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  • White House: We Don’t Need Special Prosecutor for the Clinton Foundation

    08/24/2016 2:58:23 PM PDT · 50 of 60
    kingu to bkopto

    Most transparent administration in history, where a Secretary of State pads her family’s bank accounts with tens of millions, selling access, and then raises two billion to go do the same with the Oval Office...again.

    I wonder what the nightly rate for the Lincoln Bedroom will be under Bill Clinton’s third term in the White House? At least a million a night, I would imagine - think they’ll use AirBNB, or AirDNC?

  • The Postal Service is losing millions a year to help you buy cheap stuff from China

    08/23/2016 10:56:13 PM PDT · 40 of 50
    kingu to Slip18

    Truthfully, about 25% of the items I get from China aren’t worth anything, and thankfully, all have been refunded. I did feel bad for one vendor, the item didn’t arrive for weeks and in the end, I filed a claim after no response from the seller. The day after I was refunded, it arrived, and of course, no response from the seller when I tried to contact them to repay for the item.

    Considering how eBay works, I don’t blame them in the slightest. If they never respond, I can’t grade them on communication, and so long as they keep at least two metrics above 4 stars, they will continue on eBay. (Metrics are shipping rates (free shipping automatically gets 5 stars), communication can only be graded if they respond, so there’s a second automatic 5 stars if they never respond... shipping time (automatic 5 stars if they have tracking information in 24 hours), and item as described (the only metric which can’t be flubbed.))

  • The Postal Service is losing millions a year to help you buy cheap stuff from China

    08/23/2016 10:49:37 PM PDT · 37 of 50
    kingu to Paul R.
    I've been corresponding with them for nearly a decade, and am not on any strange e-mail list yet. I doubt you'll have any problems.
  • Earthquake leaves at six dead in central Italy

    08/23/2016 10:37:27 PM PDT · 13 of 25
    kingu to CyberAnt

    I’ve been at the epicenter of some pretty good shakers; the Whitter Narrows quake of 1987 comes to mind when thinking of this quake; unreinforced masonry buildings at the epicenter with a shallow depth of 8 miles (It was a 5.9.)

    Considering the building standards in California, I would not want to imagine being in Italy (6.2 vs 5.9) with an even shallower quake (6 miles instead of nearly 9) with a higher magnitude.

    I hope that most survived with just scrapes and bruises but rationally, three died in Whittier directly from the quake, and five more from associated events, so I’m going to really believe the PAGER assumption that the deaths will most likely be in the dozens if not hundreds and that at least hundreds if not thousands of unreinforced heritage buildings failed during this quake.

  • The Postal Service is losing millions a year to help you buy cheap stuff from China

    08/23/2016 9:24:54 PM PDT · 28 of 50
    kingu to Paul R.
    I honestly don't know; I bet if you spent some time you could find some of the older articles with direct e-mail addresses, but I'm suspecting that they got tired of emails from time travelers, etc, that tend to fill up media mail boxes and went to this form.

    I sincerely doubt you'll be signing up for junk mail.

  • The Postal Service is losing millions a year to help you buy cheap stuff from China

    08/23/2016 7:34:22 PM PDT · 22 of 50
    kingu to Paul R.

    As for what to do, contact auctionbytes blog at, have them ask the campaign the questions, they’ll most likely get a response (and probably picked up by other media.) They’re extremely responsive.

  • The Postal Service is losing millions a year to help you buy cheap stuff from China

    08/23/2016 7:31:39 PM PDT · 20 of 50
    kingu to CJ Wolf

    I’m not so good on that, 99.8% positive feedback for 9860 feedbacks over the past 12 months. You get up in volume, you find the people who can’t be happy with what they got.

  • The Postal Service is losing millions a year to help you buy cheap stuff from China

    08/23/2016 7:12:47 PM PDT · 15 of 50
    kingu to Paul R.
    EBay and China:

    Reduced or non-existent listing fees.
    Reduced or non-existent end of sale fees.
    Top rated discount for item price, but of course, not on shipping.
    Paypal’s transaction discount for China (10 cents a transaction vs 40 cents for most domestic customers)
    Postage cost in China is only to USPS depot, all packages from there are free.

