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  • Trump and the New Know-Nothings Threaten the Death of the GOP

    08/10/2015 3:45:16 AM PDT · by lifeofgrace · 72 replies ^ | 8/8/15 | Steve Berman
    The final Whig president of the United States was Millard Filmore in 1853.  He marked the death of the Whigs, and the rise of the Know-Nothings.  Today the GOP faces its own death, and the continued success of Donald Trump in the polls reflects the fact that the Republican Party is staring into its own grave. The Know-Nothing party was formed in reaction to Irish Catholic immigration, and pledged to restore “Native Americans” to political power (and by that I don’t mean Hiawatha, but WASPs).  Forming a party based on reactionary impulse is the death-rattle of a lost cause, and...
  • Republicans, Let us Honor Abraham Lincoln Today

    09/15/2003 6:37:23 AM PDT · by republicanwizard · 155 replies · 876+ views
    National Park Service ^ | 9/15/2003 | RepublianWizard
    Third Debate with Stephen A. Douglas at Jonesboro, Illinois September 15, 1858 MR. DOUGLAS' SPEECH. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN: I appear before you today in pursuance of a previous notice, and have made arrangements with Mr. Lincoln to divide time, and discuss with him the leading political topics that now agitate the country. Prior to 1854 this country was divided into two great political parties known as Whig and Democratic. These parties differed from each other on certain questions which were then deemed to be important to the best interests of the Republic. Whig and Democrats differed about a bank, the...
  • The party of know nothings

    08/31/2010 3:31:05 AM PDT · by afraidfortherepublic · 10 replies · 1+ views
    The American Thinker ^ | 8-31-10 | Jeffrey Folks
    "Ideas may be cut loose from experience in two senses: either they have no roots in experience, or they are not submitted to the test of experience. Either way, they are free to be foolish." So wrote Jeane Kirkpatrick in the Introduction to her landmark book, Dictatorships and Double Standards (New York, 1982, p. 10). Kirkpatrick's statement applies perfectly to the band of naďve idealists now in change of our government. The youthful dreamers guiding the Obama administration have almost no private-sector experience. Like Obama himself, the Cabinet and host of czars who direct policy have spent their lives in...
  • Confederate history month proclamation causes massive outbreak of Offendeditis

    05/17/2010 7:04:35 PM PDT · by Idabilly · 424 replies · 3,238+ views ^ | April 12, 2010 | Doug Hagin
    I would also remind any Conservative that America is in the hole it is today because we have forgotten so much of our history. We are right to demand that our representatives remember the founding documents, we are right to demand these documents be taught in school. Again, how is studying the Confederacy any less important? Is not the essential question right now, on so many issues, NOT States rights? And what was the fight from 1861-65 over again? Yes, States rights.
  • Is Your Senator A Member Of The Bankster Party? (Mccain's a bankster)

    The one main benefit to the financial reform effort so far is that it helps further do away with the false paradigms of "left" or "right" and "Democrat" or "Republican" - fewer and fewer people are falling for those lies anymore. Try to get an ideological conservative to explain why Republicans love spending and so eagerly give welfare to banks. Try to get your local liberal to explain why it was a good idea to make backroom deals with abhorrent corporations and drill, baby, drill. Heck, even try to get a Tea Partier to explain choosing bailout-lover Sarah Palin to...
  • The Problem With Palin

    04/19/2010 5:52:15 AM PDT · by reaganaut1 · 530 replies · 5,826+ views
    American Spectator ^ | April 19, 2010 | Quin Hillyer
    Sarah Palin, 55 percent unfavorable poll ratings notwithstanding, is a political phenomenon the likes of which American public life rarely has seen. There's something distinctive, something deeply personal, about the way her legions of strong supporters rush not just to defend her but to counter-attack any and all of her critics. Palin has a way of establishing a sense of connectedness with her backers -- such a strong, attitudinal sense that she is not just like them but one of them -- that she has created what amounts to a one-woman, conservative "identity politics" writ very, very large. Yet if...
  • Karl Rove Has to Be Kidding (Southern Avenger) (GOP is using and abusing conservatives)

    04/10/2010 11:10:39 PM PDT · by rabscuttle385 · 27 replies · 1,169+ views
    American Conservative ^ | April 8, 2010 | Jack Hunter aka Southern Avenger
    Why in the hell is Karl Rove on my TV? Why is Karl Rove on my radio? Why is Karl Rove on anywhere? Unless he’s on trial or being interrogated, I can’t imagine of what possible use this George W. Bush relic could be to conservatives and yet he’s everywhere, hocking his book “Courage and Consequence: My Life as a Conservative in the Fight,” a title as credibly right-wing as Stephen Colbert and as historically accurate as the movie “Titanic.” Craig Shirley and former Reagan official Donald Devine summed up Rove’s duplicity well in this week’s Washington Post: “From William...
  • Boehner pledges to enact health plan if GOP wins during town hall (Big Government® at work)

