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  • 'Hope' Artist Shepard Fairey Down on Obama

    06/07/2010 11:41:43 AM PDT · by nickcarraway · 32 replies · 118+ views
    New York Post ^ | 6/7/2010
    Fairey, , "Some of the works are about gridlock in Washington. Washington is too intertwined with corporate America . . . I had a lot of hope for Obama, but it's not panning out. He's not pushing hard enough."
  • Michael Moore Calls Capitalism Evil

    09/08/2009 8:36:12 AM PDT · by holy joe · 54 replies · 1,355+ views
    Newsmax - Left Coast Report ^ | 9-8-09 | James Hirsen
    Michael Moore solidified his position as one of the biggest phonies of our times while at a recent Venice Film Festival outing. He debuted his latest sham documentary called “Capitalism: A Love Story.” Thanks to the free enterprise system, Moore has become super wealthy himself, which makes the two-hour flick a case study in hypocrisy. “Capitalism is an evil,” Moore proclaims, “and you cannot regulate evil.” According to Moore, regulating capitalism doesn't work, so his prescription is, “You have to eliminate it and replace it with something that is good for all people and that something is democracy.” Guess it...
  • Yawn: Michael Moore Takes up Tired Task of Bashing Wall Street

    06/15/2009 12:29:47 PM PDT · by Rufus2007 · 15 replies · 602+ views
    NewsBusters ^ | June 15, 2009 | Jeff Poor
    Here we go again. Controversial filmmaker Michael Moore is going offer his solution to societal ills through one of his documentaries. If Moore's past movies are any indication of the coverage he will get, it is sure to be a media hit. Already, Huffington Post blogger and MSNBC daytime anchor Carlos Watson is praising praised Moore's early promotion of the flick. "Michael Moore, the filmmaker, is back and this time he was taking aim at Wall Street," Watson said on June 15. "[H]e did a very funny thing, Sarah, this weekend when you showed his documentary in some of the...
  • McCartney's estranged wife berates rich

    11/22/2007 8:42:12 PM PST · by janetjanet998 · 34 replies · 191+ views
    yahoo ^ | 11/22/2007
    DUBLIN, Ireland - Heather Mills McCartney, who is reportedly seeking millions of dollars in her breakup with Paul McCartney, denounced the world's rich as misers and snobs Wednesday. Mills McCartney delivered the critical comments during her 90-minute speech to the debating society of Trinity College Dublin. Former model Mills McCartney, 39, married the 65-year-old music legend in 2002 and gave birth to the couple's only child, Beatrice, a year later. But the couple separated last year, and McCartney filed for divorce alleging "unreasonable behavior" by his wife. Mills McCartney said she was reluctantly obliged to befriend the world's wealthy because...
  • Isn't this a disgrace? (vanity)

    09/06/2007 2:34:58 PM PDT · by UKrepublican · 14 replies · 443+ views
    So as you all know, it's the 9/11 anniversary next Tuesday. On Monday night (10th september) Channel 4 in the UK (one of the 5 main terrestrial tv networks) has decided to show fahrenheit 9/11. Isn't that a complete disgrace? Am I making something out of nothing or is this just a complete insult and exploitation as I believe it is. Look for monday the 10th 9pm. I only know this in advance because they've been advertising it for ages including in the middle of a 9/11 documentary they just showed. I'd imagine if ANY of the major US...
  • Shooting Michael Moore

    08/24/2007 12:35:01 AM PDT · by neverdem · 19 replies · 1,401+ views
    American Thinker ^ | August 23, 2007 | Henry P. Wickham, Jr.
    In a variant of the Golden Rule, Kevin Leffler has recently done to Michael Moore what Michael Moore has done to so many others.  In Shooting Michael Moore Mr. Leffler produces a commendable documentary that shows Michael Moore to be something other than that self-anointed, compassionate advocate for the "little guy." Echoing the format of Moore's first documentary, Roger and Me, Mr. Leffler, a former schoolmate and friend of Michael Moore, seeks out the elusive Moore.  It is quickly evident that Moore (not unlike Al Gore) does not appreciate confrontation or having the truth or the effects of his body...
  • 'SiCKO Health Care Card' (Unbelievable!)

