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  • Viewpoint: What if women ruled the world?

    03/09/2013 12:52:43 PM PST · 139 of 176
    kroll to ansel12; conservaKate

    Yeah, but Men are more likely to be tyrants, dictators and serial killers. The likelihood of the classic personality disorders which are associated with the previous listed types (Malignant narcissism, Narcissistic Personality Disorder, Anti-social and psychopathic), men outnumber women by 4-1 to 10-1 in the population based on various estimates. By the kind of “logic” floating on this thread, Only men should be allowed and Only women should be allowed to lead. Or we could toss the entire laughable discussion on this thread and just realize that we cannot deprive half the population of rights, whatever our perception of the cost.

  • New England fishermen say new regs mean ruin

    01/31/2013 11:16:54 AM PST · 33 of 33
    kroll to Uncle Lonny

    The fisheries in Newfoundland had collapsed before the Canadians shut it down. After 20 years it has just started showing signs of recovery and it is going to be years before it can be opened for fishing again. The dynamics of fisheries do not follow the dynamics of the free market (demand-supply) so this is one of the rare cases where external regulation is necessary. Collapse of fisheries is a worldwide phenomenon and can no longer be avoided. Even if the govt. didn’t regulate the New England industry, the fisheries would collapse anyway. This whole issue is nothing like the climate change or whatever, in the sense that it is obvious and very real.

  • Caught Red-Handed, Aaron Swartz Was Prepping For Key Federal Court Evidence Hearing

    01/14/2013 1:25:58 PM PST · 44 of 55
    kroll to Nifster
    He took a coward’s way out and has left the usual devastation in his wake

    It's always endearing when keyboard warriors with zero knowledge have such strong and brutal comments. Devastation? Seriously? Nobody was hurt, he didn't sell the articles and nobody lost money. He was making a point and a legitimate one. Being in academia, the problem of whether or not journals should be so expensive (prohibitive for individuals) is an important one and discussed by every scientist/mathematician and academic I know. The recent disputes between the Nature publishing group (the premier journals in all of science) and many of the prominent american universities over massive costs are well documented.

    This is Not an intellectual property issue. This is not the same as pharmaceutical companies being upended by cheap generic drugs. The scientific content in journals is Not intellectual property. The authors do not get paid, the referees do not get paid and their research funding is unrelated to the journals while the scientific editors are essentially volunteers. But still journals are amazingly expensive. Why? Many of the journals (even the non-profits) have amazingly high margins. Why? In the past they were printing costs and the like but now most of the downloads are online. And if you are thinking about maintaining server costs etc, remember the traffic on journal publications isn't exactly high so bandwidth costs are tiny.

    Such a level of bitterness and anger regarding something you are completely unaware is pretty unfortunate.
  • 28 Dead, Including 20 Children, After Shooting Rampage At Sandy Hook School In Newtown

    12/14/2012 11:39:15 AM PST · 583 of 1,486
    kroll to Obama_Is_Sabotaging_America
    Females control America

    So repeal the 19th amendment eh? The founding fathers never meant for women to vote anyway right?

    Either way, your rant has NOTHING to do with the matter in question. You haven't exactly linked how women "controlling" America has anything to do with some psychopaths killing all these innocent kids.
  • 28 Dead, Including 20 Children, After Shooting Rampage At Sandy Hook School In Newtown

    12/14/2012 11:27:06 AM PST · 522 of 1,486
    kroll to Ghost of Philip Marlowe
    I had no idea that making what I considered to be a fairly benign, conservative observation on a conservative, pro-family, pro-God, pro-tradition forum would prove to be so inflammatory.

    Perhaps I was a little aggressive with my remark, but it is one thing to make a general comment about loss of cultural values and increasing number(are they?) of such incidents but another thing to blame it on women and children, somehow. Infinitely worse is the tacit justification of such acts that you seemed to offer, and I am not the only one to feel this, clearly. Perhaps you merely misarticulated your position but if not, then I was serious in saying that you need a great degree of self-examination and/or help. All this at the cusp of this terrible evil that has been orchestrated.
  • 28 Dead, Including 20 Children, After Shooting Rampage At Sandy Hook School In Newtown

    12/14/2012 11:10:30 AM PST · 440 of 1,486
    kroll to penelopesire
    No doubt but it is all political for Obama. The man is a sociopath himself.