    11/05/2009 6:31:38 PM PST · by rabscuttle385 · 75 replies · 2,567+ views
    The Hill, Washington, DC ^ | 2009-11-05 | Michael O'Brien
    Republicans will enact the health reform proposal they unveiled this week if they take back the House, Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) pledged Thursday. Appearing on the Republican National Committee's (RNC) online town hall, Boehner and other House and Senate leaders said they sensed momentum behind GOP efforts to halt Democratic health reform legislation, which is set for a vote on Saturday. "If we get in the majority after the election, I plan to enact our healthcare plan," Boehner said during the town hall.
  • Media in the tank for Obama [On Obama's and the press giving him pass even on anti-Semite pals]

    11/01/2008 8:27:17 AM PDT · by elhombrelibre · 20 replies · 519+ views ^ | 1 Nov 08 | Jack Kelley
    The media haven't done enough to tell us who Barack Obama really is. "After all this time with him, I still can't say with certainty who he is," wrote Peter Nicholas of the Los Angeles Times on Tuesday about Mr. Obama, with whom he's spent roughly 18 hours a day for most of this campaign.
  • Brokaw And Rose: Who Is Obama? (Two MSM Journalists Talk About Obama The Empty Suit Alert)

    10/31/2008 3:48:51 PM PDT · by goldstategop · 22 replies · 3,338+ views
    Rush ^ | 10/31/2008 | Rush Limbaugh
    RUSH: Now, on Charlie Rose Show last night on PBS. Are they doing their pledge drive yet? Is PBS doing their drive? Because, you know, "Without your Pledge, we cannot dust." He had on Tom Brokaw last night, ladies and gentlemen. Here's a montage. Now, this is last night. As you listen to this, keep in mind everything you've heard from Brokaw and others in the Drive-Bys can for the past six months, three months, two months or whatever. This is a montage of Charlie Rose and Brokaw trying to figure out who Obama is. ROSE: I don't know what...
  • Los Angeles Is a Third World City

    04/26/2008 9:17:42 AM PDT · by T.L.Sink · 70 replies · 609+ views
    The Telegraph ^ | April 24, '08 | staff
    A third of immigrants have not graduated from high school and 60 percent do not speak English fluently, the Migration Policy Institute found. These immigrants make up half the Los Angeles workforce. It said this left immigrants ill-equipped to fill California's fastest-growing occupations. The organization said that as the so-called baby boomers reach retirement age, a similar pattern will spread across the U.S. Ernesto Cortes, of the Industrial Area Foundation, a think-tank that specializes on social change said "The question is are we going to be a 21st century city or a Third World city with an elite group on...
  • U.S. votes and we all feel the pain (Barf Alert)

    01/06/2008 3:56:33 AM PST · by 2ndDivisionVet · 34 replies · 118+ views
    The Toronto Star ^ | January 6, 2008 | Thomas Walkom
    The rest of the world gets uneasy every four years as Americans start to pick their next president. We don't have a vote. But we do have to live with the results. As the tenure of George W. Bush illustrates – this is not always pleasant. With the so-called Iowa caucuses out of the way, the murky U.S. political scene has become marginally clearer. Most Canadians would be hard-pressed to name all of the presidential candidates. We now know, thanks to an arcane and not particularly fair voting system in one of America's smallest states, which names we will never...
  • Immigration Fight Turns to U.S. Workers(54M American workers unemployed; 28M foreigners employed)

    09/03/2007 4:39:31 PM PDT · by kellynla · 170 replies · 2,344+ views
    The Washington Times ^ | September 3, 2007 | Stephen Dinan
    Immigration-limits groups are in the midst of a Labor Day campaign to pressure Congress and presidential candidates to pledge to cut the flow of foreign labor in order to protect American workers. The groups' plea — being made in a new television-ad campaign and an online petition — occurs as think tanks on both sides of the immigration debate ponder the role of immigrants in the labor force, and arrive at different conclusions about how necessary foreign workers will be over the next half-century. The new ad campaign is stark and blunt: It features a young couple sitting at a...
  • Giuliani and the Know Nothings (Immigration Barf Alert!)

