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  • The United Trolls of ZOT!

    12/30/2004 8:49:57 PM PST · by cfhBAMA · 142 replies · 4,002+ views
    December 30, 2004 | Melanie
    <p>We hope Secretary of State Colin Powell was privately embarrassed when, two days into a catastrophic disaster that hit 12 of the world's poorer countries and will cost billions of dollars to meliorate, he held a press conference to say that America, the world's richest nation, would contribute $15 million. That's less than half of what Republicans plan to spend on the Bush inaugural festivities.</p>
  • Bush Daughters Comfort the Wounded

    04/12/2004 6:44:23 AM PDT · by NYC Republican · 1,345 replies · 1,819+ views
    Yahoo News ^ | 4/12/04 | Jason Reed
    Barbara (L) and Jenna Bush, the daughters of U.S. President George W Bush, walk together from the Darnall Army Community Hospital in Fort Hood, Texas, April 11, 2004 after President Bush (news - web sites) and members of his family visited with soldiers wounded in Iraq (news - web sites). Bush awarded 10 purple hearts to troops recovering in the hospital, after attending an Easter Sunday Church service at a chapel within the army base in central Texas.
  • Goodbye you cheerleading losers

    03/21/2004 11:52:41 AM PST · by Beck_isright · 625 replies · 768+ views
    Self ^ | 03.21.04 | Self
    A few days ago, the esteeemed host and founder of this foremerly great website invited me to do the following: "654. To: JohnGaltfla (#367) Oh, it's much better to go out in a blaze of glory. Martyrdom, 72 virgins, plaque on the "Great Ones" wall of fame and all that rot. jimrobfr posted on 2004-03-19 03:29:45 ET" Obviously, he was concerned that some of his better non-bot posters had abandoned FR for greener fields where our financial and intellectual contributions would be appreciated. It was amusing to watch former FReepers belittle, banter and blast JimRob in various forms. I was...
  • Volunteer for the Bush '04 Campaign HERE

    03/02/2004 9:10:16 PM PST · by sdk7x7 · 28 replies · 171+ views
    Anyone interested in volunteering for the Bush campaign, I am a GOP Team Leader and I'm coordinating an effort. Please FReepmail me or simply reply to this post. I'll email you a sign-up form as soon as I hear from you. Thanks, sdk
  • LIVE THREAD: John Edwards FINALLY Drops Out of the Race!!

    03/03/2004 12:20:57 PM PST · by Howlin · 126 replies · 215+ views | March 3, 2004
    Have at it!
  • Reminder About The Smokey Backroom

    01/22/2004 8:03:07 AM PST · by I Am Not A Mod · 53 replies · 1,255+ views
    Hello everyone. I hope your New Year is going well so far.It has been a while since we had a reminder about what the Smokey Backroom is all about, and we have been getting a sense that some don't really know what it is about.As you all know, we have guidelines against personal attacks and flamewars. We try to keep things within those guidelines, but face it, sometimes discussions get tempers up and things get heated. Sometimes, the cure (pulling comments, suspending, and banning) can be worse than the problem. Sometimes an alternative cure is better-- letting those who are...
  • On "Bushbots" and "Bushbashers"

    01/21/2004 8:14:19 AM PST · by Sabertooth · 331 replies · 485+ views
    January 21st, 2004 | Sabertooth
    A couple of words we see frequently around the Forum are “Bushbot” and “Bushbasher.” I find them to be useless ad hominems that inevitably detract from whatever valid points the poster using them might be trying to make, or, more frequently, detract from said poster’s lack of any substantial points. By my understanding, a genuine “Bushbot” would be someone who would call the sky green if the President said so, and a true “Bushbasher” would call it purple if the President called it blue. While there are doubtless a few of each on FR, the vast, vast majority don’t fall...
  • Welcome Thread For Whyareyoudumbandhateful

