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VANNROX July 2005 Archives
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Posted on 07/07/2005 7:54:51 PM PDT by vannrox

Dreams as big as Texas

How to Build a Lunar Base:Part 1: The Launch Issue

Democrat Voter Intimidation

Griffin leaves door open for shuttle flight to Hubble

Close encounters on rise as UFOs seize imagination of Chinese

Scientists say they have located the parts of the brain that comprehend sarcasm - honestly.

Scientists to make 'Stuart Little' mouse with the brain of a human

Sex Offender caught at Denny's with little girl, was a blogger

War Inside CBS News (Drudge Siren Alert)


$1 billion price tag of saving rare toad

'Extreme' judicial activism

'Man the Hunter' theory is debunked in new book

'Overweight' man had 55lb tumour

'Red and dead' galaxies surprise astronomers

'Sighting' Of Tasmanian Tiger Sparks L1.2m Bounty Hunt

'Theory of everything' tying researchers up in knots

'What have Americans ever done for us?'

(NC) Senate Democrats 'Circle the Wagons' to protect nervous conservative Democrats

(South Carolina) Fire Pit Dated To Over 50,000 Years Old (More)

1 in every 138 Americans is behind bars

10 Years of Planet Hunting: Amazing Variety Out There

12,000-Year-Old Bones Found in Kansas

13 things that do not make sense

14 astronauts being trained for Shenzhou VI mission

2,300-Year-Old Mummy Unveiled in Egypt

2nd Circuit Upholds New York Handgun Limits (2nd Amendment only covers federal laws - Judge Wesley)

3 charged with plotting U.S. terror attacks

3-Billion Year Old Manufactured Spheroids? Even NASA is baffled)

3-Billion Year Old Manufactured Spheroids? Even NASA is baffled)

72% Iraqi Turnout Stuns U.S. Press

@ What I Saw at the Meltdown (Working for a Dot-Com)

@@@@U.S. Warns Citizens of New Protests in China

@Mysteries Of The Xiaohe Tombs In Xinjiang, China

A Family Tree in Every Gene [Races DO Exist: NYT]

A Gore/Clinton ticket in 2008 (sweet)

A Mission to the Earth’s Core


A Mysterious Darkness: The Day the Sun Went Out in New England

A National Sales Tax

A republic, not a democracy

AAS Calls Servicing Hubble Important for Astronomy, Urges NASA to Stick with the Decade Plan

ABC To launch new TV show (possibly) about a Hillary Clinton Presidency

ACLU caught red-handed?

Act of kindness will cost girls $900

Activists call for global gun controls

Activists call for global gun controls

Actual Tsunami pics, taken by a couple before death

After 9 1/2 years, brain-damaged man perks up

Ailing Specter Is Out of Groveling Mode, but Finding It Lonely in the Center

Ailing Specter Is Out of Groveling Mode, but Finding It Lonely in the Center

Al Jazeera 'For Sale' Sign is Sad Sign For All (Network Losing 50 Million Per Year)

Alien asteroid belt detected around Sun-like star

All Four Stanzas

Alone 2 days, boy survives on syrup

Alpine Iceman (Oetzi) Reveals Stone Age Secrets

Altered Pledge of Allegiance stuns students

American Studies (more documented liberal bias at Cornell)

Americans buying more guns, sales up 11%

America’s and Russia’s scan, seek and kill is making Al-Queda run for cover

An arsenal of cruelest quotes (repeating what LIBERALS say)

An eighth of every paycheck

An Indoctrination Primer

Analysis: A promising NASA budget?

Analysis: A Promising NASA Budget?

Analysis: A promising NASA budget?


Ancient Earth Drawings Found In Peru (Older Than Nazca Lines)

Ancient Egypt ~ Link with Australia

Ancient Mound Used In Summer Moon Ritual (3,500BC)

Ancient Navigators Could Have Measured Longitude -- in Egypt in 232 B.C. !

Ancient Stone Stele Discovered in Beijing

Ancient urban civilisation dug out in Anantnag (Kashmir)

Andromeda galaxy larger than thought-astronomers

Anger over Admissions

Ann Coulter Poll

Anti-federal bills move forward in House (Montana)

Anti-federal bills move forward in House (Montana)

Anti-U.S. materials found at mosques (Dallas, Texas)

Anyone on the Coast of Maine see the (ufo)?

Apollo Times Three: NASA Integrated Space Operations Summit

Appeals Court Upholds Ruling in CIA Leak (Journalists Must Testify in Plame/CIA Leak Case)

Appeals Court: Gov't Can't Seek $280B From Tobacco

Applied Physics of Carbon Nanotubes: Fundamentals of Theory, Optics and Transport Devices

Archaeological Gold Mine Unearthed In UP (Uttar Pradesh)

Archaeologist Finds 'Oldest Porn Statue' (7,200 Years Old)

Archaeologists make discovery in downtown Prague

Archaeologists Uncover Three Coffins, With a Bead-Covered Mummy, Behind a Secret Door

Archaeologists' Intoxicating Find (WW-2 Beer)

Archaic Genes in Modern People?