    Actually I think he is more likely somewhere between a garden variety narcissist and a malignant narcissist.
  • 28 Dead, Including 20 Children, After Shooting Rampage At Sandy Hook School In Newtown

    12/14/2012 11:05:17 AM PST · 419 of 1,486
    kroll to DoughtyOne; ground_fog

    OK I won’t even try and dispute this point though my personal experiences and people I know (clearly a tiny, insignificant subset) have had different experiences. I was really referring to the fact that this has nothing to do with killing a whole lot of innocent children, whatever our personal experience.

  • 28 Dead, Including 20 Children, After Shooting Rampage At Sandy Hook School In Newtown

    12/14/2012 10:48:21 AM PST · 350 of 1,486
    kroll to Ghost of Philip Marlowe
    Right. Because women are just perfect and never, ever do anything wrong.

    I am normally a lurker but this is impossible to take.
    Are you serious? I mean, really? The guy killed children, lots of them! He is the vilest of evil and a possibly a total psychopath. This is nothing to do with the left or the right or women or men(except the gun-control thing that the left is going to misguidedly bring up). The system is Not anti-male.

    You, Dear Sir, are a complete misogynist and need a great deal of self-examination.
  • 100 Trillion Good Bacterias Are Living In Human Body: Report

    06/16/2012 11:06:52 AM PDT · 43 of 43
    kroll to Hawthorn
    stupid regulatory regime at the FDA

    It is stupid no doubt and also a bit behind the times. Take the example of the Bacteriophages that I was talking about - these are viruses which normally exist EVERYWHERE in nature and feed on bacteria. Since they are viruses, they evolve faster than the bacteria that they eat. Before penicillin was discovered, Phages were one of the treatments being considered for treatment of bacterial infections but they required a lot more understanding than what we did then (but do now). Unfortunately because they evolve so rapidly naturally, the FDA would treat each new strain of Phages as a new drug requiring an entire set of Phase - I-III trials. The FDA's regulatory regime is not prepared to compete with nature at the moment. Though its not a given that even with less regulation, antibiotics would work. Sometimes you actually need paradigm shifts.
  • 100 Trillion Good Bacterias Are Living In Human Body: Report

    06/15/2012 11:35:03 PM PDT · 24 of 43
    kroll to doc1019

    As an added point, the issue is not about being natural or man-made, but about efficacy. How effective and safe is a given substance in attacking a particular disease? That needs to be established by double blind clinical testing. The trouble with what we normally refer to as ‘natural’ remedies is just that they have not been established which means we must assume that they don’t quite work. But there are lots of natural extracts that have directly been used in fighting diseases like Penicillin and Quinine (Malaria).

  • 100 Trillion Good Bacterias Are Living In Human Body: Report

    06/15/2012 11:10:31 PM PDT · 22 of 43
    kroll to doc1019

    First, Penicillin is ‘natural’, we just found a way to remake it in the laboratory, though most modern antibiotics are artificial.

    But more importantly, with the newly emergent strains of antibiotic resistant bacteria, the existing class of antitbiotics might eventually become largely useless. And you might think, “Ah! The market will just make some more!” Alas, developing a new antibiotic seems to have a rapidly diminishing risk/reward and the rate of development of new antibiotics has been shrinking to zero. The trouble is that being lower lifeforms, bacteria evolve extremely rapidly, faster than the markets produce newer drugs. This might herald an entirely different mode of treatment, just like Penicillin heralded a massive shift in treatment of bacteria-induced diseases. There are in fact ‘natural’ alternatives like Bacteriophages (look them up).

  • Boston appeals court finds federal Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional

    05/31/2012 1:33:28 PM PDT · 43 of 72
    kroll to Cletus.D.Yokel
    Correct on other points but not here :

    It is “discrimminatory” to deny a 50 year-old man to marry a 12 year-old girl as long as they are happy.

