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  • Staples confirms data breach; up to 1.2M cards affected

    12/19/2014 2:04:27 PM PST · 3 of 27
    kingu to John W
    Whee, probably another new paypal card on the way...

    I do love having that layer between my accounts and all these hackers...

  • SONY: 'We Have Not Caved'

    12/19/2014 2:00:01 PM PST · 22 of 56
    kingu to SeekAndFind
    Here's some of the problems with your conspiracy theory:

    1) No media outlet would take one or a couple e-mails as being valid, they would properly assume that it was faked and not report them. The e-mails were dumped in a huge file, and reporters dug out the juicy e-mails from that file.

    2) Again, since they dumped raw files, they really don't have anything to use as blackmail.

    They made threats of physical violence at theaters, theaters went ‘oh, forget it, we're not chancing anything going wrong on Christmas, there's too many other movies being released that day, and we're not cannibalizing our sales to just show this movie.’

    Sony has a contractual obligation to have the film shown on a certain number of screens for opening weekend. Failure to provide that will allow the production company (and any actors, musicians, etc who have a cut of the ticket sales) to make up any number they please as to what the release gross opening weekend SHOULD have been.

    With the pullout of virtually every major chain, they didn't have enough screens to match the contract requirement. That means pulling the release.

    Perhaps the production company, actors, and anyone else who has a piece of the movie might come to an agreement at some point in the future for an alternative release method or date, but it is not happening on Christmas. Since releases work on a schedule (to accommodate screen demands in contracts), it will likely not be quick, and will likely be held back until next summer.

    Myself, I think it would be smart for everyone to just throw the dice to the wind and go for a widespread digital release to take advantage of the publicity. However, contracts that govern payment and profit sharing just aren't set up to handle that kind of opening; hopefully this will spur the development of such methods.

  • Obama Year-End News Conference Live Thread (Begins Shortly)

    12/19/2014 11:15:06 AM PST · 62 of 154
    kingu to Jim from C-Town
    How did this jug eared fool ever get elected President, Twice?

    See John McCain and Mitt Romney. Primaries matter.

  • How can those accused of sexual assault prove consent under 'yes means yes'?

    12/19/2014 11:05:30 AM PST · 2 of 76
    kingu to C19fan

    What? Question of law? Well, we just write and sign this stuff, we don’t figure out what it actually means in real life. If it is really bad, some court will throw it out and you’ll forget that we put this stupid law in place in the first place, and if it is really good, we’ll have the feminists voting for us all the time (not that they’d ever vote for a conservative...)

  • Eight children reportedly stabbed to death at Cairns property (Australia)

    12/18/2014 10:12:12 PM PST · 33 of 60
    kingu to nicmarlo

    Self censorship of what I think should happen to a suicidal mother who kills her children.

  • Eight children reportedly stabbed to death at Cairns property (Australia)

    12/18/2014 8:58:45 PM PST · 22 of 60
    kingu to nicmarlo

    Inappropriate suggestions removed by poster without intervention of the moderator.

  • NSA Worm Holes responsible fore Sony Hack?

    12/18/2014 6:00:18 PM PST · 6 of 8
    kingu to Falcon4.0
    Since the hack was accomplished with scripts and exploits that are available on the undernet (some at a cost), and honestly, was pretty ugly in how it was deployed, I'd have to say, no, it was not done with some secret backdoor.

    But hey, here's some tinfoil anyway, just in case you need it.

  • New Obamacare enrollments in California top 144,000

    12/18/2014 3:41:33 PM PST · 22 of 25
    kingu to drypowder
    144,000? they are probably referring to the people who just visited the obozocare web site in the state. Most see the cost and realize they can't afford it unless they are on 100% government assistance.

    How do you afford it after, even with 100% government assistance? Those deductibles and copays will kill you.

  • Faith in Apple’s future as Woz becomes an Aussie

    12/18/2014 3:12:12 PM PST · 11 of 41
    kingu to Star Traveler

    Honestly, the only man out of the group who had any real computer talent. Another loss for us.

  • Data recovery from External HD: Please help

    12/18/2014 9:30:48 AM PST · 9 of 52
    kingu to don-o

    1 - stop booting up this enclosure.

    Most likely the logic board in the enclosure has failed, and if you remove the drive and place it in another enclosure, it will most likely work. If you ask some tech savvy friends ( or their children ) they likely have the knowledge and parts on hand to test this.