Archeologists discover St. Paul's tomb

Archimedes manuscript yields secrets under X-ray gaze

ART Appreciation "class" #2 Impressionism and Post-Impressionism

ART APPRECIATION THREAD (One Minute Quiz--Guess the Artist series)

ART APPRECIATION THREAD The Kiss---Gustav Klimt's most famous work

ART APPRECIATION THREAD: Nelson Shanks' portraiture (Ronald Reagan, Pope John Paul 11, HRH Diana)

ART Appreciation/Education "class" #3: van Gogh and Cezanne

As Usual, Rumsfeld Stares Down the Storm

Astronomical surprise: Massive old galaxies starve to death in the infant universe

Attention Young Liberals

Ayatollah warns U.S. needs punch in mouth

Bad Impression (A critic confesses: I hate Monet.)

Bare-Breasted Activist Arrested - (wants to "decriminalize" bare-breastedness!)

Beautiful downtown Pyongyang, communist paradise

Berlin's Honor Killings: "The Whore Lived Like a German"

Best Way to Make Mars Habitable: Inject Greenhouse Gas

Biblical-giants book soars up charts: 'The Nephilim' explains ancient pyramids

Bill Clinton Set To Announce 2008 Presidential Bid

Bill filed would make English the official language of the United States

Black Voters Warm to GOP

Blockading China

Bob Barr:The [Republican] Revolution Sputters

Bones Of Contention ('Hobbits' - More)

Books, Magazines, Movies, Music

BREAKING - Dems Successfully Filibuster Bolton in Senate

BREAKING - Dems Successfully Filibuster Bolton in Senate

BTK SUSPECT IN THE AIR FORCE: Rader's tour of duty

Buddha statue from 6th c found in Viking hoard in Helgo, Sweden

Burglars Break Into Kentucky State Republican Headquarters

Bush Calls Human Rights Report 'Absurd'


Bush says US will defend Taiwan if China starts a war

Bush Social Security plan dead, Democrats say

Bush To Ask for More Money for NASA (to finance missions to the Moon, Mars)

Bush to Nominate Griffin to Head NASA

Bush wants new nuclear power plants, new refineries

CA: Cuts in workers' comp rates urged

Cameraman for CBS Wounded by U.S. Troops in Iraq

Capitalize the Moon

<dt>Cat Survives 10-Mile Trip Atop Car

CBS Cameraman Shot By US Troops Under Arrest

Centuries' Old UFO Coin Remains Mystery

Chemists Probe Secrets In Ancient Textile Dyes From China, Peru (GGG)

China ready to counter US space plans

China shuts down 47,000 'harmful' internet cafes

China to pioneer &#8216;pebble bed&#8217; N-reactor

Chinese Roots: Skull May Complicate Human-Origins Debate

Chinese weigh warfare theories

Chinese, Japanese Started Prehistoric Exchanges 7,000 Years Ago: Archaeologists

Christians Could be Sent to Jail for Praying in School - (ACLU demands incarceration for praying)

Christians stalkedon Islamic website

CIA Ordered to Turn Over Prisoner Records

Class failures - Report finds bad information, hidden agendas in women's studies

Clear skies for Area 51 hacker

Clear skies for Area 51 hacker

Clear skies for Area 51 hacker

CLEOPATRA WAS A BLONDE - (terrific brief history of Egypt's rich past; optimistic democratic future)

Clinton urges 'sharing' world

Colossal find (Ramses II statue at Akhmim)

Columbia University Considers the Elimination of Israel

Columnist Exposes the Hypocrisy of "Nickel and Dimed"

Commissioner Wants GPS Chips Implanted In Ex-Cons

Communism for kids

Communism's Resurgence

Company raids town after GI wounded by grenade

Constitution - Original intent and the "so-called" religious wall of separation

Contraceptive May Kill Libido

Conversational Terrorism: How NOT to Talk!

Cop given hamburger laced with glass

Cops say female teacher was 'half naked' in car with teen

Cops: Woman Scalped Girl After Slight

Cosmic Crash Won&#8217;t Destroy Comet or Earth

Cosmic Rays To Solve Ancient Mexican (Pyramid) Mystery

Couple accused of torturing children pulled out kid's toenails, beat with hammers (UPDATE; APB)

Cross-cultural estimation of the human generation interval...

