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  • Meghan McCain: Can we ban mentioning her on FR???

    04/20/2009 2:26:25 PM PDT · 88 of 121
    Alia to fishtank
    What you do is your own business. But banning Meghan articles from FR will have the very opposite effect cyber-wise from what you might like to see as a result.

    Why not just ignore the threads


    04/20/2009 2:21:15 PM PDT · 31 of 52
    Alia to RobinMasters
    Obviously, Meghan doesn't understand how twitter works. And why.

    Karl Rove follows me on twitter too. But I followed him first.

  • Roesgen Spread “Jena 6″ Myths

    04/20/2009 3:43:46 AM PDT · 26 of 27
    Alia to Kaslin

    If this is true, that she is responsible for vamping the lies about Jena, she needs to be sued. The MSM barrage was heinous and irresponsible, and absolutely WRONG. Her type of coverage of Jena amounts to metal-physical domestic terrorism.

  • Campus Leftists Don't Believe In Free Speech

    04/17/2009 6:49:07 PM PDT · 12 of 26
    Alia to kcvl
    ... 'n Mz. Cloud thinks she's "all that".

    Excellent column, superb points by Mr. Horowitz.

    There's something wrong with Mz. Cloud's "thinking" apparatus. I wonder if she hasn't something along the lines of bipolar. Why can't see grow up? Get some help? 'cuz it sure ain't about "thinking".


    04/17/2009 3:31:27 AM PDT · 50 of 101
    Alia to A Navy Vet
    You guys know it, and I know it. This movement needs a unifying purpose. While many states are looking to past resolutions about their 10th Amendment sovereignty rights, they are only resolutions and have no standing in law.

    You are right. I'd call the movement "Not On My Watch!"

  • Napolitano defends report on right-wing extremist groups

    04/16/2009 3:01:29 AM PDT · 39 of 43
    Alia to JustTheTruth
    The lefty reasoning behind all of this is a no-brainer: conservatives support the 2nd amendment and many own guns; the left does not support the 2nd amendment and therefore might not legally own guns.

    A gun in the hands of a conservative is infinitely less a "terror threat" than LAWS in the hands of liberals. Liberals cause far more insidious harm through routine and repeated torture and enslavement via the laws they enact.

  • Freeper Gardeners ---- How to tell you're a compulsive gardener

    04/07/2009 4:31:25 PM PDT · 107 of 110
    Alia to Gabz
    Bah! I be nailed.

    All day long in back-brain I was fretting over covering my newbies against the frost to descend early next morning. Plants are now sheltered and covered -- Let Jack have his way!

  • Dropout Grants Subsidize Dropouts

    04/01/2009 4:24:29 PM PDT · 5 of 5
    Alia to bs9021
    I've been here in this state long enough to see why the drop out numbers are increasing.

    The schools need more male teachers and administrators, curriculum authors, for starters. ... ...

  • Tea Party Being Planned for CHAPEL HILL/Orange County NC

    03/31/2009 2:32:01 AM PDT · 7 of 9
    Alia to Titus Quinctius Cincinnatus

    Thank you. I’m waiting on a schedule. I’m hoping to be there.

  • WILLIE BROWN: Assault weapons have no place on streets

    03/29/2009 3:45:59 PM PDT · 62 of 76
    Alia to SmithL
    His words were for the black community; obviously. reading between his lines, Willie Brown is telling the black community to just "toughen up" and let law enforcement do all the protecting against the gangs.

    This is hidious counsel. Oakland was there back in the 70s and 80s; and it made things worse, not better, and because people were having to live below the window line all the time.

    As for what to do in high-crime neighborhoods, I've been there, and the only answer is to be tough.

    Yeah right. Willie was "there" when he was a cabbie starting to hook up ladies of the night to form COYOTE from which Willie got his first political constituency - madams and their Johns. Back then, "high crime" was equivalent to what goes on in suburbia. No, Willie, you haven't been "there". Once you made it big you lived in the good gated parts, taxpayerfunded security, cars, etc. And you still live that way. Comparing your "then" to what is now is incomparable.

    People in the community need to have self-defense, and to also work with the police.

  • (Vanity) FReeper knitters...HELP!

    03/29/2009 3:34:16 PM PDT · 8 of 8
    Alia to yankeedame
    Hope the links in this thread work for you.