    So, if I sell an item for 99 cents plus $3.00 shipping, my eBay fees are 15 cents to list (per month), 34 cents in end of auction fees, 45 cents in paypal fees, the label is 3 cents and the packaging is 22 cents, and I pay DHL Global Mail $1.55 to ship the package. $2.74 in costs, I make a buck and a quarter per item.

    Now, if I was in China, I'd have free shipping, and price the item at $1.55. My costs: 0 cents for a BIN listing (GTC), 11 cents if I cancel the item. End of auction fees are a flat five cents for items under $5. Paypal charges a transaction fee of 8 cents plus 2 cents per $2, the labels are a half cent each, and the bags are 7 cents if I buy the premium ones. Postage from Hong Kong to the depot is $5 per pickup up per bin (think watermelon bin) plus 18 cents a mile.

    So .05 + .10 + .005 + .07 + effectively free shipping = .225 per package (call it a total of 30 cents total for a moderate volume seller.)

    I still make my buck and a quarter, though very likely I'm getting MUCH higher sales as I'm undercutting a US based seller by no less than $2.44 each sale. European delivery the seller pays 17 cents per hundred miles from Berlin, Africa is a flat $4.50 for packages under 10 ounces, Asia & Pacific is $2.50, and Australia & Russia are $3.75 - for most countries, full tracking is included.

    As for authoritative links, there are none. You open your business in China on eBay, you sell 20 items to someone (say your girlfriend), you get the feedback, and then you make an appointment for an eBay representative to set you up with preferred pricing for both eBay and Paypal.

    The ‘fees’ are ‘high’ to some people's visions, $800 per month for an anchor store on eBay with an inventory of up to 100,000 items, $400 per additional 100,000 items. The five cents fee goes against your monthly fee, so if you sell 40,000 items a month, you're paying that $800 fee plus a nickle for each item beyond it. But really, meeting that item number goal is easy.

    Once you get above 1/2 kilo, prices for shipping go up dramatically (and you'll see this reflected in the pricing from sellers in China.)

    I had an offer from a person in China to manage my entire inventory; I fill up a few sea containers full of product, it arrives there, they photograph it and list it using my name, and deduct the costs and deposit payment right into my US paypal account. Fee per item listed was 27 cents, per item sold was 47 cents, if I put forward $100,000 in seed money, I could expect to pocket $273,600 in the first year.

    Trust me when I say I really should have done it. Oh, and the best parts... Negative feedback has to reach 10 percent before it becomes an issue, with every negative feedback removed for a package delivered within 21 days to the US, 30 days to Europe, 45 days to Africa or 75 days to South America & Mexico.

    Amazon charges about twice what eBay does to those in China (but they get $3.00 in shipping) with A-Z resolution covered so long as the item is available for online tracking within 72 hours of purchase.

  • Graduate Students Clear Hurdle in Effort to Form Union

    08/23/2016 1:55:19 PM PDT · 26 of 37
    kingu to DoughtyOne

    First and foremost, public or private universities have little care for the costs, since all they have to do is raise the tuitions again - it is all done with other people’s money, so little incentive to fight this much.

    Then there’s all the professors who would have to start showing up for classes and maybe even grade their own student’s work if they dismissed these graduate students. That’s not going to happen.

    Most especially, these aren’t employees. It is settled law which the labor board rejected in a clearly partisan action.

    Funny how law is settled when it favors liberals, and a ‘bad decision’ when it favors rational thought.

  • Ohio inmate who survived '09 execution appeals to high court

    08/23/2016 10:47:03 AM PDT · 60 of 76
    kingu to CorporateStepsister

    A single bullet through the heart. A guaranteed sweeter death than anyone sentenced to death ever gave their victims. 100% effective.