  • Someone Is Lying: North Korea Almost Certainly Did Not Hack Sony

    12/18/2014 9:20:54 AM PST · 56 of 68
    kingu to dirtymac

    Sony made terrorist threats against the chains that they depend upon to promote a throw away movie? In the process, they release thousands of social security numbers and private information on employees, and leak 4 upcoming films they do care about?

    Wow, who knew that Seth Rogan was such a powerhouse for the studio that they’d expose Sony to tens of billions in losses if this supposed truth ever came out. Not to mention real jail time.

    No, I do not believe Sony was behind this. Wired’s indications it wasn’t a nation state actually gives more credence that it was North Korea - most of their hacking is script kiddie in nature. They use the exploits that others find, their hackers are individualistic and troll the undernet, they use sites with high bandwidth outside of N Korea, and frequently demand ransom. Hacktavists rarely make physical threats, where as the North Koreans almost always do.

    Could it be someone else? Possibly - but doubtful. The personal data was worth millions in black market sales, the stolen movies could easily have been ransomed, and the threats pretty much assured that governments would pull all stops to backtrack the data. Russians are in it for the money, Chinese for power, Iranian hackers destroy.

  • Army's blimp-like airships get East Coast test (ICBM detection)

    12/18/2014 12:06:00 AM PST · 40 of 50
    kingu to wrench

    The picture of the platform is identical as well in the above article. Also seems like a platform that should be along the border with Mexico, well, if we were serious about stopping illegal trafficking along the border.

  • Jeb Bush: I’m going to try to persuade Republican voters to back immigration reform

    12/17/2014 11:34:57 PM PST · 38 of 64
    kingu to 2ndDivisionVet
    Romney - I love government mandates.

    J Bush - I want to increase legal immigration.

    Hey, the first became the Republican nominee, and folks around here were all gung ho to vote for him. Least J Bush is advocating something legal and constitutional.

    What I want to know is who put the twilight zone on repeat and when we can actually return to conservative programming.

  • Single Mom Takes On McDonald’s in Wage Fight [instead of getting better job skills and a husband]

    12/17/2014 3:49:38 PM PST · 54 of 106
    kingu to grundle

    Yo, lady, you do realize that millions of illegals are about to get green cards and a fast ticket in to your job? All you’re doing is making sure that they get the raise you won’t.

  • Sony Cancels Theatrical Release for ‘The Interview’ on Christmas

    12/17/2014 3:47:17 PM PST · 13 of 28
    kingu to discostu
    Well they didn’t do it. The major theater chains pulled out. It’s hard to release a movie when the top 5 chains won’t show it.

    To be fair, the chains only stated they were delaying showing the movie in their theaters. Christmas Day is a big movie day for theaters, and if anything DID happen, the John Edwards contingent would bankrupt them.

    Sony could have continued the release, and likely would have had a fair opening weekend, and once nothing happened, a very very good second week (whereupon it would flop out of theaters, because, well, it is a brain dead movie...)

  • Sony Cancels Theatrical Release for ‘The Interview’ on Christmas

    12/17/2014 3:44:02 PM PST · 12 of 28
    kingu to GrandJediMasterYoda

    Calling Dennis Rodman, yellow & red courtesy phone please...

  • N.J. man unable to use arms facing gun charge

    12/16/2014 8:42:08 PM PST · 7 of 19
    kingu to smokingfrog

    I do not think that abuses of common sense will occur until officers and public officials start going to jail.

    Start with the officers involved in this case, the duty officer in the jail for perjury, the DA for filing charges that are physically impossible to be true.

  • Sony hackers threaten 9/11 attack on movie theaters that screen ‘The Interview’

    12/16/2014 12:13:04 PM PST · 21 of 83
    kingu to Boogieman
    It wasn’t accessible, it was hacked.

    So you think that it is due diligence to keep production versions of the movie on a computer accessible to the internet? If that was a pile of cash sitting in a locked Lexus instead of in a safe, this too would be acceptable to you?

    They had valuable property exposed. If I was a shareholder, I'd be filing a lawsuit right now.

    I'm all for dropping a nice 20,000 pound bomb on the perps, but I'm also all for holding the company accountable for deplorable security, especially after SO MANY hacking incidents in the company. Besides, the extra hit to the company's cash would mean they wouldn't have quite so much money to fling at liberals.