    08/19/2007 8:50:09 AM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 40 replies · 1,101+ views
    The New York Sun ^ | August 17, 2007 | Ryan Sager
    What an election: The one-time mayor of Ellis Island, grandson of Italian immigrants, has to make nice with the modern-day Know Nothings if he wants a shot at his party's nomination for the presidency. Mayor Giuliani gets immigrants. He's lived their dreams. He's governed their city. He's won their hearts and their minds and their votes. But now he must walk a razor's edge between advocating sensible immigration reforms on one side and demonizing immigrants as criminals and invaders on the other. Having transgressed from conservative orthodoxy irreparably on one issue, abortion, Mr. Giuliani has been pursuing a strategy of...
  • NYT: Ron Paul for President... of the 'Wackos'? [Birchers, Israel-Haters, etc.]

    07/20/2007 4:27:18 PM PDT · by KentTrappedInLiberalSeattle · 615 replies · 8,302+ views
    Editor and ^ | 07/20/07 | E&P Staff
    NEW YORK A feature piece in this coming Sunday's New York Times Magazine on Republican candidate for president, Rep. Ron Paul of Texas, portrays his followers as including a wild mix of "wackos" on both ends of the political spectrum. Paul, a libertarian, has been gaining media and public attention of late. The cover line reads: "A Genuine Radical for President." The headline inside: "The Antiwar, Anti-Abortion, Anti-Drug-Enforcement-Administration, Anti-medicare Candidacy of Dr. Ron Paul." The article closes with the author, Christopher Caldwell, attending a Ron Paul Meetup in Pasadena. The co-host, Connie Ruffley of United Republicans of California, admits she...
  • Don't hang out 'no vacancy' sign at Kittery [Maine Wants Immigrants (KnowNothings)]

    06/05/2007 4:23:00 PM PDT · by bd476 · 47 replies · 1,165+ views
    Maine Today ^ | June 5, 2007 | P. Vincent O'Malley
    Don't hang out 'no vacancy' sign at Kittery Maine needs immigrants to grow and prosper, which means being welcoming, not hostile. Cead Mille Failte is a Gaelic expression of Irish hospitality that literally translates to "one hundred thousand welcomes." As the son of Irish immigrants who were welcomed to Maine more than 80 years ago to find work, raise a family and practice their faith, I believe the only way to have a prospering Maine is to have a welcoming Maine. Maine's periods of great economic growth have coincided with its periods of high levels of in-migration. This is...
  • First Grant Amnesty, Then Deny It

    06/05/2007 3:15:38 PM PDT · by gpapa · 17 replies · 672+ views
    Real Clear Politics ^ | June 5, 2007 | Rich Lowry
    Supporters of a lax immigration policy love to hurl the charge of "Know-Nothingism" against their critics. But, oddly enough, it is the Senate immigration bill that duplicates a key element of the 19th-century Know-Nothing platform. Those long-ago nativists wanted to make immigrants wait 21 years to become citizens. The Senate bill effectively creates a comparable waiting period.
  • America's Fear of Outsiders (Immigration, Know Nothings and the KKK)

    06/04/2007 9:24:52 PM PDT · by bd476 · 35 replies · 824+ views
    Time Magazine ^ | By Richard Brookhiser | May 31, 2007
    As Congress takes another pass at immigration, its supporters hail it as an all-American phenomenon. President George W. Bush calls it therapeutic: "Immigration helps renew our soul... Snip The bigotry of immigration opponents is a familiar shadow in our civic myth, like the devils and tempters in a medieval morality play. In 1798 John Adams signed the Alien Act, which gave the President the power to expel "dangerous" foreigners. Harrison Gray Otis, an Adams supporter in Congress, singled out "hordes of wild Irishmen" as particularly unwelcome. Other Congressmen mocked the French accent of Representative Albert Gallatin, who was born in...
  • Can we talk? Lynchburg's dialogue on race and racism (More on the "Know Nothings")

    06/04/2007 7:37:50 PM PDT · by bd476 · 7 replies · 457+ views
    News & Advance ^ | June 2, 2007
    Can we talk? Lynchburg's dialogue on race and racism Lynchburg News & Advance Saturday, June 2, 2007 To delve into the thicket that is the question of race relations in America is always a dangerous undertaking. It’s a loaded topic that cuts to the core of who a person is and how he perceives he fits in American society - or doesn’t. But as the face of America changes before our eyes, it’s a topic that needs to be addressed. Race has been a boil since the very first African was brought to Jamestown in 1619 and sold to the...
  • The Irish in America [Immigration, History & the Know Nothings]