CU activist pair pose as GOP-'Republicans for Churchill' members are registered Democrats

Cuniform Tablets And Royal Stamp Unearthed In Northeast Syria (+1800BC)


DA probes circulation at Dallas Morning News

Dan Rather&#8217;s Legacy of Outrageous Liberal Bias

Darius Ancient Inscription Found in Boushehr Deciphered

David Rockefeller Gives University $100M

Deep Impact spacecraft releases probe to collide with comet

DeLay Meets with NASA Administrator Nominee Griffin

Democracy Isn't Liberty

Democrats block vote on Bolton (McCain led Senate unity a big joke)

Democrats Demand Bush Halt Attacks on Their Senate Leader

Dems Invoke FDR

Denying Our Country's Founding (Don Feder Slams SCOTUS For Trashing Our Christian Heritage Alert)

Despite Zoloft Defense, Teenager Is Convicted of Murder

Detailing the Science of Man on Mars

Device lets you out-Fox your TV

Dictators Among Us

Digs at Archontiko, Pella uncover more gold-clad warriors

Disarming Facts

Discovery Could Change Dates For Human Arrival On The Great Plains

Discovery Institute's Critique of PBS's Evolution (Conclusion Only)

Divers Suprised By Iron Age Port (UK)

Diversity means teaching students not to think

Does Sex Sell?: You Might Be Surprised

Draft U.S. paper allows commanders to seek preemptive nuke strikes(N. Korea/Iran)

DUI charge is 16th for driver - homemade license plate drew attention

Ear-splitting discovery rocks mammal identity [Evolution, platypus]

Early T-Rex Relative Had Feathers -- Study

EDITORIAL OBSERVER Keeping Iowa's Young Folks at Home After They've Seen Minnesota

Egyptian Archaeologists Announce 'Beautiful' Mummy Found

Eighteen Hundred And Froze To Death (The Infamous 'Year Without Summer')

Electronic bug found in police station

En Route To Mars, Via The Moon

Ethiopia Archaeologists Make Important Fossil Find

Europe backs Indian Moon mission

Even the dark times bring enlightenment (A LIBERAL'S EXPLANATION & APOLOGY FOR GROSS LIES....BARFFF)

Evicting Bibles raises hackles - Legislative chapel getting items back (NC)

Evidence for the Orangutan Relationship

Ex-CIA chief warns of EMP nuke threat

Ex-CIA Man Uncovers Jewish Conspiracy!

Ex-D.C. school official charged in terror plots

Excavation Unearths Oldest Archaeological Site In UAE

EXCLUSIVE: First Confirmed Picture of a Planet Beyond the Solar System

Expectations ride on super-rocket

Expert Says Colorado Is Hotbed For UFO Sightings

Experts Uncover Ancient Mayan Remains

Explicit Photos Fan U.N. Sex Scandal

Exploding toads baffle experts

Explosions In Space May Have Initiated Ancient Extinction On Earth

Explosions In Space May Have Initiated Ancient Extinction On Earth


Far From "Stingy," New Study Proves Americans Are An Extremely Generous People

FEC May Tighten Restrictions on Internet Political Activity

Federal Judge Orders 'Enemy Combatant' Jose Padilla Charged Or Released

FEDS SMASH MISSILE PLOT (scheme to smuggle shoulder-fired missiles into the US)

Feinstein Re-Intoduces Federal Assault Weapons Ban (as do John Warner and Mike DeWine)

Feline Reactions to Bearded Men

Field Between Tecate, Ensenada Yields Tools (Ancient Hunters In Baja)

Fig Island has remarkable examples of shell rings

First Artificial Neon Sky Show Created (HAARP)

First spammer convicted gets 9 years

Fischer warns of US-China confrontation

FN 5.7mm Five-seveN Pistol Makes Civilian Model Debut

FNC: California law banning gay marriage is unconstitutional

Focus: The search for the lost library of Rome

Footsteps in time that add 30,000 years to history of America

For Neanderthals and Homo Sapiens, Was It De-Lovely?[Did they shtup?]

Fossils Push Human Emergence Back To 195,000 Years Ago

French Archaeologist Solves Mystery of Ancient Mesopotamian City

French archaeologist solves mystery of Mesopotamian city

French Fighters Captured with Iraqi Terrorists

Frist schedules Senate &#8216;all-nighter&#8217; on judges

Frozen Woolly Mammoth Arrives in Japan

Full account of Protest Warriors in DC

Future belongs to space force

Gene study suggests Polynesians came from Taiwan

Geographic Society Is Seeking a Genealogy of Humankind

George W.'s Radical Presidency

Germany claims egg record

Gibraltar clash over £2bn treasure

Girl Abducted, Killed After Seeing Meth Use, Police Say

Girl Being Held Hostage in New Brunswick, N.J.