    The direction is for you to pick up TWO stitches (instead of the usual one) in the knit (needle going in the front through two stiches) at ONE TIME. Making one stitch out of two by performing a TREBLE stitch. You are decreasing the stitches by two each time you do a "TOG".

  • 21,000 turn out to mourn slain officers

    03/28/2009 4:58:02 AM PDT · 20 of 23
    Alia to dragnet2
    I appreciate the media did cover the anti-police protest. I got to see that members of Your Black Muslim Bakery were in attendance. No surprise there.

    The obvious about the protestors? These are people so frightened by life, by being included as members of society, they have to cop to a false machismo in order to have any self-identity at all. Whites did not do this to them, the "culture" did not do this to them, the American system did not do this to them. These are adults who made decisions, who have voluntarily committed themselves to behaving as dorks while hiding behind some false identity of oppression.

    Four fine men gave their lives to protect the community from people like these spoiled protestors, and to protect the spoiled protestors from each other. The blood of these fine men is on the heads of these protestors.

  • 'White, blue-eyed bankers have brought world economy to its knees'(Brazil Prez to UK's Gordon Brown)

    03/27/2009 3:20:03 AM PDT · 33 of 53
    Alia to Stoat
    Hmmm... what is Lula up to. ... Is he calling for Toni Morrisette to begin some type of "uprising"? A call for a white, blue-eyed Clinton to act on behalf of non-whites?

    Curiouser and curiouser...

  • House passes bill to expand wilderness in 9 states

    03/25/2009 4:36:05 PM PDT · 26 of 33
    Alia to SpaceBar
    The Clintons did this too. The Desert Protection Act. Sen. Di-Fi's husband had it coming and going on both ends. First, buy certain rights. Every pub school child in CA was getting non-stop "save the desert" curriculum. Di-Fi's hubby was investor/part owner of the publishing of that curriculum. Oops. And then he also owned "certain" rights in the desert(s) that got protected. And he sold certain minerals to a specific business in China.

    Just watch the play.. it's a repeat. Possibly different props on the stage.

  • (NC Rep.) Womble bill calls for slavery disclosure (Guess that party!)

    03/24/2009 3:05:55 AM PDT · 9 of 38
    Alia to MitchellC

    I'm from the West. I've already seen what bills like these are intended to accomplish in the long run.

    NORTH CAROLINA COMPANIES -- JUST SAY "NO". And run that railroader Womble out of town.

  • After Action Report Raleigh NC Tea Party

    03/24/2009 3:03:26 AM PDT · 27 of 29
    Alia to ~Vor~

    The photos are awesome, Vor! Actually made me a tad teary-eyed. I kept hearing the phrase running through my mind as I looked at the photos: “These are my people.” My heart swelled. These are people like me. Who think like I do. Who work hard and believe as I do. These are my people.

  • Cheap Political Theater (Thomas Sowell)

    03/24/2009 2:52:28 AM PDT · 51 of 69
    Alia to jazusamo
    Thank you for the ping, jazusamo.

    It was once upon a time in America we voted into office the "best" representative (we thought) of "WE, THE PEOPLE".

    The American left thinks America is arrogant, brutish, and evil. And so, the people who think this of America have voted into office the people they think best represents this view of their own. And so it is. We have low-lifes with a gangster mentality sitting in elected office.

    Some of the voters think this is GREAT! That now the uber "real" America is being represented to the world.

    D-Frank and D-Dodd stridently, vigorously legislated for the confiscation of wealth by their constituents, and are now tribally hacking away at the very corporations the D's set-up to perform this confiscation of wealth. The D's are cutting out the middle-men, played as stooges by the D's.

    This is Main Street Thuggery. And those of a low-level education and certain other cranial and spiritual limitations see this as a Victory for them. What they don't see? They are also considered usable, malleable blobs of worthless tissues by the very same "playahs".

    the sheep look up. And Rev Wright et al applaud.

    The American Congress is beginning to resemble Africa's turmoil.

  • Prelude to the Civil War; Four states mark the 150th anniversary of John Brown’s raid

    03/22/2009 2:30:49 PM PDT · 115 of 290
    Alia to Graybeard58

    Excellent logic, and point.

