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  • Top 30 Reasons To Vote For Hillary

    07/25/2016 12:39:47 PM PDT · by massmike · 11 replies ^ | 07/25/2016 | Don Feder
    As we anxiously await the opening of the nominating convention of the Party of Theft, Treason and Racial Identity Politics, let us count the reasons to support its presumptive nominee: 1. Vote for Hillary so newly enfranchised ex-felons will have a president they can relate to – especially those who did time for grand theft. 2. Vote for Hillary if you'd like to see how high the national debt can go in the next 4 to 8 years. Obama will have managed to almost double it to an estimated $20 trillion by the time his fiscal reign of terror ends....
  • Blacklisting Conservatives Who Support Trump Smacks Of The Left's Thought Police

    03/23/2016 6:55:37 PM PDT · by massmike · 58 replies ^ | 03/23/2016 | Don Feder
    In a year of truly abysmal ideas this is easily the worst. Some on the right want to compile a blacklist to punish conservatives who support Donald Trump. They would prove their loyalty to conservative principles by acting like leftist thought police. "It's time to make a list of so-called conservatives and Republicans endorsing Donald Trump," fumes Amanda Carpenter, formerly a senior speechwriter and communications consultant for both Sen. Jim DeMint and Ted Cruz. "Anyone who will defend a man condoning random acts of violence at his rallies has lost his morals; he will defend anything at all," Amanda intones....
  • Conservative Columnist: We Need 'Muslim Control, Not Gun Control (Don Feder)

    12/08/2015 6:40:48 PM PST · by EveningStar · 13 replies
    CNS News ^ | December 4, 2015 | Mairead McArdle
    Long-time conservative columnist and author Don Feder remarked Friday that perhaps what the United States needs is not more gun control, but "Muslim control." "Instead of targeting gun owners, try to imagine [President] Obama saying that San Bernardino shows the need for 'bi-partisan support for Muslim control'," said Feder. "After it stopped foaming at the mouth, the Committee on American Islamic Relations would have called it racist and paranoid, and not at all nice," he continued. "The suggestion would have been condemned by every Democratic presidential candidate. And the Norwegian Nobel Committee would have taken back Obama's Peace Prize." Feder...
  • Another Week In Obama's War On America

    12/01/2014 11:28:59 AM PST · by massmike · 6 replies ^ | 12/01/2014 | Don Feder
    Obama isn't at war with ISIS, the Taliban or the Muslim Brotherhood. He's at war with the Constitution, the middle class, and, ultimately, with America. For our president, the 2014 election was liberating. There's no longer a need to pretend, for the sake of his party, that he feels anything but contempt for the nation he was elected to govern. Last week was typical. On Monday, after a grand jury refused to indict Officer Darren Wilson for acting in self-defense, a mob once again rampaged in Ferguson, Missouri. After mouthing a regulation-issue call for calm, the president used the mayhem...
  • America's Failure is Obama's Success

    05/02/2014 6:07:38 PM PDT · by massmike · 18 replies ^ | 05/02/2014 | Don Feder
    In the past 80 years, only two presidents have been this successful – FDR and Ronald Reagan. And still him-so-dumb thinking dominates the right. Okay, Obama isn't a bloody genius. Neither was Stalin, Hitler, Al Capone or Meyer Lansky. But like his ideological soul-mates, Obama is cold, calculating, ruthless, and diabolically clever at advancing his agenda. He also keeps a low profile. To quote Al Pacino as the Prince of Darkness in "The Devil's Advocate" – "They never see me coming." Last December, after five years of that old Obama magic and three-quarters of a trillion in economic stimulus, the...
  • U.S. sanctions target pro-life woman with no Crimea links

    04/05/2014 6:52:02 PM PDT · by ReformationFan · 15 replies
    World Net Daily ^ | 4-6-14 | GREG COROMBOS
    A Russian lawmaker known for her outspoken support for traditional marriage and the unborn is among the officials listed in new U.S. sanctions against individuals for their alleged contribution to Russia’s unlawful grab of Ukrainian territory. Weeks ago, President Obama announced sanctions aimed at several individuals for their alleged roles in facilitating Russia’s actions. But Yelena Mizulina’s seems out of place on the list. Mizulina is chairwoman of the Russian Duma’s Committee on Family, Women and Children’s Affairs. She was also the lead sponsor of legislation banning Americans from adopting Russian orphans, fearing the children could suffer harm if adopted...
  • Andrew I And The Monolithic Marxism Of The Democratic Party