Girls into wives

Gitmo called death camp


Global ecological disaster predicted in next 50 years

Global warming led to atmospheric hydrogen sulfide and Permian extinction

GOA On Offense As New Congress Convenes

God missing from EU constitution

Gods, Graves, Glyphs (alpha order)

Goodbye Reality! - The Tough Life of a Liberal Blogger

GOP Poised to Blow Another Big One

GOP students want bill of rights (Maine)

GOP's Sen. Chuck Hagel: 'We're a Bunch of Democrats'

GOV'S MAID A CON 'JOB': PARTY BIGS (RINO Repub angers party)

Great Collection of SPACE Links

Green Light on Two-Way Earth-Moon Highway

Gun Control: It's An Assault Weapon!

Gun-Control Group, PAC Pay $12K FEC Fine

Guns Over Democracy

H. R. 997 - the `English Language Unity Act of 2005'

H.R.418 - The REAL ID ACT - Cosponsors


Have (WI) GOP Leaders Lost Their Sanity? (Liberal Op/Ed)

He's still "That Man" (The Bushies' war on Franklin Roosevelt)

Help Wanted: Space Colonists Need To Be More Than Astronauts

HEY KIDS, IT'S SAUDI DOODY TIME!OUTRAGE: Arab TV turns Howdy Doody into sick children's show

High Caliber Advocacy : How the NRA won the fight over gun rights

High notes of the singing Neanderthals

His Brain, Her Brain [sex difference in the brain]

History, but not as America knows it (The Politically Incorrect Guide to the History of America)

Hobbit was 'not a diseased human'


Homo Sapiens:Scientist plunges into work creating deep-sea probes(300km trip on the sea bottom)

Hong Kong Leader Calls James Bond Films 'Pornographic'

House approves electronic ID cards

How abortion rights were won in the US (From the Mouth of the Communists)

How to determine if a UFO is extra-terrestrial

How Tyranny Came To America

Human Ear Found in Street

HUMANS EVOLVED FROM PIGS- not from monkeys, new theory states!

Hyde Issues Subpoenas, Wants Wider Investigation Into United Nations

I Love Chinese Beer

IBM, Sony, Toshiba to reveal &#8216;superbrain chip&#8217;

If he can't carry a gun, who can?

If You're Really Bad, We'll Make You a Star


Images reveal 'sea of ice' near Mars' equator

Imagine- No IRS

In China, they carve watermelons: Below are the winners of a recent contest - (amazing art!)

Indian village boy tops NASA talent search

Internet bile backfired on Bush-haters

Investigator Cracks 12-Year-Old Murder Case (Suitcase Containing Body Parts Found 12 Years Ago)

Invisible Tiny UFO Caught on Chemical-Imaging Camera

Ion Thrusters Propel NASA Into Future

Iran could destroy Israel with 2 Nukes

Iran's new president declares worldwide 'Islamic revolution'

Iran: woman sentenced to stoning, man to execution

Iraqi Cat Who Helped U.S. Troops Finds American Home

Iron Age Pops Out Of KZN Sewer (50-100K Years Old, South Africa)

Iron age settlement poses sinister mystery

Is the Vision for Space Exploration Ten Years Too Late?

Islamic Radicals Hunt Barbers in Baghdad

It's Called Torture

It's set: Northrop, Boeing team up for NASA project

Italians Discover Hoard Of Roman Statues (Libya)

Its Time To End Judicial Review (Ben Shapiro Agrees With Yours Truly Alert)

It&#8217;s about engineering at Rocketplane

Japan Eyes Manned Base on the Moon

Japan Works Toward Space Development

Japanese U-Boat I-401 is Found!

JAXA seeks to bodily go, and to go it alone

Jennings Explores ABCs of UFOs

Journalism double standard: Doesn't the media get it?

Judge Okays Abortion For Girl, 13

Judge: Christian fratcan ban homosexuals

Judge: Florida girl's killing 'beyond words' (Arraignment for John Couey set for April 11)

Justices Let Stand Bush's Appointment of Judge

Kerry Urges Congress to Honor Communist

Kin of 'Robbi' stuff Weiner's war chest (ARLEN SPECTER ALERT--POCKETED $20K SUSPECT CAMPAIGN BUCKS)

King Bill to Repeal 16th Amendment to Constitution

King Tut Exhibit Outrages Activists

Korea's Oldest Artificial Pond Discovered

LAT: Senate Primed for Filibuster Showdown

Late Iron Age Silver Deposit Found At Nanguniemi,Inari, Finland

Laura Ingraham Rips Durbin A Wide One

Laura Ingraham Rips Durbin A Wide One

Lawmakers: Hands off blogs (FR mentioned)

Leaking Gravity May Explain Cosmic Puzzle

Less armed, less free

Liberal and Conservative as Defined by the Media

Liberal Defined

Liberal Lunatic of the Day (3/15/2005)

LIBERAL MEDIA? WHAT LIBERAL MEDIA? (Democrat named Ithaca Journal editor)

Liberals are Really Socialists

Liberals Rally around Judicial Supremecy


Liberty and Gun Ownership

Life on the Scales - Simple Mathematical Relationships Underpin Much of Biology and Ecology

Light Spotted From Beyond Solar System

Loch Ness Monster Finally Identified???