  • 4 Cops Shot, Suspect Dead After Calif. Traffic Stop

    03/22/2009 4:52:24 AM PDT · 441 of 532
    Alia to texan75010
    San Francisco, right across the Bay from Oakland, cannot fill the vacancies in the police department. That's how bad things are.

    Through all the years I was there, the thought continued to come to me, louder, and louder, that the anti-police libbies will come to be "policed" by the gangs. And they do not recognize their own lives and well-being are meaningless to gangs. A thugogracy, created by liberals, run by liberals, to to enslave liberals. And so it incrementally comes to pass.

  • 4 Cops Shot, Suspect Dead After Calif. Traffic Stop

    03/22/2009 4:45:01 AM PDT · 439 of 532
    Alia to KJC1
    Thank you for serving.

    I have no doubts you have knowledge about this that you can't share. And no doubts, that knowledge you have adds even more burdens to the sorrow you are already carrying. All police officers throughout CA are in my prayers, always have been, will continue to be.

  • Napa Doesn't Back Same-Sex Marriage, Pair Axes Trip [We Axe trips to VT & CT & MA]

    03/21/2009 3:55:48 PM PDT · 47 of 53
    Alia to Steelfish
    I suppose that means... whites should only enter areas where pro-white resolutions have been passed, ad nauseum.

    The article story is such a huge ho-hum, I only read it because there might have been a chance some California gays were growing up. Obviously, hasn't happened yet.

  • Leonard Pitts - Attention GOP: Love means having to say you're sorry (Ref: Rush) (It's the Pitts!)

    03/09/2009 3:25:38 AM PDT · 21 of 33
    Alia to 2ndDivisionVet
    From article: GOP faces a real possibility of being reduced to a regional party of limited national relevance

    Not so. The party which booned the economy, the party which supported and fought for a successful war (two wars) is a long ways from "over".

  • Stein: Fear-Mongers Keep Us In Recession

    03/09/2009 3:19:14 AM PDT · 3 of 30
    Alia to Scanian
    Right on the money, Ben. Yes, 92% of the U.S. is still employed.

    However, once again, leave it to the liberals to water everything down to the lowest common denominator. 8% are unemployed -- RUN FER YER LIVES! Destroy the Economy. Pour TRILLIONS INTO bailing Tom, Dick, and Harry out.

    Same old Democrat shell game.

  • FReeper advice needed (Vanity) Time to go?

    03/08/2009 3:29:22 PM PDT · 85 of 126
    Alia to GOPJ


  • FReeper advice needed (Vanity) Time to go?

    03/08/2009 3:28:09 PM PDT · 84 of 126
    Alia to WhirlwindAttack
    I share your dream. Living as you are suggesting has been a dream of mine forever long. However, I'd suggest thinking once again about it. I found my land up near Placerville. It moved my soul. It's all I thought about. I built it all, in my mind.

    And then, I put myself into the mind of a bad person/group. To establish a center base, would I take over a home in suburbia? Or one on 25-acres with a windmill, arsenal to the gills, smoke-house, orchard, vege garden, solar energy, windmill, river/pond...

    If you are doing this in order to be safe, you might be safer with neighbors nearby.

    It's a terribly snafu to think about; but it is important to think about, IME.

  • World naked bike ride

    03/08/2009 3:18:13 PM PDT · 36 of 38
    Alia to Richard Kimball

    Is that the organic way to scratch an external hemorrhoid?

  • Why some conservatives are backing Obama (flashback)

    03/08/2009 3:14:59 PM PDT · 49 of 54
    Alia to LifeComesFirst

    For that to happen, they’d have to know what is “shame”. For the past 40 years, liberals have been turning that emotion sane people know as shame into a pedophilic trophy. Therefore, they cannot experience shame. Shame to them, is a turn on.

  • Why some conservatives are backing Obama (flashback)

    03/08/2009 4:24:30 AM PDT · 6 of 54
    Alia to LifeComesFirst

    The people in this article cited as to their reasons for voting for Obama come across as bitter persons. They voted for and reasoned for Obama resulting from their own personal bitterness. The personal became political.

  • WOODSON: What kind of race dialogue?

    03/08/2009 3:47:23 AM PDT · 2 of 5
    Alia to Scanian

    Mr. Woodson’s points are salient; and therefore, will be ignored by the host of hustlers from the array of Chaos.

