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Is Putin a Psychopath, or Does He Just Play One on TV?
The Streetwise Professor ^ | March 4 , 2014 | The Professor

Posted on 03/04/2014 7:36:41 PM PST by No One Special

The consensus opinion after Putin’s press conference earlier today is that he has lost his mind. It was rambling, angry, discursive, and at times just bizarre.

Of course all of the usual Putinisms were there. Most notably, blaming the West for everything in a stream of whataboutism. This was accented by claims that the Ukrainian opposition consists mainly of thugs and fascists; that Yanukovych was wrongly ousted and didn’t order any violence against protestors; and that the opposition was very well trained and professional, having passed through training camps in the Baltics and Poland. (Take this as a very ominous warning, people.)
My dear colleague, look how well trained the people who operated in Kiev were. As we all know they were trained at special bases in neighbouring states: in Lithuania, Poland and in Ukraine itself too. They were trained by instructors for extended periods. They were divided into dozens and hundreds, their actions were coordinated, they had good communication systems. It was all like clockwork. Did you see them in action? They looked very professional, like special forces. Why do you think those in Crimea should be any worse?

Yes. Those evil Poles and Lithuanians, training crack troops to throw rocks and fashion catapults. Definitely far more lethal than camouflaged masked men toting AKs.

More broadly, Russia and Putin are always right: the West is always hypocritical and wrong.

Putin also denied the obvious, claiming that there are no Russian troops in Crimea, just local “self-defense forces” which he denies were trained by Russia.

In other words, there is no agreement on the basic facts of the situation, meaning that any attempt at negotiation with him, either by the Ukrainian government or the West, is doomed to failure. He rejects the legitimacy of the protests, views the outcome as a fascist coup arranged by the West, and denies that Russia is directly involved in the occupation of Crimea.

These were the substantive elements of insanity (paranoia, specifically) of the conference. But Putin added various asides that illustrated a man that feels no need to self-censor, but is so convinced of his own brilliance that anything that crosses his mind should be shared with the world. These “thoughts” were truly bizarre and mendacious, and even more suggestive of madness.

For instance, when discussing the alleged self-defense forces in Crimea, Putin claimed they were just kitted out in store-bought gear:
QUESTION: Mr President, a clarification if I may. The people who were blocking the Ukrainian Army units in Crimea were wearing uniforms that strongly resembled the Russian Army uniform. Were those Russian soldiers, Russian military?

VLADIMIR PUTIN: Why don’t you take a look at the post-Soviet states. There are many uniforms there that are similar. You can go to a store and buy any kind of uniform.

They must have some awesome Army-Navy stores in the FSU: not only can you get up to date cammo, you can also pick up the latest AKs and military trucks.

Then he went on to criticize the massive corruption and social stratification in Ukraine, but denied there was anything comparable in Russia:
Corruption has reached dimensions that are unheard of here in Russia. Accumulation of wealth and social stratification – problems that are also acute in this country – are much worse in Ukraine, radically worse. Out there, they are beyond anything we can imagine imagination. Generally, people wanted change, but one should not support illegal change.

Words fail.

In the same breath, he gave a Ukrainian history lesson:
In my opinion, this revolutionary situation has been brewing for a long time, since the first days of Ukraine’s independence. The ordinary Ukrainian citizen, the ordinary guy suffered during the rule of Nicholas II, during the reign of Kuchma, and Yushchenko, and Yanukovych.

Ordinary Ukrainians guys suffered under Nicholas II, Kuchma, Yushchenko, Yanukovich. Anybody notice a name missing from that list? Stalin, maybe? (Lenin should get honorable mention too.) The guy who killed one-third of the Ukrainian population via starvation and executions, a total of around 3-8 million people? Think there was a little suffering in 1932-1933? As bad as Yanukovych was, his total body count during the uprising is on the order of the body count every 6 minutes at the height of the Holmodor.

This omission is particularly disgusting given the immense psychological toll that the Holmodor took and continues to take on Ukrainians. Don’t think that the omission will not resonate deeply in Ukraine. It is a taunting reminder of how Russians deny, deny, deny the Holmodor, and get incensed-hysterical, actually-at any moral claim made against them by Ukrainians.

