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Homosexual Agenda: Categorical Index of Links (Revision 1.1)
11/21/03 | scripter

Posted on 11/21/2003 9:50:23 AM PST by scripter

Homosexual Agenda: Categorical Index of Links

(Revision 1.1)




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Pediatrics Group Endorses Homosexual Adoption
    Trophy children

What Does the Bible Say About Homosexuality, Adultery...
    What does the Bible actually say about being gay?
    The Christian Confronted by Homosexuality
    Talmud on Homosexuality
    Is banning the Bible next?
    Christianity and Homosexuality
    A divisive debate over the Bible spotlighted Episcopalians' OK for gay bishop
Responding to Pro-Gay Theology
The Challenge of Maintaining a Biblical Perspective on Homosexuality
    Homosexuality: Balancing Truth and Mercy
St. Paul's Argument From Nature Against Homosexuality
    Roman's 1 on Homosexuality
    Leviticus and Homosexuality

Child Abuse
Men Charged with Sex Assault of Boy
    An Outrage, Pure and Simple!
    Former Boy Scout Leader Arrested - Homosexual Child Molestations Continue
    Child Molestation and Homosexuality
    Homosexual Rape and Murder of Children
A REAL Child Abuse Scandal
    Homosexuality and Child Sexual Abuse
    Child Molestation and the Homosexual Movement (PDF)
    Gay Foster Parents More Apt to Molest
ACLU asks federal judge to dismiss case against man-boy sex group
Homosexuality and child molestation: the link, the likelihood, the lasting effects

Gay Catholics Act Up
    The Liberal Takeover of American Protestanism
    New Book Says Homosexual Agenda Is to Silence the Church
    Legal warning to church on gay stance
    Kenyan Anglican Bishop Attacked for Opposing US Homosexual Appointment
    Judge Declines To Sentence 3 Catholic Gay Activists
    'Gay?' Leave God out of it
    Gay Episcopal bishop begins his ministry
    Faithful Priest Accused of Hate Crime for Letter on Homosexuality
    Despite Attack, Pastor Will Keep Speaking Out Against Homosexuality
    Catholic Catechism on Homosexuality (see items 2357-2359)
    Bishop's anti-gay comments spark legal investigation
Thoughts on the Ordination of Sexually Active Gay Men and Lesbians
    Sex, torture and erotic electrification in America's 'gay' churches
    Homosexual Priests: A Time for Truth
    Pastor, Elders Roll Out Red Carpet for Same-Sex Weddings
    Oxford.s New Pro-Homosexual Bible a Hit with .Gay. Activists
    Homosexual Priests: A Time for Truth
    Critics fear law for gays will muzzle preachers
    Blessing for gay wedding threatens Anglicans
The Church and Homosexuality: Recent Developments
Legends of the Fall: When Christians Struggle With Sexual Sin
    Christian & Homosexual?
Judaism's Sexual Revolution: Why Judaism (and then Christianity) Rejected Homosexuality

The Lords of Bakersfield
    Lesbian/Feminist quotes
Why Narth? The American Psychiatric Association's Destructive and Blind Pursuit of Political Correctness
    Gay Orthodoxy and Academic Heresy
    Homosexuality: Truth Be Told
    A Captive Audience
    Special Class Protections for Self-Alleged Gays: A Question of "Orientation" and Consequences
    Selling Homosexuality to America
    The A.P.A. Normalization of Homosexuality, and the Research Study of Irving Bieber
Informative Report:Issues on Homosexuality
Homosexuality: Seeing Past the Propaganda
    Crafting "Gay" Children
    Loretta Haroian's Class Guide on Child Sexuality
AFA: Exposing the Myths (PDF)
Donald F. BAKER, Plaintiff v. Henry WADE, Defendant

Bi-way robberies in Village
    Ex-judge surrenders on new porn charges: faces counts that include possessing child pornography
    Media and the Murder Case
    Janitor Beaten Outside Church
Public sex acts a problem at state park
    Gay sex in park 'worse' despite arrests
Not Fit To Print?
    Gay Domestic Violence Finally Measured
Violence and Homosexuality
    Our Bias Is To Our Own Back Yard (Dirkhising Case)
    Queer Standards At The Post
Sexual Abuse of Boys

Study Trumpeted by Health Writer as Evidence that Some Are "Born Gay"
    Of mice and gay men
    Newswriters Represent New Study As Proof Of Biological Basis Of Homosexuality
    Homosexuality and Genes: Déjà vu All Over Again?
    Can Homosexuals Change?
The Importance of Twin Studies
    The Gay Gene?
    The Fading "Gay Gene"
    The Biological Research on Homosexuality
    Is There a "Gay Gene"?
    Gay-To-Straight Research
    Is Sexual Orientation Fixed at Birth?
    Is Homosexuality Genetic?
    Homosexual Researchers Debunk 'Born Gay' Urban Legend
    Gender Identity Disorder
    Finding a Needle in the Ocean
    Facing The Truth About Homosexual Behavior
The Innate-Immutable Argument Finds No Basis in Science
    The Gay Gene: Going, Going...Gone
    A Change In Thinking
What Is "A Homosexual"
    Lust, Violence & Genetics
What Causes Homosexual Desire and Can It Be Changed?
    Born What Way?
How Might Homosexuality Develop? Putting the Pieces Together

Health Hazards
Syphilis increase sparks AIDS concerns
    World AIDS Day: Reflections on the Pandemic
    U.S. sees HIV cases rise among gay, bisexual men
    Unsafe healthcare "drives spread of African HIV"
    The American Journal of Public Health Highlights Risks of Homosexual Practices
    Syphilis Cases On The Rise In Bay Area
    Studies show gay men are more likely to take recreational drugs
    Sodomy: A Public Health Risk
    Rise of Internet Fuels Fears of AIDS Resurgence
    Researcher Warns of Homosexuals Seeking HIV Infection
    New Skin Infection Concerns Doctors, Activists
    Many HIV positive don't tell
    Kinsolving: "Will Bishop-elect Robinson and his male lover be tested for HIV-AIDS?"
    Homosexual AIDS Claims Cause Controversy
    Hazardous to Your Health - The Risks of Homosexuality
    Gay Men Meeting Online Contracting Syphilis Faster
    Cure for AIDS: Abstinence
    Acting Up
    Bug Chasers: The men who long to be HIV+
    Anal Sex Largest Cause of HIV in Africa
    African Women and AIDS
    African sexual health programmes "misguided"
Why Isn't Homosexuality Considered A Disorder On The Basis Of Its Medical Consequences?
    The Health Risks of Gay Sex
    Syphilis outbreak among L.A. gay men in 2002 leads to...
    Syphilis in gay men raises AIDS concern
    Just the Facts: AIDS & the Homosexual Lifestyle!
    Health and Homosexuality
    Desensitizing America, Part II: The AIDS Walk
    Desensitizing America, Part I: AIDS Sensitivity Training
    California to track HIV cases by code AIDS-delaying drugs mask disease's spread
With Fears Fading, More Gays Spurn Old Preventive Message
    U.S. HIV and AIDS cases reported through December 2000
    The Negative Health Effects of Homosexuality
    The Many Myths of AIDS
    SF doctors report "startling" increase of syphilis
    Is This Gay Behavior Sick?
    Gay health statistics
    Compassionate Society Should Discourage Deadly Homosexual Behavior
Sharing Disease is Not a Civil Right
    Scientific Evidence on Condom Effectiveness for Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) Prevention
    Homosexuals Demand Legalization of Sex With Strangers...
    Homosexual behavior increases risk of AIDS
    Anal Cancer and YOU
The Myth of Heterosexual AIDS: A Nine-Year Retrospective of Fear and (Mostly) Loathing
Modelling the Impact of HIV Disease on Mortality in Gay and Bisexual Men
    Anything But Gay: The Deadly and Dangerous Homosexual Lifestyle
Sexual Politics And Scientific Logic: The Issue Of Homosexuality

Homosexual Help
Abiding Truth
    Christians No Longer Gay Living For God
    Choice 4 Truth
    Eagles Wings Ministry
    Gay to Straight
    Help for Jewish Homosexuals That is Consistent with Torah Principles
    Hope for Homosexuals
    Love Won Out
    National Listing of Help
    Positive Alternatives to Homosexuality
    Portland Fellowship
    It's Not Gay
    Matthew Manning
    One By One
    Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays and Gays
    Stephen Bennett Ministries
    Sy Rogers
    Transforming Congregations

Youth Suicide Used as "Gay" Recruitment Strategy (PDF)
    Betsy Ross, Ben Franklin Part of 'Gay-Friendly' Tourism Campaign
    The Education Establishment And The Homosexual Agenda
    Red Roots Of Gay Movement
    Radical Homosexuals Publish Guide Encouraging Homosexuality in the Young
    'Gay' dolls outed
    'Gay' adoptions gaining favor?
    The 'Overgaying' of America
What is GLSEN Hiding?
    "Gay Rights" Strategies Involve Conscious Deception And Wholesale Manipulation of Public Opinion
    Selling Homosexuality
    Bushwhacking Johnny
    Gay activism: the force that propelled the APA to declassify homosexuality
    Bushwhacking Johnny
What the Closet Isn't Telling You
    Targeting Children, Part 2: How the homosexual movement uses public schools as instruments of change
    Targeting Children, Part 3: Activists encouraging experimentation
    Targeting Children, Part 4: Access to children: homosexuality and molestation
    "Queering" Moral Education
    The Homosexual Propaganda and Media Manipulation Game
    Author Admits Gay Propaganda in Kids' Book
    Invasion of the mind snatchers
    The Homosexual Fisting of America
    GLAAD's latest adventure in activism)
    GLAAD Strikes Again
In Their Own Words: The Homosexual Agenda
    Homosexual Agenda Platform 2000
Targeting Children, Part 1: How the gay movement intends to capture the next generation
    The Death of Jesse Dirkhising
    Federal Judge Orders Gay Books Into Children's Library
    So, Have You Been Delphi'd?
Thought Reform And The Psychology of Homosexual Advocacy
Homosexual Agenda Platform 1993
Homosexual Agenda Platform 1987
Homosexual Agenda Platform 1972