    07/27/2007 12:34:22 AM PDT · by NinoFan · 27 replies · 1,865+ views
    Michael Moore dot com ^ | July 26th(?), 2007 | Michael Moore's website
    You now have the opportunity to print and carry your very own "'SiCKO' Health Care Card." Playing the 'SiCKO' card has worked for a family in DeBary, Florida, whose daughter suffered profound hearing loss and was denied a cochlear implant. Her father sent a letter to Cigna asking, "has your CEO ever been in a film before?" Before he knew it, his daughter's denial was overturned. It also worked for a family in Flint, Michigan who was stuck with a $66,000 medical bill until they posted their healthcare horror story on YouTube. Click here to see what happened next. Download...
  • Sicko Propaganda

    07/24/2007 6:57:18 AM PDT · by slickeroo · 5 replies · 590+ views
    Newsmax ^ | 7/23/07 | Humberto Fontova
    Sicko Propaganda Humberto Fontova Monday, July 23, 2007 "We cannot, for a second, abandon propaganda" wrote Castro in a letter to a revolutionary colleague in 1954. "Propaganda is vital — propaganda is the heart of all struggles." Michael Moore claims that Cuba's Stalinist regime played it as straight with him during the filming of Sicko as he plays it with its viewers. "I asked them to give us [the 9/11 workers featured in the documentary] the same care they give their own Cuban citizens," he assured us "No more, no less. And that's what they did." You cringe at having...
  • Michael Moore Mocks Indian Anchor’s Name During On-Air Tirade Against CNN

    07/09/2007 4:18:41 PM PDT · by RDTF · 90 replies · 4,154+ views
    Breitbart via Drudge Report ^ | July 9, 2007 | Not specified
    Filmmaker Michael Moore went off on CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer during an interview Monday to promote his latest documentary 'Sicko'. Moore blasted the anchor and the network for not doing enough to stop the Iraq war and for doing a 'crap' report on his new film. Moore also mocked the pronunciation of chief medical correspondent, Dr. Sanjay Gupta.
  • Michael Moore Will Be Invited to Tehran Film Festival for "Sicko" Screening

    07/04/2007 6:19:48 PM PDT · by Stoat · 46 replies · 938+ views
    <p>On July 2, 2007, the Iranian news agency Mehr, reported that Michael Moore will be invited to Iran by the Documentary and Experimental Film Center for a screening of his new film "Sicko" at an Iranian festival for documentary films called Reality Cinema. The festival is set to take place in Tehran from October 15-19.</p>
  • Uncle Sam Probes Michael Moore [About time!]

    05/10/2007 9:36:51 AM PDT · by Islander7 · 30 replies · 1,670+ views
    Smoking Gun ^ | May 10, 2007 | Not Stated
    MAY 10--Director Michael Moore is being investigated by the Treasury Department for traveling to Cuba in violation of a U.S. trade embargo. In a May 2 letter, the Office of Foreign Assets Control informed Moore that he was the subject of a civil investigation stemming from the filmmaker's March trip to Cuba. Moore reportedly traveled there with 9/11 rescue workers who were seeking medical care. The trip was filmed as part of Moore's documentary "Sicko," which examines the U.S. health care industry (and premieres at the Cannes film festival on May 19). In the letter to Moore, a copy of...
  • Chomsky on Iran, Iraq, and the Rest of the World [Long, requires strong stomach]

    02/23/2007 7:50:03 AM PST · by SJackson · 16 replies · 540+ views
    Foreign Policy In Focus ^ | February 16, 2007 | Michael Shank
    Chomsky on Iran, Iraq, and the Rest of the World Michael Shank | February 16, 2007Editor: John Feffer, IRC Foreign Policy In Focus Noam Chomsky is a noted linguist, author, and foreign policy expert. On February 9, Michael Shank interviewed him on the latest developments in U.S. policy toward Iran, Iraq, North Korea, and Venezuela. Along the way, Chomsky also commented on climate change, the World Social Forum, and why international relations are run like the mafia. Shank: With similar nuclear developments in North Korea and Iran, why has the United States pursued direct diplomacy with North Korea...
  • An "Extremely Evil Person"

    10/03/2006 7:03:27 AM PDT · by Mike Bates · 21 replies · 1,049+ views
    Media Monitor ^ | 10/3/2006 | Cliff Kincaid
    Speaking at a Washington symposium on the continuing threat posed by illegal drugs to American society, Calvina Fay of the Drug Free America Foundation declared billionaire George Soros to be an "extremely evil person" who wants to legalize dangerous mind-altering drugs. Sounding a battle cry as critical November elections approach, Fay told the assembled conservative activists that Soros, an atheist who is a major funder of the Democratic Party and liberal-left causes, is "our common enemy" and that he is determined to subvert traditional values and undermine America's families. Soros, convicted of insider trading in France, is a financial speculator...
  • Caption Pic of Michael Moore