    01/30/2014 11:55:33 AM PST · by massmike · 1 replies ^ | 01/30/2014 | Don Feder
    The good news for right-to-lifers, Second Amendment supporters and defenders of marriage is that New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (Andrew I) isn't planning to expel them from his realm – even though they have no place among decent New Yorkers. After a firestorm of criticism for remarks that reverberated with the sound of marching jackboots, Cuomo claimed his comments were "distorted" (that's original), that he was not referring to ordinary New Yorkers who happen to hold these vile views, but to "extreme" candidates. Clearly, that's not what he said (not that it would have been much better), but to be...
  • How Obama Will Win The 2014 Election – With Help From Karl Rove

    01/20/2014 1:22:00 PM PST · by Main Street · 40 replies
    grasstopsusa ^ | January 20, 2014 | Don Feder
    Conservative iconoclast M. Stanton Evans once aptly remarked that in America: "We have two parties... and only two. One is the evil party, and the other is the stupid party." The evil party gave us ObamaCare, an imperial judiciary and the public morality of a Babylonian brothel. The stupid party gave us Karl Rove. On January 15, The Wall Street Journal ran a Rove commentary, the title of which proclaimed, "Independents Will Decide the 2014 Elections: Debunking the myth that turning out the base alone is enough to win." Republican consultants are the only group whose failures bring them business...
  • Obama Wants You To Thank His God - Government

    11/30/2013 7:31:48 AM PST · by massmike · 14 replies ^ | 11/30/2013 | Don Feder
    Like the Golden Calf the Children of Israel made while Moses was receiving the law at Sinai, Obama is making a new God for the masses to worship – big government, the Golden Calf state. "Praise Washington from whence all blessings flow. Praise it all peons here below." The president's policies are designed to maximize dependency – government as the source of all blessings. Under Obama, the food-stamp rolls increased by 33% (to 44.7 million – a record one in seven Americans). The number now receiving Social Security disability payments reached 11 million. (Costs increased from $56 billion in 2000...

    04/02/2012 8:12:18 PM PDT · by massmike · 16 replies ^ | 04/02/2012 | Don Feder
    Obama isn’t the president of the American people, but of his people. Never has a president had more contempt for the majority of those he governs. He's the president of aggrieved minorities (and white proponents of "racial justice"), not of Americans who think in terms of justice, not race. He's the president of feminists, not Catholics or women who marry, raise children and keep humanity going. He's the president of public-employee unions, not the taxpayers they feed on. He's the president of the global-warming, carbon-foot-print, green-jobs crowd, not motorists who are bleeding at the pump and those concerned about our...

    03/26/2012 7:35:07 PM PDT · by massmike · 14 replies · 8+ views ^ | 03/26/2012 | Don Feder
    Fighting Islamophobia has become a cause célèbre among both the Jewish establishment and the Jewish farther-left. In the meantime, Jews are being murdered, tortured, attacked, plotted against and vilified in the name of Islam. How can anyone without ideological blinders fail to see it? Islam is the greatest threat to Jewish survival. Who wants to wipe Israel off the map – The Unitarian Universalist Republic of Iran? Whose rise to power in Egypt has driven anti-Semitic rhetoric to new heights – the International Ladies' Garment Workers Union? Immigrants of which faith community have fueled the greatest explosion of European anti-Semitism...
  • Hush Rush Part Of Left's Plot To Duplicate Conformity Of College Campuses Nationwide

    03/19/2012 12:04:03 PM PDT · by ElIguana · 5 replies · 1+ views
    GrassTopsUSA ^ | 03/19/2012 | Don Feder
    As you reflect on the Lynch Limbaugh Campaign, now in its third week, remember: 40 years ago, Rush gave aid and comfort to the enemy, during a conflict that claimed the lives of more than 58,000 Americans. Two decades later, his inflammatory rhetoric fueled a race riot that led to the murder of a rabbinical student and brought two days of terror on a religious community. No, wait a minute, that wasn’t America’s most popular talk-show host but two of his more vociferous critics. But, I’m getting ahead of myself. The latest Hush Rush crusade is far more insidious than...

