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  • Artificially Reconstructed “Ardi” Overturns Prevailing Evolutionary Hypotheses of Human Evolution

    10/05/2009 8:21:59 AM PDT · by GodGunsGuts · 26 replies · 1,684+ views
    Evolution News & Views ^ | October 2, 2009 | Casey Luskin
    Artificially Reconstructed “Ardi” Overturns Prevailing Evolutionary Hypotheses of Human Evolution The missing link presently being touted in the media, Ardipithecus ramidus, has had more reconstructive surgery than Michael Jackson. Assuming that their "extensive digital reconstruction" of its "badly crushed and distorted bones" is accurate, what does A. ramidus (or “Ardi” as the fawning media is affectionately calling it) really show us that we didn’t already know? We already knew of upright walking / tree-climbing, small-brained hominids—that’s what Lucy, an australopithecine, was. We already knew that there were australopithecine fossils dating back to before 4 million years, and this fossil is...
  • What Makes You Human? (more just-so stories from the Temple of Darwinistic Materialism)

    06/21/2009 4:26:50 PM PDT · by GodGunsGuts · 40 replies · 711+ views
    CEH ^ | June 17, 2009
    June 17, 2009 — If you are a war-mongering beast who likes to burn things, you’re displaying your evolutionary past. That’s what a couple of news reports are claiming. New Scientist has a review...
  • Plants Use the Perfect Propeller

    06/21/2009 4:55:26 PM PDT · by GodGunsGuts · 22 replies · 1,603+ views
    CEH ^ | June 16, 2009
    June 16, 2009 — What kid hasn’t played with maple seeds to watch them spin in the air like helicopters? Scientists watch them, too. A team from the Netherlands and California found out how they stay in the air for so long without engines to drive them. One would think in an era of advanced aeronautical engineering the physics would all be worked out, but the abstract explains that the seeds know more than the engineers do...
  • Dino Fossils Generate Overblown Claims (Temple of Darwin caught making stuff up again)

    06/18/2009 11:15:32 AM PDT · by GodGunsGuts · 33 replies · 2,500+ views
    CEH ^ | June 18, 2009
    June 18, 2009 — A picture of colorfully-plumed dinosaurs graces an article on National Geographic, but were feathers found with the fossil? No; the article said, “Primitive feathers may have covered the dinosaur’s body, but there is no direct evidence for that, noted [James] Clark, whose work was funded in part by the National Geographic Society” (which also owns National Geographic News). The feathers are apparently completely imaginary. National Geographic has been caught doing this before...
  • Radiometric Dating: Back to Basics (does it really prove the Earth is millions of years old?)

    06/18/2009 8:48:47 AM PDT · by GodGunsGuts · 600 replies · 5,428+ views
    Answers Magazine ^ | June 17, 2009 | Andrew A. Snelling, Ph.D.
    Radiometric dating is often used to “prove” rocks are millions of years old. Once you understand the basic science, however, you can see how wrong assumptions lead to incorrect dates. Most people think that radioactive dating has proven the earth is billions of years old. After all, textbooks, media, and museums glibly present ages of millions of years as fact. Yet few people know how radiometric dating works or bother to ask what assumptions drive the conclusions. So let’s take a closer look and see how reliable this dating method really is...
  • White Supremacist Murderer Was a Social Darwinist

    06/15/2009 7:24:47 PM PDT · by GodGunsGuts · 18 replies · 1,036+ views
    CEH ^ | June 14, 2009
    June 14, 2009 — David Klinghoffer on Evolution News and Views has pointed out that James von Brunn, the man who murdered guard Tyrone Johns at Washington’s Holocaust Museum on June 10, was motivated by ideas of natural selection and eugenics. Klinghoffer provided additional information on Belief.Net with quotes from Brunn’s writings. He also found hundreds of references to...
  • Darwinizing Sex Causes Pain

    06/16/2009 9:20:53 AM PDT · by GodGunsGuts · 35 replies · 1,319+ views
    CEH ^ | June 15, 2009
    June 15, 2009 — Sex brings pleasure to many, but pain to Darwinists. Why? Because they can’t figure it out. Nick Lane is a case in point. In New Scientist, he wrote...
  • Evolution Was the Key in Joseph Campbell’s Loss of Faith

    06/16/2009 9:48:01 AM PDT · by GodGunsGuts · 32 replies · 1,701+ views
    Uncommon Descent ^ | June 13, 2009 | William Dembski
    Joseph Campbell died in 1987 but remains influential. In this revealing video, Campbell clarifies why he left the Roman Catholic faith of his youth — EVOLUTION...
  • Did Ribonucleoproteins Spark Life?

