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  • Untold Riches—Way Above

    05/19/2016 10:49:39 AM PDT · by Sean_Anthony · 9 replies
    Canada Free Press ^ | 05/19/16 | Dr. Klaus Kaiser
    KT Boundary and Iridium Ever dreamt of hiking over the landscape and finding a mineral vein rich with ores, perhaps even silver or gold glittering in the sunshine, like in the Hand of Faith vein in Australia? How about joining the gold rush fever—without trekking up the Chilkoot Pass as thousands of prospectors did well over 100 years ago? The chances of finding a “mother lode” are slim, even when trying hard. They are similar to winning the jackpot in a big lottery. But don’t give up just yet; there is a new “horizon” for your exploration activity—the new frontiers...
  • Just an ordinary, daily word, yet a word that mystically reaches for the stars

    05/10/2012 3:16:11 PM PDT · by NYer · 5 replies
    Archdiocese of Washington ^ | May 9, 2012 | Msgr. Charles Pope
    Every now and then a word just catches your ear, and several times in a day it jumps out at you and you’re tempted to say: “There it is again!”Yesterday it was the word “consider”, an ordinary, daily word. Or is it? Why did it strike me so? With my knowledge of Latin, it occurred to me that “consider” has something to do with the stars, for the Latin word sidera means “stars” or “heavenly bodies.” How interesting, I have use the word for the better part of 50 years and that had never crossed my mind. But as sometimes...
  • Life in the Balance – And why Earth-like planets may be rare

    03/31/2012 3:00:05 PM PDT · by NYer · 39 replies
    Archdiocese of Washington ^ | March 30, 2012 | Msgr. Charles Pope
    The video below is a very creative representation of what the day and night sky on Earth would look like if the earth had rings like Saturn. It is well worth a view.But it puts me in the mind of pondering the delicate balance of life on this earth and, though the artwork in the video is beautiful, I suspect that the presence of rings would dramatically alter life on this earth, perhaps even annihilate it.By way of disclaimer, let me say I am not a geologist or astronomer. But a number of things concern me about the presence of...
  • Movie for a Sunday afternoon: "In Like Flint" (1967)

    10/13/2013 12:43:23 PM PDT · by ReformationFan · 28 replies
    You Tube ^ | 1967 | Gordon Douglas
  • Earliest Known Iron Artifacts Come From Outer Space

    08/19/2013 8:03:08 PM PDT · by lbryce · 37 replies ^ | August 19, 2013 | Staff
    Researchers have shown that ancient Egyptian iron beads held at the UCL Petrie Museum were hammered from pieces of meteorites rather than iron ore The objects. which trace their origins to outer space also predate the emergence of iron smelting by two millennia. Carefully hammered into thin sheets before being rolled into tubes, the nine beads — which are over 5000 years-old - were originally strung into a necklace together with other exotic minerals such as gold and gemstones. revealing the high value of this exotic material in ancient times The study is published in the Journal of Archaeological Science_...
  • Movie for a Sunday afternoon: "The Road To Hong Kong" (1962)

    04/21/2013 11:13:31 AM PDT · by ReformationFan · 5 replies
    You Tube ^ | 1962 | Norman Panama and Melvin Frank
  • Race To Mine The Moon Heats Up

    10/27/2011 9:22:03 PM PDT · by Captain Beyond · 23 replies ^ | 10/27/2011 | Loren Grush
    Astrobotic Technology's Red Rover, a lunar exploration vehicle that the company claims will be able to scout and drill for precious resources at the moon's poles. Moon, we just can’t quit you. NASA has shifted its goals from returning to the moon to visiting an asteroid or even Mars, but not everyone has given up on going back. The space agency's attention deficit has sparked a race among private companies eager to return to Earth's satellite.Read more:
  • Scientists warn ANOTHER out-of-control three ton telescope is hurtling towards the Earth

    10/10/2011 2:32:08 PM PDT · by Baladas · 23 replies
    The Mail Online ^ | 10th October 2011 | Allan Hall
    Earth has been told to brace for a possible satellite collision as an orbiting telescope weighing nearly three tons has spun out of control and is plummeting homewards. ROSAT, a German X-ray telescope built with British and American technology, has been orbiting the Earth since 1990 and has provided invaluable data on stars. But they lost contact with it in 1999. It is now predicted to re-enter Earth's atmosphere at the end of this month.
  • John Barry's "The Black Hole" Original Soundtrack remastered, expanded, and rereleased.

