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9-year-old arrested for waving toy gun [arrested at gunpoint and handcuffed]

Americans Are Losing the Victory in Europe ("We have swept away Hitlerism, but ...")

As family shrieks, police kill dog (probably due to a lack of fresh donuts)

Battle for the U.S. Senate 2002: My Predictions

Big, friendly dog frightens students

BREAKING NEWS!! Supreme Court janitor peeks out through bathroom's mini-blinds....Developing....

Breaking: Freeway standoff on the 91 Freeway, CHP vs. RTD

Cop took just 3 seconds to shoot dog

Cops Kill Man, Raid Wrong House

Courthouse Shooting Suspect is a Pit Bull Owner

Dennis Rodman Arrested at His Restaurant

Deputies At Wrong House Kill Family's Dog

Deputies fired 28 shots at suicidal man; hit only once

Dog (dachsund) injured after attacking black bear

Fifty-six Deceits in Fahrenheit 911

Freeper Describes Result of Pit Bull Attack on her Son and Granddaughter

Gallup's Survey Gives Hart 9-Point Lead Over Reagan (March 9, 1984)

Golden Retriever Saves Hikers From Mountain Lion

How Police Deal With A Barking Dog Situation (shoot the dog dead)

If you don't like this country, then why don't you get the hell out?

Iraq: A Federal Judge's Point of ViewBy Judge Don Walters

LIVE THREAD--Reagan National Funeral Ceremony: National Cathedral (6/11/04)

New Jersey Senate Race: Place Your Bets Here...

Officer Who Shot Family Dog Fired For Obscene Gesture To TV News Crews

Police fatally shoot dog while executing search warrant

Police kill dog while stopping at wrong house on alarm call

Ronald Reagan (Lengthy thread)

Ronald Reagan Dies at 93


Ronnie "Bonzo" Reagan about to kick the bucket (this is how "compassionate" liberals think)

Thune's lead down to 1600 votes [Update- Down To 135, 3 of 844 Precincts Remaining.]

Vanity: Let this be a lesson to the poll junkies out here...

What is the square root of pi?

Woman Dies Weeks After Cop Shoots Guide Dog

Word of advice: Go see Artificial Intelligence before it leaves the theater...