    06/15/2009 11:43:12 AM PDT · by GodGunsGuts · 32 replies · 1,040+ views
    ICR ^ | June 15, 2009 | Brian Thomas, M.S.
    Despite “decades of persistent failure to create life by the ‘spark in the soup’ method,”[1] evolutionary biochemists are still trying to find an exclusively naturalistic explanation for how the first cell developed. Many possible chemical precursors to life have been systematically ruled out by rigorous experiments. What they have found is that the molecules necessary for life are found exclusively within cells that are already living. One explanation proposed by evolutionists...
  • String theory “philosophy” challenged

    06/14/2009 9:41:48 AM PDT · by GodGunsGuts · 45 replies · 1,559+ views
    CMI ^ | June 13, 2009 | Gary Bates
    String theory “philosophy” challenged --snip-- The big bang is fundamental to cosmic evolution or the idea that somehow the universe made itself. The article majored on the varying ideas that emanate from big bang philosophy, such as dark energy and dark matter etc. that are used to solve some of the “science” problems of the big bang. It then went on to say that string theory is just another one of these ideas with no basis in experimental science...
  • Whitewashing Darwinism's Ongoing Moral Legacy (Holocaust Memorial Museum shooter latest example)

    06/14/2009 5:38:00 PM PDT · by GodGunsGuts · 65 replies · 2,702+ views
    Discovery Institute ^ | June 12, 2009 | David Klinghoffer
    Whitewashing Darwinism's Ongoing Moral Legacy Is it somehow petty, offensive, exploitative, and beyond the pale to point out how the Holocaust Memorial Museum shooter, who murdered a guard on Wednesday, writes about evolution in his sick manifesto? Should it be considered beneath one's dignity to quote the man and let his words speak for themselves?James von Brunn, the suspect in question, is a white supremacist, a bitter anti-Semite, a Holocaust-denier, a wacked out conspiracy theorist, who served more than 6 years in a federal prison for attempted kidnapping. All this is fair game to report. Everyone agrees to that. But...
  • Darwin's (Failed) Predictions: An Interview with Cornelius Hunter, Part I

    06/15/2009 8:26:42 AM PDT · by GodGunsGuts · 20 replies · 1,051+ views
    Discovery Institute ^ | June 15, 2009 | David Klinghoffer
    Darwin's (Failed) Predictions: An Interview with Cornelius Hunter, Part I The testability of scientific ideas by making predictions about reality is a favorite theme with Darwinists and the atheists who love them. In The God Delusion, Richard Dawkins endorses a new atheist Ten Commandments, whose seventh commandment reads: “Test all things; always check your ideas against the facts, and be read to discard even a cherished belief it if does not conform to them.” Incidentally, that would replace the old seventh commandment, “Thou shalt not commit adultery.” Dawkins hails evolution’s “strong prediction that if a single fossil turned up in...
  • Biomimicry: why the world is full of intelligent design (they admit ID, then credit evolution!!!)

    06/08/2009 4:41:47 PM PDT · by GodGunsGuts · 270 replies · 2,366+ views
    Telegraph ^ | June 8, 2009 | Sanjida O'Connell
    Biomimicry: why the world is full of intelligent design Forget human ingenuity - the best source of ideas for cutting-edge technology might be in nature, according to experts in 'biomimicry' We humans like to think we're pretty good at design and technology – but we often forget that Mother Nature had a head start of 3.6 million years. Now, the way that geckoes climb walls, or hummingbirds hover, is at the centre of a burgeoning industry: biomimicry, the science of "reverse-engineering" clever ideas from the natural world....
  • Darwin-Only Advisors Hunker Down to Re-Strategize