    06/04/2007 5:26:33 PM PDT · by bd476 · 24 replies · 602+ views
    Library Ireland ^ | 1868 | By John Francis Maguire
    THE IRISH IN AMERICA By John Francis Maguire, 1868 CHAPTER XXIV. The Know Nothing Movement--Jealousy of the Foreigner--Know Nothings indifferent to Religion--Democratic Orators--Even at the Altar and in the Pulpit--Almost Incredible--The Infernal Miscreant--A Strange Confession THE KNOW NOTHING movement of 1854 and 1855 troubled the peace of Catholics, and filled the hearts of foreign-born American citizens with sorrow and indignation. They were made the victims of rampant bigotry and furious political partisanship. There was nothing new in this Know Nothingism. It was as old as the time of the Revolution, being Native Americanism under another name. Its animating spirit...
  • NY Times Unhappy About Arrest of Ft. Dix Six

    05/11/2007 6:08:08 AM PDT · by genefromjersey · 8 replies · 590+ views
    The Inside Straight ^ | 05/11/07 | vanity
    I have mixed feelings when I see my predictions of what would come to pass in the case of the 6 wannabees who planned to attack Ft. Dix and kill as many soldiers as possible. A look at what's out there in the media and on the web tempts me to do something more rewarding-such as watching "The Re-birth of Mothra" !
  • Teacher knows something about Catholic bashing

    02/22/2007 9:46:01 AM PST · by Alex Murphy · 78 replies · 950+ views
    The Bakersfield Californian ^ | Feb 21 2007 | LEONEL MARTINEZ
    My catechism teacher, Sister Mary Lou Petrillo, was a smart and scrappy nun who drilled into us the basics of Catholicism without demeaning other Christian churches or religions. Too bad Sister Mary Lou isn't available to teach a few intensive lessons on tolerance to the campaign people of presidential candidate John Edwards. Within the last few weeks, two bloggers for the former North Carolina senator resigned after being hit with criticism from conservative Catholic organizations angered by past anti-Catholic remarks the bloggers posted on the Web, according to CNN. Melissa McEwan and Amanda Marcotte quit after groups like the Catholic...
  • America Needs a Stable, Diverse and Affordable Energy Supply(Sen. James Inhofe)

    01/26/2007 6:30:16 AM PST · by kellynla · 29 replies · 535+ views
    Human Events Online ^ | Jan 25, 2007 | Sen. James Inhofe
    The President is correct -- the U.S. is too dependent on foreign sources of energy, a necessary and vital component to national security. Government policies should do more to promote domestic energy production in all its forms, including but not exclusively related to motor fuels. The fact of the matter is that the country is over 70% self-sufficient when we consider total energy (coal, nuclear, hydro, renewables, gas, etc). Although much of that dependence relates to oil, the U.S. does not import nearly as much from the Middle East as some suggest. As energy expert Daniel Yergin recently pointed out...
  • Military considers recruiting foreigners Expedited citizenship would be an incentive

    12/27/2006 5:47:37 AM PST · by Kimberly GG · 86 replies · 1,552+ views
    Boston Globe ^ | 12/26/96 | Bryan Bender
    WASHINGTON -- The armed forces, already struggling to meet recruiting goals, are considering expanding the number of noncitizens in the ranks -- including disputed proposals to open recruiting stations overseas and putting more immigrants on a faster track to US citizenship if they volunteer -- according to Pentagon officials. Foreign citizens serving in the US military is a highly charged issue, which could expose the Pentagon to criticism that it is essentially using mercenaries to defend the country. Other analysts voice concern that a large contingent of noncitizens under arms could jeopardize national security or reflect badly on Americans' willingness...
  • Ag secretary puts spin on trade report

    09/12/2006 12:31:55 PM PDT · by hedgetrimmer · 42 replies · 565+ views
    PEORIA JOURNAL STAR, INC. ^ | September 12, 2006 | Alan Guebert
    Farmers and ranchers live in an ocean of numbers. And like the tide, the numbers - pigs-per-litter, gain-per-pound, bushels-per-acre, dollars-per-bushel - can't be held back; they keep coming and keep adding to our nation's food story. The U.S. Department of Agriculture swells the tide with annual, quarterly, monthly, biweekly, weekly and daily reports. The data are the dots by which all in agriculture and food steer. The steering is about to get harder. Two late August USDA reports confirm that 2006's big numbers won't be big enough for American food producers. At first blush, the first report, the Outlook for...