    01/02/2004 7:48:25 PM PST · by Lead Moderator · 908 replies · 16,410+ views
    I wanted to invite everyone to greet our newest signup, whyareyoudumbandhateful. Do you think his or her first post will be to make a donation on the Freepathon thread?
  • Joe Wilson Details His Affair with CIA Wife

    01/02/2004 9:50:35 AM PST · by Tumbleweed_Connection · 122 replies · 588+ views
    NewsMax ^ | 12/16/03 | Limbacher
    He says the Bush administration violated his wife's privacy by revealing that she worked for the CIA. But now Spygate accuser Joseph Wilson is sharing with reporters intimate details about his relationship with the allegedly secretive Valerie Plame, offering an account of the couple's "heavy make-out" session just before she told him she worked for the CIA. Wilson, who said recently he would have sacrificed anything to guard his wife's privacy, offers the steamy details in the Jan. 2004 issue of Vanity Fair magazine. The move has even supporters wondering if he's blown his credibility as a White House whistleblower...
  • False Idols: An "American Idol" fan is cured by a trip to the TV hit's spinoff concert tour

    08/07/2003 2:46:09 PM PDT · by Pokey78 · 25 replies · 1,034+ views
    The Weekly Standard ^ | 08/07/03 | Matt Labash
    THERE WAS A TIME, not long ago, when primetime television was populated by famous people. Someone appearing on TV meant that they'd likely worked their way up through the ranks: doing school plays, regional theater, and embarrassing commercials, until finally, they honed their skills, perfected their craft, and slept with the lecherous casting director who'd cause them to become obscenely wealthy and loved by millions. These days, however, television isn't so much about being famous, as it is about auditioning to become famous. With televised tryouts being the entire point of such shows, aspirants of fame, even in failure, still...
  • AMERICAN IDOL: Clothier Says Ruben Was Secretly Paid To Wear '205' Jerseys

    08/06/2003 5:24:49 PM PDT · by L.N. Smithee · 36 replies · 365+ views
    Entertainment Weekly via AOL - "New Jerseys" ^ | August 6, 2003 | Gary Susman
    ''American Idol'' winner Ruben Studdard filed a lawsuit last week against 205 Flava, makers of the jerseys he made famous during the competition, arguing that the company has profited from his image without compensating him. But the company says it secretly paid Studdard to wear the shirts, emblazoned with the area code of his native Birmingham, in possible violation of his contract with the ''Idol'' producers, which forbade him from seeking outside endorsements. The firm's owners and lawyers held a press conference on Monday, where they displayed several checks made out to the singer's brother, Kevin Studdard, or his manager,...

    08/06/2003 8:40:57 AM PDT · by ellery · 533 replies · 406+ views
    <p>The prosecutor in the Kobe Bryant rape case says he has slam-dunk evidence to prove the NBA superstar's guilt, it was revealed on the eve of the hoopster's first court appearance today. Eagle County District Attorney Mark Hurlbert made that strong claim in court papers arguing against making public the police affidavit written to justify Bryant's arrest early last month.</p>
  • American Idol" winner Ruben Studdard is suing Alabama clothing maker

    08/01/2003 11:26:52 AM PDT · by freepatriot32 · 67 replies · 566+ views
    the smoking gun ^ | 8.1.03 | smoking gun
    AUGUST 1--Oversized "American Idol" winner Ruben Studdard is suing the Alabama clothing maker who once supplied him with those colorful "205" jerseys--size XXXXXXXXL--he wore on the Fox TV talent show. In a lawsuit filed Wednesday in Jefferson County Circuit Court, the corpulent crooner claims that 205 Flava, Inc., the Birmingham couturier, is improperly using images of the swollen singer to move its merch via its web site. The two-ton troubadour is seeking a court injunction against the firm, which the elephantine entertainer estimates to have earned north of $2 million by exploiting his image. The sweaty Studdard, currently headlining the...
  • The Perils of Peekaboo America's teen peep show: Has 'slutware' gone too far?