    03/05/2012 3:49:47 PM PST · by ElIguana · 5 replies
    GrassTopsUSA ^ | 03/05/2012 | Don Feder
    I was born just after World War II – a conflict that claimed the lives of one out of every three Jews on earth. Growing up, I considered myself among the most fortunate of Jews. Revelations of the Holocaust’s horrors had ended anti-Semitism as a political force forever, I thought. Other than a lingering social anti-Semitism (which stereotyped Jews as clannish, crass and avaricious), and the occasional cemetery desecration and graffiti, Jew-hatred was a relic of humanity’s brutish past. What a fool I was.
  • GOP Elites' Problem With Santorum

    02/26/2012 8:20:41 PM PST · by ElIguana · 12 replies
    GrassTopsUSA ^ | 02/26/2012 | Don Feder
    Memo to social conservatives: In trying to understand RINO revulsion for former Senator Rick Santorum, remember that while leftists who run the Democratic Party loath you, the GOP/fiscal-conservative elite only has withering contempt for you. Isn’t that comforting? One of my inside-the-Beltway friends is a businessman who moves comfortably in establishment conservative circles. When he tells colleagues that he’s a values conservative, he’s met with looks of incredulity that suggest they’re thinking: “But, wait a minute, you’re wearing shoes and your teeth aren’t crooked. My God, man, you have a post-graduate degree in the humanities. You’re not clutching rosary beads...
  • Clenched Fist Symbolizes Left's Love Of Coercion

    02/13/2012 11:36:27 AM PST · by ElIguana · 11 replies
    GrassTopsUSA ^ | 02/13/12 | Don Feder
    Since the Bolshevik Revolution, the clenched fist has been the left’s most visible symbol. In the ‘60s, it adorned posters and buttons and was adopted as a symbol of revolution by SDS, the black power movement, feminists and other Trotsky wannabes here and abroad. Now, it’s been resurrected by some in Occupy Wall Street. The symbolism couldn’t be more fitting. Fists are for smashing (institutions and traditions), bashing (heads) and pounding (square pegs into round holes).
  • Obama And Occupy Wall Street: Reelct Him And You Get Them

    02/07/2012 4:09:31 PM PST · by ElIguana · 5 replies
    GrassTopsUSA ^ | 02/07/2012 | America's Conservative News
    In the 1992 campaign, Hillary Clinton was given to cavorting about the stage at campaign events telling audiences: “Vote for him (Bill) and you get me! It’s a two-fer!” The most radical president in history and the most radical political movement since the ‘60s are also like shampoo and conditioner packaged together. Reelect Barack Obama and you’ll get the Occupy Wall Street Movement.
  • Will Republicans Commit Romney-cide?

    01/08/2012 5:57:08 PM PST · by ElIguana · 43 replies
    GrassTopsUSA ^ | 01/08/2012 | America's Conservative News
    Since 1976, every time the GOP has run a RINO for president, the party has suffered an ignominious defeat – against a peanut farmer in ’76, a serial lecher in ’92 and a Marxist in 2008. But Mitt Romney isn’t taking any chances. Should he secure the nomination, his primary campaign will ensure his defeat in November – 9% unemployment, a national debt hurtling toward the abyss, socialism and surrender notwithstanding.
  • Don Feder on 10 Reasons why Democrats are like Nazis.

    12/28/2011 10:19:42 AM PST · by simicyber · 3 replies ^ | December 28, 2011 | Don Feder
    Conservative Jewish commentator Don Feder, a speaker at the Sharia Awareness Action Network event in Nashville earlier this year, has just written a powerful column on the similarities between the Democrat Party and the Nazis. The ten ways the Democrats are like Nazis: 1. Economic Fascism. 2. Cult Of Personality. 3. Penchant For Thuggery. 4. They’ve Come For Your Guns. more...