    08/26/2011 6:45:18 PM PDT · by Perdogg · 28 replies
    The soundtrack to the 1979 Disney space epic has been remastered, expanded, and now available from Disney and Intrada records. The music was composed by the late English movie music master John Barry, who is widely known for his work on the James Bond films between 1963 and 1987. Here is a suite of the OST on youtube
  • What are Nanobacteria?

    03/13/2003 12:39:21 AM PST · by Swordmaker · 12 replies · 1,478+ views
    NanoBacLabs ^ | 2001 | NanoBacLabs
    The term Nanobacteria is short for its scientific genus & species name Nanobacterium sanguineum, a Latin scientific term that means blood nanobacteria. Nanobacteria are nano-sized in that they are from 20-200 nanometers in size and are the smallest known self-replicating bacteria (a nanometer is 1 billionth of a meter and is approximately the width of ten hydrogen atoms side-to-side) Nanobacterium sanguineum is recognized as an emerging infectious disease. Nanobacteria have been shown to cause the calcification in coronary artery disease and vascular disease atherosclerotic plaque. (Miller V, et al, Mayo Clinic, Journal American College of Cardiology, March 2002 & Submitted...
  • Organic Molecule, Amino Acid-Like, Found In Constellation Sagittarius

    03/28/2008 6:11:45 AM PDT · by CarrotAndStick · 62 replies · 1,990+ views
    Science Daily ^ | Mar. 27, 2008 | Science Daily
    ScienceDaily (Mar. 27, 2008) — Researchers from the Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy (MPIfR) in Bonn have detected for the first time a molecule closely related to an amino acid: amino acetonitrile. The organic molecule was found with a 30 metre radio telescope in Spain and two radio interferometers in France and Australia in the "Large Molecule Heimat", a giant gas cloud near the galactic centre in the constellation Sagittarius (Astronomy & Astrophysics, in press).  Amino acetonitrile. (Credit: Sven Thorwirth, MPIfR) The "Large Molecule Heimat" is a very dense, hot gas clump within the star forming region Sagittarius B2....
  • Building block of life found on comet

    08/17/2009 8:26:35 PM PDT · by Gordon Greene · 43 replies · 1,915+ views ^ | Mon Aug 17, 2009 8:45pm EDT | Steve Gorman
    The amino acid glycine, a fundamental building block of proteins, has been found in a comet for the first time, bolstering the theory that raw ingredients of life arrived on Earth from outer space, scientists said on Monday. Microscopic traces of glycine were discovered in a sample of particles retrieved from the tail of comet Wild 2 by the NASA spacecraft Stardust deep in the solar system some 242 million miles (390 million km) from Earth, in January 2004. Samples of gas and dust collected on a small dish lined with a super-fluffy material called aerogel were returned to Earth...
  • Life's Building Blocks Found on Surprising Meteorite

    12/16/2010 5:53:58 AM PST · by FatherofFive · 50 replies · 1+ views ^ | Wed Dec 15, 6:15 pm | Staff
    Scientists have discovered amino acids, the building blocks of life in a meteorite where none were expected. The finding adds evidence to the idea that some of life's key ingredients could have formed in space, and then been delivered to Earth long ago by meteorite impacts. The meteorite in question was born in a violent crash, and eventually crashed into northern Sudan
  • NASA: Exceptional object in our cosmic neighborhood

