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  • Ted Cruz SCHOOLS journalist on CLIMATE CHANGE

    03/26/2015 2:50:10 PM PDT · 35 of 55
    Norseman to Kevin in California

    I liked the way he refers to them as “global warming alarmists.”

    They are, indeed, alarmists, so that’s accurate, and forcing the conversation back to “global warming” from their preferred “climate change” or, more recently, “climate disruption” pins them down in two ways. First, everyone knows that they really mean global warming anyway so it keeps them honest, and second, the earth isn’t cooperating with them by actually warming, at least to anywhere near the degree their models claim.

    Are you sick of your electric bills going up every year just to thwart the dreaded global warming that isn’t even happening?....would seem like a decent campaign pitch to me.

    And if we get a GOP president who will come out foursquare against spending billions of dollars on this scam, and will call it out for the scam it really is, that might finally put an end to it. But if that doesn’t do it, redirecting a few billion dollars of grant money to skeptics should cut the number of alarmists by about 99%. Most will switch sides and the rest will starve without their taxpayer-funded banquets.

  • Ted Cruz: I’m ‘EMPHATIC’ Balanced Budget Supporter, Want Means Tested Social security

    03/25/2015 9:17:30 AM PDT · 58 of 94
    Norseman to Pearls Before Swine

    >>We have partial means testing already—it’s called including SS payments in gross income. <<

    There’s another way we have partial means testing. If you made more than a set maximum amount each year of your working life, your contributions ceased that year. How’s that means testing, you might ask?

    Your SS payments in retirement are based on what you paid in, not on your total salary each year. If you made a million dollars, you aren’t getting paid SS based on that million, but rather on the salary cap for that year, which back in the 1970’s was as low as $10-15,000.

    In other words, those well off throughout their working years are only earning SS based on a small portion of their actual earnings.

    Besides, for a guy who wants to abolish the IRS, means-testing can get to be a really messy financial calculation.

  • Ted Cruz: I’m ‘EMPHATIC’ Balanced Budget Supporter, Want Means Tested Social security

    03/25/2015 9:07:15 AM PDT · 53 of 94
    Norseman to SeekAndFind

    Means-tested Social Security?

    Oops...I’ll bet he’ll be walking that one back very shortly.

  • Wisconsin Is Finally Free to Implement Voter ID Law

    03/23/2015 5:26:48 PM PDT · 7 of 16
    Norseman to afraidfortherepublic

    Now the ID needs to state the country of citizenship, as sworn to by the holder when the ID is issued, backed up by a supporting document. Once that’s included, non-citizens will be able to be stopped from voting by poll workers and the voting registration lists will be easier to clean up.

    Without country of citizenship, I suppose the voter ID requirement would stop people from voting in precincts they’re not registered in, and would stop voting for someone else, but I see nothing that would stop a non-citizen (whether here legally or illegally) from registering to vote and then showing his valid driver’s license and voting.

  • Boehner eyes 'doc fix' breakthrough

    03/23/2015 10:30:50 AM PDT · 18 of 18
    Norseman to C19fan

    As I understand it the “Doc Fix” is in need of a permanent fix.

    I’m not in the anti-Boehner brigade in here, quite the opposite. I think that given the opportunity he’ll run rings around the Democrats in negotiations.

    So let’s see how the final bill plays out and whether he gets more than he gives. My bet is that the GOP will come out ahead, partly because Democrats are always looking at the immediate payoff and he’ll be looking for longer term advantages.

  • Supreme Court turns away challenge to Wisconsin’s voter ID law

    03/23/2015 10:08:49 AM PDT · 27 of 36
    Norseman to Norseman

    Sheesh....”...since without...”

    Although “wince” was probably appropriate since I didn’t preview the post...

  • Supreme Court turns away challenge to Wisconsin’s voter ID law

    03/23/2015 10:07:13 AM PDT · 26 of 36
    Norseman to Norseman

    To clarify one statement: “....wince without U.S. citizenship, you can’t legally vote.” (I left out the U.S. which could have been confusing.)

  • Supreme Court turns away challenge to Wisconsin’s voter ID law

    03/23/2015 10:03:12 AM PDT · 25 of 36
    Norseman to Cincinatus' Wife

    Once Voter ID laws are in place, we need a law in every state that requires a citizenship box on every ID that can be used as a Voter ID. If it’s not on there, it can’t be used to authenticate your right to vote.