Long-Destroyed Fifth Planet May Have Caused Lunar Cataclysm, Researchers Say

Look out for giant triangles in space

Los Alamos Whistleblower Beaten - (horrendous)

Lost city believed found in Johor (Malaysia)

Lost Society Tore Itself Apart (Moche)

Lowell, MA, school bans politically incorrect speech

Machine Gun Attack - Kingston, New York

Major discovery on eve of obelisk&#8217;s return (Ethiopia)

Major milestone' reached in missile defense system

Mammoth remains unearthed in California (SoCal - Moorpark)

Man 'Not To Blame' For Extinction Of Giant Wombat

Man arrested, cuffed after using $2 bills

Man Barred from Making Slavery Tax Claims

Man Charged With Assault On Sheep (And you think you're having a bad day?)

Man cooked friend's brains

Man Found Napping In Car With Hold-Up Note

Man Offers $10K for Pedro Mountain Mummy

Man Offers $10K for Pedro Mountain Mummy

Man Opens Fire At Glenwood Bowling Alley

Many Africans see U.S. as distant savior

Many Questions Arise about a Giant Tortoise Found in Cheyenne

Mars Colonies Coming Soon?

Mars Master Plan: NASA Outlines New Approach

Mary Eaton's defense of illustration as a fine art (with comments by Fred Ross)

Me & my AK-47

Meaningful Art in a Meaningful Universe: the Fallacies of Abstractionist Ideology

Meet the Democrats! -- Illiterate, Confused, Non-English-Speaking Felons Without Identification

Memo to Republicans: Is anybody in the House?

Memo to Sen. Durbin: Let's talk about real torture

Men in black: David Limbaugh on tyrannical power that threatens our Constitution, freedom

Men in black: David Limbaugh on tyrannical power that threatens our Constitution, freedom

Mental Health Meltdown

Messing With Heads [Re. recent research on cannabis (marijuana).]

Microsoft, Pfizer Sue Viagra Spammers

Middle Eastern man with fake ID, blueprints, maps apprehended in NYC

Middletown art display too revealing for some

Mike Rosen: Lowdown on high taxes

Missing Girl Found Unharmed

Missing Iowa Girl, 5, Found Dead

Modern Day Slavery

Modern Humans Made Their Point

Mohammed Abdel Maqsoud :Pharaonic fortress found inside turquoise mines in Sinai

More on space weapons

More on space weapons

More research needed on Delhi Iron Pillar: Experts

More voting gaps found [Milwaukee - Wisconsin Vote Fraud]

Mother Of Us All, Or Sister? Olmecs A Puzzle

Mummy Tar In Ancient Egypt

My History Professor's Darkest Moments [UCLA Socialist Prof And Free Speech In The Classroom]

Mysterious city of black stone

Mystery Object Encountered By Russian Phobos Spacecraft

Mystery of the Cocaine Mummies

Mystery of the smiling Buddha that arrived as a gift from the tsunami

N. Korea Demands Talks With U.S.

N. Korea: Food Aid For Ryongchon Diverted To Markets[Photo Proofs]

N. Korean Underground Tunnels, Impregnable Fortresses against Nuclear Attack(Russians involved)

NASA 2006 Budget Presented: Hubble, Nuclear Initiative Suffer

Nasa cuts 'will hamper science'

NASA plans new mission to Jupiter

NASA Plans to Bring Down 'Dying' Hubble Telescope

NASA Plans to Bring Down 'Dying' Hubble Telescope

NASA Plans to Build Two New Shuttle-derived Launch Vehicles

NASA Researchers Claim Evidence of Present Life on Mars

NASA Researches Claim Evidenc of Present Life on Mars

NASA rushes plan to send humans to moon, Mars, despite doubts

NASA Scientists Collaborate With Russians On Gravity Studies

NASA sees earliest manned moon landing in 2015

Nasa tags on to moon mission

NASA to cut work force as it shifts focus to Mars

NASA's Moon Plans Shift into High Gear

Neanderthal Genome May Be Reconstructed

Neanderthal Skeleton Rediscovered

Need Intelligent Freeper Input: Guidelines For Our Prominent Freepers

New hope in hunt for Roman library

New Insight Into Horse Evolution

New Leonardo picture discovered

New Russian Spacecraft On Show In France In June

New Website--The Left Unveiled!

New York civil rights lawyer convicted of helping terrorists


Newly Found (Human) Species Goes Missing Again (Floresiensis)

Niah Ceramics To Shed Light On Borneo's History

No Future for Resource-Wasteful Economy of China (a dangerous conflict looming?)