"The Knot That Can't Be Tied"
    Gay' marriage ruling's consequences 'dire'
    Russian chapel razed after gay 'marriage'
    Mass. Supreme Court Rules - Gay Couples have the Right to Marry
    The rainbow menace
    Kids in same sex marriages need help
    The Radical Case for Gay Marriage
    The Divorce Thing
    The Deceit of Gay Marriage
    Supreme Court: Gay Sex Not Adultery
    Study finds gay unions brief
    Should gays have the right to marry?
    Same-sex unions in "Bride" magazine
    Same-Sex Marriage: What's 'Wrong' With It?
    Same-sex 'marriage' issue percolates in 4 state courts, 1 federal court
    Poll: More Oppose Gay Marriage
    Other things about marriage
    Now Free to Marry, Canada's Gays Say, 'Do I?'
    Mass. reps. oppose gay marriage ban
    Key same-sex 'marriage' case dismissed
    Funny Things: Polling Data and Same-Sex 'Marriages'
    From East to Left Coast, God's Definition of Marriage Under Siege
    Connecticut rejects Gay Marriage
    Catholic Church Vows to Bar Same-Sex Marriage
    Canadians Against Same-Sex Marriage
    Canada's Homosexual Marriage Bill Imperiled by Liberal Defections
    California Senate OKs 'virtual gay marriage'
    Beyond Gay Marriage
    B.C. court OK's gay marriage - first gay couple legally married in British Columbia
    Baptist Leader Perceives 'Rolling Crescendo' in Support of Traditional Marriage
    As gays advance, America squirms
The Coming Battle
    Same-Sex "Marriage": Should America Allow "Gay Rights" Activists to Cross The Last Cultural Frontier?
Major World Religions on the Question of Marriage
    Defense of Marriage Action Page
Focus on the Family Position Statement on Same-Sex "Marriage" and Civil Unions
The Reisman & Johnson Report
    Same Sex Marriage: Til Death Do Us Part?
    Frequently Asked Questions about Same-Sex "Marriage"

Mental Health
Important gay-to-straight research published in APA Journal
    APA Research is Increasingly Radical, Anti-Family
    New Study Confirms Homosexuality Can Be Overcome
    Recent Studies on Homosexuality and Mental Health
    The Three Myths About Homosexuality
The Psychology of Homosexuality
Psychology's sexual dis-orientation

The New Face Of Gay Power
    The Lure of Lesbianism
    The Google "Gag" Order
    The Gay Tail Wages the American Dog?
    L.A. to subsidize 'gay' retirement home
    Tearing Our Nation's Fabric
    "Sexually Inclusive Christians" Celebrate Victories, Push for More
    Older women urged to become lesbians
    New book on parenting engenders anger in gays
    Missing the Point on Gays
    'Male lesbians' barred from Lesfest event
    Internet gay cannibalism net widens
    How to Reignite the Culture Wars
    Homosexual Advocacy Groups Admit 10% Fallacy
    "Homophobia" Is A Lie!
    Group Helps Muslim Gays
    GOP lawmaker balks at Kinsey sex study funding
    God strikes 'gay' radio station with lightning?
    Get Back! The Gathering Storm Over Gay Rights
    Gay dads want their son to grow up straight
    Gay celebration stirs controversy- Promoters warn against public sex
    Gay Activists Defend Anti-gya Supreme Case & The Joys of Being Private: Ex-Gays Keep Out
    Fox News threatens to sue ex-'gay' minister
    Former Homosexual Says 'No one is born gay'
    Financially Ailing Airline Blasted for Link to Bisexuality Event
    Farewell Gayborhood!
    Culture of Vice
    Corporations Boast of Promoting Homosexuality
    Christian Group Blasts 'Orgy of Depravity' at Disney's Gay Days
Was Hitler's Homosexuality Nazism's Best-Kept Secret?
    Unmentionable Vice Goes Mainstream
    Understanding How We Think about Homosexuality
    The Politicizing of Research and Feelings
    The cure for homosexuality
    Steering children back to straight
    Seven Steps to Recruit-proof Your Child
    SASU Talking Points
    New Book Guides Journalists in Reporting of Homosexual Issues
    Look It Up! 254 Boy Words
    Kodak Employee Fired For Calling "Coming Out Day" "Offensive and Disgusting"
    Homosexuals in the Military
    Homosexuality: Truth Be Told
    Homosexuality and the Nazi Party
    Gay-To-Straight Research
    Crafting Bi/Homosexual Youth (PDF)
    Children Of Homosexual Parents Report Childhood Difficulties
    Big brothers, big sisters, big trouble
    APA Study Says: "Who Needs Dad?"
    Alan Keyes Targeted by GLAAD
The Top Five Myths About Ex-Gay Ministry
    The Great "Gay" Racket
    PC crowd denounces new gay-straight study
    Nothing 'gay' about bigotry
    GLSEN Encourages Teens In Anal SEX
Homosexual zealotry
    Homosexual minority dominates mainstream America
    Defending Dr. Laura and America
Outrage over study forces retreat on research
    Outrage over study forces retreat on research
Ellen Degeneres Comes Out
What a Gay Activist Says about Religious Traditionalists
    The Journal of Human Sexuality
    Homosexuals: Holocast Victims?
What Percentage of the Population is Gay?

A Matter of Common Sense - Gay Pride Parade Features Catholic Parish/Priest
    Religious groups demand an end to New Orleans' Southern Decadence Festival

Mother appeals ruling on gays
    Gay With Children
    Seeing the Slip
    Heather Has 3 Parents
    Judge to Christian mom: No 'homophobic' teaching
Studies of Homosexual Parenting: A Critical Review
    Gay Parenting Does Affect Children Differently, Study Finds -- Authors Believe Gay Parents Have "Some Advantages"
Homosexual Parenting Studies Are Flawed, Report Says
    Homosexual Parents: 'Hidden Study' Uncovered!!

The Crime of Father McBride
    Pedophiles Seek Online Support, Societal Acceptance
    Homosexuals and the Pedophile Connection
    Hollywood mag spikes 'pedophile warning'
    Castro man arrested in sex sting
    Amazon sells 'deadly' pedophile magazine
The Homosexual Link To Pedophilia
    The Difference Between "Sick" and "Evil"
    Sex before 8 - or it's too late!
    Scholar's Pedophilia Essay Stirs Outrage and Revenge
    Report: Pedophilia more common among 'gays'
    Pedophilia lobby lobs a grenade
    Pedophiles Argue Their Case in the Journal of Homosexuality
    Pedophile advocate featured at university
    On the Pedophilia Issue: What the APA Should Have Known
    On Positive Reports of Adult-Child Relationships: Taking a Closer Look
    'Nothing new' in book condoning child sex
    Normalization of Pedophilia Growing, Experts Say
    More on the Pedophilia Question
    Molesters Inc.
    Meet 'Women's Auxiliary of NAMBLA'
    Doctors Call For Pedophilia Research
    Children: The Next Sexual Sacrifice
    Amazon defends sale of pedophile book
Yes accused of aiding molesters
The Problem with Equivalence: "Pedophilia Chic" defended
    Pedophilia and Hypocrisy
The Normalization of Pedophilia and How the Church Should Respond
    "Pedophilia Chic" Reconsidered
    Coming Out of Pedophilia: Jeff's Story
Is Pedophilia Really Being Normalized?
    Cal State's Pedophile Confab
The Problem of Pedophilia
    Pedophilia and Sex Education
Pedophilia a growing problem throughout Europe

(WND)Log Cabin leader tied to radical 'queers'
    The 'gay' truth
    Republicans to force issue of gay 'marriage'
    Rainbow warriors
    Homosexual Allies Resubmit Special Rights Bills
    High court to give 'gays' their own 'Roe'?
    Gays and the GOP
    (CWA)'Gay' Log Cabin Minnesota Leader Linked to Violence-Prone 'UsQueers' Web Activists
    1 vote short, opponents nevertheless encouraged after first Nashville vote
Police Chaplain's Stand on Homosexuality Jeopardizes His Job
    Murder, Martyrdom, and MTV: Why special rights are especially wrong
    Bush's gay nominees draw little opposition S.F. appointee sails through
Petitions Against Gay Rights Seized
    How Hate-Crime Laws Harm Religious Freedom and Lead to Same-Sex "Marriage"
SF Pro-Gore Rally Organizer: Polygamous Bisexual Sado-Masochist Pagan Activist

Texans react to gay issues
    Polls show 2 Americas in Gay Rights
    Poll: Nearly 6 in 10 voters favor amendment banning same-sex 'marriage'
    Poll Finds Majority Favors Law Against Gay Marriage; Opposition to Civil Unions Increases
    New poll shows Americans oppose gay civil unions 58%-37%

Workshop offered for gay, lesbian parents
    Woman Coach Jailed For Sex With Fla. Students Ordered Freed
    When Sex Ed Becomes Porn 101
    When Education Becomes Indoctrination
    What "gay" Student Clubs Will Bring to your School
    The Education Establishment And The Homosexual Agenda
    The Deception and Desensitization of America's Youth
    Teaching Kindergarten Kids About 'Human Differences' and Homosexuality
    Tammy Bruce: Protect New York's Children from the Gay Elite
    Taking on the lefties in Berkeley
    Support no certainty for gay teachers
    Study Reveals AIDS Virus Ravaging NC College Campuses
    Students seek sex in campus bathrooms
    Students' kiss not just a kiss
    Students get sex-ed without parents OK
    Students explore lesbian, gay issues
    Schools/Parents Warned About Homosexual Mentors for Kids: Schools Open to Legal Liability
    Queering the Schools
    Public Schools Face Growing Demands From Gay Activists
    Pedophiles in prep schools
    Parents say no to 'gay' agenda in schools
    Parents say no to 'gay' agenda in schools
    Parent Alleges Harassment for Exposing 'Fistgate'
    No Sympathy for the Devil
    No. Carolina Pastor Goes to Battle Against GLSEN
    New York sued over 'gay' high school
    NEA 'Gay Axis' Becomes Evident
    MTV show to feature Dallas gay school
    Lesbian couple protests school's decision
    Kids Get Graphic Instruction In Homosexual Sex
    How to Keep GSA's Out of your Child's School
    How to be gay 101
    'Heterosexism' Under Attack in Canada
    GLSEN and Its Influence on Children
    Gay Teens' Rich Milk Shakedown
    Gay Crime Syndicate?
    Gay couple protests after Catholic school denies daughter's entry
    Focus Changed at Fistgate This Year; Less Raw Sex
    Fistgate to be Held Again on March 15 [2003]
    Family Group Cautions Schools on Homosexual Mentoring
    Court upholds firing of teacher who was NAMBLA member
    Conservatives Warn Parents about Homosexual 'Day of Silence'
    Children at Risk: GLSEN, Corruption and Crime
Unsafe at Any Grade
    The Legal Liability Associated with Homosexuality Education in Public Schools
    Schools Could Be Sued For Teaching About Homosexuality, Report Claims
    Schoolkids told to consider oral sex
    Research Group Warns Schools of Homosexual Propaganda
    Queer Radicals group to initiate change in campus climate, University policies
    Parental Notification Laws regarding Gay and Lesbian Programs for Youths?
    NJ High School Library Creates Homosexual Section
    NEA And GLSEN Seek To Stifle Free Speech
    "Making Schools Safe" Means "Refashioning Values"
    Institutionalized Heterosexism in Our Schools
    'Gay' orthodoxy prevails in academia?
    Gay Activists Training Teachers in Special Curriculum
    From Tolerance to Affirmation: One School's Experience with a Gay-Affirmative Program
    Challenging the Homosexual Fury In Our Government Schools
    Canada OKs pro-'gay' books for kids
    Assemblyman MOUNTJOY opposes promotion of homosexuality in public schools
Students learn sex toy safety
    (Gay) School Days
Vermont parents protest harassment of students by homosexual teachers
    Homosexual rights group makes inroads in U.S. schools; Parents unaware of GLSEN's work
    Gay School Teacher Initially Booked with Almost 400 Counts of Molestation
    California schools' new curriculum
Homosexuality Propaganda: Coming To a School Near You
    Homosexual Activism Reaches into Schools
    Hate Laws Fuel Homosexual School Agenda