    And not just a checkbox, either, like U.S. Citizen: Yes or No.

    No, a Citizen of ________(name of country) line on each ID that can be used for voting. In fact, that line is what would qualify it as a formal “Voter ID” since without citizenship, you can’t legally vote.

    And when the ID is issued you swear to your country of citizenship under penalty of immediate deportation if you’re caught, then or later, lying about it or if you are later caught attempting to vote illegally.

    And any poll worker who signs off on a vote by a person without a U.S. citizenship on their card, if caught, is deported to the same country along with the offending voter. (Okay, this part is in jest, but that poll worker should also pay a price.)

  • Presidential Hopeful — Gov. Scott Walker to Address Harris County GOP Lincoln-Reagan Dinner in Texas

    03/20/2015 9:17:51 AM PDT · 8 of 9
    Norseman to alloysteel

    >>Their biggest charge? That Walker has somehow managed to defund all levels of public education in Wisconsin, and is pushing for more charter schooling in the areas where there is a definite poverty level and no remarkable degree of achievement.<<

    The charter school part is correct, assuming his current budget proposal is enacted. He wants the current voucher program extended statewide and to be available to any family earning under twice the poverty level, I believe.

    I’m not certain of the details, but I think the state funding for each student would “follow the child” to the new school. To avoid giving several thousand dollars to people currently using private schools, the child has to come from a public school the prior year.

    Two things about this. First, it seems unfair to those who are currently using a private school and paying out of their own pocket. I’m not sure how that is resolvable as it would be a big budget item to address it fairly.

    Second, if vouchers take off statewide it’s only a matter of time before families earning above the income limits insist upon having the same opportunity for their children as well.

    But if this goes through, and if vouchers really are the answer to the decline in public school effectiveness over the years, then Wisconsin should be setting education milestones in future years. Many public school curricula will also be upgraded substantially due to the competitive threat of losing students to private schools.

    I also believe the current budget proposal is going to make it easier for someone to open a charter school in the state, by (I think) removing the decision from the local school board, where it currently resides.

  • Scott Walker, the gutless wonder of the 2016 presidential race

    03/19/2015 9:54:43 PM PDT · 67 of 82
    Norseman to entropy12

    To be honest, looking at your list of conservative challengers, until this year it’s been pretty slim pickings. I do think this time around will be a different story, however....plenty of good choices from the get go. Of course, you might say that’s the problem?

  • Scott Walker, the gutless wonder of the 2016 presidential race

    03/19/2015 9:32:01 PM PDT · 63 of 82
    Norseman to greene66

    And if we can survive the next two years, staying home might even have sent the right message, provided we nominate a conservative this time around. Of course, as people keep pointing out, staying home presented risks too. After all, we might actually not survive the next two years, although I’m optimistic that we will, and that we’ll come out stronger than ever.

  • Scott Walker, the gutless wonder of the 2016 presidential race

    03/19/2015 9:27:46 PM PDT · 61 of 82
    Norseman to Henry Hnyellar

    >>Wake up!<<

    Huh...what?...oh, thanks...nodding off for a bit there.

    Now, what are you talking about?.....Washington-centric nattering political pundits.....huh?

    No, I meant Walker. I’d be surprised if anybody on his team, including Walker himself, expected to rocket to the front on following his Iowa speech....course Rush didn’t hurt him any....

    Sorry, didn’t mean for an innocent comment to upset you so....

  • Scott Walker, the gutless wonder of the 2016 presidential race

    03/19/2015 9:10:53 PM PDT · 51 of 82
    Norseman to Artcore

    I think people should take a hint from Reagan and observe the 11th Commandment, at least for the next couple of years.

    I hated the thought of having to vote for Romney, although in the end that’s exactly what I did. But I feared that if he won we’d have Obamacare for the rest of time. It was a tough choice because I honestly thought that Romney winning would cement Obamacare, the worst law passed in my long adulthood.

    When you’re tempted to yell at another Republican, or conservative, or hell, even a Liberatarian, think of Reagan and his 11th Commandment, one which Walker also professes to observe, by the way.