No plan B for outer space

Nominations Sent to the Senate (President Bush renominates Judges!)

North Korea Admits It Has Nuclear Weapons

North Korea bluffing? Who can afford to risk it? (&#8220;This is a crisis from hell.&#8221;)

Norway's old cheese--Viking Viagra? (Norway)

Not so &#8216;Free Republic&#8217;: The Shot Heard Around the Net

Now´s the Time to Find Holy Lost Ark (Ark of the Covenant possibly located)


NVC cops tell FBI of suspicious police examTwo arrested after Lodi man ducked out of academy test

Odd Spot on Titan Baffles Scientists

Old balls still scorch

Oldest biped skeleton discovered - new evolution record, 1.2 millions added in one day

Oldest Fossil Protein Sequenced [from Neanderthal]

Oldest Fossil Protein Sequenced [from Neanderthal]

Oldest Remains of Modern Humans Are Identified by Scientists

On the Practical and Sporting Aspects of Football in Zero-Gravity

One way tolerance

Out of money? Sell your daughter

Out of Nowhere, a Devastating Tangle in the Brain

Pack the Court

Packing Heat

Pair digs up buried hoard in Methuen

Pakistan Reviving Nuclear Black Market, Experts Say

Pakistani man ordered to marry off young niece as punishment for his adultery

Pannonian gladiators

Parents Protest Student Computer ID Tags

Parking Feud (Marine Reservists kicked out of UAW lot)

PBS Concerned with Conservative Push

Pension panel member describes 'culture of secrecy' (San Diego)

Perfect Spot Found for Moon Base

Photographic Evidence That "Lynching" Was Staged by Media

Physicist Wins Spirituality Prize

Picasso Exhibition Puzzles Chinese Art Lovers

Picking The Next Judge (EXCELLENT!!)

Plans by U.S. to Dominate Space Raising Concerns

Plastic Aircraft Model Kits are Going Away

Plato Treasure Map Leads Atlantis Hunter to Cyprus

Plenty of Earths await discovery

Police Foil Valentine's Day Mass Suicide Pact Involving 32 People

Pompei Discovery For Swedish Archaeologists

Prehistoric 'Bear-Dog' Fossil Unearthed


Probed firm wins state deal - ChoicePoint gets pact for criminal-tracking system.

Probes to moon, Mars called priority

Programming Note: National Geographic Channel Extraterrestial

Progress Made on Inflatable Private Space Module

Prometheus looks to nuke future

Prometheus looks to nuke future (nuclear power and ion engines for deep space exploration)

Queer Eye axed

Questioning Terrestrial Planets

Ranking Space Policy Alternatives

Ray gun can drop rioters from 2km

Ready For Dinner On Mars

Recent articles in Scientific American have talked about traveling faster than light.

Red Planet's Ancient Equator Located

Red Planet's Ancient Equator Located

Remains Found in Search for Idaho Boy

Repeal the Seventeenth Amendment

Report from Anti-gun conference in Phoenix

Report underscores National Urban League's irrelevance


Republican "HIT LIST" - RINO's that must GO!

Republicans Step Up Attacks on Judiciary

Research team recreates ancient underwater concrete technology

Researchers have found 9,000-year-old mangrove forests.

Researchers make sport of finding planets

RESHAPING THE SUPREME COURT (NRA on Second Amendment, Judges, and judicial tyranny)

Retailers want 16-hour trucker workday (Walmart)

Return of the alien invaders

Revenge killings of members of Saddam's former regime rise

Riddle of a lost Chinese city on the Atlantic coast

Robotic Ball That Chases Intruders

Rock Art Clue To Nomad Ancestors Of Egyptian Pyramid Builders.

Rocket plane venture star (part 1)

Roman shipwrecks From the wine-dark sea

Romans In Brazil During The Second Third Century?

Ronald Reagan and the Constitution

Room For One More? (Is The US Ready For A 51st State?)

Roots of Mesoamerican Writing

Roswell Smoking Gun, the Ramey Memo - (explosive new proof;UFO crash N.M. 1947; gov't cover-up!)

Roswell Smoking Gun, the Ramey Memo - (explosive new proof;UFO crash N.M. 1947; gov't cover-up!)

Rove's mockery of 9/11 liberals riles Democrats!

Ruins Support Myth of Rome's Founding

Rush Limbaugh Divorce Finalized

Rush: "Club Gitmo - The Muslim Resort"

Russia and Europe tout new space plane

Russia and Europe tout new space plane

Russia and USA plan joint development of rocket engines for flights to Mars

Russia Wants To Build A New Extra-Heavy Launcher

Russia Will Equip Iranian Subs with Cruise Missiles

Safe and Sound on the Red Planet: Part I

Saturn's Auroras Defy Scientists' Expectations

Scholars decipher a stunning find -an unknown canon in an ancient dialect!