United Way Capital Area to stop funding Boy Scouts
    Student wants Scouts off campus
    Boy Scout council 'devastated' by United Way cuts -program for inner-city children lost
    Judge says use violates separation of church and state
Beyond Crafts and Cookies, Girl Scouts Are Prospering
    Boy Scouts v. Dale Amicus Brief (PDF)

Phillies' 'gay' day protested
    Researcher Blasts Pro Baseball Team for Hosting Homosexual Event

Group Blasts NBC for Advancing 'Homosexual Activist Agenda'
    New Gay Dating TV Show on in Canada
    The 'Overgaying' of America
    You've Got Male! (Queer Eye is an assault on hetero males)
    CBS television thrusting 'married gays' on public
    PBS films looks at gay kids and families

Winds of change: Olympics open to transsexuals
    For Transgenders, Meaner Streets
    Transgender Case Focuses on How Sex Is Determined
    Vatican denounces transsexuals

Amber Alert, State by State
    Defend the Family
    For The Children
    Homosexual Urban Legends
    International Organization of Heterosexual Rights
    Leave the Kids Alone
    Mission America

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To: scripter
Same-sex marriage: Good for gays, bad for children
251 posted on 05/04/2004 6:57:15 AM PDT by EdReform
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To: scripter
The National Day of Comfort
252 posted on 05/04/2004 7:07:04 AM PDT by EdReform
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To: scripter; All
(Reference: reply 205 )

I recently received the following email from Mission America:

Subject : Initial Results of our Student Survey

Survey Reveals: Students Lack Vital Information About Homosexual Risks

Your help on collecting survey information is still needed! See below.

The survey of middle and high school students Mission America has been conducting over the last six months is yielding some startling news about vital health information students are not getting from schools. We have tabulated the surveys we've received and we're very excited (as well as dismayed) about some of the trends.

So far, we have received surveys from around the country, with a higher concentration in the Great Lakes area. We would like to get many more, so we are keeping the survey open through the next few months and will give a final report in our fall issue.

But so far, students are indicating huge gaps in basic information schools have provided about homosexuality and its risks. The majority of students, for example, have NOT learned in school that two-thirds to three-fourths of HIV in the U.S. is the result of homosexual sex between men. Many students are, instead, attending classes throughout the curriculum that are delivering messages promoting tolerance of homosexual behavior. Students are also reporting incidents where some have spoken out in opposition to homosexuality in a responsible, non-bullying context, and are often treated with intolerance by not only students but also teachers and staff.

There is also a high correlation between the existence of a homosexual club at a school, and other pro-homosexual events and units of study. We are eager to document this to hopefully provide information school administrators can use to keep homosexual clubs out of the school environment.

PLEASE HELP! We’d like this study to be as comprehensive as possible and represent many regions of the U.S. If you’d like to help out by getting students you know to fill out the survey, it’s available at in PDF format, and in plain text also at . The survey is only for students in public schools or private, non-religious schools. Have them complete the survey, then mail it back to us at PO Box 21836, Columbus, OH 43221 .

We are so grateful for the great help we’ve gotten from readers so far, and for your help in the future.

253 posted on 05/04/2004 8:55:44 AM PDT by EdReform
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To: scripter
Judicial activists have destroyed the rule of law
254 posted on 05/04/2004 10:08:25 AM PDT by EdReform
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To: scripter
Homosexual Activists Left Speechless
255 posted on 05/04/2004 1:35:50 PM PDT by EdReform
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To: All
A review of the video "It’s Elementary: Talking about Gay and Lesbian Issues in School."

Homosexuality Propaganda: COMING TO A SCHOOL NEAR YOU

It’s Elementary

A Video Review

Children are our future. What we invest and instill in them will determine the cultural values of generations to come. Homosexual activists understand this principle all too clearly. As a result, they released a video designed to reshape the way American children understand homosexuality.

The video, entitled, It’s Elementary: Talking about Gay and Lesbian Issues in School, is a masterful work of propaganda. It is vital for people to understand that this video is not for adults. The target audience is children. Activists are after the heart and minds of the next generation

It’s Elementary opens with pro-family Sen. Robert Smith (R-New Hampshire) arguing that Congress should withhold federal funds from school districts which promote homosexuality.

The senator’s comments are interspersed with schoolchildren’s thoughts on homosexuality, such as "homosexuals are not bad people." Then the video cuts to the senator saying, "We must protect taxpayers by keeping this trash out of schools . . . and it is trash."1

At this point, the heavily slanted tone of the video is set to endorse homosexuality and disparage anyone who holds reasonable objections. It takes viewers on a tour of classes where teachers address the issue of homosexuality.

No Wrong Answers?

The first stop is New York Public School 87. In this elementary school, teacher Cora Sangra leads her fourth grade class in a discussion of homosexuality. "There are no right or wrong answers," she says.

But by the clever way in which she directs the class discussion, it’s clear she really doesn’t mean that. By simply asking questions, she steers the class discussion toward the conclusion that homosexuality is normal and natural.

These young children absorb this message like a sponge.

The next stop is Hawthorne Elementary School in Madison, Wisconsin. Here, Daithi Wolfe leads his third grade class in an exercise dealing with homosexuality. Wolfe draws a circle on the chalk board and writes "Gay and Lesbian" in the center.

Then he has the class brainstorm about this subject, and he writes their ideas on the board. All negative ideas are written on the right side.

All positive words, he writes on the left. One girl self consciously suggests the word "weird." Up on the right side it goes. Later someone says: "Nazi." Again, it goes on the right alongside "weird." What message is sent?

Wolfe continues his lesson by telling his students that Michelangelo was a gay man. He plays a section of "Circle of Life," the theme song from the popular movie The Lion King and asks the children if they know who sings the song.

"Elton John!" the children respond with excitement. Wolfe informs them that Elton John is a gay man. Many of the children are astonished.

When he notes that Melissa Etheridge is a lesbian, the girl who suggested the word "weird" sinks back into her seat mouthing the words "a lesbian" as a glazed look comes over her eyes.

"Give Us the Facts?"

The video then takes its viewers to an independent school in New York City, known as Manhattan Country School. Junior high students discuss the appropriateness of teaching about homosexuality in schools. "Schools need to give us all the facts and let us decide," one eighth grader commented. But what kind of "facts" are the teachers providing?

No one ever seems to share the "facts" about how homosexuality places people at a higher risk for sexually transmitted diseases.

One girl complains about how some material has an "in your face" approach.She disagrees with it because it tends to "freak kids out."

But a fellow student soon chastises her, saying, "The reason they freak out is because they haven’t seen it before . . . It needs to be thrown at them."

Next, at Luther Burbank Middle School in San Francisco, California, teachers brought homosexuals into the classroom to talk to the kids. The young teens tended to be opposed to homosexuality at first, but they soften toward it by the end of the presentation.

One teacher at Burbank comments on why he believes it is important to cover such topics in class. "If the educational system does not deal with these issues early on, then there’s bashing in the streets."

The principal of Luther Burbank Middle School agrees, saying, "[Homosexual education] should be mandatory. [The students] need to understand it so they can move on to learning." He is suggesting that without accepting the homosexual lifestyle, children are hindered from learning.

Early in the film, producers strive to discredit those who would oppose such teachings—particularly on the basis of faith and religion. Spliced in between children’s musings are strategically selected clips from "Donahue" and "The Ricki Lake Show" in which "Christians" say such things as: "God hates faggots!" and "The Bible I read says homosexuals should be put to death."

Never is any time given to a genuine Christian perspective which focuses on issues of sin, forgiveness, deliverance and reconciliation.

A Healthy Education?

The last school visit is to Cambridge Friends School in Massachusetts. This elementary school annually celebrates Gay and Lesbian Pride Day. The day before Pride Day, teachers gather for a faculty meeting to discuss how they plan to celebrate it in their classrooms.

One teacher poses a very interesting question: "What if a child comes from a family that believes homosexuality is wrong? Are we supposed to tell them that homosexuality is right and their family is wrong?"

Several teachers try to hedge their way around this question with comments on diversity and tolerance. Then finally one teacher says what the others have only been brave enough to infer: "We are asking kids to believe this is right—not as a matter of moral principle, but as a matter of educating them, and this is a part of what we consider to be a healthy education."

The following day at the school assembly, children cheerfully—and ironically—sing "This Little Light of Mine." Teachers and children alike wear pink triangle pins in support of homosexuality. And a male teacher "comes out" to the children.

He is both dynamic and eloquent, and the children react with wild applause. A teacher then speaks to the children with "tears of joy" in her eyes, sharing how proud she is of them and their acceptance of homosexuality—"they give her hope for a better future."

The video concludes with a series of bogus statistics regarding hate crimes and gay teen suicide in an effort to emphasize the importance of homosexual education in the schools.

The hour and a half long video is a Debra Chasnoff/Helen Cohen film produced by Women’s Education Media (WEM). Debra Chasnoff, an Academy Award winning director, used her Oscar for a previous film to "come out" as a lesbian.

Chasnoff’s purpose in creating the film is two-fold: to counter the "hysteria of the Religious Right" and to capture the hearts and minds of the next generation.

In a recent interview, Chasnoff openly states, "What’s clear in the film is that, the younger the kids, the more open they were . . . If we could start doing this kind of education in kindergarten, first grade, second grade, we’d have a better generation."

Co-producer Helen Cohen echoed this sentiment when she said the film is, "another medium to affect social change."4 Chasnoff is currently working on another film which explores different kinds of families, including gay and lesbian couples with children. The intended audience for this film is students—our children.

Distribution, Awards and Endorsements

It’s Elementary received widespread support and distribution at the National Education Association’s (NEA) 1997 national convention held in Atlanta. A lesbian caucus used the video as its big feature, and the NEA Peace and Justice Caucus promoted the video, labeling it "masterful." The Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network

(GLSEN) was on hand to advertise books, video lists and Internet resources.

Targeted to state departments of education, local school boards, parents and teachers, the video has been screened in at least six states.California Assemblyman Sheila J. Huehl, an professed lesbian, intends to have it shown in all 50 states and has hosted a special screening for state education policymakers.