  • Scott Walker, the gutless wonder of the 2016 presidential race

    03/19/2015 9:03:16 PM PDT · 47 of 82
    Norseman to ZULU

    It’s sort of strange, but the more Walker gets attacked, the more people seem to jump on board to defend’s like they get invested in him.

    The reason I think this is happening is because he was so well vetted during his second and third elections for Governor....there simply are no buried skeletons in this man’s back yard and so it’s safe to stick your neck out a bit earlier than you normally would and back him.

    Well, that plus he somehow managed to take on the public employee unions and win...not a small matter.

    Another aspect of this is that the Madison demonstrations in 2011 got so much national publicity that he really gets to skip the introduction phase of his campaign...which might be why it took off so fast, unexpectedly fast, I’m guessing.

  • Scott Walker, the gutless wonder of the 2016 presidential race

    03/19/2015 8:56:24 PM PDT · 41 of 82
    Norseman to txhurl

    You raise a valid point.

    In fact, it wasn’t the same voters. All three of Walker’s elections were outside of Presidential election years. In other words, the Dems didn’t have their full court get out the vote machines in gear.

    That said, Walker was also elected County Executive in highly Democrat Milwaukee County, and Rep Paul Ryan, a staunch Republican, represents a constituency that tends to vote fairly heavily Democrat.

    Wisconsin is a tough state to figure sometimes.

  • Scott Walker, the gutless wonder of the 2016 presidential race

    03/19/2015 8:52:08 PM PDT · 37 of 82
    Norseman to Balding_Eagle

    >>She did, and from what I’ve learned she was an important player in his election wins in WI.<<

    Whether she was an “important player” or not, it makes perfect sense that Walker would hire again if he were satisfied with her work then. It also makes perfect sense that she would choose to resign after her inane tweets became a point of contention in one of the most important primary states.

    She fouled and she paid. Blaming Walker for either hiring her or firing her is simply looking for another gotcha.

  • Scott Walker, the gutless wonder of the 2016 presidential race

    03/19/2015 8:45:05 PM PDT · 33 of 82
    Norseman to 2ndDivisionVet

    I maintain that Obama and his shenanigans have done exactly that. He, together with Pelosi and Reid, have shrunk the Democrat Party significantly.

    2016 isn’t going to even be close. The Dems have driven all but the insane Progressives from their party, leaving Hillary well to the right of her voters, which, in itself, should make the next couple of years quite interesting.

  • Scott Walker, the gutless wonder of the 2016 presidential race

    03/19/2015 8:41:00 PM PDT · 31 of 82
    Norseman to who_would_fardels_bear

    >>Despite all of his faults, Obama does have a nice speaking voice.<<

    In all seriousness, it’s his voice that got him the presidency. I distinctly remember hearing him speak for the first time 2004 at the convention and, listening to his voice, and upon learning he was both black and a Democrat, thinking, “Oh, oh, this guy is trouble.”

    Little did I know....

  • Scott Walker, the gutless wonder of the 2016 presidential race

    03/19/2015 8:37:06 PM PDT · 29 of 82
    Norseman to MediaMole

    Interesting insights you offer...thanks

    But my guess on her tweets is that if she was asked that question she didn’t even remember her tweets....they’re like comments on a comment board, with a lot less thought....I mean, with 140 characters, what can you say other than make a fool out of yourself? Seriously. Email is already an impossible place to have a serious discussion, and now they do tweets?

    You reap what you sow...even if you can’t remember the sowing....

  • Scott Walker, the gutless wonder of the 2016 presidential race

    03/19/2015 8:27:08 PM PDT · 17 of 82
    Norseman to Iscool

    >>The internet is a wonderful thing...Maybe Walker is just finding that out...<<

    Oh, yeah, he’s just a babe in the experience at nothin’...’cept taking the unions to school...cutting Planned Parenthood clinics in WI....introducing a widespread voucher program in his current budget...cutting the UW professoriate budget (we all love them, right?)...answering a half dozen gotcha questions without managing to create a single memorable “gotcha” soundbite....and now, just finding out about the internet...Riiight...

    Meanwhile, the subject of this story, whose idiotic tweets had generated about 4,000 unfavorable comments along the lines of...”I thought I could support Walker, but now....” has unceremoniously resigned, as she should, having learned her lesson: don’t drink and tweet. (made that last part up, but it would explain her dilemma, assuming she’s a professional.)