    12/23/2011 10:20:29 AM PST · by massmike · 8 replies ^ | 12/23/2011 | Don Feder
    I’m very disappointed in Congressman Allen West, who last week observed that Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels would be “truly proud” of the Democratic Party’s “lies and deceit.” While correct, Congressman West neglects the other striking similarities between National Socialists and Obama Socialists. This is not to say that the DNC wants to recreate the Holocaust (though its president could do so inadvertently, with his tender-on-Tehran policy) or that the Messiah in Chief will begin giving 4-hour speeches in German. (Where would he find a German teleprompter?) But, like the pigs and men at the end of “Animal Farm,” it’s becoming...
  • Don Feder: Conservative Pundit Sniffs Play Pile-On-Newt

    12/17/2011 10:51:18 PM PST · by ElIguana · 17 replies
    GrassTops USA ^ | 12/13/2011 | Don Feder
    H.L. Mencken called his colleagues of the fourth estate “a gang of peck sniffs.” Some conservative commentators have become pundit sniffs, turning up their elitist noses at whoever the frontrunner for the Republican nomination happens to be. You’d think we didn’t have other pressing business – like saving the Republic from the mega-Marxist in the White House. Now, it’s former House Speaker Newt Gingrich’s turn for an colonoscopy.

    12/02/2011 12:13:12 PM PST · by massmike · 9 replies ^ | 12/02/2011 | Don Feder
    Our 44th President is a devout leftist who’s not about to let God interfere with his religion. It’s not easy to take God out of Thanksgiving. Obama has done it twice in the past three years. This year, Obama did issue a NDP proclamation only because he’s required to do so by Congress. But he couldn’t resist the temptation to stick it to the zealots on the Hill by urging us to be “thankful for the liberty that allows people of all faiths to worship or not worship according to the dictates of their conscience.” Who would have known, National...

    11/16/2011 7:48:27 PM PST · by massmike · 11 replies ^ | 11/16/2011 | Don Feder
    According to Muslim activists and their leftist allies, America is in the midst of an epidemic of bigotry. The hilariously misnamed Center for American Progress recently published “Fear, Inc.: The Roots of the Islamophobia Network in America.” The 138-page report alleges that Islamophobes - funded by “a flood of cash” (the charge is ironic, coming as it does from a Soros operation) - have manufactured conspiracy theories to spread fear and hatred of, and incite violence against, American Muslims. If the allegations are true, Islamophobes are about as successful as an Obama jobs programs. According to the FBI’s Uniform Crime...
  • Lib-Speak IV – A Left-Icon For The Age Of Obama

    08/03/2011 7:39:36 PM PDT · by massmike · 1 replies ^ | 08/03/2011 | Don Feder
    This is the fourth installment in a series on liberal language-manipulation – the ways in which the left’s terminology comes loaded with hidden assumptions. If you even tacitly accept these catch phrases, you’ve lost the debate before it starts. For instance, the expression “same-sex marriage” is based on the preposterous notion that “marriage” (as shaped by biology and theology) is even remotely possible between two people of the same gender. Accept the assumption, and you are reduced to fighting on the fringes. (Example: Is it good for children?) Since the left controls most of society’s idea-generators – the mass media,...
  • Finding Our Way Out Of The Forest - Faith, Family And Fecundity

    07/08/2011 5:56:12 PM PDT · by massmike · 5 replies ^ | 07/08/2011 | Don Feder
    While abortion, contraception, divorce, unmarried couples living together, children born out-of-wedlock, the culturally instilled desire for small families and the relentless drive to normalize homosexuality all have an impact, in some cases a pronounced impact, on declining birthrates, they are results not causes. However, they are connected. In the United States, the deconstruction of Judeo-Christian civilization has preceded in stages - from the introduction of oral contraceptives in 1960, to taking prayer out of our public schools in 1963, to the legalization of abortion in 1973, to no-fault divorce in the early 1970s, to the rise of cohabitation, illegitimacy and...
  • As Obama Shreds The Constitution And Drives America To The Brink Of Bankruptcy,Where's The Outrage?

    04/05/2011 2:07:36 PM PDT · by massmike · 25 replies
    grasstopsusa ^ | 04/05/2011 | Don Feder
    Where’s the outrage? Given what Barack Obama is doing to the Constitution, the economy and our future, the American people should be up in arms (metaphorically speaking, civility-hysterics take note). Citizens should be marching on Washington with pitchforks and flaming brands in hand (also a metaphor). Every city should see demonstrations to make the most raucous Tea Party rally look like Sunday night in Pierre, S.D. Instead, it’s a mental fog as usual. Hey, the unemployment rate is now (barely) below 9%! Wasn’t that a cold winter? Gee, I wonder what zany, drug-induced thing Charlie Sheen will do next?
  • Tax The Rich – Until There Aren't Any Left