Endorsements include the Minnesota Parent-Teacher Association and the American Library Association, who called it "a sterling production" and "highly recommended."

The American School Counselor Association is making copies of the video available to schools across the nation. It’s Elementary has won several awards, including the C.I.N.E. Golden Eagle for the Best Teacher Education film of 1996. There are high expectations it will be nominated for a 1998 Oscar.

The video has done "phenomenally well" according to Ariella Ben-Dov, an associate producer with WEM. "We’ve sold approximately 1,200 video tapes . . . most of those sales are to educational organizations: elementary schools, middle schools and high schools.

They are being used for teacher training." Currently, WEM is soliciting financial support for national distribution, and various local PBS stations are airing the film in 1999.5

Stellar reviews have come from national mainstream media. The San Francisco Chronicle praised it as an "unabashedly biased, upbeat look at a subject that most parents would probably rather see disappear."

The Boston Globe review was quite frank when it said, "The filmmakers’ agenda is so clear, so unapologetic, the final result is refreshing."Sympathetic reviews such as these bolster support for the video and help gain approval for its distribution.

What Can We Do?

The video is clearly propaganda designed to change the next generation’s perspective on homosexuality. Larger than this is the fact that it was funded in part by your tax dollars through a National Endowment for the Arts grant to Portland Art Museum Northwest Film Center. But, most important, is the toll exacted on our kids.

What is the real cost of It’s Elementary? Do we want a generation that advocates an unnatural, immoral and harmful lifestyle and behavior? Will our children become the generation which legislates and compels acceptance of homosexuality?

Moral obligation to Godly truth demands that we protect the minds of our children. Children today hold the public opinions of tomorrow.

Abraham Lincoln understood the importance of education when he stated, " The philosophy of the school room in one generation will be the philosophy of government in the next."

At the heart of this cultural war lies the hopes and dreams of our children. One cannot help but fear the legacy we leave! Should we not speak out? Let’s give our children an education that teaches them how to reason, not what to think.

America does not need more false and damaging propaganda pumped into the schools. Children are our future. The values we teach them will determine what tomorrow looks like. It is up to parents, teachers and others to make sure children do not become prey to such cleverly crafted propaganda campaigns.

Children deserve the truth, and the truth is that homosexuality is a profoundly unhealthy and immoral lifestyle. For the sake of future generations, let’s teach the real facts in our schools.

Concerned Women for America

256 posted on 05/05/2004 5:58:00 AM PDT by EdReform
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To: scripter
257 posted on 05/13/2004 5:54:52 AM PDT by EdReform
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To: scripter
6th Grader Discovers His Gay Teacher's Webpage -- And Is Disciplined
258 posted on 05/14/2004 9:22:09 AM PDT by EdReform
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To: scripter
Provincetown To Grant Licenses To Out-Of-State Couples

Union denies benefits to gay couples

Gay 'marriage' foes seek injunction in federal court

Gay presence will be doubled/Wanted: homosexual Democrats.

Same-sex marriage debuts May 17 (MA)

Gay marriage opponents see fight getting tougher - Setback likened to Roe v. Wade

259 posted on 05/14/2004 9:30:21 AM PDT by EdReform
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To: scripter
Here to Stay: We're here, we're mildly and tolerantly homophobic, get used to it!
260 posted on 05/14/2004 9:56:05 AM PDT by EdReform
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To: scripter
Four same-sex couples file suit in Miami challenging federal gay marriage ban
261 posted on 05/14/2004 12:58:32 PM PDT by EdReform
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To: scripter
If society is not willing to address the homosexual issue on moral grounds, then the medical evidence alone should be enough to convince the fair-minded that homosexuality is incompatible with good public health
262 posted on 05/16/2004 7:06:48 AM PDT by EdReform
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To: scripter
The Health Risks of Gay Sex by JOHN R. DIGGS, JR. M.D.
263 posted on 05/16/2004 7:31:08 AM PDT by EdReform
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To: scripter
Updating Tammy Bruce interview information and links:

Concerned Women for America - Multimedia Center

Thursday 4/24/2003 & Friday 4/25/2003
New Book "The Death of Right and Wrong" Pt.1 & Pt.2
with Tammy Bruce & Sandy Rios

"She’s a former leader within the National Organization for Women. She’s a lesbian and she is pro-choice. But she also believes there is a right and wrong. Sounds intriguing? Tune in for our discussion with Tammy Bruce in this edition of Concerned Women Today..."

You can listen to the interview via the following links (you'll need RealOne Player to be able to listen to the links):

New Book "The Death of Right and Wrong" Pt.1 with Tammy Bruce

New Book "The Death of Right and Wrong" Pt.2 with Tammy Bruce

264 posted on 05/16/2004 7:37:57 AM PDT by EdReform
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To: scripter
Questions and Answers: What's Wrong With Letting Same-Sex Couples "Marry?"
265 posted on 05/17/2004 1:25:16 PM PDT by EdReform
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To: scripter
An excerpt from "Elementary school students witness gay marriages"

"A different sort of educational experience for a group of fourth- through sixth-graders in Northampton, Massachusetts.

The students from the Solomon Schechter Day School went to Town Hall today to witness the first day of legal gay and lesbian marriages in Massachusetts.

The students have been studying the civil rights movement. One of their teachers said today's proceedings offered a chance to see a bit of history in the making..."

266 posted on 05/18/2004 8:41:45 AM PDT by EdReform
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To: scripter
(Homosexual) Activists Blast President Bush for Hypocrisy
267 posted on 05/18/2004 10:50:50 AM PDT by EdReform
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To: scripter; ArGee; little jeremiah
What Does the Bible REALLY Say About Homosexual Issues?
268 posted on 05/18/2004 11:20:39 AM PDT by EdReform
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To: EdReform
Was God wrong?

What 'gay marriage' really means for America

269 posted on 05/18/2004 11:02:36 PM PDT by scripter (Thousands have left the homosexual lifestyle)
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To: scripter
Additional documentation showing that the "saftey in the schools" issue is a ruse by GLSEN and other homosexual organizations ( reference reply 206 ):

An excerpt from "The Danger of 'Safe Schools'" by Scott Lively

"Like a page torn from George Orwell's 1984, America's newest social experiment is called "Safe Schools." Evoking soothing images of responsible officials taking special precautions to prevent school shootings and violence, "Safe Schools" is really Orwellian newspeak for a complex scheme to legitimize homosexuality to schoolchildren.

Planned and implemented by "gay" political activists within the educational bureaucracy of numerous states, "safe schools" is one of the most devious and dangerous social engineering programs ever to be foisted on public school children and their inattentive parents. It's purpose is to indoctrinate impressionable children with pro-homosexual beliefs and values as part of a cynical scheme by the "gay" movement to gain political power. Homosexual activists hope to produce a pro-"gay" voting majority by winning a high percentage of young people to the homosexual "cause" during their formative years. This strategy appears to be working. As reported by Reuters, a recent Zogby poll of high school students nationwide found that 85 percent of seniors thought that homosexuality "should be accepted by society."1

"Safe Schools" is the brainchild of Kevin Jennings, a "gay" political strategist who formed the Gay Lesbian Straight Teachers Network (GLSTN) in Massachusetts in the mid-1990s as a Trojan horse to get homosexual activism into the public schools. The name was afterwards changed to Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network (GLSEN), a strategic correction designed to soften its image and obscure what it had at first advertised: that it is a group of activist homsexual teachers.

Jennings bragged in a 1995 speech to the Human Rights Campaign Fund Leadership Conference that "[T]he effective reframing of this issue was the key to...success. We immediately seized upon the opponent's calling card -- safety -- and explained how homophobia represents a threat to students' safety by creating a climate where violence, name-calling, health problems, and suicide are common. Titling our report ‘Making Schools Safe for Gay and Lesbian Youth,' we automatically threw our opponents onto the defensive and stole their best line of attack. This framing short-circuited their arguments and left them back-pedaling from day one."

GLSEN's deception has been enormously successful. As of this date, it has more than 70 chapters strategically placed in key cities across the nation, each of which works to force its agenda into the schools within its jurisdiction. Literally hundreds of public high schools have been transformed, to a greater or lesser degree, into training grounds for pro-"gay" militancy. It's Spring 2001 financial report boasted a budget of over $2.5 million. This is of course, above the amount now designated by state governments for GLSEN-inspired programs. In Massachusetts, for example, pro-homosexual programs now receive more than $1.5 million per year.

One of GLSEN's primary recruitment vehicles is the Gay/Straight Alliance student clubs. The right of students to form non-curricular student clubs under the First Amendment was specifically affirmed in the federal Equal Access Act. Exploiting the broad language of the Act, GLSEN recruits and trains self-declared "gay" teens to form student clubs on high school campuses. These clubs then serve as peer-based centers of "gay" prosthletyzing and propaganda. (To be fair, Christian and pro-family clubs have the same opportunities under Equal Access, but pervasive "political correctness" at schools, combined with widespread apathy in the church today, works to limit the influence and involvement of Christian and pro-family students)...

While many people in California and across the nation have stepped forward to oppose the "Safe Schools" agenda, their efforts have been complicated by some very clever sophistry on the part of "gay" strategists. What follows is an analysis and refutation of the argument that underlies the "Safe Schools" program..."

270 posted on 05/19/2004 7:56:00 AM PDT by EdReform
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To: All
I encourage you to get a copy of the book The Death of Right and Wrong: Exposing the Left's Assault on Our Culture and Values by Tammy Bruce, and read Chapter Four: First the Culture, Then the Children: The Agenda of the Radical Gay Elite and Chapter Seven: Destruction of the Innocents: The Left Targets Children. You won't believe it!

From Chapter Four:

"The radicals in control of the gay establishment want children in their world of moral decay, lack of self-restraint, and moral relativism. Why? How better to truly belong to the majority (when you're really on the fringe) than by taking possession of the next generation? By targeting children, you can start indoctrinating the next generation with the false construct that gay people deserve special treatment and special laws." (Pg.88)

"I believe this grab for children by the sexually confused adults of the Gay Elite repesents the most serious problem facing our culture today." (Pg.94)

"Between GLSEN, the Happy Penis, Phil, and now Kami, I'd say the Gay Elite have your children as a captive audience. Whether you like it or not, they have appointed themselves your children's moral tutor." (pg.119)

See also:

Targeting Children - How the gay movement intends to capture the next generation

Targeting Children - Part two: How the homosexual movement uses public schools as instruments of change

Targeting Children - Part three: Activists encouraging experimentation

Targeting Children - Part four: Access to children: homosexuality and molestation

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To: scripter
An excerpt from "Are children of gay parents worse off?"

"Are children raised by gay parents worse off than other children? As same sex couples line up for marriage licenses in Massachusetts, the question achieves greater urgency.