    06/01/2006 6:46:51 PM PDT · by AmericanMade1776 · 82 replies · 2,648+ views
    Yahoo News ^ | June 1,2006
    Michael Moore tries to avoid photographers as he arrives at the Food Bank 'Can-Do' awards gala in New York April 25, 2006. A U.S. war veteran who lost both arms in Iraq has sued the Oscar-winning director for $85 million, saying television clips were used without his permission in the anti-war documentary 'Fahrenheit 9/11' and gave a false impression that he opposed the war. (Chip East/Reuters)
  • Ted Kennedy Wants Windmills Killed

    02/27/2006 1:17:48 PM PST · by ncountylee · 65 replies · 2,381+ views
    newsmax ^ | Feb. 27, 2006 | Carl Limbacher
    Self-proclaimed alternative energy proponent Sen. Ted Kennedy has strongly opposed an environmentally friendly "wind farm” off the coast of Massachusetts – and now it appears Kennedy will have his way. A proposal before Congress would limit the construction of wind turbines and most likely doom plans for the Cape Wind Project, the nation’s first offshore wind farm. [Editor’s Note: Read the book that first exposed Sen. Kennedy’s hypocrisy -- Go Here Now.] "This is a dire moment for us,” declared Mark Rodgers, a Cape Wind Associates spokesman, who said the proposal "would be totally fatal” for the project. The Cape...
  • Student under fire for shout: 'Remember Chappaquiddick!'

    02/23/2006 12:13:15 AM PST · by CrawDaddyCA · 307 replies · 11,998+ views
    WorldNetDaily ^ | February 22, 2006 | Ron Strom
    A community college student in Massachusetts faces possible disciplinary action for shouting "Remember Chappaquiddick!" during an on-campus speech by Democrat Sen. Edward Kennedy. Paul Trost, 20, a student at Massasoit Community College in Brockton, Mass., says he was upset by an introduction of Kennedy given by Rep. Stephen Lynch, D-Mass., in which the congressman noted how the long-time senator overcame hardship in life on his way to success. "Lynch said Kennedy had overcome such adversity to get to the place he was, and that's a bunch of bull," Trost said of the introduction, which occurred in the school's student center...
  • Ted Turner Wants Korean DMZ Made Into Park

    11/18/2005 8:28:51 AM PST · by libs_kma · 32 replies · 635+ views ^ | Friday, Nov. 18, 2005 9:26 a.m. EST | Carl Limbacher
    Media mogul Ted Turner wants to turn the Demilitarized Zone that divides the two Koreas into a peace park and a U.N.-protected World Heritage Site to honor the thousands of young men who died during the Korean War. Turner first raised the idea of a peace park during a visit to the two Koreas this summer, and urged both sides to sign a peace treaty as a first step. North and South Korea technically remain at war since their 1950-53 conflict ended in a cease-fire instead of a peace treaty. But the CNN founder went further at a dinner Thursday...
  • PETA says Moore's size a weighty issue

    09/12/2005 5:51:19 PM PDT · by proud_yank · 79 replies · 2,688+ views ^ | May 6, 2004 | Jeannette Walls
    By Jeannette Walls MSNBC Updated: 9:30 a.m. ET May 6, 2004 Michael Moore is making headlines with his controversial documentary, but one group is targeting the filmmaker for his waistline. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has selected the gadfly filmmaker as one of its Flab Five; and is treating him to a Veg Eye for the Fat Guy makeover. Looks like the Downsize This author has been doing too much supersizing,notes PETA. We'll be sending him a nice little care package, a makeover kit filled with health and diet tips, PETA's vegetarian starter kit, and suggestions on how...
  • Moore To Capture Katrina on Film?