  • Sony hackers threaten 9/11 attack on movie theaters that screen ‘The Interview’

    12/16/2014 11:45:22 AM PST · 8 of 83
    kingu to servo1969

    I find it nearly impossible to swallow that the source of this breach has not been discovered by this point, and shareholders of Sony should be asking some serious questions as to why so much valuable property was left where it was accessible in the first place.

  • Should Oregon police issue commands in Spanish when facing a suspect at gunpoint?

    12/16/2014 9:47:33 AM PST · 63 of 81
    kingu to PROCON

    If someone is still holding the knife they used to murder someone when officers arrive, I’m good with the whole skipping of commands and just going with shooting.

    Splitting hairs over the language of the commands is someone trying to profit off of the murder of the student. I’m also good with charges and prosecution of accessory to murder after the fact.

  • Slow carpool lanes draw complaints from commuters, DOT

    12/15/2014 11:49:39 AM PST · 43 of 58
    kingu to EveningStar
    Used to use the carpool lane every day with two other people in the car. It was nearly as slow as using the regular lanes until all the ‘buy into the lane’ programs stopped for a time, and all of a sudden, a 45 minute communte became 20 minutes, with 9 of it exiting the freeway.

    Then the new series of ‘buy into the carpool lane’ programs started - hey, slap a natural gas sticker on your car and fill out a form with a picture of the sticker, and you too could buy your way into the lane. Once again, the travel time became 45 minutes.

  • Hostages taken in Lindt Chocolate shop by armed robber (Sydney Australia, ISIS flag seen displayed)

    12/14/2014 8:56:23 PM PST · 410 of 1,092
    kingu to MeshugeMikey

    Link for the YouTube live coverage please? Traveling at the moment and yahoo doesn’t like my browser.

  • The bracelet that turns your ARM into a touchscreen

    12/14/2014 3:23:14 PM PST · 15 of 22
    kingu to TexasFreeper2009
    seems like it would have a better chance of working on a forearm and with two braclets instead of one with the image displayed between the two (this would fix the issue with you finger blocking the displayed image)

    Only if they're smart, they're using the reflected information from the finger to detect exactly where the finger is on the 'screen'. The blocking of the light is in that case a requirement. I would imagine that a second band would be a nightmare coordinating the displays so they properly overlap. Heck, just keeping the band in place so you can display on a relatively flat surface will be more than a bit of a challenge.

  • The bracelet that turns your ARM into a touchscreen

    12/14/2014 3:14:25 PM PST · 14 of 22
    kingu to livius
    To a point; I'd think the first thing I'd change is where they are displaying it. The inside of the arm is generally smother, paler and an overall better surface to display on. Since the concept is evolving, it appears to be a lower resolution projection of your cell phone's screen - that cuts down on a lot of devices they have to squeeze in (and makes more sense.)

    I think it could work with the right team and a mega budget, and likely be the ‘killer’ device that wearable devices have been begging for. Doubt any place that is begging for paypal donations is going to be the right team.

  • Irony Alert: Greenpeace Wrecks Ancient Peruvian Site

    12/14/2014 2:54:55 PM PST · 2 of 49
    kingu to jazusamo

    What irony? It is what Greenpeace always does - destroys the property, creations and activities of others to further their agenda.

    Just this time, it was so obvious that the mainstream media couldn’t just ignore it.

  • The bracelet that turns your ARM into a touchscreen

    12/14/2014 2:53:36 PM PST · 8 of 22
    kingu to aquila48
    A working prototype would mean that they could get into one of the crowd funding sites, but at the moment, it is beg-vapor-ware. Not only are there issues with hairy arms to start with, there are claims that it will be able to be a stand alone device (including a 3G card..) With at least 8 cameras and one pico projector, that's some ambitious power management in a little wrist band.

    To me, this is just concept artwork and nothing more.

  • CIA’s tactics were torture, McCain says

    12/14/2014 11:58:00 AM PST · 9 of 55
    kingu to South40

    Using tear gas is also against the Geneva Convention, yet you’re shockingly silent when it is used against crowds around the world. However, the Geneva Convention is the terms of how a war shall be conducted, and how soldiers are treated. Terrorists are not soldiers, Mr. McCain. Just like civilians in the streets, the Geneva Convention doesn’t apply.