Two researchers answered when they reviewed the available scholarly literature in the American Sociological Review three years ago. What makes their essay intriguing is that both professors Judith Stacey and Timothy J. Biblarz are emphatically in favor of gay marriage and child-rearing. Being honest scholars, though, they could not accept the tendentious spin that others in their field have put on the available research. They deny that the studies show "no difference" between children raised in gay and lesbian homes and those raised in heterosexual homes...

Biblarz and Stacey examined 21 studies of "lesbigay" couples' children compared with heterosexual parents' children. While all of the researchers had claimed to find "no difference" in outcomes between the two groups, Biblarz and Stacey disagree. There are statistically significant differences in gender identity, sexual experimentation and promiscuity...

272 posted on 05/21/2004 6:50:40 AM PDT by EdReform (Support Free Republic - All donations are greatly appreciated. Thank you for your support!)
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To: scripter
An excerpt from "What 'gay marriage' means for America: Robert Knight exposes plans to destroy family life"

"Just so Americans understand what we're in for with the creation of legal homosexual "marriage" in Massachusetts, here is some perspective.

Marriage, as a civic institution in Massachusetts, has been destroyed, not "expanded."

The very first homosexual couple "married" in the "gay" Mecca of Provincetown told the Boston Herald about their new "commitment":

[Jonathan Yarbrough] says the concept of forever is "overrated" and that he, as a bisexual, and [his partner Cody] Rogahn, who is gay, have chosen to enjoy an open marriage. "I think it's possible to love more than one person and have more than one partner, not in the polygamist sense," he said. "In our case, it is, we have, an open marriage."

"Marriage" in Massachusetts not only fails to require the presence of a wife, or a husband, but is not even tied to monogamy anymore...

Homosexual activists say that marriage as the union of one man and one woman is "discriminatory," and that we no longer need a wife in a marriage, or a husband in a marriage. Also, it no longer matters in the least that children need both a mother and a father.

In a free country, deluded people can believe all sorts of things, and act accordingly on their own. But when the law imposes this understanding on everyone, government is creating lies and eventually will use force to promote acceptance of the lies...

The government of Massachusetts is telling its citizens that a union without a wife or a husband is a marriage. This bizarre lie will be imposed, through government force, on all institutions – from businesses to public schools – and it will result in immediate legal action in many other states, as activists try to use the Bay State's betrayal of marriage as a lever to destroy it elsewhere...

It's no use offering "civil unions" as a compromise. Appeasement doesn't work. If the state officially sanctions and promotes homosexuality, there are no longer any grounds to make distinctions in family law. Children, like the hapless baby girl in Boston, will be placed routinely in fatherless or motherless households. Who could object?

And once the moral distinction between marriage and homosexuality is lost, there is no stopping point for further redefinitions of the institution. Why not bless three or more who say they feel they are "married"? And why should churches which refuse to perform same-sex wedding ceremonies continue to enjoy tax-exempt status? Why, indeed, should the Boy Scouts not welcome homosexual men to take boys into the woods, if we cannot make any moral distinctions whatever or face charges of bigotry?

During the Supreme Court hearings on the Boy Scout case in 2000, pro-life pastor Rev. Rob Shenk was sitting in the audience next to the White House liaison for "gay" issues. Thinking the pastor was a fellow liberal, the woman whispered, "We're not going to win this case, but that's OK. Once we get 'hate crime' laws on the books, we're going to go after the Scouts and all the other bigots..."

273 posted on 05/21/2004 7:39:48 AM PDT by EdReform (Support Free Republic - All donations are greatly appreciated. Thank you for your support!)
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To: scripter
‘Same sex’ marriage in Massachusetts just the beginning

IFI Defends Boy Scouts Against 'Gay' Bigotry, Calls on United Way to Reinstate Funding [Chicago]

FDA: Gay Men May Not Donate Sperm

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To: scripter
Expert Gives Powerful Testimony in Defense of the Family

Critical Differences: Marriage, Gender, and Role Models

Newly Married Lesbian Couple Files Suit

Conservative Episcopalians protest 'wedding'


Gay Marriage and the Left - The liberal rejection of democracy is a play that never closes

275 posted on 05/22/2004 12:41:27 PM PDT by EdReform (Support Free Republic - All donations are greatly appreciated. Thank you for your support!)
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To: scripter
Schools examine lessons of Massachusetts gay marriages

Related replies in this thread: 189 and 202

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To: scripter
Schools studying how to be safer for gay students

Related replies in this thread: 206 and 270

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To: scripter
An excerpt from "Fairness, Accuracy and Honesty in Discussing Homosexuality and Marriage"

"If a lie is repeated often enough, those who hear it will begin to believe that lie is the truth. Such has become the fate of fair and balanced legal academics. Some have heard for so long that homosexuality and marriage ought to be united, that many refuse to believe anything else, even when biology refutes it, the law negates it, and that statement is exposed as a lie. Many academics and other communicators have indeed closed their minds to both sides of this debate, determining there is no debate. That debate, however, is alive and well in the minds of open-minded legal academics. Although Stanford’s Law and Policy Review solicited the other articles contained in this journal issue, its refusal to publish them has allowed Regent to inherit a fabulous law review edition.

This article will introduce these well-written pieces. They are not legal research articles, but their publication is equally important. If Stanford will not publish them, Regent will gladly do so. Due to the nature of these articles, it is quite possible that the readership of this issue will be much wider than legal academia. With that readership in mind, this article, in order to more adequately introduce these pieces, will first discuss some of the fundamental concerns in discussions about homosexuality, such as what sexual orientation actually is and what it means to integrate one’s experiences of same-sex attraction into a "gay" identity in contemporary culture, as well as what it means to dis-identify with experiences of same-sex attraction. We then turn to the two most significant legal issues surrounding the debate on what it means for two persons who have integrated their experiences of same-sex attraction into a gay identity to pursue same-sex "marriage."

The purposes of this article are to understand the context of the arguments about homosexuality with respect to what it means to have integrated experiences of same-sex attraction into a gay, lesbian, or bisexual identity, set out the two main arguments pertaining to same-sex marriage, and to follow that discussion with an introduction of each of the other articles appearing in this journal issue.

Section I will introduce the reader to a debate about what sexual orientation actually is as well as a model of sexual identity development that takes seriously one’s personal creed or valuative framework and how that may impact subsequent identity synthesis. This will serve as a foundation for a proper understanding of what it means to then consider marriage between two persons who have integrated their experiences of same-sex attraction into a gay, lesbian, or bisexual identity. Section II will discuss the arguments surrounding the contention that marriage is a fundamental right and ought to be available to all citizens. Reviewing and clarifying the constitutional arguments and politically charged rhetoric is the goal of this section. Section III will discuss the sanctity of marriage argument. Postmodern legal academics purport to dismiss this argument as based purely on tradition. This section, however, will demonstrate the reasoning behind this argument, to help the general reader determine the place of the sanctity of marriage in our law today. Finally, Section IV will introduce each of the other articles contained in this issue, and state the relevance of each in this vital debate.

The objective is to clarify misconceptions and stimulate proper thinking on this crucial matter, and simply to be fair. As you read, may you approach these pieces with an open mind, and be educated in the contours of this debate as you strive for the truth..."

Related replies in this thread: 123, 143, 160, and 212.

Related links posted in the following replies in this thread: 62, 119, 124, and 275.

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To: EdReform
#278 above: Adding reply 68 to "related replies in this thread" links.
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To: EdReform
Links to articles referenced in Fairness, Accuracy and Honesty in Discussing Homosexuality and Marriage

280 posted on 05/24/2004 8:30:16 AM PDT by scripter (Thousands have left the homosexual lifestyle)
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To: scripter; lentulusgracchus; Bryan; Clint N. Suhks; little jeremiah
Additional information documenting the fact that the American Psychological Association has been seized by homosexual activists who have little regard for science or the democratic process:

A.P.A.'s Society for the Study of Gay Issues Urges Psychologists To Become Political Activists

"May 7, 2004 - The Division 44 Newsletter, (Spring, 2004) published by the American Psychological Association's Society for the Psychological Study of Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Issues, urged gay psychologists to become activists in supporting gay marriage and domestic partnerships. Judith Glassgold, the president of Division 44, also urged gay psychologists to oppose any attempts by conservative groups to de-fund sexual orientation or sexuality studies conducted by the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

In her editorial, Glassgold says that Division 44 has contacted the APA's Public Policy office to urge them to lobby against President Bush's Defense of Marriage Amendment. In addition, she has encouraged gay psychologists to build allies inside the APA and also with outside gay, bisexual, lesbian, and transgendered communities.

She noted that Division 44 is building relationships with Division 19, the Military Psychology section of the APA in order to "oppose unfair and discriminatory policies together."

Dr. Glassgold also observed that the Executive Committee's meeting in Chicago (March, 2004) was to be devoted to a discussion of military issues, family protections and rights, as well as transgender issues.

Transsexual Psychologist Urges Change In DSM

In a separate article in the Division 44 Newsletter, a male-to-female transsexual doctor, writing under a pen name, expressed his hope that someday the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual would be changed to normalize transsexualism.

Madeline H. Wyndzen states: "As a psychologist and transsexual, I find that the mental illness label imposed on transsexuality is just as disquieting as the label that used to be imposed upon homosexuality." He said he looked forward to the day when his children will think that it was "unfathomable that I was once diagnosed and treated for 'Gender Identity Disorder.'"

Heterosexuality "No Longer Normative"

Division 44 head Dr. Glassgold wrote a second essay in the newsletter which dealt with the use of psychoanalysis and other philosophies to "reformulate" psychoanalysis and reorder society's view of reality.

According to Glassgold, "Psychoanalysis has evolved and modern psychoanalysis no longer sees heterosexuality as normative and no longer views sexual and gender varieties as pathological; as a result, psychoanalysis and LGBT psychology do not have to be at odds, and can actually be allies."

Glassgold says that psychoanalysis, united with postmodernism and social constructionism, "provides very powerful theories to understand reality; however this potential has yet to be fully realized."

She continues, "Social change as well as new and fluid models of gender and sexuality can evolve from psychoanalytic understanding. Some of the strengths of modern psychoanalysis are its rejection of predetermined goals, its embracing of psychic creativity, and respect for an individual's agency in self-realization."

American Psychological Association related replies in this thread: 121, 240 and 242.

American Psychiatric Association related replies in this thread: 46, 139, 213, 232, 237, 239, 241, 243, and 246.

As further documentation, consider this exchange between Freepers Lentulusgracchus and Clint N. Suhks:

To: Clint N. Suhks

Actually, I wonder if a majority of the American Psychological Association don't agree with you. You're aware, I'm sure (I can send you a link or an article), of how the gay movement rolled the APA in the early 70's and got homosexuality deleted from the APA's diagnotic manual as Step One of their bustin'-out move to get out of the shadows and into the Clinton White House.

Looking at survey data from the APA membership, it would appear that a majority of the older members still believe that the origins of homosexuality are psychological as well as genetic.