Scientists Battle 'Dark Energy' Theory of Universe

Scientists Build 'Frankenstein' Neanderthal Skeleton

Scientists Censor What They Study to Avoid Controversy and 'Lunatic-Proof' Their Lives

Scientists Create Remote-Controlled Flies (Yale research scientists used lasers)

Scientists Create Remote-Controlled Flies (Yale research scientists used lasers)

Scientists Create Remote-Controlled Flies (Yale research scientists used lasers)

Scientists finally study Kennewick Man

Scientists Find Fossil Proof Of Egypt's Ancient Climate

Scientists find missing link between whale and its closest relative, the hippo

Scientists Interrupt Search for the &#8220;Mayan Atlantis" in the Caribbean.

Scientists Peer Into Circuitry of Live Animal Brain

Scientists Say Everyone Can Read Minds

Scientists Study Anasazi Calendar

Scientists Uncover 'Deep Impact' Disaster From Space

Scientists: Sea of Ice Discovered on Mars

Search For ET To Look Again At 150 Signals

Search For Lost Ring Leads To Hoard Of Ancient Treasure

Searching for the truth - Mystery of the Melungeons takes a very interesting turn

Searching for Truth in a Soundbite Society: "Shaming the Devil"

SEC'Y RUMSFELD: "That is not how I answered that question.."

Sen. Jeffords Won't Seek Re-Election (Socialist Rep. Bernie Sanders to Run)

Sen. Specter Urges Caution on Bush Judicial Showdown

Senator Calls on NASA to Service Hubble

Senators likely to OK gun-maker shield (Let's hope for no bad amendments)

SEX & The Islamic Terrorist

Shias demand sharia law for constitution

Short-necked dinosaur challenges accepted theory

Site of 6000-year-old ancient city discovered in Hubei

Slaves Beg

Smallest extra-solar planet found

Socialists Attack the Constitution (Feinstein Proposal)

Solar super-sail could reach Mars in a month

Space Efforts Are Crucial To U.S., General Says

Space Flight Must Continue

Space travel at warp speed?

Space Watch: History's moment of truth

Spaceport to boost rocketeers

Spaceport to boost rocketeers

Spaceship firm to expand

Special Report: Emerging China, Engaging China

Spectacular specimen: This bug's a big one - 8 feet long - and New Mexico scientists nabbed...

Specter partly blames GOP

Specter to hold hearings on Gitmo prisoners' rights

Specter's tactics

Spy reveals Soviet attack plans

St Pete Researchers Find Tattoos On Ancient Siberian Mummies

St. Paul couple kept girl in a kennel, police say

State Rep. Charged in Anthrax Hoax

States must force 17th Amendment showdown

Statue of Egyptian pharaoh found after nearly 3,600 years

Stink bomb gas puts mice into suspended animation

Stone Age Cutups (Deathly Rituals Emerge at Neandertal Site)

Storm Warning to the Art World: Everything is going to Change! (Great Read -'bout time!)

Storm Warning to the Art World: Everything is going to Change! (Great Read -'bout time!)

Supplicants Send Their Mail To Unseen Powers That Be (Anthropology)

Supreme Idiocy: The Constitution Does Not Consist of World Public Opinion

T.rex fancied ribs, says scientist

t/Space Demonstrates New Air-Launch Technology

Taking a bite out of the 2nd Amendment

Taller babies make richer men

Tantalizing Clues In Ancient Mounds (Japan/Jomon)

Tax group criticizes funds as being hidden from public

Teen Attacked While Working At Target ("hate crime" caught on tape)

Teen Prostitution On Rise In California

Teenagers threw prostitutes off bridge (crocodile-infested river in Australia)

Temples Older Than Pyramids Found (In Europe)

Tens of Thousands to Die: Al Qaeda

Terri Schiavo has passed away

The ACLU vs. America

The Aliens at the End of My Garden (ET, call home!)

The arts matter - and so does drawing crowds

The Big Lie of the Assault Weapons Ban

The Bush Administration and space weapons

The Campus Left's War on ROTC

The Communist Manifesto's Road to Socialism through Democracy


The Declaration of Independence

The Good and Bad of String Theory

The Great 20th Century Art Scam: or how Arrogance, Greed and Folly Nearly Destroyed...

The high risk frontier

The Next Einstein? Applicants Welcome

The Resources of the Moon and Beyond

The Sand Dune Forgotten By Time (Caucasian Mummies In China - More )

The Search For Atlantis 'Ends At Ayia Napa' (Cyprus)

The Senate should go nuclear

The Trouble with Nukes

The Truth About Fascism

The tyranny of visions: part III (Thomas Sowell Note: Part Three of (so-far) Three Part set)

The U.N.'s rape of the innocents

The USeless ConstitutionA more modern, practical and abbreviated document

The Vision for Space Exploration needs transformational technology

Their Will Be Done [Robert Bork on O'Connor's replacement, constitutional law, and moral chaos]

Their Will Be Done(Must Read by Judge Bork!)