  • Don't yell at terrorist suspects, soldiers told (The West Has Committed Suicide)

    12/14/2014 1:10:16 AM PST · 22 of 33
    kingu to Chgogal

    In 13 minutes, you will be dropped from this plane into a pig slop in the country. It will take 2 minutes for your body to hit the ground, slightly longer if you lay flat in the air. You have that long to change my mind. Better start with the good stuff first.

    There, no yelling, no swearing, no dying in custody, no hunger strikes, everything handled quickly. Sure, some claims from some pig farmers over littering, but that shouldn’t cost that much to settle.

  • Is Racial Justice Possible in America?

    12/14/2014 12:51:36 AM PST · 23 of 31
    kingu to 2ndDivisionVet

    Which version of events does the physical evidence support? Then why do you continue to bring up the testimony of liars?

    That said, the damn standard needs to be changed. Kids being shot in an instant for holding a airsoft rifle or BB gun, homeowners killed in their own homes by SWAT teams executing warrants at the wrong address, old men who end up dead for refusing to take medicine, young men executed in front of their parents because they have a tiny knife, a drunk gunned down for holding a hose nozzle, two women in a pickup truck shot at nearly a hundred times for just driving down a public street.

    It has nothing to do with race, the above list represents all races, all officers involved cleared by investigators of any wrong doing, all never facing any criminal prosecution.

    So what do these brain dead liberals hold up? Two innocent women who by a miracle survive a barrage of bullets? A kid gunned down holding a toy? No, they hold up a criminal thug, then another, then another.

    Yes, the conversation has to be had, but their topic choice sucks. And while officers continue to drop flash bangs into cribs, their fool agenda poisons the conversation. Their idiotic clinging to losers. The whole fake but accurate dogma somehow is exempted from any rational challenge from reporters.

    Your son beat on a store clerk to steal, then went strutting down the middle of the street like a king. How does that fit in with your claim that he was some innocent angel? How is anyone to believe the claims that he didn’t try to do the same thing to a police officer? How do you explain the gunpowder on your son’s hands if they weren’t in the vehicle trying to take the officer’s weapon? How come all of the shots entered your son’s front when you cling to the claims he was shot in the back?

    They’ll ask the tough questions of officers, but none for the professional victims. We absolutely are a racist society when reporters are afraid to ask a black person a pointed question. The bigots are those reporters.

  • African Liberation Group Plans To Convene 'Black People's Grand Jury' Against Darren Wilson

    12/13/2014 12:34:11 PM PST · 44 of 110
    kingu to 2ndDivisionVet
    But, said Yeshitela, the “Black People’s Grand Jury” will be open to the public and will look at the death of Brown in context of “the history of black people in this county, in this country, and see whether or not it is likely that Darren Wilson or any instrument of state power in this country would murder an 18-year-old unarmed teenager.”

    Sure, let's take into account history, and ask ourselves how likely it is that Michael Brown would have been murdered by a fellow black man. I think statistically, he was probably safer attacking a police officer.

  • African Liberation Group Plans To Convene 'Black People's Grand Jury' Against Darren Wilson

    12/13/2014 12:31:05 PM PST · 38 of 110
    kingu to 2ndDivisionVet

    Gosh, what an entertaining video that would be.. Take the basic testimony, go to Africa, ask people there what they think about the case, watch person after person say ‘What? He attacked the officer, he tried to again - did the officer get a medal?’

  • German WWII belt buckle weapon--.22RF oddity

    12/13/2014 10:28:17 AM PST · 12 of 30
    kingu to knarf

    Here’s the video of how it works...

  • German WWII belt buckle weapon--.22RF oddity

    12/13/2014 10:24:25 AM PST · 9 of 30
    kingu to W.

    Here is a better link, less Russian nonsense...

  • You Won’t Believe What This Cat Does When Her Human Plays the Piano (VIDEO)

    12/12/2014 11:01:36 PM PST · 10 of 25
    kingu to Slings and Arrows

    I have it, but I see no point in driving traffic to someone’s site when they’re simply embedding a video from YouTube, and if it saves someone else aggravation, seems worth it to me.

  • You Won’t Believe What This Cat Does When Her Human Plays the Piano (VIDEO)

    12/12/2014 10:32:20 PM PST · 4 of 25
    kingu to Slings and Arrows

    And without the external ads:

  • Party’s Over: Canadian Navy Bans Drinking at Sea

    12/12/2014 9:50:43 PM PST · 14 of 92
    kingu to Army Air Corps

    I’m thinking that the transition to a ‘dry’ navy will result in the next craft brewing revolution...