The younger members have been propagandized assiduously for over 30 years by homosexual APA members who have taken care to dominate the appropriate committees and control its message on homosexuality, both to the practice and to the public. But the older members still aren't buying it. That refusal to change professional opinions despite all the propaganda and eyewash that's been thrown out there is damning, AFAIC, of the APA/gay message.

80 posted on 07/22/2002 5:06 PM PDT by lentulusgracchus

To: lentulusgracchus

homosexual APA members who have taken care to dominate the appropriate committees and control its message on homosexuality

Ah yes, the self-serving division 44 where the inmates are running the asylum. I did an impromptu check on their members, out of 15 investigations, 10 were openly homosexual. Division 44 is in charge of making APA policy on homosexuality, there’s a conflict of interest when the committee is disproportionately homosexual.

84 posted on 07/22/2002 6:58 PM PDT by Clint N. Suhks

To: Clint N. Suhks

Thanks for the data, and I suspected some high proportion of gays on the 44 Committee (I believe I've noticed a reference to that group on their site).

David Ehrenstein, a gay fascist propagandist and Hollywood film critic (and self-appointed persecutor of magazine editor Andrew Sullivan), has written a book on the overthrow of the APA. He of course took another point of view, but in between his agitprop-terrorist fulminations on Salon's "TableTalk", his pride of authorship led him to divulge the method by which the APA was turned.

It seems that the principal investigators of homosexuality were, some of them, themselves gay. Gay-rights spear-carriers went to these people and offered to "out" them if they failed to see the light and support the new position rallying around the famous study that laid down the new rationale you outlined for "discovering" that homosexuality was not a paraphilia and not a disorder, if other mental-health criteria were satisfied.

So in short, major support was gathered for the DSM-3 rewrite via plain old blackmail.

Ehrenstein was eloquent in his disgust for gay psychiatrists who were engaged in psychotherapy work on other gays to attempt to reorient them. He said that he felt that it was a) hypocritical of them and b) deeply cynical of them to accept pay and emoluments for doing what the straight community wanted done "to" other gays.

Ehrenstein is a gay essentialist who believes it is the duty of the gay psychiatrist or psychologist to assist the embryonic gay in his development and self-realization. Ehrenstein didn't share his opinion of the practice described by the street phrase, "skinning some chicken".

96 posted on 07/24/2002 7:20 AM PDT by lentulusgracchus

281 posted on 05/24/2004 8:41:50 AM PDT by EdReform (Support Free Republic - All donations are greatly appreciated. Thank you for your support!)
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To: EdReform

It is a never ceasing wonderment that with the vast amount of documented evidence, supporters of the "gay" agenda don't get it. They could be in a house afire (actually they are, figuratively speaking) and turn on the heater, wondering why it's so cold.

If people don't want to get it, that doesn't bother me. What bothers me is the indoctrination, especially of youth, and the judicial activism that is forcing the mentally ill 2%'s twisted worldview on the rest of us.

I don't hate homosexuals - far from it, I am very sorry for them - no chance of a normal family, husband or wife, children, or grandchildren, and an emptiness that nothing will fill. Add to that all the increased risk of disease, emotional distress, alcohol and drug abuse, and loneliness - I am very sorry for them. But it the height of sickness for them to foist this misery on others, and it cannot be allowed to continue.

282 posted on 05/24/2004 1:26:04 PM PDT by little jeremiah ("Gay Marriage" - a Weapon of Mass. Destruction!)
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To: scripter
Professional Pediatrics Group Discourages Gay Parenting

The American College of Pediatricians has recently come out with a paper discouraging the rearing of children in homosexual households.

The report, "Homosexual Parenting: Is It Time For Change?" cites studies showing that children who are reared in traditional two-parent homes are "more likely to thrive emotionally, mentally, and physically in a home with two heterosexual parents versus a home with a single parent."

The report notes that "...current studies that appear to indicate neutral to favorable results from homosexual parenting have critical flaws such as non-longitudinal design, lack of proper controls, and failure to account for confounding variables."

However, some studies do show that "Children reared in homosexual households are more likely to experience sexual confusion, practice homosexual behavior, and engage in sexual experimentation. Adolescents and young adults who adopt the homosexual lifestyle, like their adult counterparts, are at increased risk of mental health problems, including major depression, anxiety disorder, conduct disorder, substance dependence, and especially suicidal ideation and suicide attempts."

The report is available here: "Homosexual Parenting: Is It Time For Change?"

Copyright © NARTH. All Rights Reserved.

See also in this thread: An excerpt from "Are children of gay parents worse off?"

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To: scripter; All
Documenting the pro-homosexual activism in the American Academy of Pediatrics: An excerpt from reply 62 in the thread "Professional Pediatrics Group Discourages Gay Parenting:"

... When it comes policy on homosexual issues, the politically correct American Academy of Pediatrics toes the homosexual agenda line. And as I posted in reply 46:

professionals in one field, such as medicine, often rely on the "expertise" of "professionals" in other fields, such as psychology, when making policy or issuing statements to the general public.

That is indeed true as I will show later. However, beyond relying on the professional positions of the American Psychological Association and the American Psychiatric Association, there has been an infiltration of pro-homosexual activists in the American Academy of Pediatrics, albeit not to the degree that both APA's have been infiltrated. This infiltration has led to AAP taking positions on homosexual parenting that are not based on science, but on political social agenda.

Since you expressed concern with the founding date and the basic tenents of the American College of Pediatricians, let's first look at who they are and why they decided to form their professional organization:

Pediatricians' Groups Differ On Attitudes Toward Homosexual Parenting : A new group is formed to counterbalance the AAP's social activism.

"... However, a new group--the American College of Pediatrics (sic), a Tennessee-based alternative organization headed by Dr. Joseph Zanga--has just responded by requesting that its fellow organization reverse its stand.

Zanga's group was formed by 100 dissenting members of the AAP. His organization disagrees with the AAP's point of view on gay parenting, as well as numerous other social issues.

In a recent interview with NARTH, Dr. Zanga said that the policy statement did not have the support of the AAP membership as a whole. In fact, the position paper--entitled "Co-Parent or Second Parent Adoption by Same-Sex Parents" -- was released to the public despite the objections of one-third of the committee which drafted it, he noted.

Zanga is still an active member of the larger AAP. In fact, he chairs its Bioethics Committee, which, he says, objected to the release of the position paper, citing what it felt were numerous flaws in the research and its foundation in "very weak science."

Because there was considerable opposition within AAP membership ranks to the pro-homosexual stance of the policy, Zanga says, the AAP commissioned a "technical report" to investigate its decision, authored by Boston pediatrician Ellen Perrin.

In that report, Perrin herself questioned the reliability of the studies used by her organization to measure the effects of same-sex couples raising either biological or adopted children, saying "The small and non-representative sample [of children raised by same-sex couples] studied," she said, "and the relatively young age of most of the children, suggest some reserve [concerning the policy statement]."

Although most ACP members retain their membership in the larger pediatrics group, Dr. Zanga said he and his fellow ACP members "do not want the media, the government, or the public to think that all pediatricians agree with the AAP's policies on controversial issues..."

The Committee on Psychosocial Aspects of Child and Family Health is the division of AAP which issued the policy position paper on homosexual parenting. The position paper's technical report was written by Dr. Ellen Perrin, M.D. and Professor of Pediatrics at Tufts-New England Medical Center, and the Director of the Division of Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics and the Center for Children with Special Needs.

Consider the following (excerpted) documentation, starting with the actual AAP position paper:

Coparent or Second-Parent Adoption by Same-Sex Parents

PEDIATRICS Vol. 109 No. 2 February 2002, pp. 339-340
Committee on Psychosocial Aspects of Child and Family Health

"The American Academy of Pediatrics recognizes that a considerable body of professional literature provides evidence that children with parents who are homosexual can have the same advantages and the same expectations for health, adjustment, and development as can children whose parents are heterosexual.1–9

On the basis of the acknowledged desirability that children have and maintain a continuing relationship with 2 loving and supportive parents, the Academy recommends that pediatricians do the following:

Be familiar with professional literature regarding gay and lesbian parents and their children.

Advocate for initiatives that establish permanency through coparent or second-parent adoption for children of same-sex partners through the judicial system, legislation, and community education..."


"I am Dr. Ellen Perrin, Professor of Pediatrics at Tufts-New England Medical Center, and the Director of the Division of Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics and the Center for Children with Special Needs. I speak to you today as a recognized expert in child development. One of my areas of special expertise is in the development and well-being of children whose parents are gay or lesbian.

I have reviewed hundreds of articles and books, and written and published a good deal myself about what happens to children whose parents are the same sex. I am considered to be the pediatrician most expert in the country on this topic.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) published a report last year that summarized three decades of research on the well-being of children raised by gay or lesbian parents. I was its primary author. As a result he AAP adopted a formal policy which stated that children who grow up with “gay or lesbian parents fare as well in emotional, cognitive, social and sexual functioning as do children whose parents are heterosexual..."

In the on-line Special Report article "More and more American children are growing up with same-sex parents" By Dan Gilgoff, U.S. News & World Report / (, Ellen Perrin, professor of pediatrics at the Floating Hospital for Children at Tufts-New England Medical Center was quoted:

"If we could break down some of society's gender stereotypes, that would be a good thing."

Note that Ellen Perrin is also affiliated with the pro-homosexual American Psychological Association:

APA Journals: Families, Systems, & Health -- Editorial Staff:


Ellen Perrin Worcester, MA

Examining the Research Literature on Outcomes from Same-Sex Parenting: How sound is the American Academy of Pediatrics' statement endorsing same-sex parenting?

"The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) announced in early February, 2002 “a growing body of scientific literature demonstrates that children who grow up with 1 or 2 gay or lesbian parents fare as well in emotional, cognitive, social, and sexual functioning as do children whose parents are heterosexual.”1 Based on this, the AAP supports “legislative and legal efforts” to allow homosexuals to adopt their partner’s children.2

However, the AAP received strong reaction from its membership. An email memo from the lead author of the AAP’s Technical Report to select members of the Academy on the issue laments:

…the AAP has received more messages – almost all of them CRITICAL – from members about the recent Policy Statement on coparent adoption than it has EVER received on any other topic… This is a serious problem, as it means that it will become harder to continue the work we have been doing to use the AAP as a vehicle for positive change.3

1) Reasons for Caution within the AAP’s Own Report

There are a number of details in the AAP’s own Technical Report that raise serious questions about their conclusion that “children who grow up with 1 or 2 gay or lesbian parents fare as well as in emotional, cognitive, social, and sexual functioning as do children whose parents are heterosexual.”4

Ellen Perrin, author of the AAP’s Technical Report, was co-author of a 1994 study published in Pediatrics in Review entitled, “Children of Gay and Lesbian Parents.” The study explained, “Unfortunately, the research to date has limitations, including small sample size, non-random subject selection, narrow range of socioeconomic and racial background, and lack of long-term longitudinal follow-up.”5..."