  • Scott Walker, the gutless wonder of the 2016 presidential race

    03/19/2015 8:20:27 PM PDT · 16 of 82
    Norseman to 2ndDivisionVet

    The twit tweeted insulting tweets about Iowans. Not exactly a brilliant strategy for someone serving politicians.

    Pressure built; she resigned.

    And now The Week calls Walker they push for Bush.

  • The Huge Boehner-Pelosi Deal That Could Change Medicare Forever

    03/19/2015 9:35:01 AM PDT · 14 of 30
    Norseman to bigdaddy45

    After the GOP successfully tucked that anti-abortion language in the human trafficking bill with the Dems unaware, I suspect they’ll be reading this one a little more closely.

    Other than that, it appears Boehner found an issue that’s been a thorn in the sides of members of both parties and managed to take advantage of it to craft some measure of Medicare reform, while giving up little in return.

    Like I’ve claimed before, he and McConnell are going to school the Dems and Obama the next two years, and it’s going to be fun to watch.

  • Is the Loretta Lynch nomination unraveling?

    03/18/2015 1:24:10 PM PDT · 30 of 33
    Norseman to for-q-clinton

    >>He’s declared victory over congress and Boehner and McConnell support it.<<

    Sorry, but I’m not in the camp that thinks Boehner and McConnell are a couple of idiots. Over the next two years you’re going to see them school the President in how divided government works.

    In fact, they’re giving him a pretty good lesson right now when it comes to his Lynch nomination. Plus, who do you think snuck the anti-abortion language into the sex trafficking bill without Obama and the Dems realizing it was in there? And then they put it in line ahead of Lynch’s nomination, giving them more time to line up opposition to her.

    Only the beginning. Much more is likely to follow in the next two years. It will be fun to watch Obama fume.

    Oh, and don’t forget who invited Netanyahu to speak....Obama’s already got plenty of egg on his face over that one. They didn’t fight the open letter to Iran either, putting the Iranians on notice that the President’s signature meant little without Congressional support.

    Nope, they’re not idiots; quite the opposite, although I know that’s verbotten to claim in here.

  • Is the Loretta Lynch nomination unraveling?

    03/18/2015 10:11:58 AM PDT · 28 of 33
    Norseman to for-q-clinton

    >>And if they torpedo her...who will Obama nominate next is the fear of many.<<

    Who cares? She’s the wrong choice, and if he sends up another wrong choice, repeat the process.

    Obama’s declared war on Congress. Let him reap the results.

  • Boehner's New Strategy: Enlist Democrats First, Not Last

    03/16/2015 8:16:09 PM PDT · 30 of 51
    Norseman to kristinn

    Frankly, I doubt a single person commenting so far has much of an idea what’s being done in this Doc Fix, but people just love to rag on Boehner.

    I would add that I don’t know much about it either, which doesn’t change my conclusion one bit.

    I would also add that I have a reasonable amount of trust that Paul Ryan isn’t selling out the GOP and that he’s come up with a decent plan here, although I haven’t read much about it yet. You’ve got to trust someone, and I think he’s on the side of the good in all this.

  • Scott Walker PAC: Jeb Bush is not the only one who can raise money

    03/16/2015 11:35:46 AM PDT · 17 of 17
    Norseman to Cincinatus' Wife

    This article offers a decent rebuttal to those who claim Walker is just a Governor from a small state who’s not ready for prime time.

    Looks to me like he knows what he’s doing on the financial front.

  • Scott Walker PAC: Jeb Bush is not the only one who can raise money

    03/16/2015 11:32:22 AM PDT · 16 of 17
    Norseman to Cincinatus' Wife

    The gift horses that I’d look in the mouth quite closely if I was Walker are the ones that once backed a Democrat. Anyone so loose with their money that they can support either Hillary or Walker isn’t in it because of their principles; they’re in it to buy access and influence only.

    Better to refuse the money and broadcast loudly and widely that you refused it, and why.

    Pie in the sky, I know, but a truly-principled candidate should at least consider it.