    11/12/2010 7:38:04 PM PST · by Flavius · 61 replies · 1+ views
    nasa ^ | 11/11/10 | nasa
    - NASA Announces Televised Chandra News Conference - NASA will hold a news conference at 12:30 p.m. EST on Monday, Nov. 15, to discuss the Chandra X-ray Observatory's discovery of an exceptional object in our cosmic neighborhood.
  • Russia offers Venezuela nuclear help, Chavez says

    04/03/2010 2:08:49 AM PDT · by Cindy · 13 replies · 696+ views
    (AP) via YNET ^ | Published: 04.03.10, 07:01 / Israel News | n/a
    <p>Atomic energy was one of many areas of cooperation discussed as Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin made his first visit to the South American country.</p>
  • UN to discuss Air Traffic Control for outer space

    02/21/2010 8:51:28 PM PST · by ErnstStavroBlofeld · 19 replies · 450+ views
    Aviation News ^ | 02/07/2010 | Richard Gray
    Space experts from around the world will discuss ways of tackling the growing problem of space debris in orbit around the Earth. It comes just a year after an American satellite collided with a Russian satellite. There are thought to be more than 19,000 pieces of debris larger than 4 inches across racing around the Earth at high speeds, while there are more than 500,000 bigger than a postage stamp. The number of particles smaller than this are thought to exceed tens of millions. Despite their relatively small size, most are travelling faster than 15,600mph and at these speeds a...
  • Space, Cyberspace Viewed as Likely Battlegrounds for U.S. in 21st Century

    01/29/2010 2:38:16 PM PST · by ErnstStavroBlofeld · 1 replies · 141+ views
    Space News ^ | 1/29/2010 | Turner Brinton
    The United States faces an evolving list of potential adversaries in the 21st century that not only continue to seek weapons of mass destruction, but are honing the skills necessary to wage battle in cyberspace as well as outer space, a panel of national security experts said Jan. 20. The nature of warfare has changed significantly since the end of the 20th century, with new technologies and threats emerging faster than ever, U.S. Air Force Gen. Robert Kehler, commander of Air Force Space Command, said during a panel discussion at the Conference on National Security Strategy and Policy here. The...
  • Are you guys watching Obama lecturing the House GOP? (29 January)

    01/29/2010 9:49:02 AM PST · by SE Mom · 460 replies · 22,435+ views
    29 January 2010
    This is unreal- Obama is lecuring the House GOP retreat- they're asking him questions and he's talking to them like they're 10th graders..
  • Earth-like planet Corot-7b found outside solar system

    09/22/2009 2:11:12 PM PDT · by antiobamacare · 23 replies · 1,401+ views
    Times Online ^ | September 17, 2009 | Mark Henderson
    Astronomers have confirmed that a planet orbiting a distant star has a rocky structure similar to that of Earth, a find that shortens the odds on extraterrestrial life being discovered. New observations of a planet named Corot-7b, which circles a star 500 light years away in the constellation Monoceros, or the Unicorn, have shown that its density is similar to the Earth’s, indicating that it is also a solid, rocky world. The discovery is important for the prospects of discovering life elsewhere because Corot-7b is the first exoplanet — a planet beyond our solar system — orbiting another star that...
  • Earth sends messages into outer space

    08/11/2009 11:47:39 PM PDT · by myknowledge · 10 replies · 555+ views
    Messages from Earth will be sent into space as part of National Science Week. People can visit the Hello From Earth website to post text-like message that will be transmitted to Gliese 581d - the nearest earth-like planet outside our solar system. Gliese 581d was discovered in April 2007. It is eight times the size of Earth and 20 light years away. The project is already proving popular, with the website receiving 26,000 hits in the first five minutes - crashing the system for a short time. The messages will be sent from the Canberra Deep Space Complex at Tidbinbilla....
  • UN's "outer space people" tackle asteroids, climate (the Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA))