    09/12/2005 7:00:07 AM PDT · by Famishus · 16 replies · 546+ views
    IMDB ^ | 9/12/05 | Famishus
    Controversial film-maker Michael Moore is planning to make a hard-hitting documentary based on US President George W. Bush's handling of the Hurricane Katrina rescue operation. Moore grabbed international acclaim with his scathing 2004 film Fahrenheit 9/11, which studied Bush's handling of the September 11th terrorist attacks. The Oscar winner is now "seriously considering" documenting the catastrophe in America's Gulf Coast region. He tells the New York Daily News, "There is much to be said and done about the man-made annihilation of New Orleans, caused not by a hurricane but by the very specific decisions made by the Bush administration in...
  • 'Moore' of the Same - (Michael Moore's March 19 rally vs. U.S. war on terror)

    03/15/2005 4:48:31 PM PST · by CHARLITE · 7 replies · 962+ views
    What's fat and white and still doesn't know it's all over? Michael Moore. Yes, the hairy, four-eyed, film-hustling freak has yet to accept the will of the American people and President Bush's re-election. That's right; "Shamoo with a camera" is still out there bashing America and the War on Terrorism. His latest attempt: promoting a global day of protest on the two-year anniversary of the Iraq invasion. This time Michael Moore is eating (I mean, teaming) with an organization called United for Peace and Justice. The global day of protest is set for Saturday, March 19th and calls for vigils,...
  • Michael Moore: Democrats need to embrace Hollywood

    12/08/2004 12:56:17 AM PST · by JohnHuang2 · 47 replies · 1,587+ views ^ | December 7, 2004
    © 2004 Michael Moore (courtesy United Artists) Don't blame Hollywood for Sen. John Kerry's defeat in the presidential election last month, says filmmaker Michael Moore, who insists activist entertainers made the race closer than it would have been otherwise. Reacting to charges that his polarizing activism galvanized Republicans, Moore -- director of the provacative, anti-Bush film "Fahrenheit 9/11" -- contended Kerry lost the race simply because he was "not the best candidate." "For the last month, we've had to listen to a lot of conservative pundits talk about how Democrats need to run away from Hollywood," Moore told reporters before addressing...
  • Caption Clean Shaven Michael Moore and Sharon Stone at the VH1 'Big in 2004' Awards

    12/02/2004 7:11:10 AM PST · by gopwinsin04 · 104 replies · 3,291+ views
    Associated Press Wire ^ | 12/2/04 | Jim Ruymen
    Broadcast airs Sunday, taped last night..
  • Just Returned from Michael Moore in Toledo Rally

    10/25/2004 7:45:54 PM PDT · by Jonathan · 96 replies · 3,561+ views
    On Site Action | 10/25/2004 | Jonathan - On Site
    9PM Rally at SeaGate Convention Center, downtown Toledo. Micheal Moore filled the house with 5000+ screaming, demented, mislead morons. Gloria Steinam's daughter first speaker: "Get your hands off my ovaries!" + other pab. Pitiful speaker. No presence, no power, no authority. Then Wade "Red" Kapsucavich - Marcy Kaptur's former intern (Socialist, Toledo). An unashamed Red. Politically very similar to Lenin. Has big boosters in the local Democratic machine- they have picked him for big things. Introduced Moore - lied about President Bush. Then the "Big Man" or BM as I call him - Michael Moore. What an imbecile. No script....
  • Michael [Moore] and me-Guess who sat down next to me at the Republican National Convention?

    09/02/2004 7:23:17 AM PDT · by SJackson · 57 replies · 3,472+ views
    Jerusalem Post ^ | 9-2-04 | SHMULEY BOTEACH
    Who says that God doesn't have a sense of humor? My regular readers will remember that at the Democratic National Convention, I found myself sitting a few feet from filmmaker Michael Moore. I had been eager to talk with Moore about his positions on Israel, since I had read several negative comments attributed to him. I tried to speak with him, but he turned me away. But last night at the Republican National Convention, I was working on my laptop from one of the press desks when a Secret Service agent suddenly walked in and told me that the empty...
  • Interview with Terry McAuliffe

    09/01/2004 10:02:26 PM PDT · by crushelits · 20 replies · 1,090+ views ^ | 08-31-2004 | Hugh Hewitt
    HEWITT: Sitting across from me Terry McAuliffe. Strike me dead. It’s so good to see you here Mr. Chairman. It’s good to have you at the Democratic National Convention and at the Republican National Convention MCAULIFFE: Who would have thought that I’d be going around with a credential at the Republican Convention. HEWITT: Can you stay for a couple of hours? MCAULIFFE: Love to. Love it here. Everybody is being hospitable to me. HEWITT: I want to start with some very easy questions. MCAULIFFE: Yeah. HEWITT: Do you believe that John Kerry took a CIA man into Cambodia and kept...
  • USA Today's Late Addition