The impression of insanity is only reinforced by other actions during the past several days, including a live fire exercise in the Baltic (witnessed by Putin) and today’s launch of an ICBM test. Put it altogether, and Putin gives the impression of approaching Kim Jung Un or Kim Jung Il levels of aggressive craziness. (And for those who say these exercises and tests were planned in advance, they could have easily been canceled if Putin wanted to lower the tension level. The fact he let them proceed tells you all you need to know about his intent and mindset.)

So what are the broader implications of his disturbing display of mental imbalance? No doubt the Europeans are even more intimidated now, and will be all the more reluctant to challenge a leader with a nuclear arsenal that they view as mad.

And that raises another possibility: that Putin was playing the psycho for effect. The Slavic version of Nixon’s Madman Theory, and which Machiavelli wrote about centuries earlier: he wrote that leaders can find it “a very wise thing to simulate madness.”

I will say, watching the video, that Putin did a very, very credible impression of a madman, but that’s necessary to make the gambit work, isn’t it?

I don’t know whether he’s truly mad, or merely feigning it, but the effect will likely be the same. The disturbing display of mental imbalance will work to his favor, and lead the Europeans in particular to back away slowly, letting him keep his current conquests, and prepare for his next move. He may back off now, but he will be back for more. And quite possibly not just in Ukraine. But in the Baltic states and Poland.

TOPICS: Extended News; Foreign Affairs; News/Current Events; Russia
KEYWORDS: momjeans; russia; ukraine; viktoryanukovich; yuliatymoshenko

1 posted on 03/04/2014 7:36:41 PM PST by No One Special
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To: No One Special

They are all completely kookoo if you ask me, stark raving mad

2 posted on 03/04/2014 7:39:14 PM PST by yldstrk (My heroes have always been cowboys)
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To: No One Special

I think the psychos are the leaders here who poo-poo’d his intentions.

3 posted on 03/04/2014 7:41:25 PM PST by 2ndDivisionVet (I will raise $2M for Sarah Palin's next run, what will you do?)
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To: No One Special

I care a lot more about our own KOOKOO here in the White House —The one who is dismantling my country - do not get diverted about Putin. Who gives a rat’s ass - Europe’s problem, not ours. That one American life would be lost for Europe ever again makes me want to hurl. Let them sort it out - but of course, that will never happen....

4 posted on 03/04/2014 7:42:51 PM PST by Sioux-san
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To: No One Special

I’ll be Putin knows who the Greens were back in the 70s 80s and 90s. I’m sure he knows where they were getting their training.

5 posted on 03/04/2014 7:50:11 PM PST by DoughtyOne (Immigration Reform is job NONE. It isn't even the leading issue with Hipanics. Enforce our laws.)
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To: No One Special
Is Putin a Psychopath, or Does He Just Play One on TV?

Gosh, I guess we're fortunate that Momjeans Obama isn't a LYING sociopath (“If you like your plan, you can keep your plan”), whereas Putin is...

6 posted on 03/04/2014 7:50:18 PM PST by kiryandil (turning Americans into felons, one obnoxious drunk at a time (Zero Tolerance!!!))
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To: No One Special

Probably most world leaders and CEOs are.

7 posted on 03/04/2014 7:51:13 PM PST by svcw (Not 'hope and change' but 'dopes in chains')
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To: No One Special

Well, he told a French journalist to get circumcised if the reporter didn’t like his policies in Chechyna and wanted to be Muslim. He said a doctor in Moscow would make sure “nothing grows back.”

8 posted on 03/04/2014 7:53:57 PM PST by Patriot95
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To: No One Special

I think Putin is tough and probably mean.

He can be pretty charismatic too. Maybe a good leader for Russia, maybe not but definitely not a good leader for Russia’s neighbors.

9 posted on 03/04/2014 7:56:22 PM PST by yarddog (Romans 8: verses 38 and 39. "For I am persuaded".)
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To: No One Special

He’s far more sane than the neo-Nazi Svoboda party lunatics that we have installed in power in Kiev.

10 posted on 03/04/2014 8:03:39 PM PST by LowTaxesEqualsProsperity
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To: No One Special

Well, at least Putin didn’t promise the Ukrainians, “If you like your Crimea, you can keep your Crimea.”

