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La. officials suspend abortion clinic's license
AP ^ | 9/3/2010

Posted on 09/04/2010 4:48:17 AM PDT by markomalley

Louisiana health officials suspended an abortion clinic's license Friday, the first time the state has used its new authority to shut down such a facility over health and safety concerns.

The Louisiana health department ordered the Hope Medical Group for Women in Shreveport to immediately cease performing the procedures, saying an investigation found the clinic failed to ensure that a physician performed and documented a physical exam on each woman before a procedure. The clinic also failed to follow several procedures involving anesthesia, including not properly monitoring vital signs, the agency said.

Republican Gov. Bobby Jindal signed a law in June giving the health department the authority to shut down clinics. Before the law took effect, the clinics could continue to operate while appealing a license suspension.

"When we see this level of egregious conduct at a facility, it is incumbent on us to take steps necessary to protect our residents," said the agency's Interim Secretary Anthony Keck. "The Legislature gave us this authority because they recognized we must have the ability to stop unsafe practices that place these already vulnerable women in danger."

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TOPICS: Crime/Corruption; Culture/Society; US: Louisiana
KEYWORDS: abortion; denisedoe; malpractice; moralabsolutes; prolife
Good for Jindal!!!
1 posted on 09/04/2010 4:48:19 AM PDT by markomalley
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To: markomalley
Infant Murder Mills have Double O licenses...

Licenses to kill.

2 posted on 09/04/2010 4:51:17 AM PDT by Happy Rain ("K Marx had 7 kids-only 3 lived to maturity-of those 2 committed suicide.")
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To: markomalley

What health and safety concerns would there possibly be while you are killing children on a daily basis?

Is this concerning the health and safety of the children being snuffed out?

3 posted on 09/04/2010 4:52:10 AM PDT by reaganator
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To: markomalley

What about the reproductive rights of the females?

The female children that are having their choice to have children of their own because their lives are brutally and unconstitutionally ended.

Hitler was a mere piker compared to these monsters.

4 posted on 09/04/2010 4:56:54 AM PDT by reaganator
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To: reaganator

Police found 35 almost full term fetuses in a freezer in Elkton Maryland this week. The abortion clinic was searched after a female was brought to a local ER by her mother and boy friend and 2 doctors. The doctors were not forthcoming with information at the ER. They wanted to talk with the ER doctor and someone called the police. The 2 doctors left before the uniformed officer arrived. The young female was sent to Johns Hopkins in Baltimore for repair to her uterus.
Dr Nicole Riley flew from Utah to Md every 2 weeks to perform abortions. She was also linked to a clinic in NJ.
Both doctors are to appear in court Sept. 8th. The fetal remains from the freezer were turned over to the medical examinier.

5 posted on 09/04/2010 6:51:08 AM PDT by oldironsides
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To: markomalley

From Wikipedia:

Abortion and stem cell research
Jindal has a 100% pro-life voting record according to the National Right to Life Committee.[82] He opposes all abortions without exception, but does not condemn medical procedures aimed at saving the life of the mother that indirectly result in the loss of the unborn child.[83][84][85][86][87] In 2003, Jindal stated that he does not object to the use of emergency contraception in the case of rape if the victim requests it.[84] While in the House of Representatives, he supported two bills to prohibit transporting minors across state lines to obtain an abortion; the bills aimed to prevent doctors and others from helping a minor avoid parental notification laws in their home state by procuring an abortion in another state.[82] He opposes and has voted against expanding public funding of embryonic stem cell research.[82][88]

6 posted on 09/04/2010 6:54:57 AM PDT by trisham (Zen is not easy. It takes effort to attain nothingness. And then what do you have? Bupkis.)
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To: reaganator

Correction on the doctors name. Dr Nicola Riley. Her license in Maryland is now suspended. The damage done to the teen was more serious than thought. She ruptured her uterus and bowel trying to do the abortion. I don’t think she is even an OB Gyn doctor. She practices “family medicine” Her photo is in the articles . I won’t bother to post her ugly face.

7 posted on 09/04/2010 7:07:00 AM PDT by oldironsides
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To: markomalley
In a sense, this is a follow on to the Denise Doe law.

Denise Doe (not her real name) was badly injured at Delta Women's Clinic in Baton Rouge.

The date: September 5, 1998.

Why was that significant? A group of pro-lifers, on the first anniversary of Mother Teresa's Death, prayed for the favor of help for the pray life movement. In a sense, what happened to Denise Doe, her baby and Denise Doe's mother, was an answer to that prayer.

The baby survived the abortion.

During the abortion, Denise Doe was repeatedly screaming because the abortionist (who had been kicked out of LSU's Medical School) kept puncturing her uterus.