  • Obama administration to allow Native American tribes to grow and sell marijuana

    12/12/2014 5:27:50 PM PST · 21 of 65
    kingu to LadyDoc
    There's been a small batch of Lakota who have been trying to get permission to farm and harvest industrial hemp; when hemp (everything) was the craze a few years ago, it was likely a rather lucrative cash crop, especially since almost all industrial hemp is harvested and processed overseas, whereas they had the concept for an ‘organic’ hemp harvested and processed domestically (with likely enough overhead to make it actually profitable to do here.)

    I'm guessing that this is the merging of a couple different demands - for tribes who ban drugs on reservation to override state law on the reservation, and the hemp harvesting, as well as the ever present Apache/Araphao/Navajo peyote cultivation requests.

    Since actions on the reservation wouldn't transfer into the state where it is located, there wouldn't be the ‘pot stores’ like the cigarette stores that popped up, but it wouldn't surprise me if someone somewhere decided to open a pot lounge on reservation.

  • Actor Who Played Jethro On ‘Beverly Hillbillies’ Suing CBS Over BBQ Restaurant

    12/11/2014 5:24:17 PM PST · 31 of 64
    kingu to Mr. K
    A contract is a contract. CBS is the bad guy here...

    Only, well, they aren't, since they helped the restaurant ensure that they were not infringing on the copyright. The restaurant changed their character's image to remove the rope belt, changed the shirt, added suspenders - just enough to ensure that they weren't infringing. There was no contract between CBS and the restaurant to license the character or their use of the name.

    So, well, the lawsuit is pretty much dead in the water before it even started. But hey, some lawyer's going to make money.

  • Condom Christmas Tree Sparks Outrage

    12/09/2014 1:15:45 PM PST · 7 of 11
    kingu to Morgana

    Wow, a Christmas tree permitted on campus, that’s almost news these days right there.

  • Bill Cosby’s Golden Opportunity

    12/09/2014 1:14:07 PM PST · 39 of 57
    kingu to Brother Cracker

    I wonder; why is the confessional not in the public square with a loud speaker?

  • Brazen thefts by 'Rainbow Girls’ at high-end retailers

    12/08/2014 7:35:17 PM PST · 27 of 35
    kingu to Oatka
    Oh, it's ok, there's now a California law that REQUIRES these people be released almost immediately. ‘Non-violent’ criminals are to be released as soon as possible. After all, it's JUST a shoplifting charge...
  • GOP Leaders: Gas Tax Hike Could Fuel Fixes To Bad Roads And Bridges

    12/08/2014 5:38:53 PM PST · 33 of 65
    kingu to Theoria
    Is 100% of the gas taxes going to roads? If not, that would be the first thing to fix. If it is, then it's time to eliminate the ‘living wage’ requirements that Obama signed in via executive order and demand contractors go through competitive bids.
  • Unarmed Arizona man shot dead by Phoenix cop who mistook pill bottle for pistol: police

    12/05/2014 5:26:25 PM PST · 80 of 89
    kingu to Responsibility2nd
    So what would YOU have done? The cops are called as per a citizen complaint. Perp is caught red-handed in violation of the law. He resists arrest.

    So far as I've read, what he resisted was being searched. Probably because he knew whatever money he had on him was going to get confiscated.

    I'd START by having the guy come into the parking lot instead of blocking the business that complained. The officer knew the perp, had arrested him on the same charge before, likely knows the guy's probation officer as well. I'd explain to the guy that if he doesn't comply, he'd be facing much more severe charges. He knows what's going to happen, he's going to jail, his money would be confiscated, his cigarettes taken, and likely would sit in jail for at least a day if not longer.

    In other words, if he started getting squirley, I'd talk him down. What is the WORST case scenario? He takes off running? Stroll after him, you KNOW where he lives, he's not going to get away in his physical condition. MAYBE an officer has to blow an hour waiting for him to come to his senses - that beats pulling others off of patrol.

    How would you prefer your officers to handle the situation?

  • Unarmed Arizona man shot dead by Phoenix cop who mistook pill bottle for pistol: police

    12/05/2014 1:54:12 PM PST · 62 of 89
    kingu to Responsibility2nd
    Say What Now? Both men attacked an officer.