    07/29/2003 9:57:54 AM PDT · by presidio9 · 252 replies · 42,995+ views
    SF Chronicle ^ | Sunday, July 27, 2003 | J.A. Getzlaff
    <p>On a bustling Saturday afternoon a silent, generational war started at Abercrombie & Fitch, the teen retail clothing store in the San Francisco Shopping Centre, an urban mall at Market and Fifth streets.</p> <p>A girl of maybe 15, wearing braces and hip-hugger jeans, fingered a shrunken, see-through T-shirt that coyly advertised "Hottie Brand Cocoa." Her mother, noting her daughter's interest, eyeballed the stack of shirts and grimaced. She moved purposefully on, but her daughter lingered, hope in her eyes. After a minute, she gave up.</p>
  • Drudge radio show report that Kobe had "ANAL Sex" with the rape victim.

    07/29/2003 8:41:30 AM PDT · by hotdogjones · 315 replies · 1,987+ views
    Drudgereport radio show | 7/27/2003 | Matt Drudge
    Matt Drudge has revealed some information that hasn't yet been released, on his sydicated radio show. Excerpt: "I've decided to reveal some of the dirty sex details of the case. I have been told it's anal sex. ... My sources have been telling me. "That's why it's going to be controversial when it goes to trial. It's what is causing people a lot of uncomfortable feelings. "Some of the details (of the case) are explosive. Dateline (NBC) had some of this information and decided not to air it. ... This speculation is quite solid from where I sit."
  • Internet gay cannibalism net widens

    07/17/2003 10:46:08 PM PDT · by knak · 181 replies · 3,406+ views
    expatica ^ | 7/17/03
    KASSEL - Prosecutors Thursday said they have filed a murder indictment against one of two gay men who met in an Internet chat room, where it allegedly was agreed that one of them would kill and devour the other. And in a stunning new development, prosecutors in Kassel said they are broadening the investigation to include some 430 other persons believed to have been involved in the Internet gay cannibalism chat room that led to the death of a 42-year-old man in March 2001. Prosecutors are convinced that the victim, a computer analyst from Berlin, agreed to be killed and...
  • Sen. Bob Graham Just Called for Impeachments On MSNBC Over Supposed Intelligence Failures

    07/17/2003 2:09:23 PM PDT · by ewing · 133 replies · 620+ views
    MSNBC ^ | July 17, 2003 | Buchanan and Press
    MSNBC is running it as breaking news.. Graham said that there is no way that Tom Delay and the House will have impeachment hearings over the supposed intelligence failures (I assume he is talking about VP Cheney) so 'the people' will have to vote the offending partes out in 2004.A desperate act of a Presidential candidacy and a political career expiring
  • LIVE THREAD: Tony Blair Arrives in U.S. & Addresses Congress

    07/17/2003 10:35:27 AM PDT · by Howlin · 850 replies · 2,187+ views | July 17, 2003
  • I would just like to take a moment to say I think that President Bush is doing a good job.

    07/14/2003 2:42:05 PM PDT · by jern · 428 replies · 1,496+ views
    It seems like people on this forum have been jumping up and down lately to try to drag down the president: I just wanted to take a moment and say that I think he is doing a good job. Do I agree with every issue that President Bush has made? Absolutely not. I do not agree with all of the policy that has come out of the White House lately. I guess what makes me different is that I am a grown up, who operates in the real world. I realize that I am not going to agree with...