  • Hillary is in Los Angeles this weekend! Where is Medical help available?

    08/23/2016 10:41:42 AM PDT · 11 of 43
    kingu to Nachum

    But, but, she opened a pickle jar on Jimmy Kimmel, that shows she’s just fine and perfectly healthy. You’ve not seen Trump open a pickle jar, have you?

  • L.A. City Attorney Pressures Pregnancy Center to Comply with State Law, Provide Info About Abortion

    08/19/2016 6:19:42 PM PDT · 3 of 13
    kingu to marshmallow

    You have the freedom to use whatever speech we tell you to use.

    Between that and the constantly lying anti-vaping commercials, I wish I had gone into law instead, as I’d love to beat these people up with the constitution.


    08/18/2016 7:38:25 PM PDT · 13 of 24
    kingu to MtnClimber

    So I’m trying to understand here... Because EU rules forbid asylum seekers to work, the local council wants them to work for free?

    Myself, I’d be glad to give back to those who are giving me everything. But some people may object to being slaves...

  • College Removes Historical Paintings That Might Traumatize Students

    08/09/2016 4:08:30 PM PDT · 14 of 62
    kingu to Sir Napsalot

    I’m going to go out on a limb here, not having any detailed information, because this is almost always the case...

    Some ‘self identified’ trans-racial people who call themselves ‘native American’ students wrote on a card that these paintings are offensive.

    Because, I’ll be really honest, most American Indians have a life, have come across a whole lot more hardship than many give credit for, and can certainly not give a rip about a couple old paintings.

  • Ferrari 458 Speciale Mutilated In Front Of Children At Cars & Coffee

    08/07/2016 3:09:12 AM PDT · 22 of 65
    kingu to Enchante
  • [VANITY] How many of us are watching NBC's horrid coverage of the Horrid Rio Olympic Opening Ceremon

    08/05/2016 10:11:22 PM PDT · 62 of 148
    kingu to Swordmaker
    In the words of NBC’s analysts (and indeed, everyone on the DNC’s mailing list...) this is a dark, dark opening ceremony, full of references to slavery, global warming, deforestation, overcrowding, urbanization...

    Not to mention the awful carbon footprint of all those who attended the games, and the fireworks constantly going off, which of course releases even more awful chemicals, pollutants and greenhouse gasses.

    In what should be a uniting moment for the world, Brazil delivers rainstorms in stairwells.

  • Effectively Combating Election Fraud, Suggestions? [Vanity]

    08/05/2016 9:42:08 AM PDT · 18 of 40
    kingu to fwdude

    Have every media outlet exposed in DNC e-mails file a sworn affidavit to the Federal Elections Commission detailing every contribution to federal candidates, either cash or in kind. Then prosecute them for lying.

  • The Black vote for Trump is the reason Democrats and their media cheerleaders are so frightened

    08/05/2016 9:22:14 AM PDT · 3 of 21
    kingu to Oldpuppymax

    Shocking that the biggest victims of illegal immigration and crime are supporting the guy who isn’t hugging illegals and criminals.

  • Crooks Using Bluetooth To Steal At Gas Pumps « CBS Dallas / Fort Worth

    08/05/2016 9:02:17 AM PDT · 4 of 13
    kingu to MarchonDC09122009

    What always gets me about these stories is that they don’t talk about the most likely skimming events. Restaurants and gas stations where you hand your card over to an employee. That’s so much more likely than any random terminal having a skimming device.

  • Trump's PERFECT counter: turning Leftist RULING ELITE/RULING CLASS arguments against them

    08/05/2016 8:52:20 AM PDT · 5 of 5
    kingu to Mears

    No, it is called a media who have been shown in DNC e-mails to be lap dogs for the party, doing exactly as ordered when they are ordered to do so. Those same lap dogs run to stick a mike in front of the face of anyone who will forward the DNC’s e-mailed agenda.