11 posted on 03/04/2014 8:05:18 PM PST by Sooth2222 ("Suppose you were an idiot. And suppose you were a member of congress. But I repeat myself." M.Twain)
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To: No One Special
Look at all the crazy and unbelievable publicity stunts that he pulls.

Putin’s 9 most outrageous publicity stunts

If Russians will believe that crap, I guess the propaganda/lies about what's happening in Ukraine is quite believable.
12 posted on 03/04/2014 8:06:10 PM PST by Girlene (Hey, NSA!)
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To: LowTaxesEqualsProsperity

Right. /s

13 posted on 03/04/2014 8:07:02 PM PST by Girlene (Hey, NSA!)
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To: No One Special

He’s far more sane than the FR Alex Jones fan club members vomiting nonsense about Nazis and Soros.

14 posted on 03/04/2014 8:07:32 PM PST by Revolting cat! (Bad things are wrong! Ice cream is delicious! We reserve the right to serve refuse to anyone!)
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To: No One Special

Doesn’t sound like he lost his mind to me.

15 posted on 03/04/2014 8:11:36 PM PST by Red6
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To: No One Special

The professor needs to get a clue.

16 posted on 03/04/2014 8:15:18 PM PST by Dalberg-Acton
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To: Revolting cat!
Rulez!!! Thread needs pics!!!

17 posted on 03/04/2014 8:25:41 PM PST by No One Special
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To: No One Special
Vlad's his very core.KGB...Stasi...Gestapo....all staffed by dangerous psychopaths.The leaders of these organizations are dangerous psychopaths times 100.
18 posted on 03/04/2014 8:27:43 PM PST by Gay State Conservative (Stalin Blamed The Kulaks,Obama Blames The Tea Party)
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To: No One Special
Putin's not paranoid! His problem is that the whole world fails to see that he and his comrades are geniuses!


As Ukraine tension flares, Russia test-fires ballistic missile

China Fields New Intermediate-Range Nuclear Missile (Gertz)

Kiev agitators ‘trained in Poland’ claims Putin

Putin Adviser Urges Dumping US Bonds In Reaction to Sanctions

N.Korea Fires Multiple Launch Rockets


Russia calls for banning Judaism

Russia probing whether Jewish law constitutes incitement ["first time since Stalin's regime"]

Putin: 'Israel's nuclear weapons just make it a target'

Russians Respect Reason For Terrorism

Why Russia should sell weapons to Iran and Syria
RIA Novosti (Russian state-owned outlet) ^ | 08AUG07 |
Marianna Belenkaya, Russian Government

Vladimir Putin Justifies His Trust in Islam Karimov (Uzbekistan)">

Vladimir Putin's comments on American exceptionalism, Syria cause a fuss

Pat Buchanan: People worldwide ‘are sick of hearing’ talk of American exceptionalism

Pat Buchanan Defends Hitler's Invasion of Poland

Russia to set up missile shield for Iran

Ted Turner: U.S. and Israel Should Disarm to Prevent Nuclear Iran

Putin: Russia Building Nuclear Weapon U.S. Won't Have

Russia says new Topol RS-12 mobile ICBM can evade U.S. missile defense

Russia to build 2 Kalashnikov factories in Venezuela by 2010

Georgia Seeks U.N. Security Council Session About Missile
NY Times ^ | August 9, 2007 | C. J. CHIVERS
"No one was injured by the missile, which struck on Monday evening near Tsitelubani, a village about 30 miles from Tbilisi, the Georgian capital. The missile broke apart on impact, but did not explode. The Georgian military later detonated the missile."

China and Russia Call for U.S. Withdrawal in Central Asia

US TOLD TO LEAVE CENTRAL ASIA [Russia & China demand "deadline."]