  • White House: Rush Limbaugh fight ‘counterproductive’

    03/05/2009 3:23:46 AM PST · 75 of 80
    Alia to alecqss
    The most hilarious part is the claim (quoted in Politico article) that by hitting back Rush damages the GOP and so he should shut up for the GOP sake. 0bamabots are the idiots who think of themselves as too darn smart.

    Too smart by 'alf, apparently. The facts are these:

    1. Obama promised a chicken in every pot.
    2. The chicken plants are closing and going bankrupt.
    3. Chicken plant employees voted for Obama, now they have no chicken, and no jobs, so cannot even buy eggs.
    4. Rush is angry over what Obama Inc. are doing to the people of this country.
    5. Obama-ites say Rush is being "counterproductive".
    6. This makes Average Joe even more furious at Obama Nation.
    7. Obama Press People insult the people even more.

    I don't think this admin is mentally "tracking".

  • How Will This Depression Differ from Previous Ones?

    03/03/2009 3:55:38 PM PST · 37 of 38
    Alia to Centurion2000
    I'm thinking more like the intro to Road Warrior in certain places.

    BUT!! This is where, I think, you are precisely ON TARGET:

    Already in various locations throughout California, business owners are locking and loading. Why? No budget money for cops to defend them. It was a year or so before I moved that even gated communities were being told they were "on their own" with regard to getting police to come and help if a burglary or gang invasion take place.

    In Oakland, CA -- there've been numerous reports of solid citizens, business owners, private citizen arming and defending themselves against predators.

    And so, Centurion2000, what you posit, has already begun in certain locations. Usually it is an area of some affluence being connected by mass transit, high car theft rates, near a "poverty" area. I hate to say follow the transit systems and what laws do not exist to protect the innocent.. but, the tracks are there.

    Solid Citizens in Oakland and parts of the San Francisco Bay Area are already Galting.

  • How Will This Depression Differ from Previous Ones?

    03/03/2009 3:49:05 PM PST · 36 of 38
    Alia to Centurion2000

    You know, I just don't see that. America is _that_ prosperous, that I just don't see that immediate scenario. The dollars, which are falling in value, will be proliferated in ways which resemble a shell game. People will only very gradually and incrementally begin to observe their "comfort" levels reducing. And, by the time they've noticed it; Dems will put forward another "win by losing" campaign at the house and Presidential levels, so Republicans can not only take the heat but work triple-time to work and figure out how to get us all out of this mess.

    By then, the masses will have figured the whole thing out; or remain clueless and do another 4 years of "Bush is Bad".

    Meanwhile, the elected crooks who brought this on us will have semi-retired to spend "more time with their families" while carefully managing all that money they've absconded with in various pockets and countries of the Earth.

    Sheez, a "Road Warrior" event would be easy, certainly upfront. That's not how liberals and their socialism works. They are much more like the aliens in "Independence Day" - parasites. They'll cause hell; but never wish to thoroughly deplete their "mother host".

    Instead, we'll have people running around, dazed and confused, and reaching for more prozac. While the winners, the non-grasshoppers will emerge again. But this time, will they be accused of being the "hateful" and "corrupt" Wealthy? Time will tell.

  • Alamo is new passion for Phil Collins

    03/03/2009 3:37:45 PM PST · 73 of 91
    Alia to Swede Girl
    In the mid 1950’s the Davy Crockett character was all the rage with kids due to the program on TV with Fess Parker. Every young boy had a coon skin hat and toy fortress with the soldiers and characters, etc

    :) In the -very- early 60s.. I still have the photo of my brothers 'n me in our coon skin hats, our long rifles, hatchets, etc. We were in another country; and boy did we look strange playing out our childhood heroes and dramas. lol! I tended to get the optional parts like.. nurse, local native American Indian girl playing negotiator for a truce, and new character Annie Oakley. One photo has us all in pajamas and props..behind trees, shooting from the hip, etc. So, I think the Alamo stuff got sent to us for a Christmas.

  • Alamo is new passion for Phil Collins

    03/03/2009 3:29:12 PM PST · 72 of 91
    Alia to stevem
    I've done some reading of the Alamo, tho not as much as I'd like. The story of the Alamo is truly that awesome. It's about courage in the face of being denied supplies, munitions, etc., and still FULFILLING THE MISSION.