    07/14/2009 3:32:25 PM PDT · by NormsRevenge · 3 replies · 247+ views
    AFP on Yahoo ^ | 7/14/09 | Sim Sim Wissgott
    VIENNA (AFP) – They call them the "people in outer space". But besides stopping extra-terrestrial arms races, this tiny UN office has very down-to-earth goals: to help poor countries develop crops and help manage natural disasters. Overshadowed by its larger UN siblings -- like the World Health Organisation, the nuclear watchdog IAEA or the refugee agency UNHCR -- the Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA) and its 27 employees sit almost forgotten in the vast hallways of the United Nations headquarters in Vienna. "If we do make contact with aliens, who do you think should be representing mankind?" jokes UNOOSA...
  • James May at the Edge of Space (BBC Documentary)

    06/25/2009 1:17:34 PM PDT · by bethybabes69 · 24 replies · 889+ views
    James May always wanted to be an astronaut. Now, 40 years after the first Apollo landings, he gets a chance to fly to the edge of space in a U2 spy plane. But first he has to undergo three gruelling days of training with the US Air Force and learn to use a space suit to stay alive in air so thin it can kill in an instant. He discovers that during the flight there are only two people higher than him, and they are both real astronauts on the International Space Station.
  • The Sun (Seriously cool pics!)

    10/20/2008 8:28:24 PM PDT · by thefactor · 37 replies · 2,414+ views ^ | 10/13/08 | Alan Taylor
  • Extraterrestrial beings caught on tape for the first time ever

    01/21/2008 2:10:47 AM PST · by 2ndDivisionVet · 38 replies · 319+ views
    Pravda ^ | January 18, 2008 | Dmitry Sudakov
    Extraterrestrial beings have finally been taped on video, the head of the Turkish UFO Center, Haktan Agdogan said. The ufologist said at a special press conference in Istanbul that a local resident, a watchman from one of cottage townships, managed to film an extraterrestrial spaceship and two aliens. The lucky man, named as Yalcin Yalman, presented his 22-minute video to reporters. The video can be found on YouTube (click to watch the video). Haktan Agdogan said that the tape will evoke a wide response in the world because it is the first-ever footage that depicts not only a UFO per...
  • Hillary Unhappy with Russert

    11/01/2007 4:16:02 PM PDT · by Tolerance Sucks Rocks · 119 replies · 274+ views
    Newsmax ^ | November 1, 2007 | Newsmax staff
    Hillary Clinton’s top advisers charge that the presidential candidate was unfairly targeted by moderator Tim Russert during Tuesday night’s Democratic debate in Philadelphia. Russert asked Clinton a number of tough questions during the MSNBC-sponsored debate, including one on Social Security and another on the release of documents from the Bill Clinton administration, as she sought to fend off attacks from her Democratic rivals. Mark Penn, Clinton’s senior strategist, said: “Russert made it appear that President Clinton had done something new or unusual” in regard to the release of documents. “I think there will be further clarification.” Penn and Jonathan Mantz,...
  • Mir Christianity Group plans to station "missionauts" to spread the gospel in outer space

    10/15/2007 6:11:01 AM PDT · by ensignsj · 2 replies · 59+ views
    The Holy Observer ^ | 10-15-07 | The Holy Observer
    GRAND RAPIDS, MI – Missions trips that take missionaries 200 miles from home don't usually stir up a lot of controversy, but a missions group here is finding out that when those 200 miles are straight up, people tend to take notice. “We really view the exhortation of Christ to carry the gospel to the ends of the earth as more of a starting point,” said Christian Newman, founder and executive director of Third Heaven Ministries. “Besides, it’s been more than 2,000 years. I would certainly hope we’ve sewn up the whole earth thing by now.”
  • Still crazy after four decades: The case for withdrawing from the 1967 Outer Space Treaty