    Please, you're going to claim that refusing a pat down and pulling the arm away is somehow equal to 'attacking an officer'? There is a far cry of a distance between the two cases. I have zero problems with the actions of the officer in Ferguson, who acted with some considerable restraint. I do have a problem when a minor violation escalates when it doesn't have to.

    And I'm very sorry if you can not see the difference between those cases.

  • Unarmed Arizona man shot dead by Phoenix cop who mistook pill bottle for pistol: police

    12/05/2014 1:51:13 PM PST · 61 of 89
    kingu to MNGal
    Every case in the nation of a police officer shooting a black man will be highly publicized for effect. On the other hand, we will hear absolutely nothing about the death toll in Chicago (or other places for that matter) that are the results of black on black crimes.

    I don't particularly care about the color of the person shot, I do think that we've reached a point where officer involved shootings have far exceeded the realm of public safety.

  • When You Condemn One Black Man as a ‘Thug’ You Condemn Us All

    12/05/2014 12:49:29 PM PST · 25 of 166
    kingu to Citizen Zed

    Bah, I condemn people as thugs when they act like thugs, it has nothing to do with their skin color. If the author is upset about the prevalence of those who are of his skin color being called thugs, he should get off the rump and go do something about it, and get them to stop acting like thugs.

  • Unarmed Arizona man shot dead by Phoenix cop who mistook pill bottle for pistol: police

    12/05/2014 12:47:15 PM PST · 8 of 89
    kingu to Responsibility2nd

    One attacked an officer, the other was selling untaxed cigarettes... In any event, it would be wise to follow the words of the protesters, hands up, don’t shoot.

    Because I see nothing to stop the current trend; neither the protesters nor the escalation of force.

  • Smith & Wesson misfire: Rifle sales drop 50%

    12/05/2014 11:39:53 AM PST · 22 of 85
    kingu to Labyrinthos

    I think this is more of a problem with their distribution channels than anything else. Add in the lack of aggressive pricing, a lack of trying to differentiate themselves in the market - this doesn’t surprise me at all. I know that quite a few of their long gun distributors have closed shop in the last decade, and their point of sales through chains have pretty much ended.

    I can’t remember the last time I saw a Smith & Wesson rifle at Big 5 - plenty of watches, gun cases, and even revolvers, but haven’t seen one of their long guns there in a long time.

    I think there’s a place for them in the market, but it might be time for Smith & Wesson to look at that division and perhaps make some significant sales changes and actually seek out sales rather than thinking that people are just going to come to them.

  • Eric Garner, what went wrong (vanity exclusive to Free Republic)

    12/05/2014 11:29:59 AM PST · 21 of 58
    kingu to dennisw

    All I’ve seen is part of the video. I’ve not looked into how long the entire situation was; I assume that one officer stopped him, and when he appeared to not be interested in complying with commands, back up was summoned and a while after that, the events in the video happened.

    I think officers arrived with the concept that this was going to be a resisting man, and that was exactly how it played out.

    To me, that was the use of excessive force. I have no problem with officers taking down someone who is a danger to themselves or others, but the officer knew who he was dealing with, likely knew exactly where they lived; probably even knew who his probation officer was as well.

    I do not see how that couldn’t have been talked out and the suspect’s compliance gained. Which is probably why I’d be an awful police officer in today’s climate.

    Things need to change in how officers interact with the public. And I honestly don’t think it will ever happen until there is an actual fear that what happens on the street will be examined in a criminal court room. Right now, the way it appears to me, no officer need consider that. You need to, I need to, all citizens do, but for some reason, officers have magical powers that makes them immune to any criminal consequence except under the most egregious of situations.

    If that isn’t a recipe for abuse and mistrust, I don’t know what is.

  • Trumka: House Bill Would Lead to Further Exploitation of Immigrant Workers

    12/04/2014 5:50:47 PM PST · 3 of 10
    kingu to mdittmar
    obama wants more dem voters,trumka want's more union members paying dues.

    While dues paying I don't think requires citizenship, voting does. Since every amnesty up to this point has resulted in no additional votes for the party that enacted it, and in fact caused a decline in votes from the Hispanic voting group, I'd also have to say that's a loser as well.

    Even California voted for English only education, cutting off benefits for illegals, and other measures to curb illegal immigration (which of course were overturned by federal courts...)