    ‘Did Russia hack the DNC? Who knows who did it, but it is absolutely disgusting what they are doing there. Buy your way into presidential appointments, buy your way into meetings with the president - is there nothing that the DNC won’t sell?’

    ‘Oh, right, the Clintons are likely already setting up the AirDNC ad for the Lincoln Bedroom, renting it out once again. I wonder how much the cost per night will be? It was only $100,000 when Bill was messing with the intern in the Oval Office, probably half a million now.’

  • Trump's PERFECT counter: turning Leftist RULING ELITE/RULING CLASS arguments against them

    08/05/2016 8:48:27 AM PDT · 3 of 5
    kingu to Jim 0216
    The only perfect counter is getting back on message, let the media continue their party over someone trying to use the sacrifice of their son to score political points. Get off the Hillary lines and address them as the Clintons.

    Bill's third term, raise your hand if you want your daughter to serve as an intern in the Clinton White House. Bill Clinton's glowing face as he signed NAFTA - Hillary might say she's now against TPP, but wasn't it her State Department who set up these trade negotiations? Who built the foundations for TPP?

    What was it with all the Spanish at the DNC? Isn't this America? Don't we speak English?

    Where's Hillary's list of potential SCOTUS nominees? Who does she want to put on the court to not rule on laws but make them?

    I'm sorry, continuing on sideshows dilutes the message. There are plenty of things that Trump can talk passionately about, and even more, he knows how to stand back and let others speak passionately on the topics.

  • Fed Boss Faked Illness For Six Months While Starting Biker Store(VA Admin)

    08/05/2016 8:35:49 AM PDT · 9 of 26
    kingu to rktman

    Which part was the embezzlement of public funds? The $140k a year for pushing papers? The 22 weeks of sick leave without having to actually be sick? The retirement and lifetime pay? The lifetime medical coverage?

    I’d say all of the above. I find it hard to justify any government employee earning more than twice the average household income for the area they serve, and absolutely believe all benefits should be fully paid for during their employment and included as part of the calculation for twice the average household earnings. Oh, wait, did I miss the two months of vacation and two weeks of paid holidays?

  • Trump Implosion? New Polls Signal Deep Trouble

    08/05/2016 8:29:38 AM PDT · 74 of 147
    kingu to Buckeye McFrog
    Mr. Trump needs to realize that the media now has had over a year to study his tactics and adjust. He likewise needs to adjust his and start throwing them a few new curveballs.

    I don't know if he needs to throw curve balls, fastballs over the plate should be enough. Terrorism, and every act of terrorism followed by demands that America disarm. The use of every tragedy to forward their agenda. The daily victims of illegal immigration. The creating of more government programs and more taxes, rather than getting out of the way of people to create jobs.

    These are fastballs that the public will appreciate.

    I know Trump likes to be the entertainer rather than repeating positions, the media will drool for those moments and use it to fuel the next outrage. Focus on the fastballs, pimp Obama's line 'don't boo, VOTE', stay on the target.

    And of course, it is all about SCOTUS; Trump's pushed his list of potential nominees, where's Hillary's? Do people want a hand out, or a hand up? Are we to be governed by executive fiat, or through our actual system of government? Laws made by judges and bureaucrats. Fastball, fastball, fastball.

  • Vanity - I am sick of the GOPe

    08/05/2016 8:18:28 AM PDT · 40 of 60
    kingu to central_va
    Trump needs an infomercial to let Monica tell her story.

    So you're saying that Trump should pay for an infomercial for the DNC? When pushed, Monica would admit maybe it was inappropriate for her boss to do things, but otherwise, she is 'the first victim of cyberbullying' in her own words. Maybe she was thrown under the bus, but she was unfairly attacked by those seeking to harm the presidency...

    The only effective use of Monica would be her blue dress and the caption on the blip vert saying, 'Do you really want to let this man back in the White House?' or 'Parental Advisory: Bill Clinton's looking for more interns.'