    03/15/2011 8:24:35 PM PDT · by massmike · 12 replies · 1+ views
    grasstopsusa ^ | 03/15/2011 | Don Feder
    They say you get less of what you tax and more of what you subsidize. The left feels there are still too many producers in this country. But it has a solution – tax them into extinction. Increasingly, the Democrats and their stooges sound like villains from an Ayn Rand novel – Wesley Mooch or Lee Hunsacker. Posturing at a Democratic rally in Sarasota, Florida last week, horror-writer Stephen King announced, “As a rich person (not to mention a monument to the public’s abysmal taste in 'literature’) I pay (a) 28% tax. What I want to ask you is why...
  • Enough Already With The Phony, Hypocritical, Nauseating Calls For Civility

    01/24/2011 8:57:38 PM PST · by massmike · 25 replies
    grasstopsusa ^ | 01/24/2011 | Don Feder
    Last week, the left was saying that conservatives from Sarah Palin to Rush Limbaugh and the Tea Parties had blood on their hands – that the right created the climate of hate that somehow caused/provoked/impelled/influenced a g-string-wearing, “Communist Manifesto”-touting psychopath (whose brains are “scrambled,” according to one of his professors) to shoot a Congresswoman in the head and murder a federal judge and five others. This week, the Botticellis of bile are calling for civility and unity, asking everyone in politics (but especially conservatives, who, naturally, have the most to atone for) to dial down their rhetoric whilst a celestial...
  • A Patriot's Prayer (A Conservative Prayer For Our Country)

    12/29/2010 5:23:57 PM PST · by goldstategop · 7 replies · 5+ views
    Don Feder ^ | 12/03/2010 | Don Feder
    * I am an American. After God, my highest loyalty is to this country. * I believe America cannot remain one nation unless it is under God. America is no accident. From the beginning, it was intended by the Author of Liberty to fulfill a special role. We couldn’t have gone from 13 disparate colonies clinging to the Atlantic coast to the world’s last remaining superpower in little more than 220 years without the guiding hand of Providence. * Along with the Founding Fathers, I believe religion is the foundation of liberty, morality and representative government. The First Amendment was...
  • A Patriot's Prayer (A Conservative Prayer For Our Country)

    12/29/2010 5:10:33 PM PST · by goldstategop · 41 replies · 9+ views
    Don Feder ^ | 12/03/2010 | Don Feder
    * I am an American. After God, my highest loyalty is to this country. * I believe America cannot remain one nation unless it is under God. America is no accident. From the beginning, it was intended by the Author of Liberty to fulfill a special role. We couldn’t have gone from 13 disparate colonies clinging to the Atlantic coast to the world’s last remaining superpower in little more than 220 years without the guiding hand of Providence. * Along with the Founding Fathers, I believe religion is the foundation of liberty, morality and representative government. The First Amendment was...
  • It Used To Be "First The Saturday People,Then The Sunday People."But Moslems Can't Hardly Wait

    11/16/2010 7:21:59 PM PST · by massmike · 4 replies ^ | 11/16/2010 | Don Feder
    I don’t ask Christians to accept my interpretation of the Bible - even though it's the only one that makes sense. I do ask that they think long and hard about what’s going on today – that there’s a religious/political movement aimed at global domination. For every Jewish victim, it produces a mountain of Christian corpses. As Israel goes, so goes Italy, Britain and the United States.
  • Hateful Me, Loving Liberals And Filty, Parasitic Human Infants

    09/08/2010 6:24:24 PM PDT · by Tolerance Sucks Rocks · 26 replies ^ | September 8, 2010 | Don Feder
    At the outset, two points to bear in mind: 1. Dissent infuriates liberals. 2. As far as they’re concerned, everyone’s business is their business. When my wife returned to our car in the parking lot of B.J.’s, there was a note on the windshield: “How sad that someone filled with so much hate has a child. May God bless and forgive you.” Here’s looking down at you, kid. The verdict (doubtless from someone who considers herself non-judgmental) was prompted by anti-Obama bumper stickers and a child’s car seat, which the snoop spotted. That she was looking in our car is...
  • Obama, The NAACP And The Left's Race Obsession

    07/20/2010 6:54:35 PM PDT · by massmike · 7 replies ^ | 07/20/2010 | Don Feder
    At its 101st annual convention in Kansas City last week, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People directed the Tea Parties to “expel the bigots and racists in your ranks.” The resolution was offered by King Shamir Shabazz (Minister of Voter Intimidation and Gestapo Tactics of the New Black Panther Party), who told delegates: “You want freedom? You’re gonna have to kill some Tea Party crackers. You’re gonna have to kill some of their babies!” It was Moveon.orged and seconded by the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Jr. (President Obama’s spiritual counselor for 19 years) who, in the spirit of...
  • Where Do I Go To Say Kaddish For My Country?