  • No more ‘prommunism’ for Albuquerque seniors

    03/12/2015 5:21:12 PM PDT · 31 of 41
    Norseman to CedarDave

    All three of the kids interviewed mentioned that their school was either a part of, or the curriculum was related to, the International Baccalaureate, whatever that is. They also each mentioned that they believed in “open mindedness.”

    Which leads me to want to know what the International Baccalaureate is up to. As for the open mindedness, empty-mindedness seems more likely.

    They appeared to have no clue about the history of communism.

  • Scott Walker Shows How Pro-Life Presidential Candidates Can Avoid the Media’s Abortion Trap

    03/12/2015 10:14:15 AM PDT · 11 of 14
    Norseman to Cincinatus' Wife

    An interesting post, and one to keep in mind while reading his opponents’ (both Dem and GOP) accusations that he is a flip-flopper on abortion, which are as sure to come as it is that night follows day.

  • Dems may lose WI John Doe law in War on Scott Walker

    03/12/2015 9:52:26 AM PDT · 10 of 20
    Norseman to Cincinatus' Wife

    Another aspect of the John Doe proceedings not mentioned in this report is the effect it has had on conservative political donations. Major conservative groups immediately became wary of donating to Wisconsin Republicans and their Pacs when it became apparent that the John Doe investigation could reach them. And all while sworn to secrecy, so they couldn’t even complain publicly of the treatment, hence the court cases, which the Dems appear to be losing.

  • Breaking: 2 officers shot in 'ambush' outside Ferguson PD

    03/12/2015 9:41:05 AM PDT · 15 of 20
    Norseman to TangledUpInBlue

    I’m just curious, what race were the officers who were shot. So far, all I’ve seen is that they were not from the Ferguson Police Department.

  • Scott Walker: The Biggest Flip Flopper You'll Ever Find?

    03/12/2015 9:34:12 AM PDT · 28 of 28
    Norseman to conservativegranny

    >>(Senator Cruz) had introduced legislation to phase it out within 5 years.<<

    And Senator Cruz in his speech in Iowa could have put the emphasis on the need to gradually phase out a subsidy that many had come to rely upon, but he didn’t.

    Walker effectively did, however, since he still ended up saying the ethanol subsidy had to end eventually.

    We’ll see, I guess, which strategy played the best in Iowa, but both were strategies as to how to address the issue politically, and both want the same end game.

    >>One has to ask themselves how Ted Cruz would have done as a governor of a state with the same circumstances. Would he have been just as successful? Knowing what I know about him and his past record I believe that he would have.<<

    That’s possible, but I do think it’s highly unlikely that any other politician in the country would have even attempted Act 10, much less actually got it passed. Frankly, I think it was Walker’s reaction to having to deal with government unions, and particularly the teachers union, in Milwaukee when he was County Executive.

    The reason I say this is because Act 10 really did cut teachers’ take home pay, something I don’t think any other politician would have dared to attempt. But it was about the only way to make the numbers work if he was going to simultaneously work out a balanced budget. In the end, I think teachers are going to be professionally better off, but those pay cuts are the very reason the state remains so divided today, in my opinion. Nearly every family in the state had someone in the extended family (grandparents, parents, children) who took a pay cut under Act 10.

    Or, for the several large school districts that quickly signed contracts prior to Act 10’s passage, they saw serious job losses due to the cut in state funding in the bill, a cut that they would have been able to compensate for if they hadn’t rushed into new contracts. (I’m actually not sure if teachers in those districts also saw a pay cut immediately, or if that happened two years later, but eventually they, too, had to pay the employee share of retirement payments.)

  • Scott Walker: The Biggest Flip Flopper You'll Ever Find?

    03/11/2015 5:32:43 PM PDT · 24 of 28
    Norseman to conservativegranny

    >>Let us choose our candidate without being manipulated.<<

    The problem is that you never really know for sure whether or not you’re being manipulated. Take Ted Cruz. He supposedly is saying what the anti-ethanol-subsidy crowd wants to hear (I’m in that crowd, by the way), but do we really know how big a priority it will be if he’s elected? Or whether it will be a distraction for a time?

    For that matter, once he’s faced with people who will face immediate loss of jobs and investment if he cuts the ethanol subsidy to zero and the mandate to zero in one fell swoop, will he relent and go at it more gradually, much the same as Walker has suggested he would do?