At one point the abortionist told Denise Doe: "If you don't shut up, you're going to die".

Eventually the abortionist gave up on completing the abortion and told Denise Doe to go to a nearby Hospital.

The Abortionist neglected to provide necessary information to the hospital. The unborn baby's heart was found to be beating -- though no telling what shape the baby was in given this was a "failed abortion".

This was Saturday of Labor Day weekend that year. By Monday, Denise had swelled to twice her size. At a nearby Hospital, she lay close to death. It was necessary for Denise Doe to have an emergency Hysterectomy because of septic poisoning in the uterus. When the mother saw her daughter Denise Doe near death, she made many pleas to God.

Finally she made a plea that God heard and maybe Mother Teresa joined with her -- that the mother would speak out against abortion if her daughter lived.

As soon as the mother made this "prayer" to God, her daughter made a remarkable recovery.

When it appeared her daughter was out of danger, the mother decided to go back on her "deal with God". Immediately, her daughter Denise Doe almost died a second time. Upon realizing her mistake, the mother repented, and told God that she would speak out against abortion.

I personally heard the mother of Denise Doe speak after the January 22nd Memorial Mass at the Cathedral of St John in 1999. She sobbed as she told the story, and had to be comforted by the then Bishop of the Diocese of Lafayette, Louisiana. The mother was not Catholic, she was a good Baptist.

The Louisiana Legislature passed a law requiring abortion clinics to inspected after then Gov Buddy Roemer had passed an executive order to do the same thing, but had his executive order contested (apparently women's organizations were not interested in abortion clinics being a safe place for women/girls).

I post this as this is part of the reason Bobby Jindal and the Louisiana Legislature is able to get tough with abortion clinics in Louisiana.

The story of Denise Doe is very important to this story.

I was at that abortion clinic that day. I was part of the group that made the prayer request to Mother Teresa.

The story of what happened to Denise Doe, her mother and her unborn baby, as well the help it brought the prolife movement as been documented as part of the cause of the Canonization of Mother Teresa.

Maybe the baby's life was temporarily spared by the intervention of Mother Teresa (Denise Doe required an emergency hysterectomy)... Maybe Denise Doe would have died if Mother Teresa did not intervene to save her life...

The organization Silent No More Awareness documents the case of Denise Doe as a woman/girl as being the most severely injured during an abortion (or abortion attempt) to live...

Sorry for the long post, but it is the 12th anniversary of these events. And the favor has been documented for the cause of Mother Teresa.

Some of the "fruits" for prolife was a major lawsuit that received national attention, a local TV station did a special on what happened to Denise Doe. Finally, there was the law to require inspections of abortion clinics in Louisiana -- which was fought tooth and nail by groups such as NOW.

8 posted on 09/06/2010 4:05:05 PM PDT by topher (Let us return to old-fashioned morality - morality that has stood the test of time...)
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To: topher
From the previous posting:

Finally, there was the law to require inspections of abortion clinics in Louisiana -- which was fought tooth and nail by groups such as NOW.

The Health Inspection Law for Abortion Clinics was passed in 1999, but did not go into effect until 2000 because of opposition from Women's groups trying to prevent abortion clinics from being a safe place.

9 posted on 09/06/2010 4:11:08 PM PDT by topher (Let us return to old-fashioned morality - morality that has stood the test of time...)
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To: oldironsides

Abortion doctor licensed in N.J. [to quit] practicing in MD - patient is critically injured

This is a link to post #25, which has links to the abortionists that have their medical licenses pulled.

There are three:

Stephen Chase Brigham, MD (Cease and Desist order to stop practicing Medicine in Maryland WITHOUT a License).

Nicola I Riley, MD (Medical License in Maryland pulled because of numerous complaints. One was from a doctor (M.D.) at John Hospital Hospital who treated one of Dr Riley's "victims".

Finally, there is George Sheppard, Jr, MD. He is partially disabled and 88 years old. Someone must pick him up to get him to the abortion to perform abortions (he apparently is not able to get to the abortion clinic on his own...

10 posted on 09/06/2010 4:18:26 PM PDT by topher (Let us return to old-fashioned morality - morality that has stood the test of time...)
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Ping - one of the three abortionists in the Maryland story practiced at this Shreveport Clinic that has been suspended...

11 posted on 09/06/2010 9:46:35 PM PDT by topher (Let us return to old-fashioned morality - morality that has stood the test of time...)
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To: markomalley
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La. officials suspend abortion clinic's license[Shreveport]

12 posted on 09/07/2010 6:12:10 PM PDT by Salvation ("With God all things are possible." Matthew 19:26)
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