  • Trump Implosion? New Polls Signal Deep Trouble

    08/05/2016 8:07:57 AM PDT · 44 of 147
    kingu to seastay

    What’s changed? Media stopped the generic attacks against Trump and found some very specific attacks that strike body blows. ‘Crying baby’, ‘attacks against a dead solder’s grieving father’, these are hitting flesh rather than sliding off.

    Media were advertising for Trump when they were talking about his building a wall between the US and Mexico and laughing about Mexico paying for it.

    And you can expect this pattern to continue; overwhelming pushing of every story that they find tests well with audiences (we’ve already seen the e-mails that the DNC uses to control the media), and every misstep by Bill Clinton’s 3rd term team utterly ignored.

    They are in lockstep right now, as evidenced by the universal descriptor of Trump’s speech as ‘dark’ (which of course started before he even spoke a single word...)

    The only silver lining is that had these attacks stopped as soon as they showed they were being effective, I’d be deeply worried. Instead, they are pressing the attack. Which means there will be a limited cycle it will run, and Trump will likely bounce back.

    Oh, and of course, every matrix in every poll is maxed for Bill Clinton’s wife. Which means automatically adding in the margin of error to Hillary, and subtracting it from Trump to make the gap as wide as possible.

  • Vanity - I am sick of the GOPe

    08/05/2016 7:51:08 AM PDT · 25 of 60
    kingu to JamesP81

    The media will parade anyone and everyone who is against Bill Clinton’s third White House term. These politicians know the public has limited memory for being backstabbed, and big establishment donors won’t be turned off by the attacks against Trump.

  • The Iranian Video Of “Hostages for Pallets of Money” CNN and Washington Post Claim Doesn’t Exist

    08/05/2016 7:42:20 AM PDT · 9 of 22
    kingu to Buckeye McFrog

    Bill’s third term is absolutely the goal of the media. And their attacks are actually hitting flesh.

  • Wearing ‘Don’t Tread on Me’ insignia could be punishable racial harassment

    08/04/2016 12:08:09 PM PDT · 28 of 59
    kingu to rktman

    At every level, our laws (and policies) are being shaped to cover every single exception, which is why idiotic things like this keep creeping up.

    Laws should never take into account exceptions. Both the jury and the judge can nullify penalties for exceptions. ‘This is something that the law wasn’t built to prevent, therefore we’ll let it go.’

    And honestly, the only way to clean up this national disaster is to start stripping out millions of laws and go back to the generic. Stop trying to twist laws to cover all exceptions and simply write laws simply.

    It will take a gigantic effort and a very very strong leader to clean up this disaster, and there is exactly none in the House, and a couple senators which might have enough sanity left to actually do something.

    Oh, and of course, eliminate the body of laws created by the courts and the executive and return law making solely to the legislative where it belongs.

  • Michigan woman loses finger while trying to pet lion, plans to sue zoo

    08/04/2016 10:41:20 AM PDT · 93 of 93
    kingu to Two Kids' Dad

    She went through a closed gate and then reached into the enclosure; the zoo’s mistake is someone forgot to put the padlock back on the gate to prevent morons from opening it and walking in.

    If there is a lawsuit, I hope the zoo recovers every penny of their legal fees from the woman.

  • Michigan woman loses finger while trying to pet lion, plans to sue zoo

    08/03/2016 5:42:54 PM PDT · 21 of 93
    kingu to PROCON

    Good luck with that lawsuit... (The other side of the story.)

  • Clinton: ‘I do not want to repeal the 2nd Amendment’

    08/03/2016 5:09:35 PM PDT · 63 of 101
    kingu to Nachum

    Why would she have to roll back the 2nd when she can put two judges in SCOTUS that will make it forever meaningless?

    No need to go through any effort in repealing something that she’ll sidestep at every turn.

  • Electoral College Elector Vows Not To Vote For Trump (in Georgia)

    08/03/2016 5:06:09 PM PDT · 3 of 72
    kingu to blueyon

    Much like it took decades to weed out much of the Clinton machine from the DNC, it will take decades to weed out the McCain/Romney machine from the GOP.