    Cruz could be pandering to us, just as Walker is almost certainly pandering to the ethanol crowd. And both could be sincere. I’ve been on a board before, and sudden change isn’t always the right course. Sometimes it’s more important to just get the direction changed and figure out a reasonable time span for phasing something back out. Otherwise people who’ve spent years setting up for the old direction of things have their legs cut out from under them and you lose them forever.

    What recommends Walker to people over any other candidate is that he’s, oh hell, I’ll say it, he’s walked the walk. We know with certainty what he’ll do if it’s possible to get it done. What more can any conservative ask, I ask you?

  • Hillary Email Controversy an ‘Inside Job’ Ordered by Obama, Valerie Jarrett

    03/11/2015 2:04:04 PM PDT · 70 of 107
    Norseman to dennisw

    It occurs to me that here’s how Hillary will be caught on her almost-certain lie that she turned over all her State-related emails:

    Those she didn’t turn over, assuming they exist, still reside on someone else’s server, either as a sender or a recipient.

    This, I believe, is why Hillary turned over paper copies instead of electronic ones. It wasn’t to slow down their processing by investigators, but rather to make it far more difficult for others in government to check to see if their emails from/to Hillary were included in those turned over.

    Instead of simply searching them for keywords, they now have a pile of 55,000 sheets of paper to plow through instead. By the time she’s outed, the election will be long past, or so she hopes.

  • Scott Walker Is the Worst Candidate for the Environment

    03/11/2015 1:59:54 PM PDT · 47 of 58
    Norseman to jospehm20

    >>Walker has all the right people against him.<<

    From the Mother Jones article: “Probably the least bad is New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who at least acknowledges that climate change is real and caused by human activity.”

    Another reason Christie is not on my list of those I’d consider.

  • Scott Walker Is the Worst Candidate for the Environment

    03/11/2015 1:52:34 PM PDT · 46 of 58
    Norseman to Cincinatus' Wife

    From the article: “The messaging,” added Thoresen, “is to be business-friendly, don’t enforce.”

    Ah, yes, the Wisconsin DNR. I recall back in the days when they were doing everything they could to frustrate the growth of Ashley Furniture in the small town of Arcadia. (Some of you might have seen the full-page article on Ashley in the Wall Street Journal last week.)

    Ashley wanted to expand its plant into a wetland area and compensate by establishing a wetland in a different area, but the DNR would have nothing of it. Well, fortunately the DNR failed in its quest (eventually) and Ashley remained in the state where it has now become largest furniture company in the United States.

    Now the same area is seeing millions of dollars pumped into it in the form of frack sand mining and jobs are plentiful in an area of the state that can really use them. In fact, that area usually votes Democrat, so maybe some economic prosperity is just what it will take to turn some votes around.

  • Scott Walker: The Biggest Flip Flopper You'll Ever Find?

    03/11/2015 1:23:10 PM PDT · 16 of 28
    Norseman to dead

    I agree, but here’s the thing. First, Walker needs to do well in Iowa and Iowa is economically tied to the ethanol boondoggle.

    The problem with some boondoggles is they’re not one-off’s, they become long-term and people build mini-economies around them. When faced with a situation like that some will just say cut the cord and let the chips fall where they may.

    But others will look at the upheaval that will be caused by cutting the cord immediately and will instead suggest a phased withdrawal so that people have time to plan for it and aren’t left holding the bag. Granted, those affected will also lobby hard for a reversal of the decision, which is why there are so many “cut the cord” types.

    My understanding is that Walker said they would have to be removed eventually. He’s pandering, yes, but pandering is an essential tool in a politician’s toolbox. I don’t like it being used, but I’ll admit that Walker is quite skilled at using it. (Obama, of course, was the best ever at pandering; everyone listening to one his campaign speeches thought he was coming down on their side, regardless what side that might be. That was pandering without equal.)

    In this case, those Iowans dependent on ethanol heard that their livelihoods wouldn’t be suddenly cut out from under them, while others heard that the ethanol subsidy had to go, eventually. My guess is that, under a President Walker, it wouldn’t last his first full term of office, and I could live with that.

