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To: RaceBannon; 2111USMC; 2nd Bn, 11th Mar; 68 grunt; A.A. Cunningham; ASOC; AirForceBrat23; Ajnin; ...
Enclosed is the e-mail I got with all units blocked out:

Anthrax would take a day or two to appear, something immediate would be a blood or nerve agent or chemical

Can you describe symptoms?

On Nov 16, 2006, xxxxxxx, xxxx, Sgt wrote:
>Go for it. I didn't want to post it here until I heard back from Xxxx's wife for the confirmation. She said that some of the field tests came back positive, but that XXXxx couldn't reveal what agents were present in the air. He said that quite a few of the 5/14 soldiers were very sick, and were medevaced and being treated. With that info, I would assume that it would be anthrax or sarin, and not mustard or another blistering agent. The large number of Iraqi citizens that were very sick is what really makes you think that it was a large quantity of some type of WMD, tho'. Feel free to post this tho', and use the unit as well. Just blot out XXX XXXX XXXX's name for now.
>On Nov 16, 2006, (RaceBannon), Sgt wrote:
>>Do you mind if I go public with this? With names blotted out??
>>On Nov 16, 2006, XXxxx, XXX, Sgt wrote:
>>>I got a call from a dear friend's wife yesterday morning. My friend, Xxx Xxx Xxxxx, has been in Iraq just south of Baghdad since Aug. He is serving with 5/14 of the US Army's 10th Mountain DIV. They found a huge cache of mortars and arty shells, and when they blew them up, a HUGE MUSHROOM cloud went up, and a sticky substance dissipated all over the area, to include a suburb of Baghdad. Many of XXxxx soldiers got sick, as well as hundreds of Iraqi civilians as well. The insurgents started firing off mortars onto their basecamp, and got the citizens riled up as well, blaming the Americans for "gassing" them. Many tests are being conducted by our NBC folks to determine the gas that was released by the explosions of this cache. XXxxxxx said that the suspected WMD's were buried in a bunker, just beneath the uncovered weapons cache. The detonation of the weapons cache must've accidentally exploded the suspected WMD's as well, thus unleashing the concoction into the air. I'll keep ya' posted on anything his wife tells me. Keep looking for any info on this possible WMD find as well. This could be the beginning of a big find and overwhelming proof of Saddam's WMD arsenal, and it could blow up in the face of the Dems and liberals who have sought to discredit GWB and our mission as well!

50 posted on 11/16/2006 5:08:08 PM PST by RaceBannon (Innocent until proven guilty: The Pendleton 8)
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To: RaceBannon
Nerve agents are often mixed with a sticky carrier to keep them on the skin. Mild doses may take upwards of 18 hours to show symptoms.
60 posted on 11/16/2006 5:12:23 PM PST by Myrddin
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To: RaceBannon

The political spin at the end of your post #50 indicates to me that you are being played. A soldier in the middle of a fight would not think about such things.

65 posted on 11/16/2006 5:14:12 PM PST by Enosh
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To: RaceBannon

The Republicans are going to have to do a much better job of educating sheeple about these Islamic fundamentalists.
This type of information is never being received by the general public.

68 posted on 11/16/2006 5:14:42 PM PST by Lady GOP
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To: RaceBannon

This would have happened 36+ hours ago and there are no official reports?

120 posted on 11/16/2006 5:58:24 PM PST by Velveeta
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To: jveritas; RaceBannon


2001 Iraqi Document: Saddam Approved the Re-Use of Nuclear Equipment

Iraqi Documents: Projects to Rebuild Saddam Nuclear Facilities

Iraqi Documents Show Plans for Prohibited Nuclear Projects

Iraqi Documents Rebut the Senate Intelligence Report on WMD.

2001 Document: Manufacturing of Chemical Warfare Decontamination Trailers

2002 Document: Request for Precursor That Can Be Used To Make VX Nerve Gas

Document: Iraqi Dissident Talks About WMD Moved to Syria

2003 UN Report: Iraq Sulfur Mustard Gas Chemical Weapons Have High Quality After 12 years of Storage

2002 Document: Chemical Material Hidden Underground

Iraqi Documents: Plans To Produce Prohibited Chemical Weapons Precursors

Iraqi Document: Highly Radioactive Atomic Neutron Device

2002 Document: Request For 500 KG Of SODIUM CYANIDE A Precursor For A Chemical Weapon

2002 Document: Plan To Produce Mobile Laboratories

2001 Top Secret Document: Production of Prohibited Nerve Gas Detectors

Document: Saddam Ordered Biological And Radiation Test on Presidential Sites Attacked by US in 1998

1999, 2000 Iraqi memos: Procurement of 50000 Aluminum Tubes That Can Be Used For URANIUM ENRICHMENT

Undated Document: Change Chemical, Nuclear, And Missiles Sites for Fear of Western Attack

2001, 2002 Iraqi Memos: SECRET NUCLEAR PROJECT

September 1998 Document: Secret Research Programs Related to WMD

1997 Document: Orders To Remove All Information Related To WMD From Computers

Summer 2002 Document: Destruction And Hiding of WMD Documents and Archives

Document Dated February/3/2003: Chemical Gears for The Chemical Group

Saddam Regime Document Dated January 2003: The French and German Connections which include a story about WMD transfer to Syria<

Saddam Regime Document Dated 2001 Shows Chemical Platoon Still Exists And Active


196 posted on 11/16/2006 7:14:03 PM PST by Calpernia (
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Funny I thought the libtards said there were no WMD in Saddam's Iraq ......

No doubt they will stick to that claim until they themselves lie twitching on the ground spasming so hard their bones are breaking.......
204 posted on 11/16/2006 7:22:59 PM PST by wodinoneeye
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To: RaceBannon; freema

IMHO, a lot of stuff will be uncovered by various means in the years to come. Probably tens of thousands of tons of stuff buried in backyards, held under water of rivers by chains, and buried in the remote desert areas that fringe most of central Iraq. Prayers for our soldiers and the innocent Iraqi that are now possibly extremly sick to be returned to full health.

207 posted on 11/16/2006 7:24:13 PM PST by Marine_Uncle (Honor must be earned)
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To: RaceBannon

BTTT I love FRee Republic! Thanks Race...

381 posted on 11/18/2006 9:03:43 AM PST by Libertina
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