    07/26/2004 2:44:55 PM PDT · by swilhelm73 · 9 replies · 644+ views
    TAS ^ | 7/26/04 | John Tabin
    USA Today is often dismissed by critics as the "McPaper"; it is apparently considered risible in some circles that, like McDonald's and unlike, say, the New York Times, a newspaper should serve up something that people across the country actually want. For those on the go, USA Today provides a concise and to-the-point approach to the news that its more prestigious competitors lack. (In last Friday's reports on the 9/11 panel, for example, USA Today got to the panel's most important recommendation, a new national intelligence director, in less than 80 words; it took the Times over 250.) So it's...
  • Australian government minister brands US moviemaker an ugly American (Michael Moore - who else)

    Australian government minister brands US moviemaker an ugly American Wed Jul 21, 4:24 PM ET Add Offbeat - AFP to My Yahoo! CANBERRA (AFP) - US filmmaker Michael Moore, whose anti-war documentary Fahrenheit 9/11, has been praised and savaged by critics around the world, was described by an Australian government minister Wednesday as "the quintessential ugly American." Moore's film, which won the top prize at this year's Cannes Film Festival (news - web sites), has attracted sell-out audiences in Australia where it has been viewed by some critics as a justified critique of US President George W. Bush (news -...
  • Fahrenheit''s Embedded Cameraman Revealed

    06/27/2004 8:50:33 AM PDT · by Hildy · 255 replies · 3,264+ views
    IMDB ^ | June 27, 2004 | Hildy
    Scenes in Fahrenheit 911 of U.S. soldiers taunting and sexually humiliating Iraqi civilians following the successful invasion were shot by Urban Hamid, an embedded Swedish-Iraqi journalist who is presently a doctoral candidate at the University of Colorado, the university's student newspaper Camera disclosed today (Tuesday). Moore has declined to respond to questions from interviewers about whether he resorted to subterfuge in order to embed photographers among U.S. forces and has been criticized for not showing footage of the abuses to U.S. military authorities earlier. But Camera reported that the controversial footage by Hamid was actually shown at a theater in...
  • Challenge to Moore-bashers (Moore reaches his target audience) BARF ALERT

    07/11/2004 6:54:15 PM PDT · by Chi-townChief · 63 replies · 1,776+ views
    Chicago Sun-Times ^ | July 11, 2004 | Letter to the editor
    I am only 15 years old, but I saw ''Fahrenheit 9/11.'' I came out of the movie and thought about it. Wow, this man (President Bush) is leading our country -- how depressing! I do believe that everyone should be required to see this movie. Another thing: Michael Moore said that if anyone did not like this movie it did not matter, because it was all fact. So I challenge you people that hated this movie, what was not true? Sarah Mayer, Oak Forest
  • Moore-wellian fables skew truth

    07/09/2004 1:27:40 PM PDT · by NorCoGOP · 9 replies · 793+ views
    Daily Lobo (U. New Mexico) ^ | 7/8/04 | Alex Hughes
    ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. -- Let me start off by introducing myself. My name is Alex Hughes. I'm a junior majoring in political science and history. I'm also the new conservative columnist for the Lobo, so hopefully I can make some of you laugh while making the rest of you want to march to my door, torches in hand, calling for blood. As you all probably know, Michael Moore and I celebrated our favorite holiday last week -- Canada Day and our Independence Day, respectively -- so I decided the only fitting tribute would be to write my own review of his...
  • Moore on 9/11: "We sold out in Army-base towns. This is a red state movie."

    06/27/2004 4:45:34 PM PDT · by nwrep · 178 replies · 6,402+ views
    Fat Moore via The Drudge Report ^ | June 27, 2004 | Drudge
    MOORE: 'We sold out in Fayetteville, home of Fort Bragg, We sold out in Army-base towns. We set house records in some of these places. We set single-day records in a number of theaters. We got standing ovations in Greensboro, N.C... The biggest news to me this morning is this is a red-state movie. Republican states are embracing the movie, and it's sold out in Republican strongholds all over the country... HARVEY WEINSTEIN: 'It's beyond anybody's expectations. I'd have to say the sky's the limit on this movie. Who knows what territory we're in'...
  • Unfairenheit 9/11

    06/21/2004 4:25:32 PM PDT · by The Raven · 131 replies · 1,877+ views
    msn ^ | June 21,2004 | Christopher Hitchens
    One of the many problems with the American left, and indeed of the American left, has been its image and self-image as something rather too solemn, mirthless, herbivorous, dull, monochrome, righteous, and boring. How many times, in my old days at The Nation magazine, did I hear wistful and semienvious ruminations? Where was the radical Firing Line show? Who will be our Rush Limbaugh? I used privately to hope that the emphasis, if the comrades ever got around to it, would be on the first of those and not the second. But the meetings themselves were so mind-numbing and lugubrious...
  • Moore defends incendiary film (and flops doing so)