  • Scott Walker Punches Back Twice As Hard At Obama (Good read)

    03/10/2015 8:32:40 PM PDT · 35 of 58
    Norseman to Rusty0604

    I don’t know. If the law “requires unions to act on behalf of” non-union workers, they probably have a case. I doubt the law is drafted that way, but I don’t know that for a fact either.


  • Scott Walker Punches Back Twice As Hard At Obama (Good read)

    03/10/2015 8:30:20 PM PDT · 34 of 58
    Norseman to Finny

    You do know you’re attributing just one person’s comment to all Walker supporters when you say that, right?

    And from that one person you construct a “red flag that bodes ill.” Wow.

    And then the type he draws are “ninnies.” Wow again.

    You must have an attic full of straw men by now.

  • Here’s how Ted Cruz could win the GOP nomination for president

    03/10/2015 3:00:36 PM PDT · 32 of 54
    Norseman to CivilWarBrewing

    >>Ted Cruz would be a GREAT president, but I have no doubts Scott Walker will get the nomination.<<

    Today only two of our choices are Cruz and Walker, with several more still left to consider. Compared to our choices in 2012, I think that today we’re exceptionally well off.

    I’d like to see Cruz rev people up to the point that they want him even if they’re worried that he won’t win the general election, because that would likely mean that he’s expanding the base and doing so on principle.

    And if he doesn’t quite accomplish that, we have a proven quantity like Walker to fall back on, plus possibly a few more besides. All in all, a much more favorable situation than we faced four years ago.

  • Enviros Use High Schoolers To Shame Republicans On Global Warming

    03/10/2015 10:23:39 AM PDT · 17 of 52
    Norseman to rktman

    Eventually the brainwashing of the youth will backfire. They will go on to become adults and will soon realize that there’s more than one side to the issue of global warming, a side they rarely see presented by teachers, I suspect.

    Once the scales fall from their eyes, they’ll be much more skeptical and questioning as the Left continues to attempt to propagandize them. It will take time, but it will happen.

  • Scott Walker called ethanol mandate 'central planning' and a 'big government mandate' - before Iowa

    03/09/2015 2:52:17 PM PDT · 107 of 127
    Norseman to WIBamian

    >>Although I obviously disgree with your assertions, you did articulate well your premise about pandering.<<

    As much as I’d like to take credit for that, instead I simply looked up “pandering” to see if “lying” was in the definition. Instead I found that a panderer is “someone who caters to or exploits the weaknesses of others.”

    One obvious example is a pimp, and I suspect that the examples of it being an upstanding thing to do are few and far between. However, as with pimping, it does have its uses, particularly among the political class.

    Given that Barack Obama was elected primarily by people who thought he was the be-all and end-all of politicians, I would credit him with the Best-of-Panderer award. Disappointment logically followed, given the nature of pandering, i.e., that it relies upon exploitation of personal weaknesses. For Progressives, of course, that would have been weak-mindedness.

  • Scott Walker called ethanol mandate 'central planning' and a 'big government mandate' - before Iowa

    03/09/2015 2:32:21 PM PDT · 105 of 127
    Norseman to CA Conservative

    >>And by the way, Walker never “ran away” from RTW - he just did not think this was the time to pursue it.<<

    I think he just didn’t think he had to lead the way on the issue, knowing that the GOP legislature would pass it anyway. Meanwhile, he’s on record calling it a distraction, which achieved a huge goal, i.e., not driving back into the Democrat fold thousands of energy company unionists that have had it up to here with Obama, Pelosi, and Reid’s treatment of them the past six years.

    And personally, I think he called it perfectly. Reagan once said (paraphrasing) that you can get a lot done if you don’t care who gets the credit. This was an ideal example of exactly that. The RTW bill signed, and the Legislature is proud. And Walker couldn’t care less if people think he flip-flopped on the issue because he got exactly the ending he wanted, including not losing what might be hundreds of thousands of private-sector union votes in a Presidential election.

  • Scott Walker called ethanol mandate 'central planning' and a 'big government mandate' - before Iowa

    03/09/2015 2:20:39 PM PDT · 104 of 127
    Norseman to WIBamian

    >>Pandering only works for liberals...<<

    I view pandering as offering an insincere message of hope. For example, when Walker said he viewed Right to Work legislation as a “distraction,” he was pandering to national unions hoping not to drive them back into the Democrat fold that they’ve recently been driven out of by Obama’s inane economic policies.