    Age of consent issues.
  • Evidence photos show bloodied Zimmerman, gun, more

    05/18/2012 2:19:48 AM PDT · 115 of 158
    kroll to Theoria

    Ah, I agree with you. I wasn’t suggesting using punches from the mount, just that I doubt Martin would have thought of that and the first elbow he threw would surely have made him decide to throw punches instead. And I don’t think he was a ‘gangsta’ any more than Zimmerman was racist hater. Its our counter-reaction to the MSM’s massive overreaction.

  • Evidence photos show bloodied Zimmerman, gun, more

    05/18/2012 1:29:07 AM PDT · 108 of 158
    kroll to Theoria
    Elbows from a superior position, or any position are deadly.

    No they are not. Only if you are lying on concrete, because of possibility of head injuries on impact with a hard surface when hit. Elbows mostly cause lacerations because the impact is usually not direct (i.e. is lateral). But have you ever tried hitting something hard with your elbow? Unless trained it is vastly more painful then punching, adrenalized or not (In fact it causes momentary paralysis of the arm due to the presence of the ulnar nerve there). I train Muay-Thai as a general hobby and hence the knowledge. Martin most likely punched him.
  • Evidence photos show bloodied Zimmerman, gun, more

    05/18/2012 1:19:56 AM PDT · 107 of 158
    kroll to Tarantulas
    If Martin had been full of TLC.....he was full of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol)

    What on earth is TLC? And he was not full of THC, there were only trace amounts. THC is the component of marijuana and if he was stoned, it would have shown up in his blood work. Besides marijuana does not induce aggressive behavior (like alcohol does). It mellows you down and makes you hungry.
  • College student locked away, forgotten in DEA holding cell for four days, no food, water or toilet

    05/03/2012 9:35:58 AM PDT · 112 of 137
    kroll to A Strict Constructionist
    3. You don’t believe in the Constitution?

    Well duh. The Constitution is the last word on all issues we agree on. When we don't its just a random jumble of letters! Death to the "junkies"!
  • College student locked away, forgotten in DEA holding cell for four days, no food, water or toilet

    05/03/2012 9:30:05 AM PDT · 111 of 137
    kroll to E. Pluribus Unum
    So a druggie buy some drugs at a flophouse, passes out, and gets swept up with the rest of the trash?

    You can read right? He was a student buying drugs for personal consumption and the DEA wasn't even going to charge him with anything and then they forgot him in a cell for five days (they acknowledged it so its not a he-said-she-said thing.) You don't have to be outraged but this is a constitutional violation of the 8th and 10th amendments.

    Though I imagine if he had been accidentally shot by the DEA, you would have said exactly the same. You know, let the Federal Govt. abuse its powers as much it wants as long as they agree with us right?
  • Obama administration heeds judges' health care order-with link to Holder letter

    04/05/2012 12:36:17 PM PDT · 29 of 45
    kroll to treetopsandroofs; samtheman
    I think he should have said a big FU to the court’s request for a letter of apology.

    I agree with samtheman that Justice Smith doesn't have a lot of authority to force the administration to do much here. But I have made remarks elsewhere that this is just an election year strategy by Barry to malign the conservative SCOTUS judges. Barry Knows that Obamacare was passed with a wafer-thin majority and that SCOTUS has every right to strike down unconstitutional laws. He was just fibbing to rile the base against the SCOTUS. And it was perhaps a bit ill-advised of Justice Smith to use the moniker 'Obamacare' and just fall into Zero's strategy of baiting conservative judges. Everyone at FR thinks we have won some big victory by making himself look like an idiot, I am just not so sure.
  • Obama is NOT ignorant of the Constitution nor is he "in Over his Head"

    04/05/2012 2:33:44 AM PDT · 25 of 48
    kroll to publius321

    I absolutely agree that Obama was aware of exactly what he was saying. It seems like an election year strategy to rouse the liberal rabble. He doesn’t do impromptu remarks, he is the teleprompter President remember? So it must have been a plan. I think he is just hedging his bets- Court lets the law stand, he beats the drum of Constitutionality of the law (something we all know is false), Court rejects the law he claims Judicial activism having warned his flock about it before. This is in fact the second incident he has done this - the first being the Citizens United ruling when he openly chastised the Court in his State of the Union address. Everyone here is mocking him on his claim of ‘Constitutional professor’ but instead they should be evaluating his election year strategy.