Theory: Iceman Oetzi Wore High-Tech Shoes

There are valid criticisms of evolution

They Shalt Not

Thieves Steal Built-In Swimming Pool

This Day In History March 271945 Germans launch last of their V-2s

This Little Story Shows Why The Far Left Will Have A Very, Very Hard Time Defeating Us!

Thousands protest longer French working hours

Time Magazine Calls ACLJ "Powerful Counterweight" to ACLU


Tiny Bubbles Implode With the Heat of a Star( possible fusion )

Tom Sizemore Jailed (caught with prosthetic penis)

Top Court to Hear Appeal on Hallucinogenic Tea

Tougher terms for armed drug dealers (PA)

Tractor driver suffocates under pile of manure

Transcript: The Easter Bunny Under Attack

Trap-building ants torture prey(sinister and clever)

Treasure Found on Haddiscoe Island

Tucson couple charged with keeping girl in bedroom for a year

Twelve new moons for Saturn

Two held in assault-rifle attack on two officers (Fresno)

Two labs confirmed Pentagon anthrax: same genetic strain used in the 2001 attacks.

Two Planes Arriving at JFK with Inflight Emergencies (Breaking News on Fox)

U.S. Muslims desecrate American flag

U.S. Says It Has Withdrawn From World Judicial Body

U.S. Warns Citizens of New Protests in China

UFO Spotted By Washington D.C. Web Cam !

Ugly Americans: The United States in the Eyes of Europe

Ukraine Sends a Warning to Russia

UN chiefs 'bent over backwards' for Saddam (Kind Comment on Posture)

Undercover investigation nabs self-described pastor

Understanding (Modern) Art. -The Emperor has no clothes.

Underwater Arrowheads, Tools Dazzle Maritime Historians (Mi'kmaq - 8,000 YO)

Univ of Colorado President Elizabeth Hoffman Resigns

University Class Bars Student Over Poem (conservative kicked out of class)

Unlocking Minnesota's 'DaVinci Code'

Upcoming Events: Peter Jennings UFO Special on TV: February 24, 2005

US reveals China arms build-up

Victor Davis Hanson: Nuclear Poker

Viking treasure hoard yields astounding finds

Violence Policy Center: The Star of Gun Control

Vision threatens space science

Ward Churchill Interview: "I want the US off the planet. Out of existence altogether."

WARNING: Whooping Cough Outbreak

WashPost editor's candid China interview: 'I don't think U.S. should be the leader of the world'

We are the final frontier

Web has changed the shape of 'reporting' (Free Republic)

Were Cavemen Painting For Their Gods?

Were the dinosaurs done in by fungus?

West Hollywood May Ban Cosmetic Surgery for Pets

Whale Songs Beamed Into Space

What Makes Conservatives Tick? (Tom DeWeese)

What's on Peter Jennings' radar? The truth about UFOs

When UFOs Arrive

Whence rights come

Where Was Atlantis? Sundaland Fits The Bill, Surely!

White Cops In Milwaukee Win Bias Suit

Who are the real boobs here? FDA Should be sure it doesn't make another ugly mistake

Who Speaks For Us? (Freeper Editorial)

Why Had Mesopotamians Built Mari (3,000BC)

Why is America returning to the moon?

Why Women Must Change Too if we are to Rescue Marriage

Wild Dingoes Descended From Domestic Dogs

Will the speed of light always be a barrier?

Witnesses: Disabled Girl Punched In Face, Forced To Perform Sex Acts

WND's 8th anniversary: Joseph Farah says WorldNetDaily is leading an 'information revolution'

Woman Finds $3,000 in Garage-Sale Chair

Woman found alive in ditch, minus hands(Mexico)

Woman panics after whipping her daughter at high school

Work in the Brothel, Or Else

World fears new Bush era [Blair urges more consensual US approach]

World War One Color Photos

World's First Intergalactic Communication System Now Transmitting

WOW! DFU discovers memorandum of agreement between the DNC and al Qaeda

X Chromosome Shows Why Women Differ from Men

Yale U.'s Department of Anti-Americanism

Years Were Longer 1.3bln Years ago: Chinese Scientists

Yellowstone Discovery Bodes Well for Finding Evidence of Life on Mars

You Call That Art?

You Call That Art?

You're Screwed, California

Zimbabwe purges remaining white farmers

Zoo Wants Chimpanzee to Stop Smoking

[Democratic] Senators Won't Rule out Filibuster: Mainstream Name Urged for High Court

&#8220;The art trade is the last major unregulated market&#8221;

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