    07/07/2010 11:26:06 AM PDT · by massmike · 9 replies ^ | 07/07/2010 | Don Feder
    “Kaddish” (more properly, the “Mourner’s Kaddish”) is the traditional Jewish prayer for the dead, recited for a specified period after the death of a parent, child, spouse or sibling, as well as during the Yizkor service on Yom Kippur. When my mother died in January, at age 97, I knew where to go to say Kaddish for her — to the synagogue where I’ve been praying (haphazardly) for over a decade. But where do I go to say Kaddish for my country — the nation that nurtured me like a parent, the country that defines me as a person as...
  • Obama Hates Israel Because He Hates America

    06/16/2010 12:38:40 PM PDT · by massmike · 17 replies · 480+ views ^ | 0616/2010 | Don Feder
    In his new book “The Grand Jihad: How Islam And The Left Sabotage America” Andrew McCarthy puts Obama’s full-waist bow to the absolute monarch of Saudi Arabia in context: “So, of all the planet’s potentates, why would an American president demean his station in homage to this one? Because Saudi Arabia is the cradle of Islam. More specifically, it is the bottomless purse and symbolic crown of a movement which aims at nothing less than supplanting Western political, economic and cultural values. The subversion of those values is Obama’s fondest wish: the work of his presidency, the Hope behind the...
  • Coming Soon — The House Un-Obama Activities Committee?

    05/30/2010 10:49:45 AM PDT · by massmike · 4 replies · 512+ views ^ | 05/30/2010 | Don Feder
    Here’s the first concrete evidence of global warming: Deval Partick’s brain is melting. Speaking at Suffolk University Law School last week, the Democratic Governor of Massachusetts became the latest, and most prominent, liberal to charge that refusing to roll over for Obama was borderline treason.... ....Like, Democrats never rooted for Ronald Reagan, Bush ’41 or W. to slip and fall flat on their faces. They did handstands, cartwheels and goal-post victory dances (while waving pom-poms wildly in the air) every time a Republican president failed to achieve his policy goals.
  • Liberals and Vampires

    05/27/2010 9:35:37 AM PDT · by massmike · 9 replies · 308+ views ^ | 05/27/2010 | Don Feder
    Two things are clear: The left controls the culture and our culture is obsessed with vampires. For the record, I am not suggesting that Barack Hussein Obama sleeps in a coffin lined with his native (Kenyan) earth or that Hillary Rodham Clinton could be dispatched with a stake through her heart, if you could find it. But, the parallels between liberalism and vampirism are too obvious to ignore.
  • Leader Of The Nativist Pack – Or Anti-Immigrant Me

    03/28/2010 6:47:16 PM PDT · by massmike · 2 replies · 480+ views ^ | 03/28/2010 | Don Feder
    You would think that a nativist/anti-immigrant leader would have wavy blonde hair, piercing blue eyes and a square jaw – a Son of the American Revolution whose people booked passage on the Mayflower. You would not expect such a scourge of alien hordes to be a middle-aged Jewish writer and the grandson of immigrants. But, there I am on the website of People For the American Way’s – censured as a notorious foe of what it styles “immigration reform.” Along with Michelle Malkin (another unlikely Aryan), I’m at the top of its “Previewing The Right Wing Playbook On Immigration...
  • The Perpetual-Crisis Machine Of The Apocalyptic Left

    02/17/2010 11:33:55 AM PST · by massmike · 2 replies · 378+ views ^ | 02/17/2010 | Don Feder
    The left is in crisis-overdrive. Imminent disaster is its rallying cry. The world will end, if we don’t appropriate billions, launch another massive government program, shower condoms on 6-year-olds, socialize another sector of the economy, cede more of our freedom to Washington, and venerate the polar bears. Since at least the early 1960s, the left has been in a constant state of agitation, prophesying doom at every turn. Any who question its hysteria-mongering are labeled anti-science, a tool of corporate interests, insensitive or just plain Republican. The refrain is always the same: Don’t question. Don’t examine the evidence too closely....
  • Democrats Dying to Kill Us With Obama-Care