    04/03/2012 7:09:26 PM PDT · 9 of 19
    kroll to Borges

    The nomination of Sarah Palin is a clear partisan hitjob, but Jack and Jill a movie for the everyman? What complete and utter nonsense! I watched the movie and it was really really really bad. It deserves all the ridicule it gets. The Razzie organizers are scum but that does not mean they cant spot obvious crap like the rest of us. This is not Rocket science.

  • Biden: Trayvon Martin’s Death Should Spark Gun Law Debate

    04/01/2012 1:28:16 PM PDT · 34 of 47
    kroll to whitedog57
    Was Trayvon trespassing on private property (gated community)? Yes.

    Wasn't he living with his father (who owns property there) at the time? How is it trespassing? Strangely enough, what the idiot Biden doesn't realize is that the situation would have been amicably resolved if Martin had been carrying a gun too. He could then have stood his ground and shot Zimmerman in the process. Then since Martin is black, the left would actually be supporting the use of guns for self-defence!
  • Palin comparison

    03/13/2012 8:14:19 PM PDT · 11 of 19
    kroll to Gargantua
    I do, however, possess near total recall.

    Wow, cool. I have pretty average memory or recall and wished it was better. I have no idea as to the nature of the rest of your comments, though.
  • Wikipedia editor responds to ‘Critical Race Theory’ edit war (Topic is on temporary lock down)

    03/13/2012 8:09:49 PM PDT · 16 of 16
    kroll to OldSmaj
    Wiki is worthless for topics

    Not in math and many areas of science, economics, art. Its pretty well referenced and is often a rather good place to start.
  • Palin comparison

    03/13/2012 7:49:24 PM PDT · 9 of 19
    kroll to Whitebread
    One can’t be a dummy and have a photographic memory.

    Yes you can. Memory and intelligence are far from the same thing. Though Sarah is very intelligent by all accounts, the photographic(eidetic) memory thing is unlikely. There is possibly no such thing as a photographic memory in reality.
  • President Santorum Cabinet Dream Team!

    02/24/2012 9:12:54 AM PST · 80 of 102
    kroll to Dan.israel.2011
    Are you with us or against us?

    At the primary stage with at least two conservative candidates? I'd call that a false dichotomy. Go on, look it up.
  • President Santorum Cabinet Dream Team!

    02/24/2012 9:04:27 AM PST · 77 of 102
    kroll to Dan.israel.2011

    Apologies, but this is a bizarre post to say the least. This primary has been incredibly topsy-turvy with hardly any delegates awarded yet. Santorum just got smoked in a debate that Newt arguably won, and you think the primary is already over? I think it’s important to be positive and hope for the best, but this seems a little on the side of delusional. It seems the battle lines are still drawn pretty clearly with nary any sign of a victor yet.

  • President Santorum Cabinet Dream Team!

    02/24/2012 8:55:01 AM PST · 75 of 102
    kroll to C. Edmund Wright
    So you mean Newt has twice the vote total of Santorum?

    Are you really surprised? Santorum won three states in tiny-volume and near-non-existent turnout. Which means that those results might not be significant at all. I think the momentum he got from those victories was real however, and he could have solidified it by a strong debate performance. Of course he got smoked instead, seeing as it is no joke taking on the Romney machine. Newt's above-the-fray debate performance might point to the only viable strategy since out-slanging Romney seems a long shot owing to his penchant for spending near-infinite amounts of cash.
  • Chris Christie: Rick Santorum’s Satan Comments Are Relevant

    02/22/2012 1:31:20 PM PST · 29 of 30
    kroll to Eva
    What do these people not understand about the fact that Santorum was speaking to a CATHOLIC university