    09/07/2006 10:49:07 AM PDT · by presidio9 · 77 replies · 2,037+ views
    NY Post ^ | September 7, 2006 | Ralph Peters
    ISLAMIST fanatics attacked us and yearn to destroy us. The Muslim civilization of the Middle East has failed comprehensively and will continue to generate violence. The only way to deal with faith-poisoned terrorists is to kill them. And the world's only hope for long-term peace is for moderate Muslims - by far the majority around the globe - to recapture their own faith. But a rotten core of American extremists is out to make it harder for them. The most repugnant trend in the American shouting match that passes for a debate on the struggle with Islamist terrorism isn't the...
  • The Democrat Party -- 1828* - 2006 -- R.I.P.

    08/09/2006 10:40:08 AM PDT · by Congressman Billybob · 95 replies · 3,175+ views
    Special to FreeRepublic ^ | 9 August 2006 | John Armor (Congressman Billybob)
    The Democrat Party died yesterday in Hartford, Connecticut. Present when this venerable institution breathed its last were a minority of the Democrats in the Nutmeg State. The Party was the child of the Republican-Democrat Party, and the Anti-Federalist Party. It leaves no known descendants. However, political parties sometimes spawn children many years after their deaths. Is that verdict too harsh? The leaders of the Democrat Party in Washington, New York, and elsewhere, are not admitting even to a serious illness. It’s difficult to conduct a proper Irish wake when on-lookers insist on prodding the deceased to sing and dance. These...
  • [Pence Amnesty] A Compromised Plan

    08/03/2006 9:37:59 AM PDT · by Spiff · 17 replies · 644+ views
    National Review ^ | 3 August 2006 | Editors
    August 03, 2006, 9:03 a.m. A Compromised Plan By The Editors Rep. Mike Pence of Indiana and Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison of Texas, both Republicans, are making a last-ditch effort to bridge their party’s divide on immigration and pass a bill this year. We agree that the country, and the Republican party, would benefit if a sensible immigration plan were passed soon. The Pence-Hutchison plan isn’t one. The pro-amnesty Republicans have responded more favorably to the plan than the enforcement-first Republicans, and both sides are reading the plan correctly. Its central component is to allow illegal immigrants to continue...
  • No to Amnesty for Illegal Aliens ! No to guest worker program Petition--Please Sign!

    08/02/2006 6:18:14 AM PDT · by NAWER · 5 replies · 986+ views
    No to Amnesty ! No to a Guest Worker Program for Illegals!
  • Pence-Hutchison “Compromise” Induces Illegal Aliens to Leave By Letting Them All Stay

    07/27/2006 8:05:15 AM PDT · by Spiff · 60 replies · 1,081+ views
    Pence-Hutchison “Compromise” Induces Illegal Aliens to Leave By Letting Them All Stay Plan Compromises the Security of the Middle Class by Putting Business in Charge of Immigration Policy Washington, DC—In a desperate effort to “get something done” on immigration before the end of the congressional session, two normally sober members of Congress have hatched a plan that is vague on details when it comes to securing America’s borders and protecting American workers, while containing specific promises to millions of illegal aliens. The plan offered by Rep. Mike Pence (R-IN) and Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-Tex.) would require that the...
  • Minutemen Founder: 30 Million Illegals in U.S.

    07/25/2006 4:15:30 PM PDT · by shining_city · 114 replies · 1,501+ views
    NewsMax ^ | July 25, 2006
    The Minutemen border-watch group is coming to New York to demand that the federal government tighten security at our borders – and to promote an eye-opening new book co-authored by Minutemen founder Jim Gilchrist. President George Bush once referred to Minutemen volunteers as "vigilantes," but the book promises to give the group "a chance to respond, and to change the nature of the illegal immigration debate in the process,” according to a release from the group. "Minutemen: The Battle to Secure America's Borders" is written by Gilchrist and "Unfit for Command" co-author Jerome Corsi. The book hits stores nationwide on...
  • 21st Century Slave Trade: The 'Guest Worker' Amnesty

    07/25/2006 12:20:17 PM PDT · by CareUh · 10 replies · 466+ views
    Human Events ^ | July 25, 2006 | Jim Gilchrist and Jerome Corsi
    "There are jobs that just simply aren’t getting done because Americans won’t do them." —President George W. Bush, Cleveland, Ohio, March 20, 2006 [1] The twenty-first-century slave trade involves an organized effort to bring into the United States an underclass of uneducated, impoverished illegal immigrants who will work for below-market wages for companies that plan to commit employment tax fraud and violations of labor and immigration laws. No slave trader may actually go to Mexico or other Hispanic countries to capture workers and force them in chains to come to America to work in sub-standard conditions. Yet, we have termed...