    06/13/2009 9:29:28 AM PDT · by GodGunsGuts · 266 replies · 3,060+ views
    CEH ^ | June 12, 2009
    Darwin-Only Advisors Hunker Down to Re-Strategize June 12, 2009 — Strict Darwinian materialists are a minority in the United States, yet they enjoy autocracy in educational policy, complete control of scientific institutions, and nearly complete unquestioned support from the mainstream media. Nevertheless, they have to face living in a country that is predominantly religious. Once in awhile they suffer setbacks, like the recent changes in textbook policy in Texas that will require more scrutiny of the claims of evolution. What do they say amongst themselves when strategizing how to handle the public?...
  • Darwin Versus His Colleagues

    06/12/2009 8:49:22 AM PDT · by GodGunsGuts · 37 replies · 715+ views
    Discovery Institute ^ | June 12, 2009 | Sonja West
    Darwin Versus His Colleagues This is the second part of a review of The Darwin Myth by Benjamin Wiker. Part one is available here. An element of the Darwin story that may surprise many readers of Benjamin Wiker’s fine new biography The Darwin Myth is the ultimate disconnect between Darwin and many of his colleagues. Wiker points out that many of Darwin’s avid supporters, who accepted and helped popularize his theory, rejected Darwin’s materialistic reductionism. They argued, indeed, that the evidence did not support Darwin’s materialistic understanding of evolution. Biologist Asa Gray at Harvard was Darwin’s strongest champion in...
  • Well-Engineered Ecosystems Bounce Back (environmentalist doom and gloomers thwarted by Creation!)

    06/11/2009 9:59:12 AM PDT · by GodGunsGuts · 16 replies · 821+ views
    ICR ^ | June 11, 2009 | Brian Thomas, M.S.
    Well-Engineered Ecosystems Bounce Back by Brian Thomas, M.S.* How fast can a disaster zone bounce back? Apparently, faster than previously thought. Yale University ecologists conducted a meta-analysis of 240 studies of devastated ecosystems. They found that ecosystems damaged by pollution can be restored in as few as 10 years. Why then was it believed they would take so much longer to recover?...
  • New Book Uncovers “the Life and Lies of Charles Darwin”

    06/11/2009 8:48:26 AM PDT · by GodGunsGuts · 30 replies · 966+ views
    Discovery Institute ^ | June 10, 2009 | Sonja West
    According to Benjamin Wiker’s provocative new biography, The Darwin Myth: the Life and Lies of Charles Darwin, Charles Darwin was an honorable and likable man, a family man. He loved his siblings; he was devoted to his wife; he loved his children and grieved deeply over his daughter’s death. But Darwin was also someone who presented to the public an elaborate and even deceptive story about himself and his work to advance a philosophical agenda. While there are many biographies of Charles Darwin, Wiker’s deserves attention because...
  • Mudstones Make Ripples (several Evo geologic, fossil, and dating assumptions in for major upsets!)

    06/10/2009 8:02:30 PM PDT · by GodGunsGuts · 31 replies · 963+ views
    CEH ^ | June 8, 2009
    June 8, 2009 — Most of the sediments in the world are mudstones – including shales and clays. Until recently these were thought to form only in calm, placid seas. Now, two geologists are continuing to show that they can form in flowing or turbulent water...
  • Planets Can’t Grow Past the Electric Fence

    06/10/2009 12:42:32 PM PDT · by GodGunsGuts · 60 replies · 1,363+ views
    CEH ^ | June 9, 2009
    June 9, 2009 — In the artwork, it looks so simple: dust clumps into planets that grow into nice, orbiting solar systems – like ours. It’s not so simple when you try to nail down the real physics. Planet-building models have to contend with a host of variables and barriers to growth (accretion). Another barrier was discussed in Astrophysical Journal this month: the electric barrier...
  • The Darwinian foundation of communism

    06/10/2009 8:33:46 AM PDT · by GodGunsGuts · 87 replies · 1,558+ views
    CMI ^ | Jerry Bergman, Ph.D.
    The Darwinian foundation of communism by Jerry Bergman Summary A review of the writings of the founders of communism shows that the theory of evolution, especially as taught by Darwin, was critically important in the development of modern communism. Many of the central architects of communism, including Stalin, Lenin, Marx and Engels, accepted the worldview portrayed in the book of Genesis until they were introduced to Darwin and other contemporary thinkers, which ultimately resulted in their abandoning that worldview. Furthermore, Darwinism was critically important in their conversion to communism and to a worldview that led them to a philosophy based...