    07/14/2003 8:59:22 PM PDT · by Utah Girl · 789 replies · 1,715+ views
    NRO ^ | 7/14/2003 | David Frum
    On the ground floor of the White House is the Map Room, so-called because it was here that Franklin Roosevelt used to get his briefings on the progress of World War II. Over the mantel is the last map FDR saw before his death. It shows American, British, and Soviet troops racing toward Berlin. It also shows a frightening concentration of German forces in the Nazis’ last redoubt, the mountains of Bavaria. We now know of course that this last redoubt did not exist. American intelligence had been deceived. And it’s possible that policymakers also deceived themselves. Roosevelt, for reasons...
  • Fans Ask FCC To Investigate 'Idol'

    07/14/2003 7:41:31 AM PDT · by RoughDobermann · 37 replies · 190+ views
    The Denver Channel ^ | UPDATED: 9:38 a.m. EDT July 14, 2003
    Fans are still stinging over Clay Aiken's loss of the "American Idol" title to Ruben Studdard -- and they want the Federal Communications Commission to do something about it. According to the Smoking Gun Web site, Aiken's fans have "swamped" the agency with letters that accuse the 'Idol' network Fox of sabotaging his chances of winning the competition and are calling for an investigation of the voting process claiming that the network limited his fans' ability to get through on phone lines. One complaint said the phone line to vote for Aiken was always busy, but the caller got through...
  • The Freepers Greatest Threads, and Posts!

    07/13/2003 6:05:48 PM PDT · by carlo3b · 197 replies · 2,547+ views
    FREE REPUBLIC ^ | July 13 2003 | Carlo3b, and the greatest writers, and best folks in the world
    The Freepers Greatest Threads, and Posts!Why not spend a few minutes reminiscing about the funniest, most poinient, historic, or heartwarming moments on FREE REPUBLIC. Take the time to scan your bookmarks, search your memory, and scratch your head, Freep a friend for help, but find them, and share them with the greatest forum on the WORLD WIDE WEB.This is the time to show-off, and post those one-liners and rejoiners that make the posters on the Jim Robinson website, that continues to make history, untangle quamirers, and pop enigmas. Rememer Jim and this site as you go down memory lane, and...
  • ZOT! Free Republic Sucks?

    05/02/2003 6:37:21 AM PDT · by fisherspats · 485 replies · 1,234+ views
    Are People banned from this site? Are opposing views not welcomed? Why, YES.....Over the past 5-6 years I have had to change my log-in several times..Due to a "Banning". I have received over 132 e-mails from "Freepers" that were also banned. I enjoy reading most of the postings...I start my morning on this site. But I have learned not to reply or post any opposing views...until now. I'm sure this posting will vanish and once again I will be "banned". Until another screen name my friends.
  • The Media's Gay Mafia "Queers" the News

    07/06/2003 9:05:02 AM PDT · by mrustow · 96 replies · 2,663+ views
    Middle American News/A Different Drummer ^ | July, 2003 | Nicholas Stix
    In their quest to "queer" America, radical homosexual activists in the media destroy lives, as they manipulate the principle of privacy, and make war on traditional masculinity, sports, and even the truth. In late April, Sen. Rick Santorum (R, Pa.) got a taste of what awaits anyone who opposes the gay agenda. After explaining to Associated Press reporter Lara Jakes Jordan (who is married to Sen. John Kerry’s (D, Ma.) campaign manager, Jim Jordan) his opposition to any pro-gay laws or court rulings that might weaken the family, gay activists demanded that Santorum resign. But the Santorum case was only...
  • Woman Allegedly Throws Sons Into River (unidentified man rescued one child)

    07/06/2003 7:52:27 AM PDT · by TLBSHOW · 73 replies · 1,441+ views
    ap ^ | 7/6/2003 | ap
    Woman Allegedly Throws Her Twin Infant Sons Into Mississippi River; One Child Still Missing The Associated Press ST. PAUL, Minn. July 6 — A woman allegedly threw her twin infant sons off a bridge into the Mississippi River, then jumped in herself, screaming incoherently as she fell 75 feet to the water, police said. Several people who were at the river's edge for the city's July Fourth fireworks display Friday jumped in after them. A man rescued one of the 11-month-old boys, then pulled the mother to safety with the help of others. By then, the second boy had disappeared,...
  • Semi Official Free Republic Classic Political Photos Archive and Request Thread

    05/05/2003 6:42:37 PM PDT · by Diddle E. Squat · 179 replies · 26,858+ views
    The fertile minds and links of Freepers | 5/5/03 | Van E. Tee
    OK, let's create one master reference thread for our favorite classic political pictures. I keep seeing requests inside of threads for particular pictures, so how about we post our favorites here, and then if someone still can't find what they are looking for they can request it in a post here. Bookmark for future reference. Here are some of my favorites to start things off: Anyone got the version where his ears are wiggling? And my all-time favorite Bush photo
  • Any Thoughts On How Homosexuals Will Celebrate Their Big Win in the Supreme Court Today?