    09/24/2007 5:27:45 PM PDT · by Clintonfatigued · 11 replies · 57+ views
    The Space Review ^ | September 24, 2007 | John Hickman
    This year is the 40th anniversary of the Treaty on Principles Governing the Activities of States in the Exploration of Outer Space Including the Moon and Other Celestial Bodies, more commonly known as the 1967 Outer Space Treaty. Born out of anxiety about the Cold War and excitement about the Space Age, the agreement is a tribute to the ability of diplomats to draft international law that is simultaneously effective but bad. Successful in preventing states from claiming sovereign territory in outer space the treaty also hobbled space exploration and development. Today, human activity in outer space is confined to...
  • Puny Humans, Geocentrism, and ET

    02/10/2007 6:16:45 AM PST · by NYer · 5 replies · 397+ views
    Catholic Exchange ^ | February 6, 2007 | Mark Shea
    Our place in the cosmos has been a source of fascination since the first human looked up at the splendor of the night sky.  Every culture has reacted to the spectacle of the heavens with various sorts of religious awe.  Babylonians watched the stars for omens, as did the Chinese.  Petroglyphs in North America record novas.  Greek gods are bound up with the constellations.  Vanished cultures erected immense monuments like Stonehenge with an eye on the movements of the heavens.  Egypt was rocked by a religious reform movement led by Akhenaten, who worshiped one god: the Sun.The sense of wonder...
  • Target Practice in the Final Frontier

    02/04/2007 11:25:13 AM PST · by Clintonfatigued · 4 replies · 478+ views
    The Washington Post ^ | February 4, 2007 | Michael Krepon
    They warn us of approaching storms. They allow us to make emergency phone calls on mobile phones. They're the digital conveyor belt for global commerce. They help police and ambulances reach their destinations when every minute counts. And the Pentagon relies on them to provide U.S. forces with intelligence, communications and targeting information. Satellites, it seems, have become our lifelines. Still, it's easy to take satellites for granted -- easy, that is, until the People's Liberation Army crashes a missile into one of China's aging meteorological satellites, as it did last month. It was a crude show of strength, which...
  • Semper Fly: Marines in Space (excellent Popular Science article with photos)

    12/19/2006 1:12:48 AM PST · by ajolympian2004 · 38 replies · 9,426+ views
    Popular Science ^ | December 2006 | David Axe
    As any battlefield commander will tell you, getting troops to the fight can be as difficult as winning it. And for modern-day soldiers, the sites of conflict are so far-flung, and the political considerations of even flying over another country so complicated, that rapid entry has become nearly impossible. If a group of Marine Corps visionaries have their way, however, 30 years from now, Marines could touch down anywhere on the globe in less than two hours, without needing to negotiate passage through foreign airspace. The breathtaking efficiency of such a delivery system could change forever the way the U.S....
  • Hawking: Man must leave planet Earth

    11/30/2006 6:53:39 AM PST · by COUNTrecount · 129 replies · 2,213+ views
    Telegraph.Co.UK ^ | 30/11/2006 | Roger Highfield
    Mankind will need to venture far beyond planet Earth to ensure the long-term survival of our species, according to the world's best known scientist, Professor Stephen Hawking. Stephen Hawking says space is his next goal Returning to a theme he has voiced many times before, the Cambridge University cosmologist said today that space-rockets propelled by the kind of matter/antimatter annihilation technology popularised in Star Trek would be needed to help Homo sapiens colonise hospitable planets orbiting alien stars. And he disclosed his own ambition to go into space. "Maybe Richard Branson will help me," he said, a reference to the...
  • Rock-it science: Queen star conquering the universe (Brian May coauthors physics book)

    10/23/2006 3:10:02 PM PDT · by dead · 31 replies · 1,111+ views
    AFP via Yahoo! ^ | Mon Oct 23, 1:22 PM ET | Robin Millard
    LONDON (AFP) - As the guitar power in the legendary British rock band Queen, Brian May conquered most of the planet -- and now he has his sights set on mastering the universe. The star musician, who wrote hits like "We Will Rock You", "The Show Must Go On" and "Flash", has switched his plectrum for a pen and co-authored a book with two leading British astronomers, telling the story of the big bang and how the universe has evolved since. Brian May addresses the media during a photocall to launch a book entitled "Bang! The Complete History of the...
  • What if Black Holes Didn't Exist?