    06/19/2004 11:14:44 AM PDT · by The Bandit · 58 replies · 1,236+ views
    Dateline NBC ^ | June 18, 2004 | By Matt Lauer
    Matt Lauer: "The White House communications director said of your film, it is so outrageously false it's not even worth commenting. The 41st President of the United States, the president's father, called you, I think you probably heard this, a slime ball." Michael Moore: "Have they seen it? Have they seen the film? No. Of course they haven't. I will tell you they haven't seen it. These are un-credible reviews from people who haven't even seen the movie." The film is "Fahrenheit 9/11," and as the title suggests, it's meant to be incendiary. Filmmaker Michael Moore serves up a scathing...
  • O'Reilly Blasts Hollywood's Goebbels

    06/16/2004 10:22:54 AM PDT · by kattracks · 35 replies · 494+ views ^ | 6/16/04 | Car;l Limbacher and the staff
    "Give Fox News Channel star Bill O'Reilly credit for even attending Monday night's lefty celeb-glutted premiere of Michael Moore's 'Fahrenheit 9/11' - even if he walked out of the 110-minute Bush-bashing movie halfway through," the New York Daily News said today. The paper reports that on his radio program last week, O'Reilly compared Moore to the National Socialists' master of deceit: "Joseph Goebbels was the minister of propaganda for the Nazi regime and whose very famous quote was, 'If you tell a lie long enough, it becomes the truth.'" But when Moore caught O'Reilly escaping the schlockumentary early, "O'Reilly blushed,...
  • Effect of controversial Moore film on election is debatable

    06/16/2004 3:07:31 AM PDT · by kattracks · 26 replies · 344+ views
    Boston Globe ^ | 6/16/04 | Anne E. Kornblut
    NEW YORK -- Having already won an Oscar, a Palme d'Or, and international fame, filmmaker Michael Moore is launching his latest film, ''Fahrenheit 9/11," this week with an even more ambitious goal -- to influence the outcome of this year's presidential election. Moore, in front of an enthusiastic crowd of celebrities, said, ''It would be a good thing" if his politically charged documentary about Sept. 11 and Iraq inspires Democrats to vote against President Bush. In keeping with the Democratic movement to elect ''anybody but Bush," Moore did not say a word about the presumptive Democratic nominee, either on screen...
  • [Lumpy Riefenstahl's] Fahrenheit 9/11 in Distribution Deal; Opens June 25

    06/01/2004 6:40:55 PM PDT · by Petronski · 34 replies · 674+ views
    AP ^ | 6-1-4 | Gary Gentile
    ''Fahrenheit 9/11'' finds domestic distributor GARY GENTILE, AP Business Writer Tuesday, June 1, 2004 (06-01) 17:30 PDT LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Michael Moore's award-winning documentary "Fahrenheit 9/11" has picked up a U.S. distributor and will hit theaters June 25. The film will be released by a partnership of Lions Gate Films, IFC Films and the Fellowship Adventure Group, which was formed by Harvey and Bob Weinstein specifically to market Moore's film. The Weinsteins, who run Miramax Films, bought the rights to the movie from The Walt Disney Co., which owns Miramax and refused to distribute Moore's film. The Weinstein brothers...
  • Michael Moore and Me

    05/26/2004 1:37:30 AM PDT · by kattracks · 17 replies · 279+ views
    A FEW YEARS AGO Michael Moore, who's now promoting an anti-President Bush movie entitled Fahrenheit 9/11, announced he'd gotten the goods on me, indeed hung me out to dry on my own words. It was in his first bestselling book, Stupid White Men. Moore wrote he'd once been "forced" to listen to my comments on a TV chat show, The McLaughlin Group. I had whined "on and on about the sorry state of American education," Moore said, and wound up by bellowing: "These kids don't even know what The Iliad and The Odyssey are!" Moore's interest was piqued, so the...