    10/20/2009 6:45:08 PM PDT · by massmike · 30 replies · 518+ views ^ | 10/20/2009 | Don Feder
    The left has always wanted to exercise absolute control over the lives of the American people – mind you, for our own good. It wants to control what we think, through public education, Hollywood and its trained-poodle news media. It wants to dispose of our property, through confiscatory taxation. It wants to raise our children, run our businesses, and plan our retirement. But now, with Obama-care, it’s reaching for the gold ring – the power to decide who lives and dies, the power to play God. If you’re elderly and ailing, if you’re young and disabled, if you require special...

    07/29/2009 7:47:20 PM PDT · by massmike · 20 replies · 803+ views
    grasstops usa ^ | 7/29/2009 | Don Feder
    While making an ass of himself, Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates performed an invaluable public service by creating the circumstances in which the president of the United States again exposed himself as an elitist snob who can relate to the common man only as a caricature. When Obama said the Cambridge police “acted stupidly” in arresting Gates – and lectured us on the epidemic of racial profiling – the mask of moderation slipped to reveal the arrogant, sneering elitist lurking behind it.

    07/13/2009 6:58:56 PM PDT · by massmike · 5 replies · 302+ views
    grasstops usa ^ | 7/13/2009 | Don Feder
    Patriotism isn’t a seasonal occupation – something to be packed away with the flags and bunting until next year – not if you care about your country. Defending America is a year-round, 24/7 cause that requires knowledge, stamina and commitment. Especially in our hour of peril, with a doctrinaire leftist in the White House, who is, at the very least, indifferent to his country’s fate (that’s America’s, not Kenya’s) – think Michael Moore on Slim Fast, think George Soros without the creepy, Transylvanian accent – now more than ever before, we need to raise up a new generation of patriots....

    07/03/2009 6:43:07 AM PDT · by massmike · 14 replies · 655+ views ^ | 7/3/2009 | Don Feder
    Last week, at age 50, Michael Jackson transferred to another dimension. He will be missed. The celebrity/side-show-attraction was the perfect metaphor for what America has become – the U.S. of Freak. ...... This is not to cast aspersions. America has become a freak show – where 15-year-olds have body-piercing, newly elected officials are assigned a personal parole officer, and celebrity is a synonym for nauseating. ......We have celebrity freaks, political freaks, freaky athletes who torture pit bulls and freaks with a short shelf-life (like the women who kill their children so they can party). ...... Toleration is hardly enough. We...
  • Making a Mockery of Being Green ("The Goode Family")

    05/26/2009 10:24:04 AM PDT · by markomalley · 25 replies · 1,665+ views
    WSJ ^ | 5/22/2009 | JAMIN BROPHY-WARREN
    Director Mike Judge’s new animated television series “The Goode Family” is a send-up of a clan of environmentalists who live by the words “What would Al Gore do?” Gerald and Helen Goode want nothing more than to minimize their carbon footprint. They feed their dog, Che, only veggies (much to the pet’s dismay) and Mr. Goode dutifully separates sheets of toilet paper when his wife accidentally buys two-ply. And, of course, the family drives a hybrid. On Wednesday at 9 p.m., “The Goode Family” will have its premiere on ABC and become the first animated series on the network’s prime-time...
  • Weenie Conservatives

    05/17/2009 9:42:22 AM PDT · by massmike · 8 replies · 519+ views ^ | 5/17/2009 | Don Feder
    If the modern conservative movement has a patron saint, it’s Oscar Mayer. I recently attended a conference to address media bias. Present were representatives of several DC-based conservative groups. Some were hesitant about a counterattack on the mainstream media. Why bite the hand that bashes you? How can we expect them to work with us, if we begin by assailing them, they plaintively inquired? For a minute, I thought I’d wandered into the recovery room for male pups who’ve been clear-cut. Conservatives working with the liberal media? Swell idea! It would be like the Chief Rabbi of Berlin working with...