  • Hillary Bikini Mural Gets Ironic "Revision" After Public Decency Complaints

    08/03/2016 7:19:11 AM PDT · 4 of 25
    kingu to MtnClimber

    And of course the ultimate punchline for the story: The wall was completely painted over the next day.

    Nothing like tolerance, huh?

  • Am I alone here?

    08/03/2016 6:54:41 AM PDT · 8 of 80
    kingu to MNDude

    It is the most effective lie they have at the moment, which is why it is playing so often on the news... Anything to keep people from remembering that they received orders from the DNC as to what to report.

  • Rio Olympic boat ramp collapses in high winds

    08/01/2016 5:36:44 PM PDT · 3 of 19
    kingu to SMGFan
    3rd world country putting on a third world olympics.

    Seems like everything’s working according to plan.

  • Hillary was a good mom (vanity)

    07/29/2016 11:29:40 AM PDT · 15 of 37
    kingu to Democrats hate too much

    The most effective tool I’ve found with liberals is...

    ‘Do you believe in term limits?’

    Typically they’ll say yes.

    ‘So, you’re good with a president having just two terms in office, right?’

    They’ll usually nod about that.

    ‘So you really want to open the door for presidents to have 4 terms by doing two themselves, then fronting their wife for another two terms, right?’

    I’m sorry, I really don’t care what kind of mother Hillary was, that’s between her and her daughter, has nothing to do with me. To be honest, rather than an effective argument against her, it just seems like something petty.

    Say no to Bill’s 3rd term. Because you know that the Obama’s will be next up to bat for additional terms.

  • DUmmie FUnnies 07-29-16 (Caption This Photo of Skinner With Hillary)

    07/29/2016 11:25:30 AM PDT · 12 of 27
    kingu to PJ-Comix

    Skinner looks slightly disappointed as he realizes he just doesn’t measure up to Hillary’s lies.

  • OK everyone...Election Predictions...Newspaper Headlines election Day +1

    07/28/2016 5:38:05 PM PDT · 84 of 111
    kingu to US Navy Vet

    Asian & European Markets Fall With Stunning Clinton Defeat — outraged leaders around the world react violently to Trump’s victory speech, demand a recount.

  • VANITY: Is Communism Part of the Common Core Curriculum?

    07/28/2016 9:01:27 AM PDT · 22 of 27
    kingu to stars & stripes forever

    The majority of Bernie youth grew up with participation trophies, have been told that the excellence of others is their own accomplishment and then exposed to the horror of high school and discrimination in college where instructors aren’t buddies and dare to be critical of their work.

    They got ‘free’ loans which food, lodging, and whatever else they could convince the book store to charge to the student account are given away.

    Now they are looking for their first jobs, and no one’s offering them 85k a year jobs, parents are asking why they aren’t looking for another place to live, and friends who work at Starbucks are down to 10 hours a week.

    Communism spreads like wildfire amongst such a population.

  • The worst might be yet to come with the DNC email hack

    07/26/2016 7:17:06 PM PDT · 19 of 75
    kingu to Mariner

    Psst.. Hey, DNC, this whole Russian story, do you REALLY want the FBI to start poking around your organization looking for someone to charge with treason?

    I mean, really, have some heart for the FBI.

  • Bill Clinton DNC speech - Livestream

    07/26/2016 7:14:14 PM PDT · 12 of 159
    kingu to GraceG

    Not quite the acceptance speech I expected for Bill Clinton’s third term in the White House, but I guess that is a secret that’s supposed to be kept until November.

  • Clinton campaign braces for more DNC leaks

    07/26/2016 6:53:04 PM PDT · 10 of 30
    kingu to Mariner

    If they don’t really care if these e-mails are leaked, how about...they release all the e-mails? How’s that for a great idea? Heck, even stick it up on Wikileaks, make them bear the traffic burden. Get all the evidence out there about payola, pay to play, selling influence, selling committee positions, etc.