    Standing One's Ground, no matter what. Cool on Phil Collins. :)

  • How Will This Depression Differ from Previous Ones?

    03/03/2009 3:01:46 PM PST · 32 of 38
    Alia to arthurus

    Thank you for posting this article: I think there is considerable credence in what the author has posted. A long protracted spiral death. Not the images of “Grapes of Wrath” nor of “Atlas Shrugged”; but, a different picture altogether.

  • KOS Going All-Out To Frame Rush Limbaugh As "The Republican Leader"

    03/03/2009 2:53:36 PM PST · 19 of 30
    Alia to tcrlaf
    Dare I also post another superb point in addition to your own: The media worshipped Obama because Obama is "b-l-a-c-k" (er whatever they decided they might use to whip up another "worship" pretend news article).

    Obviously, Michael Steele's skin color is not at all significant one way or another to Rush, to conservatives. It's the ideas which unite us or divide us.

    Oh My! And the libbies haven't yet dare call Rush a "raaaaacist" for disagreeing with Michael Steele. and....

    OMG! Michael Steele hasn't said he feels "oppressed" by Rush's disagreement with him.

    When does the usual Liberal Fiddling begin.

    It won't.


    Oh. Wow. When I do the linguistic math.. it appears that Republicans and Conservatives aren't racist nor skin-color obsessed. However, using the same formula, the Dems and libbies don't look so good....

    oh my... Revelation City.

  • John Bolton on 'The Coming War on American Sovereignty'

    03/03/2009 2:40:37 PM PST · 73 of 77
    Alia to gigster

    :) There you go.. you’ve got the right attitude.

  • 'Pretty sad' Limbaugh's the lead GOP voice: Ron Paul

    03/02/2009 5:13:19 PM PST · 143 of 152
    Alia to PogySailor
    Like Pavlov’s dog, they dump on Rush when the MSM rings the bell.

    Well.. this tells me they recognize two things about the voting population: 1. It's "celebrity-driven". One need only scan post counts at FR to see that's true (celebrities, personal scandals, missing children). 2. The population will now become far more sedentary resulting from lesser dollars - and that more people will find interactive time spent on line and reading (while the costs are yet low) or watching TV in contrast to people "going" to places (which costs more).

    And, I think they hope that by targetting Rush, the MSM types can also derive profits from their "markets". Basically, what's happening happening is a "Bebop" event. The left I think is hoping the cluster formations (which will drive their revenue markets) will take place on line.

  • John Bolton on 'The Coming War on American Sovereignty'

    03/02/2009 2:04:00 PM PST · 68 of 77
    Alia to gigster

    I don’t fear Rahm Emmanuel’s goals for me; I loathe them. You, it seems, fear them.

  • John Bolton on 'The Coming War on American Sovereignty'

    03/02/2009 3:20:42 AM PST · 38 of 77
    Alia to gigster
    Well... an optimist believes this is the best of all worlds; a pessimist fears this is true.

    Rahm Emmanual is certainly no God. I don't fear him.

  • John Bolton on 'The Coming War on American Sovereignty'

    03/02/2009 3:18:27 AM PST · 37 of 77
    Alia to CodeMasterPhilzar
    I think it’s a dangerous time in the United States.” He doesn’t believe we’ve reached the “tipping point” that so many people are talking about today regarding America, but we must make sure we avoid the decades of decline that Britain endured after World War II.

    Agreed, Mr. Bolton. It's not the tipping point that so many are hoping for, one way and another.

  • Stirring Up the Grassroots [DeMint]

    03/02/2009 2:59:22 AM PST · 5 of 6
    Alia to rabscuttle385

    Hear, Hear, Jim DeMint!

  • Rush Limbaugh calls on conservatives to take back nation

    03/01/2009 5:58:02 PM PST · 99 of 101
    Alia to Alia
    People say they don't want war. But when they support policies and politicians who make bad policy, inhibit capitalism, inhibit natural pursuits of happiness and wellbeing which contributes to the safety and wellness, the progress of any and all "communities", these people create the environment for WAR. The fight remains, foremost, locally. Win that. Win there. Then, perhaps, and only then might we see a time when our loved ones are not sent off to fight a military war which is always created when bad policies are set to motion, locally, grown to statewide levels, then grown to national levels. Then, there is war. Because the fractions spread outside our borders.