    07/23/2006 1:05:35 PM PDT · by LibWhacker · 39 replies · 1,615+ views
    Seed Magazine ^ | 7/21/06 | Richard Morgan
    How an alternate theory of the universe exposes the 'war of words' that underlies modern cosmology. Theoretical physicists have recently been frustrated by a bold hypothesis concerning black holes—specifically, that they don't exist. In March, at the 22nd Pacific Coast Gravity Meeting in Santa Barbara, Calif., George Chapline, an applied physicist at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, gave a talk based on ideas he's been incubating for several years. His goal: to amend astrophysics by applying theories of dark energy and condensed matter physics. His work reinvents black holes as so-called "dark energy stars," which are what is left over when...
  • Space junk continuing to accumulate

    01/21/2006 7:46:10 PM PST · by paltz · 28 replies · 613+ views ^ | Friday, January 20, 2006; |
    WASHINGTON (AP) -- More than 9,000 pieces of space debris are orbiting the Earth, a hazard that can only be expected to get worse in the next few years, according to NASA scientists. And currently there's no workable and economic way to clean up the mess.
  • It's called Apophis. It's 390m wide. And it could hit Earth in 31 years time [Asteroid]

    12/06/2005 6:59:40 PM PST · by aculeus · 167 replies · 3,956+ views
    The Guardian (UK) ^ | December 7, 2005 | by Alok Jha
    In Egyptian myth, Apophis was the ancient spirit of evil and destruction, a demon that was determined to plunge the world into eternal darkness. A fitting name, astronomers reasoned, for a menace now hurtling towards Earth from outerspace. Scientists are monitoring the progress of a 390-metre wide asteroid discovered last year that is potentially on a collision course with the planet, and are imploring governments to decide on a strategy for dealing with it.
  • LBJ’s Space Race: what we didn’t know then (part 2)

    06/27/2005 5:41:38 PM PDT · by KevinDavis · 26 replies · 705+ views
    The Space Review ^ | 06/27/05 | Alan Wasser
    Kennedy had gotten involved in the revolution in Vietnam and left the resulting mess to Johnson, who got sucked in deeper and deeper. LBJ was in a terrible dilemma. He knew he couldn’t win in Vietnam, but he also knew he couldn’t quit, because the political consequences of losing were too great. So the stalemate in Vietnam just kept getting worse, and more and more expensive. Johnson didn’t want to give up his Great Society programs, and he didn’t want to raise taxes, so he absolutely had to cut everything else—and the space race was a big fat money pot....
  • Finding Support in the Search for E.T.

    05/30/2005 2:25:11 AM PDT · by RWR8189 · 20 replies · 566+ views
    Washington Post ^ | May 30, 2005 | Ariana Eunjung Cha
    HAT CREEK, Calif. -- Astronomer Michael M. Davis checked his computer. One of the antennas on the state-of-the-art radio telescope being built in the valley outside his office was picking up an unusual pulse from beyond the Earth. A signal from another intelligent civilization? Not today. It was the Rosetta Satellite, en route to study a comet. Hopeful moments followed by disappointments like this are par for the course for researchers at the SETI Institute, the privately funded successor to the now defunct government project dedicated to searching for alien life. They have been searching the heavens for decades, but...
  • China ready to counter US space plans