    03/26/2009 4:26:35 PM PDT · by Travis McGee · 64 replies · 2,734+ views ^ | March 24, 2009 | Don Feder
    On March 11, I joined a growing fraternity – conservatives who’ve been prevented from speaking on college campuses. Student storm troopers have become the final arbiters of who may speak and what views may be expressed in academia – once dedicated to free inquiry and open discussion, now as intellectually open as a Stalinist gulag. The academic archipelago? I was invited by the University of Massachusetts at Amherst Republicans and Young America’s Foundation to speak on hate crimes laws as a threat to free speech and religious freedom. That there is a national epidemic of hate crimes incited by hate...
  • UMass Protests Free Speech

    03/19/2009 11:41:44 AM PDT · by bs9021 · 7 replies · 588+ views
    Campus Report ^ | March 19, 2009 | Bethany Stotts
    UMass Protests Free Speech by: Bethany Stotts, March 19, 2009 “You know I feel like I’m in a time machine...I’m back at Boston University in 1969,” said Don Feder, editor of Accuracy In Media’s Boycott the New York Times, at a recent speaking engagement. “As I said, that’s it,” he said and left the microphone. Feder’s comments were quickly followed with cheers and cat-calls by students and protestors at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst. According to the Socialist Worker, approximately 150 UMass Amherst students and community members celebrated their ability to frustrate a paid guest speaker whom they argued was guilty...
  • Campus Snapshots

    03/19/2009 11:25:43 AM PDT · by bs9021 · 320+ views
    Campus Report ^ | March 19, 2009 | Malcolm A. KIine
    Campus Snapshots by: Malcolm A. Kline, March 19, 2009 From desecration of Christian icons to shouting down dissident viewpoints to penny ante smackdowns of candidates in student elections, America’s college campuses have become, if not fascistic, then at least places where fascism can happen. Cooper Union Crucifies Catholics When reports surface about the Koran being desecrated in a federal detention center, public outrage understandably follows. Yet most major media outlets do not deem it a story when Christian icons are violated. Similarly, few academics and cause groups deem it worth of collective indignation. The Catholic League for Religious and Civil...
  • Boycotting the New York Times, and Ignoring It

    03/17/2009 11:06:43 AM PDT · by AIM Freeper · 7 replies · 825+ views
    National Review ^ | March 17, 2009 | Kevin D. Williamson
    Among those with useful insights on the New York Times’s refusal to cover the Chas Freeman controversy, Don Feder was blistering: “In a sane world,” he wrote, “Freeman wouldn’t even be allowed to read National Intelligence Estimates, let alone be responsible for generating them. The Times’s efforts to low-key this disastrous appointment is typical of its attempts to run interference for the administration.” The Grey Lady is a specialty for Feder, a longtime syndicated columnist and commentator. He edits a website called Boycott the New York Times, a project of Accuracy in Media. In the wake of the Freeman controversy,...
  • Times Downplays Intelligence Nominee’s Ties To Hostile Foreign Powers

    03/13/2009 12:30:44 PM PDT · by AIM Freeper · 6 replies · 466+ views
    Boycott The New York Times ^ | March 13, 2009 | Don Feder
    Yesterday’s New York Times story on Charles W. Freeman’s decision to withdraw his name from consideration for a top intelligence post was yet another instance of the paper trying to distance Obama from what could have been a disastrous personnel decision. Freeman, who was tapped to head the National Intelligence Council (which produces the National Intelligence Estimates that are vital to policy making), is not only rabidly anti-Israel, but has ties to hostile foreign powers that go way beyond questionable. The Times claimed, “When Dennis C. Blair, the director of national intelligence, announced that he would install Charles W. Freeman,...
  • Feder’s hate crime speech cut short by protests (campus Leftist Nazis silence conservative)

    03/12/2009 5:58:42 AM PDT · by pabianice · 28 replies · 1,438+ views
    UMass Daily Collegian ^ | 3/12/09 | Butterfield
    Both sides wanted controversy, and both sides got it. In the Cape Cod Lounge Wednesday night, conservative pundit Don Feder took the podium after University of Massachusetts Republican Club president Greg Collins introduced him to a swarm of boos. The event devolved from there. Shortly before the speech began, a large group of protesters carrying “anti-hate” signs assembled and filed into the room, where they were met at the door by UMass police. From the start, the protesters made their voices heard. “There’s absolutely no room for hate speech on this campus,” said winter 2008 graduate Natalia Tylim. Her friend,...