S. Korean Lawmaker, “Russia might have given N. Korea know-how of miniature nukes”

WikiLeaks: North Korea Shipped 19 Advanced Nuclear-Capable Missiles to Tehran

North Korea Tests 'Super-EMP' Nuke
Newsmax ^ | Thursday, 16 Jun 2011 09:05 AM | Ken Timmerman
"North Korea’s nuclear tests have been dismissed as failures by some analysts because of their low explosive yield. But Dr. Pry believes they bore the “signature” of the Russian-designed “super-EMP” weapon, capable of emitting more gamma radiation than a 25-megaton nuclear weapon. "

''Intelligence Brief: Russia's Moves in Syria''
(from 2006)

The Syrian Stake (Ruskie Alert)
(from 2006)

Russia engages in 'gangland' diplomacy as it sends warship to the Caribbean (Exercise with Venezuelan military, 2008)
(from 2006)

The Secret American Subculture Of Putin-Worshippers

New developments:

19 posted on 03/04/2014 8:30:46 PM PST by familyop (We Baby Boomers are croaking in an avalanche of corruption smelled around the planet.)
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To: familyop

The genius of Russian leadership going back to 1917 has turned a great country into a third world basket-case with nukes.


20 posted on 03/04/2014 8:36:26 PM PST by No One Special
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To: No One Special

Ahhh, the propaganda begins.

Russia invaded to prop up their puppet president in the Ukraine.

Insane, no.

Cynical, yes.

Wrong, yes it is, the Ukrainians don’t want their president and ousted him once before, in 2006 (I think). Only real difference is we weren’t underwater economically and another difference too; we didn’t have a tool for a president. (Not a big W fan btw; but he did get some things right)

21 posted on 03/04/2014 8:40:44 PM PST by correctthought ("Obamunism is a temporary setback on the road to freedom" - Liberty Prime)
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To: correctthought

I have no doubt he’s acting crazy on purpose but that does not negate the possibility he still is.

22 posted on 03/04/2014 8:46:46 PM PST by No One Special
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To: No One Special
Agreed. Another one just in! Genius strikes like lightning with no need for forethought!

Breaking: Largest European Refinery Catches on Fire – Happens to Be in Russia

Now say the following with the same accent used by the "Hans and Franz" act on the ancient Saturday Night Live show! "Do it now, and think about it later!" What men!

[Familyop hobbles around with one hand over his head and scratches his armpit like a monkey with the other in imitation of pure Eurasian genius.]

23 posted on 03/04/2014 8:48:33 PM PST by familyop (We Baby Boomers are croaking in an avalanche of corruption smelled around the planet.)
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To: No One Special

Putin is a Russian nationalist who is paranoid about the West.

Funny that all the so-called smart people in the government and the media can’t figure this out.

24 posted on 03/04/2014 9:45:46 PM PST by Ticonderoga34
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To: Red6

He sounded perfectly rational to me too. I suspect it was a large load of self-serving propaganda but there was nothing psychopathic in his words or demeanor.

25 posted on 03/04/2014 9:49:23 PM PST by TigersEye (Stupid is a Progressive disease.)
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To: Red6

...”Doesn’t sound like he lost his mind to me”....

Didn’t to me either..Putin knows exactly what his agenda is and he’s not about ready to give reporters straight answers because he’s not going to give them any clues...nor does he answer to anyone anyway.

Hey, if our own CIA didn’t see Putins moves coming that would indicate he keeps everything close to his chest til he makes his moves. Why would he be straightforward with the press.

Our own politicians could fill the insanity bowl...Pelosi, Reid, Biden, Obama and a few others.

26 posted on 03/04/2014 9:59:59 PM PST by caww
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To: familyop

Putins throwing his weight around because he can...he’s got so many leverages out there few countries want to mess things up further when most are unstable to begin with.

27 posted on 03/04/2014 10:03:27 PM PST by caww
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To: caww
Putin may be very good at what he's doing, keeping things close to the vest among other things, but I'm still having trouble with the idea that our intelligence didn't see a thing coming until the troops moved into Crimea.

The NSA listens to Angela Merkel's phone calls but didn't intercept any comm traffic about Putin's move on Ukraine? The CIA has no assets on the ground at all over there that would have at least picked up on some rumors? Or is the real story that 0bungles skips most of his intel briefings because he's not really interested in all of that spook nonsense our intel community collects?

28 posted on 03/04/2014 10:09:12 PM PST by TigersEye (Stupid is a Progressive disease.)
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To: LowTaxesEqualsProsperity

“Neo Nazi ‘Sovboda’ & Neo Nazi Right Sector parties in Kiev are the ones who hate Russians and Jews....right?