    Exactly! Context matters. Though not to liberals when conservatives are concerned.
  • Those who are critical of Rick Santorum for speaking of Satan are thereby criticizing the Church

    02/22/2012 1:24:40 PM PST · 22 of 27
    kroll to muawiyah
    While we can’t prove that Obama is the Antichrist

    Sorry, what religion are we talking about here? Obama is almost certainly an antichrist but so are millions of atheists/pagans/islamists. Where in the book of Revelations is there mention of the Antichrist? After various discussions in my Bible hermeneutics and exegesis class, it is far from clear that there is any mention of the Antichrist. It is highly unlikely that there exists One figure who shall herald the coming of Judgement Day. Especially since we know of mass murderers like Hitler and Stalin who didn't. Obama is a socialist/Marxist president who is going to set our country a few years back in liberty and progress. But the Antichrist, assuming that such an idea even exists...?
  • Being a pill about the pill? Santorum vs US views

    02/18/2012 9:26:37 AM PST · 86 of 103
    kroll to fdcc; joesbucks; Campion; Shethink13

    Ok! I was clearly unaware about the abortifacient action of the pill. So apologies for calling others misinformed, when it was actually me who was such. Regarding the IUD, from webmd’s website (a better source than planned parenthood perhaps?)

    Hormonal IUD. This IUD prevents fertilization by damaging or killing sperm and making the mucus in the cervix thick and sticky, so sperm can’t get through to the uterus. It also keeps the lining of the uterus (endometrium) from growing very thick.3 This makes the lining a poor place for a fertilized egg to implant and grow. The hormones in this IUD also reduce menstrual bleeding and cramping.

    Copper IUD. Copper is toxic to sperm. It makes the uterus and fallopian tubes produce fluid that kills sperm. This fluid contains white blood cells, copper ions, enzymes, and prostaglandins.

  • Being a pill about the pill? Santorum vs US views

    02/17/2012 5:09:27 PM PST · 63 of 103
    kroll to joesbucks
    Boht the pill and the IUD's failsafe is to keep the womb hostile to the fertilized egg allow the egg to free fall as menstural flow.

    But life begins at conception, i.e. when the egg and sperm fertilize. The pill prevents fertilisation so its not abortion, it prevents the sperm from reaching the egg. An IUD before sex prevents fertilisation and is not abortion. There seems to be bit of misinformation about contraception in FR, and I think we need to get our facts straight.
  • The Abortion-Breast Cancer Link

    02/10/2012 5:44:44 PM PST · 14 of 20
    kroll to codder too
    American cancer assoc says birth control pills are right up there with smoking.

    It really doesn't. Birth control pills prevent fertilization (conception), they do not abort. You are confusing birth control pills with morning-after-pills which induce an abortion (taken within a couple of days or so). The thing that Rush and all studies are talking about is abortion, Not birth-control which is a possible cancer risk but only a minor one, according to studies. An abortion is well known in almost studies to increase the likelihood of breast cancer many-fold. From the American cancer assoc. website (that you reference)

    Recent use of birth control pills: Studies have found that women who are using birth control pills have a slightly greater risk of breast cancer than women who have never used them. This risk seems to go back to normal over time once the pills are stopped. Women who stopped using the pill more than 10 years ago do not seem to have any increased risk. It's a good idea to talk to your doctor about the risks and benefits of birth control pills.
  • Drudge Screwed Up ABC's Plans for the Marianne Gingrich Interview

    01/19/2012 3:52:50 PM PST · 63 of 75
    kroll to MHGinTN
    Bwahahahaha ... look up sclerosis of the liver. LOL

    You know I was being sarcastic right? Unless you spotted the gag and think its funny. I can't quite tell though..
  • Newt Gingrich asked for ‘open marriage,’ former wife says

    01/19/2012 3:48:46 PM PST · 191 of 218
    kroll to dfwgator
    You want a President who is faithful to his wife, vote for Jimmy Carter.

    Nice try. We are still in the primary so that doesn't quite work. Santorum just won the Iowa primary and is actually faithful to his wife.
  • Drudge Screwed Up ABC's Plans for the Marianne Gingrich Interview

    01/19/2012 3:41:37 PM PST · 60 of 75
    kroll to Kaslin
    Hell, for all I know we should be getting disability from the government.