    Show me a liberal who says he hates war, and I'll show you man (or woman) who helped create the grounds for War and the deaths of many American lives, and the lives of others in other countries.

    Socialism murders.

  • Rush Limbaugh calls on conservatives to take back nation

    03/01/2009 5:41:05 PM PST · 98 of 101
    Alia to river rat
    To answer your post, I'd have to answer a question which is implied in your post. That question is: Do I think an armed insurrection will happen over the next few years. No, I don't. Do I think it is possible AQ/terrorists will attempt to strike? Yes, I do. They know how fully inept this newer administration is, how weak, and how they will serve to destroy valuable policies and laws just to punish "America" and "Americans".

    But putting that side for the sake of this argument, for now, were it to come down to it, would I take up arms? Absolutely, yes. Have I put myself in harms way to put forward the conservative message? Time and Time again, and in the public eye. Have I endured the consequences of battling the liberal oligarchy? Yes. Have I been assaulted personally? Yes. Did I fight back? Yes. Have I ever stood alone amid a maddened crowd? Yes.

    Now, have I ever fought in a military war. No. Have I proven to myself that I would take up arms for my country? Without a doubt, yes.

    I think it is good that folks are ensuring they are able to physically protect themselves against assault; or even an invasion. Do I think liberals in bureacracies and in office will openly declare war on Americans. No. That's not how liberals work. They know Americans would rise up like an angry viper, and all the "power" the liberals think they have would float away like so much flatulence.

    What they are doing now, IME, is creating the "stage" for what they'd like to accomplish but without ever being honest or direct about it. They'd like to see mass hysteria. For while a population is in mass hysteria, they'll pass all kinds of idiocies, and because no one is paying attention. They are too preoccupied with.. screaming, running, being frightened, being angry, and acting out. And those who act out will be pinned as people like you and me.

    Liberals like the cover of madness in order to perpetrate their agenda - laughing clowns, and predatory teachers in bowties and Hello-Kitty hair ware.

    The Story of the "300" begins first in the mind and heart and in the training. All that came afterwards is the result of the former.

    It's not "showtime" yet, by my estimates. I think training season has just begun.

    Lastly, okay, you want my bone fides. Every generation of men and women on both my parents' sides, and in multiple countries, have fought militarily for liberty. My dad went to war when he was 16; not 17 as he told me. I found his records. He fought in WWII and in Korea, was commissioned for recon in Vietnam but was not permitted as my mother was given a terminal cancer life sentence. One brother served. My daughter served, Afghanistan Spring 2002. My son is active duty. My sil is active duty. Why didn't I serve? My dad. He encouraged me to fight in the frontlines of American's Downtown for Liberty. He thought it was exactly where America's enemy had taken a foothold. And he was right. And there I was.

  • Rush Limbaugh calls on conservatives to take back nation

    03/01/2009 4:51:56 PM PST · 96 of 101
    Alia to jla
    Hey jla! :) Thank you for saying so!

    As Rush would say: "I know every inch of my naked body..." (lol), I'm telling the absolute truth in what I've written in this thread.

    Of course, moving this country to its founding and where it needs to be is something we can definitely do. I've been in hell, and I've seen the miracles. The San Francisco Bay Area is a dynomite place to learn how liberals wish to see the entirety of the U.S. The experience is nightmarish and unbelievable. And now the nation is rocking and quaking, feeling the same tremors of fear and loathing at what has come down upon them.

    I'm here to tell every and anyone listening and reading: This is doable.

    First, realize the psychologic war being daily waged upon you. Make up your mind: Decide to win, and you will win. Do it smartly, and with class. Do it civilly, and more join in with you. Be ready. Drop your ego at the curb. And.. make up your mind to simply address your own personal universe - that which comprises your little reality world. Be real and clear in that. It has a tendency to galvanize and awaken those in proximity.

  • Rush Limbaugh calls on conservatives to take back nation

    03/01/2009 4:45:13 PM PST · 94 of 101
    Alia to stockpirate
    I love hearing news like this, stockpirate! :)

    In 1993, my family and I attended Dan's Bake Sale in Fort Collins, CO. Our youngest was barely out of a stroller. We arrived at the Bake sale (and truly, it was an amazing event, from the moment we left our home in a Tioga), and cameras came right up to us, and press chatted with us. We were the California Bay Area Conservatives. At that time, it was shocking news that ANYONE from the San Francisco Bay Area "might" be a conservative; but there we were. Me in my pro-life T-shirt, hubby in his Christ-The-King T-shirt; all our children in fine fettle. And there we were showing up on a Tom Brokow segment - to the amazement and discontent of those we knew around the nation.