    05/23/2005 2:32:08 PM PDT · by phoenix_004 · 15 replies · 722+ views
    China takes U.S. plans to boost its space military capabilities very seriously and is likely to respond with energetic counter-measures of her own, a leading expert on the Chinese space program told United Press International. Chinese experts and leaders say that if the United States achieves absolute military and strategic superiority in space it could be used to intervene in China's affairs, such as the Taiwan issue. Chinese leaders have noted that the Taiwan issue was included as a hypothetical threat in the 2001 Rumsfeld Commission report on space weaponization. Zhang said such weapons would pose a huge threat to...
  • No plan B for outer space

    03/14/2005 4:50:21 PM PST · by Momaw Nadon · 10 replies · 525+ views
    The Economist ^ | Thursday, March 10, 2005 | The Economist
    America's plans for humans to explore space may cause it to relax its laws on weapons proliferation HERE'S a wizard idea. Spend $40 billion building a big tin can in orbit round the Earth, in order—at least in part—to keep the rocket scientists of your former enemy from going to work for your current enemies. Then find that a law intended to stop the current enemies getting their hands on such rocket scientists' knowledge means you can no longer use this expensive tin can. Confused? You are not the only one. Because that, in a nutshell, is what is...
  • India May Be First To Tell The World About ET Contact

    01/06/2005 10:50:20 PM PST · by Lori675 · 198 replies · 8,631+ views
    New Delhi is in the middle of a big secret internal debate. On one side the largest democracy of the world is eager to explain to its citizens and to the world about the ongoing contacts with the UFOs and extra-terrestrials. On the other hand there are invisible untold international protocols that prohibit doing anything that may cause worldwide fear and panic. It is well accepted between the UFO and extra-terrestrial experts that all the five nuclear powers are in contact with the beings from other stars for quite some time. Recently India has seen enormous news on UFO contacts...
  • Wood found on Mars? Not Photoshoped - off the nasa website.

    12/27/2004 8:38:41 PM PST · by Next_Time_NJ · 352 replies · 13,015+ views
    now im not a betting man, but i know landrovers and there space caps are not made of wood. This clearly looks like a wooden plank to me. Unless someone hacked's website and put up a photoshop'ed photo, this looks kinda odd.
  • More evidence of Extra Terrestrial contacts with Indian Government and Military

    12/20/2004 4:31:31 PM PST · by Momaw Nadon · 145 replies · 3,836+ views
    India Daily ^ | Sunday, December 19, 2004 | Juhi Singhal
    According to Subhra Jain, a freelance reporter in New Delhi, she bumped into a very senior Indian Military official in a nightclub in New Delhi. While talking what she came to know will make the rest of the world sit up all night. According to her, Extra Terrestrials have been visiting India and the rest of the world for thousands of years. In recent days most of the super powers have been formally contacted. India is no exception in recent days. ’They always contact through the ground radar stations of the military’, she says. Indian Himalayas and Ladakh (China-India) border...
  • The Physics of Extra-Terrestrial Civilizations

    11/03/2003 12:44:23 PM PST · by Michael Barnes · 260 replies · 1,874+ views ^ | unk | Michio Kaku
    The late Carl Sagan once asked this question, “What does it mean for a civilization to be a million years old? We have had radio telescopes and spaceships for a few decades; our technical civilization is a few hundred years old... an advanced civilization millions of years old is as much beyond us as we are beyond a bush baby or a macaque.” Although any conjecture about such advanced civilizations is a matter of sheer speculation, one can still use the laws of physics to place upper and lower limits on these civilizations. In particular, now that the laws of...
  • What Do You Say to An Extraterrestrial?