    07/24/2006 12:37:31 PM PDT · by Kimberly GG · 21 replies · 466+ views
    Full Disclosure Network ^ | 7/24/06 | webblog
    In an eleven minute Video News Blog, the Full Disclosure Network™ presents "the news behind the news" the last day of the National Council of La Raza convention in Los Angeles on July 11, 2006. This video reveals the goals of the multi-national Corporate sponsors and the National Council of La Raza. COMMON GOALS So what do multi-national Corporations have in common with the National Council of La Raza (non-profit social,activist groups)? Full Disclosure™ discovered what may be the answer to that question when participants at the NCLR convention described the exciting prospect of nurturing, cultivating and encouraging the populous...
  • Secretary of State Rice to announce "diplomatic plan" for Middle East crisis

    07/21/2006 8:43:46 AM PDT · by HAL9000 · 48 replies · 790+ views
    AFP via Babelfish translation | July 21, 2006
    WASHINGTON - the American Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice will announce Friday the first details of a "diplomatic plan" international for the Middle East, indicated to AFP a high person in charge for the State Department.Mrs. Rice, who prepares to go in the area, "will have something to say this afternoon", declared the person in charge American."We are working in a diplomatic plan which would tackle the violence to which we attend and the roots of this violence", it added. "It will be an international effort".According to the American chain NBC, Mrs. Rice tries to organize a meeting of...
  • Beyond Immigration Rhetoric

    07/18/2006 8:12:32 AM PDT · by BerlinStrausbaugh · 76 replies · 2,366+ views
    American Conservative Union ^ | 7/18/2006 | David A. Keene
    The war over immigration reform among conservatives continues, and, as in most wars, truth has been one of the first casualties. Those who disagree with the hardening positions of people who would adopt more restrictive policies or with people who favor less restrictive measures are attacked as know-nothings, traitors or handmaidens of evil forces out to destroy the America we live in. Many conservatives reacted angrily to the way the Bush administration tried to demonize opposition to the president’s quasi-amnesty and guest-worker proposals when they were first introduced. Critics at the time were characterized as racists or “nativists” more interested...
  • Karl Rove on "Fairness"

    07/14/2006 9:49:06 AM PDT · by SiliconValleyGuy · 66 replies · 1,331+ views
    Sierra Times ^ | July 14, 2006 | Joanie Fischer
    Karl Rove on 'Fairness' "We need to work together, which will require making tough choices to get a bill that is not perfect, but is meaningful, and fair and comprehensive" ... Karl Rove, speaking to La Raza, 11 July, 2006 The definition of ‘fair,’ (always a dangerous concept when viewed from a political-power, bureaucracy-entrenched perspective), appears to have taken a sharp left, anti-sovereignty, extra-Constitutional turn as seen through the eyes of the Bush administration and the majority of American ‘leadership’ in Washington: Being ‘fair,’ according to Karl Rove and his powerful and growing ilk, appears to include: * Having the...
  • Commerce's Gutierrez Backs Senate Immigration Bill [Illegal Alien Shamnesty Bill]

    07/13/2006 6:30:43 AM PDT · by conservativecorner · 34 replies · 411+ views
    NewsMax ^ | July 13, 2006 | Reuters
    WASHINGTON -- Tighter borders and workplace enforcement alone will not solve the country's problem with illegal immigration and may make the situation worse by driving millions of people deeper in the shadows, U.S. Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez said Wednesday. In testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee on behalf of the Bush administration, the Cuban-born Gutierrez backed the Senate's comprehensive approach combining border security and new employer enforcement measures with a plan that gives many of the estimated 12 million illegal immigrants a path to citizenship. "The more this issue becomes one of enforcement only, we are driving them (illegal immigrants)...
  • Tancredo Expresses Disappointment at Pence’s Immigration U-Turn

    07/04/2006 11:35:26 PM PDT · by Spiff · 560 replies · 6,197+ views
    Tancredo Expresses Disappointment at Pence’s Immigration U-Turn Rep. Tom Tancredo (R-CO) 23 May 2006 WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Tom Tancredo (R-CO), Chairman of the 97-member House Immigration Reform Caucus, expressed disappointment at Rep. Mike Pence’s policy shift on immigration reform. At a Heritage Foundation speech this afternoon, Pence presented what he called “a rational middle ground… between amnesty and mass deportation” that turns its back on a enforcement-first strategy, grants rogue employers amnesty, and would in effect reward illegal aliens for breaking the law. “Mike Pence is making the same mistakes that the President has, using the straw man of...
  • Karl Rove: Featured speaker at 4-day NATIONAL COUNCIL OF LA RAZA shindig