    HEY, FBI, think you could at least call them also too stupid to be guilty too?

  • Pokémon Go Players Do the Craziest Things

    07/26/2016 4:26:46 PM PDT · 31 of 41
    kingu to Fractal Trader

    I’ve watched crime plummet throughout my city due to the vast numbers of families out playing this game. Every day, people do stupid things. By comparison, the only significance to these idiots vs other idiots is that it ties into the storyline that Pokemon Go is dangerous and bad, bringing people out of their homes, finally.

    I’ve participated in National Nights Out, watched our local police and fire departments set up elaborate evenings, free BBQ, and maybe bring out a dozen families (most of them their own.)

    Last night, I saw over a hundred families tromping up and down my town’s little downtown section, little kids cooing over a character they wanted, the groans from yet another pidgey showing up.

  • Facing Criticism DNC Concedes – Puts U.S. Flags on Stage For Day #2 of Convention…

    07/26/2016 1:01:41 PM PDT · 5 of 48
    kingu to COUNTrecount

    But how do they do the pledge of allegiance & national anthem without a flag present?

  • Valerie Jarrett Scolds American For Drinking Beer

    07/26/2016 12:56:27 PM PDT · 11 of 70
    kingu to BenLurkin
    How the heck did that person come to be in charge at the White House?

    John McCain & Mitt Romney.

  • Hollande Vows "All Out War" Against ISIS After Priest Killing

    07/26/2016 10:30:42 AM PDT · 87 of 143
    kingu to Former Proud Canadian

    Interesting list.

    I, however, believe that it is entirely wrong.

    I would support a 100% blockade of all ships and aircraft from all of the Middle East and northeast Africa until certification is made that the terrorist elements have been destroyed. As Israel has already performed this task, they would be the sole exception. Turkey can work on their certification.

    I’d imagine that after the first week of squawking that this was unfair, racist and criminal that the Saudis and others would finally leave their mansions and actually deal with the problem.

  • Fauxcahontas moans ‘the system is rigged’ while speaking at Hillary Clinton’s convention

    07/26/2016 10:25:49 AM PDT · 12 of 26
    kingu to Sean_Anthony

    The fix was in 2 years ago for Hillary & Bill’s third election as president. Everyone knew it, some chose to live in a fantasy world. But then again, isn’t that were most liberals live all the time?

  • Russian Hackers Altered Emails Before Release to Wikileaks

    07/26/2016 10:23:32 AM PDT · 29 of 100
    kingu to ncfool

    Anything and everything not to talk about the content which details payment for access to the president to discuss policy, payment for consideration for appointments. And DNC control over the media deciding what can be covered and what must be suppressed.

    The party of corruption continues sailing along, and the former chief of that ship is now in charge of Hillary’s 50 state campaign, a cushy payoff for a job well done.

    Well that Democrats continue to shout about Citizen’s United and demand that it be overturned; they never were good sports about competition.

  • Handy Graphic of Everyone Who Donated to the DNC Expecting Political Appointments

    07/25/2016 11:00:14 PM PDT · 7 of 11
    kingu to Admiral_Zeon

    Huh, Christopher Lowe thanked the DNC for getting him into the roundtable with the president on May 23rd, 2016. Two days before, he donated $32k to the DNC. One of the many donations which put people on the roundtable with POTUS, even though the lawyers repeatedly warned that WH counsel doesn’t want to see any buying of access, as it violates federal law.

    There really is a treasure trove in there for an ambitious FBI agent to team up with a prosecutor and really just run hundreds of names through corruption trials.

  • DNC Convention Live Thread

    07/25/2016 8:14:25 PM PDT · 1,396 of 1,561
    kingu to TTFlyer
    All those freaks in the audience crying and cheering for an weird looking old Commie who sold them out.

    Come on, Peter Pansexual, you were supporting a commie and are upset because the central committee favored the wife of a high placed party official? That's the system you wanted, wasn't it?