    We came back sporting a "WHO IS JOHN GALT? ASK RUSH" bumpersticker.

    I would get locked in by other cars at parking lots. In stopped commute traffic, people were jetting out of their cars to talk to me on highways. Every where, people were in shock, rushing to meet us. At times it was really unnerving, that look of desperation in the eyes of fellow conservatives as they'd excitedly introduce themselves, and long shake my hand. "We are here! We may be white, we may be Republican, we may even be ugly, BUT THANK GOD WE ARE HERE!"

    I carried url addresses, email addresses, flyers, network contacts, phone numbers with me, all carefully organized to give to folks. lol! These were the early years. The keying, the nails in the tires, the smashed windows -- well, those came in the later years.

    No one told me to do this, or even instructed me back then. I just could NOT bear knowing so many people felt so disenfranchised and alone. I hated the chimera, lies, and thefts of liberals and their liberalism.

    Individuals, Constitutionalists, Conservatives needed to know each other, and stand together. We had been divided by liberalism through our daily practices of accountability and self-responsibility -- each of us living our lives and meeting our obligations, but we'd been picked apart and each made as "targets" by liberals. We needed to band together.

    And so, things began to happen. In my area.

    Stock, I read "Atlas Shrugged" when I was 12. I didn't understand a lot of it. So, I read it again when I was 15. I understood more. And through the years, I'd re-read the book. In the early 90s, my husband was horribly shaken up by "things" happening in our locale, and to him. He needed a break. And we knew we needed to leave the area. I sent him to Montana on a break/look-see adventure, and I packed "Atlas Shrugged" into his luggage.

    He began reading it. About his 4th night in Montana, he was in Helena. His mind was blown. This good man was having a major epiphany. Things he hadn't understood. Things which his fine, intellectual brain could not piece together, and which burdened his heart became clear, and through reading "Atlas Shrugged".

    Well, we did try to sell our home and move to Montana. Real Estate in CA fell into the toilet and no one was selling real estate. The next 10 years of what we went through, what we fought, what we witnessed and endured, is the stuff of novels.

    We knew then, as we know now, God wanted us exactly right where we were, for His reasons. And looking back? Yep, He was right.

  • Rush Limbaugh calls on conservatives to take back nation

    03/01/2009 4:20:57 PM PST · 93 of 101
    Alia to whatshotandwhatsnot
    Thank you for saying so! :)

    I have believed, still believe and stand upon every word I wrote in that post. I'm merely bearing testament to what I've seen, experienced, and live(d).

  • Rush Limbaugh calls on conservatives to take back nation

    03/01/2009 4:16:48 PM PST · 92 of 101
    Alia to Markos33

    I did not say the gent was agreeing with the liberals. But rather, his message most curiously resembles their message in a very strange way.

  • Rush Limbaugh calls on conservatives to take back nation

    03/01/2009 4:15:27 PM PST · 91 of 101
    Alia to river rat
    If you really think I meant what you've proposed, obviously, you are taking things further than I'd written.

    While I'm fascinated to learn that your mother is from Sparta, and both parents are Greek immigrants, I'm curious as to how you think this would make you "know" whether or not this would be a "300" time. Do you think culture is a genetic "thing" or the result of active choice?

  • Rush Limbaugh calls on conservatives to take back nation

    03/01/2009 5:06:42 AM PST · 44 of 101
    Alia to Markos33
    Because not many have the balls to say it OUT LOUD

    I have to disagree with your assertion. Liberals for the past 40 years of my life have been saying exactly what your friend has been saying; they've just used politically correct language to say so.

    How the liberals phrased their assertion? "American is so evil and awful, it deserves to lose, but only because America has been so horrible to the good people: gays, lesbians, blacks, child molesters, etc." Therefore, only gays, lesbians, blacks, child molesters, should be granted all immunity from any taxes, any slander, any lies, and confiscations and thefts."

    Obviously, it is clear your friend is not calling the groups "good". I'm merely illustrating how the liberal chimera works.