    05/25/2004 2:21:18 PM PDT · by Dqban22 · 4 replies · 330+ views
    La Nueva Cuba | 5/25/04 | Jesus J. Chao
    CANNES AND THE HYENAS’ FESTIVAL By: Jesús J. Chao 5/25/04 Michael Moore brought to their feet the adoring European elites with his accustomed diatribes, defamations and wild attacks against President Bush and the American traditions and values. The jubilant reaction of the privileged European and Hollywood elites in attendance to the Festival, says more about their own values than the alleged merits of Moore’s documentary. Accordingly, he received the longest standing ovation ever at the Cannes Festival, an spectacle bordering on collective hysteria. What makes it more loathsome, is that the French would be speaking German today if Americans had...
  • John Rhys-Davies slams Michael Moore (and France!)

    05/19/2004 11:48:48 AM PDT · by Gelato · 96 replies · 1,374+ views
    MSNBC ^ | May 18, 2004 | Joe Scarborough
    SCARBOROUGH COUNTRY, May 18th[snip]JOE SCARBOROUGH:  Michael Moore is the toast of the town at the Cannes Film Festival this week.  According to the BBC, Moore‘s anti-war flick may be the odds-on favorite to win the top prize, the first time for a so-called documentary since 1956.  It seems the French have fallen in love with Michael Moore.  But how will American audiences react to this controversial film?  With me now is John Rhys-Davies.  He‘s, of course, an actor from the blockbuster trilogy “The Lord of the Rings.”  We also have Dana Kennedy.  She‘s MSNBC entertainment editor.  And back with me...
  • Michael Moore, from Cannes to campus

    05/18/2004 10:52:04 PM PDT · by kattracks · 14 replies · 261+ views ^ | 5/19/04 | Ben Shapiro
    Michael Moore is at it again. The fat, fraudulent filmmaker's latest hit piece, "Fahrenheit 911," apparently focuses on how the Bush administration has botched the war on terror. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Moore's film "reduces decades of American foreign-policy failures to a black-and-white cartoon that lays the blame on one family." Naturally, the Europeans love it. Many critics say that Moore's film is the front-runner to receive the prestigious Palm d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival; Moore's smear job received the longest standing ovation of any film in festival history, clocking in at 20 minutes.  In the United States,...
  • Moore or less (Great Editorial on Moore!!!)

    05/18/2004 5:09:23 PM PDT · by Eurotwit · 64 replies · 808+ views
    The Telegraph ^ | 19/05/2004 | Wednesday 19 May 2004
    It must have been a gruesome sight: the elite of the Cannes film festival applauding someone even more self-regarding than themselves. Michael Moore, portly archpriest of the anti-Bush cult, premiered his film Fahrenheit 9/11 at the festival this week. The American documentary-maker sent three undercover film crews to Iraq; they returned with footage - included in the film - claiming to show US soldiers abusing Iraqi prisoners. If such abuse occurred, then it should be condemned. But no one should rush to judgment on the basis of allegations emanating from Mr Moore. Many of the claims made in Bowling for...
  • NEW '9/11' FLICK HAS FAR 'MOORE' FIZZLE THAN SIZZLE ("Fahrenheit 9/11," )

    05/18/2004 12:40:59 AM PDT · by kattracks · 41 replies · 522+ views
    New York Post ^ | 5/18/04 | LOU LUMENICK
    <p>May 18, 2004 -- CANNES, France - President Bush need not lose any sleep over Michael Moore's much-hyped "Fahrenheit 9/11," which turns out to be a wet firecracker. Moore's virulent feature-length attack on Bush, which premiered yesterday to a 20-minute standing ovation at the Cannes Film Festival, falls far short of delivering on the filmmaker's extravagant promises of election-swinging revelations.</p>
  • Toronto Star: Moore rant wows Cannes Anti-Bush polemic funny, emotional yet very powerful

    05/18/2004 12:34:14 AM PDT · by weegee · 21 replies · 288+ views
    The Toronto Star ^ | May 18, 2004. 01:00 AM | GEOFF PEVERE
    Moore rant wows Cannes Anti-Bush polemic funny, emotional yet very powerful Confident it will be released before the U.S. election It took five separate screenings to accommodate the press demand to see Michael Moore's heavily anticipated anti-Bush documentary Fahrenheit 9/11 at the Cannes Film Festival yesterday, and when it came to turning up the political heat here, neither the movie nor its maker failed to disappoint. The audience at a afternoon gala screening responded with a 20-minute standing ovation. Festival artistic director Thierry Fremaux told the New York Times it was the longest he had ever witnessed in Cannes. A...
  • TIME: A First Look at "Fahrenheit 9/11" (has specifics about contents)