    No, you shouldn't!

    There can be no doubt that this is a hit job by the media on Newt, but this is pretty mind-boggling stuff from Rush, even if he is probably trying to be funny here. In his best interests he should move on to other topics, IMO, because he is spewing a lot of amoral nonsense on the subject of Newt's infidelities.
  • Drudge Screwed Up ABC's Plans for the Marianne Gingrich Interview

    01/19/2012 3:35:01 PM PST · 57 of 75
    kroll to annieokie
    he actually has the look of an alcoholic, not meaning to be rude here

    Yup, Multiple Sclerosis is what you get when you drink too much. And if your husband dumps you just after being diagnosed with MS (while informing you of an affair that he has been having), why should you be bitter? You should be happy and cheerful about it.
    Hope the sarcasm does not come off as "rude".
  • Miss. Gov. Barbour pardons convicted murderer

    01/09/2012 2:19:35 PM PST · 51 of 69
    kroll to Crichton

    You make a strong case here for your POV. But Death is a pretty singular event, from which there is no coming back in any form. That makes it more significant and accords the death penalty issue a special place in discussions of justice and law . Again ‘collateral damage’ is not an argument, it is a crutch.

  • Miss. Gov. Barbour pardons convicted murderer

    01/09/2012 1:56:59 PM PST · 45 of 69
    kroll to Crichton
    The only way to be entirely sure is to abolish the death penalty......Just like the only way to avoid unjust incarceration is to abolish prison terms.

    I am pro-death penalty (because some crimes are really that bad) but your comparison/'argument' is laughable. You see, one can be unjustly incarcerated and released. Coming back from death is, however, a little on the harder side.

    To be fair, I believe your point is based along the lines of Judicial discretion. Unfortunately, in your attempts at being dramatic, you lost the point completely.
  • A Slower March To Hell

    01/02/2012 6:51:25 PM PST · 14 of 15
    kroll to Talisker
    Applied mathematics includes such soft variables, as I'm sure you know. And as I'm also sure you know, such variables completely dictate the hard numbers that result.

    I was talking about specific arguments not about "hard" or "soft" variables or whatever. And you have offered some, as opposed to the other poster who offered none. But family considerations would seem to make them more likely to need better education for their kids (private schools are better), faith in the Lord (not socialist), and family values (not socialist). So how are they socialist? Incidentally I don't think any of the points I made are of any value, because I have no idea what women in general would choose, I merely presented my opinion of how they might. The only poll I could find, is from gallup:

    which says that 25% of the polled women were republican as opposed to 28% in the case of men (Shock, horror!!!!Three percent less! Repeal the 19th amendment!). The difference was in independents - more women identified as democrats than independents as opposed to men. And that means absolutely nothing because "independents" is just another name for being a RINO or a Paultard, only marginally removed from being a democrat anyway.
  • A Slower March To Hell

    01/02/2012 1:17:04 PM PST · 10 of 15
    kroll to trapped_in_LA
    You can’t deny basic human nature

    No, of course not. Women are not the same as men but that does not imply that Women are more socialist than men or there exists some underlying reason for that. That, is jumping the shark, and you can't just Claim that socialist trends "correlate" with women voting. I am an applied mathematician by training and hope for a little greater precision than that. I have generally found that social "science" studies like the one you allude to (without even giving any references to purported studies I might add) are total and complete nonsense in general.

    Besides, the idea that Men "gave" women the right to choose is what I am questioning. They constitute Half the population and they "took" the rights that they were entitled to just like everyone else. Everyone who supports the right of women to vote is not "Feminist" (as you seem to be accusing me of) because that would include almost ALL of the freepers. Besides it is a logical fallacy that comes under the "False Dichotomy" category.
  • A Slower March To Hell

    01/02/2012 11:37:16 AM PST · 7 of 15
    kroll to trapped_in_LA

    So you don’t think half the population should be allowed to vote because of your unsubstantiated claims? Besides its irrelevant whether its true or not - You cannot protect the people from themselves. Considering how laughable your “reasoning” is, I would make a better case for screening voters based on intelligence and you are probably not going to make the cut.