I’ve been running into photos of them since tracking Ukraine.....they have plenty of thugs working for them who often are blammed on being Putins guys but aren’t.

They did join up with the Ukraine Protesters,......reminded me of how the Islamists began marching and infilitrating the protestors in Egypt.

I’m going to have to take a closer look...but I understand they are pretty much bad guys....

29 posted on 03/04/2014 10:10:22 PM PST by caww
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To: yarddog

he is a macho commie...which means the lie is the truth for their ends. Evil.

30 posted on 03/04/2014 10:14:42 PM PST by fabian (" And a new day will dawn for those who stand long, and the forests will echo in laughter")
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To: caww

Ukraine chief rabbi accuses Russians of staging anti-Semitic ‘provocations’:

31 posted on 03/04/2014 11:02:44 PM PST by No One Special
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32 posted on 03/05/2014 12:15:02 AM PST by Faith65 (Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior!)
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To: Girlene

The amazin’ Put. He should join a circus.

The other day I was wondering if maybe Puttin was a bit disturbed north of his neck. I concluded that he was. Thanks for the link and proof that he is.

33 posted on 03/05/2014 12:39:42 AM PST by 1_Rain_Drop
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To: kiryandil

Wouldn’t it be awful if we had a president who was less trustworthy than Putin of Russia? Wouldn’t that be just terrible? I tremble when I think of the possibility. In fack o gots ter qit topin ey shakin two bbbaad<./

34 posted on 03/05/2014 8:07:00 AM PST by RipSawyer
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To: No One Special

“What Does the Bear Say?”

35 posted on 03/05/2014 8:10:59 AM PST by dfwgator
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To: dfwgator

“I am woman see me roar.”

36 posted on 03/05/2014 8:28:55 AM PST by No One Special
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To: No One Special; maggief; crosslink; onyx
I'll just accept these mens assessment if they're anti-Semitic over any Rabbi in Ukraine...

The question all need to ask is why the United States continues to fund, organize and support dangerous thug political groups and parties throughout the world to take out elected Gov. leaders who oppose joining Nato/EU and want to remain independant nations?

"Thirty members of the "Israeli Knesset" condemned the Svoboda party in a signed letter addressed to the President of the European Parliament.... In the letter the Israeli politicians accused 'Svoboda' of "openly glorifying Nazi murder" and "Nazi war criminals"

In May 2013 the "World Jewish Congress" labelled the party as "neo-Nazi" and called for European governments to ban them.

Svoboda and the Right Sector....Svoboda Party leaders...these guys are thugs and now running Ukraine's Government ...and the U.S. financed and assisted their rise..just like we did Morsi/Muslim Brotherhood and their thugs in Egypt..and the Islamic thugs in Syria....McCain always meeting with the bad guys as usual

37 posted on 03/05/2014 11:57:21 AM PST by caww
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To: caww

The rabbi does not dispute what you say about these parties and other groups. Reread the article.

38 posted on 03/05/2014 1:03:40 PM PST by No One Special
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To: No One Special

I still will not believe any in Ukraine currently speaking out. ....the US and Eu are behind all’s terrible how we’ve supported such thugs internationally....but when you know their agenda then you know why they do so.

The US is worse than what the mafia ever truly breaks my heart the thugs we have running this country as well....

39 posted on 03/05/2014 1:42:39 PM PST by caww
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To: caww

As it breaks mine as well. My concern, as always, is for liberty for all people. Neither Putin or Obama are on my side. I figure most of the people at FR are on my side. But I do wish that we would always keep one thing in mind and that is that we need unity if we are going to turn things around. So if someone says that Putin’s a bad guy in this Ukrainian situation that does not mean that person is saying that as a way of making Obama look good by comparison.

I believe if Americans are united, we shall overcome.

40 posted on 03/05/2014 2:14:16 PM PST by No One Special
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To: dfwgator

I thought it was Fox what say LOL!

BTW it official this part of Crimea want part of Russia

41 posted on 03/06/2014 2:09:35 PM PST by SevenofNine (We are Freepers, all your media bases belong to us ,resistance is futile)
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