    05/18/2004 12:08:19 AM PDT · by weegee · 31 replies · 328+ views
    Time Magazine ^ | Monday, May. 17, 2004 | By MARY CORLISS/CANNES
    A First Look at "Fahrenheit 9/11" Controversy aside, the new Michael Moore film is a fine documentary A few years ago, Michael Moore spoke with then-Governor George W. Bush, who told the muckraker: “Behave yourself, will ya? Go find real work.” Moore has made trouble for so many powerful people he has become a media power of his own. He can even make celebrities of mere movie reviewers: When his latest cinematic incendiary device, “Fahrenheit 9/11,” had its first press screening Monday morning, American critics emerging from the theater were besieged by a convoy of TV and radio crews from...
  • If It's Moore, It's Less Than Honest

    05/12/2004 6:43:02 PM PDT · by .cnI redruM · 15 replies · 263+ views
    LA Times (Izvestia West) ^ | May 11, 2004 | By Kay Hymowitz
    Last week, Michael Moore announced that Disney had refused to distribute his new film, "Fahrenheit 9/11." As with all of Moore's pronouncements, you might want to season this one liberally with salt. Moore — who poses as a heroic truth-teller and who in a speech last year after winning an Oscar for his documentary "Bowling for Columbine" bemoaned these "fictitious times" — is a virtuoso of fictions himself. As the filmmaker's fictions go, this one was fairly modest; Moore appears to have timed his announcement to stir up publicity for his movie's upcoming screening at the Cannes Film Festival, though...
  • Putting words in his mouth (Mark Steyn Alert)

    05/10/2004 6:19:46 AM PDT · by Elkiejg · 25 replies · 210+ views
    Washington Times ^ | 5/10/04 | Mark Steyn
    <p>John Kerry said something amazing the other day. He was talking to the Wall Street Journal and was asked about his many attacks on "Benedict Arnold CEOs."</p> <p>In Virginia on Feb. 10, for example, he said: "We will repeal every single benefit, every single loophole, every single reward for any Benedict Arnold CEO or corporation that take American jobs overseas and stick you with the bill."</p>
  • When You Wish Upon A Star... by Michael Moore

    05/09/2004 11:21:15 PM PDT · by weegee · 2 replies · 169+ views
    Michael Moore email via ^ | May 7th, 2004 | Michael Moore
    Friends, Thank you for all the incredible letters of support as my film crew and I once again slog our way through the corporate media madhouse. Does it ever end? Are we ever going to get control of our "free press" again? Can you wish upon a star? The Disney spin machine has been working overtime dealing with this censorship debacle of theirs. I don't think they thought they would ever be outed. After all, they know that all of us are supposed to adhere to the unwritten Hollywood Code: Never tell the public how business is done here, never...

    05/04/2004 7:38:07 PM PDT · by mhking · 96 replies · 896+ views
    The Drudge Report ^ | 5.4.04 | Matt Drudge
    DISNEY FORBIDS DISTRIBUTION OF MICHAEL MOORE FILM THAT CRITICIZES BUSH Headline only on board now; story just breaking -- Details to follow.
  • Disney Takes Heat on Blocking Bush Film

    05/05/2004 11:02:22 PM PDT · by Pikamax · 11 replies · 583+ views
    By JIM RUTENBERG and LAURA M. HOLSON Published: May 6, 2004 ASHINGTON, May 5 — Michael Moore took to television on Wednesday to denounce the Walt Disney Company's refusal to allow its Miramax division to distribute his new documentary criticizing President Bush, stoking a controversy that Hollywood executives expect to lure new distribution partners to the project and, eventually, audiences. As Mr. Moore sat for interviews with ABC News, CNN, "Entertainment Tonight" and elsewhere to discuss his film, "Fahrenheit 911," some Democrats in Washington said Disney was quashing dissent. Senator Frank R. Lautenberg of New Jersey called for hearings into...
  • MoveOn's financials show big donor support

    04/25/2004 5:11:27 PM PDT · by NormsRevenge · 19 replies · 366+ views
    BERKELEY, Calif. (AP) - Although the liberal advocacy group touts itself as a grassroots political group, records show that a sizable lump of money comes from just two donors. A review of the Berkeley-based group's first quarter fund raising showed nearly half its $6.98 million came from Peter Lewis, chairman of Progressive Corporation, a Cleveland insurance company, and billionaire philanthropist George Soros. Lewis has donated $2 million to the group and Soros has given more than $1 million, the San Francisco Chronicle reported Sunday. The directors of MoveOn, which has pledged to "bring ordinary people back into politics," say...