  • Day Two of the Great VA GOP Meltdown

    12/24/2011 9:02:55 AM PST · 55 of 309
    kroll to Psalm 144
    If the GOP were a serious party, Obama wouldn’t have happened.

    Don't know about that. Atrocious a President as Zero undoubtedly is, he ran a brilliant campaign. I think the Virginians should vote Paul and slow down Mitt, btw.
  • Gingrich Gets Backing from Pro Adultery Website

    12/20/2011 9:59:36 PM PST · 66 of 71
    kroll to Badabing Badablonde
    Yeah, how dare a divorced candidate ever consider running for President?

    Comparing Gingrich with Reagan? I am actually offended with this ludicrous suggestion.....Reagan did not commit adultery and certainly not Twice. Divorces happen but adultery is a moral failing. Gingrich is the man of the hour and if I need to vote for him in the Generals then I will. Lets not jump the shark though....
  • Vanity: Chrissie Hynde's vegan restaurant closes ("economy")

    12/15/2011 10:52:07 AM PST · 33 of 54
    kroll to PGR88
    Its why I don’t go into Whole Foods any longer.

    Maybe you don't but clearly others do. I have made a bit of money on whole foods stock since its a very profitable company. They have a good business model with high margins. I don't shop there though as I think its too pricey.
  • Newt Gingrich: Serial Hypocrisy [Ron Paul Video Rips Gingrich]

    12/01/2011 1:15:13 PM PST · 37 of 37
    kroll to dervish

    I support Cain and I am still hoping that he revives his campaign (by getting Condi on board perhaps!). Failing that, I would vote for sometimes-kooky Paul instead of Mittens and Newt. I am fairly convinced that Mitt would be an Obama-clone if elected, considering their similar past behavior.

  • Newt Gingrich: Serial Hypocrisy [Ron Paul Video Rips Gingrich]

    12/01/2011 1:06:30 PM PST · 36 of 37
    kroll to 1010RD

    Everything you say is true, but unfortunately so is Paul’s ad. Newt is a flip-flopper and a conservative of convenience. (a RINO in other words) A choice between Newt and Mittens is hardly a choice at all.

  • Georgia Woman Claims 13-Year Affair with Herman Cain (Cain’s Lawyer DOES NOT DENY story)

    11/28/2011 3:24:33 PM PST · 179 of 1,037
    kroll to old curmudgeon

    It is virtually impossible to prove slander/libel in America. So thats probably not the reason. While disappointing, I still think a viable candidate shouldn’t be tripped by an affair, even if its true. I would have more problems about his public denial, if he did have an affair. Consensual sex with another woman is not too bad in my opinion(for people in power), but lack of trust in what the candidate says is not easy to take.

  • This Creeping Underwater Ice Tornado Kills Everything It Touches

    11/23/2011 4:49:24 PM PST · 23 of 23
    kroll to Tucker39

    Seems to me that nature doesn’t care about Anyone’s ‘rights’ so the animal rights issue is rather moot here.

  • Now That We've Crucified Every Candidate.... (Here's Your Chance FReeper Nation)

    11/23/2011 9:53:42 AM PST · 116 of 145
    kroll to svcw
    Paul is an anti-Semitic isolationist - NO

    Paul is complete kook and an isolationist but anti-Semitic? Hardly. His lack of support for Israel is a natural consequence of his isolationism. Isolationism is stupid but its neither anti-Israel specifically nor anti-Semitic. e.g. Opposing Obama and calling him a moron, is not racist. It is incidental that he is half-black.
  • Now That We've Crucified Every Candidate.... (Here's Your Chance FReeper Nation)

    11/23/2011 9:46:20 AM PST · 115 of 145
    kroll to TheRobb7

    Cain, I think embodies the conservative ideals the best. Unfortunately, he is green and not political savvy, has a crappy team at the moment. If he ups his game, I believe he is the one most likely win the primary and to beat Obama.