    07/06/2006 9:14:55 AM PDT · by hollandv · 37 replies · 2,116+ views
    The National Council of La Raza has posted its speaker line-up for the radical organization's convention in Los Angeles July 8-12. Top, but not necessarily surprising, inclusions: Bill Clinton, Villaraigosa, turncoats like Sam Brownback (who just wants to keep his state's blood-stained slaughterhouses running on cheap, disposable labor) and so on. But catch the featured speaker in Tuesday's finale: Karl Rove. Karl Rove!!? Karl Rove. I predict a seat at the big-boy table will soon be openly handed over to CAIR and their cohorts. Click the link to see all the illustrious, infamous names on NCLR's event calendar.
  • Rep. Steve King: The Pence immigration plan has let conservatives down

    07/05/2006 11:59:02 AM PDT · by NapkinUser · 19 replies · 742+ views
    Rep. Steve King: The Pence immigration plan has let conservatives down. The Pence plan is a siren song, even more dangerous than the Senate bill, because it threatens to lure Lifeboat America onto the rocks to be sunk in the hazardous Sea of Presumption. Read More
  • But I'm Still Right About Pence's Plan

    07/05/2006 11:42:38 AM PDT · by Spiff · 43 replies · 790+ views
    Human Events Online ^ | 9 June 2006 | Mac Johnson
    But I'm Still Right About Pence's Plan by Mac Johnson Human Events Online First let me thank Mr. Brian Johnson (no relation) for thoroughly reading my earlier criticism of Rep. Mike Pence’s not-an-amnesty immigration proposal, and believing it was important enough to dedicate a response to it. Now let me respond to several of the points in Brian Johnson’s article. 1) I was wrong to reject Rep. Pence’s proposal so quickly, especially given his bona fides as a conservative legislator. As the debate over late-term abortion shows, it is sometimes important to kill things quickly, lest they take on...
  • Another “No Amnesty” Amnesty [Pence's "Middle Ground" Plan in same place as other Amnesty Plans]

    07/05/2006 9:41:23 AM PDT · by Spiff · 55 replies · 766+ views
    National Review Online ^ | 13 June 2006 | Mark Krikorian
    June 13, 2006, 6:32 a.m. Another “No Amnesty” AmnestyIt was a nice try, at least. By Mark Krikorian It’s funny how every new “middle ground” on immigration is in the same place as the old ones. The latest “middle ground” proposal comes from Rep. Mike Pence (R., Ind.). Pence, who has solid conservative credentials as head of the House Republican Study Committee, offered what he billed as “The Real Rational Middle Ground on Immigration Reform” at a Heritage Foundation speech last month. Since there’s no actual bill to look at, we have to judge from Rep. Pence’s speech and other...
  • Only 483 Guard Working on Mexican Border

    07/01/2006 6:05:02 AM PDT · by ohhhh · 35 replies · 631+ views
    DRUDGE REPORT ^ | 6/30/2006 | AARON C. DAVIS
    NEWS WEB BREITBART FINANCE SOURCE: REUTERS · ASSOCIATED PRESS · AFP · FOX NEWS · US NEWSWIRE · DRUDGE REPORT Only 483 Guard Working on Mexican Border Jun 30 9:35 PM US/Eastern By AARON C. DAVIS Associated Press Writer SACRAMENTO, Calif. On the deadline to have 2,500 troops along the Mexican border, the National Guard said Friday that only 483 were in position and working with the U.S. Border Patrol as the Bush administration had directed. But Guard officials said more than 2,000 others were somewhere inside the four southwestern border states, training or helping plan the deployment. He and...
  • Benefits off-limits to illegals [Colorado]

    06/30/2006 12:42:03 PM PDT · by ncountylee · 19 replies · 823+ views
    Rocky Mountain News ^ | June 30, 2006 | Myung Oak Kim and Rosa Ramirez
    Colorado's raging immigration debate has taken many twists and turns, but it always returns to one question: To what extent do illegal immigrants use taxpayer-funded services? The charge that illegal immigrants are dipping into programs such as food stamps and welfare has triggered a special session of the legislature next week, after the state Supreme Court nixed a ballot measure on the issue. The Rocky Mountain News analyzed the maze of laws, regulations and procedures connected to about two dozen services. Put simply, illegal immigrants are not entitled to most public benefits, unless they're able to produce convincing fake identification....
  • Another Grim Report on the Jobs Front