    He offered hope, but his signing of the RTW law in WI today illustrates his insincerity. Still, he offered hope; they have that to justify their eventual vote for him, or more precisely, against the Dems.

    Similarly, those in Iowa who will vote for him hoping that he will uphold an ethanol mandate in the future are likely to find themselves disappointed eventually. But many will vote for him anyway, knowing they’re likely to be disappointed in that one regard.

    And pandering is effective. For example, note the number of people in here who proclaim that they will never vote for a candidate who refuses to pander to them on amnesty, when every sentient being knows that amnesty, in at least some modest form, will undoubtedly happen. Those people are crying out to be pandered to, although many will vote for someone who refused to do so, regardless.

    (Sorry, couldn’t was just sitting there, begging to be said.)

  • Scott Walker called ethanol mandate 'central planning' and a 'big government mandate' - before Iowa

    03/09/2015 9:56:11 AM PDT · 24 of 127
    Norseman to SoConPubbie

    The switch grates on me, but doesn’t really surprise me. I haven’t read what he said specifically, but I’d put a lot more weight on his comment that it needs to be phased out eventually than on his supposed current support.

    He’s after the Iowa vote. If he doesn’t get it, he’s unlikely to be President, so he “adjusts” his position a bit, accepting the reality of the present situation (ethanol is, in fact, already subsidized) and points in the direction the subsidy should go (Down...eventually).

    It’s very similar to his Right to Work play. He called it a distraction and didn’t advocate for it, and signed the bill today. I fully anticipate that he would sign a similar national bill phasing out ethanol subsidies, and that the GOP Congress would put just such a bill in front of him.

    Is he pandering? Yes. Does pandering work? Hell yes; the Dems have been doing it with a high success rate for decades now, but if I was an Iowa farmer dependent on ethanol subsidies, I’d be looking for a way to adjust my business plan if Walker is elected President.

    Still, his flip-flop grates and I’m sure he thought long and hard before doing so, but then he does have a track record for getting elected, and he also has a track record of taking on the Left after he’s elected. That all counts.

  • Obama claims he learned about Hillary Clinton emails 'the same time everybody else learned it'

    03/08/2015 11:26:31 AM PDT · 73 of 83
    Norseman to Georgia Girl 2

    Is Jon Stewart still on The Daily Show? So much material; so little time.

  • Obama claims he learned about Hillary Clinton emails 'the same time everybody else learned it'

    03/08/2015 11:24:46 AM PDT · 72 of 83
    Norseman to E. Pluribus Unum

    At the same time Obama is stating that he learned about it from the news, Clinton’s surrogate Lanny Davis is going around telling everyone that it’s no big deal, that “thousands of people” knew she had a private email account.

    Think anyone in the fourth estate will bring that little contradiction up, or at least ask Obama who should be fired for not bringing it to his attention years ago?

    Of course, the most logical question to him would simply be: “Aw, C’mon! You expect us to believe that?” (If someone actually had the guts to do it, it might just be the classic “emperor has no clothes” moment for this administration.)

  • Obama claims he learned about Hillary Clinton emails 'the same time everybody else learned it'

    03/08/2015 11:19:27 AM PDT · 70 of 83
    Norseman to DoughtyOne

    >>Either this guy is dumber than a brick, or he thinks we are.<<

    You know that doesn’t have to be an either/or proposition.

  • Trey Gowdy sees months-long gaps in Clinton emails

    03/08/2015 11:05:27 AM PDT · 32 of 106
    Norseman to E. Pluribus Unum

    Give Gowdy credit for one thing: He boils down the issue to something people can understand.

    No one, repeat, no one, in the entire country is going to believe that Hillary sent no official emails for months at a time.

    What was in them? That can get confusing. But sending them at all? Clear as a bell. She didn’t give the committee access to all of her official emails.

  • Trey Gowdy sees months-long gaps in Clinton emails

    03/08/2015 11:02:45 AM PDT · 29 of 106
    Norseman to Duke C.

    >>If Trey Gowdy subpenas the hard drive<<

    Question: If you were the insurer providing home insurance for Hillary’s house would you now consider raising the premiums significantly?

    Just food for thought.