Additional documentation:

Examining the Research on Homosexual Parenting

"The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) announced on Feb. 4, 2002, "a growing body of scientific literature demonstrates that children who grow up with one or two gay or lesbian parents fare as well in emotional, cognitive, social, and sexual functioning as do children whose parents are heterosexual."1 Based on this, the AAP states it supports "legislative and legal efforts" to allow homosexuals to adopt their partner's children.2

Many in the media have used this statement from the respected AAP as a discussion-closer on whether heterosexual parenting is good or bad. The AAP says the gender of parents doesn't matter, so the media figure it must not really matter, either. The members of the AAP know better..."

Note the interprofessional soceity cooperation and support in the following excerpt from the American Psychiatric Association:

Pediatricians Support Adoption By Gay Partners

"Noting the considerable body of professional literature to support its position, the American Academy of Pediatrics releases a statement that gay men and lesbians should be allowed to adopt their partner’s children.

The country’s largest organization of pediatricians has come out strongly in favor of allowing gay men and lesbians to adopt their partner’s children.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) published a policy statement in the February issue of its journal Pediatrics "emphasizing that in light of data showing that children of gay and lesbian parents function just as well emotionally, cognitively, and socially as children of heterosexual parents, courts should stop using sexual orientation as grounds to deny members of same-sex couples the right to adopt their partner’s children...

Consistent With APA, AACAP

Fassler noted that the AAP’s policy statement is consistent with positions on same-sex issues already adopted by APA and the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (AACAP). The AACAP statement points out, "There is no evidence to suggest or support that parents with a gay, lesbian, or bisexual orientation are per se different from or deficient in parenting skills, child-centered concerns, and parent-child attachments" when compared with heterosexual parents. It also states that there are no outcome data showing that children raised by homosexual or bisexual parents show more instability or developmental dysfunction than peers raised by two heterosexual parents.

Fassler said that the Council on Children, Adolescents, and Their Families "welcomes this action by the AAP" and plans to add it to the agenda for its May meeting.

To help their recommendations become reality, the AAP urges pediatricians to "become familiar with professional literature regarding gay and lesbian parents and their children..."

See also: Adoption and Co-Parenting of Children by Same-Sex Couples: New Position Statement Adopted by the American Psychiatric Association

Pediatrics Group Endorses Homosexual Adoption... But New Policy Places Children at Risk

On February 3rd, The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) issued a policy statement endorsing adoption by same-sex couples, saying they can provide the same emotionally healthy family life as heterosexual parents. The academy is urging its 55,000 members to take an active role in supporting laws that allow gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender individuals to adopt the children of the individuals with whom they cohabit.

But this new policy is based on politics, not science. Sadly, although AAP policy carries significant weight in our nation's courts, it is not in the best interests of children, whose interests the AAP claims to represent.

Studies demonstrate that there is, in fact, a difference between non-heterosexual and heterosexual parenting. Children raised by non-heterosexual parents are placed at risk. They are more apt to experience gender and sexual confusion; they are more apt to become promiscuous; they are at greater risk of losing a parent to AIDS, substance abuse or suicide. They suffer more depression and other emotional difficulties. They are also more likely to engage in same-sex behavior.

Furthermore, non-heterosexual couples are less stable than heterosexual couples in their relationships and they are more likely to separate. Research reveals that promiscuity is virtually the norm among male non-heterosexuals. Violence is substantially higher in non-heterosexual relationships. The list of risk factors continues.

Nature created male and female to be complementary to each other in myriad ways that enhance not only the couple's relationship, but the healthy and stable development of the children they produce. It is well known that fatherlessness is responsible for many of the ills of children in our society. There are few bodies of research where the evidence is so clear: children need both a mother and a father. Homes with a married mother and father are, all things considered, far better for raising emotionally stable children.

Perhaps the time has come for rational, reasonable people to insist that organizations like the American Academy of Pediatrics either base their policies on science, or else label themselves as political organizations and relinquish their tax-exempt statuses.

And maybe it's also time that federal, state and local governments discontinue reliance on professional organizations like the American Academy of Pediatrics when they need accurate, dispassionate, scientific information.

It's also time that the American people insist on truth, not politics, from all of our professional organizations.

Copyright © NARTH. All Rights Reserved.

Updated: 30 September 2002

No Basis: What the Studies Don't Tell Us About Same-Sex Parenting

The Pediatricians Are Wrong

For documentation of homosexual activism in both the APA's, see the following replies in scripter's "Homosexual Agenda: Categorical Index of Links (Revision 1.1)" thread:

American Psychological Association: 121, 240 and 242.

American Psychiatric Association: 46, 139, 213, 232, 237, 239, 241, 243, and 246.

284 posted on 06/01/2004 9:01:39 AM PDT by EdReform (Support Free Republic - All donations are greatly appreciated. Thank you for your support!)
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To: scripter; L.N. Smithee; little jeremiah; lentulusgracchus; Travis McGee; ArGee; longtermmemmory
Documenting the Queering of Elementary Education:

"Queering Elementary Education: Advancing the Dialogue about Sexualities and Schooling, Edited by William J. Letts IV and James T. Sears, Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc., 1999, 291 pages"

An excerpt from:

Book Review - Queering Elementary Education: Advancing the Dialogue about Sexualities in Schooling

Progressive Perspectives
Vol. 4, No. 1, John Dewey Project on Progressive Education, Spring 2002
College of Education and Social Services, University of Vermont

"Queering Elementary Education is unique because as it's title suggests it does not apologize for the stance that it takes, nor does it wallow in the problems of being homosexual in a heterosexist society. It is a book all educators should read whether they are elementary school teachers, administrators, or college professors. It challenges assumptions about how we view education and how we view caring for children. Edited by William J. Letts IV and James T. Sears, it offers many perspectives on the various aspects of elementary education and the myriad ways it is heterosexist.

In the first chapter James T. Sears proposes several ideas that appear throughout the book: speaking the unspoken by teaching about queer issues in elementary school, homosexuality as part of the human condition, and asserting that heterosexism and homophobia are acquired or learned beliefs. Bickmore asks, "why discuss sexuality in elementary school?” and answers “given the amount of (mis)information about gender relations and sexuality that flows freely these days in public spaces, media and peer groups, elementary educators could not prevent children from acquiring sexual information even if they wanted to do so"(p. 15). These concepts as well as others are discussed in various ways throughout the book..."

An excerpt from:

Queering Elementary Education - Book Review By Jack Nichols,

"Probably no other title in the pantheon of liberationist literature will evoke more controversy than Queering Elementary Education. If there was an unseemly uproar over Daddy's Roommate and Heather Has Two Mommies, just wait till the Religious Reich spies this august tome on some thoughtful teacher's shelf.

Its editors, both educators, have provided what some see as a companion volume to the award-winning film, It's Elementary. They take it for granted that children in the earliest grades have already been introduced "through schoolyard and media" to the concept of same sex love and affection, that most remain confused about it and that it is best to begin demystification processes early in life rather than allowing mistaken perceptions to take root.

It's Elementary's producer, Debra Chasnof, exults: "What a relief to finally have such a thoughtful collection of essays and research to back up what we've found in schools across the nation... an examination of the ways children's lives are hurt by homophobia and an inspiring array of strategies educators can use to turn this problem around."...

The American Pediatric Association recently called for the teaching of sexuality to begin by the middle of elementary school. Dr. Sears requests that Queering readers remember that "by the time boys and girls have become teenagers they have well-developed gender and sexual scripts: how boys and girls should behave, who makes up a family, and so on. These become our cultural straightjackets that cultivate the homophobia and sexism we see in the adult world."

( EdReform's note: the pro-homosexual activism in the American Academy of Pediatrics is documented in reply 284 in this thread )

"Rather than focussing on reducing such prejudices, shouldn't we consider how not to instill, foster, or intensify these prejudices in the first place?" he asks. Queering Elementary Education begins with "Foundational Issues" answering queries such as "Why Discuss Sexuality in Elementary School?".

The book's second section deals with children's sexual and social development, including supposed effects of being taught by openly gay teachers. Part three looks at possible curriculums, examining and critiquing the "heteronormative nature of elementary school science." Part four deals with family ties while the final section examines educators and their allies..."

Here are some excerpts from Queering Elementary Education that were posted in reply 16 in the thread Congress Needs to Hear From Public re:Marriage Amendment:

In one chapter, a woman describes how she and her male lover have raised their daughter "queerly" by taking her to "gay pride" parades and teaching her the intricacies of masturbation while she is still a young child.

tuesday afternoon: Is that actually in the book? It totally blows my mind that would be in a book about educating children.

It is indeed in the book, and it doesn't even scratch the surface of the way that daughter has been raised. However, I have to tell you, the stories that unmarried, 'identified as heterosexual' Australian sociologist Maria Pallotta-Chiarolli tells about her biological daughter Stephanie are difficult to believe. Even if the essence of the accounts are true, I have never heard of a 1st grade child who was so well-versed in psychosocial pretzel logic.

Nevertheless, here are excerpts from chapter 7 (page 71) of Queering Elementary Education, "My Moving Days": A Child's Negotiation of Multiple Lifeworlds in Relation to Gender, Ethnicity, and Sexuality." (Bold and bracketed text is mine; Italics apparently are from Pallotta-Chiarolli's previously published works.)

...[O]ur child is "queerly raised." She travels within and between multicultural and multisexual world as well as undertaking geographical journeys: to and from Adelaide, where she was born, raised principally by Italian migrant grandparents while we worked full time, and from Sydney, where her father lived for two years while she was three and four and where she attends queer events with her parents' friends; and to and from Melbourne, where her father is now primary care-giver supported by a network of multicultural and multisexual friends as my work takes her away at regular intervals.

...To be "queerly raised" is to interrogate the taken-for-grantedness of such fixed categories and the way society divides people into "normal" and "abnormal," "natural" and "unnatural," according to their locations in these categories...[it is] to thrive in the destabilization and disruption of normalizing discourses of family, gender, and compulsory heterosexuality. It is an upbringing that encourages stability in mobility, security in change, clarity in ambiguity.

...this chapter explores the kinds of understandings, negotiations, and dilemmas "queerly raised" children experience...For example...How does a child respond to AIDS phobia at school when HIV-positive persons, and griveing over AIDS-related deaths, have been a part of one's life since birth?

Here is an excerpt from Steph's story [for show-and-tell] entitled "My Moving Days":

I go to Sydney sometimes especially at Mardi Gras time and have fun with Mum and her friends. We go to interesting shops and restaurants. I was in the Mardi Gras one year pretending to be Alan and Malcolm's daughter. I wore my purple fairy costume and waved a wand and the gay flag. Lots of people took pictures and I was on the news...I love my life. It's exciting.
[Stephanie] interrogates defintions of Truth, Reality, Purity, and Identity constructed by dominant social discourses, thereby revealing the Truths, Realities, Impurities, and Identities that these discourses say do not exist at all or exist only in forms they can control and distort as being "wrong" or "strange."