    06/26/2003 9:52:12 AM PDT · by AveMaria · 106 replies · 538+ views
    Today Morning, I received a phone call from a cousin living in San Francisco, who says that she was woken up from her sleep by cheering in the apartment building and street she lives in. Because of the time differences, many in San Francisco received the news of the Supreme Court ruling legalizing sodomy very early, just as they were waking up or having breakfast. Many were still at home and had not yet reported to their places of work. Apparently, the celebrations were so loud, the scenes in my cousin's apartment building resembled a great hometown sporting victory. She...
  • Chelsea boy?

    06/26/2003 1:01:13 PM PDT · by presidio9 · 79 replies · 516+ views
    NY Daily News ^ | June 25, 2003 | Suzanne Rozdeba
    Chelsea Clinton, 23, and Ian Klaus, 22, are back on, we hear. The former First Daughter was said to have wanted to cool things down with her Oxford University boyfriend. "She wanted some space," says a source. "But after a while, she realized how much he meant to her." The couple finished their final exams last week and have been celebrating ever since. We'll have to see whether Klaus, a Californian, follows her to New York, where she's due to take a $120,000-a-year consulting job at McKinsey & Co.
  • SCOTUS strikes down Texas sodomy ban

    06/26/2003 7:08:23 AM PDT · by Thane_Banquo · 1,733 replies · 3,191+ views
    SCOTUS sided with the perverts.

    05/30/2003 11:05:42 AM PDT · by Mister Magoo · 241 replies · 6,355+ views
    National Enquirer ^ | May 30, 2003 | National Enquirer
    CLINTON SEX ROMP CAUGHT ON VIDEO! CLINTON Bill Clinton has been caught on videotape cheating on Hillary -- and the steamy sex romp could torpedo her political career! Now foes of Hillary are in an all-out race to obtain the tape and publicize it, an exclusive ENQUIRER investigation has discovered. The issue that goes on sale Friday reveals how Clinton was taped having sex in a pickup truck with a department store clerk, how Hillary's opponents plan to use the video to sabotage her political plans … and more. Published on: May 30, 2003
  • 'IDOL' HATE STUNS STAR (Racist "American Idol" fans?)

    05/29/2003 11:49:27 PM PDT · by Michael2001 · 120 replies · 533+ views
    New York Post ^ | May 29, 2003 | MICHAEL STARR
    <p>'THE View" co-host Star Jones says she's received hundreds of hateful e-mails for her on-air support of "American Idol 2" winner Ruben Studdard. "I have to tell you, being on this show six years, I have never received such vicious e-mails . . . 'Take Ruben and go back to Africa,' vicious things," Jones said on "The View" yesterday to gasps from the audience.</p>
  • Is Clay (Aiken) gay? You know we asked -- An Advocate Exclusive

    05/28/2003 8:20:50 AM PDT · by Mister Magoo · 167 replies · 5,610+ views
    The Advocate ^ | May 22, 2003 | Alonso Duralde
    Is Clay gay? You know we asked was on the scene in Los Angeles for the American Idol finale and couldn’t resist asking runner-up Clay Aiken backstage if he knew how many of his gay fans hope that he’s family too. By Alonso Duralde An exclusive posted May 22, 2003 OK, so when Fox offered me press credentials to attend the big climactic results show of the second season of American Idol, I figured I could write something funny for about fashion (season 1 finalist Christina Christian carried a small dog with her down the red carpet)...