate outside ordinary legal and constitutional frameworks and use the levers of government power...
  • Nolte: Fox’s Judge Napolitano Still Spreading Anti-Trump Conspiracy Theories

    05/04/2019 12:18:24 PM PDT · by be-baw · 65 replies
    Breitbart ^ | May 4, 2019 | John Nolte
    ... Over the past year or so, Napolitano has essentially replaced Dick Morris as Fox’s most hyperbolic and unreliable “analyst,” and here he is again selling Democrat conspiracy theories about Barr committing perjury, which can only mean Barr needs to be impeached because we were all hot and bothered to impeach Trump, but now that we can’t cuz the Mueller Report debunked our collusion/obstruction hoax we gotta impeach someone, so how about Bill Barr! McCarthy also took Napolitano to the woodshed: It’s tough to make the perjury argument without any false or even inaccurate statements — though my Fox News...