    12/02/2004 7:40:49 PM PST · by KevinDavis · 135 replies · 2,080+ views ^ | 12/02/04 | Seth Shostak
    I once thought that worrying about what we should broadcast to extraterrestrials made as much sense as fretting over the small talk I’d venture with King Carl XVI Gustaf if I won the Nobel Prize. I reckoned there was no need to dwell on the problem, as it was both hypothetical and irrelevant.
  • She's a believer in the skunk ape

    11/28/2004 8:38:24 AM PST · by TexasCajun · 83 replies · 4,539+ views
    Houston Chronicle (NYTimes of the South) ^ | Nov. 28, 2004, 9:42AM | LINDA FLOREA
    LAKELAND, FLA. - Urban legends are supposed to be legends and that's all. But if you ask Jennifer Ward about the Florida skunk ape, she will tell you it stepped out of the mists of myth and into reality. "I never thought anything like that was out there before," Ward, 30, said recently. "But I know there is now." Ward's encounter with the hairy creature came in August, about a week after Hurricane Charley, along a rural stretch of road as she was driving home from a friend's house. Her daughters were asleep in the back seat and it was...
  • UFO Expert: Aliens May Be Preparing Us For Ultimate Encounter

    11/18/2004 8:42:47 AM PST · by demlosers · 187 replies · 5,870+ views
    KBCI TV News ^ | November 15, 2004 | Scott Logan
    BOISE - UFOs are showing a keen interest in our nuclear weapons facilities, says investigator Robert Hastings, who has spent countless hours analyzing documents dealing with UFO sightings at nuclear missile launch sites and research labs in the United States over the past several decades. "You have reference to these objects hovering, racing away at blinding speed," he told Idaho 2 News. "There is no evidence we have an aircraft that can do that or anyone else on earth." Hastings, who has devoted countless hours researching UFOs and the U.S. government's reaction to them, was in Boise for a lecture...
  • Strange Find Has Rancher Scratching His Head (Oklahoma)

    11/07/2004 1:37:53 PM PST · by PoliticalInsider · 27 replies · 1,043+ views
    McAlester News Capital ^ | November 6, 2004 | DOUG RUSSELL
    It may be a work of art. It may have some more useful purpose. Or maybe it's some combination of the two. But Dwayne Romine would like to know for sure. He and his 12-year-old son, Greg, were looking for deer tracks on some family property near Indianola recently when the older Romine spotted something a little unusual in the ground. "I said 'look at that, a piece of rusted metal'," he recalled. "Greg said, 'Naw, that's just an old tree branch,' but I said 'No it's not.' "Sure enough, when we pulled it up, it was metal." That alone...
  • Explore the planet Mars

    11/05/2004 3:36:33 PM PST · by winodog · 14 replies · 486+ views ^ | Nov. 5 2004 | Nexterra
    Using current and Developing technology we can land a crew on the planet Mars in 2015
  • Dark Matter Halo Puzzles Astronomers

    10/26/2004 11:15:11 AM PDT · by ckilmer · 36 replies · 1,381+ views
    Universe Today, ^ | Oct 26, 2004
    Dark Matter Halo Puzzles Astronomers Summary - (Oct 26, 2004) Astronomers using the Chandra X-Ray Observatory have discovered a huge halo of dark matter around an isolated elliptical galaxy; an object that shouldn't have such a halo, according to optical observations. The galaxy, NGC 4555, is unusual that it's a large elliptical galaxy which isn't part of a larger cluster of galaxies. It's surrounded by a cloud of gas, twice the size of the galaxy itself, that's been heated to 10-million-degrees Celsius. This gas could only get that hot if it was being constrained by a halo of dark matter...
  • Space signal studied for alien contact

    09/04/2004 12:31:06 PM PDT · by nikos1121 · 82 replies · 1,519+ views ^ | September 2, 2004 | Reuters
    LONDON, England (Reuters) -- An unexplained radio signal from deep space could -- just might be -- contact from an alien civilization, New Scientist magazine reported on Thursday. The signal, coming from a point between the Pisces and Aries constellations, has been picked up three times by a telescope in Puerto Rico. There are other explanations besides extraterrestrial contact that may explain the signal. New Scientist said the signal could be generated by a previously unknown astronomical phenomenon or even be a by-product from the telescope itself. But the mystery beam has excited astronomers across the world. "If they can...