    04/23/2006 2:44:37 PM PDT · by Dialup Llama · 226 replies · 3,474+ views
    Newsmax ^ | 4/19/2006 | Paul Craig Roberts
    Is your job safe? Not if it can be done abroad. The only safe jobs are in domestic services that require a "hands-on" presence, such as barbers, hospital orderlies, and waitresses. For a number of years the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ monthly payroll jobs reports have been sending US policymakers dire warnings, only to be ignored. The March report repeats the message. Ninety-five percent of the new jobs created are in domestic services. The US economy no longer creates jobs in export or export-competitive sectors. Wholesale and retail trade, waitresses and bartenders account for 46% of the new jobs. Education...
  • Heckler prompts Bush apology

    04/20/2006 4:43:09 PM PDT · by Aussie Dasher · 410 replies · 6,837+ views
    Herald Sun ^ | 21 April 2006
    A HECKLER from the Falun Gong spiritual movement, who entered White House grounds as a reporter, interrupted a formal arrival ceremony for Chinese President Hu Jintao today, prompting President George W. Bush to apologise to his guest. After being welcomed by Mr Bush, the Chinese president was just beginning his response when a woman, who had been allowed into the press section, started shouting. She was escorted away by a uniformed US guard. "President Hu, your days are numbered. President Bush, make him stop persecuting Falun Gong," the woman yelled. US officials later identified her as Wang Wenyi, 47, a...
  • Refineries and oil terminals are full, yet prices are rising

    04/20/2006 1:17:48 PM PDT · by NYer · 110 replies · 3,247+ views
    Asia News ^ | April 20, 2006 | Maurizio d’Orlando
    Capital movements due to fears over a possible US-Iran war, financial speculation or market meltdown are driving crude prices upward. Milan (AsiaNews) – Capital movements on commodity exchanges, not low supply are pushing oil prices upward. Brent crude has reached US$ 74 a barrel because of lowered refinery use and a backup in crude inventories that has left many a super tanker waiting to unload. Oil storage has become a problem since facilities are full in the Persian Gulf, Europe, the Americas and even Asia. Even Israel, which built huge embargo-busting oil depots to allow the country to survive every...
  • Please allow me to vent here...

    04/20/2006 11:52:31 AM PDT · by ConservativeMan55 · 113 replies · 2,565+ views
    I just saw on Foxnews that President Bush's poll numbers have taken another dive. Gee I wonder why? Maybe the average American isn't thrilled about our President hosting the Red Chinese..complete with marching bands..and a 21 gun salute. Maybe the average American isn't thrilled that 12000 illegal aliens enter the US every day. Screw guest workers, screw the economy..if the terrorist sneak some sort of bomb in here..its all gonna be blown to hell anyways. Maybe the average American isn't thrilled that Iran was named CHAIRMAN of the disarm committee of the UN..and we don't hear A PEEP from our...
  • Return of America first

    04/18/2006 6:43:27 AM PDT · by NotchJohnson · 107 replies · 1,971+ views
    Town Hall ^ | 4/18/06 | Pat Buchanan
    Friday's lead story in America's largest newspaper must have made for sober reading at AEI and the Council on Foreign Relations, the twin dorms that house the Wilsonian wings of our national parties. Americans, it appears, have had a bellyful of interventionism and globaloney. Reporters Susan Page and David Jackson merit quoting at length: "In a USA Today/Gallup Poll, nearly half of those surveyed said the United States 'should mind its own business internationally and let other countries get along as best they can on their own.' ... "The leave-us-alone mood is apparent not only in the proportion of Americans,...
  • How is Your Voting Strategy Working Out?

    04/16/2006 1:52:39 PM PDT · by rodeocowboy · 307 replies · 2,784+ views
    Constitution Pary ^ | 11-02-2005 | John Leone - Candidate for New Jersey State Assembly
    Question for conservatives who vote for Republican candidates every few years because the Republicans are the "lesser of two evils." P> How is your voting strategy working out? Since "conservative" Republicans have taken over the House of Representatives 11 years ago, the expansion of government has continued at every level. Nothing has been done to stop the holocaust of abortion. Gay marriage under the guise of "civil unions" is becoming a norm in our society. Our government continues in its Wilsonian tradition of globe-trotting and nation-building with the precious blood of American soldiers fertilizing the subjected nations, making them "safe...