Getting ready for school one morning, seven-year old Steph asks, "What's artificial insemination?"

I ask, "Were you interested in what Uncle Matteo was saying last night?" I had been chatting to a gay Italian friend, Matteo about his daughter, a baby he'd had with a lesbian and his plans to have another. Steph had been sitting with us silently listening.

Steph nods. "If they don't have sex, how can they have babies, that's all I wanted to know, really. At school we learned that it takes a man and woman who are married to each other to have a baby, but Uncle Matteo is gay and he isn't married. But I know he's had a baby."

I explain how many gays and lesbians are now becoming parents without having sex with each other. And this leads to a chat about women's decisions about having sex and babies, and that leads on to how women should never let anyone explain their sexuality. And this leads to a conversation about what else was missing from the "sex education" lessons in school -- the clitoris! We talk about the book Steph has at home showing where the clitoris is. The question comes: "But why didn't they show it in the book at school? I looked for it but the teacher acted like nothing was there. I know it's there." Steph has been taught that it is the clitoris that gives her pleasure when she masturbates.

Steph picks up her schoolbag. She's ready for another day at school, and as we head out the door, she says with a scornful snort, "They don't say all the truth at school but I know it anyway."

..."Queerly raised" children are agents. People are, and always have been, active agents in the constitution of their unfolding social worlds...Their personal world is "an emergent, situated, negotiated one where considerable variation becomes possible."

When Steph [was] three, I am tucking her into bed one evening and am about to read her a children's version of The Swiss Family Robinson. "No, I'll read it to you," Steph says, which means she'll tell the story through the pictures.

There is one picture where the parents stand in the middle of their sons, one son next to his father, and two, with arms around each other's shoulders, next to their mother. Steph describes the family, pointing to the people as she goes: "This is the father. This is the first son," pointing to the boy on his own. "This is the second son" -- and then to the third son next to his brother -- "and this is the second son's boyfriend."

...A "queerly raised" child can "travel" between these "worlds" and inhabit more than one of these worlds at the very same time.

One evening, as we wait for [now ten year old] Steph's computing class to begin, three girls around twelve years old come cheerily in to collect some material for their next class. They look confident and speak assertively, arms and hair swinging. I notice Steph has taken my hand and is squeezing it.

I look across and notice a faint shy blush on her ace. "What's up, Steph?"

Steph is still staring at the girls. She whispers, "Which one do you like?"

"All of them. They look like nice, smart young women."

Steph persist (sic). "No! I mean, which one do you like?"

"Which one do you like, sweetie?"

Steph nods her head toward the long-haired girl in jeans and T-shirt who's doing most of the questioning in articulate computer-speak. "Do you like her too?"

"Yes, I do," I reply.

Steph smiles slightly, pleased, still not taking her eyes off the girl.

"What're you feeling, Steph?"

Steph smiles shyly. She shrugs and looks at me with embarrassment. I squeeze her hand. "It's okay, Steph. She's gorgeous, and if you think that, that's fine. Enjoy those feelings, there's nothing wrong with them."

In the meantime, Steph also has crushes on two boys. Getting out of the car one afternoon with a friend who's come to play, she looks at the houses across the street and declares, "I wish Peter and Anthony lived there. Then I could see both of them."

Her friend looks scornfully at her. "You can only love one person."

"Who says?"

"That's the way it is. Unless you're a lesbian."

"If I was a lesbian, I'd want Peter and Anthony to be girls. Anyway, maybe I'll love no one. Maybe I'll love girls or boys, or both. Maybe lots of both!" And she laughs cheekily as her friend remonstrates.

...Steph's writing and experiences of agency exemplify children's great potential to demonstrate and transcend categorical limitations, oppressions, and the splitting of concurrent realities inherent in the heteronormative, Anglocentric, and phallocentric need to homogenize, categorize, and simplify...

...As I write this chapter...[o]ne of Steph's friends, a girl in her early teens, has now confieded to Steph and to us that she thinks she is a lesbian. She can't tell her own parents, she says. She can't tell anyone else at school. Steph has now become her confidante, and we can hear them chat into the night during sleepovers...

An excerpt from 'Queering the Schools':

"... As for teaching aids, a 1999 book, Queering Elementary Education, with a foreword by GLSEN executive director Kevin Jennings, offers essays on “Locating a Place for Gay and Lesbian Themes in Elementary Reading, Writing and Talking” and “How to Make ‘Boys’ and ‘Girls’ in the Classroom”—the scare quotes showing the queer theorist’s ever present belief that categorizing gender is a political act...

Two videos come particularly highly rated by gay activists and educators as tools for making primary school queer-friendly. Both films strive to present homosexuality in a favorable light, without saying what it actually is. It’s Elementary, intended for parents, educators, and policymakers, shows how classroom teachers can lead kindergartners through carefully circumscribed discussions of the evils of prejudice, portrayed as visited to an unusual degree on gays and lesbians. In That’s a Family, designed for classroom use, children speak directly into the camera, explaining to other kids how having gay and lesbian parents is no different from, for example, having parents of different national backgrounds.

GLSEN even provides lesson plans for the promotion of cross-dressing in elementary school classes. A school resource book containing such lesson plans, Cootie Shots: Theatrical Inoculations Against Bigotry for Kids, Parents, and Teachers, has already been used in second-grade classrooms in California. A children’s play in the book features a little boy singing of the exhilaration of striding about “In Mommy’s High Heels,” in angry defiance of the criticism of his intolerant peers:

They are the swine, I am the pearl. . . .
They’ll be beheaded when I’m queen!
When I rule the world! When I rule the world!
When I rule the world in my mommy’s high heels!..."

Related replies posted in this thread: 55, 141, 147, 152, 155, 161, 163, 188, 216, 256, 266, and 271.

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To: scripter
Man charged with sexual battery of a child (man and his gay lover raped 11 year-old boy)
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To: scripter
Many HIV-Positive Men Don't Realize It: Study (or do realize it, but have unsafe sex anyway)

The New H.I.V. Test Offers Quicker Results, but the Same Agony

Federal Government Recommendations on Gay Men Donating Sperm 'Look Like They Were Written in 1982

Homosexual 'Fisting' Club Organizes Torture Events

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To: scripter
Professional Pediatrics Group Discourages Gay Parenting

Seeking Justice: Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ and the Children (includes sample ed letter)

War over boy raised by gays

Same-sex couples fight state over birth certificates

Lesbian Moms a Growing U.S. Phenomenon (shameful attempt at mainstreaming alert)

Reuters reports: Lesbians four time more likely to have children than gay men.

Australia to Ban Gay Marriage & Adoptions

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To: scripter
U.S. Hate Crime Bill Could Criminalize Biblical Truth, Pro-Family Spokesman Fears
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To: scripter
NJ High School hosts Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) Conference!

Teachers Urged to Ignore GLSEN's Marriage Curriculum

Schools examine lessons of Massachusetts gay marriages

Students Rally for Same-Sex Marriages (Barf Alert!)

GLSEN LA--Curriculum for Kindergarten

Welcome to Canada's gay high school

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To: scripter
The Closed Mind of the NMHA: Is Being Ex-Gay Hazardous to Your Mental Health?

A.P.A.'s Society for the Study of Gay Issues Urges Psychologists To Become Political Activists

After the Ball--Why the Homosexual Movement Has Won

Cornell houses records of prominent gay rights group (Ithaca is the City of Evil)

English for lesbians, feminists, queers, and communists

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Victory over homosexuality

The Great Escape

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Two mums one too many for toddler TV, Aunty told

Australia irate over gay couple in kids' show

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Massachusetts Judge Allegedly Colluded With Homosexuals

Massachusetts Gay Marriage Justice Indicted (Not Grand Jury Indictment-Press Release Only)

Houston Judge To Decide Same-Sex Divorce Case; Transgender Male Declared Female By Texas Court

Conn. enacts transgender hate crime law (What Next?)

Gay Group: Church broke law!

New Virginia Law Alarms Gay Activists

Judge: Homosexual Isn't Libelous Term

Judge rules being called homosexual is not libelous

California Supreme Court appears inclined to rule against San Francisco on gay marriage

Same-sex 'marriage' dealt double setback

Maryland, Virginia reject gay unions in other states

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To: scripter
Student sues over ban of anti-gay T-shirt (Christian's message worn at Poway High)

Fireworks over the Boy Scouts

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To: scripter
Fairness, Accuracy and Honesty in Discussing Homosexuality and Marriage

A threat to modern marriage [gay marriage and gender relativism]

Critical Differences: Marriage, Gender, and Role Models

Free-for-All: How Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ Is Breaking Down the Rule of Law

Homosexual Marriage: A Slippery Slope?

SAME-SEX MARRIAGE: Don't Discount the "Slippery Slope"

Constitution Provides Key to Protecting Marriage

The (gay) marriage penalty

No Explanation: Gay Marriage has sent the Netherlands the way of Scandinavia.

Gay marriage? Been there, done that, Dutch say

Australian PM Backs Anti-Gay Marriage Legislation

'Gay Pride' in holy city: Ultra-Orthodox community protests Jerusalem parade

Cultural Revolution: The ELCA's attempt to bless same-sex marriages

Canadian Anglicans Affirm [the Sanctity of] Same-Sex Relationships

The Ithaca Fifty prepare to make history (City of Evil sues to allow gay marriages)

Rainbow Sash Response to Cardinal George's Refusal of Communion

Catholic Gay Activists Denied Communion in Chicago

Group tries to prevent gay Catholics from taking communion

Gay couple returns to Oklahoma after marriage

Ferndale (where else?) mayor, minister plan mass gay wedding

Worcester bishop shocks gays with `evil' statement

Black ministers join drive against same-sex marriage

Black gay Republicans stage protest AGAINST gay marriage (!???!!)

Why the black church opposes gay marriage Whose Dream?

National Black Justice Coalition Fires Back At Homophobic Black Ministers

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To: scripter

MTV Networks to Launch LOGO, A New Television Network for Gay, Lesbian Viewers

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Salvation Army threatens to leave NY city over gay benefits

Christian Group Warning Orlando Visitors about Disney's 'Gay Days'

Randall Terry: "My Prodigal Son, the Homosexual, Part 2"

Activists Urge Congress to Repeal Military's 'Gay Ban'

Gay Days elbows into inauguration (Orlando's Mayor Buddy)

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To: EdReform


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To: scripter
Corrected link for APA documentation in reply 242:

Dr. Dobson's Newsletter: June, 2002 - Can Homosexuality Be Treated and Prevented?

(APA documentation is in the section entitled "The Origins of Homosexuality.")

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